Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 13, 1976 · Page 180
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 180

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 13, 1976
Page 180
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Ac/'/C-r//;em*fIr Adverl'nemeni Advertisement Adverlisemsnt Learn Nature's Weight Loss Secret Of Glandular Control Command your Pituitary Gland up to 756 times its own wei By Joan Woodward U se your head! Millions of overweight Americans could have slimmed down ;i long time ago by doing just t h a t . For years, people with weight problems have desperately searched for ways to shed pounds. Ironically, even as they frantically searched, they were carrying the perfect weight loss secret right in their own head - their Pituitary Gland. Allow me to explain. By learning Nature's Weight Loss Secret of Glandular Control, you can command your pituitary gland (nature's built-in fat evacuator) to order up to 1 pound of fat to leave your body every day. You'll continue to shed pounds u n t i l you reach your ideal weight and then stay fat free forever. This weight loss secret works for everyone, w h e t h e r 5 Ibs. or 105 Ibs. overweight. But, best of all,, you lose weight while e a t i n g the foods you love. In fact, you must eat to lose ·weight. That's the key to this weight loss secret. As a reporter for the newsletter 'Total l-'it- ness Today", my job is to check out weight loss plans being developed across t h e c o u n t r y . Since I m a c h i n e to a fat evacuating system. Your Pituitary Gland will work safely and naturally to evacuate fat 24 hours a day - even while you sleep. Q. If these 'trigger' foods are in everyone's diet, why isn't my P i t u i t a r y - Gland evacuating fat? A. U n f o r t u n a t e l y , even if your diet consists of 95'V. 'trigger' foods, it only takes 5% 'blocker' foods to prevent y o u r P i t u i t a r y Gland from evacuating f a t . Q. How can 1 trigger my P i t u i t a r y Gland? A. Not by willpower, not by concentration, not w i t h exercise, but by eating. Only by eating 'trigger' foods and avoiding 'blocker' foods can you trigger your Pituitary Gland to evacuate f a t . Remember, Ihe Weight Loss Secret is a n u t r i t i o n plan, not a diet. Q. W h a t are these 'trigger' foods, and how m u c h can I eat? A. These 'trigger' foods are the every day foods you love: j u i c y sirloin steaks, h e a r t y helpings of beef stroganoff, spicy h a m , double cheesebur-- gers, meatloaf, barbecued chicken, omelets, vegetables; like broccoli smothered with hollandaise s a u c e . · c a n t a l o u p e s , f r u i t c o c k t a i l s even desserts l i k e strawberries w i t h whipped cream, p u m p k i n r.197S C.P.C. to illness. Second, with most methods, the results, if any, come too slowly. So most people lose hope and quit. Q. You're right about why they fail. 1 know, because I've tried them a l l , without success. B u t , why does g l a n d u l a r control work? A. Again, two reasons. As I said, people are overweight because they love to eat. With Nature's Weight Loss Secret of Glandular Control, you must eat to lose weight. Therefore, overweight . t u , Weight Loss Secret, people will use it. It's as simple as points to the gland that will make you thin. Your pituitary gland, that. The Weight Loss Secret has weighing a mere 1/60th of an ounce, can command up to one none of the drawbacks of other P°" nd of f a t f 75 , 6 * 1/GOtch of an ,, OU " CB = one '"-) to leave your . , . body every single day. Since all of us have a pituitary gland, meII;otls. I here s no starvation, everyone--5 Ibs. or 105 Ibs. overweight can learn nature's weight no willpower, no boring exercises, loss secret of glandular control. The article below will explain no health ruiniii" diet pills no how you can reap the b e n e f i t s of t h i s amazing scientific break. , . . , . . , . t "., . , '.' through by losing as much as 14 Ibs. in two weeks. weird lad d i c t u m . It cloesn t I^AV r^----_,,, ,-, _^____^_i L _ Dan McClintock Linda Bonnet Height: 5'4" Weight:135 Ibs Waist: 29'/2" Height: 5'3" Weight: 142 Ibs Height: 5 M 1 " Weight: 191 Ibs Waist: 38V4" Height: 5'6" Weight: 132 Ibs Waist: 28V:" you weak arid tv.-rvous. In f a c t . i t makes you feel h e a l t h i e r and more vibrant than before. Q. You said there ;:re two reasons why t h i s secret works. What's the second reason? A. Nature's Weight Loss Se- .cret of Glandular Control always succeeds because it gives fast, steady and perm a n e n t results. You start losing weight t h e first day. You can lose up to 14 Ibs. in two weeks. With these k i n d of results, rather t h a n losing hope and q u i t t i n g , you will be encouraged to c o n t i n u e and lose even more. WHAT WILL THE SECRET DO FOR YOU? By learning Nature's Weight Loss Secret of Glandular Control, you will: ·Lose all the weight you want, as much as a pound a day. while eating the food you love. · Lose inches off your waist, hips, thighs, and banish ugly cellulite bumps. · Never go hungry. · Increase your energy and vitality, · Look and feel younger. · M n d your up-down roller coaster weight cycle by staying fat free forever. After I lost my weight, my boss, Timothy Voros, the Chairman of the Board of Consumer Publishing, decided to try the secret. He lost AFTER AFTER 14 D A Y S Pat Shorthill Height: 5'4" Weight: 122 Ibs. Waist: 2S'/2" A F T E R 6 W E E K S A F T E R 1 7 D A Y S A F T E R 1 8 D A Y S Janet Sreslin Height: 5'3" Weight: 115 Ibs. Waist: 25%" Dan McClintock Height: 5 ' 1 1 " Weight: 174 Ibs Waist: 34" 22 Ibs. in 22 days. He was so impressed, he You will reach your ideal grabbed up the exclusive world wide rights to weight and be fat free for- this revolutionary new weight loss secret. He then ever - commissioned Mr. Ridgefield to author the text "You can lose all the weight you want, quickly, and keep it off permanently while eating the foods you love." Linda Bonnel Height: 5'6" Weight: 1 1 9 Ibs. Waist: 24'/2" have a weight problem, 1 take a special interest in these assignments. When I heard about t h i s revolutionary new weight loss secret, I decided to investigate. I set up an a p p o i n t m e n t w i t h Robert Ridgefield, the discoverer of Nature's Weight Loss Secret of Glandular Control. I started with tough questions. HOW DOES THE SECRET W O R K ? Q. How does the secret work? A. The secret works by making food your ally instead of your enemy. There are two types of food in everyone's daily diet - 'triggers' and 'blockers'. By eating 'trigger' foods, you trigger or turn on your Pituitary Gland (nature's built-in fat evacuator). Once triggered, your Pituitary Gland secretes a fat evacuating chemicaLfluid. This fluid is transported throughout your body and transforms your body from a fat producing versation. pie. chocolate pudding, ice cream, and y o u r fav- o r i t e wines, liquors-even beer! You need not d r a s t i c a l l y alter your e a t i n g h a b i t s to get rid of He did b e t t e r . He introduced me to four people . l . . i ! - 1 . . i . » i ' i i i 1 1 . r r Q. One last question. You call the P i t u i t a r y Gland n a t u r e ' s built-in fat evacuator. Why is t h a t ? A. The P i t u i t a r y Gland was evolved by n a t u r e as a survival mechanism to keep man slim and f i t . Just as your heart pumps blood, your lungs breathe the air, your P i t u i t a r y Gland evacuates fat. Because it's n a t u r a l , it's 100% safe. At the end of our con- asked Mr. Ridgefield if I could talk with people who had successfully used the secret. the 'Mocker' foods, because they don't make up t h a t big a part of your d i e t . WHY DOES THE SECRET W O R K ? Q. You've told me how it works, but all weight who were going to start the weight loss secret the following M o n d a y , and asked me if I would like to join t h e m . I took a before p i c t u r e of Pat, J a n e t , Dan and loss methods look good on paper - they just Linda. I then followed their progress every don't work in real life. Why is this one different? day and had an after picture taken. As you can A. In order to understand why the secret works, see from the photos, their results were amazing. B u t , they weren't the only ones to achieve results. lost 4 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my you must first know why other methods fail. They fail for two reasons. First, other methods work against h u m a n n a t u r e , and therefore are _, t _ doomed to failure from the start. People with thighs and 14 Ibs. in 14 days."My" whole life weight problems obviously love to eat. Starva- has changed. My clothes fit sreat." I look and tion is sheer torture. No one in their right mind feel younger. I've found new self-confidence is going to torture themselves for very long. But best of all, my love life has improved Strenuous exercise is difficult, worklike, and bor- The Weight Loss Secret can do the same thing ing. Diet pills leave you weak, nervous and prone for you. and ordered a small press run to be printed. This book is not available in any bookstore anywhere in the world. But, you can learn the secret right now by ordering the book direct by mail. HOW CAN YOU L E A R N THE SECRET? If you wish to learn Nature's Weight Loss Secret of Glandular Control, simply do this: Write "Weight Loss Secret" and your name and address on'a piece of paper and send it along with 56.95 in cash, check or money order. (Make checks payable to Consumer Publishing.) If you have Master Ch'arse. BankAmcricard. or American Express, you may charge your purchase by sending the following information: A. name of card B. credit card n u m b e r C. card expiration date. Mail your order to: CONSUMER PUBLISHING, 401 Market Ave.. N.. Dcpt. G-628. Canton. Ohio 44750. Mr. Voros is personally backing this book w i t n a 100 f /r no risk guarantee. After following the weight loss secret, you must lose all the weight you want, while eating the foods you love. You must feel healthier, happier and look 10 years younger. If this does not happen, or if you are dissatisfied in any way, just send your book back. You'll receive every penny of your money back - n o questions asked. Remember, only a small press run of Nature's Weight Loss Secret of Glandular Control has been printed. To make sure that you get your copy, why not order right now, while you're thinking about it. If you have any questions, feel free to call me, Joan Woodward, at (216)455-J474.

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