The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1930
Page 3
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, JAKTUARY 29, 1930. KJ DAILY COURIER, CO3SINEKLSVI] «LE, PA, PAGE THRBEJ. SWIMMING MEET THURSDAY MIGHT AT SCOTTDALE Members of TVilmorUIng- Y. M. C. A. Will Pay Eeturii Visit To Mill Town, OTHER NEWS OF THE DAY Special to Tho Courier. SCOTTDAUO, Jan. 29.---Tho Wtl- mardlng Y. M. C. A. will ho entertained at the Scottdwlo Y. M. C. A. on Thursday evening In a return visit for tho ono paid Wllmeving by the Seottdalo group several wecke ago. Tbo visitors will have- teams of department in sports. Tb* swimming events that 'will take place are: Girls, 13 and under---two lugth relay, froo style, four relays, one length, 'froo style, Individual contests; 15 to iS years, two-length relny, free style, four relays, two le-ugths on back, individual, breast stroke, individual, froo stylo two longths and two le-ngths free stylo Individual. Boys, 15 years and under, relay, two longths, four relays, iroo style, ono length, tree stylo, individwil; 1G years to 13 years, two length relay free- style, four relays, two lengths ou back, on back ind.lvld.uat, two lengths, breast stroke, individual, two lengths, free- stylo individual; 18 years and ovor, two lengths rolay, free stylo, foin- relays, two lengths on. back, individual, two lengths breast stroke individual, and two lengths, freo style, individual. Thoro will bo volleyball and basketball matches as well. There will also be a social hour at which time they w i l l moot members irom WHmerding. Tho Scottdalo chapter ot the Phalanx Fraternity of the Y. M. C. A. will be represented at Johnstown on Thursday by 1C. Ktiowles, W. Bentz, T. Krey and Secretary "W. M. Lindsay. Thoy will induct a chapter of Phalanx at Johnstown,on that evening, 1'lan.s were completed at tho meeting hold last evening. Tho trip will bo made by automobile. · Knrgrcss' Work Light. Jiurgoss C. V. Lewis did not have any pollco court las-t evening. There ha.i boon but OTIC evening of police court since ho was sworn into office. Mr. Lewis is getting along Iu other business of the borough. Lockup fees, permits and'liconscj aro being cd. tforeury Down to 10. Trotn a temperature o-C 40 above yoitorday tho the-rmomrler dropped u n t i l this morning at 0 o'clock it .showed 10 above, u'ith a hard wind blowing all night. Meet ut Cross Jtoads. Mr. and Mrs. Q. W. lUst of Cross llouds entertained the IMenduaip Circle oE tho Chrititiau Church at a bualuerf-s and social mooting at their home last evening. * U. 1. A. Meeting- Postponed. The regular social meeting ot l'ibruary o£ Court Lambiug, Catholic Daughters of America, has been post- pt iiod February 10 until Kobru- a r y 21. The regular business meeting w U bo held February 10. Yu'.k-yljiill Teams Feast. A ;J o'clock dinner was held at the Y M. C. A. last ev(-ning by the Senior \\ omen's volleyball team. The dinner w,i« tho result ol v. contest staged by 1 wo groups. The captains were Mrs. C!:orgc- Hath and Mrs. George Rauch. Mrs. Kauch and lusr team entertained tbo winners. Gloving- to Plttsuurj?. Mr. and Mrs. llobort Kckley oE Hickory street, residents of ScoUdale fur a number of years, are making preparations to move to PHtsburg. Mr. Kekley is a retired Pennsylvania linllroad onglnocr. and for several e a r s had served :w janitor of tho Xorlh Grade School Building u u l i l j»i« health would not permit of this. Mr, and Mrs. Kclcley will visit a i-tiort while with Mr. and Mrs. Oakos of \Vost Pittsburg street before leav- iay for Pittsburg. Booh Ch;b Tonlpht. Tho Book Club will meet this t-ve- nhig at tho library. Mrs. II. It. Aikyn will review tho book, "Magic Island," by SeabrooKo. Tho memberH j( I'o s ocial committeo are Mrs. J. U. (-'ampbell. Airs. Uoti Keister and Mrs. Bruost Overholt. Iicglou Aiixiliarr, Tho Loslrni Auxiliary will hold a i.octul meeting in tho Legiou rooms .Monday, February 10. There will be u program, made u p of music and addressee. A joint mooting w i t h tho legionnaires win follow the ladies' nioelins:. Mrs. 10. .1. b l o j d of Uuiontown, di- i-ector of American Lesion A u x l l l a r .ca of Western remisylvaula w i l l bo ,i guest. Taken T i l In Squire's Office. JoHoph Kberhart, ot Mount Pleasant, charged w i - h non-support :irul ·Jeserllon, was given a hearing before Justice of the PfMi-o W i l l i a m Kcuuoll vostorday. Ho IxH-omo ill ut th-; ^([tiire's office- and was discharged. Use CKi'-siiied Ads. Hesults quickly follow. PEKING MAN MOST IMPORTANT LINK IN HUMAN ANCESTRY EDITOR'S NOTE -- ^When scientists rooontly unearthed a complete skull from a sandstone pit SO miles from PelplnK, China, they fui nlsbcd the world with th^ most impoi'tant human link so far discovered, 3r, .Roy Chapman Andrews Ibollovea. AMidrowa ro- conlly placet! |tho ago oC t t i o s^tull at 1,000,000 ycara. Tho find c"nflrmq him, ho says now, in tho belle'" that tha origin of ma.n may tie traced somo rlay to Gontral Asia, probably Mongolia, whore Andrews has directed an oxpodl- t!on of tho American Museum ot Natural History. In tha following nrtlclo Andrews relates the significance of tha skull bolO-nKlns to- tho "Polplng" or "Poking man," A Real Musical Treat OHIO WESLEYAN SINGERS CLUB 40 :ll!xt'l Voices Jn (.'dllf!.'* Popular !Suml v rs Tho Cliissical FIRST M. E. CHURCH Friday Evening, 8 O'clock T H ' k M T S r,0c C h i l d r e n ' ^ Tickets '2'x- By DK. ROY CHAPMAN ·Written for Tho United Pross. PBIPING, Jan. 29.-- Tho Peking man is "without question th-o most Important known link In the whole Tjrdken chain of human ancestry The dis- coverore aro to bo congratulated. The layman can hardly wax enthusiastic about that b-holl of brown bono. It does not seom eo different to untrained oyoa from any otbor ekulL But It is difficult for a ecicntifit to discuss it without using superlatives. Science h-as now for tho first timo a very primitive human cranium which is complete; one in which th« bonee aro In the-ir original position!', uncruehod, not even distorted^ When .one thiults of th almost pitiful fragments o£ other primiUv-o human cranium which is complete; ono in which the bones arc In thoir original positions/ uncrtiehod, not even distorted; when oue thin lie of tho almost pitiful fragments of other primitive human skulls whir h have been etudled for so many weary hours, this superb specimen Beems like an om- ba r roes men t of riches. It may he the most ancient type. It is the first of which the { eologlcal ago and position aro positively known, It Is the only ono whicb was studied from tho moment of its ·discovery and removed by trained observers. There has been much guess-work about all tho other very 'primitive finds. Of the Java Ape Man, for instance, we hare only tht skull cap. Of tho I'lltdown Man considerably more of tho skull, Init all of it badly broken. Different scientists have restored theeo specimens according to their own ido;i«. In every caso hitter controversies have arisen. One man said the brain .capacity was eo much. Another contended he was all wrong. Tho IHeraturo ou the subject is enormous. Iu a short tlmo, Dr. D ividson Black, Canadian scientist, will tell us exactly ·what was tho brain capacity of tlio Poking Man, He will make a. cast ol" tho interior of tho skull From study- ing this perfect reproduction o£ tho i brain, ho will know just how far on ' t h e road fo human intelligence tho Peking man bad gone. Tho swelling in the forehead promises interest ing results. Already tho Poking Man had begun to think. j Not only will this discovery furmtili much new information as to] tho progtoss of 3iunmu evolution, but it will settle many disputed poinis. Ifor instance, tho association of the apelike jaw of (bo Piltdown Man with tho skull fragments gavo riso to a scientific controversy that raged for yearn. U is rather satisfying lo find that Ihe Peking Man had a similar jaw. · It tends to confirm several theories Which aro Important. During tho lawt decade, there has bcon a strong tendency to piwli man's ancestry farther ami farther hack into tho remote past. Some scientists now 7)eliove that tho humou tstem i« rooted in tho early part of tho age of mammals. The Peking man lived iu tho -very Vgin- ning of tho ico age. Already at that remote- period he had advanced far along tho road of human development. That means that tho ancestral stock from which lie sprang had started long ago, certaiu'fy In tho early Fllocone, possibly in the Miocene. No geologist likos to assifrti a definite term of year* to these remote poriode. Kstimates ot time are too uncertaiau. Ono molhofT which has rfcontly found wido acceptance would put the beglnninug of the Miocene period at 19,000,000 years ago. Another Uieory which the Poking Man tends to support is tho central Asian origin of tbo human family. Thle is particularly satisfying to mo because tho central Asiatic expedition was organized to test that, theory. Tho Poking Man is a long way from 1 being the raiseing link, if otio muet use that unsatisfactory term. Ho fa a missing link, but tho remote progenitors of man will be found iu much older strata. Tue exact placo is un,certain, but I am convinced that it will be eomewhuro on tho Aniatlc plateau. Dr. Black and Dr. Grabau (A. W. Grabau, formerly o£ Columbia University, now in Pelping 1 ), believe that Chinese Turkestan fs th-o moat probable spot. I favor Mongolia. It is only by intensive exploration that tho question can bu settled. I,'for oua, confidently oxpo-ct t h a t continued -·JXplorationH of tho Chou Koutien dtsposit will reveal skeletal parte. Thoro ie every reason foi hope. The specimens from the cave aro t?o beautifully preserved that it will T» strange if other bones aro not bronght to light. C. B. ROSS MINING INSTITUTE IS FORMED AT LATROBE MEETING! ^ LA/PROBE, Jan. 29--The Chauncey B. Rose Mining Institute wa« formally organized Saturday opening in Odd Fellows Hall here, with about 75 men attending. Quite a nuniber of prominent milting me gave addressee and officers to sorvo for the coming year were elected ns follows: President, C. B. Rose; vioo-praddont, Frank Roby; treasurer, Robert W. Sterritt; secretary, H. Clyde Elkina. Five men wore named us chairmen for tho various committees «ind each chairman will have a number of. men, j drawn from tho organisation to assist] them. The executive committee is i headed by Robert W. Herrltt; Jamea j Mull will bo in charge ot the entertainment, committee; the ni'smberehip corn- mlUcc, W. Li. McGinnis; attendance committee, Robert L. Noebit, and the resolution*? committee chairman «5 Robert \V. Sterritt. J. J. Forbes, George Grove and George Aiikney, all of PHtsburg, and m i n i n g engineers froni the Bureau oC Minefi, gave very Interesting talks. Two thousand five hundred men were killed last year iu mine accidents. Fifty per cent oC that number have been traced to the fall o£ roofe and fall of coal; 25 per «'out to haulage accidents and from 10 t 15 per cent to explosions. Reports how that acci- denta have been -reduced, it was pointed out. Harry M c G i n n i s of i h o DuPont Explosive Company, govc a humorous talk in a foreign dialect, stressing points in safety. Music d u r i n g the e / e n i n g was furnished by James M u l l of Llgonier, assisted by Mies Rola Newton, also froui Ligonier. Tho next meeting f the organisa- tion w i l l bo held on the last Friday in April. The organisation will moot four times a year. "Big BiD" Tries To Slfsft Burden To Legislature By^.MKRTON T. AKBUB .United Press Staff Correspondent. CHICAGO, Jau. 20. -- "Blj? Bill" Tljompsou, Chicago's cow-boy- Yale g r a d u a t e mayor, handed llic city's financial tanglo to tho Legislature today, admitting, in offecf,- that It had grown too largo for his administration. Thompson, 'who likes Lo bo known as "Big Bill the Builder" and an enoiny of King George, admitted pub- Jlcly and for tho first llnic in a statement tha' tho city is broke and is tottorins ou tho brink of financial PerryopolJs I'SnUVOPOLTS, Jan. 29--Miss Faith Swartz of Kayetle i ' l t y spent tho week-end ·with her p » - e u t s there. Miss Swurlz is a Btudout .it Iho California' College. Dale Lynn of Flatw odK ami Annette Luce and l.uciluo C'.irsou of Perry- oiiolis motored to i laritoh Sunday evening; thi-y wort; ^ isited w i t h iH'la- tivcs of Mis* LUCP. Jost'iih AVolfe of California Teachers College fjpeut the wok-oiul with h i s ' parents, Mr. and Mr. 1 - James "Wolfe o f , Star Junctiou. j Mr. timl Alro. "Dut' ranuu of Fi'yette i C'ity t-jwut tho week- uul \ s i t h Air. au] Mrs. E. P. Luce. Ray Formic of H) kwcnxl iis spending some t i m e w i t h !iis jiarcats, liov, ;i!Kl Mrs, .T. A. Forgi ·. l.mic-h w i l l bo hor od to the -school i h l h l r c u (it tho C"!i i.-,ti;m ])arsou«go TUtuvday. Lookinu lor Kiiriruin Read the adv-erti. emeiita t)a.ilv CouriOE Iu The As a remedy and the only hope for relief for tho thousands of city em- ployes who are existing: on loan shark money, the mayor demanded that tha Legislature be called into special sos'jiou and laws passed to l i f t the city from its morass of almost $300,000,000 debt- -a debt that rolls up like a s n o w b a l l at tho rate of almost .?oG,OOG a day, Tho mayor's stalcmenl, apparently came a f t e r considerable pressure' I«r a definite stand had boon exerted by citizens. Thompson, who prow up on a ranch and still wears u thrco grallon liat, then wont through Yale and still wears a coonskln coat, advanced no specific plans for the Legislature to follow. Tho mayor inliniiiterl thai the huge debt u n d e r which tliti machinery of government is ore-aklus was the fault of "reformers." "This problem was created by rc- formors," Uic mayor said. "Tho reassessment has prevented collection of taxes for more than 20 months, has'nccessilated the borrowing by our tu.Ung bodies of huge sums of money and has cost tho taxpayers mores than $15,000 u day in interest. "To mo tho solution of the financial problem should be approached t h r o u g h a special session of tho Legislature .so t h a t Hie, city may obtain p e r m a n e n t voliet." Tho s t a t e m e n t was preceded with a paragraph which said: "Inquiries have been made as to l u y atiiUide, toward c'HiKeu.-s u h o have xpresvut u dcKirc to ;u-$i'-t in 3OU p - iug the present ll.iuucial problems. I have. iul received Miseabtioii.-," from tile red rmers' committee in regard I n the solution of our rtUliruHics, \\lien 1 do 1 w i l l t r a n s m i t t h e m to t a c cou'icil." Thompson roi -rri'd ;n .tbo para- g r a p h tu f i e Ktr-iVi'it c o i u m i i i e c 1 - whicli lias r a l - i ' i l about $-0,(iuu,OU'J lo buy fix a u l - v ' H i a t i o u w a r r a n t s t o relieve 1 tho most pro rising distri's.s -- provide coal foi hospital.-., i-;i^li for otnplovo-- w)iu ar.; s o i u y to Uiiui siiark.s l'o- money to live on uud p e n s i o n s for uiothtM' 1 and the b l i n d . Kver: day you w i l l tlnd homes aiv! ( homo flt«« advorUfooJ in our claesi- fi-od coljnms--read (.heni over. The'people have again shown their absolute faith and confidence in this store, in the integrity of our merchandise and in the fairness of ouc methods. They know that a February Sale here is a real Sale. And the big response proves that they know real "buys" when they see them. ,..If you have not taken advantage of the generous savings, plan to do so at your earliest convenience. Lowest Pri Southwestern Considering Complete Home Furnishers Since LEISENRffiG GIRLS DOWN ALYERTON TEAfl WITH BHATED RAI LY Tlie Dunbar Township IOBSI-CS uc ircd a 20-16 win over Ito-st lluntiu don Township last night at Loisenrinf No. 1 iu the preliminary to the Dur bar- Sowickley league giirao. A brilliant^finieh with Kurtz ir th« stellar rolo put Bunbar into the lead after tho homo club had tr died throughout the becite battle that was replete with thrills and action g lore. Fox did all the «corinK for A ver- , ton, getting oeven field gtialn and two '; fouls. Kurtz of Dunbar sank -ight ' double deckers. Sbe missed hree , from the foul line. Bosley colloc d e a l pair from the two point zone. · ( ]t was the second win for the Dun- } bariles in three B tarts. Iu the loet contest, liolle Vernon w-on w l l b a rally similar to the one uncork' d by IX T. last night. Tho line-up; T) unbar-- 20. E. HunliDgdoi --ifi. F_ -,, Fox 1 el lor _ Hart ____SC , 'V llson G C! ffymi ...,_ G ^ dams K u r t z Patterson _ Miller Slaughter . Richer Thomas -- Substitutions--Bosloy for Pall- reon, Patterson for Slaughter, Lelght .- for Kollor, Adams for Leighl.y, Kell r for Hart, Hart for Adams. Field goals--Kurtz S, Bosli y 2, Fox 7. Foule--Kurtz, 0 out of 3; Fox, 2 out of 2. Scoring by Quarters: Dunbar S .S 4 G--20 East Htmtingtion B (5 4. 1--16 Referee--Mrs. Sanderson. SUTERYIILE BRIDGE ( OVERYOUGHRIVEI; WILL BE REPA RED PITTSBUKG, Jan. 2!).--E, L. chairman, with James F. To and John T. Kilgore, county cc sioners; Solicitor O. A. McDow- W. A. Wynn, enKinecr, all of morolnrid county, appeared wi Allegheny county commission n meet ing yesterday when th-e. w;is made for the- repairing Sulorville bridge over tha Yi yiienj' Ttiver. Tho karri's E u g i u c e r ' u g Cf was given the coulraet at a 1 ot $27,l!07. Till;-, c o u n t y will half oC (lie cost w i l h Vi'wHmo) Hibbs, Tancc 11 and AVest- h the rs at award of the ughio- wpauj' iw bid share jlaiul. l'-KN, .Ian. '9.--Afi a reiiiiit of u;onymous letters Jireat- enhi^ d c h t r u f l i o n of f l i c G r a f '/ ppolin, l»rolection of tiic- ivhii h con- t-.iiii'.i tbo uiriihiji has lie^n wt -engUi- c m l . y e \ o r a l iirreoti have been malo RED AMERICANS! Your Liberty Is At. Stake Hear -GEORGE J. SCHULTE OF ST. LOUIS;, MO. Talk on the SITUATION Tomorrow Night usic By Kiferle and His Orchestra 7 TRY OUR CLASSIFIED ADS.--They Bring Results* 'ftfUWWSmtWWWWWW

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