The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 15, 1918 · Page 22
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 22

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1918
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

fUESDAY, APRIL 1«, 191S. -THE" DAlLT COTTRIER, CONNEltSVIIjLE. :· PA. eAGE SEVEN. Rainbow's End ..A BY REX BEACH AwUt*rot ::,". .. TW InaTnO." CHAPTER XVII. Mesa. -Look!" Jacket clntcheiJ at C'ReHIr «nd pointed a slinking finger. ^'More beggars! Christol -And those little childrenI" The boy tried to laugh, but his voice cracked nervously. "Are they children, or gourds with Iejr»-tin3*» .them?" ; " ' ' · · · · · - · . O'Eellly looked, then turned his eyes away. He and Jacket had reached the heart of Mntanzns and *,eto 'facing; the public sqnare, the Plaza de I* UB-' ertad It was railed. Mntanzng appeared .poor and squalid; depresslngly irretoh'prf; its streets, were, foal. aiid the Plaza de la Llberfad--jritri mockery of a name--was crowded with n thronsr snch as It hsd. never, held In OTfeflly's time, a throng'of people ifho- ·were, without exception, gaunt, listless. ra?::e::. There : wai? oo"afternoon parnde ofrfinerv. 710 laughter, no noise; ' the benches were f^l, but thrlr occupants were silent, too sick or too wen* to more. Sor were there any romping children. Their were, to be sure, Tast numbers of undersized figures in the square, bnt one needed to-.lot* twice to realize that they were not pygmies or wiiTOed little old folks. It was not «tr«nge. that Jacket bfltj compared them to gourds with legs, :£or all were naked, and most of them had bodies swollen into the likeness of pods or calabashes. They looked, peculiarly jrrotesijue with their spidery legs and thin faces. · ·'. . -· O'Reilly panted* a .(lid" hnnfl aero** his eyes. "Just Seivc.i. !?e breathed. "Stop--she's one-of these!'* The reeooceijtra'doff overran'M«t»n- kas in an ·andean swarm; streets, and plains were congested with them, for ·BO attempt was-made, to confine, them to. their qtrartersJ Morning 1 brought them strenmlng; dcrffo-from the. sob-. ' urban slopes "where theyllred,-. evening tent them winding back; their-days were spent; In; an aimless .search for. fuod. Tliey snatched crumbs .and. combed the gu!;tcr3"for crusts. How they managed to exist, whence came the fo.xl that kept life in their miserable bodies, was a. mystery, erea to the citizens of the city; no organized effort l:r.d been made to euro for them and there was insufficient surplus food 'for-lis!t:fheir number::' Yer somehow they lived and lingered on. At the time of O'Reilly's arrival the right presented by these innoctlit victims-of war was appalling; it roused in him a : dull red 'rag«-nt the power which had vronght this crime and nt the men wL permitted it to continue. Spnln was a Christian nation, he reflected; she fiad : set up more crosses than any other, ,nnl yet beneath them she had butchered more people than all the nations of. the earth combined. This monstrous, coldly cnlctilcUns effort to destroy ttte entire Cuban peoplo teemed to him tin M»ckw5 Infamy of all, and he wondered if it .would be allowed to succeed; ... ' ·' Fortunately for th3 two friends, Genf eral Betancourt's gcnerosUy served to relieve them from any Immediate.dan- ger of starvation. After making a few purchases ami eating with the utmost this Pathephone that is offered as the greatest phonograph value in the world for ,OO OPPHKE DALL NoNeedlejrtoChajia T * ·'S L T J'^ · \ I T 3 -^ It is'the only standard phonograph on the market at the price complete with lid. It i» the only standard phonograph at the price equipped to play all records. ' It has the appearance and the quality of other standard'phono graphs at $45. ' It is'not alone equipped with a Pathe sound-box for.-playing:. Pathe .and Edison records, but also with a lateral sound-Kox for playing Victor, Columbia and all other snakes of needle-played records. Just think.'--For just $30 a phonograpli that is all talking machines in one --n phonograph that gives you the opportunity to hear all the records of the world! .Record Cabinet as illustrated, special at $13.75. Delivered to Your Home on Easy Terms of Payment Which We'll Gladly Arrange for You. NEEDLES TO CHANGE AND RECORDS THAT NEVER WEAR OUT! "^"^^W^^^^ ^^W ^^^ *^ . . ^. ^ ^ . ^^^" ^W ^ · . . . . S rpl.-- _.«r H X V I . . I K - . n n n n . 0 *Vn. « m.vm Artvtnm, n.onKvmn *!·_* «.*. » n * t . . . _ ^ _ ^ _ J _ _.. _ _ _ ^ J The Sapphire Ball is round-aiid smooth, polished "to.perfectly fit the groove Tiius it comes within 40 pointsldt contact with the sound waves, rendering the .selection precisely as it was rendered by the artist, without the loss of a single tone color or overtone. . · ' There is no unnatural pulling;" there is no jgrindmf, digging or scratching, There is no '"wear^and-tear" on either the Sapphire Ball or the Record. The nevr popular fion^a, the new dance numbers, first on Patbe records, sung played by America's best slngera, bands and orchestras. - . Records at the greatest operatic, stars Jn tbe world of music. A great man? it 'he most wonderful artists ot tho old world hava neTer been In the United States, titl b»vo ; been recorded on the Pathepbone discs In Pathe Frcres European laboratories, iu fxr:. all of the famous bands, orchestras and magical organizations of Europe are at .Your command. rathe Records, AJUL Donfilo-ficod, O5t to S4.00. Hear These May Vocal Hits! 10316--The nurktowa Strattmi' Ball (Broolu), !««·'. Artlur FicMs, Tenor, Accordion AeemBnaiiiment II Uw Land 0' Tiuu Tano (Mcl'artty-Fiiir^r),, · AMimr fieUf, Tenor, Accordion Accompaniment 20]05~0r.e Day In Jnnc (Hanley), . , Camphell £ Bnn T5|C ..rm Sorry r*ade Too Cry (Clesi). · t " ' ' " T """ i Hurry. HcClaskcy, Tenor S0201--The Wld, Wild AVomoTi (FJantodosi), ISe '"" · · Tfostae Jfuck, Tfmot Chin, Chin Ckinaman (Honlej), Feerless Quartet Connellsville's Reliable Housefurnishers Since 1891 Hear These May Dance Hits! 20S21--'ft- Sweetie (Snydcr-tonis-Yoong), Menley Fox · "»c Trot, Intro -Oleet Me at. the Station, D«ar," . Boodini Brotbcrs, AecordioaiKts A Scotch High-Ball (Aw. by Bondini Brothers), MedleJ- One St^n, Intro: 3.--"Bag Pipes." 2.-"Annie Laurie." X--"Blue Bells of Scotland." 4.--"Anld lanj- Sync." Boudlni Brothers, Accordionists ' 20S1S--When Ton Com* Back (Frey), One Step, 75c American Republic Band The Storr Book Ball (Perry), Fox Trot, But Jacket'i BenflfillltlcB wtre cal! loused. It seerced. "Ot what use would your fen- peseta* bo iiinong so manr?" JIB Iminlrea. "God has willed this, and he knows what he Is doing. Besides, your Jprctltjr one 1 Is. probably «s hnn- grr «S tb«it people; No doubt we shall flnd that «he, too. Is starving." OlBellly 'slowly withdrew his band from his pocket. ."Test It's Bosa's nxiney. Bat--com*; I can't endure ·thrt." :.;· ;. V He led tie way back to the Plaza of Liberty unfl there on an iron bench they waited for the full day. They were very tired, bat further sleep was Impossible, for the death wagons rumbled by on their. wny«to collect the I bodiei of those who had died during '? 1 the night: . TO BE CONTINUED. . fho'acV Tht; adverts*. "Sits li"-2 Drops- Thin to Jhe Dance! "Oooduight to Com Paini-Conu. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE PRESENTS. HOT STEWART IN'"'" '; i ·· "Keith of the Border" - » TRIANGLE PRODUCTION IN 5 ACTS. " · · · ALSO A SELECTED COMEDY. ' ' . . T O S K O K B O W "BLUEBIRD PHOTOPLAYS PRESENTS HERBERT RA-WUNSON IN "BRACE UP" WONDERFCrL PRODUCTION IN 5 ACTS. . ALSO A GOOD COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. '"S«y, glrj«, yoii can laugh »t. tight «hoea{ or damp. cora-pu))inar w«ath«r,. ^ig bumpy coraa;.calluflca on tht fole* e( your Mer,vcora»; b»- twttn tb« lo«a.",h»rd 'and *oft com. "I Can't Stand That," H« Confesird. PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE! LAST WEEK OF THE ARCADE Under Management of Trimble Tuerffs ; Big 15o Matinee Daily at 2:30. · ;" Evening ·Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. --TODAY A5D TOMOEBOW-- THE CHICKEE CHOO SHOW In the Pretty Musical Success "THE KISSING MISS" On the Screen--Charlie Chaplin in "Work." FEATDEDT6. · THE HAKSKHrr BCfiS MAE ALLEN Champion Buck Dancer · IRVING LEWIS frugality, they besan their search. « yoa will Jnit touch the»eorn'or Later they stretched themselves out to eaUoa with a £«r drops oUSets-It/ aleep on the stones beneath the porUta. £*f pain^ou'won-t" £££· Mt toe railroad station. { more; -yon can enjoy the dance Thej- spent a borrld, hnrrowiog night, ^[ yco ^ ln0 '*' ca iij, le 5ui t cotee rtght for now the general dlstresa. was j on compute. llk« » b«n»n* j«el ana'; the presence of new corpses lying upon. the station flr^stonee. Fwm those still llTing, grotns, eigha, sick ·intterfopi raw .natri-craeHly floally dragxed his youthful companion out of tfce place: · ' ""I can't stand "that" he confessed. ·T can't sleep when people iure starring to death alongside oTiie; Thl» money pares my pocket. I--t^-" : · Jacket read bla,jemo»» and HM a d«talnliic hand itpod his arm. ,'.'·-· ·"· ~K win save onr BT«, too," he said ·imply. loday7 almviy becana*'. It i* an wonderfully »lmpl« »n* -alwaya work*.B» »or» yoo sefOiUHlt-'" "Geta-lt." tne xuMranteed, money. baekcora-rraoTtr. the onlyaure way, costs but a trllte at any drat itore. . and recommeh'd' as tha- world's best corn'-remedy by. l^n»hr«y.Iria« Co.. A- A. nellsTlUe Druff Co. J, B. KUKT2, · HOTABV :'pU«laC'"- : . *m» HEAL e«TAT»i SOISSON THEATRE ONE WEEK BEGEVNES'G APBIL 15TH 1 ' · ' ' · ; : · · · TBEMAIN'S ·" : ·' MUSICAL REVUE An Up-to-Date MUSICAL COI^EDY 10-- J?KOPLE-- 10 , Singing ;and Dancing Chorus ' : ..;':' ': · - · 5-- ipREXTI glBLS-- 5 . . · . 3-- M0SICAX .TEEMjiEVS-- 3 ·' Comedy Musical Act. , MR. GEOEGE MAKTES · . Eccentric Tramp Comedian. ' ' ' Irish Comedian Prestidigitator Extraordinary :.; , JTaUnee Daily at 2 o'clock, conthmoiis Tintfl 5 o'clocfe. 'Price's 10c and .20c. Two Performances at nlgtt, begln- alng at JiJO; -Fjrices lac and 25c.

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