The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. UOUttiEll, TLLE, FA. wwi\i;,-n\Y. j \NTARY so, 1030. Mrs.junn W. Fuehrer Qbserves Eightieth Birthday Anniversary Mrs John W Fue-hror celebrated tlio K.UMHMV CLUB PIA%S FOK eightieth anniversary of hor tailli COYERBD.MNH HWPKn Tuesday at her homo In South flight h ~"ra M. A lament v as hostess at a street, Greenwood Although a. liim, etlshtful nieoting of tho Rainbow (oJebratkm was nt.t planned, the o v e n t d u b hist night at ho, homo in F,dt,t wna ot outstanding interest to tho Crawkml avenue During the bnsi- inany Wonds of Mrs. Fuehrer. During "ChS meeting plaiib w - n e made for a Iho afternoon shci ww given a very covorod-dibh supptsi fru moniDcia and delightful 6urprls« when members of their husbands Tucod.iy night, Fobru- rho Mary E Dicli Bible Class of tho ary 25, at the home- .f Mrs. 0 F. First United Pieabyterian Churih, t/eighty, South N i n t h fetreet, Greea- with which eho K, affiliated, called it w «od A committee c imposed of Mrs. hor homo and presented her with a Howard fctucheniAii, Mrs W. D Long largo basket of lKiitti£ul cai nations as- and Mr.,. Weighty WHS appointed to a tokei) o£ respect and esteem. Mrs. arrange tho menu. Fuehrer's dawghteia, Mis. Geoige II. j The lomainder of Iho evening iva« Reagan and iMrri. Robert G. Calhouu' Riven over to a social session, A served dainty rolreshmente to the white elephant party the feature dl- gueets. Last evening M). and Mrs. version, afforded much amusement. Fuehrer were guests o£ Mr. and Mrs.' Jean Sullivan gave s eroral pleating Calhoun at a well appointed dinner at readings,. The lioetos t terved a dellti- tho Calhoun residence In Graham avo- one lunch. Appointment* vero in nue, Gr*nowood. Mlsees, Ruth and keeping with Valont no Day. F.ivoib Catherine Siloox of the Umonknvu' woro miniature slippers filled with road, great niecen o£ Mre. wore among thof/e present. LODGE PLANS KOB CARP TARTY Shilo Lodge No lO.i, i/ddies' Auxiliary to the B, of R. 'l\, met last nigh! in Odd Fel'owu llali w i t h A good at- t o i i U a n t c u t motuberb Plaiw were m.uic lot ,j i a i d parly to be held in llio ue.u- t u t u r e , Uio (Utr to lu announced The teiul comnnttot. t o u - sists Cfl Mrs. , i u n a Pook, Mri, I J M I ) M i U i i n t c K k .Did M i s . M.uj U h i t i , l u n c h , MIE Bessie U l j \ t M , M i h Kanui T n ' s h K i and Airs. Anna Dyp I ^ u t i t h %\as scivct at tlip cloho ot the meeting ColcT Weather t h e f WILI, HOLW The regular meeting ol the lOvoi- h u i t Bible Ulafih of th" Fiist United Presbyterian Church wasb held lunl niK'it at ( h e church parsonage Hov, (Jfoi ge II. lirupp, t h e jKitor, vviie host Plaiib w'oi o dlbcuseod tor UIQ a.nnuil banquoL The date will ho Announced later Lum h wna served. .Missionary Meeting 1 . Tho Women'b Misbionary Socioiiy oE tb/o First I'lvangohcal Churcii ot South will meet ThUTaday *(, ^.30 o'clock a t tha All members are requested to Fuehrer, heart-shaped czftdy. GuosU of the club Avero s Mrs. Ncii on Harmon and A family dinner was given Sunday at the Fuehrer homo In honor ot (he happy occasion. Mr. and Mn,. J. M. Clasper of New Dorry, Mr. and Mrs. James Sluiuor of Unlontown, sons-in- law and daughters, Mrs. Bland Outright oC New Coatle, daughter o£ Mr. and Mrn. Fueluer and William Orr, also of Now CaUlo, WOTO present. Many friends and neighbors of Mrs. Fuehrer callod U hor home during tho day to extond hearty congratulaitons, also to wlah her many more Iwppy birthdays,. She wa« the reclpiont of a number of lovely Riftfe, also many attractive birthd.iy cards. Despite hor advanced yeart, Mrs. Fuehrer enioyb lino health ind was unusually well and happy on tho anniversary of her ^u^ "anrTrjuiU a nice .sum birth. Sho is one of the oldest ,,ud reaiwwi Approximately two h u n - mobt active members of the Firbt dmi tweniy-uve guests wore present United Prw.byterlan Church, and huv- , m(1 ewry a vtiUb! pace wab naod ing resided in Counellsvillo for many for placing bridge and flvo-hundred years sho hafc a host ot" friends in the tabloa. comuiuiiity. She Is a native oC SchuyK Bifdg0 priKea w re awarded to tho kill county and was Mits Sarah Allen, following High. M s? IxMiiso Marietta, daughter of tho late Goorgo and Eliza- second, Mrs. H 0. Hoffman; third, both Van D u w n Allen before n*r mar-- Dr Katharine Wakeflfld, ftlve hun- litvse. Mr. B'uehior, an H. C. Frick drod, Miss Anna '! axachor Tho door veteran, will bo 80 years old August PT''^ waii won 1 v Dr. Katherino 27. Mr und Mrs Fuehrer observed Wakeflold. Tho *\ixet,u of Olio party their lltty-bKth wedding anni\!rbary I ls h0 to tho ur tiring work of the I n l y "ft list convniitteo in c h a i g e Following the Kimes ice r roam, ake and tofieo \vore soi vod. Joan Sullivan. Arrangements w e r e made for a Valentine party to ho held in connection wish the next meeting Tuesday night, February U, in the homo of Almotta Oillcland, Batil Crawford avenue, JUNIOR (ji/rwiE CLUB GIVES SUCCESSFUL CATU PARTY Of th-e i.iany toe al events held 1n Ihe Woman's Culttn-e Club rooms at tho Carnegie Froe (jibniry none was moio doJightful t|i in a beneiit card given la-t i ight u n d e r tho ot the J u n i o i Culture Olufa The proceeds are to bo toward dofraj mg tlio oxpensxs cotinoctc^l with of Iho eye'i o£ needy 1. H. V ( LASS WILL AXXIVUHSAJIY C- L. C. CLFB Mi'.KTS An unusually interesting meeting ol the 1 i! -V Class, of the First Methodist KpiM-opiil Chinch was "Held last |j j o h oule ^ Mi Kast tables . AM MKS. C. A. MARIETTA Tho C E, C C l u b met last night in ami M i s Charles i a w f c w d avenui rallod into pU lor Mrc-,. Frank Ho by oi Uiiiontown an- nounceia the marriage of h r daughter, Mah-il, and Chester Madison Ea!.Jick, son of Mr. and Mrs Chatiej, Ktt- lick o£ Hopwood, which took January 27, at Oakland, Md. AIiss libtelhi M. J l a i v e y pf Jenners and Harold F. Harkcom of Somerset weie mairied Thursday iilt;ht, Jaini- iry 21, at tho parsonage of the Soin- eriet C i M i i f h of the Bretliron. Rev. Rodney Coftman oiliclated. J'ostiionocl. The monthly meeting of the Saturday Afternoon Club of Vanderbilt hah been pobtponed from Saturday aiftei- noon ol this week to Saturday, Fo-biu- ai-y 3, Miss Nellio Suyder will be hostess. She will bo assisted by Miss Grace i5nyd«r. Class, to Attend JtnJfy. The Faithful Mends CUt* of tho Christian Church at Vanderbilt will meet at tho church Friday evening at 6.30 o'clock in time to leave at 7 o'clock tor Brytui Chnrch io attomt a Sunday school rally. Transportation will bo provided. Clayton. Hcgn en Mr. and Mrs Charles ticgnei ol Moire!! annoumo the marriage ot their son, Charles J. Hegiiei , Ji ., to Miss Alfreda Clayton of Gormania, W. V* , on January 28 at Cumberland, Mdt Don't wait until your throat'begias to bother you, change to C LD GOLD now* Your throat will give you tte reasons for OLD GOLD'S amaziag succet s in the first package you smoke. BETTER TOBACCOS, Gleaner, riper..." honey-sraoolhne is . . , an exquisite flavor. Why take (he risk of throat irritation? Your throat needs OLD GOLDS. Now. Tomorrow. Always. B£TT£R 7OBA CCOS . ,, . , matce the difference · ; ,, , . . . , not ,» c o u g h i n a carload, 0 1 " tU(,ht .it the- homo of Mrs. J B Hen- ilt'1-.on, iUbt Cedar avenue, with Mrw .John B U-ivl,, the president, conduct- memberVdnd o"i o t o i g n e h t s Fivo Int; tho devf.tionals, which conibtod h u n d r e d wat, f a.pd Head prizes ot h j m u s . The subject was- "The w r r e u ^ ar(IO({ t( Mr antl Mrs . j w. Lord'b Piayci and What It Means (o |,- r lz/,?U, second, to Mrs Harry Pdi It, Us" Tho Sc ripturc lesson dealt with a ,,d W II. Browi C,uest« prizeb w e i e the Sunday -chool lesson for Sundar, glvcfi to Mlsa L m . u , Ko( ,, of grott- Ftbriuiry 2 Mrs also c o n d u c t - ^ dd , Oi Paul G n e s c i ot Trotter and Mr. d a nuix, t h ' questions, being .uiswei , a ! ] f | M l s J r G j lUell ol t h l b citv A cd by members. delicious l u n c h v,j.s -seived by Mrs. Plans w w e discussed for^serving Manet Ui '('he icxt mooting will ho held Wodnefadaj night, February 12, dinners tho Kecoud Week In Febrtiai y to tho Kiwani'f and Rotary club. The,s wan oi ganlzed February 17, 1913 p n/ , xo u O t Vine street ,ind the inn vrsury will bo celobratud in the homo ot Mr ,iud Mrb. J. W. ovonins. w i t h in connection with the next moetins to bo hold In the home of ReV. Dr. and Mr. D H. Graham, South Pittsburg street. Tho time will bo announced Liter. A uiubical program will bo presented. The committees are: Lunch, Mrs Hotnor C. Davis, Miss Harriot CUrlc, Mrs. George W. Campbell and Mrb. R. B. Bdraondb; entertain mi nt, Mr. J. E Grey, Mrs, m(K) tint; II II. Mel itire, Mrb. A. M. Stiatton «ind M,rs. C O. B.ine At tills time the election of ofllcers will tako I'ttst Chiflfn Meet. The Patt Cniofs Association of Atlu-ns Temple ^ ) L tho Pythian Slaters, met nt tho horn ^ of Mrs. H C Iluni- boi t o£ Wast W ishinglon avoiiuo large attendance pi. ice Tho nomiiuitiiifr commltteo oi Mrs Clara 33 1'ort, Mrs. S. H. Kdtunnds and Mrs J B. Tracy. iaiuch Yr'j.b served. Vail Plans Dinner Jtoetlug. A bpocial mooting of tho Unity Fraternity Tvill bo held nt^xt Tuohday evo- ntn^ in tne West Crawford nvnuo ( l u b roonn. U will bo preceded by u dinner at 6:30 o'clock Tho hi fat ot tho dinner sessions was conducted early this month and was very snt- Routine busine. -s was Uan.saHed iad all of the men bei s on the- Kk lls.t \veio teported improving Tho next hi hold at tho hom( of Mrs A Chapniiin following the buil- ne«s session, lunch wa*. served by the hostess Annual iVottdale Dance. Tho annual dance ot fhe Knights of Columbus of f eottdxilo will be held tonight at tho Ploaiant Valley Country Club Tho 1'ours aie from 9 to i o'clock The tvpiit ia ot much social lutei ost and i uiny guosts., Including a nuinbei frotn out-of-town points, aro planning to attend. Looking for Bargains J Read th© advertisements in t Dally Courier. FMNCIS E. PARKER OF DUNBAR DIES; FORMER BURGESS Friccie EL Farter, OS yoana old, former burg«ss and justice of the pcaco at Dunbar, died at 6:50 o'clock Tuesday night at the ConnraH-rvillo State 'Hospital from complications. IIo was admitted lo the institution on January 7. V!r Parker had been ailing for »om- time, Fiancia Ellsworth Parker camp to Dim bar about 4-1 year*, dfo a« a mem* bor o£ a show troujw. He was an u,ro- bat and clog dancor and taid to beeji a proficient actor He ro- troni tho company during its Staj In the Furnace Town and later Vfat united in marriage to Miss Martha Wu^glo. A man of a sunny dieposition and regarded as a friend of very one, Mr. Paj ker won tho admiration and respect of t/io citizenry. For maijty years he -was employed as a clerk arid In later years? took work as a bridge cjrpenter ·with the We«fi Penn Hail- wayb Company In 192i Mr. Parker wju, otectod lo th-e positioBe of bnrgeas and justice of j the peace at Dunbar lie became ill while serving h i b fourth term and was unablo to give- over hi.s ontiro afcten,- tton to his dutios for 1he last 8ix months of his term. Ho wim hucceedcxl In both capacities by Harry T. Ellon- berger, inctlmbont, who wdus named at the elections la 1925. Mr. Parkor took part m many home talent cnterfammen-fs .it Dunbar and his experience with the show troupo m ido him one of tlio outstanding cute rtalners. H-e was a member of the Odd Fellows and Moo«e of Connpiifiville Tho Odd Fellows will have charge oE the funeral. In addition to hie lUto, Mr Parker IB eurvlved by one daughter, MrB. 1*- li.ud O. Bryant of Honda, W. Va,.; one son, Warne R. Parker, at home; one Bister, Mrs. James L. Hp)«rs, Chicago, one haK-biother, WillUm T Goare, Chicago, and one grandchild The body w«e removed by Funeral Director Jamea T Burhans to hie! -pailora at Dunhar wlippo it \\ats pro-1 pared for burial Arr.iugeniMi tsj hava not been completed IRS. AVARALA D1LLHGER DEADINfflffiNEODKIY Mw Avar.Ua IOTKP Dili igei, 68 years old, «i1o ol Rrnest S 3fIlniK0r, died Monda\ ruRht in the ho le of her daughtei, Mr*.. Rohet t B chey of Greensboro Mie Dillingcr .'as a sifa- ttjr of B F, Jonea of ConnHl ,vil)c and hud ( pent all her life in Grc ine county. She was a tlauglitw 1 o£ Oa\!d II and Priacilla Stopbenfcou l^ tms. Bc- sidbij her husband a.'d brotl er, hhe is t » u t v j \ o l by Qvo children, 2 gHuid- childu'tx and t*o H htors, litt. A n n a JemLson of S n vl'b\a'e and lirs V. S. McCoy of Jjincoln, N h lj. /ones was at 1m foJBtxr'fo "bodMlf» v. icn death For Evening Attire M i s . Jout and mnih, Dav d uid Gll- Lwrt and Ji. C Jonffc, tho ist named ol i'[tt'il;urg, went (o Gtc-or «boro tlu«! afternoon to attend the tu etru.1 oerv- altoriioin U 2 o'clock, I. C. H. S. Opens Home Basket sail Program " 'onigKt The Immaculate Conci tlon Parochial Htg-h S hoot bablc teers will swing into action [or ilw llrs-t time this season before a lo al crowd, meeting t h o posvuTiul Fan nont Catholic High School at tlic- St U.e Armory tonight it S:15 o'clock The AVoM Vlrginlana a o rcparrifd At- very power!ill and tho local Catholic cjuiiftet w i l l hi Imid wcssed. It will bo the H i s t home f ay ior tlio CounelLsviHo (.ontingoiit ior Biirpff ins ? If TO, road Iho .tdvorUt, ngr eolumna ot The Daily Courier. your eMtcFs COUGH or G OO old Muiti role now inaiii. nnld- tr for 1 ih'ts and oinall childitn. So pkasanc to use and iO rthabic-- ajpK Children's Musterole freely to the inftc rd arta once every hour fur fire hours. ' l l v n t \ the safe, ,^__ CHILDREN'S sure treatment that mill! ins of mothers ^lid leading doctors ami nurses n.cotnui; *nd endonc. ^'orkirut like the *~~^ it!U trained hands blend of oil miM.thol and b r n u s relief and f a niasscm, this famous of mim.ird, cnmplmr, athcr liclpful Ingrc!ic.nt'i lalurally. It penetrates , bioxl circitljtion, lidpi lo els aw out infection jncl |nin. Ktcp full atrenKt'l Miiittrole on luiml foi adults and Clul- clrtn's, Mu-iieiole for tiie httlc tots,. All druggists. MRS. E. P. TRIMBLE OF SCOTTDALE DIES Special lo Tho Cmtrter SCOTTDAI.K, Jan 2') -Mis Cathe r i n e A Trimble, S - ^ e u i b old wifo Of Kbbort P T n i n l i l f , died at JO o'clo'k thiiS morniii" at iiei home .at ill South Broadway M t s Tumble, a Hie-long resident ol Scottdalo wa^i a nwnibei oE the Fn st Baptibt Chinch Silt v, as nlso ,1 meni- bei oi the Ladies Aid Society and P3 r lhiau Susters Hei h u s b a n d s i i i m - Thoie are no childrt-ti funeial 0.1 1 aiiKPnu u U , h a \ i not been c o m p l e t e d Horn, Mn Robt-Li,a M Jim at lui w o i d of tlu* bn th ol twiothei d a u ^ h t t i lo her son and dau{,hler-in l a w , i\lr and Mi«. r i, Dur«-l of Wajnesboio Th«M t. a i e uo« tour bo.s and live girls A pimple, bit of rasli i r rcdnesa -don't, be dismayed--t pply Resinol Omtmtnt and soe low quickly the disorder i-( healed Then adopt TJesinol Soap for d ily use. IL makes llio skin look, nd fcei clean and gives it a vclv ty soitness. (fuard your oinplcx on tho liesi- uol way--lha soap to cleanse-the ointment to heal. 'For freo sample of pach, vrrito RoBinol, Dert. 92, Bt llitnore, Md. Tbia able afternoon aostuxae consists of a black aad white vhlffon dress, with black satin coat, which ties ia a lvge bow ia the front, The dress Is taado with which drape, st UBttvcn lengths around the bottom. The aleews of thq jacket m split almost to the elbow, and lined with the black and white vrint chiffon. B. 0. OFFICIALS WILL BE SHIFTED ON FEBRUARY 1 MRS. t GILMORE DIES AT RIXFORD Word was received here by Mrs. Charle6 T. Gilee of Kdsf Crawford avonue of Uio death oC her aunt, Mrs. Robert G Gilmoro, about 73 years old, Tuesday at her homo at Rixi'ord, Pa. Mn, Gilmore, who before hor inarnaKe waa Mis-a Nanmo Orbin, wa« bom in Dunbar towrusiup. She had uMativos and fnende in Gonnollsvnie, wlioro fiho and Mr Gilmore leeided following their znarriage Besidet, her husband, siie i« survived by three married daughters, one brother, George Orbin of Dormont, Pittaburg and one sister, Mrs Potter ot Con- nollsvillc. Music to Precede Schulte Address Music bj Klierle'b Orchostij., \\hlch lias been donated loi the occasion, and vocal numbers ^vill precede the address at Ihe lliph School Thursday night by George J SehuUo o! Sfe Louis on the chain btoie situation The musual piogram will begin at ' i . o O o'clock The address will }b at S. There N no ddnussion UutiKo and Ihobe in (harg-c juvito llio public to a t l p - n d Scire Tlroai? Don't Gargle This Doctor's Prescription (lives Quicker, Rftter lie lief Don't suffer tho p. In and dstsromfort o£ sorij throat Us a a doctor's prescription califKl Thoxine guaranteed to reli«ve with tho ' cry first swUlow. Gargies and salvf»j aro too slow and i£ they do rniieve, it is usually oaly tfmporary. Thoxme has a doable at (ion--H relieves the soreneia and. goes direct to the internal cause It contains no harmful drugs and id safe and pleasant for tho whole lanuly. There is nothing better to .- top coughing due to iTiiUtcd thro its Ju-( ^*Jc lor Tboxine, put up re-wiy for URJ lu 35c, 60c, and |1.00 botUos. Money bAck if not relieved. Sold by a!l --'Ad vort iemciit. Balks al {jioinpr to TlospUal, UNIONTOWN, Jan 2 9 -- A n dl- lompl ly m e m b e t s ol his family (o Idlto Mali Pate lien ol Lemont to at F i a i i t i s Hospital foi lieAtment o t - c a s i n u t d some excitement in Iho Lem o n t d i s t n i t t h i h 11101111113 w lun I'atLlicu hroKf a w » v a n d fled He u a s t o c a f w l an lioui late; in the ttoodt, a short (JiblaiK e l i o u i ins homo by Pi i\ U o C h a i h s .1 l l i i n i i i i 01 the Stale- Police and Kpi i ]i! Count.) D e i ^ e t i v o William \ V a l K e i BILL PROPOSES MEMBERS CONGRESS TAKE PLEDGE By U n i t e d Prt ,s WASHIMCJTON, J.ui -"-- Moinboi i ol Congress wore c o i f r o n l o d t o d a w i t l i a niopoiiU t h a i tlic% 1 iku Iho A bill by Hi pres-enUUve Ktono, R p p u b U c a n , Oklahoma, d tlj v, pro- vidmr th.vt i \ n no w ln loi-clvcs money Morn Die I u i t t d S t a d s ' I M e u - - ury must dike ai oatli not u drink, was reffric-d to 'lie llunso l u d i c i a i y C'ununitUH' H nould inchulo n i l H'Ki-'lrtUvo, admit i i l l i i l l v c a n d )ii- l i ( lal oliii i (is 1 the i n i u i \ !ikc mum ai o t l i n i ·-mill n in \- sjiiiu tho Stone b II \- «\p( ti d lu K?t no I i i t i n ' i til tn In- H lines.' Evoiyrfuy you \ \ i l l find homes and homo i,ltee advfrtfeod in our classi- iioliunive--ta ui thfini axtae. annouucetnonl today at the Baltimore Ohio offices here of the transier ot J. W. Schad, master mechajjic at llm shops, to Olwiwood, elfoctive February L Ho will be succeeded hero by J, H. Dawson of Cumberland. Mr. Schad is wU known in Coa- neUfTille, having resided in this comm n u i t y since May 1, 1933, when he was appointed to has present position. Ho hda been with the Baltimore Ohio Railroad tor 25 years. Another appointment effective February 1 ih that ot U. B. O'Doaneli EUS division operator He- succeeds J. Welshons, «hoso d«aUi occurred ie- cenUy. Air. O'DoniiPll is at prosoat located iu Pittsburg He has beou with the BaUim^ro . Ohio Raihoad for about I 1 ? yearb. Ho was formerly located. hero as an operator. Ho married Mies Nell Francis Tho tniily is expected bore Friday. The met of keeping: younff is to l o i J young--to do t t u s x o u mii£t wntch your !tKt anJ bo«t'li -- Uio) e's no need if l!J.v)n^r a sallow cuniplaxion--dark I'iiisfj u m J t r j o u r CJPS--ylmplc«--a o i l i o u H look in your fa.ce--dull eyes v. nil iin 'rc^rlde Your doctor will toll o u n l n o l y per cent of all slcknesa c o m i a from i n i c t i v r - bowels and llvoi. »r JiiJ«.nils, i «fll-1tnown physl- r l i i l Id Oltio, j i r r f p o i p j j vegotablf compound a, ,i .-.ubslitutf for ca-JomeJ to art an t h e l i v i ' r and bowels, wbicb he ^, u i ( his p a t i e n t w toi jcira, Oi. I'M u a ids O U \ e Tablets arc g-antlf In t n e i i action yet alw.ijs uffoottvc Tliey hiMp bi ins about ( h i t natura Ijiioynnci \ v h i f h i l l s h o u l d enjoy b j lonint? up UP lifci'i irid clNLrtng tlu "yfattm of Jinpurltlex J ) t ),d«arij' Olive Tibli'l* »n k n o w n by t h e i r o l l v a color, J5-, 30c, (W"^ --Advf i tiienient SCOTTDALE PLANT TO BE ENLARGED SCOTTDAIjE, Jan 29 ---An addilio i is to bo wcsctPd to the plant of tha Scolldalt' Mn blue, Fonndiy Ooi ^ t r a c t i o n Company \Oiich w i ' I JOSH t in HIP d o u b l i n g of tin* capacity and produi lion .mil ]u»ido employment for ,'!() avfdit'oiial TIICII WorVv on the new addidon, n nwxloTu stool s t r u c t u r a l b u i l d i n g , 50x100 left, is to bf?nn u oii- ^t dial il -will le toniplcted by April 1 Wife's Gun Halts Man Chasing Hubby U X I O N T O W N , Jail 2') -- Chaney Ijind'-iv, 21, u ) l o n d , u a h bUbbod in the b t K i l n w tune'; and his alleged n.s a i i i n i , \Villi.un Hii/wii. 2S, v aj, tln t 111 Uu die it and focul al 1 o'ckcb ( h i s moimiiK al the t e i m J i m t i o n o a d a u c o in (he 1/ind ,«ij homo at Toi or Hill No. .' A b o u l a (*i P! toi tint l n o i t g h the o) morning oo^ weregath- wliicii lasted houi Brcwn l u c a n i c u i i u l t e d nci ,i it. in .irk m ulo bv J.tnds.u u is v.ud .ud pulloi a p c n K u i u Ho was Mopped in oha' Ins LuuNcU . i i o u n d t h e loom, it ii, al!PI; d, by liinds.aj'1 \MU, )mma, ··vho h i e d twice B l o w n w a s lako-n to tho B i o H n s i i l l o (Jcnci'd! Hospiul i i a serious c o n d i t i o n St ite Police ar- leblcd lUulien Shodi n n d Robert Chray as witiK-Sh^s AS well aa Mrs. Li»l»aj

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