Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 9, 1974 · Page 12
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 12

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 9, 1974
Page 12
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I2A --June 9, 1974 Sunday Gazette-Mail -Cnarlesfon. west Virginia Heart Attack Sends Signals By Marion Wells Research Director, American Physical Fitness Rcnarck Institute Every year heart attacks claim hundreds of thousands of lives. The American Heart Assn. estimates that about 30 per cent of these victims could be saved -- if they recognized the symptoms and took immediate proper action. ABCs of Health How about you? If you had a heart attack and survived, would you become a cardiac Cripple? While there's no guarantee you wouldn't, having a heart attack need not be treason to lose heart. Authorities report that over 80 per cent of those who have coro- flaries go back to work, and nearly t w o - t h i r d s resume Qreir old jobs. "-When it comes to y o u r heart, avoid the mistake of shrugging off warning symptoms simply because they go away a f t e r a w h i l e . Such symptoms may subside for a time, only to come back later. You don't have to become a '-'.cardiac neurotic" to listen to what your heart is trying to tell you. Heed the American Heart Association's advice and pay prompt attention to these warning signs: ; -r. A heart attack may be Signaled by "prolonged, heavy pressure or squeezing pain in tb'e center of the chest, behind (he breastbone." v2j. "Pain may be spread to ie shoulder, arm. neck or jaw." -I3 1 . "Pain or discomfort is often accompanied by sweating, Nausea, vomiting and shortness of breath may also occur." -"'ff you want to stay an extra heartbeat ahead in health, you should also learn to recognize the more subtle signs of a heart attack. It's been estimated that as many as around 56o,,000 Americans a year suffer-so-called "silent" heart at- Jacjks without realizing it. A fieart attack is "silent" when ^he're is either no noticeable pain or symptoms are so sub- ileas to remain ignored or be J i t r i b u t e d to some o t h e r cause. ·*IARE SUCH attacks a seri- ous threat to your life? Heart specialists have found evidence indicating that if you've suffered a "silent" heart attack, which remains undetected, you have a greater risk of dying from a second one than if you'd been flat on yourback vith a full-blown coronary. What signs should alert you to possible hidden heart trouble? Pain in the upper abdomen and the lower chest can at times be erroneously attributed to simple indigestion when it may be angina pectoris or an early sign of a heart attack. To be on the safe side, report it to your physician, and be sure to tell him if you are experiencing any other symptoms. Dr. Peter Nixon warns that if an active individual suddenly becomes much less active or can maintain his previous pace only with a notable increase in effort and fatigue, coronary heart disease should be suspected. Do you have angina pectoris? Angina sufferers may fail to recognize a full-scale heart attack and a t t r i b u t e their symptoms to the angina. What is angina? Dr. George C. Griffith, past president of the American College of Cardiology, defines it as "an unusual sensation in the chest brought on by exertion, excitement, anger, fear, or anxiety. . . It may be: a pain, ei- t h e r d u l l a n d a c h i n g o r severe; a squeeze; a pressure; a burn; or a combination of two or more of these sensations." The sensation may also be felt in other areas of the body and may radiate. Such symptoms occur because the heart muscle is not getting enough oxygen. SUSPECT more serious heart problems if you suffer from angina and the attack lasts longer than is usual for you. or you suffer chest pain a f t e r being free of a n g i n a s y m p t o m s f o r several months. Find out in advance what procedure your physician wants you to follow if such a situation should occur. Did you know that heart attacks associated with a wild or irregular heart rhythm kill more people than drowning does? Pay attention to persistent faintness. weakness or |few Books at Library . These books are among selections received at the Kana- ·ha C o u n t y L i b r a r y l a s t Adutt fiction -- Amis, The Rachel Pap- "ers; Boulle, Desperate Gomes; Carbon, '·The Diary of a Catholic Bishop; Cassill, "·The Goss Women; Delmar, A Time for "·Titans; Goldberg, The Anatomy Lesson; '-Head, A Question of Power; Hill, Let's jF-all in Love; Hintre, Listen, Please Lis, ten; Hiraoka, The Decay of the Angel; rHdwatch, Cashelmara; Jacobson, The ."Wdnder-Worker; Jetferis, Time of the ."Unicorn; Jones, Lord Richard's Pas- "sjon; Lesser, The Man With No Shadow; ^Miybury. The Midnight Dancers; Mor~ 4 Q.ah, Anchrwoman; Murray, A Long "Iway From Home; Rubin, The Barking -.Deer; Schwarz-Bart, The Bridge of Be-.Wind; Schweitzer. Before Honor; She- Inard, Conjure Tales; Solomon, The Ulti- ·.mate Triumph; Uspenskii, Talks With A Wevil; W o o l l e y , Some S w e e t Day; ·vjjount. The Trapper's Last Shot. .Ad.ult NONFICTION - Banerjee, St^es unlimited; Barmash. The World Hi' Full of it. . . .; Bland, Private Pres.-sure on Public Law; Blother, Faulkner; t*-Bradbury, When Elephants Last in the rOooryord Bloomed; Buegelcisen, Into rtjie wind; Caidin, The Tigers Are Burn- r ing; Cardenal, Homage to the American » Indians; Clecak, Radical Paradoxes; rColeman, Blue-Collar Journal: A Col- · lege Presidents' Sabbatical; Coward, · The Lyrics of Noel Coward; Dietttrich, -Code Arrest: A Heart Stops; Domhoff, -The Bohemian Grove and Other Re-treats; Douglas, Go East, Young Man: 'The Early Years; Dulles, Models Of The '-Church; Eaton, The trees and Fields ··Went the Other W a y ; Eisenhower, ·Str-ictly Personal; Frazier, Games Doc- jftbrs Play; Gaither, With God In a Ppw *Camp. Halliday, Japanese Imperialism ·TToday; Halliday, American Caves and 'Caving; Head S t a r t : A Tragicomedy "With Epilogue; Hechscher, Alive in the *City: Memoir of an Ex-commissioner; »Ho.w to Start Your Own Small Business; ^Kaplan, Lincoln Steffens; Lasch, The ^World of Nations; Levertov, The Poet in .,the World; Levine, The Miami Dolphins; _i:orant, Sieg Heil!; Malone, Jefferson f Sna His Time. v. 5; Meyers, Wipe Out i.Yo.ur Debts and Make a Fresh Start; «Moor,house, The Fearful Void; Noel Hume, All the Best Rubbish; Peairs, . What Every Child Needs; Pearson, Dia- · ·ries'1.949-1959; Pierce, The Deep South ·States of America; Pennar, The USSR ·-and the Arabs; Peper, Hunting Moments ·of Truth; Petacco, Joe Petrosino; Politi- '·cal Parties in American History; Pull- ·ing. Game and the Gunner; Roche, The "Golden Hind; Scott, Barefoot in the Sky; "Southerland, The Way to Go: The Coming Revival of U.S. Rail Passenger Service; Stonecypher, Getting Older and Staying Young; Taflman, Flying the Old Planes; Terrill, R.H. Tawney and His Times; Tenenbaum, Gardening With Wildflowers; Tugwell,. The Emerging Constitution; Watts, How to Start Your Own Preschool Playgroup; Wellman, The Kingdom of Madison; windeler. Sweetheart. Reference -- Barth, Supplemental Studies For The National Commission on State Workman's Compensation Laws; Center for Curriculum Design, Somewhere Else; Community Market Inc., The Community Market Cooperative Catalog; Contemporary Literary Criticism, Glascr, RoutlnUIng Evaluation; Heikcn, An A t l a s of Volcanic Ash; Kcefe, Area Handbook for Hungary; MacDonald, The Last Effcnsive; 'McDonald, Area Handbook for Yugoslavia; McGlotht'i, Amphetamines, Barbiturates and Hallucinogens; Mastai, The S t a r s ono the S f r i p e s ; Thompson, ALL?Timo Rosters of Major League Baseball Ciubs; U.S. 1 Commission on Civil Rights, Indian Civil Rights Issues in O k l a h o m a ; U.S. Department of Transportation, Short-Range Transit Planning; U.S. Department of Transportation, A Cooperative Approach to Cargo Security in the Trucking Industry; U.S. Domestic and International Business Administration, Overseas Trade Promotions Calendar; U.S. Environmental Data Service, Climates of the United States; U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, The National Aviation System Plan, 1973-1982; U.S. Labor - Management Services Administration, Complaint Filing Guide; U.S. Labor -- Management Services Administration, State C i v i l Service Employe Associations; u 5. National Center for Educational ?';ilistir.s. Indicators of Educational, Fall 1972; U.S. National Commission on Materials Policy Timber: The Renewable Material; U.S. National Commission on the ol Postse- condary Education. Fi'^ncing Postse- condary Education .- the ur: tcd States; U.S. National Instihreof ,V»r : ,ii Health, Directory: Federaii, F:,noci v -rrnuni- ty Mental Health Centers, 'j.s N: .-131 Oceanic and Atmospheric Acrr-in::'r?- tion. Environmental Conditions .·;;(?. Specified Geographical Regions; U.S. National Water Commission, A Summary -- Digest of State Water Laws; U.S. Office ol Coai Research, Advanced Coal Gasification System for U.S. Office of Coal Research, Low BTU Gasification, High Temperature-Low Temperature H2s Removal Comparison Effect on Over-all Thermal Efficiency in a Combined Cycle Power Plant; U.S. Office of Coal Research, Removal of Sulfur From Coal by Treatment With Hydrogen. Phase I; U.S. Office of Education, The Educational Revolution in China; U.S. Office of Minority Business Enterprise, Directory of Minority Media; U.S. President, Federal Advisory Committees; U.S. Strategy Council on Drug Abuse, Federal Strategy for Drug Abuse and Drug Traffic Prevention, 1973; U.S. Weather Service, River Forecasts Provided by The National Weather Service; Weil, Area Handbook for Haiti. SHOE SALE 400 PAIR LADIES' SHOES REG 5 19.99 to S 24.99 BROKEN LOTS--DISCONTINUED STYLES FROM OUR REGULAR STOCK OF FINE SHOES. Shoes for fashionable women! shortness of breath. Report any unusual or unexplained heart irregularity to your physician, and let him decide whether or not is is a sign of serious trouble. W h i l e it's good to spot symptoms of a heart attack early, it's better not to have heart trouble at all. Whether or not you have a history of heart problems, work with your physician to eliminate the so-called high risk factors which increase the possibility of heart disease. These include smoking, high blood pressure, overweight, inactivity and high blood cholesterol levels. While a certain amount of stress is a normal part of living, physicians have noted that ". . .coronary attacks and hypertension are more common among people whose occupations involve excessive amounts of emotional strain and nervious tension." You'll also want to be aware that coffee in excess has been known to trigger heart action irregularity. Finally, leading authorities recognize that many people fail to get help because they refuse to recognize that they may be having a heart attack. Unfortunately, there may not be a second chance. As the late Dr. Paul Dudley White once said, "We have only one heart and when that is gone we are gone." Stop a heart attack before a heart attack stops you! 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