The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 29
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 29

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 29
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 27. 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL BROTHER wUk you Ml Why worry? Television CBOT S.M t- Mr. Piper. Mr. Piper's baseball tap helps him save the game for (ha Plperville lun Today's fairytale ii entitled: Ra punzel, the iiory of the princess with the long -golden balr. M Holly weed and the Star. "Great Loverru-The pro-gram ahows flashback glimpses of Hollywood'! masculine tinea Idols .from the ailent era to the preaent. Scenes show Francis X. Bushman, Rudolph Valentino, John Barrymore. John Gilbert, Charles Boyer, Dark Gable. Cary Grant. Ty rone Power and Marlon Brando. MS CaadkJ Camera. Host Durward Kirby and program creator Allen Funt show films of 'people caught in amusing situations and unaware they are being photographed. .M - Vacation Maybeiise. ) "Come A-Runnin' ". A new young doctor finds the towns folk don't take him ssrious'y and his patients don'j jay. Star ring Linden Chile as Doctor David Latham; Ruth Hussey a . his office nurse: Stuart Erwin as the town pharmacist; and Reta Shaw as Aunt Josie. lit Erie Sykea. "Sykes and P Fog." Eric steps out into the backyard to get some coal and promptly gets. lost in an English fog that involves him in a variety of wild experiences. MS Grind!. 'The Taming of a Tyrant. Grindl is hired by a wealthy couple and goes 10 work as a downstairs maid. She toon discovers the bouse it ran bi i stern butler. Grindl tries to change the butler's dis position, with no success, until she discovers the man's larcenous streak.''" ' 1 ' ';""' M - CBC News Special Live coverage from Atlantic City f the acceptance speeches of the presidential and vice-presidential candidate. . HJ7 Gwaseaeke. "Kitty Cornered.' Amanda . Blake ap pears as the saloon owaer "Kitty" and nearly faces ruin when she is forced to (act a marriage proposal. j ', V . .. CJOH i SJS The FUatsleaee. "fen tittle Flintstones." A flying saucer land and II robots, all modelled after Fred- Fllntttone, begin their Invasion of earth by creating bedlam in Bedrock. : T.N The Jack Beamy Shew. With guest James Stewart. Jack Is also assisted by hi regular Don Wilson, Dennis Day and Eddie -"Rochester' Anderson. "- T.4S Football Comas. Joe Spent talks on football with pecial emphasis on the Ottawa Rough Riders. ' ' i, 7.4$ - Fastball Fereeast. A p re-game get-together with the V i 100 PIANOS WAXTID MMfOIATQT ' FOR CASH KEN PAKISIEN V. PIANOS a 745-7071 OUT OF 10 CHOOSE GAS Natural Ou la the lead Ing fuel for house heating? Mor homes are heated with Oas than with - any other ' automatic fuel. Eight out of 10 ne homes In North America are Oas heated. 171 Bank 8t 236-I491 v r JUMPER Wt lud tbt right of way. Highlights coaches and sportswriter covering tonight's contest. With Johnny Esaw and Ann is Stukua S.M Canadian Pre Football The Ti-Cats meet the Alouettea in Montreal. Commentators are Johnny Esaw and Annis Stukus, assisted by Hal and Gord Walk er, plus John F. Bassett. (Not seen on Channel I, Cornwall, which will carry two films.) CBOFT I.M U chevalier de Maisan-Reuge. The French-pro duced iH m series based on Alexandre Dumas' novel. I.M Cinema da Pari. "Ma petite folic," a comedy about a young driving Instruc tor who marries the daughter of a wealthy South American. Directed by Maurice Labro and 'starring " Jean Bretonnlere, Genevieve Kervine. Romeo Carles and Patquali. II.N Ratals e"Europe. "Histoire de Briquet." A comedy -by the Serbian author, Dragutin Dobricadin, produced In Belgium. During a housing shortage in a small town, tight people install themselves la home that is Hill under con struction. . FRIDAY. AUGUST a LH Cksesaa hat ansa tteaal. "Cocagne. A comedy starring Fernandel about garbage cot. lector m Aries who attempt an artistic career.' Directed by Maurice C lochs with Dora Doll, Rellys, and Andrea and Josette Jordan as the other featured performer. 1 1 .at Chwau.' "La Fran-caise at ramour.' A feature mad up of episodes by seven different director which set out to illustrate how the French woman deals with the problem of romance at different stages in her life. Radio - Highlights -- CBO Shakespeare Survey.- a look at "magic in Shakespeare's plays, with Ings from the Tempest. Othello, Macbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream. t.M CBO Soundings. The Member for Woodford, a BBC tribute to Sir Winston Churchill on his retirement from Parlia ment. Written and narrated by Maurice fc del man, MP, the program includes comment and anecdotes from many on both aide of the House. MS CBOF Organ Re cital. Jean Marie Bussiere in musk by French composers. Ill CFMO-FM Concert Halt. Peter Schmoll Overture. Weber; Organ Concerto No. 1, Handel; Piano Sonata No.-1 m F minor, Beethoven;- Divertimento in F. Mozart; Symphony No. U, Haydn. , u JS CBO Daaaaeratlc Convention. Live from Atlantic City, the acceptance speech of she Democratic party presidential candidate. IIJ CBO -: Vancouver Chamber Orchestra. Conducted by John Avlson, with 'cellist Ernst Friediander as soloist 'Cello Concerto No. J. John Garth; The Calif of Baghdad. Boieldieu; Soliloquy. Rubbra; 1 Symphony in D major, K. Mi. Mozart .,,.., S SWEDEN'S OLDEST . Mrs.. Emm ( Cusufsson of Sweden, at 10. is believed to be the oldest woman in Scandinavia. Sh is described as a "farm wife.? CERAMIC yf TILEa is,: 60; Cmll V Nw fr Prti Estlmatrt CAPITAL TILE! , i 'v4 FLC w us ss 3 1340 liiriST. 733 7S25 read 1 I mi f YOUR HEALTH Tin T An I a T r'.-l MT Vvwwjr vci a MENOPAUSE Q.: What is the menopause? A.:' The term Is derived from the Greek "menos" (months) and "pauem" ' (to cease). Menopause, commonly known as "change of life," ta a o.r m a I process . during which the regularity and character of menstruation slowly changes, and finally cease. Q : Do all women have a menopause? A..' Yes. However, the age at which it occurs varies markedly Usually it begins in the early lilties. 1 It is interesting lhaf t h e human female ia the only member nl the entire animal kingdom to undergo menopause. 'Q.: How does menopause occur? What causes It? A.: An egg (ovum) ripens each month in the ovary of the mature female. The ripened egg leaves the ovary and travels into the w 0 m b (uterus). If pregnancy doe not occur, the swollen Inner' lining o the uterus,' which was prepared to nurture a fertilized egg. is eliminated through the regular menstrual flow. ' . . ' During the menopause, the ovaries cease - to produce ripened eggs, so that the uterus no longer needs to form and discard an inner lining. Q : How does one recognize the beginning of menopause? A.:, This normal process has many variations. Most often the menstrual period under-goes a slow change ia regularity and In duration. Sometimes it stops abruptly, '. HOT FLASHES Q : What are hot flashes? A.: These are brief sensa-. lions of warmth and perspiration that suddenly end without' reason occur in many women during menopause. ' New 4-way vuiuiuiaii, nuMMowkt .. Q : Are there other symptoms? A.: Fatigue, restlessn ess, irntabiliiy. and even e m o-t.onal upsets usually occur in varying degrees. This is due to a temporary hormone imbalance and to the lact that Uie entire body mechanism is Jn a state of change. Tranquillizing- "m d I c Ines and hormones, individual chosen by a physician, now reduce to a minimum the discomfort of the menopause. , Q: Does the menopause make women less attract i v e or ciu-e an excess g a I n of weight? A.: A b s o I u t ely not. The figure and attractiveness can even be enhanced when a mature adult grows gracefully :nio i he menopause. Q.; Does the menopause alter or affect the sex life? A.: U definitely does not. There is no loss of physical attraction. Q.t' Caq pregnancy occur during menopause? 7 A.: As long as the ovaries are stil) producing eggs, pregnancy can occur, even if the menstrual cycle is irregular. , The menopause is a healthy, normal physiological body process not an illnes. To avoid the unnecessary confusion and fears . about the menopause, discuss all of its aspects with your own physician. ' : While Dr. Coleman cannot undertake to - answer i n d i-vidual 1 letters,- he will use readers' questions in his column whenever possible and when they are of general interest. Address your letters to Dr. Coleman in, care of The Ottawa Journal,' . ICED VEGETABLES CHICAGO Crushed Ice completely buries the crates of vegetables which arc shipped by rail refrigerator cars. medicated 2. Shrinks iMiMrrMdt HPO. Artskki BNiM aJ rssiwrsM avdlisar. . laksa ptwmu mm m mm am 4. Flahts inhctlari M FO wnS kmiiilsima Mtn mama m mcws M.RO. CEMENT JOBS m m ut h-i i pile t-cmodi L. ftslleves pain fast Nit H P O. mm iW Suis mm taw, lmim h wt euKdt a . S. Cases Irritating Itch . K.PO HadM irmuiM ch, Ma Cl KM (KaePolL toat; WIWSl NOW! HOME I ARE EASY WITH i 27 ' : : r J - : TRUDY - 7 - - MR. TWEEDY byNadRiddU . A "Nevr let r b Mid that 1. A. Tweedy isn't cjIUrrt." , ejT'f' i. rJ', wifl ' 0 MMmwrTw V i s II , - a. SnM. W . ISM -U t "Reiajc, it's only your father before his first cup of coffee!' HI AND LOIS - - , i - ' Z ' , ' I L. ' jTHAT alibJI "V , I Thiat what sets you I r -A ' z$ i -I i' :fS3Sl tr C?I -J Frm I m 'irv -Vt cntr' u I Kt:i!RV DRAKE " ' . ' . - nswpcvtxjl fas tne cmn6, Mm f pmt.' J Turn 3 ancTwa nut. sCmBBcw$Our r i CLE AM Tns I -n am. ts snuec.'.aiso A rsrr4 wrm wro hai.. arrvso msm. - ;. - Ure HOWE 9mJMT, A y F N-tfB 1 1 ITfc T- I'JTJJ "i-Xltr I s J eyrsneowtA5aio y.r J i.TOTrieHOret.o oowrav -S. I . I . " 2LSQCHmSH,F TJ rTW TONsQHT jrTTrHf ' Hi VinTl HAstHO OIHHf WTfllV SXV MUSMNO . I mB TfTi- I I. : r. t v flvl I L? I Y.t J X V f yRTS T.I RA V "-VZ. V. aVaVsZI READY-TO-USE - MIXES! I leacssl Sakrete Misca to from aH yaw have to do is add the water. Ideal for waa-aad-ttait projects because there's no wast or fuesswort. There's a sin and asis , lor every job.' - It ji 'XSllsf Ss "il .?TKi " 'II . As II ssssssaw L111 1 C I SpT JULIET JONES ,.' . . ' ! . t- "S1H ' ( 7SU MV Sl! wee iSTMaLiero I'juotaN wwrsa cwau .-3 fi i 1 B j , sj., , NocnKi. TiNKeftMO 11 mournf .hunch into tva xnf I s. 'gtl ! JtLr.rTT - A2L TM-mdODGcBy; aoutim amp jmh....j vaTHveeuTK I . a I j 1 SLatfXe-l ... 1 ask wwv xxj w .. . Vs' usnaiainwiia 1 al I 77l tsNsTOS)SJ)aa prS)JSU, Hf , T 4. '( aaa"ssssssasswasJ) mmZ ll aaaj sssssssaBaK3UMslaB In aassJlLJJ .XZrZjZ: tZrXiZZtZ'Z'm. APARTMENT 3-C ' ' Dm. au) r.o. ise. hsk. ; is wg uiiasMww 1 r ' 'I i v 1 t " - 1 1 rr-w n 1 Z"S f r pcwju 1 tio m rue n 01 vj ' soeirr 10 9t iu auoost M ...' n-jss. ' 'a j 1 ili f 1 "wVi'W 1 1 j- 1 wcwesi Tfieo id rwo exit wkaj y iatc, ui atsN.'i V exvpt upon ficiain n no ririrt oJ!i r , M-J oi 1 h id ut ix i NWMtmMi wusnoms mVJiKJlvCJci Ji JcP sssr? -li r llJ J V J LSJ AcufOFooFrteJI fC.! lll'oTr I ws;wawiwo?ATfo.'J 1 f 7 3 s ft iW" ;B.aver Lumber RBBIfr; MJ fl I - A CNH kX' 7 hiM vJX3e3 ' i Iftsasrlartsi I . v II Ili JJJB rTarl Ja - a,faB a ':, a,i I kw ysjsjsjB-, - viou 111 - IF- -vavj-Tx '-S Wjmt r uMtTED . yi iA iu i - i n -Mi'i; i i f VrT mn i m f 4 izu I Wkea m tkiak at kaiisini . I 1 .- , ISM Bank Street , asai.rtals-tjii.ks4 Barm's J 7jmjM A STEVE ROPER " , . . , . - : . " ask i 1 1 . ei m iSiiii ii, M ia K.1 aw . i'mi in' i at ssk, TJ!W "'a'aaj W" ?7Jf? jJLjV ffPffff Qtf$Ct& sw isiin aalaiMsaMsw-sstsawassssasjssw I ' V'.' ! " la'"! HOBTICULTlRAL SALES HEASiy A MONTH tll,l I ,' pK"! trtxn7) " SX.ttJJlVh1 I Grimes Brothers services by experts tI f r", nHi cSXo rfur I UMTTED Aallahl at . " TMtJLaFfj -i. SMC MTwttN ajf "7irl J I .-.-. J" - ; ' I A " , .. TftTJf?y" 3 I menvaie Roan I . MCDONALD'S I II BkI ' .TJ7 Iflu i 1 1 laJ I ir-T?BL Vl'.f 1 I I f B9a ' I til I". 1 .' i . t I ' ' !'. a I u IkliAkl 1 1 Y r i - n s ivJfc r.'JSr-.l .1 I . - 1 sswk l l s. i--.,.. n . , Mvakaaitt- . .v. .11 ij z r i tsj rw ir 1 ,1 ivi, - J ii'f iu ft 1 ' 1 r .1 i SUW-W - 7 :;- ..' I" . -A r.SI- rtSbek ISA.J " , uWUr,'!'J5;.:-. I 1 I v1 1 '

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