The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1955 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1955
Page 10
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BLTTHEVIXB TASK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JANUARY M, New Indictment Against Lattimore Dropped by Judge WASHINGTON (AP) — U. S. District Judge Luther Yonngdahl today dismissed a new indictment accusing Owen lattimore of swearing falsely when he denied he ever had been a follower of the Communist line or a promoter of Red interests. Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton Mar 3442 3443 3439 3443 May 3473 3473 3468 3473 July 3489 3492 3487 3491 Oct 3464 3473 3462 3473 Dec 3470 3478 3470 3477 New Orleans Cotton Mar 3440 3441 3437 3440 May 3472 3472 3467 3473 July 3491 3494 3487 3493 Oct 3463 3473 3482 3470 Dec 3473 3475 3470 3474 Chicago Soybeans Jan ... 278% 282'A 278'/i 280 Mch ... 271^ 273 271«, 27114 May ... 269 27114 269 270i/ B July ... 257 268'/i 267 267% Chicago Corn Mch ... 154'4 155 153% 153% May ... 156'/2 1571/, 15514 155'/ 2 Chicago Wheat Mch ... 22814 22914 22714 227% May ... 225 225% 224% 224% New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors . , Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester 36% Republic Steel 77 Radio . ...'. 37^ Socony Vacuum 50V4 Stude-Pak 13% Standard of N J 106 7 i Texas Corp 84% Bears 75. 1 :, U S Steel 69'i 173% 65% 48!4 .... 104% 67 116% 48% 93% 80!i 33 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. UK— (USDA)—Hogs 9.500: steady to lower; choice 160-220 Ib 18.00-35; Choice No. 1 and 3 185-210 Ib 18.50; 220 Ib down to 17.75; 220-240 Ib 17.50-18.00; few at 17.25; 240-270 Ib 16.50-17.50; 280-330 Ib 15.75-16.50; 130-150 Ib 16.75-17.75; sows 400 Ib down 15.00-75; heavier sows 13.2514.75; boars 10.50-13.00. Cattle 4,200, calves 1.200; fully Bteady to strong; choice steers Judge Youngdahl said: "To require defendant (Lattimore) to go on trial for perjury under charges so formless and obscure as those before the court would make a sham of the Sixth Amendment and the federal rule The judge apparently referred to the portion of the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution which requires that a defendant be formed of the nature and cause of the accusation. The defense the Lattimore case has contended the accusation was too vague to define an offense and permit preparation of a defense. The charge which Youngdflhl threw out was returned by a federal grand jury last October. The two-count indictment, in effect, replaced the key count of a December 1952 indictment. Youngdahl had dismissed that count in May 1953, and was upheld by the U. S. Court of Appeals here. Subject to Appeal Dismissal of the new Indictment is subject to appeal by the government. The government took that course when Youngdahl dismissed four of the seven counts of the original indictment. The Court of Appeals restored t\vo of the counts which Youiig- dal had dismissed, but agreed with him on the main charge. In throwing out the new charge Youngdahl said: "The court cannot escape the conclusion that 'follower of the Communist line' is not a phrase with a meaning about which men of ordinary intellect could agree, nor one which could be used with mutual understanding by a questioner and answerer unless it were defined at the time it were sought and offered as testimony. "The count, even with its apparent definition, is an open invitation to the jury to substitute, by conjecture, their understanding of the phrase for that of the defendant. The meaning of such a phrase varies according to a par- :icular individual's political philo- iophy. "To ask 12 jurors to agree and then decide that the definition of the Communist line found in the ndictment is the definition that the defendant had in mind and denied believing in is to ask the jury to aspire to levels of insight to which the ordinary person is incapable, and upon which speculation no criminal indictment should hinge." 28.00; high good and choice steers 24.00-26.50; good 21.00-22.00; choice steers and heifers 27.00; good and choice 20.00-25.00; cows utility and commercial steady at 10.00-12.25; utility and commercial bulls 12.5014.00; canner and cutter bulls 9.0012.00; good and choice vealers 23.00-30.00; tew prime 32.00; commercial and low good 16.00-22.00 Kennett Woman Seeks Court Action Against 'Santa Clous' KENNETT, Mo. WV — A pretty 23-year-old mother says her estranged husband got into her home by disguising himself as. Santa Glaus — and she wants him cited for contempt of court. Mrs. Betty Lou Van Bibber, of Memphis, in a circuit court motion, said the action violated a restraining order issued to bar him from "disturbing" her. She is suing for divorce. It happened last Christmas Eve, said Mrs. Van Bibber, and her husband cited the resultant uproar in obtaining a $1,000 peace bom against her in Memphis last week In the Memphis hearing, a wit ness testified Mrs. Van Bibber plainly irritated at finding Santa was really T. H. Van Bibber snatched off his false beard am chased him out of the house. Van Bibber, 45, who operates supermarket at nearby Maiden Mo., said his wife threatened him with a pistol during the row. The couple has a 16-month-old child. The Van Bibbers stormy marita life began in March; 1952. They were married shortly before ; grand jury refused to indict he for killing a married man, L. E Keil, 43, in St. Louis. New Color TV Tube Produced NEW YORK (AP) — The stan of production of what was describ ed as the first 22-inch rectangular color television picture tube design ed for mass output has been an nounced by the CBS-Hytron Divi sion of the Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. Charles F. Stromeyer, president said his firm had discontinuec manufacture of .its 19-inch rounc color tube that had been used in sets by Motorola and by CBS Co lumbia, another division of CBS BRINKLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT NUMBER 52 PROPOSED BUDGET OF EXPENDITURES TOGETHER WITH TAX LEVY FOR FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING JULY 1, 1956, TO AND INCLUDING JUNE 30, 1957 The Board of Directors of Brinkley School District No. 52 of Mis- issippi County, Arkansas in compliance with the requirements o: Act 403 of 1951 and of Amendment 40 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, have prepared, approved, and hereby make public the proposed budget of expenditures together with the tax rate .s follows: General Control, $500; Instruction, $20,000; Operation of Schoo: Buildings, $3,000; Maintenance ol School Plant and Equipment, $500; Auxiliary Agencies (including trans portation), $3,000; Fixed Charges $600; Capital Outlay, $2,000; Deb Service, $2,300. To provide for the foregoing pro posed budget of expenditures Board of Directors proposes a tax levy of 40 mills. This tax levy eludes the present continuing levj for the retirement of present indebtedness. GIVEN this 17th day of January, 1955. BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Brinkley School District No. 52 of Mississippi County, Arkansas LEWIS BAUGHER, President MANNERING TOWLES, Sec. Mrs. MacTavis.'i gets her dream house At last she has the home of her dreams! A modern house — with a yard for tho children and space for flowers. Most important to Mrs. MacTavish, though, •re all those wonderful electric appliance* the'« always longed for! With them, she'll have the time and energy for the thing! she's .always wanted to do. It seems like luxury at first. But soon •he'll think of all her electric servant* M nece*iitiet. As time go«s on, she'll add (Yen more. Stop and think, for a minute, how many electric servants you've added in the last ten years. Appliances which have made your life easier and more enjoyable. So, even though the price of electricity has gone down in that time, your electric bill may be higher. But when you think of the many things electricity doe« for you, twenty-four hours a day, don't you agree that it is still the biggest bargain in your family budget? • "YOU AN THt»l"-ttS LlivMM-wHnm Mitory'i jr.ol tv.nto Ark-AAo Power Co. The slender former "Sweetheart of Humes High" In Memphis, an air line hostess at the time, said she shot Keil when he accused her of going with other men and threatened torture. The contempt of court motion filed yesterday Was scheduled to be heard Jan. 24 by Dunklin County Circuit Court Judge A. J. Good' Jr. BUDGET Continued from deficit basis?" Byrd said he favors cutting foreign economic aid drastically, but added there is a "lO-billlon-dollar backlog of former appropriations" in this field which Congress could reach only by rescinding previous appropriations. Sen, Douglas (D-I11) said the Republicans campaigned in 1952 on the promise they would balance the budget, reduce taxes and maintain the national defense and had "sold the people a bill of goods." "In practice we have had budget deficits every year and the national defense has not, in my judgment, been maintained^" Douglas said. "The rate of growth 'of the Air Force has been diminished and the total numbers of the Army, Navy and Marines have been cut." Senators Ellender <D-La) and Dworshak (R-Idaho) said they are going to work within the Senate Appropriations Committee to do What they can to pare down the foreign outlays, of which $3,675,000,000 would be in military' aid and $1,025,000,000 in economic assistance. The military budget figures of $15,200,000,000 for the Air Force, 58,850,000,000 for the Army and 39,700,000, lor the Navy already had been anticipated in Congress, where Democrats have said armed service policies are in for a thorough review. The President's failure to recommend any new power units for the Tennessee Valley Authority came under sharp attack, as did his proposed 147-million-dollar cut in natural resource outlays. ASSEMBLY (Continued from Page ers which Yates proposes. Vates' second bill apparently steins from litigation between Arkansas Power & Light Co and the Fanners Electric Co:0pera' live Corp. of Jackson CoutUy over who should serve a certain Newport area. AP&L won. Orgtnally, the section had been assigned to the co-op. After the area was annexed to Newport, the Supreme Court said the territory should be served by AP&L, which held the city's franchise. A bill also designed to give coops a perpetual grant on once-assigned territory was introduced in the 1953 House, but was defeated. The House argued over whether it would set a dangerous precedent if it allowed Joe C. Barrett. Jonesboro attorney, to discuss a proposed water rights bill before the House tomorrow. Despite vigorous protests, the House voted to invite Barrett, who previously had been invited to talk about the measure before the Senate tomorrow afternoon. An effort to transfer the bill to exempt feed, seed and fertilizer from the Agricultural Committee to the revenues and taxation Committee was unsuccessful. The House yesterday received proposals to: Double the present $1,200 biennial salary and five cents a mile travel allowance for legislators. This would change the constitution. Favorable action at the 1956 general election would be necessary. Change tax assessment times and procedures so that taxes would, be collected the same year assessments are made. As much as 21 months may elapse under present law. Provide for income tax exemp- tionsranging from $17,50 up to $35 or more—from the tax after it is computed on the basis of the taxpayer's gross income, rather than for exemptions on. income before the tax is computed as now. Require telephone companies to provide service on demand. •Prohibit the sale of fireworks, except for caps and cap pistols. In the Senate, a resolution ask- ng for a constitutional amendment to abolish the state Land development' Office was introduced. I Sen. Tom Allen of Brinkley, Sen. Gore (D-Tenn) said Eisen- sponsor, of the resolution, said he hower had let the TVA's budget be "prepared and submitted by enemies of the TVA." Sen. Magnuson ' (D-Wash) said the .administration was not recommending any new major project starts "at a time when our power needs years." are doubling every 10 sees no reason to continue the office since the state hasn't assessed a property tax since 1948. His proposal would turn over to the 75 county clerks the duties of the Land Office. If the resolution wins approval of both houses, it will be submitted to a vote of the people. Move to Oust Miss Lawson From AHC Claimed by Paper LITTLE ROCK (0—The Arkansas Democrat said today Dint a move was under way to remove Miss Willie Lawson of Little Rock from the State Highway Commission "because of her political activities last summer and fall." Qov. Orval Faubus declined comment. After a meeting between the Cold Weather Maneuvers Begin In Far North FAIRBANKS, Alaska W) - The last of 1,000 Alaska-based troops were .being airlifted to the remote Galena area on the Yukon Rive: today as the Army's giant cold weather maneuver Operation Snow bird rumbled into its first phase. In the role of "aggressors," the 1,000 men under Lt. .Col.' Howard W. Greer will establish a defense perimeter around Galena airfield to ward off an attack by the "friendly torces," paratroopers of the 503rd Airborne Infantry. The "aggressors" are dressed in the latest Army cold-weather clothing, designed to keep them warm at temperatures of 50 below or more. Nautilus Cruise Opens New Era GROTON, Conn. Ml—Man was a full day into the era of nuclear transportation today as the submarine Nautilus, first of n proposed fleet of seven atomic powered undersea craft, remained at sea on her history making builder's trials. A spokesman said these trials ./ere to last 36 hours, and the Nautilus was not expected to return to her berth at the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics Corp., here until "very late tonight." In man's first successful effort to tame the atom to provide transportation, the . $29,000,000 cigar- shaped giant eased smoothly from ler dock here late yesterday morning under clear skies. ST. JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN governor and the Highway Commission yesterday, a Joint statement expressing harmony between Faubus and the Commission was issued. The Democrat said that a source high in the Paubus administration said that "Faubus Is not behind the move to remove Miss Lawson, but her activities against him last summer and fall were such that he cannot defend her." The Democrat said that Its Information came from an "anti-administration member of the Legislature." The newspaper's source said that the ouster step Is being taken because Miss Lawson openly supported Democrat Pratt Bemmel against Faubus in the general election. Miss Lawson and the other three members of the present Commission were appointed by former Gov. Francis Cherry and Faubus by law cannot discharge them. A vacancy, left by the expiration of Dan Portis' term a few days ago, will be filled by a Faubus appoin- ee. Miss Lawson was present at the meeting between Faubus and the lighway commissioners yesterday. DYESS SCHOOL DISTRICT NUMBER 56 PROPOSED BUDGET OP EXPENDITURES TOGETHER WITH TAX LEVY FOR FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING JULY 1, 195G. TO AND INCLUDING JUNE 30, 1957. The Board of Directors of Dyess School District No. 56 of Missis- iippi County, Arkansas in compli- mce with the requirements of Act 403 of 1951 and of Amendment 40 the constitution of the State of Arkansas, have prepared, approv- ;d, and hereby make public the proposed budget of expenditures :ogether with the tax rate as folows: General Control, $2,500; Instruc- Jon, $52,000; Operation of School Buildings, SG.OOO; Maintenance of School Plant and Equipment, S800; \uxiliary Agencies (including ransportation), $6,500; Fixed Charges, $1,782; Capital Outlay, $6,- 904: Debt Service, M.SOJ. To provide for the foregoing pro. posed budget of expenditure! thi Board of Directors proposw * tix levy at 40 mills. This tax levy Includes the preient continuing levy for the retirement of present Indebtedness. GIVEN this 17th day of Juminry. 1055. BOARD OP DIRECTORS, Dyees School District No. M of Mississippi County, Arlctnsni A. O. McArthur, President Claude Jewell, Secretary MISSISSIPPI COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT NUMBER 5* PROPOSED BUDGET Or EXPENDITURES TOGETHER WITH TAX LEVY FOR PISCAt YEAR BEGINNING JULY 1, 19S8 TO AND ' INCLUDING JUNE 30 1857 The Board of Directors ot Mississippi County School District No. 55 of Mississippi County, Arkansas in compliance with the requirements of Act 406 ot 19S1 and Amendment 40 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansai, have prepared, approved, and hereby make public the proposed budget of expenditures together with the tax rate as follows: General Control, $500; Instruction, $14,000; Operation of School Buildings, $700; Maintenance of School Plant and Equipment, $750; Auxiliary Agencies (Including transportation), $1,800; Fixed Iharges, $500; Capital Outlay, $1. 000; Debt Services, $2,800. To provide for the foregoing pro- Dosed budget of expenditures the Board of Directors proposes a tax evy of 25 mills..This tax levy includes the present continuing levy for retirement of present indebtedness. .GIVEN this 17th day of January, 1955. BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Mississippi County School District 55 of Mississippi County, Arkansas . H. T. BONDS, President LEWIS BOND, Secretary "Oldat 40,50,60?" — Man, You're Crazy jrKct your RB«! Thousands wo poppy »t 70. fry "pupping up" with Qstrut. Contains tonic for weak, rundown fceliim duo aolcly to body'i act of iron which many men nnd women call "old." Try ostrci Tonic Tablets tor younfter fueling, pup, this very day. "Get »cqu»lnted" only Me. At til driiRRlsU. SEAT COVER SALE Fiber - $9.95 - Plastic - $13.95 (Price does not Include installation) Seat covers tailor made for all trucks &. cars GILBERT'S AUTO UPHOLSTERY Hiwav 61 N. Ph. 3-6742 The Studebaker-Packard Corporation presents — A medium-priced car for those who desire distinctive individualityl The /955 f I I $J(L&A- Built by Packard Craftsmen CLIPPER IS THE CAR THAT MAKES IT SMART TO BE DIFFERENT. Here's the car expressly designed to be distinctive in appearance as v)ell as in performance . . . the 1955 Clipper . . . every inch a . thoroughbred . . . precision - built by Packard Craftsmen to traditional Packard Standards of quality and good taste. If you hesitate to buy a medium-priced car because six months hence it will be "everybody's car" — the 1955 Clipper is for you! For in the Clipper you will find the individuality you seek . . . and to which you are entitled. 225 AND 245 HORSEPOWER V-8 ENGINES With the most powerful engines in its field, you will command more responsive power than is available in any other car in the medium-price range. Precision engineering made famous by Packard makes the new Clipper engines compact, quiet, efficient. TWO TRANSMISSIONS IN ONE Clipper's new Twin Ultramatic Transmission is actually two transmissions in one ... puts a choice of starts at your fingertips . . . lightning getaway . . . cruising glide. Teamed with the new Clipper V-8 engines, it provides outstanding gasoline economy. NEW GRACEFUL STYLING 1955 Clipper styling features distinctive sweeping lines. The luxurious interiors of the Custom, Super and DeLuxe models offer an unlimited choice of harmonious color combinations. The 1955 Clipper id distinguished in its timeless good taste . . . • it reflects the inimitable Packard touch! We invite you to come in and drive the 1955 Clipper today. Compare it with any car ... for appearance, for performance, for outstanding value. You'll agr«« that the 1955 Clipper gives you distinctive Individuality in the medium-prio* field! In|oy "TV MADE*'! DIGIST" - AIC-W N.lwc,k - Chilli TV liilinjf for lim. and .***«.. We Invite you to see and drive the 1955 today CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Srudebaker-Packard Dtaltr Phone 3-6888 , Railroad & Ash Streets

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