The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 15, 1918 · Page 19
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 19

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1918
Page 19
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PAGE FOUR. -fTTF, DAILY COTJRIEE,: CONNELLSVnJuJE.' PA, TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 1918. . . ·.- -- HETRT T. SHTDSB, "?'" Founder and Efiitor.-iS7J-1.9lt THE COLRIi-.Il Think .this over.. It may. be i long tme until you pay-your, mortal debt. There may.'be., long, hours of serious contemplation; when it is too la-te to make peace .with yfcur conscisnce; to satisfy your soul.. And no matter riovr long you may f . i . ^ · Preijidenfc ., JAS. J. DRJSCOi Seo'y and Treasurer. Bu»in« : JOHN L. OAKS, -. · Managing Editor. -' WALTBR S. STOnEBL. ; ' . .. City. Editor.... MISS LTXN"E B. KIN '-.' Society Editor. : - . . MEilBEK OF: - . · - : Appreciated Press. :·- Audit Boreaa of Circulation. |, P»n»sylvania Associated -DMtiM. . ,- " Two *iMintB per" copy, 6be per month: :I5 p«r -year oy mail 'il paid, to aitrwic*; t. Entered as second class matter at th« ;po»toOlce, Connellsville. Pa. ive you - can ' irrornfe, APB. it, »is. Ike WILLIAM P. SHERMAN. Hospital. Unit L, American Ei" perfifionary Forces. France. · RALPH F. SLIOER. -'Company-Hi 319th Infantry, ,U. 3. N. A.. V- Camp Lee. Petersburg. a. Mcmkcr *( Tfc* -**···'·*«·« ?«» The Associated- - Pr«»: 1« clusrrely M titled to ,the jme for- repoblication of all n«w» dis- patchea credited. ,to H. o* . .not othtnrlae credited ta-thto-»aper and *Uo'the local n«w» published her*ta. -»0 5OT BETOLT Prom tbe.{ knowledge .the people ol the United States baye gained of tii economic 'conditions in Germany, am the tremendous burden the war is imposing upon its people, we arc excited to- amazement that :the. subjects V 16 Kmiser do not "Vise ;in, reTOlV 4 -,"Wh'ea we realize the "extent, power and in fluence of the forces that have been iinployed for generations. to make the German point of . ., so different '. "get- away'.from" nmrseif; never' -. shaJce off memory; never satiate regrets and remorse. It will be impossible "to shake off the knowledge that you were a slacker. It*.will not'ie a pleasant thing-to i v e with," " " . · ' " , Don't take the chance. Buy a bond. What a splendid example of sound business lias TheV Aaron Corrvpa-ny. one of Connellsville'a leading enterprises. shown in-taking a total' of'$50.000 in Liberty ;Bonds, and-wtvt a magnificent lesson in patriotism has it displayed by donating the Interest derived from, this investment during 1 tne r' to"th* ;Red Cross and other -ar relief-as-encics; . -^ ^ . The Company G. knockers. If wine, will- lay their -little traramer* away so carefully as to Corset where thoy placed them- Plainly there are no hyphens among: die--Liberty B o n d ' b n y c r s of Connells- ^lle. The Hibernians. Italians, Slavish and others of foreigm birth parentage are Kubscrlbtng' just pj-aln American citizens, and patriots all. It's a safe gamble that the Elks' Efambol will bring- a sood bunch of dollars to the Red Cross treasury. Cheer, up while you are 'loosening up on tie Liberty Bond' proposition. frora our own, and to Instil in his subjects unquestioned loyalty and obedience-to the Kaiser, as a divine ruler we will he better able to understand . ^rhy revolution, has not already be- ;pme rife in the Fatherland. ^"That these things are bejojc laugh BOW evea more assiduously than in th* years preceding the war, and are Saving the effect of strengthening the people to resist revolutionary tendencies, illustrated by an address : recently given 'by one of.the most eminent Dreaehers of Berlin/ The occasion -was a mass meeting of "Loyal «d Patriotic -women," convened to ^iotest against "'.unrest in circles'*, and ''the re'vohittonaty spirit" and to affirm their loyalty to the Kaiser. The imperialistic pastor sav- igely.. charged his. hearers wiUi having jiermitted revolutionary sentiments to fill the heads of immature young men »d women, commanding them to obedience to the Kaise'rafter this fashion: '" *We must have order. Who la the ''preserver of order? He In -whose · ?name" ricbt ami" Justice ia decreed '3n the land--the Kaiser, arpoint- ^d by God. ruling, .oy divine riffht. "Order is God's will; it must be sub- imlttea to; disorder Is the devil's "work. There must be no tumper- ·"illiff -with the monarchical principle · 'in this staft. For us a monarchy , iis God's wilL From the point of view of the citizen of this world Tve recognize *in .our Kaiser the : representative of God on earth. '."We rally round him- We -will not "leave him in the lurch. In spite of all political false doctrine and · demagogic agitation we stand fast ··by the 'Kaiser. Saise your right . hands and swear unalterable ftdel- " ; Jty to our Kaiaer. /Keports of the gathering state that tottsands of · women, raiaedL.their .right hands in compliance with the speaX- er request,, and that the. enthusiasm iras' tre*wndrag.- : Continuing his address, Pastor Beyer- said: ; - · It is as God's representative that the Ks-toer tor us is sacred. It-is for him that we'sladly perform oar t ''duty. His .ii£fa -office calls forth , ^oar v«n^ration,'-"love "and ' obedl- -.ence, bur personal devotion and 'self-sacrifice: not-thie-'dOTotlon^of a·,-· "slave ~to 'a* tyrant, but ol tma . who ^voluntarily' s'ubmfts f to_the .drvin* 'order*'and-'appointment?-. - - ·· · - And? Hhould.'.. the,.ri£l^r'cbnuethed 'i« a wan He Wilhelm-.H. a man--- 'irh'o fof : thirtyVyears" Uai"impcessed * -Ms hiff and^nobie-coneeptiotr^of"- *dnty and rosponsiblfityj to'-Gml.'his' lexemplary domestic- life, his social . -care of his people. hjs uader.itand- "inffand Ms. deep sympathy with the ·sufferings and sorrows of the work- · 4nR classes, then our duty to wuch a ;niler becomes a deep affair of. our hearts, overmastering us, compcll- littff 'us as- ~a -GodTgtvin ln\pulse. ^A-nd in conclusion remember ·*thafon our Kaiser not one atom - of--rosponi?ibnuy..res^s., for . t h i s , ·year. It was not his wH 1 that there should -be ivar. How often · ., has he" declared this? How often has he not uttered his f erven L wish for peace? But the madness of our foes,, rejects peace-. Let us. how- · ever" be of good cheer, our Kaiser ; will bring us'peUc'e".' 'Over ths'hm-" tops Jn. J;he east the rosy dawn is · in-th*-^Keav«ns-^-Fhe coming- '»f our peace! our German peace. : When such perverted and untruth", ful statements and sentiments, uttered ; by a man. charged, .with-the sacred duty of preaching and .teaching Word of God, are received" by. the mothers of Germany with "treDvendous enthusiasmi" can we longer wonder that the reToluiionary spirit has not seized their misguided and deluded children? ; L0TAL TA1K. Don't talk unless your talking- is ol the loyal brand; the mildest Itind "'o: knocking- the people will not stand at. such a crucial season there is no sort oC reason, for even hinting- trea son, in freedonVs apangrled land.-- Sonr men, when tlnwas were, peaceful,'were prone to paw the air: they'd hand out a valiseful of words, nor 9wea.t a hair they'd roast; in langruasre thrilling-, the gents in congress milling 1 , -ind e'en the statesman filling the prrsidentra. chair; And now they still ar« nandin their ffuperheated stuff; it seems thej can't abandon this thing of dishinj, guff: there'll be an evolution of wrath and retribution to stop their elocution then they'll be still enough. The othc; night a fpieler was roused from hi: repose, and told, by vengeance dealer to rise and don his clot-hep; then hi was swiftly taken to woodluwn glad* foraafcen, and soaked, till he wa's achin' with whips and things, lijie those. Th' patriots had risen, since he had talke too far; and feathers then w«re h l all nicely mixed with tar; they use* him in this manner, then made th also mnner salute the nation's banner and kiss each stripe and star. Oh may you nerer suffer the agrony a.n pain endured by this fool duffer whi I was not s^ 6 or sane; If it is your am i-.HriT- ' bition to t h i n k and talk sedition labor yotfl , need a leftrned p b y s f c i a n to you -whole again. THROUGH THS TEARS TO" COMB. Doubtless you expect to live'for a good many years to come. Most people do. Few of us are planning for anything but a long life. Only those who may he headed for H|* the traches are^seriously considering the possibility of"' aa .early death. They are tMnJtiu^seriously «.t times, the Liberty Loan Commlttee'-renainds- us. : "" ^ - In the trenches we know t h a t death comes unannounced. He seeds warnings--gives- no daye of grace. He claims his own^iuickly. " But the man in the trenches knows that -when his call conies .he 1ms fulfilled U obligation--has plajed. out tb« gre*t«5t game of life.. '. " ;(But what of him wKo stays behind Edgar A. Guest. W A N T E D -- B O Y N I ) GIRLS OVBH C :*«ars of age. Paid while learning 1 * CON'NELLSVIIA.E SILK MILL, 12aprtfd BO1" OVER IS ·ears of age to learn job printing. In[Uira JOB DBPART1LENT, Courier, l ISapr-tf hereforo required to appear In the :ourt of Coiramon Plais of Fayette Coun- y. Pa., on the secbn'd 'Monday 'of May- if said Court, A. D. 1918,.to answer the ibel and complaint" 1 filed therein., and hoiv cause, i f : a n y ; y 6 u have, why a livorce from' t h e ' bonds of n m l r f m o n y ihonld not ba fronted the Hbellant above named: THOS. -L. HOVVARU, Shori. ;Slie'riff'3 Office, April 5,. 1318. · WANTED-^EXPBRT10NCED MAID. R**qrence required; good wages to ig-ht' party. Call 515 Loucks avenue, icottdale, Pa, . llaprU :--Millwrights and machine repair men. Plant located in a gowl City with . .nrst-class living- conditions. C," ?The Courier. 13 apr 6t WAXTED--OIRL FOR GENKRA1J iousework. good wapes. Apply H. L. CARPENTER.' 810 'South Plttabun? str,e«t.' . . ,lttprt(d · . FALSE TEETH. 5on't matter iC broken. !· pay .5^.00 to J15.00 per set. Send by parcel post and receive check bj* return mail. L. 3IAZER, 2007 South Fifth street. Philadelphia, Pa. Ilapr23t" WANTED--GIUL, FOR GENBRAJ lousework. "Wages $8.00, small f amir: no laundry work. 5719 MunhaJl Road. Pittsburg. phone Schenley 176S-.R. .16apr3t M r ANTED--POSITION IN" TAILOR Shop or Alteration Department.of store by an experienced lady. Address 116 South Proepecf street, Connellsville, Pa. · · · ifiaprlt "WANTED--ANT KIND OF PRU insr. whether It ts a calling c»rd. aale or , the finest engraved , weddin, invitation or announcement. We print anything--evorj-thlns---do it proractly and do it right. CaU the man at TU. COURIER office. Both phones, 27-t£ "WANTED.--Two gentleman between the age of 25 and'40'wlth a knowledge, of aaleswork to operate old est^bl^ routetf, guaranteed salary-, and commission. This In a good .position I not a: proposition for the righl man. CaJl 454 J. for appointment. ·-" · " " '. ;· 15 apr-3t FOR RENT--STORE' West Crawford avenu«. MARICLE. ROOM. 505 GEORGE A I2aprtfd FOR RENT -- FIVE ROOM FTJR n IB bed apturtment- inquire 611 Soutl Pittsburg street, second floor. 15ap-tCo jlJdTisT -aSQOH FOR · REHT---FURNISHED LIGHT jusekacrl-S rooms, 307 East Craw ford. llaprtftt FOR REXT--FRONT OFFICES ON second, floor of Dunn Evans build- Ing. Inquire of HARKY DONN. 8Jan-tfi FOR . RKJNT--.TWO OR THREE UN- fomisb«d rooms for lifcht housekeep ine. Centrally located. Addresn "ROOM," care Courier. I6apr2t FOR RENT--THREE FURNISHED or furnished rooms for light house feeeplne, four doors from Brlmtfion- Corner. Call Tri-State 173. 15apr3* Pur *·!«. : FOR SALE--ONE PONT, and butn-iry. JnQulre MR. S. C 15aprlt FOR SALE--GOOD HALL PUMP. OR compressor cheap. A. TAYLOR CO No. 311 South Broadway, Scotldal*, Pa lOaprSt FOR BALE--OFFICE DESK.. AND chair; also wwlnut extension table 511 South Pitts burff street, seconi floor. 16apr-tfd FOR SALE--GKOCERT AND MEAT 'market at invoice, or will' sell n x t u n separate. EinVAR-D BAER, 306 Eas Crawford arcttue. 12apr3t' IT'S GOT TO BE APRIL. It's got to be April before it is May, That's something- ma" father would frc quently say. With the rain peUin* down a.n' th air full o' -doom. He thought o' the time when the pop .pies would bloom. An' it s«ems to me now through moments o' dread. He saw but the ^splendor that waited j ah en d. | H e ' n e v e r believed in a permanent woe, Whatever his trouble ht knew it would go. An* this -was the lesson that from him I learned. The joy-that's worth while Is th-e Joy that Is earned. T^Jie view from tffe top of the hill is . sublime. . . But if you would see it you've first got to climb. The prizes-o' life never fall to the shirk. They go to the chap who is -willin' to work. The Fla-e of OUT Countrv was f l u n g ' to the sky An* kept there by men who were w i l l i n * to die, They stood ( t o disaster an 1 death's . , - . ·leaden .naln For'the'ftffKe of the eosul that they ,, wished^ to attain. "Aij* they didn't imagine they'd con- -qii»r the foe · 'B3'""nei'er once t«elin'- the'..force- of a · .- .blow/ - ' · --; ./. -;·; ;·; . Stand fast ' - t o ^:*Uie. - "j3tirpose! "Don't' FOR SALE--OXH 1914 OVERLAND touring- car, all sood tires; will sel cheap. · Address or call ALLEN SHAL LKNBERGER. Owensdalt, Pa. \ ISapr r Chas. "W. Baer, Attorney. JOE CSASZAK V.3. JTJLTA CSAS- A!R. In t h e - C o u r t of Common Pleas of Fayette county. Pa., No. 143 March Term. 1318. To Julia Csaszar, KBS- j o n d e n t . You are hereby n o t i f i e d t h a t he subpoena and alias subpoena in thta lase have been returned "Non oat in- :entU3," you ar therefore required to ippear in the Court of Common Pleas f Fayette county] Pa., on the second Monday of May ot said Court, A. ; D. j.918, to'answer .the l!be! and complaint filed therein', and jahow cuuso, I f - a n y ,'ou have, why a divorce from the obnds )f nratrimony should no^ be granted .he Hbellant ab-oyc named. .TH^OS. TJ. HOWARD, Sheriff. · Sheriff'a Offlce, April 5. 1918. !Capr4t-tuea ONE AT ONCE . LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE 1776 We Have urgan ·a »i » "O J! a Liberty Bond in 1---1917 Ford roadster,., run.' lefts than 3.000 miles, $360. 1--1514 · 7 paSHen^er uckard, J77B. 1--1516 5 passenger Ford, J375. 1--1914 Max-weH truck, $426. KEYSTOITE AUTO RKAIR. In rear of 611 West Crawford avenue, ,"\Vest Side, Connells- vllle. Pa. Auto Transfer All Kinds of Hauling. · Coal and Coke For Sale. Bell Phone 1016-R West Side Transfer Office at 1M South Fourth St, WEST SIDE. F. T. EVANS .ESTATE. BOTH PHONES. FOR SALK--CiSVEX PASSENGER Packard J S10 -model, in perfect condition. "Will demonstrate any time. E R. SiaUfJj!, Scottdalc. Phone l30-R. 16apr-tfd FOR SALE--ONE B-PIECE PARLOR M U i t e , one larsre porch swine* with cushion, one sideboard, one wardrobe, one orgtin. 313 South Eis-h^h street. West Side, Connelltfville, Pa. 16apr2t* FOR SALE-M3NE SHETLAND PONT,, broken for f n m i l y or mine use; one aevcn'paas'nc-cr Davis automobile: one flve pasaensrer Reo. Eargrains Cor quick buyers 1 .-. JOSEPH BOVE, .fimlthton. Pa. I6apr3teod J. N. Trump We believe that ev'ery man, woman and child Connellsville should own a Liberty Bond -- not merely one bond but as many bonds as they are able to buy. It is better to invest your money with Uncle Sam NOW, than let Germany take it away from you later. THE LIBERTY BOND CLUB makes the buying of a -bond a simple matter for everybody. We buy the bonds for you and you pay for them in easy weekly installments. $ 1 'down and $1 for 49 weeks pays for · a $50 Bond, s $2 down and $2 for 49 weeks pays for a $100 Bond. $5 down and $5 for 49 weeks 'pays, for a . ,, $250 Bond. $ 1 0 down and $ 1 0 for 49 weeks pays for. a .$500 Bond. Under this plan, even if you haven't saved a cent you can buy a bond. All you need to do is totake a dollar out of your next pay for the first installment and a dollar a week thereafter until the bond is paid for.' PATRIOTISM AND SELF PROTECTION Buying bonds just now is a patriotic duty. It is also a matter .of self-protection. Uncle Sam needs our help. It is our battle he is fighting. If we do not furnish the money he cannot win the war. Isn't it better to lend to Uncle Sam, at good interest rates, than pay Germany a huge indemnity? Because now an* then .there's a bend in the line; Some. dia,y In the future when war's flairs fwe furled "We*Il find a new beauty IB born to the world, TV«'re pledged in the strupgrle to · · something; -worth while, An" before ,we attain it our troubles will pile; -There are rough roads to travel, an' "" ""dangers ahead,"" "" ' · · " * An* sadly we'll read through the I tots of the dead. But cling ,to .your f,atfaV : "We shall conquer some day!. It's gpt to be April before it is May. -- .YOUR BAKBBRING- RJBNDUvE'a - -" · i tt WANTED--GIRLS FOR- ' FACTORY work. Apply TRI-STATE CANDY CO. - . ' -· --iaprtfd ".^WANTED.--Pour or fiv* r anuUl house at once. · room floor Tolephone 13 apr 4t ..WANTED -- SECOND HAND TTPE- ' writer. 9«-W, Call Bell 13-K, or' Tri-Stat* . WANTED--TWO SALESLADIES. AP- ply Ficks'" Stqre. Reference required. · BOYS over 16.'- Inquh-e B. O. Master Mechanic's Office. I C a p r S t ·WANTED--WORK AS CLEKK IN ·store.,. '-In . ;..CbnnellsvUle.'" ''.'Addreoa '·"CLERK," c*re" Courier, · - J5apr2t'-'. WANTHD-rgBCOND ' COOK. . $7.00 paft.'weck.v-CrjpPS' RESTAURANT, Water Btreet;' " llaprfit ' WANTED-i-DISBrWASHBR, WAGES JG.OO per. week. CUPPS- RESTAUR- AKT, W*ter street.^ llaprBt WANTED --.CHAMBERMAID ' .AT once: Wages fOQ' per -week. CUPPS* RESTAURjlNT; Water street. ... .. / :.-.. --·": . ^ ' . . - . -llaprSt LOST--STRAYED OR . STOLEN. From New Geneva,'white and yellow spotted fenrnle fox. hound. £5.00 reward for Information '· leading to its return. J. ;W. MOODY, RfipubHc. Pa, 16aprlt* Divorce Jfotlcca. · · M. J. LaponsKy, Attorney. GEORGE FERKXCY- VS. ANNIE Ferency. In the Court - o f . - Common Pleas of Fayctte county. Pa.. No, .'1K3, March Term. 1918. To A n n i e Kerency. Respondent: You are hereby notified that the subpoena and alias subpoena in this caso have been returned "Non cut tnventus," you are therefore required to appear in ihfe Court of Common Pleas of Fayctte county. Pa., on the second Monday of f M a y of said Court. A. D. 1918, to answer the libel and complaint filed therein, nnd show, if any. you have, lyhy a divorce from, tlie bonds of matrimony should not be ffrrunterl ihe libelbint above n;uned. THOMAS A HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Office.--April" 5, 191S. Wouldn't yon rather lend Uncle Sam yonr last dollar than pa f the Kaiser one cent? Of course you would, so -Come in today and enter your subscription for Liberty Bonds. First National Bank The Bank That Does Things For You. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. H. G. May,' Attorney/ HA212L GL.EN MORRIS VS. RALPH Emerson Morris, In the- Court ..of Common · Pleas o£ Fayette county, Pa., No. 32-1. December Term, 1317. To Ralph · -Emerson Morris, Respondent: ,You are hereby notified that the subpoena and alias subpoena jn this cuae have been returned "Non e^t invntu.V'- you are therefore required to appear hi the Court of Common Picas of Kiyctte county. Pa., on the second Monday of Mayot*BffTd:.VCourt,"^ 7 D. ,191'g; to ans-. wer the libe'Muid complaint -filed- therein, .and ahow cause..'if ; -any-you htuve, why a divorce from the'bori^s of patrimony should Hot be granted the libel- Ian t above-named. " THOMAS .JJl-HOW- ARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, April 8, 1918. · .' · . r , . . . , ; . . . RESTAURANT Cnder S'eiv Management. A Clean Quiet Place for Your Family to Eat. --o-- Let TJs'ICnoy,- What You .Want and How You Want It _^o-- GOOD SERVICE. Mrs. C. 3:- Armstrong, Frop. EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME. Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. · ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER. "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. , H. .G. May, Attorney. ,.. . CLARA MAY FIRST." XS:.- ±HCMAS .J. FIRST. In thp Court- of. Common | Pleas of Fayette county; Pa./. N6:-v'22J, March Term, 1918. To'.Thomci* J. First, Respondent: roil "are hereby ; notified that the subpoena and alia*'isubpbena in, this case have ben' returned "Npn 1 est · inventus," .you are therefore required to appear in .the Court .of-Com-: nion Pieafi of Fayette county,:'Pa., ..on the second Honday of May of said Court, A. D. 1918, to answer .the Jibe! and complaint filed .therein, and show Icause, if any you have, why a: divorce from the-, bnda ,of "not be gTantQiT gained. THOMAS iff. Sheriffs OOice, April 8. Ltrlnaony should llbellaat. '.above HOWARD, Shef- R. XL Carroll .Attorney. LAVA DA H S^irJOERT, ._VS. SAM-,, ( uel T. Swigert. In .the Court: of :Coni- mpn Pleas of. Fayette county. Pa.",.'No. 165, September Term, 1917. To Samuel T.' Swlgert, Respondent: You are hereby notified that the:subpoena and alias subpoena in this c'a»e'n.a.veV been '.returned "Xon est 1 iiivent^s,"i. you . are . - . . ."· It's-foptwear ; that :women. believe in, as we have for = 30 years, jJE .you buy''them. 1 'J,'.'··. ''..-"· ' '·- Everything new that's good' is he^e for your choos- ·ing. ^ - · , '. ' A ; . . . - . ? · ' , .'......'.' · " . · Black, White, Grey and Brown. ' Shoes^-Piimps--^Oxfords YOUGH TRUST COMPANY To wear Safety First Guaranteed Clothes, always Save the middleman's profit of ?8' . and make it your first payment on a Liberty Bond. Meyers Bros., Inc. Philadelphia, Pa. See . OUT /Special Representative at ^ Sample Room, Hotel Royal, week of April 15-20 from 7 P. M. to 11 p. M!

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