The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 28
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 28

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 28
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Page 28 article text (OCR)

BOOKED HIASELF A Ot HOME FROM THE OFFICE . PICNC WITH A PAL WKfO DRIVEN UP &f AJTOMOBLE Vfei, NOW THAT THE RIDES ASSURED, PESTB7TON SPENDS THE REST OF THE OAV TRYING TO 6CTIONZOTO GET 6CN6 9XCMWt BLONDIE et-xjai vv iiii'n if i ew. in n, tM-MSJZl- f -3n. tf UBsaii n,'ll',edwe BELVEDERE CBOT CluniMl 4 TBtRIDAY. AUOUtT 21 I 00 Holly wood and Um IIm 4 50 The 0bearver 7 00 News and Weather 7 13 Ottawa Edition 7 23 8 ports Report 7 30 Candid Camera I no Vacation Playhouse soErie sykei 00 Grindl ISO Democratic Convention' 11.00 Newe. Viewpoint 1120 Night Final I I 21 Sportstlme 1 1 as Gunamoka FRIDAY. AUGUIT 3 00 Feature Film 3 30 At tlx Ex 3 57 Aftarnoon Edition 4 DO BCMP 4 JO Vacation Time 530 Mr Piper I 00 Culilna r. I 30 Town Crlar 7.0 Nawa. Weather 7 13 Ottawa Edition r 7 23 Sporta Report 1.30 Sport Huddle 100 A Place for Everything1 ISO The Defender 9 30 Teleecope 10 00 The N urate for your ptctvra wtndewi" MARMADUKE I l .. ' . "Now tTri q picture . i i ,ii umiii ill 1 1 1 RtpXlRBY , . 1 MARK TRAIL .... , .,. V , ....... , . . .V ""that Wd rJTOaVHA0 "Sl ',. " TVt MAN'BAfO THIS rjuy ae 1 BXTt HCHt. AKH. I ; f Jf" "Si f TV I rra Sr S1 i "" -i ' A BMTAUCrr eaf2 IlK ' " '2LiI!Slfli -art JtH'i- V Slf VVSrX 'V 1 LARRY fiRANNON ' - 1 JUDGE FARKER T . . .1. ' tV rm laariatR 7uT Wf. PMTf.' T A TOIP a.' I Plt3 )Urr WMTT YOrj wTTH TO TDta? HrJaPt" Ik C- FeU-OM " TOS irTZ) Wavl C-T MKT! CT BaT TV4t -4rW - tTIP. TDPA' J lAtT rz. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 26 THEY'LL DO IT EVERYTIME Television By JIMMY HATLO Resterton 1 1 00 Nawa, Viewpoint II 0 Mini Final 1 1 17 Sporlatime 11.3d Channel rour riaynoua cjoh Chaanab IS and I THURSDAY, AUGIJIT 17 I 00 TV Bingo 6 30 The riinUtonaa 7.00 The Jack Benny Show 70 Newi. Weather -tkaaael II ealy 7 4 Football Comment 7 43 Football Forecast 100 Canadian Pro Football i Hamilton at Montreal) Channel only 7 40 to 10.30 Feature Ftlnu I. "Female Jungle" 3. "Ghoat Diver" 10 30 To Tell the Truth 1 1 00 CTV Nawa I IS Nlaht Beat Uoo Picture Pace 12.10 Bible Reedinge fribay- august tl 1 so Good Afternoon 1.40 Treaaure Trackdown "Whero There's Ufa" 2 10 Coffee Club 4 10 Plcturer'to-4.20 Nawa, Preview 4 30 Aik John 3 30 Danaer Man 4 00 TV BID go f 30 Rawhide 7 30T-Newe Weather It 3oi-Rleriard Boone Shaw (.30 Andy Griffith Show a on double Bill 1. "The Phoenix City Story 1 "Ton secret Affair 11 00 CTV National Nawa 11 IS Night Beat 11.30 Double Bill (Cont'd I 130 picture race 1 40 Bible Beading CBOFt Channel ' TBURIDAY. AUGUST t 7 00 Lf chevalier da ma non- route "Lea amenta" SO Telelournal t 43 Nouvellea loealea 53 Nouvellea sportive 7 0O Aulourd hul too Cinema de Paiia: "Ma petite tone" 1 10 Hollywood preeente: - "Le coura ou tempo" 10 30 Telejaurnal It 43 Dernier edition 10 30 Nouvellea eportlvee 11.00 Ralala d Europe: , "Htetotr da brlfuaa" ' FRIDAY. AUOUtt M t IT Prernler bulletla a ft I luie aeetreee: -La aacnt de 1( t oo Ulyaee at Oaear t 30 CF-RCK 00 Oenla la pftne xwetd: Radio THURSDAY, CBO 91KC t v Newar Tatu. . I SO Shakaepeara Survey ' 1M AU That Jaa too Alignment t SO Chlcho'a Plaa t oo Saundimi tt Dinwiratle foavftloal 11 JO Chaan ISJI-W"" ; CKPM 1440 KC ttn New: Talk " ') '-V 040 Primarily Muato (to ' . mMmghU . ; ; ' Nawa ,-.- 1SJJ0 Muaie Utt Daw ' V i CK0Y lSlt EC , I M Your World Teday -t to Nil Tlx tllll '. IIOS laouat PBTty. CBOF 1251 KC 4 45 La mad da it ekanaoa t 00 L'auberg 145 Entract 1 1 53 Nouvellee at aport t.00 Radio- journal 0 15 Lea ateneociaaaa dWyaat . 30 La revue de I Outaouate 7 00 Radio-Journal 7 13 Hebdo aporta I to La tempa de refrain FRIDAY, CBO 010 KC too Concert Tin 1.34 Ed MeCabe. Nawa: cocnmanlary 1 35 Bob OouhH Shew . 35 Concert Tim tot New - it miaaa ai dm aermne a as world n Entertaliunant 10.15 Bly and the Boy . lo t Nawa. Tana ii ".am. fl ttoa BSC Feewa I1SI Farm Broedeee. 1 0 New Waeakar I 15 Tommy Hunter Show 1 45 Raadlnaa treen Claattct 3 03 Matuw 3 0 June ant) Banal I SO Meet afueae aa Nawa 1 15 MkCt atuat t ot Newaj Talk! ) , 1 4S Ita Tour City 1 no Con treat in Veriety 0 peler Torae aauaui .00 Aaatgnmeat 1.20 ON Baal 1 30 Reeerve lay Miiatt t oo Eaay ta Remember 30 Chamber Muakt 100 Nawa: Talk 10 3o Itumraer Stat II 30 It Men aTwangins 1100 New , lj.07 Word and lb ltl CKFH 19 l.v aVJt. . t0 Maw. 1 ao Ottawa Today II 00 Muakt la Renaarebar It 00 New: Talk! 1 oo Muaie ir unawa t oo New: MuaM :, t.00 Ottawa Today 1.40 Primarily Mual t Idnlght) ' CKOY Ull KC too Vlk A raven Show 10.01 BUi La Show . r.e. , .... 12 45 Tad Dalfla anow - . 403 Buah Hour i evnat'e ta taarl I 3 Nit Time 11.10 Eleventh Hour - CBOF My r a.m. I OS La trill l evellle SOI A tiar divert at data t oo Radio-Journal 1 03 Bapo vartetaa a 11 Partaaa da JOUT 10 30 Plata aoleU ia 3e Paueernetrn - II II Mart Telller. II IS via mm ten ii m i aa anveira i 1212 J IMS Lee v leasee da l'amour .t Its L reveil rural 00 Radio-Journal 10 Nouveila da sport . 1 It Lettr una Canaateano BaaiOXis,j0.i O t '"Denle at to eh Ian" 10 Telejaurnal 4 43 Nouvallea locaiee 33 Nouvellea anortlvea T 00 Aulourdhul I SO A i'Exp t od Fenetre aur arena: 'Madame aana fan I II Sana caremonie 30 Ctnama International; "Cocaxna" . . . 10.11 petntrea d eujourdniu 10 30 Telelournal 10 45 Demlere edition Id 30 Nouvellea eportlvee 1 1 OA rinjmi: ia arancaiee e. ' CH0V PEMBROKE -TBURIBAY, AUGUST 27 t 30 Sportaview , g to Weatherman t 43 Ballave It or Not 1st Newadeak 7 00 Combat 100 Vacation PUyhouaa tso Eric tykee 1 00 Grindl a jo Miuic stand SO Democratic Convention 1 1 00 CBC TV rewa 11 13 Nawa ano aporia 11.22 Turtle Sweepstake "HI Majerty OKaeff Starring Burt Lancaster and Joan It Ice .. .. ' FRIDAY. AUOUtT 21 3 00 PM Patio t it Turtle Swaapatakaa "HI Majeaty O'Kaafa" . 4 00 RCtdF 4 30 Vacation Tim 30 Mr. Piper , 0 00 TV Blnto d SO Sportavlew t 40 Weatherman 4 45 Believe It or Net 0 30 Newadeak 100 Laurel and Hardy 130 TBA . . too A Plao ar Everythln t SO The Defender 30 Teleecope 10.00 The Eleventh Hour 11.00 CBC TV New 11 It Newt and Sporta 11 .37 Turtle twaepetakee -Boy From Oklahoma" ' Starring Will Bocar Jr. ai Nancy Olaon. WCNY CARTHAGE TBURIDAY. AUOUtT tl 100 The Deputy 7 30 Democratic Con veal non uoo Local Newt 11.10 Lai t porta 11 IS New, weather 11 FRIDAY. AUOUtt 1 00 North Country Sportamaai 7 so The Great Adventure -t SO Premiere Theatre ;riarry Black and the Ttgar' 1030 World Oo Championahip 11.00 Local New. Sporta 11 15 Bob Young Naw. Weather L1J0 The Lte Un W I Fir" AUGUST tt eleaaMun franca ta I SO Concert populalra de Winnipeg 00 Itedtal d'orgu a an Plac oublkiuf 10.00 Trent minute d'lnformetlona 10 30 Ca ueltoot 1 1 oo-O rnenaongea d'Ulyaaf 111 5 Rend-voua a r opera 13 01 nacun ewe w- 1 a pjaoie-jwea CFRA 580 KC 4 a BbaarbUI a IB Jan Bra it at tU Dwa - : CFMO FM 03.0 Mec. Melody reer -LitU CawLart .Btarllatlt I CKCH V19 KC 1 00 Chaaelet 1X0 Ftaata ';'... .St Club tit CJET 30 KC 00 Supper limial 1.30 Back to the lbl , ao Aaalgnment ISO Chlcha- Plaa 00 founding i AUGUST TA 1 30 A travel la liana tot Varlete Intematlonalea 3 30 Lee cmrta-d eaavra a ai mualaju 1 00 Radio-journal 4 01 L compaoir aw anma 4.JO da Ja 4 45 La gran and a ia cl too L'auberg S 45 En tr acta 35 Nouvallea u a na keiiui liwirnal 1 15 Lea aaenaonga d'Ulyaa I SO A la ettanoeila T IS Capital at travail ' 130 Tout ta gam me t oo Orcliaatii da ehambra de Vancouver t oo Mubhju de ehambra t 30 Le boa uaage du mend 10 00 Ti ml minute d'mforvoatkea . 130 CoquaUcot 11.00 La iMiiaonga d" Ulyaee 1115 Rendee veue a raaara 12 0 Radio-Journal It OS Chacon ana foul t.00 Radk-ornal ' CFRA 5S0 KC SOS gaa Oreat t ot Lea W Sfcaw FJa. II 11 nrweari 13 Se Happy las What's the txaaref 1 to Campua Club t tt Jo Brown thaw Must Till Dawn CFMO FM 919 Meg. - It 3iatan. too Potpourri HOC Morning Concert. tJt. l it Ooldatt Century ml Must 1 1 Male Fair, too utile Concert t it Coneert HaD V. CKCH 070 KC Sj. Set la Petite Maths WIHIY ONE "'- THURSDAT, AUGUST 37, im ' MILLION FLOOR Ecorior.iv floor covEniriG ltd: 71 2 SOMERSET W. wo r asrotato., 236-0821 OUR PRICES WILL f LOOR YOU EASYCREDIT TERMS OPEN FRIDAY. tg IAN0Y GARDINER Exhtuiting . snd tnipiring iumi up Isit night's "Csmtrs Wat" locut on tht "Fountain of Youth" and tht 10th cn-tury approach to keeping fit. What madt this progrsm to-tereiting in tht first plac wai tht outstanding camera work and smooth flowing narration from William McCarthy, who wai also responsible for dong the research. Shots of bikini clad beauties and muscle bound men introduced the show which sought to pinpoint the physical weaknesses in today's Canadians and to Inform viewers on ways to correct them. Automation, according to the narrator, was to blame for esxess fat and lack of exercise. So "Camera West" viiit-ed the Ptlm Spring! Health Spa in Vancouver' which, in an atmosphere of luxury, worki on the theory that any thing automation can do to ruin the body, automation can undo. At the health chib people of all agei, ihapei and lizei engage in t variety of treatments by machines designed to restore them to full fitness with the' minimum effort on the client's behalf. Male and female Instructor! operate the health resort along the tines of1 a sort of physical hospital. After the different treatmenti have been prescribed and carried out, then follows the iteam bath, sun ray and swim sessions to aid the loosening up. Every time a client visits the spa his or her treatment record is taken from the files and used as a basis for next exercise. . It wai fun to watch tht ma chines going to work on them misshapen bodies while their owners either sat back, lay back or stood back calmly chatting to other club mem- ben. It wai enlightening to see Just how much the machine could do for tho body. My only complaint it a small but important one. No explanation wai given ai ta the cost in Canada for plush health con ditioning at tho. Vancouver a. ' However tho program cer tainly madt me sit down and think about getting up and taking a keep fit course. But to rephrase a Charles Atlat lint at a warning to othert "You too. can have body Ilka mine if you're not careful." BETWEEN THE LINES: Anthony Quayle It the guest ttar on CBC't "EapioTuire" Wednesday. Sept. . . . Bobby Hull and Rust Jackson will be featured on CBC a week on Saturday and Sunday. Jackson it sm - on Sept. S with Black Hawk Hull on a "World of Sport special the following afternoon . . . Anthony Franciosa gets a top spot tn a forthcoming Greatest Show on Earth" segment . . . Richard Boone making a strong comeback in the iraovie line after the unbelievable happened to hit outstanding drama tertei tnd it wai dropped by ttt U.S. tvetwork ... A program devtied by the BBC and 10 OS Si la aha neon avetat coatee P.M. 2.00 Merle du jour 3 00 A votre ehetx 4 to Palmare t 70 Crwpeiet 1.30 Float 1 04 Ctak 17 - CJET 1 00 The AM Show I oo News I. 5 Preview Commentary 100 Cauktyl Capr I a, II -Leeds County Naw II. 43 Perth Nawa 1100 Country ttyl 1 1 .33 KaaaptvllleNew lltl Para Market It St New 1 01 Trans Canada Matlae t so Country Caravaa 4.10 Tvea Seat i. i 4 03 Canadian Roundup , 1J Back ta the BiMe 1 00 AMlenjnent . . 121 Beamed tar Mual I on Easy so Remember tso Sit Back aa He lea ta on News: Talk 10 Jt Night Flight S3 l?AV MORE? - . snowing a fantastic reconstruction of the Battle of Agincourt where the pride of Franca't militia wai routed by an ex hausted army from England, will be shown on the CBC network on Sunday, Sept. I. Thii show was praised to the heavens in the UK and if the advance publicity it aa indication then this ii a program to watch . . . Ben Casey's new series Harts on Friday, Sept. II with guest start Margaret Leighton and Stella Steven . . . Inspector Ms if ret will step out of hit roll and appear in "Myitery Theatre" on Thursday. Sept. 10. Rupert Davies will co - star with Robert Urquhart in "Danger Tomorrow." "au Hull Hunters Lectured On Safety Hunten from Hull were given tips on how to avoid wasting lives their own at well at game dumg a lecture Wed nesday night. More tips on how to hunt and how to handle a gua art being given today in a mobile clinic sent out by the Quebec Tourism and Fish and Game Depart ment. The trailer is set up at the Wilson's Comer rifle range operated by the Hull Association of Anglers and Hunters. Security officer Maurice La-vieucur is in charie of the mo--v bile hunting safety clinic and was speaker at last night's illu strated lecture at the Ottawa House Hotel in Hull. Mr. Lavigueur was invited to Hull by hunting association president Robert Maroit. Ht trailer it equipped to test and adlust firearms. Regional Game Warden AI- dege Godmairo said he hoped ; the aafety examinations and lec tures would help cut down on . the "deplorable" number of hunting accidents. St. Patrick's Names Three New Teachers Thro appointmenu to the . teaching sLaff of SL Patrick College were announced today by the Dean, Rev. H. A. Mac Duugail. Daniel C. Lyne, who served at vice-consul for tht Irish Legation in Chicago between 1933 and 1937 and briefly in tho Irish Embassy in Ottawa in 1937. will join tht History De partment. Angelo P. Mella, who studied at the University of Alberta and at St. Louis University M Missouri, will Join tho Mathe matics Department. Zennon W. Sametz, who foini the part-tims tuff In the Sociology Department, will teach a course in Social Dis organization and Deviance. Mr. Sametz is now director -of re search. Economic and Social Research Diviiion, with tht Citizenship Department DONATES SHOTGUNS OKLAHOMA CITY (APV-Miss Lottie Shepherd, . read that Oklahoma city police department wai short on funds and needed an additional Ji shotguns. She donated II.7M Wtdntlday and explained: "We're getting to be tuch a big town. We're getting to the point where we've got to be taken care of." i - SAVINGS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS IN OUR SUMMER SALE IHi Weniitftm St. w. IMOP BOUT'S FRIDAY TO TILES EASY CREDIT -c. TERMS Otsty t.M mkr will uy rmr tw 1 1 r Btftatiaag. ftttV 4 WHOLESALE PRICES SEE OUR WIDE SELECTION OF CARPETS AT HUCE DISCOUNT PRICES TILL 9 P.M. WE DELIVER COAST TO COAST

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