The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 15, 1918 · Page 18
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1918
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

6r 191S. -fHE DAILY COURIER, CUNNEL.LSVIU.E. PA. n · /in ipfi'i'" rt ft nvpup SAGE TEA DARKENS Annual Report of the Steel Workers' Beneficial Bod; Submitted. · DEATH BBIEFiTS, 1917, $4,050 ;-' Chuta L, ttnft, Head *f tke Assad- ·tiM J.i OTCT a» Tern, is Prest.t- ' ed WKk Gold Wkek *r His r«rmer ' Otter Ere*** of Day. Special to Th. .Covrlcr 3COTTDAIJE, April 16, 1918.--A ·meeting of the Scottdale Iron and - j Steel Workers ' Benefit association WM held in tee Odd Fellows' hall Sat- ; unlay evening, at which time all of the i 1917 bustoesa was completed. The annual report of the -secretary and ; treasurer was read and was as tol- Itxws ·Here'j an Old-Time Recipe ;TiiiitA»ibody Can Apply. The use of Sage'and Sulphur tor restoring faded, gray hair, to its natural color dates back to grandmother^ time.--She'used it;io keep her -hair beautifully dark, glossy and attractive. Wbenfever'.her hair took on that dull, taded" : or-streaked appearance, this' simple-mixture was 1 applied; viti wonderful 'effect . · · · _'··· · · · . : "But brewing'at home is mussy. and out-of-date. Nowadays, by-asking at any drug store tor a bottle of ;"Wyeth's Sage and' Sulphur Compound," 7011 irill get this famous, old preparation, 1 improved by the addition of'otiier ingredients,, which can'be depended upon to · restore natural color : and beauty- to the h'air, ; A well-known downtown druggist says it.darkens the hair so naturally and evenly that nobody "can tell it has been applied, simply dampen a Receipts--Balance 1916, $1.49; cash from, members, $14,343.50; interest, i»i02.78; total. $14,447.77. : Disbursements--Death benefits, ?4,-KO;- sick benefits, |2,0«6; record book, 112.45; bond o/,treasnrer, JS; flowers, $36.60; hall rent, $12; salaries, J200; dividends paid during the year, $324.70; regular dividends, J7.717.40; cash" on hand, J24.53. . Keserve Iiind^-Receipts: Balance, 19-16. I3.S09.73; interest, J15S.88; making total $3,963.61; cash on hand. Special^ fund^-Receipts: Balance, 1916, J160; interest, J6.46;' total cash on hand, J16.46. '· The report was turned in by the au- 'ditors, H. C. Stevens, P". J. O'Connor and Leroy Baker. The officers elected for 3918 are as follows: President, Ralph W. Stoner; vice president, George H. Lockard; · secretary, Walter B. Mull; 'treasurer, R. P. Percy; directors, George B. Jlel- linger. John H. Miller, George -K. Ren's l»y, John J. Pinnerty, 3. T. Handle, R. H. .Camlin and "»". C. Kelley. Chair- "inan Stoner appointed tho following members to act on the membership committee: I. R. Rollin^on. F. B. -Tedroir, .Sr., J. G. Black. B. F. Gaus, W. B. Rush, B S.'-Baldwin and i. TV. Keinbrook, J.ust the. close of. the meeting word, was sent for Charles L. Graft, the former president of the association, that his presence was de- -^stred. Mr. Graft concluded that some minor, details ia. conecUon wiLt. the vrindup of the year's business deorind- od his attention, and in accordance ^with his life-long practice, of be'ng . 'punctual, lost no time in reporting to -... the meeting.. After the usual greet^ ing by the chairman, Mr. Stoner,. J. .' O'Connor, a .life-long member" of .the .--'; asoclation, -approached .Mrl "Graft -and'".- in a speech befitting toe occasion, pre.-' sented to Mr. Graft in behalf of the '-. association a gold watch and r -cbain '' suitably inscribed.. -Among. ..-ether V things, Mr. O'Connor told how Hr. ·;; Graft had faithful!}- served tae asso- ~ elation, as president for over 20 con- II secuttve years: and had failed to ap- ·' pear/at, but one meeting during that ; Ions period, and that his, absence at ;,' the meeting referred to was the result · ol. either serious illness or death in «j) the family, and.that it was rigat aad ; proper that Mr.-Graft should have '-' some token by -which he could in the. 'years to -come remember, those "with ; whom he had been so closely associat- ..'· ed.. After Mr. Graft .h.'id recovered . f r o m his surprise bo thanked the a»- J sqciation for its v«ry kind remem- ;'; brance and explained ho* very-much i he had enjoyed his work. . UL Charles L.'.Graft retired from.the J; mill.' business at the _clos .of 1,917 'in · order that be might hare more tune ; to look after his outside interests, and ; bjr severing his connection with, the / local plants of the American Sheet £ ,' Tin Plate company he automatically-!' 3, ceased fo b'e a member of the Bene- · ficial asoclation. Y-' Ho«se for Sal*. '; FOR SAliE -- Brick io^ae. .paved '... street, bath, heater, gas, electricity; '· bargain. Boi 471 Scottda.le. 15apr-3t Birtkd«y Soda! The ladies of the W. C. T. U. held a birthday social in the Odd Fellows' Sail last evening. An entertainment . was given by the 9nre,t family and music was given tjr Margaret Krits'ch- J gau's orchestra. . . . . . ' Jacob Hakn. Jacob Hahn. aged. 72 years, is dead at his Ruffsdale home; Funeral'sery-. ices -were held'-at 1.30 o'clock- today . and interment lolloweij ;in the-Huft- · maun cemetery..- -Rev. R.- L; Leather- ; man of Sit. Pleasant; hid charge of '] the runeral.:··-·: ·- * :··-, · - . · · · 7 " .-. ; Make Tour Ikollars D» Dvafele Dmty. We specialize in sample, suits, coats, dresses and particularly sample hats *' lot both -women and children; You .'safe eiWMgh by vlsiOjiK the BrosdTPay 'i Ladies' Store,, taking advantage ci'the- · bargains offered to' s*ve 'enoiagh to pay for that Liberty Bond.--Adv.-- ·,16-lt ; sponge o r soft brush with it and .draw this, through .your, harr, taking 'one strand, at. a time.. By morning* the gray .hair disappears, and- after- another application or two. *!t becomes' beaotlfully dark and glossy. Wyeth's-Sage and Sulphnr Compound is a delightful toilet requisite for those who desire a -more youthful appearance. It !s not intended for the cure, mitigation or prevention of disease. -- Adv; ,Card of.Thanks. Mr. : and -Mrs; G.. S; Enos desire to thank all those who so kindly assisted them in their late bereavement, tue death of their son, Sherrick Pantall Enos. Especially thank the boys at Adv. do they wish to the cigar store.-- Cuticnra Healed Skin Trouble Ca«sed.iy Rash.' Itcfiicrf Diearf- · fwlly. Sin Red aod Scaly. Became Almost Unbearable^ Arrcs," Limbs, Cbest and Face " Affected. Used'J Cafce Soap " and J Box Ointment , ".I had a peculiar «tin trouble. It wss caused by a rash which itched so dreadfully that I scratched so hard at times it would bleed. The sicin was red and scaly, and if my clothes touched it, the" eruption became almost unbearable. My armSp.Iimba, cheat, and .face were affected. _; ,, ."-""My sister told me about Cutfcura · "Soap and Ointment, and now I am healed by using one cake of Coticum Soap and one box of Ointment." (Signed) Edward Fritz, 2320 N. Fifth . St., Philadelphia, Pa., June 30, 1917. Yon noay ihint that because CutJcura does such wonderful work in soothing " and healing severe itching and "bum- ing eczemas it is not adapted to the gentle uses of the toilet. On the contrary, that is just-where it is most effective in preventing these serious ..J skin troubles. --' - - Smmpl* Ech Fr«. by M.U. Address poct- ' card: "Oticnr..D«pr. H.R, Q ." Sold .- everywhere. Soap^c,- OinErwnt 25 and SOc. Mrs. John Eckman is visiting Cou- nellsnlle friends. Miss,Ruth Hutchinson of Mt: Pleas.- ant, spent Sunday at the home of her -parents. - - ' ' . ,Miss Anna Weinman spent Sunday calling on Greensburg^-friettds. · ·:··· ;' adbart Betyfllirvbj^lPei'f""'"''"' "gone^to Norfolk, Va.,'.to join^the.-nary. ·f Mi-: ? an'd'Mrs.' P. -J. Brennen re-~ j.-turned on^Saturday from .a visit to SUIT NEW BUT MLEINSHOE Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoes Spoil Fine Dress and Good Looks ; PEOELE NEGLIGENT IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreco Tooth Paste Power.. ful To Saw the Teeth and Prevent Diseases /·AH'drama up irlth a hoU'tn hH h9%**^-waa a ^ilt of aarcaam 'a ffljrl lUBV at.'a youac* nan (ri«*d whof* *a- tlf^nntflt waa- B«W axc«pt bl puna-' tend' aOM. Blcbt ·nouih, too. 1 BitheVjto man 'or -woman'a ehab^r patr ould apoll ^thft -appearanc* Kt ·iecaiit · Mlss.irargueriie Kennedy spent yesterday in Plttsbiirg. Buy a I.iterty Bond v^^ · _^-cCiU^AIi5 IM alcerbj FN tNMIS «· MUS Calcium componnd 'a . ribont .the tteth?-.Drees In all «T. yoa pleue. If you open yottr _^ ,J«xpO»lnK a a«caje4 »«t of teath, rw^ttr»ctlTenM.fl anda rlffht there. i' -a - bole in tb» «ho» /or you. both to man and mna*a. Glrifl^ and yoiinr iben. you *°"» hatf the.admlration.whlch,would b« directed toward'you U you have bad teeth. '" Ton"" '^ean't " be!7 plMuiinc -with * 'nouthfvl of decay. Toil can't - fee : healthy :eitber. The condition oT'.ttaa teeth a telUnj: Jn- flueaca on other organ B of tho body, iSia-teeth affect the InteoUnes, stom- , *cft. hwrt. and aven.tiia eyes. M«di- ·'Cal'Klence'-fihotTfl- tbat bad teeth pro- ··'duca unhealthy cojicltiona ail over the ttody. · ; "Wita Senraco Tooth Pa«te at your teervJce--o scientifically propared pre- ;v«iitlv« o£ I 1 yorrhoa--there no na«d l !0l fa^Uns- a prey to -the«e: 'Ula. No aieed of ha.vina- a mouthful of decayed [teeth. "Used roiriiarly on a »et of jpHXl t»eth the. deadly gttrma have little .'Shane*, to enter, II .thoy-ahoald enter ·fthsy can't exist Ions under .Its thor- ^ [oionnaer - and - preventive · of · OljeasB .lAdvaaced coses, should b« treated by Use Senreco Tooth Paste as a pre- jTentativ*. ~*Aak your dentist U you ·*hpuld cot pay all attention "to your toeth. Of course' we won't «ay our ?ooth P'ate "Will cure Pyorrbca.' Jf Vou alrttady have It, -your" dentlit . '03 ."· .the ' doctor. Even v if yvu. are ^·AUetttd \rith htB terrible- dlveaae fiftn-- ireco Tooth Paste will help you to fet Irld of It. trlth your .duntlat'a. aa»i*t- jajice. But w» 'don't nwjit you to con.- nract 'cijy' clinical of th* month and Ueeth, nor doaa your deatal doctor. A preventive !· Jar better'than to htvo to co thnmsti the trial* of a cure. Savo your te*th by Senreoo Tooth JPm*to and tbe probability 1* that you rvon't have to teal frith Jotil an4 patn-; iui dteeaacn. 3y tattnar oxoeUaat care, A' tonle-Mi«t«. _ - ,, «)t6out h.TMfl-or a»Wt-KTMl«t dn.ts. , heart and oyo , «eantk« to lct* th« UetH do it with Ssnrecc Tooth -th.» latest dJMOvery of Aental S!MEQlt,oJr3«ar*co fre* If you * ft«r»o-Too£h Pa^u, Cioctn- v.l_ f .;, .... . . -. ... . · . --· Connellsville's Reliable Homefumishers Since 1891. Reputation Established is a Future Guarantee To have served a buying community for 27 successive years is an achievement that ·¥*· are mighty proud of. : And we dnre not jeopurdr/e this priceless asset--our good reputation--for n mere trnn.sitor.r profit. That's ivhj ire dare not offer you merchandise of n questionable qnality --that's why vre dare not misrepresent our goods or our en-. dorsemcnts. And that's why every statement in'un Aaran adTertise- ment can he relied vpou--every nrticJe that is pictured is an exact reproduction of ths :mcrciiandise as it appears on our Floors. ' Theret v T, when bnyins Furniture. Rags, Carpets, Stoves or Kousefurnishings of any kind, always remember that reputntion is th? safeguard of your jntcrcsts at all times. Convenient Credit, If Desired. TMs Four- Piece Adam Bed Room Suite,, Finished in Beautiful Ivory All tour pieces exactly as pictured. The .Loilet table has lar^e (riplicale mirror- measuring- 22ll2 anrt 20x6; while that of the dresser is 30x24. This suite is made from the finest selected woods and the . cabinet work is perfect. An unusual value at the price we ar..- quoting. Buy a Bond Today! It's the safest, soundest investment there is -- as strong as the Government that stands back of it. This Genuine Kroehler Kodav Including Table. Special at···"··;- Suite ,OO This unusual combination includes one of the new model Kroehler Kodavs. a Chair, Roclicr and Table^giving you a-complete suite for the living-room. Each piece is of very miissive confitruciion. built for substantial comfort and finished in a durable fumed oak. The Kodav gives you a.fine appearing piece of, living-room furniture by day and a complete bed by night. AVHITTALL RiJGS T}u?u Gjrow Old Your New Floor Coverings Buy them now at Aaron's where you have the largest variety oi siyles .and patterns to choose from--where you get advantage o{ the }QVT prices made possible by our immense fotir-fltore buying power. All Rugs, Carpets and Linoleums laid by experts free of charge--insuring you complete satisfaction. Exclusive Agents for the famous Whittall Bugs. Let Us Demonstrate the Hoosier'to You! ; Let us show you why over a million housewives have cnosen the Hoosier over all Qther makes ot Kitchen Cabinets. Men use labor-saving devices whenever possible--in factories, offices and on farms. And you're entitled to the same conveniences w lessen your ·work in the kitchen. Don't let another day pass--it means hours and hours of extra work for you to go ou as you are now. Come in whether you intend, to buy or not. Prices low as $26.50 Upw. Warm Spring Days Means a Daily Airing For the Baby Because Uie Baby needs the warm bracing air ol! tlie outdoors to put roses in tiny cheeks--a'carriage is necessary for tile daily outing. ·Our display of genuine rcert carriages in -all the new shapes and in delicate colors with cushions to match is complete. Wheels have generous sized tires made'of live rubber that will last for years. -Nfany noveliand practical featnres are embodied in these carriages--reversible bodies, ball-bearing wheels, adjustable backs, etc.; that make them more coavcnient and useful. Be sure to see the genuine Reed Carriages we're.offering at $24.75 Here is a Very Special Value! : x $3.95 This Geimine Kaltex Ivory Kocfcer This Rocker- is very substantially built and is suitable for the Bedroom, Sun Parlor or-Porch'.' Finished in a beautiful Ivory, Can be washed with soap and water without hurting the finish. : .A regular ?S.O(? value--which again demonstrates the value-giving made possible by the large four-store Aaron huying-power. The Leonard Refrigerator Will Save Food to Help Win the War · The only way to Keep food from spoiling during hot wea;hcr is to provide, an ampJo circulation'of cold, dry air. . Leonard Cl'eaoable Rpfrlgeraiors are .*c.ent.ficalJj- designed m COTJ- form to the principle of refrigeration, providing a constant circulation thai keens a] I-foods fresh, pure and s^vptst. And they're very easy. 16 keep clean. t . " The'Leonard Cleanahic Refrlgeraior will not only lielp you save food but it. will cut down youv ice bill. Our stock is complete--prices range uptvards 'from as low as $8.50 *3HF/» YOUK SHOES NfAT For Otdy $80 POPLAR GROVE

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