Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 27, 1975 · Page 49
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 49

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1975
Page 49
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12D --Julv27,1975 Sunday Go*»tte-Maif · cw*i«». **y vv$^» Western Ranch Sprawl Enhances This House By Andy Lang The Atiociated Preti This house has a long frontage, giving it a western ranch sprawl, but it's actually a modest structure suitable for a family requiring three bedrooms. By restricting the width of the house, so that it does not go deep into the property, architect Rudloph A. Matern has held the square footage of the habitable area to less than 1500. This, plus the fact that the design is simple, with straightforward construction, keeps it within reach of those who are budget-conscious. Yet it has pleasing lines that would fit well in any neighborhood. An example of this is the way the timber-supported roof over the front porch, an extension of the main roof, has its corners clipped off for added interest. * * * THE FRONT door leads into an 11-foot- wide foyer with a large guest closet. To the right are the service facilities, to the rear the living area and to the left the sleeping wing. This provides a good circulation pattern. The family-kitchen spans 23 feet and is located in the front of the house. Three windows overlook the front lawn; one is extra large. The cabinets and appliances line up on either side of the aisle-type kitchen. At the right end a laundry niche is directly at the service entrance. Across the way a lavatory is convenient to the outdoors, kitchen and garage. * * * LIVING AND dining is a two-space com- bination stretching 31 feet. It presents a very spacious feeling for a home of this size. A wide chimney block houses a log- burning fireplace in the living portion and is framed by wood timbers. Directly opposite the fireplace, a window brings the rear lawn view indoors. In the dining area two French doors allow access to the rear porch. The rear porch is an expansive 30 feet long, with smaller extensions going on for another 24 feet to service the garage and bedroom 2. Three bedrooms are shown and may be built this way, but if only two bedrooms are needed, one could be a study with its own door to the porch, with its own door to the porch. Another possibility is that the rear bedrooms could be made one large one by not building the center partition, creating a master suite. There is a four-fixture bath off the bedroom hall. A towel cabinet is also included. The oversized two-car garage has storage shelves and a work bench along the entire front wall. A dormer window provides natural light to the bench. A 14-foot bank of closets lines the house wall. STUDY PLAN COUPON You can get a study plan for The House of the Week by sending this coupon and $1 to House Plans. Sunday Gazette-Mail. Box 2993, Charleston. W. Va. 25330. The plan shows each floor. It is scaled ', inch per foot. It includes a guide on "How to Get Your House Built. You can take this study plan to your bank and to your builder to get rough cost of construction estimates. Also available is Andy Lang's new handbook. "Practical Home Repairs. " for $1. Enclosed is SI. Please send me a copy of the study plan for the House of the Week R-125. NAME . . . STREET Z 1 P ) CITY · STATE PORCH trench doors· DINING i down -- KITCHEN ·.8-,9--0-Q,,' lflundr l iwrr-1 Bi, i K-i-dvi FAMILY -- K I T C H E N 23 fence Sauna Is Good Clean Fun --And Easy to Build, Too Here' By Steve Ellingson s a healthful, fun-filled project for the whole family to enjoy. Build it in your basement or in the patio . . . it's small enough for almost any space (approximately 4' x 6') ; The basic idea is a room within a room with a controlled atmosphere created by insulated walls, insulated doors and a self-contained heater. The popularity of the sauna (Finnish for bath) has spread all over the world from its native Finland. It's an excellent and natural way to keep the system toned up, cleansing the pores while relieving aches and pains caused by arthritis and similar ailments. Insomniacs find it induces drug-free sleep (sauna addicts claim that tranquilizers are practically unknown in Finland). Women like the way it conditions their skin and doesn't disturb their hairdos. The sauna operates on a dry heat principle and you will find it to be comfortable even at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. * * * THE PROJECT involves only basic carpentry (no special tools required). Our Legion Installs New Officers New officers of John Brawley Post 20, the American Legion, have been installed. They were: John E. Parsons, commander; Kennon Chambers, first vice commander; Ray Miller, second vice commander; Ed Dickerson, adjutant; Forrest Kee, finance officer; E. D. Hardman, judge advocate; Andrea Lee Black, chaplain; Lawrence Chapman, service officer; and Noble Gardner, sergeant at arms. During, the meeting, a life membership was presented to Ed Dickerson, post adjutant, for his service to the legion. An appreciation certificate was given to Clement R. Bassett, commissioner of the Department of Employment Security, for the agency's help in the Jobs for Veterans program. step-by-step plan has plenty of pictures and drawings to guide the do-it-yourselfer. The simple heater is available all across the country and an optional source is listed on the plan. No special wiring is needed. The interior walls are lined with Western red cedar which has qualities ideally suited to such a 'wet' role. To obtain the Sauna Plan #563, send $2.25 (includes postage handling). If airmail is desired, send ?2.50 by cash, check or money order to: Steve Ellingson Sunday Gazette-Mail Pattern Dept. P.O. Box 2383 Van Nuys, Calif. 91409 New! Our Patterns for Better Living book picturing more than 500.woodworking handicarft projects for your leisure time . . . $1 (add-25? for postage). Ambassador Says Indian Move Right BURLINGTON, Vt. - ( A P ) - T.N. Kaul, India's ambassador to the United States, says the strict emergency measures imposed by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi are needed to curb the threat of violence from extreme political factions. In an interview Friday at the University of Vermont, Kaul said extreme elements caused a grave crises when they encouraged civil disobedience and rioting at a June 25 demonstration in New Delhi. Kaul said if it had been allowed to continue, India would have faced the worst economic, social and religious crisis in " neary 30 years. "No governent worth its salt would have tolerated that," he said. Here's the Answer Q. -- One of the lamps in our bedroom flickers every so often. It has nothing to do with the electricity, because nothing happens to any other lights in the house at these times. I have tried other lamps in the same wall outlet and this flickering does not occur. I have checked the plug and find the wires securely attached to the screws. I have examined the entire lamp cord and find nothing wrong with it. I have even tried different bulbs. What is causing this flickering? A. -- Not much doubt but that the trouble is in the socket in which the bulb fits. Disconnect the lamp plug from the outlet. Remove the bulb from the lamp. Look into the socket and note a small brass strip at the bottom. This strip should be sticking up slightly so that it makes proper contact with the bottom of the bulb. If the strip appears to be very flat, reach in with the tip of a screwdriver and pry up the strip slightly, working very carefully so as not to break it or bend it excessively. Replace the bulb, reconnect the plug to the outlet. If it still doesn't work, the chances are that you need a new lamp socket, which you can install without too much trouble. Merely observe carefully how the socket is attached, so that you can install a new one properly. Q. -- 1 have heard that vinegar can be used to soften old wood glue. Is this true? A. -- In many cases, yes. Warm the vi- negar slightly before applying it. Don't expect magical results. Your hope is that the vinegar will soften the glue enough for it to be scraped off. Q. -- I have purchased a new house for $42.000. It was built before March 26th, so I know that it qualifies for the $2,000 tax credit. As I understand it, a tax credit means that I can't deduct the entire 52,000 from my income tax liability. But there is a possibility that my income tax this year will not equal $2,000. Will the government make up the difference? A. -- No. The law is that you can deduct 5 per cent of your tax liability up to a maximum of $2,000. Ordinarily, you would be entitled to a tax credit of $2,000. If, however, you owe the government only $1.800 for 1975. your tax credit will be $1.800, not $2.000. If you owe S1.500, your tax credit will be $1,500. And so on. The government will not send you anything extra to bring the credit up to $2,000. Q. -- How can I tell the difference between a termite and a flying ant? I read somewhere that they are very similar. A. -- Any time, you find an insect that you suspect may be a termite, wrap it up and take it to someone who can make a professional analysis. This can be a ter- mite dealer or, better yet, the agriculture department of a local university or state agency. If you wish to make the determination yourself, examine the insect carefully. Atermite has a thick waist; the flying ant has a narrow one. The antennae of a termite stick out straight from its head. The antennae of a flying ant are bent. Hold your arms out from your body parallel to the ground. Now bend them at the elbows so that your hands -Sire pointing toward the sky. That's exactly the position of the antennae of a flying ant. Q. -- I stripped down an old bedroom bureau recently, using a regular varnish remover. When I got to the bare wood, there was a reddish cast to the wood. I tried sanding the surface, but it didn't seem to help. Then I used various types of clean- ers, but nothing did the job. Is there some way I can rendove the reddish tint so I can go ahead with the refinishing? A. -- It appears likely that the coloring is that of the original stain and that it penetrated so deeply into the wood that it can no longer be removed by taking off part of the surface. The best solution is to bleach the wood. Use one of the bleaches sold in hardware and paint stores for the specific purpose of bleaching wood. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully, particularly the part about how to rinse the wood surface after the bleaching has been completed. Q. -- I gave two coats of shellac to a piece of unfinished furniture. A short time later--the same day--the futniture developed a kind of cloudy appearance. I ha- ven't done anything since, because I do not want to make it worse. I know.about not using old shellac, so I purchased brand new shellac just for this project. What caused this and how can I correct it? A. -- You probably applied the shellac .on a day when the humidity was very high. Wipe off the surface of the wood with a clean cloth dipped in denatured alcohol. This time be sure to apply the shellac in a room where there is no high humidity. Q. - I made some outdoor furnuture last year. I used a water-resistant glue, but some of the joints now are not as tight as they used to be. While it is true that we leave the furniture outside all year round, I did not think that the weather would affect the glue. Can you explain this? A. -- Yes. When glued joints are to be exposed to the weather, it is imperative that a waterproof glue be used. A water- resistant glue will hold up well in high- moisture areas, but where the furniture is not used indoors, the adhesive must be waterproof. It should say waterproof on the container. When You Think of Building and Remodeling... THINK KrtchenAkJ · DISHWASHERS · COMPACTORS · DISPOSERS See Your Local Kitchen Aid Dealer! RAY W.I) ARNOLD JR. Mi*. HOUSE OF COMFORT Humidification, Heating, Air Conditioning, Electronic Filters GET ALL THE HEAT YOU PAY FOR THIS WINTER. L You know the cost of heating fuel is going up. Buy you don't hove to be left out in the cold. With oTorrid Air Heot Saver you con stop sending port of every heating dollar you spend up the chimney and convert that cash into real warmth and comfort for your home. ATorrid Air Heat Saver, installed in your heating unit's chimney, captures and circulates the hot air your system normally loses. You get more heat, more enjoyable use of your horns--without spending a penny more for fuel. Works on any freestanding s'ove furnace, heoter or fireplace--anything with o stovepipe. Helps eliminate hazardous flue fires. Ideal for home, cabin, form bui'd- ings, goroges or workshops. Serve up to 40% on fuel bills in some instances. Delivers yeors of comfortable, low- cost heal. ZEREX ANTI-FREEZE GAL. ONE THOUSAND GALLON LOTS PACKED FOUR GALLONS PER CASE antHeak artHreeze DARNOLD INC. SISTMtlAYl. SO. CHAS.-PH. 744-1329 il F.O.B. CHARLESTON CALL: 342-4965 DEALERS INVITED

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