The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 27
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 27

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 27
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THURSDAY. AVOUSt 27, 1964 Dark Potomac Captures Rideau Carleton Feature Dark Potomac, n eight-year-Glow was third paying M 10 (large payoff which Dark Poto- nia orown gviaini uwnea voyi potomW wil) raaulted msc paid backers In th feature Jnhn ,-a "lrf lnth.l.r....,in, .m.! Another IGrace card driven, oy qranam McMillan - ' " " scheaV.ed tonight at Rideau Carellon Raceway Wednesday '"-race card. However, there has attracted eight two-year-1 nignt, ironing me mue in j ig numoer 01 oiner oounie oij, jn a plce fp, J2.875 purse. Dark Potomac won the race figure payoffs. Northwood Alice Remington Worthy, with afier Wild Indian broke stride .won the second race, driven by : Bert Madill in the sulky, is the 10 lengths before the wire and Don Roheruon, for a 174 70 morning line favorite for town disqualified. Wild Indian Pyoft. In the sixth Bob Silli-; night's top race. The early led all the way until breaking phant got Do Tell down on top choice has drawn the pole posi-stride with Dark Potomac three 10 'elurn $21.90 and in the tlon. others competing include, lengths behind " seventh Arthur Pyke hit the wire Barbara 0.. Grandpa .Jack. The long shot paid $41 TO. " Bud C'astleton for a Sam's Mark, Sam's Lad. $13 80, and $3.30. ,$16 90 return. Heather Jug. Prima Susan and Misty Wick was place horsei None of the quinellas or the j Miss Single Jay. and paid l-IO 20 and $4.90. Even exact last night matched the' i Post time tonight is i p.m. Rideau Carleton Entries FIRST MU, Pa'W !: t redor'e Boy v 4 , S lochnvtr Judy . 4 3 1 I Danny Boy Jnd . 4 1 3 S Mr. Zip ' 1 a s B American Otrl A.' 4 3 3 4 BaautMul Kale t .T J Minor Mae ... S I .4 f Lone Pride 7 J . SKCOND face. Mtle, Parte Ilea: s Attorney Pride SSI J Mike Ben 14 S 4 OKeefe 3 3 3 Mr. Brouh , t - r. 4 4 1 Donna Dale 7 S I Eneisn Car Lull 1 S 1 Tripper Gratia. I S - S Winnie s Pride ..SI t THIRD -Tret. Mile. Pnre lies: ' . 1 Twinkle Comet . . 4 S I Capital It. Ill I Onion Hopeful J 1 3 ; S Stormy Pan Ant S 7 S Mlaa Havana Who 1 S 1 3 Duaiy J del T Heather Boy - S J T 4 Lit tie Demon 4 S rOVRTH Pare. ,. ratio S1SS: S Prince Cannon . 3 11 S K. I Direct 3 S 3 s. Altes Chief 4 17 4 Mlaa Amber Abbe S 3 S 3 O Henry Vok . . 3 S T Direct Queen 7 I 1 Knkorana 4 S S M True Ernie . , 7 S S rlFTB Pace. Mile. Pane SISS: 3 Private Lee 3 3 S 5 Alien Volo .333 1 Hendeome Billy . 3 4 3 Doctor Joyce 4 1 S 4 Shirley Baker J. S3! 3 Worthy Doll 3 S 5 Sisnal Vu- S 4 S T Union; Chief 7 4 -T" 4JO. Time, tie t-s. CenfineUHia. On Man Co. Luella Scott. Ruety Wilt. SiMan M aU oaUrfed fourth H mile. Trot: Judy Bur-fen (Train Beltlichl. 10 70. 4 SO. 4.S0: Mlaa De La Kalle iSlan Wlh llamal. 4 30. 3 VI; Roae C. Lee (Vie Huenaai. m Time. 1 30 3-5 Oayx. Wilderood Boy. Judv'e Bend. Lure Mnrrle. Polww McEUea alad .UrU Raineiu: SI7.7S. - i Ptrth MUe." Per: RoritV Bent-tor (Wilfred Dulouri. 4 SO. 1 M. t SO: Mr Huthhy (Vic Leraeel. S IS. , tUh OUt On (Leytoa PeUlfrewl. 4.IS. Time. 3T 4-4 Lynn John-' ton. Mia. Brack. Sundown Direct. Bbcceas Gold alao etarted. Sixth Mile. Trot: Do Tel (Bob Sllllphanti, 31 Jo. It 10. tie-. Hannah Dean iRey McLean) 3 se. ISO-. Prtend Mne ICuy LaRuah). 3 0t. Tone, tat S-S. Doany Brooke. Scarlet Poppy, Princelike Jr.. Aeon. Glory Hanover aleo atarted. Seventh mtle. Pacer Bod Ceatleton (Art Pyke'. IS SO. S40. 3 SO: Orattan Diplomat (Thaa Tur-cotte Jn. tea. tso: coronation Brook .Ray CemmiUl. tse. Time. 1 IS lap Ira Kln. Dr. Q. Chief. Mr. Sen. lor. Pleel'a Laaaid alao started. OulnelUl t'l 44. . ruhlh Mile. Pace: Barbara's Jamie (Nell Currant. 4 to. ISO. . tin: Mlihly Direct 1 Wilfred Da-fordi. 3 30. too: Sh.ronf Abbe iBjtl Pyke Jr 1. s SO Time t ts 3-S. . Tawney Van, Joe Hunt, Joe Dares. Atomic Cart, Chrta Idea aew .tarted Ninth Mile. Tret: Dark Potomac iwanam McMillan). 4100. 13 PICNIC TABLES CALIFORNIA REDWOOD taaa, tf top, PUatte Varatkaaa (lalak. Callapalkle for aieraie , .JSTBRM,. CEDAR $29-85 S18.50 MCstarUPECODUWICHAW 'W00DR0FFE : ? ' HOBBY 8HOP v .,' 1t RICHMOND ROSft ' 133-41SS 1M-IS4S' . Opea aalardaya te 4 p ai. SWEATERS Broken f Site - J1 OFF ;keh DERviirs MEN'S SHOP : I3fl Bank St. 238-3817 BICYCLES -5T .37.95 ; FRIDAY ql'ISEI.I.A R O'Dwyer S-3 A McDout-all 31 Rimti Coke Primrau Beitlirh Chureb W Huaery D Plouffr s-s -3 S-l lot I S-l 15-1 7-1 -l M Berkelead t-3 A Demera S-3 Slephcnon, S-l R S-l D RonerUon S-l' W Pyke Jr. 13-1 R S-l V Hush. 1-3 O. Lalonrie Y Demera Turrotle Jr J Zcrna 8 Craig O Kntfhl 4- 1 -l 5- l 1 10- 1 11- 1 IJ-1 dUINKLIA 1 I Parr D. PloufTe Latramboiae D Duttv G. Duboia St. Amour A Getoel Stephenaon V Wrbator D. Dully F Lancaster Turcotte Jr H. GorUU V Demere P Been" C. Coke S-3 1 SI s-t ! 10-1 lS-t i-l wnier aw eiartea. ; Kiarte peM: - SIXTH Pare, Mile. Paraa I1H: L. n. Star Hufo Boy Lre Riddell 4ian Raider Aberdeen Truro Suuti Hal Mac. Mary Miaa Corp Direct 1 I SKVkNTH Tret, Mile. Peree SIM: Lochiiiver Blmho Jean ft Blnaen Pens Royal Todd F Mi.. Del La Salle Ingelta Hanover Tip Top Oiark Coualn RIUHTH Pace, Mile, Pane 1114 Hiahbury Grela Prince Richelieu -Iri.h Gander Shadydale Cdward Mario MacDun Mlaa B Po-Ka-Bout McElklnaton .... Diamond Hy NINTH Tret, Mile. Pane SSSO: S Danny K Pelera 3 3 3 3 Royal McLean 1 4 1 S Hreia Belwin 3 S 4 S Fabric K 14 4 7 Slavic Darea .813 4 Jackie McKmney S I 1 3 Bod Hanover S. S T TKNTW. Pare. Mile. Pane Sise: 3-1 I 3 CUrencevlllc Boy 8 T 3 1-2 3 Major . Dolly . S-3 S Mint Montreal S-3 4 Atlaa Pick S-l S Parlay Scott S-i 3 Chleo Hal 13-t 1 Harveye Dream 13-1 1 ,1 Dickon Doc Rideau Carleton fi Resulta of harnaaa racine at RI-3 30: Mlaly Wick (Andrei SI Stau Carleton Raceway Wedneaday; Amouri. lnso. 4 HI; Even Oloer aiaht: f -Ken PniHuirdi. s la Time. 310 5i eii uile P.e: Pico' eella D . Happr'a. Jeck. Titan. : ' (Robert SMUphanll. 3 S. 3 3d. 3 70: 1 1B,W'1,7." Rna K Scott . Oerltt Nnrrlei. 3 4a.! etarted, I Hcoit. Safety V, 3 70. RmMI B Ceah Peeni Beltlichl. j 4 to Time. 3 OS 34, Jimmy Chief, . Junior. Uncle Ben's Oirl. Tulty f Jnhnalon. Dr. Ad we W. Paley C. Lookout alao slaried, Valaalhu MM. ,. .MV'v Second Mile. Pace; Northwood Alice iDoa Ronertami, 34.70. JO. ' 10: He . Chief (WalW Denieral. , 4 to.. 3 30; Ter Towne . Dot 1 Walter ;. Oranti, 4 4i .Time. J 13 44. Lu.ty Lpnlt. Allan-'Dndae, 'Sir Ptc. " Donald Boy. Dean McKlye alao alerted Third Mile Pace: Ada Klhan Ken SVerrl. 4 10. IH 330: Boycea Reeky Qreltan iWally Demarsi. no. 4 w ptrert rira iDon rineai Thin Man. Wild In tern Mtle. Pice: Me im C (Dale 1 Dully 1. lie. tse. S-P. Coronation Derby 1 Stan WUItamai. 1 10. 3 01 Blaae Meeen (Bob 1. 3 50 Time. 3 10 1-S. At torney Oenerel Lord Volo. lea B Roaa. Boberta Taaa, Scrapper J TORCH ON ITS WAY ' TEHERAW (UPI) The Olympic torch continues on its fourney la Tokyo today after arriving here last night. It rs mained overnight at the Ftrah Sports Stsdium. It was borne by a series of athletes. V ttulhee C LaRuah M. Colllon r BdiUch R McLean. H Zero. W. Pyke Sr. R Rlllrphant K Bacher 0 Kniaht 3-1 4-1 K Pritchard -3 Y Demere S-l B. Harrla Jr. S-l D Cameron 13-1 1. rarr ' , IS-l BXACTA D Cameras 3-1 S4 1, ttephenaon 1-3 S S 4 R McLeen . S-3 3 S t t Chandler S-3 S I 4 C RlddeU . S-l t 4 3 O. LaRuah S-l . S S T L Pettlantw 13-1 S S e J. Daaenala 13-1 1 Forest Travel ; Ballellnj CFRA 7.05 A M. EVERY FRIDAY mm n 1 1, e AI POF SUMMER y3 SPORTING GOODS: Tennis - Golf - Fishing Tackle - Riding Clothing - Camping Equipment Bathing Suits - Swimming Equipment Water Skis HEGGTViEO'T - SPORTING GOODS LTD; . V;;;;; 131 QUElEN STREET ' ; : 232-5656 fcV Appointmerrt to Her Majesty Queen EIbalhH . : Scotch Whisky Dist'HItrs Wm. Sanderson It Son. Ud Aailh. t: i-.i ( " Results THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Richelieu rinl Milt. Ira). urM SIJOS Meander (Rueeett CaldeelH. M ia, 10. I I Pill Man (Albert Hanna(. la to. IH; Mr T V (Reel Coului. 3 to Time 1 07 J-S Nobleman. Cm Iki Crtil. IUiwIv i Vnll Inanui It Huwvtr. Lh Ears, alao started ti won lh feature r.c. it Ride. f " tickets on the Xilrlelon ,nd lhe-ejghth rce,iuT: "i,h ?2j",,torS' . , no radiM du.... era 01 2 win tickets on the.,. . . L ; Larieton ana ine cigmn rate, IMederd Pleardi. 3 1V. 3 40 Joea- dak on Top (Mare Clnsraai. 30 Tim M Abb Avertll A . Boderview SaUy. Napoleon Oral-Ian. VelleyHeld lar, Breete Abba, alao etarted 011 Dedkle: Fourth Mile. trot, puree 3I.0O0; Jeney Boy Jr. (Philippe Latram-boiM. IS SO. S 70. 4 10 Lady S O Clement BeUnaerl. S3 SO. 4 10: Pane Olrl iThomaa Hortoni. 3.40. Filth Mile. pace, puree SHOO brummond Chief (Keith Weplea. 3 30. 3 SO. 3 00; Handy Joe .Henri rillonl. 3 30. - 3 00. Banjo Pick Benolt Cole 1. 4 90 Time SOS 1-S Scotch Flame. Yankee Doodle Boy. ! Sir Hal. Dee Dre Adloe. tarted. Mentor tan I Benolt Cole! Scotch alao waa eeratched. Sixlh Mile. pace, puree teoo Meadowbraoke (Henri Pllloal. S 30, 3 70 The Mlraae iGtllea a t . aiaia Drummond IKellh waeleei. Ij.m3.70. Time 3 013-. Annbra Elec. SI Ontario Sweeps Lawn Bowling Championsh nf Karl Beacom. of Scar-; ips VANCOUVER CPt Onunoi In the tie-breaker Houston Wednesday won the fours, defeated Henderson 1 7-1 J, then pairs and singles events in the! met Beacom. Canadian lawn bowling cham- The pairs team, Ray Reidel pionships. and Joe Dorsch. of Waterloo. It Is the first time in the won the championship they Third Mile. pace, pune seoo 1 history of the national cham-'won for the first time last ..".'"rJ P'onthips that one province year. 1 Albert Hannai. s 70. s 10; Eiiipi-'has won all categories. T The Ontario fours team of naior iwiiina nourfani. Time. 3 OS I -J Shadydale Peach. Lucky Seven. Duke of Pnaro. Mlet Lorene Scott. Meadow Penny, alao alerted Ontario ended up with 32 Bill Cowling, of Toronto. G J poinu In the overall stand-j Pirken. J. A. Wheler nd S. ings. British Columbia was; F. Bond, of Scarborough, won second with 24 and Queberi is itraight games. They won third with 20. nine straight in the provincial Manitoba had IB. Ssuvj chamnionship nd were un-katchewan 18, Alberta 42, and. defeated here. Emoiretta. Betina. luaolaa Bomb!! Nova ScOlia. competing in its Dm: n,,i0Ml championships.! SoftbaH t. , ine uniario victory ws . . , parked by the superb bowling) P'OyOff TOPignt was victory borough, at 26 the youngeet1 Policewomen and Brennaq's singles champion. HiV c!sjh tonght in the dectd- Beacom upset favored John, Ins game of the Senior City Henderson, of Montreal ?l-SLadies Softball League enfi- in the seventn ana nnai rouno. fini. , McNabb Park. , I ce iGaeten Balllarfeonl. 4.3(1 ' then went OO to Deal Time M 14 ChUCa Roval Sir':-, -i : UmmIa. R. SlIIIDhant S-3lrinc Th. pirf... i .' d. i cnaansnun "- - K. Pritchard 1-3 'Dale Helen Purdue, alia .tarted D Dufly S-3 Seventh Mile. trot, puree G McMillan S-l ti vm Dark Mlauon (CUude Wei. S Williama S-l lrr. J30 3 10. 3 40: Lueknowl J. Buaonell S-l p-inoe Oeurge Piatfordi. 4 SO. Turcotte Jr. 10-1 3 M, Intmrton C. Uulee Olfuerei. O. Klaaockt 13-1 j so Time 3 05 3-S Tooay Let In Flaahy Frairhl. parta Demon. Palacona, Pleminalon'a Song, alao tarted G 4-11 Oulnrlla: SII.4S. F Church S-l I Eiehlh Mile, pace puree SI soo A Pyke l-l duMel. (GlUee Leohance). 3 10. D Robertaon S-l 1 3 SO. 310: Be Lons'a Prince tra. w pyae er. a-l itenn ruioni. J an. 3.BO: Marv D Plouffe - S-l Hanover lAndrten Bedardi. 4 30 C Coke 10-1 1 Time 1 OS Fiddlerl Green, Tar. port Scotty. Scotch Newport.' Key Guard, alao alerted. Blue Ansel I w.t erralcned. rj Ninth Mile. pace, puree SS.S10: 4.1 ! lune Dale Chip. iLen Harvelti. J., U40. 10.40. 110: Jean Lee Grat. of Vancouver. 16-13 in an ex- citing tie-breaking match. Beacom and Henderson who had defeated Houston in regular May earlier and Houston ended the seventh round with identical records of five victories and one defeat Armabro Betipee. Anfellci Wick. .ChoeoleM Ctiamp. Pauline Mir. Settle Herbert. Paulme Heri-bert. alM ilarted. Tenth Mile. pace, pane St JOS: Ad Ine Mile C (Jean Jodotnl. S.4S. 4 40 S 10: Joe gemhol iJamee Wiener". 11.00. 10 00; While Flame Oaelan Raymond). 110. Time. S.os 1-3 . Fay's Beet. Heine Richelieu. Irene Mir. Hickory. Paceway. alao started . Fxactat SI4S.1S.- , Came time i 3t. The series is tied at one w'n each. Winners go sg'ni Reubens iR the finals to ben next Monday night at F'her Park. Second game . i also bonked for that diamond. . Journal Want Ads bring quick results. . , ' .080 turn ran isiaro, m 12c each ir.iES ises MSRIVALS sta. S1S-IS3I Eastview Legion Seeks Grid Players The Esaiview Legion entry in the Peewee Lutie Four Footba.'l League are practising nightly from Monday to Friday Tit the Eattview High School field from I It to I p.m. All boys between the sge of It and 11 years inclusive are invited to aitend the : workoutt. 25 FOOTBAU PRACTICE j The Bel Air-Copeland entry in che Little Big Four Football League is practising on Mon-I days, Wednesdays end Fridays at 6.30 p.m. on the NCC grounds west of Maitland Ave. I Boys tge 10-13 . living in the iarea bounded by Clydei Bate- I line. Woodroffe anj the Queens-way are invited to attend. FINAL CLEARANCE From Our Men's Department Broken sizes and ranges all from regular stock reduced to a fraction of their regular prices lor a quick one-day clearance. FRIDAY ONLY 28 suns 19 SPORT JACKETS 17 TOP COATS 32 SLACKS 23 DRESSING GOWNS Reg. US to SIM Keg. to Reg. te 8ije Reg. to S21 M $52 $29 $43 $14 $14 'We Regret No Alterations on These Garments DOORS OPEN AT 8J0 AM. A'a Bxchanget, Phone falli or C.OJO'i NOEL KERR LIMITED No. 0 ELGIN STREET, OTTAWA . . ON CONFEDERATION SQUARE ' CAltlPDELt nOTOfiS (OTTAWA) LIMITED Special summer buys on specially ordered cars... and on every other FORD; FAIRLAN E and FALCON in ourstock!. 'X.;'1 - a ' . ' , :: VO-;;.h'::"- You'll b amazed at the high trades we're offering right now on the most popular Fords la history! In fact, at our prices you'll probably -want to order optional Ford equip-mentr;But better hurry, while there's still a good selection.) With, these savings .they certainly won't last long! V ; ... ;;.-'";;' ) , S': i ' 'v;vV'V!'i ;' V. oillr Ii2)IlILIL Your Ford, Falcon, Fair lane, Galaxie Dealer for 44 Years (OTTAWA) LIMITED ")p.1Hisp :. vel:.e ;iks :!SP-d(;.t li" ,, .(.fla I 265 LAURIER AVE. W. 232-9445-6-7-S I. F. GOODRICH STORE 444 ANR; ST. ,111-1141 .i. ':a r -. - '-v. .. V'.s ' (SV-v-', ('l. .v'iVt CO fllnWrVVeWe e-.. "", .aw L.tJuOa.tav-AJaimieai Uk'ul rerV'ali.k.v as 1 . 1 i- II in A !

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