The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 24
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 24

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 24
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The Camera 'Eyes1 Have It . r ) tilil Vc ted cftJ 1 .-" f -" j ' ;. . w . V I I - Y w i- I . ' ' . ,L. I If ' The SportspicI ... . About a Polaroid Camera Andy Williams and Par By EDDIE MacCABE ' ' It might seem like the height of conceit to run i series of picture of my own golf (wing, but there' thil camera I want to talk about, and the only awing I can eriticlza with immunity I my own. - Chaudier pro Stan Kolar haa a new picture bos called a Graph Check which ukea eight framea In aerie. Camera which shoot (crie are not new, nor i the idea of analyzing a twing In picture. But this on is a polaroid, and the print it available immediately. - which carries interesting dividends. " Golfer who have their swing fairly well-organized sometime And it difficult, to accept advice. The pro might see something out of place and mention It, but the golfer thinks to himself: , "J. might be doing a thousand things wrong, but that's one mistake I'm not making." '-;' .'.. The picture does the convincing. For example, I waa' having trouble with the woods - Every snot was "cut" just a little, resulting in a persistent fade, or, when it got away," an ugly slice. 'But the Irons were respectable. , L -knew I wasn't "staying with the shot", as they say... but I didn't know why I couldn't stay there until the clubhead was long gone, and I was sure it wss in the shoulder action. The pictures above prove otherwise. In the lint frame, (going left to right) I've Just started down. The position t strong and I'm all right The hip are moving in the second, the weight is wen to the left in the third and fourth shots, the right Slbow is in and the clubhead is inside-out, as it should be. But in the fifth picture, the fault starts to show. Hitting against that "firm left side", and pressing because with a . . wood you're going for an you can get, 1 have' started to straighten the left leg. In the sixth shot it's straight, and it straightens so fast that It tilta me back. In the last picture, the upper part of my body shoujd be more over the left leg. When the knee starts to straighten end 1 start tilting back off the ball, the reflex la to compensate, so I have been whipping the hands, and--"cuttlng" across the ball. - . With the irons, not going for distance, more relaxed 'wing, particularly in the impact area, the fault didn't come to the surface. . . A ;.; And the aggravation is . , '. I've been working on a new ' shoulder action for a month. , ' " However . . . right there is the value of "still shot". You can took at your bead through the awing, then the , shoulders . . . then the hips and so on. You can break down your swing at a glance, take your print and have pro look "at It . Vv- . .. - .' t The camera adjust to at the need. The timer can be set for 10 seconds, which will give you eight shots ever a 10 second period . , . long enough to take in the bsckswing and the downswing. Or, you can set it for eight thou hut on the back swing, or hist on the downswing, or sny part' You can shoot Just what you want ' And the way Sun works the box, there's it no awareness of "swinging for the camera". He Ukea dummy runs while you hit balls. You Just keep cranking them out He fiddles with the box. wslks around, and suddenly you're on Him. r.:0T0R CRAIIE s; SERVICE ,7. 7 Crants 200-Foot Booms 50-Foo Jib fOH-un rcucc rot un '. TM Insurance Coverage . . IIURDMAN BROTHERS ; , 1 74J-U5S and 748-ISM ' v : ma mid ' MHBshvPc??!8.,, $9.95 Alt MS HSMN umf FUEL OIL Residential and Commercial MJ1 Besella Rd. 8284711 tt Mna M Hwwt es-sM s aja.s bail ' 0 Sydney Halter Fines Three WFC Players WINNIPEG f CM - Football Csmmliiianer C. SvAiav Haltar Wednesday announced fines to inrca- western loraemice Buyers. ' -. Dick Fnuta ft Iritiah Cnlum. bia Lkms waa fined tin far em. duct resulting m a match pen ally m a gam at Vancouver AuSL II. Fit BWhan.. nl Hmm. katchewan Roufhriden received a e rsie on the same eharee for an Incident In the same gam.- . , Hatter also said Al Ecuyer of Edmonton Eskimos has been fined IN for conduct resulting in a match nenalrv in a earn at Calgary Aug. 17. - SPORT SUPPLIES FOOTBALL SHOES : 1 13.95 to 22.50 PANTS' PADS SWEATERS HELMETS ;:UV''iCl'CL0niING'uMl SHOES ,S I BICYCLES. 4 Save Time and Monif' . RIDE TO SCHOOL and KEEP W CONDITfOnf 44.95 93.00 ' ' v- REBUILT BICYCUS SRB.0O tjp WKin. yf 231-2464 OPEN FRIDAY . . t costs 12. As one of the keenest students of the game, a a tinksrer and an experimenter and a theorist Sun Kolar haa son through, movie cameras, theories of all sorts, and teaching aids of a thousand shapes. . . , This, he says, is the best thing he's ever hit ;v --v t ::'.-r Which brings us to Andy Williams ... the golfer. He played Rhrermead Monday, and H turns out he's a pretty fair stick. He had an 85, but he could hare been better. He started 4-4-4. which is a decent par, a very good par and then a bird. , ' t , ' ' But be sank In Moon River on the eighth, an assy par five. Andrew struck at the ball eight times before he got R into the bole ' ; ..:.. - On a later par Bve, he took a double, which suggests he might be swinging from the heels on those long one. Maybe straightening that left leg. or something. : Then yesterdsy, he played the Hunt Club, and ha used up 89 thou thera. He's a decent knocker. For example, en the fourth bote, for those who know the course, he cranked his tee shot, out past the dry ditch. And from the back tea. too, which is a thump of 230 to at least He birdied the Btth, and hare's a wrinkle. He has a "bilingual" putter.. . . goes two ways. On the long putts, he stroke the ball m the conventional manner. On putts of about 10 feet and under, he putts croquet fashion, a la Bob Duden. Ha had the putter made for him. with aa extra blade at right angle to the conventional blade, , ,. And be putu wsU. Those croqust-styte puturs grvs you a much better line on the shorter putts. ,-.. What's he like on the golf course? , , ; ' Wen. Araie Butterworta played with him, and so did Wendell Williams. i . : And he's Just another guy. He comes on as easy as he does on his show (. . . something like a Crosby or a Coma, only with blood. 'He play! -along and takes his regular turn and talks golf. There's no "side" to him. He doesn't play the high-octane celebrity. He posed readily for pictures, and signed autographs and so on, but casually. ' u i If you've seen the Job ha does at the CCEA grandstand, you know what I saean.. -. . This isn't our "league", but to us it's i great show . .' . the best we've seen. Last night I took three convicted little Beetle fans to see him, my own tigsrs, Kathy and Colleen, and Mary Jane RiopeUe. Howard girt Andy won them m a walk. (His only gait.) Two elderly ladies sitting beside us beamed and cooed with grandmotherly approvaL He hiU them all. ' He does Aura Lea with the Osmond brothers, and It's truly beautiful. But I shouldn't mention one number. It's like deeoriblng one kola la a 68, V . Anyway .- . . If you like music, and good songs well don . . . undersund the word and everything . . , then this is on should you make ... a great entertainer. Too bad. though, about those par Ave holes. Maybe, Andy tne lad, you're straightening that left ! "v. .,. ' Now, there's this hern camera . . . ' 1 Ravens Start Grid Workouts Csrleton University's footballnett are tit ted to' assist wrh camp opens next Tuesday and Kavens', bead coach Keith Kar ris expects to welcome 24 re turning members along with a number of freshmen seeklni berth on the crab. . Big bote have been left, by the graduation of caputs and linebacker Pete Hopklna and Halfback Nev Clark and Jim Ssvtgny and guard Dewar Bur nett Both Hopkins and Bur- TILL P.M. Tuesday 'ft THE OTTAWA JOURNAL the CMchma. Academic reouiremenu have ruled most of last year's tackle Ineligible so Karris win nave spou open for that MsRIoa. Ron. Sunger. an afl-etar last ear. wilt be back as aurMr but bH have competition from sopnomore PU Everett Wayne NesUtt aa wail Amer. Ugh school all-etar from loromo wne fej W 1" and ISO pound., . Ravens kava htr. - .a . mmis lames rated lar Santamha. - !ad II prior t the opening i vmirmc plty September M. ' Journal , Want quick remilta. v Ada bring BRICKS ' I In Color For HOME or PATIO Otrt nmt mm a eramatte fm-lift wllh TWIN CITY CoCTM brtekt Ok kind yoa wmm In Ottawa 1 nw 4rn bulMtnea. Vm Owm tmtm. T)mv ram. In a "rfc" aw arrt oiltMston. amwMh. ml-tonn, am k wltiwtaad Urn aMl wmUmi. Sm Sto A Mew . SCaSBH W14. SUCH ' TWIN CITY DUNBKIK ' eew.t. j! IN Slaactamr as. XS-SISI - ., . Journal The Ottawa $200,000 WORLD U.S. Golfers Favored Against World's Best By ED SAINSBURY BIRMINGHAM. Mich. (UPI) The richest tournament la golf history, the $200.-K Carling World Open Marti today with the United States favored agsinat the best links competition the world can offer. ' .;. 5 ;',.; . There are t foreigner In today's sUrting field of IS, but the name bandied about, as most likely to win the US.-' M top prii. fifth biggt a history, were Americans. 'Naturally. Jack Nlcklaus. the leading money winner, and Arnold Palmer, .runner np In earnings wra the top picks.' AMONG FAVORITES But kandicapper lit ted several ethers la the top ten. notably National Open Champion Kea Veaturi. British Open champion Tony Lema. and improving Chi Chi Rodri-gaes as potential victors. .Opinions varied on what might be the winning score oo this par JI. IW yard Oakland Hill course, the sight of. four VS. Open. The lowest ' winning Open tout on the links wss HI by Ralph GukUht m 1MT and Gene Littler in 1N1. 0 1 k r winning figures were 27 by Cyril Wslker in ItM end Ben Hogaa as INI. .' But the coura ha been cut down Iron Us T.M7 yard dls-unce in 1MT and should play easier then as did M 1MI inc a number of traps, al-' ways a bugaboo previously, have been removed. Still, some d the field" after three days of practice, predicted that par of MO for (our rounds, or cloa to It, would grab the blgg ,h,r Fine's Blank Windsor 3-0 FmS'l shut out Windsor M u the ooenmt game of the City nntarmedlat Softball - League hest-of-seven final series weo- nesday night, ' Bill Bradley was the star tor the winners with a one-hit , Ditching performance. Bradley allowed the wsers omy abuntsmgia. i Bradley pitched to Earl Gadda for' the winner. Mo Sax waa on the hill for Windsor with Gary Craig behind the plat. Carl Gadde powered Fin' at the piste with the game's only bom run. Second gam tn the series n acheduled Friday night at the Sandy Hill diamond at I.M p.m GUI BILL TN HALL CINCINNATI. Ohio (UPI) - Pet ' Donahue, a top Red pitcher from 1921-1930, was named to the Cincinnati Hall of Fame yesterdsy and wilt be inducted along with Gus Bell, former outfieldor who ' was elected last week, on Sept. 4. THOMSON HOME IMPROVEMENT SPECIALISTS ; 1MI Merlval Road BBSSBSBaBaBBlBBBBBSalSSBBBM OPEN of the purss. Others though, believed the., winner might have to shave four, five, or six strokes off to triumph. Both Littler and Hogan, who alto are In this event,, were rated at only outside con-Unders. Hogsn has plsyed tn three 194 events, with a fourth place tie his best fin-Islw to earn S7.IM. Littler has played 21 events, his belt Jinith s third, to tarn tM.705, "isth in the sUndlngs. TOP EARNERS In contratt, Nlcklsui h s s earned I9S.117.U and Palmer $93,743.37. A victory for either would set a new esrnings record for a pro golfer tn one year. Palmer set the current mark with 1M.2M last year. None ol the genuine foreign contingent boatu 'earnings snywhsre near those figures, but Rodrlguet and Gary Player, a South African, who plays the U.S. tour regular AUGUST SALE REGULAR VALUES TO SMM PRICE 52-Kand c) Sport v , f. (taooLAB tcss pyi,.r.V A ' TO S4SJS ..; 'l iJI $27i0fo I fin Warren' Men' Wear V All OHm 111 CarUawM ft M Q I' SALE , iW t v I ' i ' worsted also PRO FOOTBALL ;i ...... ': .V ly, are In the top It. money winner and are considered members of the foreign brig-sde. Rodriguex, from Puerto Rico 'ranks seventh In earn-. Ings with $41 .721.15 snd Player sixith with J52.M9 M. Others rated the beat of the foreigners were Nick Wealock of Csnsds, the only amateur, Harry Weetman and Guy Wql-ttenholme ol Great Britain. Trevor Wilkes of South Africa, and Peter I Thompson. Cat Nagle, Bob Charles s-n-d-Bruce Devlin of the Aut-traiia-New Zealand qualifying area. The only larger winning prises ever, paid In a golf tournament were the I5S.000 pay cheques won by Bob Toskl. Julius Boras. Ted Kroll and Dick Mayer In the "World" tourneys sponsored by the Iste George S. May at ' Tarn . 0' Shanter In Chtcaao. Men's Suits wool English ysm dyed snd flannel worsteds, tropicals. - Bank at. Brttit raua U rark TORONTO .ARGONAUTS OTTAWA ROUGH RIDERS LANSDOWNE PARK Toetn Sept. 1, TickeU are now on ss St sMasMt BMtearant, ttH Sparks St) Baatvknr Hotel, tt MMlraal B4. Undys lalamat, 11 MateaHa St-t Rltchta'a Ctfw SUr. U Bank L Bky Baawb SnUvul, ISM Bank St.) aiaapaaaia Btart, CarHwaa Bhspplnc , Cmtrai Taws Baawe Mafcw HataL lit KMma IL Qweane. way Vartety ghp, 111 MraraM Drirai Oralton BawHnt , Lanat) SwiltSte ralks) Praaeatt JwmkaJ, Praaeailt and Ottawa rUmn Tlekat Offtee. Imiiwai rark. .. . lanritlow Acctptad Tl. 135208 " MOTBt an mamttom mm ka 4eka ky aj Sw aakna aal f hi aSraaea. rvasBBasawaBaaawBBiaaBaiaaaaaaBaaBBaWw ..- . , lwCr 19(54 Flaw Is In' Legs HABS OPEN OCT. IT - i MONTREAL (CP) Montreal Canadians play their first home gam of the 1964-65 National Hockey League season on Saturday, Oct. 17, against New York Rangers, it was an nounced Wednesday. EARL McNEElY 1 aniaouncM the opening of hit BARBER SHOP ! 397 RICHMOND ROAD a. un faraaet Md HcNMlr Hair CalUki at tit BlrkaMa BS. kr h. kai kra a, kai SADINSKY ttmmiD W0OD6KAOK RANDOM V-GROOVEO "abitibi savawooir Itlltl H a a s.?a 4.2B 6UCSI mo Hcxn aon . Halts 4.4 TECBMHH BKC8 E10IOE aa4 TwrtM at Cktrry SmrMw i. it , 4.7B s I t S . B.1S ' NMAtMTWOOD ROOI UXDERUT ; t. s I a I . . 1.1S INW. RARDBOiBD - S a 4 ...'..: . g.M 4 4 . .wi ;i t.90 . a k t . a.yg Jm IH TEST mm TU SATINCOTE WHITE min it lOWe . WHITE ACOUSTIC TU RANDOM and MICRO H i in it , tae WiHRPROOf rtrWOOD 4 K I SPRUCE SHEATHING "is 2.8S S S.OS S , .; 4.2B . B.2S -. S B.RB i SHEETROa WlilBOiSO III -1.40 SB 1.40 as 1.40 Mil 2.00 sua.o SYlVlftY HTW00D WitraMw vw r r ' SkMtkl.i SIS GOOD ONE SIDE H" B-Tf Si" B.7S H- f 06 a" 4.2S " B.OQ ' SADINSKY aaoTHsas LiMrrcn ' 117 NELSON. STREET. 234-9500 . 234-D1M Ban? i t. 4 Bat in FREE DELIVERY . Minimum Order l.M 1.322 COLORS : m all paint flnlahes J SAVE -SAVE -SAVE LUMBER Prescott Hwy. at Cleanrtew w.. SttS-ltOS S5$j ' OUAUTT

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