The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 23
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 23

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 23
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Grist M Dmm - i 1 St Usatt'i (ML M HiMi tkk. i a rm Ue. 61 Street aa. M Tvm at aeeeilr. 47 Sanast. 'W ftSaawMl team. M Oae. DOWN 4S h ai 1 Cain '17 Sb trick. t Cud hM " Ai the world t via aa wicks, aad hi wile, I VahkiM. ,4 Halft rwai. 4UeeleiV. 41 Haeiew latter, t Caweb. 47 Perthes. Teaa af aat'i ' Put at a iiwt g wards. , Jaiy. 7 AH Wat. v SI la and ah Gsamaat fit. ' U Oaa ai the t FuwUti 1 wstds. M Batiasas auuan. , U ! 11 Pbat arwtk. . M VaaMsele. U West at 1 S antes. ' . am Saaiav IS Laan af ebr. 7 Type al amies. 14 Biiitainit IKaL M Toaalti Pan. CbJuN1 STATE ' - PAR GO North DafcoU ft a top producar of Sprln wbtat and durum whaat and alto tanks sscond m barlty.i tt 'to oftta first to flax. f Special cart and skill now ht partnership matters and handling coaftrtacts. Be cautious about making drastic ehanges, too. la all matters, tmphasitt tht inula Arlea In- tellltenoe and foresight April II to May U (Taurus) Yoa may encounter tome orf nositioa now: ctrtala persons win N buleidbie. But you can manage such situations if you remain calm and don't antagonize others. Use that fine Ingenuity of yours. toy n to J was (Gemini) taJtladvt "may be stimulated now, but ba careful not to takt risky chances on any front. Ba especially cautious If handling vehicles of tools; at auk disagreements or revising plant and projects now running smoothly, Jaws 8 to Jin St (Cancer) ' Not much planetary help hart, but get ta early, start and work as ambitiously at usual, and you should havt a satisfactory day. Personal relationship! should be extremely pleasant July St to August St (Leo) Soma trends changing gradu ally: pick your steps warily. but not anxtbatty or with lack of confidence. Soma good news Indicated during the P.M. . Aagoat 14 to gtattmatr tt (Virgo) Emphasise tact and diplomacy now or you could "put your loot la tt" Soma per sons may bt oa tht touchy tide misinterpret your state ments. Evening hours will be tint for social functions. Itpttasbtr M to October, n f Libra) You could bt the recipient of aome- unexpected or gratifying recogni tion now V yoa "tend to your knitting- and handle all endeavors with t little extra- pre- Octaher M to Nevesaber tt (Scorpio) ' Increasing advan tage indicated, but tome may not bt obvious. So you will havt to ferret them out for yourstlf. Soma chores may teem tedious now but. carefully handled, they win product results. Nevtmatr St to December II (Sagittarius) Good Jupiter Ts i m m w v THUSD, AY, AUGUST 27, 1884 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 21 Journal Cross-Word "Puzzle I B Mini i , rUttws m, 1 CWra atmctate. 17 Skmimi I ! Da wait wUaJ1 Swy at t M. n Aaltlnest, UUMik by 27 WsstUae- MFiae aoniag. M CPA't Mr far vsktti S wares. - si Br mmU. 41 Cat wesd. 41 h-ika. -44 Msedaflti-t iS Smta aloe t IS llMM, 90 Aa 11 Tm aaer Itmn I wares. JJ Ac that tiaa. U bafts akia U Sail hill, XI Genua aafitiM. U Riikttt Aebr. '. aw 14 1mm by wantat. 44 Map eaersviatlen. Ft b I i H I ' U 16 i( i u u' -.. ... 2 ST"-"""-ja """T 27 3 " " a 3t 31 34 ST 37 - Jpj" 47"T-7'""", F "" " 3 3" " T "T" s"T"""'" 3T""-"""4j aTT"""" 44 "T""""'"'50"sl.-3r 5 a"aT"M 3" " "T a """"T bl " "" M tj"T!"4 T"- " " T" 5T 7" " ""' T J7" T" "" I 5" " "r" T" T L I I 1-. Ill I I I I I Boiutioa ol tht punii will b published Xotaanam. ANSlVERy QUESTION; la your Mf mom you tpaak bout ball; thb If a fantastic baUaf why fore tt on anyoMT .-CW. ' ANSWER: It auy tmaraat yom to know that I Ma act taa only ona who oaUavaa to . tha Christian doctrlna of koQ. lu toacbtnt ta foand (a tha ' craada and catachlMM of all laadlng churchaa, tadodlnt tha Catholic. But I am frank; to aay (bat if no ona btllavad ta It, I would. baeaoM Chritt . HJauatf taaght tt Ha wM: '- faar not tham which UU tha body, but art aot abla to kilt , tha aoul; but ratbar faar hint ., which it abla to dtatroy both body aad aout la bafL" (Matt. :S). In tha parablt of tha rich man Ht tald, "And tht rich maa ditd tad was bariad, aad ta btU ht llftad p his ayaa. bting la tormanu." (Lakt 1IJ2.) I don't know all about It; In fact, I don't know anucfc about It But I do know that Christ, tha Soa of Cod ct tidsrad K Important anouth to man Hon ovtr and ovar atala. It Is poadblt ta raad Into tha Scriptures only what wa want to kaltava, and shut aur tyts ta that which is on platsaat ta our nmklna. Cod contidartd tt raal anouth to atnd Hit only Soa to tha world to sav aaa from Itj and 1. for ona, Tafuat to Bva aa thoufh hall Is aa and myth: "Lot Cod ba troa sad a a liar. ... V By FRANCES DRAKE Influences. A fine day In which LankM 'tha section In which i" bandit financial affairs and n-u .i rii Judiciously promote organi- T" : "llomd But operate wd ju.w , ,om familiar I dm. Don't vo- to the stars., far Friday. Aagaet into tha pew at present X, 144. '. March tl to April to (Aries) have gra reserve energies and art noted for your thoroughness In anything you undertake. Tour December a to Jaasjary stamina. sentlUveness, dlpte- (Uoricorn) - Saturn one o( icy ana love oi Knowioage tht few generous planets. You can expand a bit now. Planetary influences stimulate practically all endeavors, and you should gain fine co-operation from co-workers and superiors. January 21 to February II (Aquarius) , Some unusual manoeuvres in your field.-Sup port those bt which you be lieve; eschew those which your good Judgment . tells you can only result ht confusion or chaos. Pabraar M to March M (Pisces) NeptuM propitious. Especially favored: til marl-timt tnterestt, water "sports: dealings la oil. chemicals. liquids of practically any kind, even t vocational interests In tht occult. : YOU., BORN TODAY: art The finest 5 year old 0 Canadian Whiskey ; this country has ever tasted"; ,;.i'.o : ! by GILBEY'S I CIIIICIIIIUI J Relationship More Cordial WINNIPEG (CP) Tha tea Is breaking" bttwoeo prisoners tod guards m fadaral penitentlarias. too fastidious, however.: Yoa T pennamiary, is miles north of Winnipeg, said recently, he, thinks a friendlier feeling has grown between guards and prisoners ta bis II sre outstanding, Donl hesitate f r Wral pria- to engage ht a promising eater- one. prist because there is an tie- No longer doea the convict1 ment m rtsa tnvotveo. l nrougB- out history. " all progress has been achieved through a willingness to takt calculated risks. ANswa to nnion nun 1 1 si tipr"1 $fjjf t H M H t SI3RIE T IN IU ll'lilf PI) t T jH EI WHETHER IT BE NEW OR USED! MM!?) T consider the guard guard.". fust Twenty years ago, said the deputy warden, the msn who made friends with "the crews 4-priton slang for guards Mua trusted by the prisoner body as a whole. EDUCATION BASICS SHERBROOKE. Que. (CP)-A local grade ona teacher sayi a tix-year-old should know bow to tie hit ihoelacei for his first day at school. Mrs. Frederick Berry says two-thirds of her class tt unable to tit shoe- WASHINCTON Sole power l,,-. d k'a the same vrv of impaachment rests in the I - . ..... House of Representatives while . .T'' "7 " tht power to try an impeach- aota tMcb," Ume U wh mem is vested hi the Senate, usees get unoone. . 0 A fine selection of top quality used Volkswagens at greatly reduced prices to clear WE MUST MAKE ROOM FOR NEW TRADE-INS COMING IN DAILY ON NEW VOLKSWAGENS See them today at HlCa UMJDE, ! MBtoamtaBBBBBBaaaaBajaBBaBBaaaajBaBBBB 2 Michael SL at tht. Queensway 745-6886 740 Bank SL 233:5673 1292 Baseline Rd. 729-61C3 465 Tache Blvd. HULL, P.Q. 77M897 GoclGl Llliiielliiil : -.v-'i '( : "...v'jv.. :i .V-;.'". ,"'-- .- t '.. lilt$Xal' J , I JA i -i 1 - H i ft ' -mm ! 1MB - " y .. - . . --v . v. , ..... . . . . . .,......- '.-- 1 '-. j. I I j I j STiW-This offer good onlyjn the area setyed bY our Ottawa plant - JJ . s HI 4 ) 5. I,

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