The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1930 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, January 28, 1930
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, 1930. THE DAILY COURIER, CONN ELLSVLLLE, PA. .^AGJ'J JSLJiJVJfilN. WILL SPEED UP AMERICAN President Hoover Wants to Complete Big Task in Eighteen Years. Washington. -- Recognizing the Importance oC accurate maps to engineers, President Hoover has announced his Intention of asking congress for funds to sp«ed to completion tho topographic, mapping of the United States. Under his plan the job will bo completed In eighteen years, Instead of «ighty-elf:ht years, the time required If the work proceeds no faster thnn Its present rate. So far the undertaking Is less than half done, and engineers have been urging the government to 'push tho work more rapidly. Two agencies will carry out the project. The coast and geodetic survey wilt establish,, a system of trlnngulatlon controls. Tho geological survey, using this system as a framework, will then proceed with the topographical mapping of tha country. Work of a Cortury. In the last 100 yenrs the coast and geodetic survey has established n complete system of trlangulatlon stations along the Atlantic, the Gulf and tho Pacific coasts. Such stations extend also up navigable rlvera to the head of tidewater. In addition, thousands of stations have been established In other parts of the country and along the border between the United States and Canada. The work, however, ha;) been proceeding slowly and n vnt area still remains to be covered. In 1000 the coast and geodetic survey had completed only 7,000 miles of arc of tha first order. Now, the total is 20,000 mil^s, and the engineers arc adding to this at the rate of about 1,000 miles a year. The coast and geodetic survey has been following a plan which calls for arcs of first and second order trinngulation throughout the country, the triangles being so spared that no place In the country will be more than twenty-five mites from a triangularlon station. This will be brought about when 40,- OOd miles of arcs are added to those now existing. The Intermediate areas will bo covered by third order trian- KUlatlon, or by traverse surveys by thoxe who want to make detailed surveys, charts or maps. Pick Central Point. Thirty years ago a central point was selected for making surveys and chart* in the United States and con- ftlguous waters. The station is known as Meade's ranch and is located about twelve miles north of Lucas, Kan. In 1912 th« geodetic engineers of Canada and Mexico also adopted this as their initial station, so there is now a single central or" initial surveying station for all of North America. Its use will preclude discrepancies in the charts and maps of territory close to the borders of either of the adjoin- Ing countries. Throughout the 100 years Kt its existence the coast and geodetic survey ha* endeavored to mark its trlangula- latiou stations in such a way that iht're would be no difficulty in finding t h e m nt any time In the future. It has not always been successful for nature nnd the works of man have destroyed some of tho markers. Cnmpers and others have occasionally taken them up In the hope of finding buried treasure nearby. Blocks of stone or masses of concrete wore set up, often carrying the letters "U, S. C. S." Few people knew just what, the letters meant, or what the marker? were for. For the past twenty years the survey has adopted n plan of putting a properly Inscribed rut'tnl tablet Into the stone or the concrete at each trinngulation station. This tablet tells tho visitor that he way learn the (Signification of the station by writing to the director of the survey at Washington. In thus taking the public Into its confidence the survey has saved many of Its markers from destruction. Value to Industries. "It is difficult to overestimate the value of a good topographic survey to the industries of a nation," says Dr. William W. Bowie, chief of geodesy In the coast nnd geodetic survey. "It makes 10 difference whether the engineer Is I n y t n g out a now highway, erecting a 1 ydroelectrlc plant, draining a swamp, extending canals from nn Irrigation reservoir or controlling the flood waters of a river, lie should hnve an accurate topographic map from which to scale distances nnd compute slopes. Without such n map he is vs-orking with Insufficient data, nnd his operations are hkely to cost him fnr more money than would be expended had the topographic map been available. "The topographic map cannot be ina]e true to scale nnd have its various topographic features placed in their proper geographic positions unless the nia[ is controlled by trlangu- latlon. "In the Uiited States we have for many years suffered from the lack of first order trlangulatlon in onr surveying, mapping nnd charting, but this situation is ;;rently improved, nnd the situation In tills country In the nenr f u t u r e should bo entirely satisfactory." The preat arcs of triangulation benr nearly the inme relation to charts, j maps rnd surveys that the steel framework boars to the individual parts of n building, such as tho floors, walls, windows nnd elevator shafts. "Without the steil framework the building would not stand up; tha framework Is needed to hold the various parts of the building together, and to co-ordinate those parts. First- order triangnlation has the jama function in the topographical mapping of the country. Important Benefits. Thjb trlangulatlon program will yield Important benefit J to individual states and [other politic) I subdivisions. For it wjll enable thwn to accurately determine the longitudes and latitudes by which to loc ite their boundaries. Many counties d not know their exact boundaries or airea. A county in « southern slate not long ago wanted to float a loan with New York bankers. When asked what (he area of tho county was, Its officials could not inform them, for the reason that It had not been accurately mapped. So the Now Yorkers had to make a survey of their own before they could mak« the required loan. Completion of the system of triangnla- tion controls will remove such uncertainties. It will coat tho coast and geodetic survey about $4,. r 00,000 to complete its part of the work within the next ten years. If You Stuttar Try Using Your Left Hand Los Angeles, Calif.--M-m-m-moybe yon s-s-s-stutter b-b-because you use your r-r-rrlght h-h-hand in-s-s-st*ad of your 1-1-1-left. Dr. Milton Mctfcsgel, who Is professor of psychology at the University of Southern California, him found that left-handed persons who have become accustomed to using their right hand often stutter. "If a person i:t physiologically left- handed--that Is, born Co use the left hand, either bec.iuse other people do or because he hns been forced to, the mental workings of the patient may be so disturbed is to make him stutter," said Doctor Metfessel today. He added that some people are not really aware they arc physiologically left-handed, though they seem to use the right easily. He has perfected tests which detect such cases, since he first must make sure whether or not a person hps been born left-handed. "Of course, alt left-hnnded persons do not stutter," said the professor, "and If !eft-han1edness is the cause of their stuttering, it must be treated carefully to prevent a worse condition." Italy to Send Planes in Nonstop N. Y. Hop Rome.--The Iialinn government IB preparing to sen'l a (leet of ten military hydro-alrpl ines on a nonstop flight from Italj to New Tork neit March. Orews of the ten great Snvola-Mar- chetl ships have been undergoing an Intensive training for the transatlantic trip and several of them have undertaken flights for 40 consecutive hours over Lakes Garda and Barcclano. Tho air ministry, which is to direct the flight, has arranged for co-opera- tlou with the mvy and scout ships and destroyers will be stationed along the ronte ready o assist In the event of nn emergency. Ilnlo Balho, air minister, will command tlie flight In person. The project will constitute the 19HO cruise of Italy's aerial navy. In I9'!S the air forces carried out an extensile flight over the western Mediterranean sea nnd norther i Africa. 'Phis yenr the ships flew over the eastern Med iterranean and j'.liick sea. · France in 5th Place in Europe's Population Paris.--The government has published statistics which show that France, in 1789 the largest nation in the western world, has fallen to fifth place In Europe as a result of Its decreased birth rate. In 1780 France had 20,000,000 inhabitants; Russia, 25,000,000; Austria, 18,000,000; England, 12,000,000,* and Prussia, 6,000,000. At present France has 40,000,000; Italy, 41,000,000; Japan, 00,000,000; Germany, 64,000,000; the Urltlsh empire, 73,000,000; Russia, 715,000,000, and the United States, U8,000,000. Wedding Cuke Weighing 200 Pounds Has 360 Egga Buffalo, N. Y.--\Vhen 'Rose Ruddunk was married recently to Charles Farber, her father, i buker, decided he'd let some one cl fe bake the wedding cake and thus ejijoy the occasion the more. And its lucky for him he did. Walter Cichockl, hired to do the Job, turned out a «vl» weighing more than 200 pounds. It lequlred 92 pounds of Rugnr, 30 pound 1 ! of butter, 360 eggs, 36 pounds of frosting sugar, and 2G pounds of flour. Swerving From Right Cause of Accidents Boston.--Failure to keep on the right side of the road when the motorist's view is obstructed Is the principal cause of automobile, accidents, at least In Massachusetts Out of a total of 3,550 accident cases studied, this factor prevailed, in 1,034 instances. Oilier causes were listed as follows: Speeding, 969; drunken driving, 417; failure to keep right side of rond when meeting vehicles. -103; reckless driving, ,So3; unlicensed driving, 232. DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS If you are contemplating building: a homo come and look at tnese Kits. They are large--60xl fO foot. Natural ;as, city water, lino gradu school and church. Quo mile from business district ot Conuellsvillc; n 5-m!nute trolley rido. A nlco lucatiou L'or a suburban homo. Inquire of C. B. McOormick, P. O Box 144. Council i" , Pa. resirleiico. POPLAR GROVE on the most famous Tires in all the world That Can Bo Bondedfor2Years Ai?«ins( A N Y Kind of Wear and E V K H Y K i n d o f Diimapo To j o u -- those old tires mean o n l y t r o u b l e -- p u n c t u r e s , b l o w o u t s , perhaps even serious accidents. Hut (o i w o r t h m e n n d i t i o i p l a n t h e worn-on b l o w o u t reliners, r u b b e r i roti rot 1 1 s--your j u n k tiros are oney, regardless of t h e i r . TVe operate a small re i n w h i c h M O use y o u r casing*, to m a k e cord patches, skived shoos, etc. Wo even soli tho o l j carload lots t o a n Ak- company. Frank- ly, t h a t is tho reason we can p r o t i t a b J y allow you such large credits on your used-up tires, oven t h o u g h t h e y be COMl'LETE I/Y W O K X OUT. Hide in safety. Don't take c h a n c - es on winter's slippery roads with smooth tires. Drive a r o u n d ; w w i l l e q u i p your car with h i g h tread, roml-blting Michelins, leaders in t h e tire world for over S years--better-built, longer wearing, more satisfying. N O T E : M i c h e l i n makes O N E QUALITY T I R E ONLY -- THE REST. No three or four "Qualities,'' no three or f o u r '·(Guarantees" t o b e f u d - dle the motorist. , C" \1«JH uit? 29x4.40 rog. 20x1.40 2Lv1.50 30x4.50 28x4.75 29x1.75 30x4.75 /S 1x4.95 29x5.00 30x5.00 31x5.00 28x5.25 , 29x5.25 3 0x5. 2 5 31x5.25 28x5.50 29x5.50 30x5.50 3 2x5'. 7 7 1 fJST P R I C E $ 7.S5 9.20 0.70 10.10 1 J . 4 5 11.85 12.40 14.25 12.25 12.50 13.30 13.00 14.10 14.55 15.00 15.10 J5.70 15.98 19.35 1 (JRK1HT On Worn- Out Tire $2. 1C 2.5(i 2.72 2.78 3.17 3.2(i 3.44 3.90 3.36 3.5J 3.59 3.72 3.87 4 00 4 13 4.15 4 31 4.35 5 36 Yo Cr v/C $J 5. 0. 6. 7. K. S. S. 10.: 8. 8.' !). 9. 10. 10. 10. 10.' 11. 11. 13. WAYS of Buying Mjcheliiis You may b u y tires for ('ash. ITI o re (2) .or on a regular (week Charge Account. (3) .. or, on our Easy Payment Plan, payments to be ntado every two weeks, in many instances amounting to as low as (J3 cents weekly. Buying this top quality tire out of income is ensier and more,, economical t h a n b u y i n g cheap tires for cfish. There is no red tape attached to our credit service. O* \l*J Ulfs | LIST ! PRICE 30x6.00 $ 1 6 S r 3LxG.OO 17.35 32x6.00 CIIEU1T OH Worn- Out Tire $3.90 3. 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(at rule of 10%c quart) (at rate of 12ej quart) (nl rate of l!J J ,ic (jnarl) HERE'S THE UUAKANTfiE ON W Y V A K MOTOR OIL: PIII your cnnikcnse with Wayne fcrUiied Motor Oil. Kun your car for GOO iiiiU's. Then, If Wayne OrtifU'd Motor Oil i^iiof ilie Iiigliesl (Miiilify oil you oer used--if i( doesn't sjnc you of) percent, of your present oil Mil--if for any reason wliatoer 3 on are not, entirely satisfied--return (lie unused oil to us. We will refund ALL you hiue paid. We guariuitee Wayne Certified Motor Oil to bo eqnal to ANY oils on the market selling- for as higJi «.s $1.40 si gallon. lectric Irons $5.00 Value Complete With Cord Ik-re's an ideal time saver, l-'ull ((.pound electric Iron, ebonizet! wood h a n d l e ; perfect I;i style and finish. It.'s keen tapered nose and «eut!j sloping- sides make easj I he most difficult ironing-. Complete w i t h f u l l length heater cord and two-piece a t t a c h m e n t )piug- and regular connecting- plug. 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