Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 27, 1975 · Page 43
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 43

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1975
Page 43
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5D --July 27,1975 SundayGazette-Mail 'Milk-Soppy' Head Not Wanted, Kuhn Says By Will Grixnsley NEW YORK W - Ninety-nine per cent of the baseball owners want a strong commissioner--"not a milk-soppy commissioner"--and that's what Bowie Kuhn aims to give them. "Nonsense." the 6-foot-5 former Wall Street lawyer said in response to the suggestion that the $150,000-a-year post makes him the lackey, or virtual valet, of the directors who hire him. "I have never been afraid of the ownership in this business," he insisted. "Right or wrong, I act from a sense of conviction. As much as I love the game, I have never needed baseball. "It's the one strength I have--the knowledge that there is an alternative. I felt I was a pretty successful lawyer. I have always known it is a profession 1 can go back to." 'Dump Bowie' Movement Kuhn, coatless, the sleeves of his green shirt rolled up and gold-rimmed spectacles dangling from his nose, leaned back in the leather swivel chair of his 16th floor Manhattan headquarters and talked freelv of the aborted "Dump Bowie" movement 10 days ago in Milwaukee. Four directors in the American League--representing the A's, Yankees, Orioles and Rangers--assembled enough votes to unseat him, but when the formal action was postponed until the next day Kuhn was reelected for another seven-year term. At the final count, the lone dissenters were Charles 0. Finley of the Oakland A's and Jerry Hoffberger of the Baltimore Orioles. "Frankly, I was so disturbed by the unfortunate procedure that 1 was on the verge of telling them to take the job. But when so many influential people urged me to stay, I acceded to let them fight it out," Kuhn said. "I wasn't about to go out and politic for the job. I wouldn't. 1 don't think a commissioner should. But when so many men whom I respect said, 'We really want you,' I stuck it out. "I am human. Needless to say, 1 am damn happy I got support and was reelected. I certainlv didn't want to be beaten." Battle of Milwaukee Kuhn sees some good coming out of the Battle of Milwaukee, although the incident left scars and resentments on both sides. "The enormous support given me when the chips were down should strengthen the office of the commissioner," he said. "Now 1 have a better chance to look at some of the operational problems. "Our one big problem now concerns franchises. The game itself is solid. Attendance is up despite one-sided races. TV and radio ratings are good. We have learned to work with the players' union. "But operating.expenses are enormous. Too many clubs are in the red. "We don't want expansion for expansion's sake. Expansion money is fool's gold. But we need to place the franchises we have in the most suitable areas." Open Target Kuhn is fully aware that as the commissioner of baseball, hired by the owners, he is an open target. He is in the unenviable position of being damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. He walks on eggs If he fails to lake quick and decisive action in measures involving the owners, he is accused of protecting his job. If. on the other hand, he is stern with his employers and ruffles a few feathers, he is subject to dismissal action such as nearly occurred at Milwaukee. Kuhn has had a long-running clash with Finley. the maverick owner of the A's whom he has chided. suspended and fined some $10.000 over a period of years. He suspended the Yankees' George Steinbrenner for making illegal political donations He alienated the Orioles' Hoffberger supposedly by interfering in the Orioles' sale plan. And he irritated the Rangers' Brad Corbett because of his handling of certain player cases. Stand on Record Speculation has been that Kuhn. having survived the recent threat to bis job. :night now be a more subserviant commissioner. bowing to the whims of his bosses. "Not a chance." Kuhn retorted. "1 will stand on my track record. I have enough independence to do what I think is right. That's the way most of the owners warn it. That's the way it will be." He does not run scared. ALLHOMELIT! *LAWII (Ann EQUIPMIMT * REDUCED ^ 5%! LAWN MOW EXS TILLERS RIDERS TRACTORS JOHNSON'S FOREST LAWN CENTER 422mSH.ST.K.PIU4V2423 Bowie Kuhn Not Afraid of Owners Recruiting Pressures Bad, Says Notre Dame's MacAfee By Alex Sachare NEW YORK (AP) - Eighteen months ago, Ken MacAfee was a blue-chip prospect, a high school senior whose football talents drew the attention of coaches at more than 200 colleges across the country. Now, as he prepares to start his sophomore year at Notre Dame, MacAfee talks candidly about the pressures of the recruiting process: the campus tours, the eager young assistant coaches who used to camp on his doorstep, the rich alumni with $100 bills in their hands. "About 205 colleges contacted me in one way or another, most of them by letter," said MacAfee, a 6-foot-4, 240-pound tight end who was a starter the second half of his freshman year at Notre Dame. J MacAfee is one of five players touring the country as ABC tries to drum up interest in its fall series of college football telecasts. "The first letter I got was when I was ' ff a sophomore, 15 years old," he recalled. "I answered about 50 and finally visited 10 campuses, although I was always pretty much interested in Notre Darne. "The pressure of recruiting is bad for a young kid in high school, who really doesn't know what he wants to do. Every school says it has the best program for what the kid wants to study, yet most of the time a kid doesn't even know what he wants. But whatever he says .he wants, each school says it's' the best." Did MacAfee, whose father was a star end at Alabama and later with the professional New York Giants, receive any offers which went beyond NCAA regulations on recruiting? "About 25 or 30," he replied matter-of- factly. He declined to go into specifics. Was he offered any money while being recruited? "Not from any coach or school," he said. "But sometimes you would go to meet a big alumnus, and when you'd shake hands he'd have $50 or $100 in his palm. When you try to give it back they say, 'No, take it, there's plenty more where that came from.' I was 16 the first time it happened to me, and let's face it: it's pretty hard for a 16-year-old kid to say no to a $100 bill. Ken MacAfee 'Recruiting Bad' "There's this guy from Massachusetts who comes to our games. He always stops by my room and gives me $10 and tells me to have fun." Offered Money In a later interview, MacAfee denied saying the Massachusetts man ever had given him $10. He said the man had stopped by his dormitory room to offer encouragement, but he said no money ever was involved. MacAfee emphasized that of all the schools he was recruited by, "Notre Dame and Penn State were the two that were the most straightforward in their dealings with me." MacAfee, a mature young man who seerns to have survived the pressures of highpowered recruiting better than most, concedes that at times he took advantage of the system. "I went on about four campus trips to schools which I pretty well knew I wouldn't be considering," he said. "I have a sister at Colorado, so I went out there. I had never been .to the Atlanta area, so I went down to visit Georgia Tech. I heard North Carolina had a nice campus, so I went to Chapel Hill. The other was Boston College, even though I knew I didn't want to stay in New England." What were recruiting trips like? , "You'd go out on a Friday afternoon and come back on Sunday. Uusally an assistant coach would meet you and the airport and drive you to the campus, where he'd pass you along to your host, a guy on the team who would escort you around for the weekend." Silver Brand Clothes DM Days BLUE DENIM FLARE JEANS 2 DAYS ONLY--MOM. TUES. Your Choice 59 |fKh-- -Fashion styling includes 4 patch pockets, flare legs wide belt loops. Waist fees 27 to 38. SUMMER KNIT DRESS SHIRTS RIG. $9 Each--Popular, comfortable short sleeve knits that never need ironing. Neat patterns, sizes 14Y2 to 17. KNIT GOLF SHIRTS REG. $7 Each-- Cool, casual knits with 4-button placket front and collar. Solid colors, sizes S, M, L, XL. . TRIO-SUITS $CO90 VALUES TO $9 5. ^ * Handsome polyester doubleknit suits with a second pair of contrasting slacks. Wear it as a suit--wear it as a sport combo. 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