The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1930
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Second Part VOL. 8 _-5_»-- V '"-- 28, NO. 66. ' 1 CONNELLS VILLE, ·PA., TUESDAY EVENIN 3, JANUARY 28, 1930. i -- _ -- SIXTEEN PAGES. College Heiress Stolen Telephoned photo of Miss Susaci Albright, of Buffalo, Smith College junior, who was kidnaped front the vicinity · of the College, at Northampton, Mass., and held prisoner for throe hours, be fore she persuaded, her cuptersto release her. The girl's identity was confirmed by WiUiam Allen Neilson, president of the ; college. '· (Int«nutttonaJI HIGHWAY SYSTEM OF PENNSYLVANIA NEARS COMPLfflON Alverton Deputy Lewis Proposes .Hoail f u n d s Now EC Applied to Itoads. 3,021 MILES IN STATE SYSTEM ( i So many miles of State highway! construction have been completed, j and funds available for construction and malutcmiwo arc so prodigious, t h a t it is time lor tho Slato oE Pennsylvania sradimlly to take over and inaintain its 70,000 miles of t o w n s h i p roads, wiys S. S. Lewis, deputy auditor Kout'ral, in. an article contributed to tho-United. States Daily. Highway department finances arc in such" healthy cn:ul'ition t h a t the State can easily take over and m a i n t a i n tho Ticarly U.OOO mi las of so-called towu- j j/hip reward 'roads. Furthc-trnore, it should no lonee-r bo required oC i'c-ansy'vania counties t h a t iHey pr.y the entire cost oC re- l o c a t i n g roud'o under construction by ; ·the I l i R l i w a y l)cp:irlment, as is now tho law. Since J!)l!) those- counties have paid m a n y millions of dollars for ·damages arising f r o m realignments made by the dt partment. i Not only .should every penny u£ i license fees an,! ;;asolino tax be- spent for road construction and mainton- . iinco, but members ot tho !/oi?is'l should have borne-thing to say as to j how this money should be spent. Cor- j t a i n l y tho m a n y thousands- of persons on Pennsylvania's unimproved back , roads do not w a n t In stay in the mud '. u n t i l tho State sets around to p u t t i n g : down h i g h w a y s of the costliest type.! They want to set out o? the mud. j Every mile of road on the present Stato ; high-way system caa be improved by the end of tho ne-xt bie-n- Tiium, May SI. 19"?., and in addition to paying for this construction tho Highway Department will have money for new and meritorious activities. _ Ths program of tho administration ! for tho present bieutiium is tho mos-t j ' extensive In t h e history of the Co-m- moawealth, authorizing the construction of 2,00(1 miles of roads of ai! types. With tho completion -of this program 3,021 miles of unimproved road ·will remain mi tho State highway system. Kvid"iiUy this mileage is not of primary or secondary importance, else It would not have been so long disregarded. This lHlu£ the case, will not residents alons Uieso roads bo satisfied wlili a. less costly typo of construct i o n ? Kor ^-U.OOO per mile, these 3.01U milts c-C e a r t h can be transformed into excellent bituminous ma- «*dam highways. Approximately ^IGU.OOD.OOO w i l l be available for the next biennium. Subtract the JftiU.i'Ou.OWl) iioL't-ssary for tho improvement of ',\,02i miles; subtract an additional $-'(1,000,1)00 for a rc- pluce-meul and resurfacing program euual to t h a t o£ tho present blen- niurn--a balnficc remains of about j $80,000,000 wUh w h i c h the State HlRli- ' way Department can take over tlio | m a i n t e n a n c e of a l r e a d y constructed j township roward roads, relieve -the- in- [ dividual counties ot tho cost of re- j locating Stato highways, and begin gradually to take over and maintain all township roads. The, time is not far d i t a u t w h e n Iho State h i g h w a y systum w i l l have- been tntire-ly i m p i o v e d -- u n l e s s new inik 1 - Hge is added, and SU-HH can t h e n bo t a k e n each 'ju-uuUtm to improve a certain n u m l - v r of miles of t o w n s h i p road witii 1. j-s i-o!U*;y b u t e n t i r e l y tul(-iuutc consinictUni. Xt asvncy can make a great.or I - I M - t r i b u t K i u u.i !ho a g r i c u l t u r a l w e l f a r e L)f 1' !v;i :;Ut t h a n the State lliyi.'- .v;»y Di-parliuirnt. In uiy opinion ( i i o Conuiuunsi-ai:!i ot' .renus-ylvaniu. owes uu debt aw u ';;.:ut. as that, ID dwc-Ucro back r o a d s who ur years h a v e AIjVERTOiV, Jan. 28-- Mrs. Emma Keslar ok' Kuffsdalo was aa Alverton caller Sunday. iVIrs. Laura Ctimni 'tig-ham and IMifis Dairiy Parry were , ; cottlale calle-ra Saturday evening. Mr. find Mrs. \Va' j ren JSicher of Connellsville were ''ifliting. Alverton relatives Sunday. Mies Klixaboth B a i l i n g of Tan- was a caller here Sunday Lizzie Hodge was struck by an automobile Sunday a w u t 12:."0 o'clock in front of tho bonio o£ Miss Mae Stoner. She waa severely bruised and tufforel from fihock. T h e r e ' will be ;i j.rayer meeting at tho home of Mrs. J.lashinour in Old Bethany AVcdnenday evening. RUSSIAN GIRL REFUGEE WINS PENN STATE PRIZE STATE COLLEGE, Jan. 28--Tatiana Proslcoimalcoff o£ Landsdov/ne, Pa., a Russian refugee who came to America unable to speak a word of English fivo years ago, won the John \V. White scholarship at tho Pennsylvania State 'College- Tor her sophomore work, an- nounceni-c.-nt of tho prize wlnij-era by President Ralph D. Hetael revealed. Three John W. White eiul thirteen Louise Carnegie scholareMps are of- forcd annually, to loaders of tho frosh- nian, sophomore and Junior classes. Miss Proskouriakoff prepared for colloge In a private flcnool near Philadelphia, progressing suffioontly to enter within two years. She in studying architecture at Perm State. How They Settle Strikes in Haiti POR AU PRINCK, Haiti, Jan. 28-One of (ho lirst striken in Haiti and ita ultimate settlement has just come to light. . J u Ui-e, town of 1'Arcahaie during July, 1925, five laborers were employed by tho :own commission as street cleaners. They received ono gourd-o (20 cento KoM) per day for their labor One- day, they struck for higher wages Tho demand was tor 25 continioB (5 cents gold) por day tnoro or no streote \rottld be cleaned . Tht strike was settled liy discharging Francois, a lame member nC tho street cleaner's union, and d u i d h i R hi« pay among th« other four. FRENCH PAST GROTTO BENT Slisforlnnn Strikes Flier, LONDON, Jan. 27.---F. C. Ohichester. who lef: hero last m o n t h In a try to sot n mvw air record to A u s t r a l i a , is missing between Port D a r w i n , North Austral.;; 1 ., iiiul l l r u n n e l l o Downy, it was n ported li-orc thi:; morning. C^hU'.hcsier, wtioso piano smash-ed in Yoimg 1 Archaeologist, and Find Evidence of Harly Life. By HENRY OUMi.M.'IiNG United Pi^jss Staff Corres.pon 3 PARTS, Jan. 2S.--Prehistoric 'F is giving up fraginiieuL afl-er Era.' mont o£ Ji-e-r 'loag-buriod p;wt' to th-e · x-tra- ordinary »kilt and couraivo of a . oung French archaeologist and' his v ifJ. · Down in th-e goologixi,ny a: ci-ent foothills c-E the Pyre-nees, M. N rbert Oastorc-t for more than 15 ye-ai i has l;toen exrlori-n.g cavc-s. grottOvi a.ud u niter-ground 1 -rivers. Hi« un:,irlng search for itraces ot an extinct civilization has by no iiieanf- be-on 1 arren of results. His nwxst r-;c«nt a- eccss nid-ed by his wife, -was tho dis ov-ory of a grotto, once tho hoane -o" prehistoric mon, not far -from his arli-or discoveries a(. 'Montospan, 'in t! e d : e- partmeut of -Hauto-Oaroimo. The grotto, to yrhich access i very ditUcult., i;; ;t,2tM) metres iotiff, a id 3u- olutl-os nKUiy s-pacioiifi corridor .. According to :M. Cast-eret, Uw mo t rm- nortant vestige of aa-clciit Hto which he discovered'is a 'primitive) wta rcaso. While working- his way Into t o ro- inot-nat corners of the cavern, : o cn- countorod a wall -of clay which acem- c-d to render furttier progr-et i ini- ·p-oHslblo. Jnvestigalion showed tha.t deep holes had bo-en cut i n t o tr i barrier, a f f o r d i n g h;njd-:inii-foo! -hold« somewhat on tho p r i n c i p l e o-f ; niod- n r a H t a i r w a y , and m u k i u g it e isy to pasw to the other .-jide. llo iilrio found mi'moroiiH brou ;o and iron instruments, carved a n l l o ' H of door, ;i,nd pottery mail-e. from (.1 * ciay vhich comprised most of tho v, ills of tbe grotto. Many skeletons were found in one of the galleries, wMch bad -ev rksntly ed equally as important. a« his new famous exploration and' discoveries an tho underground river-caverns of M'oiK.espsui, Stripped to bathing trim-Its, caudle'in hand and a anuUl package oC matches in his mouth, M. Castoret pliuigwl into the stream at the .point '"where it dropped' into subterranean recess-as. ·Coming again to the surface under the rim of tho cave, he 'found himself, *by the aid of matches and candle, izi a series of vast clay- wailed' caverns. His subsequent discoveries, which ma-do him fa-mouSj were elinilar to those ot his latest find. New York Garment Makers May Strike By United Prese. NEW YORK, Jan. 28--Forty-five thousand New York dressmakers are ox peeled to utrike this w-eek for uniform wage and l a b o r tandarle throughout the industry. , The etriko call probably will be endorsed at a uveeting of members o£ the International Jjadiee Garment Workers' Union tonight. Wodtieflday all union dressmakers will ballot. President William Green oC th-o American Federation of Labor is ox- nected to drop temporariJy hte textile orgunixail.on work in tho South, to como here to pledge tie Federation'n support. The garment, industry had bc?en de- tnoraHzed by cut-throat competition union leaders charge. Hod-ies Found in LAUIUGL, AM., Jan. 27,---Frozen ctlft and covor«l by snow, tho bodies of Alfred Well ford', 14, missing since Monday, and Lynn Montgome-ry, 2!j, a race track follower, wore fonnd heref 1 last nifrlit. Tho boy had been shot In the nenk, and the man, w h o was holding a revolver, in the temple. '; Tripoli at tho same hour his wife-j been iiii-ed as Uio r«fula: - burial cuam- ! died, w;is on his way hnnin wh«i ho ' i left Port D a r w i n yesterday. Ptitroiilzo those v ho advertise. Killed by Express. .TKANNETTK. Pa.. .Ia':i. '^T.--John Ivoisl, I'l, ot Grapovillr, waa Idllod lust n If lit when stnu'l; by a I-'. R. .11. express while walking in Deadman'a Cut, ne:ir here. He was unmarried. be-r of the cave dwellers. Audo i .ouncls of clay had nen hastily piled t r over the corpses, as is Hhov.-n by t 10 im- pre.ssiona «till left in. tno moil ;da. Scholurs are awaiting with i iterefst tho (It; tail (id ile:^:rii1io'! of hi . findings, which M. Caste-ret is exjx :led to publish. T'iu'a latw-t discovery of the you'llg Kcholar-advt'iii.tire.1' j» x isldor- ("niontovvn Conple ParoU'd, I'lTTSBUHJG, .Jan. 27, -- W i l l i a m Burnti and wife, Pearl, of Uniontown were placed on a -three-year probate today charged with vlolatlnjr tho Harrison narcotic act. They were eont- ·enced by Judge I*'. P. Scnoonmaker of tho U n i t e d States Court. Struck by Tndii. JBANNETTK. J a n . !7. -- John Kleisl, -11, single, waa killed Sunday nliTht wbeu strttclv by a train on "Dead Man's (.Jut" near here. Takes to Air in Sunny South Mrs, John TrumbuU, wife of the fly\ ing Governor of Connecticut and mother- in-law of John Coolidge, took her first sky ride in the , cabin of the airship Vigilant, at St. Peters: burg, Fla. Newarool) Smithton Wilson caller SMITHTOX, Jan. 28-- T^ auk of Charleroi wafi a business hero Friday. Mrs. James Rattery of T'elle Vernon wus «a K«cwt at the home ot Mr. and Airs. Pp-ter Beati Friday oven ing'. Charles Hixon who has leen ill at his 7\omo for a f-ew days is reported as being out. Mr. and Mrs. Ainericu.' Zandorella w-ere MonoKsen vii-itor-s K 'iday. AdolpJj Hftjxlfiock of J.yfl :robe was a viriitor lier^ Friday. Clara He-pier was n. C.'ba "loroi visitor recently. George Brook.? of Chailfiroi was a caller here Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Kamuel I'.ough ^ n t j r - tain«l a number of the r fronds at I h o i r homo here recenlly. The evening was epcnt in music f u r n shod by the Old Time. Fiddlers. A delicious was fi-ervod. Among those present were Mr, and Mre. Elm«r Hough, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hough, Mr. and Mrs, (ilare-neo Brown, Mr. rind Mrs. Berrel Hryou, Dcwey liongh, Mr. and Mrs. William Graft, Mrs. Albert,, I. Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wolfe, Mias Isabella Hammers and Mice Fan- nit; Hough. Denbo Athlete Killed. HROWNSVILUK, Jan. 27.~Wi1lc his younger brother, Richard, looked on. helplosn to aid him, Andre-w .1. llehanek, 21, well known Bobtown youns man, and a former resident and football star of Denbo, Washington county, was drawn into a rock crush- ins' machine in tho Sbannopin mine at Bobtown and crushed to death ou Friday. Use tho Classified Adveriisemente. w i®3IBf vwvwntWT/vwrvwwtofif^^ Ladies' "Goodrich" Zipper Galoshes $!J,50 Valuos, hi Gruy und Tun Special Lot, Ladies' Wool Sweaters Yalucs to $1.00 Men's Work Shirts Blue: Cliambniy, triple stitched; all sixes. 7.9o value--2 for Men's Overalls and Blouses Heavy Blue Denim, in aJl sixes. $.t.. r 0 value _ _ Men's Outing Nightshirts and Pajamas All Sixes. Values to $l,(i5. !) 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