The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 15, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

_ - .. ttfWlt Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,609 VOL. 16, NO 132. CONNELU3VILLE, PA.. MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 15, 1918 SIXTEEN PAGES. CONNELLSVILLE LODGE 503,B.P.O.L,FIRST BOOSTER EDITION CONNEUSYME LODGE OF ELKS HOLDS HIGH PLACE AMONG CITY FRATERNITIES Came Into Life in the Spring of the Year 1899 When ' Small Group of .Leading Men Holding membership in Nearby Towns Go* Together and Agreed That Con- ncUsrllJe Wa» Big Enough for Lodge of Its Own; Frank L. Brendel First Exalted Ruler Bat Served Only Short Time and J. M. Doyle Succeeded Him: Interesting History of the Order. MEMBERSHIP IS FOUR HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE * Connellsville lodge No. BOS o£ the Benevolent and Protective OrSr ot ELKs hold* a position in Elkdom ot -which its 475 members may well feel proud. Brer since lie orcuization it hja ranked Hugh, among the tratW bodies ot this pan. ot the atate. ~ *"· The lodge bad its b«*lnntig on M»y 7, 1899, when a coterie ol^Con- lellvrilta citizens, then members oC Untootown and nearby lodges, met'hi tlie office of the Daily News to conefcter the advisability of establishing a lodge m Connellsulle. Among the persona preaeot at that meeting were Janice M. Dojie, C. A. Brail, S B. Mason, J. D MadJgan, C. M. Vance, John Deneea, John Doggan, W. D. Mcdnnis, Thomas V. Donegan, J S Bryner and Robert 9 Steppard. At this meeting -with J M Doyle presiding and W D McGinnis icting as secretary, a committee composed of C. A. Brill, "W D McGinnis, J 5. Bryner, J. D £adigan and Thomas Y. Donegan was appointed to secure Ulitible quarters, after it had bean unanimously decided that Connellsville needed and conld support a lodge of Eta. » A charter having been secured^ Torn the Grand Lodge, officers it ere fleeted and the installabon took place m the afternoon of June 5, 1899, the Service being in charge ot George F. Fatt-Mutam of McEeesport, representing the Grand Lodge. The ev- ming of th» day of. the installation »is a memorable occasion--a bau- (W being jerred in Odd Fellows hall nth. many prominent citizens of the 'ity, nwn not affiliated with the order, * gMtS. The nrst corps of officers selected o guide the affairs of the infant Ddge wa* composed of Frank L. lrend«l, exalted ruler, J M. Doyle, ·teamed leading knight, H. S. Stout, steemed loyal knight, J E Still- ragon. e*teemed lecturing knight, W McGinnis, secretary*, George T rnffln, treasurer, Thomas V Done- »n. trt«r; C A. Bnn» esqnire; C M inner guard; H. L Knrtz, haplam, R, Marietta, James Echard Vd "W D Anderson, trustees On account ot his manifold duties 3 an official ot the Baltimore * Ohio Lailroad company. Mr Brendel was wc«d to resign the office ol exalted nler shortly after his election J M Joyie ww chosen as his successor. Ir Doyle served the full term and njoys ihe distinction of being the rst past exalted ruler ot the lodge On April 14, 1M2, the John Kurtz omestead at East Crawford avenue serving extra terms The list of rulers follows J M Doyle 18D9-1900, J E. Stit'wagoj, 1900-1901 M K Smith, 1901-1902 (deceased.) C L. dark, 1902-1903 -(deceased.) A. W. Bishop, 1903-3904 G B. Snrder, 1904-1905 (deceased.) S B Sickelsmtth, M05-1-W6 (deceased.) T V Donegan, 1906-1307 T V Donegan, 1907-1WS J. B Millard, 1908-1909 J B MiUard 1909-1910 Kay L. Ryan, 1910-1911 Fred H Harmening, 19111312 R. W Leiterger. 1912-1913 Harry Hopkins, 1913-1914 H M Kephart, 1914-1915 J E 'Wallace, 1915-1916 J B Millard 1916-1917 E. L. Duggan, 1917-1918 J G. Tippman, 1918-The list of charter members of the lodge bears the following names W. D McGinn In John rjuggan Ja«- 5. Ijaughrei P L. Brendel J 6 Bryner ThoA V Joneffaji Robert F Sheppard J M DoySe W D Anderson S D Woods C M. Vance H. J Jordan Chaa L. Ball Emmet Sannders. Q L Pore O L. Fletcher "W P Marqua H. L, Kurt* ,, J Z Porter P J Tormar F T Astocroft W H Brown Geo B Snyder Jas W Howard John A. Gabler J H Doyle S R. Mason George Bryner Alex McBeth jy was purchased for the sum of 12,00^) for a club house, H M Kep- art heading the committee widen loscd the deal. Possession was im- lediately given and the house was jrmshed complete at a cost o£ 1,500 M. K Smith was exalted ruler t'thls time. Mr Smith, who was di- teion operator for the Baltimore . *hio Kailroad company. m«t his death \ the wreck of the Duqnesne Limited ·ar Dawson in December 1903 November 22, 1915, during the in- umbency of J E Wallace as exalted ijer, arranEements were completed )r erection of an addition to the club ouse This was only recently com- fetcd at an expense of J18,000 Tol- wmg his tenure as exalted ruler r Wallace was elected secretary, hich position he has since held Since its institution Connellsville dge has had 20 exalted rulers Of lat number Thomas V Donegal! and une« B Millard had the honor of J E StiUwason C A Barr Jackson M Dodds John B Connel] H Marietta. J E Sims. James Echard Damol A Mctx- Clalr St'llwaffon ear W L Neff J J Doncrhcrty David Randolph P E Paltz ~R. P McCorntcK Chas H Stonffet R R Fra-tioh M D L BrookS A B Kurtz M K Smith M Kell} J J Sanderson Beni Goldsmith Wm J F^Ob J D Stillwagon F D Cllftord H L. Stout M J McCarthy C I* Maxietta. P J Q Marietta- J Harrv McGrair G C Kneedler John Hartiifan A T7 Bishop George T Griffln Chaa Ij. Clarke S R Slaj maker E L. Stillwaeon -W H Soisaon James Keegan M Carey Jr Ttobert Morris Michael Morris- H It Kephart sey Jos D Matligan H F Atkinson C A BrilL V H Soi«son J W GHren B P E-own W D Gilchrist ,The first death to occur in the membership was that of W A Davidson. H S Stout died while serving as- exalted ruler, in the year 1900 am Bnadlrar PafffficfiD^ED ©IF ,P. 0. Curtain PROGRAaf--("Subject to Change.) S 30 Interlocutor _ --Mr Marvin B Pr}ce. Doc Huston Harrj Percy Herbert Pratt BOJES v^tn Girard Thos Davidson A. R. Duncan Doc Buttermore Harr\ Ixiuden TAMBOS Al Hampton Ralph Morton BALLADS sb Barnes John Daus Ray McLlmtock Miss Rene Soisson J H, TVallace J M Doj lo Daniel Cunningham C Max Hunter Paul Berkcy John Collins Raymond Schuler Leo Tulley Charles Mahoney Albert Cuneo James Duffej B B Clifford Chab Barlow Albert Opperman Fred Stone Arthur V "M ^foon D S Trimble Miss liancis Louis "\Icans Bon Moiraau, Jr A\ P Plynn James Cypher Lawrence King BOYS CHOIR \\iiliam Lowe Leo Stader Lawrence Tippntan Henry X Boslct John Lowo ThoraAs Howard James E Wardlow Ldward Davare rellx Preitia Vincent T Neuroth Stanisla-w Sudziak Albert Schomer Thomas Sikorji C Bailey Jas ''rtbitt T J Hughes Sam Frown David r Girard Charles Starkes George Comstock Albert Balduoci James Dougherty Leopold Schiller P Tormay Brown William Soisson SONG NTOIBDRS STiR SPANGLED BAXNEH Company and Audience Over There' Company Atter the War is Over' -- OLIO Mr Herbert Prat. Dancing Down in Dixieland" Harrj Percy Some Sundaj Morning" J[r Ray McClintock Pra For the Lights vo Go Out ritv. Huston Just a Baby s Prav or At Twilight,' Mr A B- Duncan The Wild, Wild Women are Making a Wild Man of 3Ie .. Harry Louden ·All tho \Vorld Will Be Jealous ot Me John Davis King Tomaso The Oal, Mist, Rene Soisson - Old Tyme Gun Juggler Charles Barlow A. Study m Black Happy Charles Starke THE BOOK AGENT 'Alerande- s Back from Dixie Grand jnnale--"Baby s Prayer, Doc Buttermoro -By Little Miss Francis Louise Means -Kiferle s Orchestra Overture Decorations, George r Pritchard Book Agent Information Jim . Dancing Sam ___. Mis Wise -Doc Buttermore M B Pryce Doc Huston il Hampton Dlectrical effects Harry Percy ELKS ORDER DEMONSTRATES WHAT CAN BE ATTAINED BY ORGANIZATION EFFICIENCY BuiJded on a Foundation of Charity, Brotherly Love, Justice and Fidelity it Has Bison to a Place of Power and Influence Among the Fraternal Bodies of the World; Dispensation of Charity is Not Equaled by Any Other Organization of the Kind, but Giving is Unostentatious, in Keeping With Intent of Its Founders. RECOGNIZES NO CREED; IS BIG ENOUGH FOR ALL TLe Bene/olent and Protective Order of TJlks rightly lajs claim to the leading place among the fraternal organizations of America It demonstrates in a high degree nhat efficiency in organisation can accomplish Tie found- era i/t the Order of Llkb builded belter than the knew Launched by a little oand in NeTv "iork in the year 1868 the orier has grown to such an extent that its charities o£ unostentatious character, exceed those of any other sunl'ar organisation m the world In lie beginning it -was founded on the principles of chantv justice, brotLerly lo\e and fidelity and on that foundation it lias grown to massive strength Charilj as Ellis teach it and endeavor to practice it embraces consi joration ol the rights o£ others, tolerance oE oppobing uews, whether political or religious, and regard for the temptations that surround and beset a brother aioiig he journe of life Portia said 'In the course of justice Contributions to charitable enterprises through which the name of the donor may be he-aided, signing public 'subscription lists tiat all Jie world maj know how generous the subscriber is--such acts do not constitute chant} as Uie Elk t«es it and as the order teaches it, Charitv to the Elk means understanding the needs ot those who may have fallen in the struggle and aftordtng assistance of whatever nature may be required. Charity is humanity in us highest sense. Chanty is love for the fellow man Fifteen centuries ago, Mahomet, the founder of the relig.on which has been Jie greatest barrier to the spread of Christlamtj declared 'Every good act is chanty vour smiling in your brothel's face is chanty, an exhorta tlon to jour fe low man to virtuous deeos Is equal to almsgiving your none of us should see salvation ' Justice that walks with mercy is our ideal To the Elks' mind, motherlv love, so far as our relations m this order arc concerned, means a sincere desire and an earnest effort on the part of ever} Elk to understand every otn- er Elk and to be his friend It has been said that friendship is a necessity of the soul Perhaps the best definition that was ever given was bv the little school bo} who was asked, Wfaat is a friend 9 " He replied A friend is one -who knows all about you, but who lo\ es you just the same.' Ve not only do not alwas under =tand each other but man} of us do not understand the purpose of life says a leading mcirbei of tho order I have read somewhere about the 30) that kings envy and that wis« Jb charit} vour assis ing the blind s i n _ c . n anj ^ a charity, your giving - -» - -- I man finisiies hls course wlthout lear - thirsi} is chant} Smannucl weden r borg 1. X. Boyle, P. £. B, Chairman Minstrel Committee. WHAT IS AN EK? Poet Answers Question In the Following Words: What is an Elk' Weil, lot me see' Hot one whose heart Is light and f'ee A man who s honest to the ground, Who spreads Gods sunshine all around, He s one wno airways seeks a plan To help alone his fellowman Upon his heart oar virtues stand, And that s an klk What is an Elk 7 A prmce I think Oh, yes, h e l l sometimes take a drink But wUen you re down and out, ray friends There is the hand he alwavs lends His heart is there his purse is too, And always to his oath, he s true He s one when lue seems dark and drear %\ ill give you words of hope and cheer-And thats an Elk What Is an Elk' When all Is said (He soothes tue siok and mourns the dead He is not alftajs blithe and gay He knows there com«s a time to pray, And when a brother s called above His gra\e is moist with tears of love Ard as time goes the page uc scan, The world is better for this man--· And t_iat s an Elk Advance Seat Sale. Advance seat sale for the Elks show is oa at Connellsi ille Drug Company M. B. Pryce, Interlocutor. CUMBERLAND SHOW Brings Big. Sum Into the Ked Cross Treasury. The Cumberlaid Lodge ot Elks laat week gave a minstrel show foi the benefit of the Red Cross and realized a Urge sum--one ot the largest secured at any benefit affair for the cause The show was givea on nights and eacn night the theater vras packed to capacity That is what the Connellsviile lodge Is hoping for tomorrow aad Wednesday nights at the Soissoa theater Presents Flk's Head. ' Uncle Joe Bens nger, proprietor of the Arlington Hotel, has presented ConnellSTille Lodge of Elfa with a. magnificent elk's head the ittlers of which iiave a spread of four and one- halMeet It has been mounted over the chair ot the esteemed leading knight. HOSPITALITY SECRET Social Gatherings One 01 Big lea- tares of Hks* Calendar. Eve"j .b'k prides himself on the hospHali y ol the B P O E A brother never visits the home m Last Crawford wenue without going away feeling that lie was glad to ha\c been there The committees in charge of affairs are eve: planning Lo make the hours Uic members and \isitors speed there wor h while F*-oir reports tha have come ou* of ihc home here tbej succeed Hospitality is one of the se- creti, of the giowtli of the lodge the great heologian of the eighteenth cen u-y defined charity as neighborly lo\e Ho wrote Chart? is the kernel of Christianity and the outward forms the she 1 !. Chantv is putting oneself in the other fellow s place l\o man. has a right to sit m judgment on the acts of his neighbor Providence nas gifted no one or us with pyes that see r he scars upon soulb nor \vith ears that can hear the battles between will and weakness that rage in the heart ot another No mans life has been so full nor has he journeyed so far that he can | know the lures and temptations that face all men and all "women -- the creeds Lpon TrhJch. they were reared i --the early influences that surrounded them--the griefs that they hear--the | hurts that they wear and the storms I that beat upon their hearts Not i every man has felt the need o£ bread j nor the want of a roof, nor privations that ha\e battered the ed-gc of his resolution No man as a right to constitute himselC a Trial Board of the community's morak- i This order teaches charity of thought and won 1 and deed Elks believe, also, m justice but not the stern, unyielding justice that a Puritan would demand and a Shylock enforce An old philosopher admitted ' I am not wasc enough to 1 kaow wfcat justice is" The gentle ing that the joy of life is not m getting and having, but in ga-ving and sharing Some ride in the smoker some in the day coach some in Jic palace car But all have a common destination There is no royal road, from the cradJe to the casket, "ft e are all striving to reach the same goai and certainlj the journey \vould be more comfortable for all if each were kindly considerate of the comfort and welfare of everj one of his fellow passengers ' All men are created f~ee and equal But what about the practical application of that principle"* Does the well-Cod well-housed, -well-paid man in position of authority really believe that the day laborer, poorly paid living in comparative poverty, is just as good as he 9 Does the man who is nding on the crest of tie w-av e of prosperity think the struggling swimmer who is fighting against wind and tire has equal 9 "TVe desire a comfortable worW-- comfortable for all We belteve thai it is as true now as 3t was in. the days of tie Hebrew seer that the best ciU zen s apt to be the man. wao is nol bowed by cringing povertv, nor made arrogant by excessive riches HI fares the land to hastening ills a prev, where wealth accumulates and men decay ""We accept all creeds that recognize tne brotherhood of man There is no quarrel between this order and any Continued on Page Sixteen. LARGEJEAT SALE Soisstm theater 1HH Ui Tucked tor llks' MJustrel Shim. An unexcelled program bis been, arranged for tne annual minstrel of ConnellsvIUe Lodfe of the B P 0 E tomo-row an£ Wednesday nights Tne best -alent in the city lias been =s- cured for the occasion The soat sale is ia rge and there at e already evidences of packed houses bo h nights " ilks' lodge Officers. Besides Exalte 11 F uler Tippman the Elks' officers who Trere installed Monday night o-f last week, are Esteemed lead ng Imight A I Daniels esteemed 'oyal knigat, M B Pryce, esteemed lecturing knight C r Rowe secretary J E Wallace treasurei, H C Hays, tyler, "W E DeBolt, trustees, T H Ryan J BI Doyle and J C Herw ck organ st, E L SUllwagon J. E. Wallace, Secretary.

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