The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1930
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

FACE BIGHT. DAILiY COURIER, COW EI/LSVILLE, PA. TUESDAY, J A N U A R Y 2S, 1930. Begins Wednesday, January Your ! Needs Now All Charges Made Regrouping of Women's Footwear Women's patent, kidskins and satin shoes with low, Cuban and High heels. Ties, straps and pump styles -, During · Our Clearance Sal , Women's, Misses' and Children's low .cloth Rayn Boots in grey, tan and black colors. Low and fl* ~\ A K Cuban heels ...... _,, ----------------------- «pJLVtd» Children's Shoes Group of Children's shoes in patent, tan calf and black calf. Oxfords, strap pumps and high shoes ...... * Savings in Boys' Clothing Boys' Leather coats and jackei s, $8.95 value, (g£ Qff now ..... _____ .......... ..... ------------------- tp**»i/iJ' .. LOT OF SHEEP-LIKE]) COATS $9.85 value .............................. $6.95 $7.95 value ...................... , ....... $5.95 $14.95 Chinchilla O'Coats ................................. $'8.95 V Lot of Boi/s' Raincoats ...... $1.95 Boys' 50c fancy Socks, pars $1.00 Stationery and Accessories Clearance Prices Group of Paper Doilies, Dennison ('repe Paper Rope, and Dennison Napkins., Values to 15c . . , Choice ~ -._ 5e 25c Decorated Crepe Paper ..._ _ I2^c 8c Dennison Wax 2c each Lot of Books, Bridge Sets, Score Pads, Writing Paper and Ink Wells. Values to ijjl.OO 25c Assortment of Jewelry in the newest fashion of crystal and pearls. Value;* to $1.25 _ ,, 58c Fabric Specials -Group of cretonne drapery, silk and cotton K\vun- to Crepe and plain ginghams .-- _ 36 inch Printed Dimities, 32 inch Printed Kimono Crepe, and 36 inch Prints in Floral patterns. Past colors . 27 inch Outing Flannel in plain, light and dark colors. Values ~6 J _!.,*·» to 18c - 'JL 2 t Remnants of Cotton Prints, Ginghams, Outing Flannel and Crash Toweling at a Fraction of their former values. Values in Girls' Clothing Girls' Chinchilla and Broadcloth Coats at ' J /a Price. $ 3.95 Coats ...$1.98 $ 7.95 Coats ...$3.98 $10.95 Coats ...$5.48 $16.50 Coats ...$8.25 Girls' $1.00 Union Suits ....58p Women's Kid Gloves ' . $1.95 Pair Women's French Kid Gloves in slip-on styles, and novelty cuffs. $2.25 to $4.00 values. Silk and Woolens 54 inch Coatings and Dress Materials, values to $4,95 ^ Frie.o 31 inch Bilk Shirting, regular $1.5)5 value-- }£ Price FELT HATS $1.44 ' fashionable spring models a id shades of Felt Hats with some in straw trimming . . . Ul head sizes. r On Next Month's Statements Savings Hosiery Reduced for the Men S A regrouping of Chmchillr, Rumble Seat and Dressy Broadcloth Coats at special reduced prices. Some of the coats are fur trim] led. $12.50 Coats I $ 5.95 $18.50 and $28 Coats - $ 9)45 $39.50 Coats ....$16.45 $49.50 Coats $19.45 $65.00 Coats , $29.45 v --Special -Women's E'resses ') , Women's and Misses' Dres: es of plain and print\ ed Canton Crepe. A s e l l i n g foi all thrifty women. $6.'95 Black Raincoats _ $3.50 medium weight part wool ( Union. Suits ... ? 65c to 95c Silk Ties Men's silk and rayon, and · wool mixed Socks. Values to 50c, 4 pairs Lot of Men's Fancy Dress Shirts in collar attached and neckb a n d styles . . . $ 2 and $2.50 values^ ' Men's Silk Mufflers in square and oblong shapes. Values to $1.95 Women's All Pure Silk Hose w i t h three inch lisle top reinforced heels and toes, f u l l fashion and service weight. Good assortment of shades Odd lot of $1.()5 to $1.95 pure s i l k hosiery , . . semi-service weight, f u l l 1'ashJoii, and good shades, p a i r Children's heavy cotton, and rayon and vool socks and stockings in p l a i n a n d f a n c y patterns. 5Of. v a l u e s , p a i r , Odd lot of C h i l d r e n ' s cotton stockings, values to ~. r e--2 p a i r for Women's Underwear Selling A lot of Women's Union Suits, values to $1.95 -Women's Knit Shirts and Drawei s, $1 value .._-- 48c Reductions in the Do vvristairs Store A group of Green Glass Gobi :ts, Crystal Cut Sherbets and Water Tumblers. 15c values . . .- each ,, - - Choice selection of useful pif ces of colored glassware -- .-;-- 25c Junior Floor Lan ip Bases $ -1.05 -values - - $2.48 $12.50 values $6.25 Curtains Remnants of curtains, cretonnes, draperies and linoleums at a Fraction of their former values. 36 inch Rayon Drapery iu blue, rose and' flame combina'tions. $1.00 values. Yd. LvOt of drapery material of Damasks, Rayons, and Taffetas. Iu 36 inch, 45 inch, and 50 inch widths. Values to $2.00 a Q O ^ yard, now, yd-- · Oolx 30 inch plain and colored Curtain Marquisettes, 65c values, yard ,,. 36 inch Washable Cretonnes, 38c value High-back Metal Kitchen Stools in colors of blue and white, $1.75 values _ 18x24 inch Stair Treads of heavy rubber with steel binding and curved nosing. S5c and $1.25 values, each Special Priced Home Need 70xSO Cotton Blankets .with fancy colored plaid «. Assortment of Bed Spreads, slightly soiled Sheets and Pillow Cases . . . v a l u e s to $8.95 ^ Price 70x80 All-Wool Double Plaid Blankets, sateen bound. $9.9Ji value, now _.... $7.94 £2x6S plain crash cloth with colored borders, $1.38 v a l u e _...\ A lot of Madeira square scarfs and linen Damask sets. Values to $12.50-- }· Price Napkins of 20x20 inch Mercerised, and 14x1.4'inch Linen, H dozen __,, Art Needlework Finished hand embroidcried models of dresses, scarfs, pillows, aprons and pillow cases _ -- ,, }£ Price -fl'.OO Hemstitched Linen Scarfs . . . stamped with easy designs ; o embroidery ,, Infants 5 Wear Outing Gowns, former values to 95c 38c Flannel Slips . . Gertrude style, values to $2.95 _ _ _ S8: I n f a n t s ' Wool Vests, values to $1.95 58c FAT HUSBAND BACKERS WIN PARIS DEBATE Partisans of Corpulent Mfttes Laud Their Good Humor And Docile Natures. By United Press. PARIS, Jan.. 28--Fat men make better husband than thin onefl. At least that wan tho vortUct reached at tho historic Parisian debating society, Club Uu Faubourg, after the ciueation had b«Mi .Ur.-ii9h.uil out In one of the most hcatctl verbal cUishes o£ that organi- sation. The i i r g u m c n t which clinched tho victory was t h a t men endowed with amplo nvoidupois have an easy-going w«y, m i l k i n g them ideal mutes for tho imi*t. lieujiOL'king ut' wives. Thin, hue- Kni'tj:, it was contended, arc more hghly stnuiK and are apt to talk back 1u thor bH | ,.i}f--halvot;, c-ausng martial U i s c o r U and Uomestie unhapplneHS. "Y-ou will a l w n j e notice that tit persons are of gooO. lutmor, Jovial and tilled AV t h tho Joy o£ living," said il. Georges 1'Uu-h, noted orator and critic, "The It-Mi aiul h u n g r y ones usually arc dieeoufcuUxt w i t h life, and are rutjpon- alblo for «!1 revolutions." This last statein-e-nt brought forth tirades of protest from tho thinner men present who jumped to their feet and demanded tho floor one- after another. They repudiated the- Imputation that loan husbands foment domestic uprisings as woll as those of stato while several speakers declared it wad a -direct Insinuation that underweight men beat up ttelr wives. "Y-eu will tlnd that fat men make bettor husbands hecauso they are not eo Jealous and are easy to please," volunteered a woman speaker, Interrupting a num shaped like a hou. "Pat men are complacent and though slow In movements ar-a quick to agree. I should know, my huubaiul IB one of tho most corpulent men in Paris." Thero was littlo loft to bo said after this conclusive evidence and tho flyweight men (lied out with disgruntled air, probably going homo to fat for consolation. MACHINE SLICES 1,000 LOAVE: BREAD AN HOUR ti a yresrrlptlon for Colds, Wrlppe, l-'lu, Dengue, Bilious Fever and iftalurla. To deliver bread neatly table or for of St. Louis, diina w h i c h 1:9 t'von t-lli blades. Htu; it can cut I,i briiiul i/j Io: and all tliu t hor toot u p machine dot Be-fore th. for sale,, rue wax ptpor i the bread's The iiiachin. are electric "hv it to customers loaves of slieod and ready 1'or th-o ^indwich making, a baker Mo., has invented a ina- can divide a loaf Into r .'s with one slawh of Ha H i r i n g only one operator, 00 loavu.j in nil hour. The dc! on a belt conveyor, porator has to do it; press in a control pedal. The s tho rest. «liexi ioavc-ij aro r-eacly 1 OHO miitU be wrapped in o avoid all possibility of becoming dry beforo u«o, · and its conveyor system in operation, boing driven lotor. six children, ranging in age from five days * w to ran the "farm" are being held on chargei . . . .1 . . n- TMi-_-.--.n- ol cruelty to children. Police are seeking tat French Veterans JDeplore Craze for Warfare Toys PARIS, Jan. 2S.--Faren-f« in Krancc have been urged to eixieavor to curb tho present cra/e un-ong chil!rcn for war toys, such an soldiers, cannons, for la. Tho French Committee of the- War Veterans' organizations, tho International Conference of Mutilated and ex-Solliers, I K S paused a reaolu-j tion slat ing: . I "Wo deplore that tho war is being] represented to the younger generation i a« a game, which it should 'bo ruad-o i to appear in il.H t r u l y tragic and somhny'form, recailiis constantly the aufferinjjs and UK miseries and dei;- tructioii it brings ?o humanity." The resolution asks mothers and fathers to w i t h h o l d war toys from their children. Raid at Hofsopnlo. PlTTBBURK'i, r u n . 27.r-- i' · · " ·,,; r.fti(--.' on Saturday raided a one-story bui'ding on Centennial Hiii, it. -IX, Holsopile, Somerset county urresliiiK JOG Morelll. H in claim = il a 100-i;:a!lon still 3 fi gallons of i n o o n - j ,'ihino and :U bar 'cla ot mash weru ' fo-und. Sore Tlroat? Don't Gargls This Doctor's Prescription Gives Quicker, Hotter Relief Don't, suffer (ho pain a n d discomfort, of sore throat. Use a dor tor's prescription called Thoxnio gimranle-ui to relieve with tho very first swallow. Gurgles and salves aro too sl'ow an/[ If they do relieve, it i:; usually only teni-porary. Thoxine liaa a double action--it r5- liovcs tho .soreness ami KOC-K direct 10 the i n t e r n a l cause. It contains ;io harmful drug« and is safe and pleasant for tho whole family. There is nothing better to stop couching d-ie to i r r i t a t e d Ihroalx. Just as-k f-r Thoxine, put up ready for uivo in 3! e, (iOc, and $1.00 bottles. Mon-ey back If not relieved. SoJrt, by all ---Advertise me nt. \ . , to eighteen months, are shown in the Elizabeth Hospital, Elizabeth, N. J., after being taken away from a "baby farm" suffering from neglect and sharing cribs with manjjy dogs. Two women pi rants of the babies through a record of pay- in mts found in the filthy house where thej w re being confined. lireat us Io Blind Six. CA.L1JMET O1TV, 1.11., Jan. 27.-'Doctors UiiK m o r n i n g are lighting to save the vision of six men who late last night d r u n k d e n a t u r e d alcohol, obtained from a MaimiKmd druggist by one of them "I· remove varnish." Three of f.ho men ire. insane. Condition A cry Serious. CHICAGO. J a n . '17.---A s u d d e n t u r n for the worse- had left IMS-hop Cliarle.M And-orson, p r i m a l ' of tho Kpi.seopal Church o£ Amerit a, in an Women Preachers Being Opposed by Norwegian Clergy By U n i U ' d Press. OSLO, Jan. 2S -- The Norwegian clergy, thix-aUnicd with invasion of t h « p u l p i t by worn-en prtachors, throu'gh n legislative act being prepared by 1 he govornmeiU, protuHt against tho p 'o- poifal on the g r o u n d a t h a t it conl -a- VCUOH tVi-o tradition of tho church ami tho spirit, of the Gospel. The proponed legislation wouk; throw all oflit-es, oven in. tho army :;nJ navy, open to both s;xw. Many o! tliccja ofl'ico; have hitherto been re- utricted to men. 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