The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 17
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 17

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 17
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, h 1 J Vr. .-.v.) W9 j r M - w 1 ' c 1 ' .. " m , j s V' Spirit of Togetherness Flops Friendly Flag Debate Erupts in By STEWAKT MacLEOD (By TW CP) J ft when At niually predictabl flag d- bat Mtmi to b MtUing down to trlomily family dlcuIon, mnicM Invariably booet up dag gar and lau fly. John A. trvlM (PC-London), an unflinching supporter of the Bad Ensign, proposed Wednes MONEY A PROBLEM Did What He Had to Do Says Blood Bomber's Wife VANCOUVER (CP) - Toni Cowlishaw, .wife of the man whose "blood bomb" splattered cross the House of Commons carpet Monday night, believes her husband "did what be had to do." V The petite brunette, mother of six girls, Is the wife of David Cowlishaw, former newspaper reporter who formed an organisation called Underdog to plead the case of the downtrodden. "I dldat know lie was going to do this thing," Mrs. Cowlishaw said In an interview. "But I know fee must have felt he bad todoH." Xowlishaw said in Ottawa he shrew the carton of blood to the floor of the House to publicize tha grievance of Calvin Mac-donald, who claims to have been an undercover agent of the RCMP working with the Com-Huntstij' ' Macdonald has been attempt ing for two years to obtain public confirmation from the RCMP that his connection with the Communist party was in the line of duty. . n 'MANY COMMUNICATIONS' 4 ; .!. " - i ' r People Want Early Flag Decision PM L (By Tha CP) - Prime Min iate Pearson told the Com mons Wednesday be has had great many communica tions'' from people who bops for an early decision In the flag debate.' v. Ha had been asked by Doug Us Fisher (NDP Port Ar: ftur) whether he had Indication of a substantia! , public opinion that favored neither the Killed When Spartan Survey Plane Crashes t WHITEHORSE, Y.T. (CPV- RCMP Wednesday identified Wesley Stanley Weston, M, of Calgary, as the crew, bar killed when twin-engine Survey plan crashed here Shortly after takeoff Monday. :Tba plane crashed five miles south of WhitehoraL after taking off In a light drizzle. The Anson aircraft was owned by Spartan Airways of Ottawa and a. . A tL J i .... ..1 Sea twov o n WWII awrvvj w u , ths area. . U 1964 mil day that tha tomahawks be bur ied and tha whole business be settled in a spirit of together-! ness. .' .. CHOSE TO COMPROMISE "I am not too aura that the prime minister and the leader of the opposition may not be perhaps a little closer to a compromise than- we all expect "Every wife must be her bus-band's advocate," Mrs. Cowlishaw said. DOESN'T KNOW PLANS "I don't know what he plans to do next, but hs'r tenacious he'll never let go of the Mac-donald case." Cowlishaw, still in Ottawa, said he would undertake a crusade across the country to "rally Indignation for the case of Calvin Macdonald." Like her husband. Tool is a former newspaper employee. She met her husband while she was working for the Vancouver Province. "When I met him, David lud been seeking for something like Underdog for a long time. Now It's his whole life." He works full-time at Underdog. Any time left over is for writing about his work on a free-lance basis to pay house-bold bills. "Money is usually prob lem, Toni says. She said she does not think Red Ensign nor tha proposed three-leaf flag.. Gordon Churchill (PC - Winnipeg South Centre) , asked whether Mr.1 Pearson ; would consider devoting two full days a week to departmental spending estimates, rather then one day as at present. The prime minister replied that "nothing could be Important" than bringing the flag debate to an end. The House had spent IS days on It and was still debating a sub- amendment to an amendment to the government resolution. Stanley Knowles (NDP Win nipeg North Centre) asked Transport Minister Pfckersglll whether be would consider a meeting of all parties to dis cuss the redistribution legisla tion eo H will not be subletted to a prolonged debate when tt comes before'1', the Commons again. , . ' V "An excellent Idea" said Mr. Plcktrsglll. If there was will-Ingney from all parties, a meetinf could be held Monday. The '7 V i'-f Firemen Battle to Wouldn't it be nioa if, as Canadians, we could )ust it down together and work this thing out. " " Minutes later, William Skor- eyko (PC Edmonton East) took Trade Minister Sharp to hit sights. "He did, you must agree, refuse to fulfil hts responsibill- the six girls have suffered from their father's activities, MISSED NOTHING ' "They've missed nothing. I think they've gained, it only In that they have travelled. In most homes the children are taught; in our home they see a living example. You can't go wrong if you set a good ex ample for your children." The children range from Tl months to seven years. Janet was born in Montreal. Pamela and Sally were born in Victoria, Vicki in England, Yvonne in North Vancouver and Lisa in Toronto. . - s Tool Cowlishaw and her six girls live In an area about 20 miles from Vancouver. They have no telephone. She declines to pose for pictures. "Underdog Ik David's baby- it's hts whole life. I don't want to clutter the image." an mg Exports (By The CP) Japan voluntarily Imposing a limit three "to five per cent on the ISM Increase In its exports" to Canada of competitive goods compared with last year, . Finance Minister Cerden 'an nounced in the Commons .Wednesday. - He also announced that Jap anese restraints on tha export of plywood7 lumber to Canada are being lifted because the Canadian government does not regard them as. threatening the domestic market for Canadian producers. '- - But . Japan and Canada, talks which started last Decem ber, were unable to agree) on Uh restraints Japan should ap ply to export of worsted fabrics to Canada,. .... Mr. Gordon; told the Commons tha restraints Japan Is imposing in ISM "provide generally for orderly ' Increases over the ltd levels. "These Increases are m the order of three, to five per cent. and hi virtually all cases these increases are not greater than the expected growth tn the market foe the products hi ques tion. Ottawa 1 ' ' ' " " l' f - J Contain Raging Fire on Hull's Main ties as a deputy minister because of political partisanship. He resigned not only because be could not get along with his staff but because his staff did not particularly care for him. The only way la which be could vindicate his honor was -to get elected to this Parliament where be could again display hia bureaucratic arrogance. INTO MTH DAY And so tha flag debate churns' doggedly into Its lltb day, still deadlocked over a sub-amend ment to the main resolution. Of the 117 speeches made so far. SI have been on the sub - amendment. Conserve tives have contributed U speak ers. Liberals 28, and II have come from the smaller parties. And there's no Indication that supplies are running out. During Wednesday's question period. Prima Minister Pearson tokffhe Commons "at the pres ent moment -nothing could be mora important than to bring tha present debate on the flag to a decision. , Opposition Leader Diefen- baker said the House should be considering more Important economic legislation to Improve "very serious" trade situ ation. The prime minister replied: 'If my friend would only ac cept the arrangements pro- ied by the leaders of all the other parties, then a reasonable time limit could be agreed upon ana we wouia oe aoia to pro ceed with these matters to which ha refers." Later In the debate, Thomas M. Bell (PC Saint John Al bert) said the new flag was part of "creeping republican ism," and much of tha blame goes back to the era of prime minister Mackenzie King. PLAYED 'POWER POLITICS' This misguided liberalism of the first water . . , played with Ex-Mayor Pleads In NONG Shares ORILLIA (CP) - Testimony given by former Ortllia mayor Wilbur Cramp at perjury trial earlier this year was'admitted as Crown evidence Wednesday at his own trial on charges laid In connection with Northern Ontario Natural Gas Company Limited., -Magistrate A. J. Marck al lowed t e 1 1 1 m o a y given by Cramp at the trial' of Ralph K. Ferris, president of NONG. but delayed until today a ruling on other testimony given by Cramp at IS! bearing of the Ontario Securities Commission Cramp pleaded not guilty to1 three charges: Accepting NONG shares In 1M as a con-! alderation for granting a gas franchise in Ortllia; accepting shares to . Mock a franchise agreement with Consumers Gas Limited, and consorting with Ferris In these dealings- Three othejj' former Ontario mayor , face similar charges,1 Journal ' " vt- the constitution and turned our national life into the volcano of power politics to sustain at all costs the life of the Liberal party." In reference to Mr. Sharp, be said: ". . . It Is his type of membership in tha so-called Ottawa establishment of liberal. With a small "L," civil ante, English speaking and British educated in most cases, which Is more to blame than anything else for the division that has crept 'into the coun try.";: .:'. He said it now is thought that! to reach true Canadianitm, one must accept French Canada as the basis. "In other words, it seems to have become an es tablished fact that no Canadian virtue are to be found in our Anglo-Saxon traditions." If the Red Ensign Is to disappear, be said, he hoped a Crown would be put on the new flag." . Mrs. Eloisa Jones (PC-Sas katoon) said she hoped the flag question would be referred to a committee, but she supported the Idea that there should be no time limit on the committee's deliberations. ". . . To In vite) speed here is to summon discord." . CANADA OLD ENOUGH Maurice Rinfret (L Montreal Sl Jacques) said Canada, approaching its 100th year of con federation, "has been waiting for a flag long enough." De- bete had become emotional and the basic Issues were being covered up by passionate appeals. "But It's not emotionalism to try to unite our country under one nag. inat s reason." Mr. Irvine said great waves of Canadians were angry at tha thought of losing ' tha Ensign. For the Conservatives to stop the fight now would mean bow ing to a "virtual dictatorship.' Clement Vincent PC Nice-let- Yamaska) said many of his but have not yet come to trial. They are Mr. Justice Leo Lan- dreville, who left the Sudbury mayoralty In 1S5S to take a seat tha Ontario Supreme Court bench; Wanda Miller of Grav- enhurst, and Glen Coate of Bracebridge. FARRIS itt.v,;-., It was learned last week that F arris, S3, of Vancouver, has cancer and the Crown may not proceed, with two charges against him of conspiring with Landreville to obtain a gis,frao chise. i In i April, Ferris was con victed and4-sentenced to nine months definite and three month indefinite on charge of perhiry i arising from swi statements that ha did not know who received block of. H. NONG shares. He was released on 110.000 cash bail pending appeal. v , ''. I Magistral Marck said Wed-nasday that sldfe Cramp had not applied for protection un I " 1 Street Fire English-speaking colleagues in the party who support the Red Ensign would be willing to ac cent an entirely new design without a Union Jack. Ha said he was impressed with, a design featuring a green maple leaf in a white circle superimposed on red and blue crosses. This design was also mentioned by William G. A. Thomas (PC Middlesex West) as a design for possible compromise . when he spoke Tuesday. Sunday Work QUEBEC (CP) Premier Jean Lesage announced Wed nesday that, a royal Commis sion will Inquire Into the neces sity of Sunday work In the pulp and paper Industry. -.. Under order in council the government appointed Judge Richard Alleyn of Quebec district magistrate's court as chairman of the commission. Robert Fowler, president of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Asso ciation, and Jean Paul Geof. froy of Montreal, deputy secre tory-general of the Conledera. tim of National Trade Unions, are the other members. Ross Goodwin, a Quebec lawyer, will serve as secretary. The commission Is to look into the ' SundajLObservance Law, under the federal Lord's Day Act, which forbids certain work : on that day, including pulp and paper (Operations. The commission must present its re port within six months. Budget for tha Inquiry M $50,100. Innocent Case der the Canada Evidence Act, his testimony at the F arris trial was admissible. BOUGHT AT S2-M Out 1 1 a I a g the prosecution Mr. McCulloch said Far ris had Instructed Vancouver stockbroker John McGraw of Continental Investment Ho" buy 14.000 NONG share at S2.I each before they went on pub lic sale. The price at that time was 110 to SIS a Share. Mr. McCultocb alleged that, on Farrls's Instructions, his as sistant, G. Kelly McLean of Victoria, delivered 200 of the share to William Moore. Oril- lia town solicitor. Ha said ISO war given to Cramp and SO to Moore's law partner, A. M Carter, now a junior judg of the Simeon county court Moore kept the remaining 100. Mr. Card said tha defence would prove Cramp1 dealt with any NONG stock be had openly through Ms broker, or bank. . . 'tr' - , v , ,v ;v By GORD LOMER UPTOWN AND DOWN: Counterfeiting is taking a new twist in Ottawa these days. The other day Clark Dairy driver Roy Kerrigan got stuck with a phony ten a roll of quarter-sized slugs. He didn't discover he'd been duped by one of his customers until he was cashing in that night, and he opened the roll . . . George Fullbrook, an Ottawa cleaner, noting our reference'here the other day about those little cardboard pocket hankiesas among things we can do without, sends along sample of his Arm'' cardboard efforts. And, believe it or not, they're actually useful! On the back, aide, for easy reference, is printed the complete Rough Rider schedule, divided conveniently into home and awj games. Syj George: "Tilings w can't do without!" " SIGNS Or THE CHANGING TIMES: A Bank Street store hi advertising three Maple Leaf flags, regularly H, now 78 cent . i . Road sign on an upper New York slate highway: "Canadian worms for sale" . . , Sign at the parking lot beside the laundromat on Churchill, just south of Richmond Road: "No wash so, no park". . WASHDAY BLUE: There' an old story with a new twist going the round about -an Ottawa woman who was doing her washing one hot day this Summer.' She was down in tha basement putting the washing in the machine, and figured, because she was all atone in the house and it was hot, to throw what she was wearing Into the wash. She did this, and a aha was standing around waiting for the stuff to get clean, sh decided to paint the basement ceiling. When he suited the Job a couple of drop of paint fell on her head, so aha went tip to her son's room and got hia football helmet. She put it-on for protection against the paint and continued her chore.. Suddenly she heard a knock at the door, th footstep down the stair. "Hydro,' shouted a workman, as he walked In and checked the meter- in businesslike fashion. A ha turned to go back up tha stairs he remarked In ' encouraging tones: 1 hop your team 'wins, sa'asa." . ; SHOW BIZi He looks like a toll, suave mitre d but when Yotond Gnerard opens hi mouth to sing, the similarity ends. The well known French-Canadian singer, who pent a year and a half with the road show of South Pacific succeeding Exto Pima in the'lead role, is using his powerful controlled voice to advantage at the Chateau this week. He -alternate French and English songs without a trace of an accent, and completely articulately, and winds up with a couple of Italian and Spanish numbers, "Al Di La" and "Granada", Yoland says he sings the same way without accent In about eight or nine languages though he's only at home In French and English . . . A couple of musicians at the Duvernay's Richelieu Lounge deserve a peek or two. The Chuck Allen Daw (Charlie Rush and George Afonzo) front Gait, demonstrate the talents! of George as a wide range vocalist, and Charlie as a dextrous accordionist. They'll have a large following before the completion of their booking at the end of next week . . . Lynn Christie, belting at the mlk in the Duvernsy'a Executive Penthouse still takes too many liberties with a good tune, though the Brian Brown Trio back after a spell at tha Westbury in Toronto manage to salvage the melody, oflime. Among the Tuesday night audience at the final Christie performance of the evening wee the aforementioned M. Guenrd, who must have shuddered at the change Of pace . . . Jack McPartlia, the talented musician who learned to play the organ as physiotherapy treatment for knee injured to occer, wind up an engagement of nearly four month at the Bell Clair this weekend. Jack' booking break Uh longevity record for the BG of' 1 week set earlier by popular piano pounder Hah Good.' Gordon Hires ' Finance Minister C-ordon an nounced todav he has annainttd a spectsi 'advisor on taxation, drawn from private Industry. He I James Brown, a Mont real chartered accountant and partner to the Montreal firm of - 17 i. rlK ,,Mt Special Adviser (Jwjuel Photo by Dawiiiuwi WiOti a lfsgs . E, in di i 1 Peat, Msrwick and Mitchell. v me announcement said Mr. Knrown nsj naa special experv lance In tax work" and will be 1 employed by the Finance De partment for is month ttart-4 ing in October, ' J , i .

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