The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1930
Page 7
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TU15SDAY, JANUAftY 28, 1D3TU. iJ-LI!j U JX. (JUUlUUitt, IJONNJtUJjijSVt i, J J A PAGE SEVEN. FOR QUICK., HARMLESS COMFORT Children Cry for It ®- XOM SONO J H(JH»»MS' In a communication to The. Courier, f f a r o W D. Carroll of Dunbar, presides of tin Fayette County Fish Game I'l elective Aesociatlon, states that t h e organizatiou was corn-polled to abandon tho nuweriee at Breakneck ,mci at GleiKJalo be-camso of tho l»ck of f u n d s , «n inclle\t!on of lack ot fluffi- elont support f r o m the sportsmen of Kaytto county -who are Interested in tishlng. I'rtMktent Carroll declares t h a t II' tho association would have 5,000 paid-up rnemberri on the rolls the two uuierlefc could be- operated in a suc- c e s s f u l manner «nl thus tho streams of this county would bo supplied with a m p l e sumo catch. J l i . Carroll summarizes tip the coet of operating both nurseries and added t l i a t thoy could take caro of 55,000 ( r o u t very wiily--35,000 at Glendalo and 20,000 at Breakneck. I'oclaring thut tho association la deeply interested In resuming nurserj uctrvitioa, Mr. Carroll iesuea a plea to t h e -iportsmon of. tho county to loud i h H i aM) Mr. Carroll's c o m m u n i c a t i o n fol- lo\vt: ' ^ ' M - . Jqhn H, "Whoric, ·'Oonnollsviilc, Pa., "l'Ui Mr. Whoric: ' t road in The Courier this afternoon Congrobsman S. A. Kendall's ic-port on trout distribution for "Western Pennsylvania and noted that ho u r r e c l the Payette County Fish Game Troloc t i v r Association to resume op- iu-tlon ot the Glond tie and Breakneck Potomac-Ohio Waterway Through Ybttghiofgheny Is Discussed in Congress Fashions Smart Women Are Becoming Paja-ma-Mincle 1 V ' ,\o loul)t the MKrt«uien of this Voitnty arc desirous of k n o w i n g our regarding tho operation of in the future* and would f u r t her information through o u i oxcellunt paper. ' O u r association was compelled to a b i n d o n our nurseries due to lack of luiicls which In r-ea'ity showe lack ot s u i l i c l o n t supiort (.ho aporlsmeu of l'\i} tU- count,/. I 'We are d e p e n d e n t upon immber- t-.hip alone for f u n d s to carry on this fiim work and the oxtont of our suc- i-ota refits w i t h tho sportsmen. If Ih'V \ul! rally to tnr. asftociatiou and E , - I \ O u;- ,t jiaid-up membership of 5,000 w e !fin K'lftranteo f u H operation of o u r mireonee and also havo faufficlent iiiuclts w i t h which to tako excellent s . i f of t h e h u n t r r hv pin chasing tcjrno for restockinr purpoeh. ' D u r i n g the putt "wo have taken c a r e oL' f h o llfsheriaon to the fullest e x t e n t hy our n u r f o y operations and 1«"1 AVC arc obligated to do ae much 10 tho hunte-it. if the feportemon givo ,u-. Mifticiont s u p p o r t , we can. make !·'. t - t t c - connly r a r k with the beat i t nn a h u n t i n g anil fishing standpoint. 'An estimate- of tho cost of oporat- i n / u i nurseries allows; 'Glt'nciale can ii'cely tako care of ::0 OOu t r o u t it i ouKl talco eight m jiilht, for the t r o u t to attain the fiize-s ol I In oo and o n e - h i l t to bix !ivclus m l e n g t h dt an u p p r o v i m a t o cost of ? M 5 ; iti'ini/.ui u ^ f o l l o w 1 - 1 Feed, 15225; care- ·^iker, $li.'0, Mnt« , $2o, and icpairs, l^'i 5 "If would t a k e IS months for tho t r o ' U to a t t a i n the t\r.w of .six to ten inches in I f ' t i i j t h it an approximato co-t of f J t S O , itc-mi/evl ««, follows. Kofi, ^."ilo, c a r e t a k e r , $270, rental and r p.iii-, f200 ' I I \ \ d i i l c l c o ,t approximately ?300 to O i K ' i i ' t o tlic Breakneck u u r ^ o i y for · icht r n o J i t h s , ,uicj about $650 to op- oi'ale IS month;*. Broakneck cxin easily t, Ki- caro of ^0,000 trout. With good icoiiltt-. 50 per cont of tho original u o u t « u l d bo frucccsfully ratsed for ick'Hfeu In the Ktu .11113 of the county, o on to p u b l i c IlhliiiiEj, ' We aro Ktatt"*""! to N'orman Ilar^h- mein f"- taknig c:no of our Breakneck n u r s e r y in tln^ u.i-1 Ile did a lot of 11 irti work and dotuittd hi« scrvtcce "Tlu ott'iccMs a i d eUrectors, of our u-.ioc l.itlon are d - o p l y interested In s t,iir»injr n u r s e r y i t t i v i t i o s and would h" more t h a n w e l l pleaded to have tho j. i])port cf c \ e r y « p o r t s m a n in tho c A u n t y . Our g o l d e n o p p o r t u n i t y ta at h a n d and t tinoori'ly hope tho sportt- rnon will not pnh« 't up unheeded. "I hope I him 1 l i v e n sufficient data nn t h e - u b j o c t hv \vnv of e x p i a n . i t i o n , iml \ o i i may iih-o any or n i l oi it if ' T h i i n k i n r j o u , I r e m a i n , "Marolel D C ' a i i o l l , ' T'ro-idenl K . i v r ' t o I'ouitty Kit-ih - » (I.iiltc I'rc'i'i f i v e 1 ^t-sotiadoii " By PRANCES Copyrght, 1930, by Sty t Sources NEW YORK, Jan. 28- The pajama has been starred in seveial dress collections for epriugi and was the outstanding feature of a recent fahion stunv attended by feomo ',000 persons who seemed impressed b-f the decorative quality. Women who have looked askance at tho pajama as a subtil tuto for neg- heo or beach coat seern suddenly to have- capitulated. No yonder einoo such stunning models h i v e ben designed for those purpose, models with astonishly -wide trousor legs and such highly feminized details t h a t they have lost oven tho faintest tmce ot maeul- inity. In some of the elaborate hostess pajama ensembles, tho coats go to tbe- extreme of a pointed tralu Others havo a elightly fitted lino with the waistline on high. In one oxquisita ensemble of white satin with rofio beige Alencon lace, tho ontlro top of tho coat was of tho laco, In a dep yoko effect. Other pajamas have v ry f u l l godota placed "below tho knoe at tho tide, these sometimes beini; nt contrasting color. In one Instance btripes of vivid colored cropo were u^eo for the very full trousera, one of the. olors, a vivid flimo being used for f h o rathor long coat Naturally thotje who iro wintering at eouthern boachee are partial to KG.!* printed or plain cotton i in arrestiiiR color combinations. I'alm Beach reports arc largely concerned with pa- panias for beach and motoring, whilo shorts are the bonsatlon of tho tonuib court. MILL RUN REVIVAL SERVICE WILL BE RESUMED TONIGHT Fox 10 Conduct Campaign of Two Churches For Throe Vreekb. . WHY WE NEED REVIVAL, THEME Ruflsdale The revival ot Mill Run is in lull swing al tho United D ethron C hurch with tLe Indian Cre^k Baptist Chuicb, joining m-ost heartily in the movo- mont Tho attendant was most itratifying to tho evafig' list on Sunday night, and with Monda\ evening being olxborvod as rest night, will bo m f u l l t bsving again tonight. ] Dr. Pox, ovangelifat, will aiiswer in i tho iprehminaiy part "-f tho bervlc i for a number of evenings important ciuewtions connected ^ Uh tho Scrip- turob und troiiblesojw problems ol life. Tonight he will mention what one of the devils wafe th it was raht out of tho woman who fuitt seven of thorn Tho so-rmon thorne win be "Why Wo Need b. Hovnal." Lest «r Hull is leading the choir in a "splendid raanner w i t h many willing stngorsi responding Horo are bomo ot the evangelist's Foxgrams: "Tho t r u e Christian must ever koop his eyes open to dote t opportunties to help soul 1 * out of in--this is hla li£ job and don't forp jt it." "The man who ha.-; h s bac k up must get his back down an I let love help him lead souls to God." "Cold-hearted man w a k e up and got busy w i n n i n g the los 1 to Christ und you will lose youi s p i r i t ol untuip- plnese " "Sinners won't flock to any c h u r r h that has a coid, f o r n il service and lot all church foil; Ito p this hi m i n d tho whole yciir round ' ' ' Von must pot siu 01 t of sour 1 h-eart 1C you h e l p sinnor; t gcr in o t h u k i n g d o m , Mr C'huruh member, and you aee\l iu w . i k c up o Unit fact ' Bees Tie Up Traffic For Twelve Hours ra'rrsi.\l,l . ,1 IM ." -Tin- e a r of W l i l u n K ' i 1 , ,, r i n u ' l l s v ) ! ! , w ,,.s I utl-. d nn i d i 1 ' lu : (. \ \ o l i u I i\ "- u otic- v a ,11 m i i u M i s W i l l i m n ;··' i t h i i i ( t \ u i u l t . N M i i t i on houoy, a h « a i m ol lie!.! up traffic on ,i J i l l w a y Hoc tor n o . u l I K h o u r s Ni- u- tho Unvn of Ku lov.u , b o r b i u , a ·,« t'u e n g i n e t i l e d ' tci move A U c i K i i t cai nut derailed it C o n t i n u e d f r o m Page provomont suhemo a probablooutorins wedge against tho Credit I/akcs-K-t. Lawrence waterway mema'bera from Great Lakes states, of whom Oramton is a loader, questioned Dompsoy sharply. D u r i n g the debate the Michigan, mcmiber charged that ln bill was being: opposed by the Blllesby power interests, "which have prepare-d an ultimatum to Congress to defeat my proposal." Dempeey informed U-« House ho had held conferences with Secretary of War Patrick J. Hurley and Army engineers t n tho Potomac d-ovolop- mont but Uiat Uit only subject con- aidorod was a probable proviso for the Cramlon. bill ctesigned- to unfetter the baud of Congress ou any future flood control, irrigation, power and tion legislation it might desire to inaugurate. "W| a,to susKOStlng this proviso. Dempsoy said, "so t h a t tho people of HIM c o u n t r y may have t h a t degree ol prosperity, particularly in t h i s great coal and iron fcoction, to which they aro entitled and not bo bouml and UoiXHl by something w-e do today." 'Die extension of the improved ctmn nol in the Ohio from 1'ittsburg down tho Youghiogheny and Potonmc to th-a Atlantic iinmcdidteiy drew support from m i d d l e western m o r n h n r s as a possible :nxans of re-Hermg flood con clitions in the Missihhippi Valley. "Tho flood situation in the Mlswb sippi Valley," said Kepre.sentaltM Oim'bar of I n d i a n a , "is, largely aug nu'iit-od ana enhanced by floods in tin Ohio Valle- I t is my opinion that if a waterwji.v could bo cronstructec from tho Ohio r i v e r through UK Potomac tu tho A l l d n t i i il would ,id just that nuic.h to tho provontion of floocjfi in r i-o Ohio w h i c h would to some ortent at lMbt to the volition of tioodh in the Missis* Valley." Whlio t h i s debate was going -on, ,i confeix!nco wat, c'alled to accelerate a Teport on th-o \oinjhloghotiy project Tho mooting vvjus altoncied by Jiopro- aontallYcs N Clyde Kelly jf Kdge- wo-od, Adam C. Wyant of G roonsburg aud .Siwnu«i A. Kernlall of M\orsel,ilo; Colonel Jarvis J. Bain, ( J i s t r i r t cng-in- ftf I'lHsburg, Major .1. K Mooro- (ccbnical ad VIM; r to dm T ougit In provemcnt A s 0 o i , i t t o n and J M Me Ke o, wcretary ol the Mi-K«M?'j- Itort Chamber of Commeico. Kelly ba ii a f t e r the meeting th,-il i t s was to ilKciih.s a teirnia! report to bo nut do to t'olono! Bam petting forth Iho nc-i'd for iJio Improvement of t-ne river IIo added that W a n t a n u Kendall would join him m rendering Uio report. Although tlio Youghloglteny project has enllsl'*a tht enthus,iastie .support of a \ \ i d o lollowlng, it iw not piob.iblc, oven if authorized hy Congress, that thet work an get under way for som-c, mouths. ThobC Interested in tho .improvement expect to peek au initial appropiiation in the rivor.-,- and bar- lore bill to bo reported by A p r i l , in tho event the, projeet Is recomoiided by the a n u y cngineorn. Meanwhile, meiaber^ of "\\'cstern Pennsylvania and Ohio are pi epar- nii; material to le used on February -I at a heaung before the army engi- neorp in r j f u t a t i o n of the Klotz report d e ^ c i i b i n g ih-e propofcod canal from tho Ohio to Lake Krio as "feahililo but not economically sound" Paitlsans of this canal asseit that recent yeaio iiavo amply demonstrated the need for the e:anal and that, it would carry .sufllclenf freight to prove- its w o r t h Everson BVE'USON, Jan 2 S -- Miss Helen Hunker oi' Mount Pleasant spent Sunday with relatives hero. Mr,s. IVrcy Swmk had charge of Senior ChrJeLian Kndejivor on Sunday eveniuEc at the Everson United Cretin en Church. A very flue proKrani was rendered. The meeting was lar-ge- ly attended. The fui'eral service was conducted this afternoon at St. Paul's Lutheran C h u r c h for Lynuin S Weaver, I7 years old, A \ h o died sodclcniy Saturday "from a heart atUick. Burial was In Scottdale CVmi'tery, John A Jorclou, lecturer of Pitts- burp, g.uo his fiimoiiH lecture, "Tho Passion Play clav m o r n i n g at tap Uin'tctl Chiirr-h Tlio c h u r c h wari /ill'od (u c a p a c i t y . The ploturoa wc-ru bc.inti- l u l A silver o f f o n n s was f t i k f n for Mr Jorclon. on Sun- Use oui c:las9tfled adverUsein«nt8. · v p n i t i c al ' l i e N l o m o r i i 1 H o - p i t i l , j j Moint I ' l 1 a'-.u i ' \ l i . a n d ."Mi-- I ' u i l Mi ( m ol 10 · o u a u n o u i i c i ' ' « i b i r ' h i C t b,U' I,DI K I' 1 ' u i a v t . ii'i s Mi A jir iif hoiu'v \\ an i rat KIM! and the ancv f l o w e d out \n t i t ^ nioiuid \ f t \\ bs.Hi-1 liu/./mi; i n tiie r , r ioa C a m p l e d it l u a t ^ u c i i m h u ' ^ a ors w e i e il't- p a ' i b i v l in a boo hiii' I n n o t i ' v tho i . i i n u N M, - l . i o ' a Dibit-. \','f', l n T d « h at home- 1 U ' l l l ' - U t l t ' ^ w i t ' i ' K l n g £aajf lit ' a n ( l i t 1 \ \ o i k of | , i b a t i n g thu ( . i i p t i c d tit'i'iht uu off , "it- U IK K Hut f u M u i they liad e v e n ^ v a M l l t H l up i h t - b*^. 1 t i bi 1 \\ aa K .t! ! Uu s t a i n p i i ^ grounit 'J'lu- a i j bi-Louit. l i l n k t i ih ui ti tliui] loi s t i i n i i l o u h l ' I n u i k e it .iiul ' h o w roc e i n t l s ^ l u t u n - t - i n U i C ) i i \oi u n t i l e v t M i m i ; did ! h t ! v, j aiivertiaa ! 11. C. t'lUCK C O K K COMl'ABV PUOPEHTY 'f L foment i I ou .sos Homo Sites Factory Site« I'nrin Lands Used Machinery, Shop Tools, Buildiug Riul Mine Supplies Muc-li u£ the property (oi bale l,j a d v u u t a ^ e o u a l y loomed wuli i~e- iliecl to j r -"Mit e:-,-c:.:o t , u w u r aupptieti. rallroaU aldluga «ad paved ioadd. Kor f u l l Intoinullou lu regard to prices aud tertns, applj to Super- ct utu-oat Mliiy or dcjott- dule Otlice. 11. (j. Fi'iclt Coke Cornpauy, Scutttiule, Hundreds of people attended, our, I Oth Anniversary Sale Saturday. For the many who did attend as well as for the ones who did not get in we are continuing these prices ell this week, and have added additional items at exceptional savings. y Stocks are r.till large enough to give you a wide selection. Whatever you do don't fail to take advantage of these savings. X TT F fl I f*/* fJ 78 M .Hart ^charmer Marx, Kup-penheimer* Fashion Park S B J and Other Finely Tailored Up to SUITS Up to $29.50 O'OOATS to 350.00 Orkls and pndt from OUT regular stock: mostly all si^is to cboosn i i o m . InchulecJ arc -meh famous makes us Hart, ^cha fner ]\Iarx and KuppeulK'imcr Suits t h a t sold up to $50.00 Thorp i , still a good selection of ; hoso Suits to choose from. "^ -lylc« in two inrt throe; Up to $3.00 Dress Shirts $1.29 Boys' Golf Hose 3 Pairs $1.00 35c Canvas Gloves 19c $1.00 Neckwear 55c; 2 for $1.00 Men's Dress Panis Reduced 25% Note ' These \ Ycuns Men's Prices on \ Furnishings \ .50 Knox Hats $5.00 J $1.50 Union Suits 95c I ) u t t o n modpls - TMTM?t} :r tailored. ' i Regular up to $37.50 vjiluos. $1.00 Leather Helmets 65c | Men's Work Pants $1.00 $1.50 Spaide Shirtc 85c 1 $1 Boys' Kaynee Waists ...55c 1 One Lot Boys' Knickers 18c Bath Robes reduced 25% One Lot Boys' Caps 18c Munsing Underwear Reduced 25% Manhattan Shirts reduced .....25% 124 North Pittsburg Street No butl 1- la flre-prc if -- e n t i r t l y p r o o f against fl e, Tnie, th( re are fire-ie- S t S t 1 'i '6 buildin"{ s. But repe. 1 1- ecl p r o o f s s h o w t la necessity of 1 u s u r i ig even tl at type -- t be safest t}pd -- of bui d- iog. Don't -e- s l s t t le p r ude at thought of carrying adequate insurance on flre-resistfve buildings and 11 sir contents It's belter to have n- surance and not need it than to need It atid not have It, isn't It Insurance--33 Years Kir( . N a t i o n a l B a n k BI g. Phone Mexico Greets Returning President The recently elected Pi-esident of Mexico, 4- after the enthusiastic welcome accord** Pascual Ortiz Rubio, being driven to the him on his return from a tour of the United palace, escorted by mounted "Charrosa"

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