Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 27, 1975 · Page 40
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 40

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1975
Page 40
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2D --July 27, 197 5 " i»f *.Jf«il Jamie Baisden Seeded 14th Again Kelley Kruk In National Tourney ^SWEET 16S' Anne White Loses in 14s Doubles White 5th In Singles, 2nd Doubles SHREVEPORT, La. - Charleston's Anne White clinched fifth place in the National Girls 14 tennis tournament here Saturday, but lost in her bid for a championship in the doubles. Anne defeated Elise Burgan of Baltimore -0, 6-1 for the fifth spot in the singles. She and her doubles partner, Beverly Ramser of Louisville, lost in the finals to Betty Newfield and Caroline Stoll, 64,7-5. Singles Anne White, Charleston d. Elise Burgan, Baltimore, 6-0, 6-1. Doubles Betty Newfield-Carol Stoll, N.Y., d. White-Ramser 6-4, 7-5. Bi OVERALLS CHILDREN'S SIZES 1 tt 55 3.98 SIZES6to16- 5 5.98to 5 9.98 MEN'S SIZES 29 to 56-'8.98 up Wear Bibs to see Jr. Samples at Watt Powell Park--Saturday Aug. 2nd. CHARLESTON DEPT. STORE 1609 W. Washington St. "Free Parking In Rear" OPEN MON. FRI. 'TIL 9 PHONE 346-6793 Three Local Girls to Play In Tennis Tournament Today 1 ; By Bob Baker I Jamie Baisden, Kelley Kruk and Anne White will have the home fans rooting for Own today in the first round of the "Sweet 16s" tennis tournament at Charleston Ten- I Play will start at 9 a.m. in the National Girls 16 Tennis Champioships and will continue all day.. There will be 64 singles matches involving 128 of the finest young tepnis players in the U.S. 7 Spectators are welcome to watch the matches at the Charleston Tennis Club. All:of the matches will be on the CTC courts today. Some matches later in the week will be held on the Carbide courts. '.Miss Baisden, who has been seeded 14th for the second straight year, will face Celia Moffie of Newtonville, Mass., at 10 a.m. Miss Kruk will meet Linda Shields of Duncan, Okla., at 12:15 p.m. Miss White will take on Cindy Trower of Edinburg, Tex. at 4 p.m. · -!· ;Miss White was given a late time for her match because she was in Shreveport, La., [Saturday competing in the National Girls 14 Tournament. She finished fifth in singles and second in doubles there. MANY OF THE GIRLS entered here competed last week either at the Girls 14 tournament at Shreveport or the National Girls 18 Clay Clurts Tournament at Memphis, Tenn. Tracy Austin of Rolling Hills, Calif., upset Linda Siegel of Piedmont, Calif., 6-2, 6-1, in the National Girls 14 singles finals Saturday at Shreveport. Miss Austin is only 12 years old and only 4-foot-3. She will be playing here, a will Miss Siegel, the No. 5 seed. Betty Newfield of Jackson Heights, N.J., and Caroline Stoll of Livingston, N.J., edged Miss White and Beverly Ramser of Louisville, 6-4, 7-5, for the National Girls 14 doubles title Saturday. All four will play here. Sheila Mclnerney of Rome, N.Y., defeated Lea Antonoplis of Glendora, Calif., in the Girls 18 Clay Court finals Saturday at Memphis. Miss Antonoplis was the runner-up here last year and is seeded sixth' Jennifer Balent With Two--Fisted Grip She Is Seeded Second in Girls 16 Tournament Swimming Tennis Playoff Results Malch Slated . BJERRY HILLS - 252, EDGEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB - 2S1 . · .Berry Hills -- Triple winners -- SuzyLambrechts, Ann . -Morgan, Charlie Dusic, Brad Pittman. Double winners ··-- Gus Hambrick. Single winners -- Amy Wilson, Suzy ] -FYiedman, Collin Day, Ned Graft. * ' Edgewood -- Triple winners -- Pat Hayes, Anna " -Payne, John Horn, Courtlandt Smith, Susie Davis. Double winners -- Laura Frazier, Leigh Frazier, Mark -Greenlee. single winners -- Donald Elsworth, Will ' -Eslworth. Jane Furry, Roger McDavid, Collette Smith, -tfshton Clay, Alice Battle. Windermere - 324, Glendale - 215 - 'Windermere -- Triple winners -- Jan Thomasson, Tom ' .Critchfield. Jeff Breese, John Critchfield, Patty Berger. . Double winners -- Julie Netzel, Tommy Dawson, Susan ..Andrews, Terry Richardson, Beth Murrin, Bekah Bannister. Single winners -- Elizabeth Watkins, Suzanne Lil- Jy, Amy Polcari, Sheila Tang, Bob Gardner, Annette Pol..can, Jim Critchfield, Mary Beth Keadle. ' . 'Glendale -- Triple winners -- Jay Shamblin. Double -- Leslie Solomon, Scott Nichols, Pat Nichols. ^Single winners -- John McCullough, Steve Burris, Angle Oiase, Scott Scotch, Bud Keller, Andy Stout. ,. Walnut Hills - 337, Hawks Nest Country Club - 174 -Walnut Hills -- Triple winners -- J. Ware, M. Thur- 'sack, T. Thursack, Amy Poulson, B. Synder, C. Munsey. · "Double winners -- K. Scott, J. Lecighner, B. Taylor. Sin' gle winnners -- T. Brooks, Andrea Poulson, S. Satter- · 'f^ld, S. Winrotte, A. Walters, C. Walters, D. Clark, Jen- ''rnfer Clark, J. Rogers. Tim McBurney. " -Hawks Nest -- Triple winners -- C. Hollbrook, Rock 'Fliess, Fred Werdine. P. Fish. Single winners -- Benn 'F.hess, P. Morrison, Matt Fliess, J. Cangemi. 'Edgewood Country Club -- 313, Kanawha Country Club - 139 " . Edgewood -- Triplewinners -- Bill Dobbins, Suzy Dav- 'is, Johnny Horn. Double winners -- Courtland Smith, -Tommy Horn. Dana Davis. Donald Wiisworth, Will Ell- 'sworth, Mark Greenlee. Single winners -- Jim Thaxton, · Colet'e Smith, Jc^n Morton, Sidney Lively. Leigh Fra- ·us'. Mary Les^e Morton, Laura Frazier, Will Lively, -Paul Payne. Roger McDavid. Chilton Wehrle, Jane Fur' r y. Beth Payne Jwiia Morton, Ann Payne. · Kanawha C.C. -- Triple winders -- 2. Curry, Tina ·T/embley. M. Thaxton. Double winners -- B. Johnson, ·Sjr.gio winners - K. Wilson. J. Alexander, B Little. " -Charleston Tennis Club -- 243, Montgomtry Swim Tsam - nt , ' Tennis Club - Triple winners -- Lee Ann Taylor. Sara .-Shumate. Cor.rad Weicien. Double winners -- Pat Wil- ·" -lia-^s. KicDy Rice. Tom Kartz. Tripp Shirnate, Dave .flicker, To-.y Cap'noin. Brent Walter. Singie winners '.Meredyth v;a»ter, Debbie Daws, Stan Thomas, Patty ^ John Thomas. Lisa Caoinpin. Melissa Walker Montgomery -- Triple winners -- Ann White, Lisa - 'Sria. V.ity GoUihugn. Ly-n 3ria S' winners - Bara '.Black. Leig^" Mascnra Alice White. Sheldon Holstein, -^7«-ry Parker, Terry rex, Pau : '.. -M«aJow6roolt Country CluD - 241, Uk« CJuwrrs -^204 _ "^//eadowbrook -- Triple winners -- Tommy Fink, Tgn- "-v'a Fir*, julaye G'a-aT., Pat; 1 Hei»hai, Laura Bur" ·Wis. Caroi Langma^ck. Dx-b'e winners -- J«!f Graham, ' Va-j ; Casanave" Bectley Sc*e'i. Cathy Sutohen. i ^w:*.r:fr's -- joy Wane!?*, £d Casa^ave. Greta s 'G*-5 rtyerKe. Chrissv VVlT.terk.arr'ip, Brad -waocio Weaks, £He-^ iynwoo ""'Lake Cf«w»va - Tr-Ble winners - Matt Taber. Dew- ~-tfe winners - Scott Sadler, Bobby Bragg. Chris GuKey, ' ~ Sifj!e winners - Cfiip Gu«ey, Wer ~ " JSSnsov'Co!^iti Huff. Joel Haugrrf, Mart Jackson A Mid-Eastern regional playoff match for the National City Team Tennis Tournament will be held at 9 a.m. today when Washington B.C. meets Charlotte, N.C., at the Tennis Indoor Center. The winner will advance to the finals in Kansas City Aug. 11-15. The tournament is being played here because of its central location for the two cities. this year. Miss Mclnerney is too old for the 16s. Anne Smith of Dallas, Tex., and Sherry Acker of Kalamazoo, Mich., were in the Girls 18 Clay doubles finals Saturday. Both are among the seeds here. * * * DEFENDING CHAMPION Zenda Liess of Daytona Beach, Calif., has been seeded No. 1 for the tournament. Miss Liess will play Beth Ruman in her first match at 2:45 p.m. Jennifer Balent, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., who beat Miss Liess in the National Girls 16 Clay Court finals in April, has been seeded second. She will face Charlene Murphy of Alameda, Calif., at 4 p.m. Third-seeded Mareen "Peanut" Louie of San Francisco takes on Judy Braisted of Staten Island, N.Y., at 1:30 p.m. Fourth- seeded Julie Pressly of Palm Beach, Fla., will play at 10 a.m. against Catherine Yelverton. Tournament chairman Mrs. Hugh Thompson, Jr. anfi her committee have seeded 20 players. The are: 1. Zenda Liess, Daytona Beach, Fla. 2. Jennifer Balent, Fort- Lauderdale, Fla. 3. Maureen Louie, San Francisco, Calif. 4. Julie Pressly, Palm Beach, Fla. 5. Linda Siegel, Piedmont, Calif. 6. Lea Antonoplis, Glendora, Calif. 7. Jan Devereux, Ponte Verdra Beach, Fla. 8. Ann Smith, Dallas, Texas. 9. Sherry Acker, Kalamazoo, Mich. 10. Teri Starr, Miami Beach, Fla. 11. Stacy Margolin, Beverly Hills, Calif. 12. Dana Gilbert, Piedmont, Calif. 13. Kris Fulgenzi, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. 14. Jamie Baisden, Charleston. 15. Pam Mitchell, St. Petersburg, Fla. 16. Jeanne DuVall, Dallas, Texas. 17. Wendy Burkhart, Toledo, Ohio. 18. Susan Gibson, Miami, Fla. 19. Susan Rimes, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 20. Susan Hill, Signal Mountain, Tenn. This will be the sixth year that the "Sweet 16s" tournament has been held in Charleston. The previous champions here were Chris Evert in 1970, Laurie Fleming in 1971, Marita Redondo in 1972, Betsy Na- gelsen in 1973 and Zenda Leiss in 1974. TODAY'S SCHEDULE 9 a.m.: Mary Ann Nelson vs. Pam Hill; Allison Wlaca- tee vs. Tracy Tanner; Ann Henricksson vs. Shannon Anderson, Susie Silverman vs. Susan Weber; Donna Lies vs. Morrow West; Wendy White vs. Tracy Price; Beth Brondes vs. Lloyd Hatcher; Jeanne DuVall vs. Patti Penn. 10 a.m.: Anne Beasley vs. Jody Awad; Julie Pressly vs. Catherine Yelverton; Angela Bartzen vs. Rita Agassi; Betsy Hoza vs. Sue Clark; Jamie Baisden vs. Celia Moffie; Susan Rimes vs. Tina Olsen; Renee Pereira vs. Jamie Barnes; Marylyn Hooten vs. Lisa Doherty. 11 a.m.: BertaMcCallum vs. Donna Rubin; Ann Young vs. Kathy Snelson; Teri Starr vs. Kit McPhail; Carrie Balcomb vs. EllenMetcalf; Susan Hill vs. Kathy Moore; Beth Fernbacher vs. Beth Allison; Cindy Corey vs. Abby Braswell; Anne Smith (Ga.) vs. Natalya Smith. 12:15 p.m.: Susan Gibson vs. Whit Stodghill; Gail Garcia vs. Kris Fulgenzi, Linda Burrell vs. Keri Ashford, Laura Martin vs. Betty Baugh Harrison; Linda Shields vs. Kelley Kruk, Maria Rothschild vs. Diana Piotrow, Marisa Malpezzi vs. Pam Mitchell; Heidi Rose vs. Cissie Donigan; Stephanie Frei vs. Joan Flynn. 1:30 p.m.: Peanut Louie vs. Judy Braisted; Elizabeth Sharp vs. Lani Wilcox; Lydia Caporalevs. Wendy Burkhart; Kerry Sterling vs. Kathy Hogan; Barbara Eaton vs. Dana Gilbert; Cherise Dadian vs. Colette Bennett; Susan Goldberg vs. Lynda Robson; Kris Kinney vs. Cindy Sampson; Mary Lou Piatek vs. Shelly Redondo. 2:45 p.m.: Margaret Scott vs. Stacy Margolin; Ann Beaudoin vs. Libby Amdur; Robin Lucey vs. Sandy Tsu- mas; Kitty Krause vs. Lori Oberheide; Julie Sanderson vs. Jill Moreland; Beth Ruman vs. Zenda Liess; Trey Lewis vs. Wendy Levy; Jan Devereux vs. Carol Fullerton. 4 p.m.: Suzie Brennan vs. Mary Prebil; Jennifer Balent vs. Charlene Murphy; Toni Moss vs. Sandy Fleisch- rnan; Sherry Ackers vs. Martha Roberts; Anne Smith (Texas) vs. Kathy Krickstein; Beverly Ramser vs. Stacy Bowman; Anne White vs. Cindy Trower. 5:30 p.m.: llene Friedland vs. Kathy Jordan; Tracy Austin vs. Amy Williams; Linda Siegel vs. Clare McFadden; Lea Antonoplis vs. Sue Rasmussen; Laura Starr vs. Kathy Lynch; Caroline Stoll vs. Paula Scheb; Betty Newfield vs. Lynanne Ott. 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