The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 15, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. ·rHE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLB, PA. .ONDAY, APRIL 15, 1918. ilailw ;. HENRY P. SNTDElC ' ; " Founder and Editor, 1S79-19M. ; THE COURIKK COMPANY, ! PnblUher*. .'· - - '··· K.' JL SNTDER. , President. :.'. : . . :,-' JAS. J. DRISCOIJU 5^c and Treasurer, Business Manaff«r. JOHN L. SANS, . -. Managing Editor. ··'. '· -WAL.TER S. STIMMEU : ' ·' City Editor. .MISS LYNNE B. K1NCEIJ", Society Editor. MEMBER OF: '· Anaociated Press. ·Audit Bureau of , Circulation. Pennsylvania. , Associated railUs. Tyro cents per copy. '6 60 pf7 month; X per year by man, if paid in advance. Entered as second class matter at tfc« post office. ConneUsvilJe.',Pa. . :'.'·_. HOSDATi EYESEfGj -APB- 15, 191S. · WILLIAJI P. SHERMAN. Hospital Unit L. American Er- pedltionary Forces. France. RALPH F. SUGER.. J' Company H, 319th- Ihlantrr. C. 3. N. A,. . ·' Camp Loe. Petertburc. "Va. , The Associated clusively entitled to the use lot: ·iepubllcation ol all news dispatches credited to it or cot otherwise -credited" ia_t61ajarS'' Snd alstf the' local news published herein. Tho hearts ot the Elks having always been in the rijrht place, and their patriotism and loyalty true blue,.it was the most natural 'thlny in the world for them to choose the Red Cross an the bejneflciary ot their minstrel show. Clean, op, spade up. speed up. SHOULD HAVE RECOGNITION. In its attitude on all that rc-lates to the war the Benevolent Order of illks, as a group of loyal citizens, has manifested the spirit ot patriotism ia s no less characteristic way than it has'^dis^layed -Its benevolence, as,, a fraternal organization, Sjoth in peace and "in ·rrar. In Connellsville "this vas the first to arrange lor a public flag raising following the declaration of war'with Germany. It gave initial impetus to the movement to raise the Company D and Hospital Corps Pund. vhich insured the success . of this first war-time fuucL in-'Connells-vJlle. The members oif this fraternity have taken active -part in -the Liberty .-Loan, lied Cross, IV M- C. A. and K. of C. drives, and both -as an. organization and as individual citizens' have contributed liberally to all war-time activities. Realizing the increasing demands that the progress of the war is ma-king upon the Red Cross, the Kiks have f.-jlt It .an obligation, no less than ?· privilege, to relinquish all claim upon the net proceeds of . the forthcoming minstrel show .and will .turn the whole thereof over to that great, orr ganlzatio'n which is doing so' much to 1 prevent and relieve ' suffering or fcardship among oar soldiers." This highly creditable and praiseworthy action is entirely in accord T.-ith that willingness to sacrifice vbjch is coming to have a larger part ia the .lives of all. loyal .citizens.- It ceservea to have alone because of ' recognition, not the temper and spirit which 'has prompted it but 'as an encouragement to both individuals and organizations to emulate nagnanknocs example. this In the present crisis, and the tern- per · of the people who are' proving their patriotism in the things they do and in the sacrifices they are making, j the sincerity of a man or woman's j loyalty,-.-is going to tic measured by { the attitude they assume, cot only on j the Txmd.. proposition, hut by their at- j Utude 'upon everything .that 'directly j or intEretily. is intended to help both j American and her war-worn '-Allies, and to hold up the hands of the boys News of tbo Paat Condensed from the Flies ot The Courier. 1 TV 7 an ted. WAKTED--KXPER1KXCED MAID. Reference required; good -wages to right party. Call 515 L.oucks avenue, Bcottda-le, Pa, llaprU WANTED.--Millwrights and machine repair · men. Plant located in a gouri city wltli first-class t i v i n p conditions. Address "B C," The Courier, lo a]ir 6t ·; FRIDAY,. APJK.IL -0, 1SSS. Employes of tho White Coke Works ... , · i. i. ·· .,_ i M...-Morgan Valley strike because o£ who, sooner .or iateiv must ..bear the , d . scharee wlth not loadlng w a f f ons to j 17G5-R. brant of a prolonged fight With a'] required capacity. The difficulty is adjusted and the men return to work. The entire 700 ovens* of the Standard Works of the H. C. Frick Coke company arc fired. The Home and Dexter Works oE the J. R. Stautter Co., iieercgatins 60 ovens are closed d o w n indefinitely because of poor prices and a dull market. The United Presbyterian congregation- a.-t 'Mount Pleasant begins the foundation for a. now parsonage. Georce Powell and Miss'Ncttic Bowers are married at the residenc of I. W. Ru tier, 4 John s ton avenue, by Rev. W. A. Edie. * Trout season opens with' aome biff catches. George Balsloy conaos In with 42; Charles B, McCormick with 48; C. M. Hyatt 4S. A domestic- employed nt the Smith House attempts to j u m p f r o m a. third WANTED--GUlb FOR GT3NERAI. housework. WEIJCCH S3.00, t.-rnaH fam- ill ; no laundry work. 5719 M u n h a l l Road. Fittsburg. phone Schenlcy I5apr3t madly desperate foe. Are you ready for the test? 7f so, prove it to the men. who will this week visit you to secure your bond subscription. ' ' - " From a careful perusal ot the Elks* Booster Section of The Courier today youjw-ould never suspect that the raem- ·y-'ot. ltd editorial and business force .Were" novices at the ffame. "They all stajTd-flrnj," is the heartening word froni'Viha ^re-stern front. This Is the very best kind of weather for planting your dollars in Uberty Bonds. They will be sure to grow and matur-3 fine crop. Another addition to tha 50,000. but they will help to swell the host, the mobfjiration of '-which is causing Brutal Bill many sleepless nights. The Sammies are shocking the Kaiser's shock troops with shocking results to the would-be shockers. .Talk the Liberty Bond subscription -over wfth your wife, deciding how many you will take, so that the solicitors won't have to waste time by making a second trip to find out what you are going to do. Come across on the Liberty Bonds and stop the Iron cross industry In Germany. By Carl W. Ackerman, famous war correspondent, who resided in Germany several years. ARE YOU RE'ADT FOR THE TEST! -The duty of loyalty is the most sacred. Every one not ghlng whole-hearted support to .his government and to the hoys you hare , sent to 1'raiice should be ashamed." This was but one of the many forceful expressions used by .Lieutenant Ferigord in bringing home to the people of Connellsville "a realization of the task to /which w e we submitted by America's entrance into the war, .o time is more fitting than the pres- e at for every American citizen to give i istant and most, earnest heed to the admonition of one who, "having lived through part, of the awful struggle; tas come to America to' tell" ur- "less about the part of his own country and Knglaud have taken in the war, than j to outline what there is for us to do. The world, · the Allies, · even Oer- nany, admit that the _present is the ciost critical period of the war. Germany knows full well that eventual defeat is inevitable and certain unless she can win a victory while Russia is prostrate and America has not arrived OR the front in f u l l force. The · growing loss of Germany's man-power and the steady decline of tlxe economic resources ot the empire, together with the increasing" difficulties of carrying en the war, have rendered her des- As far as I have been able to observe in Spain, Fraaca and Switzerland the -outcome of the great war appends' upon, the United States, The military situation today is critical. All. of Europe is awaiting a German offensive which will continue several weeks and perhaps months. This, I believe, will be the last great attack which Germany will be able to make against our European allies. We may and we may not have to take part in these operations, but when this offensive ends,, the United States will be. called upon to d-eal the last blow. The success..o'f our operations depends not. only upon 1 our splendid army, but more upon the backing this army 1 receives, at home. The morale of our troops depends upon the determination and earnestness of tho American people. And. this deter- ruination must frc expressed in some definite maimor. Spain, France and Switzerland are watching tho United States to see-^hat the people .do, because it is realized in Europe that the American people themselves determine what' their government, and Army shall do, · Thfc two Liberty Loan's in the United States have been very successful, but to my mind Liberty Loans are not to 2e measured by the amount subscribed, alone. The essential thing is that millions of Americans show that they are back of the Army by subscribing: 1 think that more than ten million Americas should subscribe to the third loan, and if they do the moral effect in Europe and in our Expeditionary Forces will 6e tremendous. And, .last but not least, the enemy is watching that loan as carefully as i it is watching our. military prepara- '. tioas, because the enemy knows that ! the success of our lighting will depend upon the determination of the men and women, "back home." story window. The heels of her shoes are caught by the ssh and she escapes death. William Anderson Calls under the wheels of a shifting: engine and is fatally injured. · The boiler of Baltimore Ohio engine Xo. 517 exjilodes, at Rock-wood, seriously Injuring C. P. (better known as Daddy) Cobaugh. tho engineer, Harry- Dayton, the fireman, and Frank Cunningham, tho conductor. Mrs. Elizabeth Paul!. 79 yean old, widow of .Joseph Paull of Dun bar township, - dies at the home of her daug-hter Mrs. N. H. G. Fise at Sterling, 111. Miss 1 Eliza McKean dies at the-residence *ot her brother, James at O'unbar. The store oC 31. L, Sparks at Indian Head is entered by burglars who blow the sc.fe and eat J500 cash. · Colonel J. M. Reid narrowly escapes sudden removal from the Congressional race. Drrvln? home from Dunbar the Trheels of his butrEy encounter an unseen obstacle and th« Colonel Is thrown out alighting- under the heele of his horse. He escapes with a few brutecs- FRIDAV, APRIL 15, 18O8. Detailed report of the .Connellsvllle coke trade for the week ending: April 0 shows a total of IS,S08 ovens in the reKion of which 15,013 are in blast anU $.589 idle/ with an estimated production of 155.9S8 tuns. Shipments for the week figuregutcd S.415 cars, distributed «s follower; To Pitts*bcrfT. 2,711 cars; to points west, ·1,310 cars; 'to points east, 1,394 cars: an increase of 224 cars as eomptireO with the previous week, At a meeting of town council a committee* composed of C. M. Hyatt, John Ilpynolds, , Joseph. - B. 12h % a.rd,- Cl-iir Stillwason. and the burgess is appointed to confer with the dlr«ctors of the Connellsvillf: "Water Company with a view to purchase of the plant during the BUnirner. A petition is presented in the Now Haven council f u r the paving of Alain street with brick. Council defers action untiJ other property holders am heard from. A petition is also presented asking for arc lipbts. The new baptismal font at the Tm- rr.arulatc Conception Church IK blfEffod. It is made of marble and i.s in keeping w i t h the beautiful · i n t e r i o r rf the new churrh. .The s.-tinc day tho new lectern fn t h e Trinity Episcopal Church. is consecrated. Danirl Coughanonr dic*= at th^ hornfl o f ' h i s son-in-law Dr. S. D. Woods- in F n i r v i e w aveiiur.. Mrs. A i l i e Pon^r Huston, 52 years old, wife of \V. H. H u s t o n , flics at- the home of her brother-in-law T)r. J. S. Trader on North Pittsburg street. The Baptist Sunday School at M i U Run iff reorganised with th*» follnwing officers: S u p e r i n t e n d e n t A. U. fCern: assistant snpertn linden t Stan ton BD u l l : secretary. Delia Brooks; apsimanf secretary Mins Scnohert; tr*a«urer. Etta Showalter: chorlMrr, Bcr'Jia D u l l . W h i l e Jerry Showman and h:w f a m i l y were eating" d i n n e r at t h r i r h o m e in Springfield . tc-u-nship, t h e i r Vmusr catches fire f r o m a .spark and is burn- i-(l to the prminrl. Clifford. cighN'^n m o n t h s M1 son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor P o t w i l e r nf Moyr-r. Jie? fro:n concussion of th*» brain caused by a fall. Dunbar council of t h f t J u n i o r Order of United American Mechanics is reorganized by Deputy State councilors. Dr. S. D. Wood.* of Conn-'ilsvillo and C. t n. Colbert of Dawson. A m o n g t h e officer. 1 * Installed are Senior 1' councilor fJrant Hays; councilor, W. C. Smith; recordintr Pfcretnry, Dr. Colly: treasure, Milton Weston; conductor B S. Kelley. .WANTED--GIRL FOR GBNERAL housework, good wages. Apply H. I*. CARPENTER,' 810 South Pittsfeurg street. laprtfd ·VvTVTED--OLD FA I^S E T E ETH. Don't matter if broken. I pay Sti.OU to SI5,00 per set. Send by parcel post and receive check by return mail. "L. MAZER. 2007 South Fifth street, Philadelphia. Pa. llapr2St" WANTED--ANY KIXD OF PRU7T- tne, whether it Is a calling 1 card, sala bill -or the finest engraved weddir.g- invitation or announcement. "We pr.lnt anything 1 --everything--do it promctly ard do it right Call tho man at TH3 COURIER olTlcQ. Both phonca. E7-tt WAITED--A NUMB13R OK STRONG young men to learn telephone l i n e work. Good wages to stare and rapid advancement- Apply in person at CKNTRATj DISTRICT TKI-13PHONK COiCPANY'S ofTice, fifth floor Title Trust building, Connellsvtlle, Pa. WANTED.--Two gentleman* between the age of 25 and 40 with a.knowledge of salesM-ork to operate old established routes', guaranteed salary and commission. This is a good position, and not a proposition for the right men. Call 454. J. Cor appointment.. 15 apr 3t - FOR R with hath and gas. Heut, ROOM HOUSE, 2.12 15ast Prurvelw. laprit FOR KENT--TWO FURNISHED rooms Cor light howwkuepitiff. Ill North Cottage, 15apr3t FOR RBNT--STORE ROOM. 505 West Crawiord avenue. GEORGE A. FOK RENT -- FIVE ROOM FVR- nlshed apartment. Inquire 511 South Pittsburg street, second floor, 15ap-tfo FOR RBNT--TWO FURNISHED rooinX, all con von ien cos. 3-36 North Arch street. !Sapr2t« FOR RENT--FURNISHED LIGHT housekeeping rooms. 307 East Crawford, llaprtffi FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON second floor of Donn Evana build- Ing. Inquire of HARRY DUNN. Sjan-tM FOR RENT--THRBK FTTRN1SHKD or furnished rooms fnr light housekeeping, folir doors from Brimstone Corner, i^all Tri-SUvte 173. I S a p r S t For Sulc. FOR SALE--ONE PONT. HARNESS and buggy. Intjulro MJi. S. C. I n a p r l t FOR SAJ.E--GOOD HALL PI7MP OR compr«Mxor cheap. A. TAYLOR A CO., So. 211 South Broadway, Scottdale. Pa. FOR SALE -- GUOO-JRV AND MEAT rr.arket at Invuicc, or wlM --spll fixtures separate. E D W A R D BAKJi, 3f6 East Crawford avenue. I*!apr3t* FOR SALE--ONE 1314 OVERLAN D touring cnr. all g^od tires; wil] sell cheap. Addrews or ca-H ALi-K.N" SHAL- LKNBEHGEil, Owcnsdn.!*. ]'n. M a p r r f c l FOR SALE.--Thr-jj' head of Imrncs; one n i n t : ye-ar hay. \vp.iglit J . I j U , ^ uood all purjjoec horsr; ono hit; hay tioran. I t yeam old. single line, hinder, a goo'l cheap o n r : one three year d r i v i n g colt, w e l l broke, not afraid of a n y t h i n g and a d a n d y driver; on- p l a t f o r m u»p b a k - er's wagon in good condition; o n u opon Lop spring w,igon in good whupe to hitch to; one good top I ' u p t f y ; on" runabout; .some double and single har- neHs; one electric piano, n i o k l e iilay in fine condition, cent new Jl.lfio.oo, prirv on piano J300.00. C. S. W o r t h i n p t o n . Dawson. 13 apr I'l'. J^OST -- SUNDAY orseKhoe brooch set eward if returned to AFTUJINOON. i t h brilliants. I S a p r l l * *r.r,iT l f APRIL IR, nt os II. D. Leonard, Athtorney. ESTATE OF MAROAllKT ANN Kern, dccetiaed, laf of the borough of. South C o n n e l l E v i l l t . Pa. LeUers of ad- Edgar A; Guest. TO TRK S h i p m e n t s for the weelc (5.03S cars distributed as follows?:' To P i t t s b u r f f . 2.14-f cars; to points wiflt. 3.443 c.trs: to pr-ints past. 4 4 6 cam: nn incrcnfffi of 251 cars n,s compared with the previous wp^I*. Raymond S..Toli, formerly city editor 11 f Th^ Courier, resign,* n.s , borough nlcrk to po to Bisbefi. Ariz.,, to become managing editor of the Pishee Tribune. Aloypiu." Coll fp act i rip city editor of The Courier. Fire destroys th stable at the home f( Jacob Brlclrman, the «ame to present t!-.t.-ni p r o p e r l y authenticated for . s e t t l e m e n t . GKOR- UTAXSA K K R X SHIP^'KY, A d m i n is- triLtrix. C. T. A., rostofficp S(uth Con- n«llsvillfl. To- laprPt-rr.un perate. In the great battle now en she is taking her last chance to achieve a victory. The-Allies realize the .seriousness oi the situation and they are confronting their enemy -with a determination to win at all ha7ards. I L is a grapple to .the death.. . ,. _ . Even if the Allies, and. the comparatively small force of Americans now on the field, cannot withstand the ter- rfic onslaughts against them, and the Germans break through, or divide the 1. Lite cake. French and English armies, or capture j Cause Ma ain' the channel ports or Paris, the Huns ; v. ill not ^"in. hut they can indefinitely , prolong the war. To meet -the in- tirrtsely critical situation both Fiance and Great Britain,are making prcdigi- O'.is efforts. They are performing deeds of supermen in holding their lines intact', but they must have help, t?Ip that only America can give, and given without stint. I've been down to the dentist's and Sat in his chair, with the shiny stand, '· An' the little bowl where he let mo; spit i Cause there's water r u n n i n g around in it, An' the f u n n y tools in a big srlass casa "Which the dentist uses inyido your face. An' my Ma said as she took me there: "Xow "do'i't you cry in the 'dentist's "Now open your mouth, young man." says he, 'Cause there's something there that I -want to set. -A.n*-h» -looked--for- -»while,--R.H'-- -satd: "Oh my I see you'ye_been eatin* apple pie," An' 1 said":" "No. That's a.'b'ig mistake, ' " " If-there's something t'nere it's choco- lade us 1 an apple pie white floor got hard Since the timo to buy." ; An' In giving that help you and every o'lier American citizen will havu his or her loyalty tested. This heir can bo given in many, forms but in none that will be more immediately" tiffec- t ve or afford better proof that .you eHoem loyalty to be'your sacr'cd duty., than to have a part in the boosting of the Third Liberty' Loan.' Under : the E any plans provided for their purchase and the multiplicity ot agencies through v/hlch subscriptions can be n ade, there is absolutely no excuse fcr any wage-earner, business or professional man or capitalist refusing to b icome a buyer. the dentist laughed, an' snibbed a thine Which bu^xed Hke a bee, flu' had a sting. Cause the minute it touched my tooth I jumped. An 1 my both eyes blinked an' my throat ffot lumped; j I couldn't swaller, an' \Is. said, "there ] It'll soon be njced. an't tlon't WANTED -- YbUK BAHBERING business. RENDINE'S. tf WANTED--GIRLS FOR FACTORY vork. Apply TIU-STATH CANDY CO. laprtfd WANTED--TWO OR THREE UN- f u r n i s h e d - r o o m s on Soutli Side. Address 217 West Cedar avenue. 13apr2t .. WANTED.--Four or small house at 451-J Bell. r fiyn floor once. Telephone 13 apr 4 t WANTED--GI11L: TOR GENERAL housework.' 201 Homestead avenue, Scottdale. Pa. 12a.pr3t WANTED -- AN EXPERIENCED ki'.clieu Birl. Apply WJiST PENN TEA ROOM. lOapr'Jtd WANTED--SECOND HAND TYPE- writer. Call Bell 13-H.. or Trl-State 98-W, Mount Pleasant. 23febt£ AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE 1918 Join Our Liberty Loan Bond Club It's the easiest an'd simplest way to get on the home firing line--to strike a body blow at the Kaiser. Under the LIBERTY LOAN BOND CLUB plan anybody can buy a $50 bond by paying a dollar down and a dollar a week until the bond is paid for. $100, $200, $300, $500 worth of bonds may be paid for in similar proportionate installments. These bonds are the safest investment in the world today. All the resources of the U. S. Government are back of them. Don't let anything keep you away from this double opportunity. An opportunity for safe and profitable investment. An opportunity to help -win the war. THEY OFFER THEIR LIVES FOR YOU Your sons and your neighbors' sons, perhaps, are now fighting in France or will be "over there" very soon. They offer their lives for us. Can we do less than offer our money to supply them with food, guns and ammunition? No; it is our plain duty to .buy as many Liberty Bonds as we possibly can. It is the least that we can do for the brave boys at the front. And there is really no sacrifice connected with it,, for every bond is as good as gold--better'than gold--for the bonds pay 4 1 -4 per cent interest. Come in today and join the Liberty Bond Club. The First National Bank The Bank That Does Things For You. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. 1--PJl 7 Ford roadster, run lew t h a n :t.fion miles, J..TGO. 1 --1 [i H 7 p;LS5 o n pe r nek a rd, 1775. 1--1318 j prLSHinzcr Ford, S375. i--1314 Maxwell truck, J^n. KKVSTO.XE A D T O n K A I R , In rear r.C 6!t "\ Crawford nv?tiu*. West Side, C f m n e l l b v i l J e , I'a. J. N. Trump I KITE LIN TRANSFER W UOTOn. TRUCK tad WAG OSS. Auto Transfer AH Kinds of Hading, Coal and Coke For Sale. Bell Phone 2016-R West Side Transfer Office at 106 Souih Fourth St., WEST SIDE. LOCAL SALI2SMICIV. Never wrui there such a demand for silver as there is today. We Imvti a silver mine-Ha p r o v e n -- w e have the ore-lots of it. We w a n t high grade mo a to st-li Btiu'.k for o u r company for t h e SOL.E purpose of raising m o n e y to b u i l d n MILL to mill thif= w o n d e r f u l lot of ore that can be ncen on the dump. .Th« government wants .silver and so docs everybody else. If you have the pep--genuine crfn- gor--you c:un earn 5100 and m o r e a week. Ynu must act quick. Wire, phonti write. Mr. 11. O. YOUNG, 41.". 'Jn^on Arcade, Pittj,- burg, I'a. 1SJO newspaper can succeed v/iJli- ^* out advertising, therefore we solicit the patronage of our readers far those who by their advertising help to make this paper possible. An' the doctor says: "Did I h u r t you, kad?" An 1 he laughed when I said: "You bet you did!" Xow the tooth's all fixed an' It doesn't actie . j I can use both side? on my chocolate Which I couldn't do t i l l I went down there An' sat awhile in tnat dentist's chair. An' at supper Ma told Pa that i TVaa,\a bte-brave boy an!, r didn't try* An' my Pa said, "good" an' I was grlad I rtldn't yoll at the hurt I had. TThen used in Th*» Daily. Courier always brine results. Try thorn. WAITED--CHAJtEERMSUO. PAY big wages. Apply at once. YOUGti ' 15a.prtfd WANTED--WORK AS Cl-KRK I?C store in Conneilsville. Address "CLERK." care Courier. !Capr2t* It's footwear,that women believe in, as we liave for 3'0 years, if you buy them. Everything new that's go.od .is here for your choosing- , Black, .White, Grey and Brown. WAITED -- SECOND TRTCK COOK, j Wages J7.QO per week. CUPPS' RES- j TAURANT, "Water street. llaprGt . WAGES RESTAUR- llaprfit ?5.00 per week. CUPPS ANT, Water street. WANTED -- CfclAJvrEERMAlD AT once. Wages $5.00 per week. CUPPS' RESTAURANT, Water "street. llaprfit WANTED--BOTS AND GtRLS OVER 16 years of age. Paid while learning. SILK MILL. I2aprtfd YOUGH TRUST COMPANY To wear Safety First Guaranteed Clothes, always Save Uae middleman's profit of $S and make it your first payment on a Liberty Bond. Philadelphia, Pa. See our Special Representative at Sample Room Hotel Royal, week of April 15-20 from 7 P. M. to 11 P M

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