The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 15, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1918
Page 3
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MONDAY, APRIL IS, 191'S. 1HE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SCOTTDALE BOND SALES $156,000, EVERP, $15,000 Reports Made at Enthusias-. tic Meetings Held San-. day Afternoon, SUNDAY SCHOOL CONVENTION Gathering at Alfcrton is Oae o? Beat in the History »'" IVestmflrclMd County; Nineteen Out oi 2S Superintendents !V«re iu Attendance. I uraayV Miss Edith JWaf den iras ffie ! leader. Miss Elizabeth "Warden of ilt. Pleasant, read a paper on Jessie B. Rittenhonsa ' Give Hie, Women viaii They Want, Best and largest selection of coats, suits, millinery and -children's wearing apparel at prices guaranteed at least 25 per cent cheaper than. atiy-J where else in. the two counties, i Courteous and eSkiicaH treatment . make the Broadway Ladies' store the · most popular shopping. -place in Scott*Ue.-- Adv. ' · ' · · ' · · · ' · · ' . . · ' · rresfinted With Comfort Kit. - '"·' Tiie teachers and officers of the . "Methodist Episcopal Sunday school i this morning presented one of their _j* known teachers and officers, Ben ; IVH.ird, with a comfort kit. A very Special .to Th'« 'Courier. SCOTTE'AIxE, April 15.--A workers' conference ot the persons engaged in Scottdale in the sale of the third Lib' erty Loan .Bonds was held in the Y. M. C. A. yesterday afternoon. Wooda N. Carr of Uniontowit made an excellent address. Tne sum ot J156.CK30 ; nice little exercise given and a I, .esentation speech was made by the superintendent. Dr. J. 'P. Strtcklcr: Mr. "Wllard will leavc.with the next draftees, . : · . . . Bons«. for Salfe" j . FOR SALE -- Brlcl-c house, pared"j street, bath, heater, gas, electricity; I bargain. Box 471 Scottdale. ISapr-Ct Other Sates. - j Mrs. Philip Swartawelder left on j was reported as the :,mount already Friday for Camp Hancock to join her:,' · husband.^who U in training there. .;) Miss Hilda Byrne left on Saturday:? for Pittiburg to visit jtfiss Kitty -Mc- Cihill. -Mass Rebecca Hertzog and Miss Jennie Guest of .NUes, Ohio, are the guests of friends here. sold. One ot the sohcitors related approaching a man. at a local home. He was 80 years old and told the solicitor licitor he had only tie pension he received from the government to depend upon, and could take no Liberty Bond, bnt he was glad to introduce his daughter. Miss Nannie Ellet, "who has to support the family by her ·work and of her own effort. She had bought a $50 bond of Uie flrst'loari, a $100 bond of the second issue and a J50 bond of the third issue. Evcrson Holds Rally. » Bverson has reached the 515.000 mark in the sale of Liberty bonds. Tyrone hall was crowded at a booster meeting yesterday. J. R. Byrne introduced the chairman, J:unes Keegan. who opened the ( meeting with a talk. TV". F. 'Stauffer ' explained how the bonds could' be' paid for ?_nd a very interesting address was mude by "Wooda *. Carr. Since almost one-half of the · audience were Polish;' ' Rev.. · Lipski ·- spoke-rn-that-language. The address _must have pouched their hearts *for *·· men'and women "alike wept as he" talked of independence. John R. Byrne was the last spe-.iker on the .program. . Sunday School 3)ecf. One of the best Sunday school conventions that this district has ever had was held in the Chun* of God at Alverton yesterday afternoon and evening. The afternoon session opened with song service, led by Jacob Koos" er. This was followed by prayer by Rev. H. R. Lobb. Mrs. John Black, assistant county elementary superintendent, gave an, address on Tutting First Things First," Rev. If. E. Shade, county 0. A. B. C. superintendent, spoke on "The Back Door of the Adult Bible Class." Recognition was given William. Kosiar, Old -Meadow Mill employed at the office, has been transferred to the New Kensington of-1 Bee. · | Gene Kane, sxm of Itr. and Mrs.: Owen Kane of Everson, has been noti-' fled to report to tie local board at Conellitvilie and then to the quartermaster's department .Mr. Kane has f made an effort to join the navy, avia- | lion and the marines, and in each in- i stance was turned down, hut after trying hard he has been accepted. TO ALL STOMACH SUFFERERS I use this tn«aus to reach: all those who have been- sutteritts with stomach trouble; I have, been cured and I want to 'give yqu the benefit of my experience; I sutTered with stomach troubles lor seven years; during that ! time I doctored TdCh some of the best! stomach specialties, tried. Christian, j Science, physical culture, a hundred j odd family remedies, al] the "patent/ medicines I SO.T advertised to cure j indigestion, and took. eTerythiag any- j body would, suggest, but with no re- f lief. At last I found a cure; the first { dose gave me instant relief; I could, hardly belteve it would continue to j give me relief, but it now been two years since I luwe been cured of stomach trouble; all my friends who | = have used the medicine have been ' cured; if you have had my experience or know of any of your friends who Tomorrow Is The Don't wait until it is too late! But come in tomorrow--because it's your last opportunity to buy the reliable, quality Aaron Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Stoves and Homef urnishings at the additional 10% to 35% savings that prevail now during our big money-saving DDiversary WTiolesale manufacturing costs are advancing--which naturally means that retail prices must increase. Having procured the merchandise we are now offering at great price savings especially for this Birthday Celebration and the additional savings of 10% to 35%--makes the prices now at Aaron's practically the same that prevailed two years ago. Just think--you can buy the reliable, quality Aaron Homefurnishings at prices that prevailed two years ago--but tomorrow is the last day. Even though you may not need the goods for another month or two--make your selections now and enjoy these savings. We'll gladly hold them free of charge and make delivery at any future time you say. You can also take advantage of our convenient charge account system which makes the matter of payments very easy. So be sure to come in save that extra 10 If more convenient come in tonight- store will be open till 8 p. m. Connellsville's Reliable Homefurnishers Since 1891. The Home of Quality fiousefurnishings-- larger values for less money. Women, Prepare!, Sunday school veterans who had been j are suffering, write me. .inclosing j _, , . . . in the service 40-years or ; more and j stamped .envelope and I will tell you ' TMTM» n a s « £ Tomea m Pennsylvania | ·iv.!re_present. Four; responded. ,D. L. \ how to get this medicine; this is no · ° n 01 " ;rK " I " : tneir sufferings, and ha-ro j Sherriik, Mrs. Anna.. Lowe and.'W. C. i pawnt medicine advertisement:, but 'been cored of woman's ills by Dr. Pierte's ': fyers of Scottdale, and Mrs. "Wright is the only way I can reach those who ' Favorite Prescription. This temperance j vant to be relieved of "the terrible, Medicine, thoagh started nearly half Division superintendent, furn'ished by the Ruffs- of Alverton. President John C. Silsley conducted open parliament, using as his subject "The' Home De.jart- ·ment." Tnis was followed with a business session when the following officers were elected: President, J. lyman Loucks; vice president. A. L. iRoseiisteel; secertary. Prof. Limber; treasurer, F. C. "Wray; elementary superintendent. Miss Ruth Frye; ' superintendent Secondary Division, Miss Ida HicXernell: superintendent of Home Department. Mrs. ~\V. A. Gordon: temperance superintend- ·ent, itrs. C. A- Colbora; superintendent of missions, Mrs. B. J, ^Villard: publicity superintendent, Miss J. Maude 'Ober: superintendent of 0. A. B. C., "W. F. Stoner; rural superintendent, A. T. Ford, and superintr-ndent'of · teachers' training, "vi". H. Shaner. At. 6 o'clock a superintendents' and workers' conference was held. The evening program opened with a sons and patriotic service in charge of Jacob Kooser. "Some C's in Sunday School Work." was the subject of an address by Robert Shaw, county Secondary. Music was dais tiuartet. Presentation was made of tbe Grcensburg Daily Record subscriptions as follows: Reformed Snnday school of Scottdale'Which had JO per cent of its enrollment present, and to .the Lutheran and Reformed ttnioii Sunday school of Zion which had 11 per cent of their enrollment present. Nineteen out of 23 superintendents were represented at tbe convention. Of the four not perseot two were out of town and one was ill. · Want Fire Hundred. Five hundred persons nas been set as,, the number to be at the next com' munity singing to be held in ;be y. M. C. A. gym Tuesday evening from 3 until 5 o'clock.' " 'Mrs. O.'lV. Bryner. Mrs! Mary Ellen. Bryner. ag?d 42 :'ears. wife of G. W. Bryner, died on Friday night at ter OwensdaJe home. The funeral 'services were held on Sunday afternoon at the Fairvlew church, near Kecksburg, and inter- cient was made in the Fairvie»r cemetery, i.' '· C!veB SbaTlng Set. ·Walter HerJzog,. son ot llr. and Mrs. John .Hertzog, who enlisted s»me time ago, has been called to C-M3ip Dix'for trainig. Ifr. Heitzog was presented with a beautiful soldi sl-aviag set and comfort kit by the j K-.igles, - of which he was a rrtember, K^ has a brother, Humes, who expects to be called soon. Sxtrjrctojr Afternoon C'lnl). Mrs. J. R.' Campbell entertained th · members of the Saturday afier- - noon club at her hflme here on Sat- stomach misery. F. D., 225 N. Craig; century ago, sells most mdely to-day. It j St., Pittsburg, Penna.--Adv. j can now be hid in tablet form as well as j ' iiqnid, and every woniua who suffers from l : backach?, headache, nervousness, should \ ! take this "Prescrir-tion" of .Dr. Pierce'S. ' PRITTSTO'WN, April 13.^-Charles i.Jt « prepared fi.js nature's roota a n d ! Shaffer is having ' the . poles set to ierbs and docs not contain a particle of ! have the telephone put in Ins house, j alcohol or any narcotic It's not a s«rct of the Fayette aural Bell company. prescription for its .ngredicnts are print- The return visit of .winter was very j e d on wrapper, unwelcome" in our midst on "Wednesday, .ind people were glad to fire tbeir furnaces in order to be comfortable in their homes. Ji'aJinio Jones of Scottdale. is here a few days this week with her mother, .Mrs. Mary L. Jone,'; ot Sherry Lane.Farm, near. here. It is now put up :n tablet form. ; Writo conjidcntiallv about your caso or J send Ipc for trial pkg. of '' Favorite j Prescription Tablets" to Dr. Pierce,; President Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, 11. Y. ' .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burg of Glenwood, spent from Thursday until Saturday here fvith their jiarents, .Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berg aad Mr. and Mrs. James 3full o[ Wooddale. Wendell Pritts of Uniontown. returned home Sunday after a ten day visit here irith his grandmother, Mrs. Nancy Prittn. He was accompanied home Sunday by Mrs. Pritts, who will be the guest of her .son, Josept Pritts | and family, a feur days. , ·Mr. and -Afrs. Joseph Berg visited the family ot their son, Marion Berg, of near Fe-nrisville, Sunday. MoKEESPORT, Pi.--"I fonorl Dr. Pierce -3 Favoritf Prescription equally as good as it is advertised to be. A few years ago I had a severe nervous break-down. I became verr weak a n d t h i n a n d could not sleep, when a neighbor of mine advised me to try ' Favorite Prescription' os it had helped her. This three boUles cured me of £i] nervousness acd I was onco more in good Samuel Mardis and Benjamin j health--thanks to this good medicine. French motored" to 'WSlpcn" Sunday) Women who suffer hs I did will find and spent, the day. -Misses Eva and Hattie Freed spent several days last weei a-t Champion, visiting the family of their uncle, -Mr. Simpi.Fulton, and sister, Mrs. Strawn Richter. ' · ' · Mrs. A. C. Phillips was In JIL Pleasant Saturday, attending the birtii- day party for her aunt, .Mrs. Jacob Leasure. Mrs. Charles Shaffer spent Saturday -in Scottdale with Maggie White. - h e r sister. Miss great-relief in the 'Prescription.'--i EMMA DKKEK, 418 Penny'Ave. in Scottdale -with friends. Miss Blanche Cramer of Dickerson Run, was the guest here-Sunday of her friends, the Misses Bva and Hattie Freed. · Dunbar. Perryopolis. PERRYOPOUS, April 33.--At tbe monthly leagur meeting held Friday | evening the foiiowing program was i rendered: Music vas furnished b y ; the Junior choir; young ladies' cuor-1 us, a song .by a class of boys; song by the Jewels; a solo by _\!ias Helen Mrs. David "Wright spent Tuesday Cole ' and a dufcu b ' Mis »es Cole and I Tdartha Buttenmore; readings were given by Miss Alice StiHey; a Seven- Minute talk by N. S. Byers and a reading by Elizabeth Bramer. A lig'nt lunch folio-wed the progiram. A nomination committee was elected ^o se- [lect officers for the ensuing year to j take place in June, and plans were discussed for the Bpworth League convention to bo heid here June 26. 27 and 28. Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Joseph, Frank Pastista and O. Q. Taylor are The Voice of Lincoln "We accepted this war for a worthy, object, and the war will end when that object is attained. Under God, I hope it will not end until that time." Fifty-Soar years ago when many people were asking, as some are asking to-day, what was the use of the war, Abraham Lincoln replied in the above stirring words. The voice of Lincoln can be heard in America today. His appeal is for us to keep up the stru gg' e until the object of the war is obtained and the world is made safe for democracy. Every person in this country has a distinct share to do and YOUR share is to buy LIBERTY BONDS to provide the United States Government with the necessary money for carrying on the war to a successful end. The more Bonds you buy, the quicker will, the war end and the more American soldiers wilt return home safe and sound. These American soldiers are risking their Eves, but the buyer of LIBERTY BONDS does nest even risk his money. When you buy a- LIBERTY BOND, in addition to the satisfaction of performing your patriotic duty, you get the best investment in die world--a United States Government Bond, guaranteed by the richest nation in the world. BUY LIBERTY BONDS, And buy them today from any bank LIBERTY LOAN ADVERTISEMENT has been contributed by DCN'BAR, April. 13.--Mrs. Leoia McLaughlin was calling in Connellsvilie yesterday. The Literary societies of the Dunbar High school will meet Friday. A special program will be rendered.- _ _ Mrs. Hazel Bryte at Connellsville, party'i'n" the auditorium JPriday even- 'was calling on friends here "Thursday.; j n ^_ .Mr. Schneider of Philadelphia", was a business caller here Friday. Miss Birdie Kelly was catling on HOOPER, Your Druggist For Banting Eczema Greasy salves and ointments should itot be applied if good clear skid is wanted. From any druggist lor SSc, or SUOO ior extra large size, get a bottle of zemo. -When ^directed itrffectivdy "' j£is»vesec2ema^qmckly stops itching and heat* skin 'troubles, also "sores, bums, penetrates," cleanses '· ami soptb«sc Zemo Is a dean, dependaHe and inexpensive,. · censtrafins. antiseptic 'iliqiikL Try it,-as we believe nothing j-oa on the sick. list. The H. S. students aeld an "eatless" friends ia CotinellsviUe. ysterday. William Knnkle Is moving his family to TJaiontown. ilrs. John 'Wlahart was calling on friends Friiiay !u Connellsville. Mrs. Ixraine McQaifgau was a Cou- nellsville -callt-r Friday. .\fr. and Mrs. Raymond Holslng was calling on friends in Connellsville Friday night. Mr. and -Mrs. Kd. Crowe were Connellsville callers Prlaay night. S. R. Darling Bf Pittsburg, was a business caller here Friday. .,-Mra. Howard Adaina entertained the C. W. 3. M. at her home Saturday afternoon. The .Missionary society of t3ie M. E. church was taTited as guests at the meeting. -Mrs. M. E. llixeabaugh and -Afre. 0. P. Murphy were recent callara at Star Junction. as a patriotic contribution towards winning the war ClacslUed Afli-'rvi--iricnts (Bring 'fosiiHs." Cest only'Ic a word. Card of Thank*, Mr. S, K. Sattorhold OIK! family d- «ire to thank their many friends who so kindly rendered ciHalutanca durlag their lata bereavement, the deuth of wlCe and mother, Bspbcially do they desirn to tbank those who Bent floral tributes. Read our advertisements, POPLA Lots on 1'iUsbuni; Street, $125; Lots cm Poplar Street, $125; Lots ou Hawthorne Street $100: Lot* on Carsou Street, $80. Cash or on Easy' Payments. Lots at C. B. McCORHICK, Agent, T. .0. Box 111, ConncllsviJlc, Pa.

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