The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. DAILY CONNELLSVI FA. \ TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, .1.9SO. Society's Favorites Covers for. Fifty-Five Laid at Semi-Annual A. B. Club Banquet Colin, B«H, .sour belching, frequent, j vomiting, foverish- j ncas, lit babies and I A i i on teUi mi i n g social, ewnt of last' n i g h t was tho Kturji-znnniai banquet of tho A. U, Club of tho High School held rif. fi.-.'JO o'clock in. the iltuingroom ot Uic First JVfe-thodlS! Episcopal Church. Covers wr-re laid- for fifty- five. Klowers harmonizing w i t h the* R«iiorul decorative H^hemo, oran-ge and hlwjk, the High School color«, orna- Kjcntwl tho tahlc.5. Tho attractive rojf;-iBhupMl ttivors were f i l l e d with )n!nts. , Mlns Paulino Kolim,-president of the (·lab, was toast mistress. The program was ,-i.s follows!: Brief iuUlrtssus, Be-V.v H. Smith, superintendent F schools, D. II. !/oree, principal ot tho High School and Miss Florence, Kinvhall, lc;«n of girls; piano solo, Miss .Isa1ello K iet/cher; r e n d i n g , Miss Jenn Staago; vocal solo. Mfey Gwendolyn King-; piano Kolo, Miss Isetty Hyatt.; whist- T u g ,solo, Tvliss Ve-stu Conno-r. Miss Hilda Mao Ben ford was g-ener- :il chairman of tho Ixmciuet. Other commit toes were: Program · Mis Mary (indium, anil John Cullor; pub- l i c i t y , MisH Iih-clyu Mellon and Mies .Hino OUTLOOK CLUB WOMEN «IVE I.\T;H ESTING PROGRAM Tho tvoini-montlily meeting of the Outlook C l u b Monday afternoon in the iionio of Mr«. A. A. Clarke In North i M t t s h u r R street, was characterised h; ;m exceptionally Inte-rostlnK program ·'Mi "Clutm." Mcrmbore responded to '.ho roll call w i t h Bible quotationa. Each momhor s n-oke on an Interesting current event, after which thero was a general dJf-cu«sion. Mrs. David Ijonp read an I n s t r u c t i v e paper on "into Totem-Land With Mrs. Sipplc." Thl« was toll-envoi! hy a fine paper oa "Tho Seattle Club," by Mrs. Leoiia Schenck. Kot're: hmcnts were served. Mrs. John H. fXivis of East Washington avenue ~ull be- hostess at the next, regular meeting on Monday afternoon, February 10, at which time a historical program will bo presented. MISCEi.LANROl.ifj SI-HWEK FOR ·SOW. J. K. HJ-;j{./B.EK.« A unsee-llaiHxnu; a U o w f i 1 , in honor £· Alrvi. A. K. Uerwberg of .Vt. l./onis, was a marked feature of th-o. regular mcot- i n i j of the-Cliiii-U-kmu ( l a b , at which Misti Alt/a Decloer WJIH hostess, hist night at her -honvo in Kr; n k l i n aveuuo. pre.sfirt. The appoiri- tn-ents \vor-e sig-nl-li-THiit of l^ay and weto c h a r m i n g in evoi-y dot;iil. y\ynr tivbt-ps wen? c a b l e d into play ·for live h u n d r e d ' a n d 1 ridgo. Dtirius the ·evening Iho hostess rolled into the liViingroom a. Ian · "snowball," ornamented with a hirv of .niuk rib- boji, and Illl-ed with hv-ely gifts Tor Mr.?. IIjr?/bors, who wjl he remonubor- od by her many friend i here as Mies Kl£-i-o Witlm-or. She is n in-e-mlwr «I th-o. Ulad-U-KuTn Oluli. Delicious re- freHhnKMrt.s were servorl by the- hoalesa. Out-of-town guests w r-e A-Vrs. .hnn-es Small awl Mls Roso i'.olin of Scott-- dal-o-, liRGlO.X A U X I M A K Y IM.A VS I'OK PT.AY Th« American J..e!?lo.i A u x H i u r y iri«t last nig-ht in tho begrlt'ii rooroB, North PlUsfoirrg street, with tho prosldeut, Mrs/'L. S, Ilobhitra in '.-.har/rc. Further plans were made for :- ilny the auxiliary is spon-sorins. ' ; "lie cbitcs are February 12- and in. 'I'hc play/wilt be held in the HiRh S-ho 1 auditorium. Air Plane 1'liofs Weil, Mist; hota Gowdy, a'i air plane pilot, of Ashtabula, Ohio, ami Simon Bittner, airmail pilot on thra /-Ibany. to Buffalo route in New York, Monday In tho noun groom's lu'.rt-nts, Mr. Bittner oi Somorset. liis bririe, who is t h ( Ohio etate senator, wtm married of the bride- iiiKl S l f K . Silas Mr. Bltlnc-r und d u U K h t e r of an l e f t today for Aahtabulu Buttalo. and lai.o: 1 vill continue to {'. I). OF A. Wn,I, I.NITJATK (;AM)IHAT1-:S F E B K U A K Y 2 | At Iho regnhu- business meetins; ot ; Court A n n u n c - i a u t , Catholic Paughters i i.f America, la.'-t n i n h t plan:; were I ncr iu the ninal! tti made f o r I n i t i i U i o n of candulat.e« Sun- i f . a l i i m c u t was pro day ul'U'nuioti a: - o'clock in the mull- '· t o r i u m nf ( h e l i i u i u i c u l a t u C o n c e p t i o n : C h i i r r l i , IjitiK'h, in t-harg-e oC P-amis | ·I and C. of w h i c h Mrs. Philip .KeUly '- u n d Mrs. Joiicph Siknru are chairmen, w i l l be siervod. Memberw o£ s u r r o u n d - inrr tour.ts are invited l» al.tciul. iUllf »il)i( Class The r-egular montl iy meeting- of the W. A. EtMo Bible 01 -isa v/us held lah-l. night, at the church v i t h C. \V. Io\vnv., the presiilojit, prRsi:lns. Pr^vitius !u tho bualness :!e?.3!on I here was a d i n - ingrooni, 10nto.r- idod by f H J v t r u l solo:; by .Mt^s Vesta l.'on- nors. V a r i o u s r"p. ris; wcn; i'iv i ivcd a n d It. JO. \ V i l h t d m . c h a i r m n n of t h e l o o k o u t' were undov way indicated jilaus r :i membership .MISS f J K A l ' K I'.ISKL SI't'AKS AT Vf. \\. (il'irvi) U v V l / L Y Miss Grace Uisel oi' Sycamore i s t r e e t , field i o p r c s e n t a t i v o for t h e ' World Wido ( r i i i l d of the Baptist I C h u r c h , a t l d r e i s u d t l i u senior organ-! i/.ation of the C!rtal Bethel B a p t i s t ! Cluiroh ol' Uni )iUo%vn lawt night. Miss | iUriti o u t l i n e d tho work ot the guild '· and laid stress on the coniitu; .. state rally of tho s u i l J to he held j some titne in October. j Talks w e n - S'-VC-H by member;-; of ; .J. B. 1 Mre. Halph Davj the member:; oC th Friday night, at h ConncHsville son w i l l ^ J. K. .!. ·f Inline wilortain C l u b u j at S n u i h children, generally .show food is flouring iu. the liU'.o digest- lye tract. When these symptoms upbeat, jiivo baby iv.teaapoimtlul ot Phillips Milk.'oE.MagiifcBla. Add It to the'ltrat hottle o£ l'ood''Ui the morning. Older children should bo'-glven. a, tablespooaful in" »V glass ot water; This will ,comf;ort the chilcl--malce. hlB atoinuch and bowela easy.-In nvo minutes-he is comfortable, happy. It will Rweo'p the bowels free of all sour, in- digesjtibje food. It open!! tho bowela in constipation, eoldfj, children's ailments. Children, take it raadlly' bo- tumwo it is palatable, pleasant-tasting. Ijearn its many uses for mot hoc- and child. Write for (he. interesting book, "f/seful Information." Address The Phillips Co., .117 Hudson .St., New York, N. V. II', will bo sent free. In buying, be aurc to got genuine Phillips Milk oC Magnesia-. Doctors have precrlbcd i t - l o r over BO years. - "Milk 0". MftEttesla" has been the IT. S. Registered Trade Mark of The Ohas. H. Phillips Chemical Co., and Its predecessor, Chas. H. Phlllipa, since 1S75.~ AdvortiHemehU NEWSPAPER MEN WILL BE ADMITTED TO PARLEY SESSION fty Unitril Press. LONDON, .Ian. 28.--Tho American! dulegatioa to the Naval Conference t o - ! day won its demand for .presentation j of Iho cj!fio of a u x i l i a r y \vurshli«' j l i m i t a t i o n lirrit at tho 'neit at plenary ' »c8.sion, Thursday. The. chef delegates, i meeting at St. James JVilai.-c, also decided llw plenary HC*Kion would discuss the main conference quctitkm in alphabetical order of the -ountr,(eH proposing. Tho American delegation won n ?otx)nd victory whon it waa decided to a d m i t .",rUun repreee-ntativfi.s of the press at the plenary K«5f;ion Thursday. Secretaiy I-lonry LI Stim«oti had urged t h a t the press be a d m i t t e d and offered u give u p . three seals o«:uplel by Am«ri:«Mi lechnlojil. *xports to permit aUenda ico ot SCOTT KUNGENSMITH MARKS 70TH BIRTHDAY Licensed a Theodore M. be and U t h R l K. Holt . ard Miller Snydor 1-laro and John M. F. Y o u n k i n , all · licensed to wed a' -Somerset. ·.(.or oi.' L i K t O i i h i i r g 'C C o n f l u e n c e , U o w ~ and J n i i i i Sannev Barclay and l-laxnl f Hoc.k'.vooil, were Somerset. t h e U n i o n l o w : : also g i v e n . :;iiild. Readings wort: I'liiliiMica I'liiss 'J'hnrsilaj-. The I'liilntiu'ii Class; of the C h r i s - t i a n C h u r c h will hold its m o n t h l y;-; Th;irsday n i g h t iU 7:;'.') o'clock i n the- c.huvch. Hostessscs »;·· .Mrs. Josephine Mvrand;i, Miss Oath- ·/rine H a l s l e y mill Miss Susan (lihuori-. A liirse ut'itiumuce 's deslrod. .lin- poi-tiui!. business nmtter! u r e to by I a k en up. B;i!li-it Mission Circle. The Jjtullo?--' Aliseionary Cirelo of the Ki'rMt B'U'ti' : i (!hurch w i l l hold an all day m e e t i n g T h u r s d a y in t h e church. Tho m o r n i t i f - ; w i l l bo devoted to n u i l t - iiijS:. J / u J i c h w i l l ho served it noon, a f t e r w h i c h t h e r e g u l a r meeting w i l l be held. M, r.. C. Fancy-work Club, Tho .M. K. C. Fill) ey w o r k C l u b w i l l hold ids r e g u l a r meeting at the home nf A i r s , M u r y White ot Gib.-ion avenue, Sonth Coni-ellsville, Welne«day eve- Workers ( oiuictl Meets. The Workers C o u n c i l , composed of ofllewK and teat hen-s tl.' tho PLrsfb L?!iit.(;d Brethren '.'hiiroh, rnuet las; I n l g f i t In the c h u r c h for it« regular Card Tho I I . J'urty at C. Kr'-ck K'o. 1 deli^liti'ul s-ooial 0110 of a given for members* .'wked to be (·' Mr. and Mr t o w n , a n d J e i i n i ' Dora O'-Noal, daughter ot K. U'. O'Neal of Union- Harry Shaupyl'el.1, son o£ '...yiiiUiey-t'eU of Uniontoivn, wore Saturday uij;ht iu tho bonie of t le -brltio's piironls. Rev. l' l rauk Hcillin.shciul, pastor of the ( I r e a t I J e t l n - l Batitist Church of Un- h - n i o w i , oilicintod. The ceremony was s u p p l e - m e n eel by a d i n n e r of t w e n t y live i-ovei-s. .The bride was graduated f r o m tho .South Union High School. Mr. S h a i i ' . v t e l t is employed by tho r.ulf Hetir.ins C o m p a n y . The c o u p l e w i l l reside in I'nioul.own. atuiitorimn al was the »cene or a vent Uist n i K J i t when of card parties W.-IH Uie ben -Wit of S1, V i n c e n t do Paul (7a.thol.ic C h u r c h of I/oiaenrin-s No. 1. Prize-.i v «rc uv.-ardod to the following: B i n ; (i, T!ionui.s WeiiiK.-r, Miss M a r y T u r e U , MiK:: Kloanor Smith, MitW5 Bertha C!oiu and Miss Nolle G r a c e ; brllg!, M.S.S firidfrio (JaJUighiir, Mrs. J. W. Soisv.rm, J. H. VVhito and I.r. 12. F. .Pib-,iiera.ld; iivx hundred, Viola Paisley, JSt'i-el M o l n a r , Paul .Hernan, Cifrorge St-ishnian, Mrs, Krciner, Mrs. Fry, lid'war- 1 Sweeney and .Josoph Kup-fnor; door firtze, Ann Sweeney. The next of the seri-ee w i l l be bold Monday nigh!, J 'r,-bruary ". W i t h Mrs, Tissue, .Mrs. Ada Tis itio \rill enlortahl Uio Colonial Club Wednesday afternoon at her home alon;. tho Vanik-rbilt road. Euch to lirin'g .New Menibor. Class 'I of . I U o Mount Bratltlock Sunday School will meet Tuutiday night, Februar-.- -1, al t.ho honve ot Walter M a r t i n of M o u n t TJraddoek. H is suggested t h a t each raembei- bring w i t h him a prospective member. llefr-ftshniont:? vrill lie- served at the close of, tl'.e businciss incntiu{;. .Mrs. Ida ittmmun Dies, Mrs. Ida Bov. man, 5G years cilrt, wife ol' Josepti U ( - w t n a u of Masoatown, died SuiuVay. The .^ovCTitioth birthday aiuiivoraary of Scott K l i n g e n s n i l t b , one of the hesl- known retiidontH of the Broad Ford region, war. obs,irved on Sunday, J a n - uary !!»;, with o d i n n e r for immel!ato membc-ra of the f a m i l y at the Klfngen- limiLh home. A f t e r I h e dinn-e-r, tho i:hi!div-n, f o u r iwys anrf on^ daughler, pre«eiHcd t h e i r f a t h e r with ati easy c h a i r . The c h i l d r e n and farniliefi in attcnd- anco .visre 11. F. K l i n g c n u m i t h and c h i l c l r - ' n who reside- w i t l i UHI former'ii iwroire. Mr. awl Mrs. flay C. K l i n g e n - «init)i and c h i k l r e u . of Arnet«-vi)lc, W. Va., Mr. tuui Mrs. L. M. I'Mndlay and c h i l d r e n of South liMghtli i~tri'ot, West Sidy, Connellsville, Mr. ami Mrs. Leo K.linr,eiiBTnith and children of Brownu- ville and Mr. ajid Mre, Konneth K l i n g c n n r n i t h mid chiidriui of Noma- f.-oli^i. Dr. and M!~N. L. R. HerrlnRlon of Nt-w Salom wore gucsta at the dinner. BAPTIST MEN'S CLASS , WILL DEBATE THURSDAY of the Men's 'Itible Clawn of the Pi rat Baptiwt Churt-h w i l l bold a debate- Thursday ovenin;.- at Slialy Rest, on a Biblcal th«.m. They will meet at t h e church at 7 o'clock ami he iraiwporled to tho yiark. 'Lunch w i l l he served in connection wrlh tho a f f a i r . The tjuoirtion for« debatu is: "Keso'lved: Thai, the declaration made hy the Apostlu Paid In. tho 13th chapter of his epistle- to th-o llomans, that/ thore is- no power but of God, is t r u e in ovory seiiee; that any supposed pov/er that cl«fra« to oppose the Divine government la tuan made, is false and w i t h o u t origin or foundation, and that salvation lies in the complete recognition an! p u t t i n g into practice of that great truth ot Paul's, and the abolition of: a belief in any opposed power that, is opposed to Omnipotence." The Increase In SALADA sales In __,,_ ©ver 192S shows that tiiere were seven hundlred and ten tfionssarad (y;l%§®@) new users of SALAD A TEA test year IN LOBBY PROBE By- U n i t e d .Prct-a. \S"ASHING-TON, Jan. '28.--A veiled c'hargo that Chairman Oara-wuy had "inado a speech before importers for $fiOO or something like that" canned a hoated arg-um-ont at totey's ses-slon of the Senate Lobby Investlg-atlng Committee. | "Yon know that isn't PO. That is a ! lie," Caraway s h o u t e d ;n A r t h u r 1 ; Faubel, Koovotary of the American. ;,.Tariff Ln-agne, the witness w h o - m a d e i t ic eharg-o. N OT tho least Interesting: of h« dotlioa for southern wear !B ho pnjarna ensem-bie worn on the boae! »B. Plcturad IB Mrs. Sylvan M. Born at. Now York society matron. !n »., str irt pajama enitenibla at PiUm Be/ oh. Her suit baa th« tric)c-ln blowSB. rid Bho wears* n biff, floppy hat to ah ui« her face from Ihe win. In cai-.o a nkirt la favnr«d, ra 1 fter than pfLJnrnas, for wcaf ovjr thu bathing milt, th- skirt in printc1 ot- ton, uwunlly followa the color sch -rno of tho srult Terry cloth Is bc-lng- sijown (or banch pajainon, solid white comb neJ with striped terry cloth_ me of- ion SUPREME OFFICERS OF GREEK CATHOLi: UWON RE-ELECTED Ld, .Ian. 2S.- -A *p«cial election for the (In-ok 'Jutbolii U n i o n of Russian Jlroiherhooda C the United States, couducu-d by A lorru^y Thomas K, (iarrahau, as master appohiitwl by t h e pleas court, roMulti-d In iln » r-1'.'rtod al the u n i o n oonvrr Ciary ItuJ. lass Jun.. Attorney G;irra!uiti ipixiir.t- d ma." t p r la.'vl Df-c(Mnh-r hy - I i i ' l R f T I- Idcr Vs Marshall, in a lf!g;il p.'-o'ccdi) g ones Honing tho legality of Um C; -ry r-lec lion Ul«l his n-port in court day. H shows iht- ·'·Ir-ct-iun following; oHirers: S u p r e m e prcRidoTii, Mich? Geor;;.' 1 I I . K o i n l o s ; i-'tipren rcni, controller. .Mic.h id J. Kuprc.-nn: a t t o r n e y , ( ! i ' K o r y v i c h , and t-.tiproTiie rc-cordit- tary, Michael Kolesar. The u n i o n IMS its lu-ndqii : Homestead. Its rr-ctiibers i bracos all swtions u' : tho n; lion, the Rrwxtost e n r o l l m e n t , howcv confined to lli-o eastern porti Stairs. ycstor- of Iho -I Yu- 'rotary, · presiapiiUu: '/atko- in eni- ·n of thti ITCHINfi SKI BAStiHED iiUcua l i f o u u ! . . K, eoclinfj'i J u v l s i b o f a m i l y iHilisopUc. TlioiiUH ri'is /1ml liat Xi;m.) b r i n g s s w i f t r e i i i - f f : - o m I t c i n f f , J i o l p s to draw o u t . lo« n a.i i u u n r U o \ ;uiu i-e- aLoro t h e H k i n to n o r n u i l . J-' 140'iio !)ii.s hi- i n c l f - a r i n u u i l l i ' V J D K p i t n i ' l - ' H . rush und Irrilatioii.-;. N c v e v e r y wlicri.- -- -.':"i-, v e r t l s c m c n t . r lio y e a r s s k i n , rc- i l t i p t - skin Ij.i w l l l i o t it. Sold UOi^ imd $1.00. -- AU- OWO WESLEY AN SINGERS' Cl UB . ATM;E. CHURCH ; l''n- tho -second lime the Ohio Wesleyan Singers Club w; 1 ,be liciu'd in Connellsrillo, A y-ear ug :U sang- to th-e dellghth of a l a r g u auc enco at. the First Methodist Episcopal Olturch.' It will 'be b-eai-d iigain Frii ay ov'en?ng at S o'clock. The dub is composed rf 40 mixed voices and a lar,','o ore lesl.ra. Its program is rarl-od, ajip«; ling to all, with clii'ssiuil n-u,m'b«rs, c ill-e?;;o songA an-cl popular n u m b e r ; ) . The youivi people will .e eul.-erl.aiii- cd at liomes w lile here. Troop 8 Tests Wednesd iy Night A u s t i n Phllllppl Dies. j IIOCKWOOH, Jan. 2S.~Au8tin Phil| l i p j i i , CTi years old, d'ic.-d Sviiuiay at. tho i I i o n i o of hi« K-lBlei 1 , Mrn. II. 1.0. Miller ; I,L' ttocUwoo'i. His wife d i f t l in 192S, I'.osidi-R Mrs. Wlll-or, he us s u r v i v e d by . '. wo hrothiTM, Loe P h l l l l p p l of Cali- i : , i i - n i i i and t - a l v i n F h i H i p p i of N o b r a K i , u ; a sister, MJ-K. MLMUJV Van- 1 S U - U I i - ci LHiyton, Ohio. ! Iniant: In Hrisultal. Uorot.hy J u n o M i l l e r , j:5 i n o n t h f - ohl ; i l i n n p - h t f - i - or .Mr. a n i l Mr;;. Lno M i l l e t l - i i ' S ' a r 1 ' o u U - i s u n d r v - i i n - . i ;-rn I n u M i i The o x a i n i n i n g eohnnif bad-go.s' tor Troop S, Boj exarniiH? ineiii'lxjrs oC 1,1 ar% ready L'or the e.xami home of J H I I I O K C. Lou ·evening at, V o'clock; Baidgow w i l l IK 1 - a w a i par-ends' n i g h t h;i m i n e ! , held Feln'iiary 7 at Church. .Hidge .1. \V. D (he siK'aki.T. Can! Tfirl,- c. T. A. tu :n. or r,. ; card p a r t y \V'iHliie:-i!n.y i H a l l . T'ri/.oti a n d I n i u meiit.. --2S.ian i t . :n« .Cor merit -Scouts, w.Hl j troop who latlon at the 'i«u · ut t h o vhich will be lio ( C h r i s t i a n .wson w i l l be :. w i l l lio!l a Odd Fcllmv.s l(.--Ai.lvt'rtii-io- JfOKK'S .' Ever.v;l;iy you 'will Ii id homes and homo sites twlvorlitiocl in our claesi- lied column*. -- H-iid tboi i over. WEAR CLEAN CLOTHES Cleaners Dyers Coniiellsville, Pa. Phone /js»\ Phone 813 iL) Si4 To the Woman of a "CERTAIN AGE- aitrncnvcness Is Hf the ^ntiy fthruiours of ndvnrvo ing years -- -these rwo rorrccdvf ff of l:talenn Rubirv tvtfi prpve a pticdeaa gift. Gwrjftrw* Lttctec -- umtwcleright- cfurpj bfllajviTi. Parted inwhtre tiuiscfes nre relaxed -- along the check and j.iw and under the rbe contour ............. 3.0O Grecian A-nti'W-riaklsrCreitrtt -a rich nourishing cream toconrecc lines, wrinkles arei crowftfeet» It will smooth away die crcpincis ami restore the satiny sofencsii of the skin ........... 1.75, 3*50 When yoa desire to complete this treatment, irecj--d«, Gcorginc Lactec with Ecru Verte, a rejuvenating stimulant which will hasten the good results .......... 3.0O TIM* in HI ifi/: Voice of Beamy fjirjjnwn brwvicau try Helena ftu/jmstrm rtirrj orfur 7 Auruiai ovtrr t/ir iViWKmaf ^JiYKAjcuscmjf .*-, i i'fmiom, at £ t . jo A. M, fi/mi CON MSI/Li! V I I,I,K im;c; c.;».'ni l .*N v 12-1 VV. ( . ' r n i r f d r i l A v f . Those V¥ho Advertase in The Ifl/ou We pride e-nrselves on the spoedy service we give to folks who need money in a hurry! Contc in Phone-- Writal PERSONAL }?INANCE Ccx Second Floor 112 West Crawford Avenue (Over McCrory's S and 10 Cent Siortl CONNELLSVILLE, PA. Telephone ConneUsville 3-4 Open 8:30 to J--Sjturtiay S : J O to 1 --UCENirn BY THE STATB--· We carry a full supply of Roofing Paper, 18 and 36 inch. Hoof Paint All' Kinds. Sliiuglcs Flioiie 15 and 1700. | GIVE YOU g x 7 seconds , receptsors The safest assurance of increasing success in business lies in sound organization. This Bank is organized and managed to handle all banking business entrusted to it with safety and efficiency. Checking Accounts are invited. CDNNELLSYILLE , PA. W E S T S I D E L.OMO -i. RADIO TUBES STANDARD for EVERY SET Those Who - A.dves*ta«. M froii !·/.· wti Read the Classified Pase *_ today? Do so. 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