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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, April 15, 1918
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- u 0 Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,609 VOL. 16, NO. 132. CONNBLLSVILLE, PA., MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 15, 1918. SIXTEEN PAGES. TURNING POINT IN GREAT BATTLE ON WEST FRONT AT HAND, WASHINGTON BELIEF Tremen- Caermans Have Failed in Their dous Efforts to Achieve Victory and Have Made Only Local Gains; Admittedly They Have the Advantage Thus Far, but Better Day is at Hand, Says! War Department Statement; Decisive Success is Not in Sioht. ELKS MINSTREL SHOW TUES.-WED. FOR RED CROSS How You Can Save Time for Bond Teams and Boost the Sales In. previous canvasses of tie city, members of the various learns have been obliged to waste considerable time because the heads o£ the households had not previously decided what they -would do in the matter of subscriptions. This lias necessitated a second call anil sometimes a third, greatly delaying '.he work of complc-Ung a canvass of ihc different d'stri^ts. You can be ofj great assistance to the team workers if you will alk the Liucrvy B6nd subscription over with your wife this evening and determine the amount ot your subscription. When the solicitors call tomorrow or .some later day the folks at home will know just what to do. This will save lime for both yourself and the teams and will help wonderfully io boost the sales. BUSY I RURAL DISTRICTS 50,000 MORE MEN ARE ADDED TO NEXT DRAFT j TO BE CALLED IN MAYJ Committees Gather Foi Thorough Combing of the City. i Big Sale of Tickets .Ancrurg For (he Annual Event oi Local Lodge. FINE PROGRAM ARRANGED SEVEN ATTACKS BY THE GERMANS FRUITLESS WASHINGTON, April 15.--The turning point on the west front is being reached according to tho war department review of the military situation for tho week ending April 13, published today. The Germans have failed in their purpose to achieve victory in these fields the statement continues and will soon be toreed to resume their old tactics. "We must bear in minU," the review says, "that the enemy is -waging a battle of annihilation to achieve victory. He is! Sghting today with the sole aim of. annihilating the British inny. Oetaiiv and Much OUier Information in ens and Adrertising Liues Are Pound in tlic Klk*.' Booster Kilition oi Tile Courier M hicll A pears Today. Tbe Red Cross of Conenllsville will be the beneficiary of the annual minstrel show ol Connellsvilic Lodge No. j 503 ot the Benevolent and Protective O'rder of Elks, Tuesday and Wednes- i day evenings of ir-ls weeK at the Saisson theater, with the Red Cross receiving the entire nci proceeds of "While it must; be admitted that German operations since the shows, and a fine program each the beginning of the present offensive have resulted in more than a mere ploughing up of parts of the 1 allied trench system ^and the capture of local objectives along a wide front, nevertheless the aim of the German hl^h command to obtain a strategic success by these assaults has not been attained. "The turning point in the west is being reached. The Germans have scored a distinct advantage which it would be unwise to endeavor to belittle." BB1TISH EEPULSE SEVEX THRUSTS. LONDON, April 15.--Seven, attacks by the Germans in the night, members of Connetlsvniu are confident that the minsircl cast will play to larger audiences than ever before. The usual high class tMent has been-secured for the event, and more than the ordinary aioounl ot time CROW AND STERLING UNOPPOSED AT THE PRIMARY SECTION Will tie Trained With tlu Kepiilars ,,..___ , _ ... , rtn-irtr, r r * r T 'or Karl, .Service Ahroacl; Perm- | DINNER AT MASONIC HAU syivfuu'ji to l''uniish *!,"76. ; WASHINGTON, -April 15.-- Another j draft tall, (or 19,84s i fgisuair.s, has Tinul Instructions Arc Giren sjuvornors of slates. 1 ( 0 (j )( , Army of Can- VilSSers. ; .,,,,-,,,,, . ., , )() ,, s l 1 " 111 " 1 * IA JJULS Inlercstiue fights Co be H'tism! bj Ilfi- puhliwins uinl Ik'mocrats for Assembly. Senator William K, Grow and "on- gressmun Bruce F Sterling w i l ] h a \ e 110 opposition in then- own parlies for reoominut.on at ihe primaries in May for Stale Senate and Congress rcspec- ' tbe program before midsummer, vilely. John C. Lowry of Somerset I L'nd'.'r President vril5onY: cietermin- and S, A. Kendail of Meyersdaic are ' a'Jon u hasten i h c dispatch of Amer- opposing candidates for the Republi-1 :tau troops to Prance lo reinforce Mobili-iation of ihc men is ordered | for May 1 ami 10. '-he War Depart-! men! anounoefl last night, and they j will be sen i to 31 forls and recruitiEg barracks, probably for training wall Regular Army u n i t s there. · . _ Tblb call increases to more than , 300,000 toe number of select men or-| ( ' 0(1(i RTorts Ai» Arc llwoiicd I-rom fit red to camp since late in March. \ This is far in excess of t h e monthly I p'.an to call SO't.OOO men this your , over a n i n p - m o n t h period. Fiitm * at thr saire rate would complete ; .Norniahille and M i l l J t u n ; .Speak- at StHiw or the Conntrj Churches C Xot JU'en Heard From Yet. Libertv J.'Ktu drive in Councils- got under way today. At a 3jr cif all the members of Uie hehi at UK Masonic banquet William P. Donnelly, the inventor or the unfiinlcablc ship, wbo claims been spent on. preparation. hearsals began early and taose taking , part have been working hard. The minstrel is under tie direction o£ The r"- I t n a t k' s nn ' ' nvcn ^°n w "il' solve the 'submarine danger. The ndnsmkable boat is nmv being tested by government naval experts. Merville sector of the northern battle from, have been repulsed j Ch p^,^, ;1 · by the British who inflicted heavy losses on the enemy, it is announced officially. sto " u Southwest of BaUleul the Germans temporarily penetrated the British positions but were driven out by a counter attack. The British have lost Neuve Egl.'se. FRESCH DKIYE BRINGS f BISONEJIS. PARIS, April 15.--On the front above Montdifler the French made a successful local attack last' night, raking prisoners, the War Office announces. ®-- BWTISH AEJE ROYALTY LEAGUE MAY Huston, Harry Percy, William Girard and Thomas Davidson, bones, and Doc Battermore, Harry Ixmden, Al Hampton and Ralph Morton, uunbos. Other members ol the company include .Miss Rene Soisson, J. K. FBOJC ITBirVi' BOUSE. / £eNDON"ApTH":i5:--"Severe fighting continued all day yesterday around Neuve Eglise. After beating off numerous attacks our troops were in the end compelled to withdraw a second time from the village. "Strong attacks were made hy the enemy yesterday afternoon at a number of other points on the battle front. ·^orUiwest ef MervJlte fierce fighting took place as a result of which the attacking G«rmaa Infantry w as driven back with great loss. The hostile Infantry advancing along the northern bank of tbe Lys "was caught by the flr» of o«r artillery and was unable to develop its atacfe. "Southwest of Bailie.:; parties of the enemy succeeded temporarily in penetrating our positions but were driven out by our counter attacks and our line was restored. "Fighting took place early this morning south of the Somme in the neighborhood of Hacgard. Our positions ta this sector have been improved and ;i number of prisoners have been taken. Hostile artillery was active last nlgbt in the neighborhood of Bncquoy." THE AARON COMPANY BUYS $25,000 OF THIRD LOAN BONDS! Charles Birlovr, Albert Fred Stone, A r t h u r V. .\[. Moon, Dave Trimble, -Miss Francos Louise Means, Ben Melmatt, 'Jr., W. P. Flynn, James Cypher, Lawrence King, C. Bailey, James "SVIiite, T. J. Hughes, Sam Brown, David F. Gir.ird a'n'd Charles LOOK AFTER OPPONENTS TO EEISTMENT IN CO. G I ! A band of ZS boys appear in song :Local Furniture Film JTow Has In- · nonibcrs . The makeup is: John Col- j nested $SO,000 in LibeHy linSi Raymond Scbulcr, Leo Tulley. i Issues. i evades llationey. Albert Cuneo, i The Aaron company, together witi ' James Duffey, William Lowe, Leo branch store, the Aaron Furniture , deader, Lawrence Tipirman, Henry J- STONE F«AL TODAY Body company of Greensburg, has bought a block of J25.000 of the Third Liberty The entire revenue derived from these as well as the bonds previously subscribed to will be given to tbe Red Cross and other war relief funds dur- mg the duration of the war. The Aaron company now lias $50,- Boslet, John Lowe, Thomas Howard, i James E. Wardlow, Kdward Davare, Felix Prestia, Vincent T. Xeuroth, , Wallace, J. M. Sneh Activity is Xotlilng Less, limn a | the public square u Porryopolis yes- ' that Clifford, Opperman, ^ _ _ ^_ i tuaity to do some patriotic service in . speakers, assisting jp, rccT-uii .tbe. ConnellsviHe | Featuring' the rally platoon ot Cor.ipany G, Third Pennsylvania Miliua Hesorve, 10 tbe strer.stk necessary for il miiiitc.- Into Um sorvicD. A few men are yet aoi'd- ed to complete ihe roster. H is re- j Mice. Mrs. William Woin er. Mrs. Law-1 but doesn't th'n ported that certain individuals m tte : rence Fife and .MJS.S Freda Hixen- I city bave made very disparaging re- · baugh. J B K R K A R P ilct' i marks about service with this o-san- , ization which, in the present emer- ' gency and state of the pi^lic mind, to nothing iefib than a form ,, icanib can nomination for Congress while i ta t Britisn a n d Frcncn armies bearins ' h a l 1 - wllore '"· d i l l u e r W:1S scrvcd "^ ' tbe b r u n t ot the great. Germaa dr.ves ^ Woman's Culture club, the iiual ' jastrutiions u-ere it-sued and tho can- vasbers given the necessary blanks, Ka.*h day a dinner will be served at i h c .Masonic umplo at noon, whore report}, w i l l bo reunved and further iniorsnaiioii given. Alxjut l 1 ^" incQ v,vre present at tho aninor at noon. Robert Norm and !-. T. Norton iolil of Ijow tbe ca:npa)gu ·.vo.tld Iv imiiiilcti, the latter explaining ihc ui:0 of ;br various blanks and ans'iVLnrjg qiH'^tior..; of ibe canvas- beis. 3jdinci.s foi tacli ol Ibe learns \\ere also assJirned. .Mr. Norton told ot f o u r honor roll iuiys which \v li be placed in differ! en: pa rip of the city. Kach Uag will j bear ihc name^ of persons buying As bonds arc* purchased toe of tbe buyer w i l l be lypewrilten. on a slip of paper au«1 pasted on tbe honor Hag. A clock numerals up to $850,000 will be placed in tbe business beckon of t h e city to mark the progress of tbe loan in Connells- vilie's territory. I about- eaUuff. They give you all you i Persons are requeued by the gov- tfas a pageant 1 and more if you wish It." i prnnieiH not to take their savings of school children, with Miss Mary, "There is one thing -,\'e mu^t have . fiiDds to buy bondt, but no restraint McConnell of Conncllsv lie as C o l u m b i a camp." Oppman " rm\, "and that, , againsi d;:ng so IK made. The gov- liia. Assisting in iho sxercises was! i.- Tbe Courier, Start it at once." , em neat would prefer that a smaller was ;i quartet composed of Mrs. B. s.\ At present ho is under, i amoon*. of bonds be bought and paid Senator Crow -will be opposed by William .M. Rhodes of Masontown, in Flanders DemocraJ, in No*omber. Four candidate^ are in the fie!d for the Republican n o m i n a t i o n for rib- sembly. They am ICrnost R. Kooscr. Connellsrille; Duncan Sine-lair, of BrownH\-ille; Aussell B. ftfcJntyrc of Uniontown, and Colonel J. J. Barnhart of Dunbar towuship. The Democratic candidates for as- sembiy are II nry Rhodes, ConuellH- villo; Lloyd Stiliwagon, Co:meUsvillc township; J. Buell Snvdei-, Perryopolis: Reuben Howard, XJuiomown. and T. D. Schuyler, Dickevson ^un. BIG CROWD AT PERRY erman dr.ves and Picardy, the whole ' program of the army i speeding up. , Only a week ago General Crov,-dor ordered rr.otnhv.atian of 150,000 sclcel men for Apul 2K, and their mo\e*n^nt to the Xauonal Army cantonments duriRg the fi\e das following. ' Although every state- ami ihc Dis- ' trlct of Columb.a are called upon lo furnish men. under General Crowder's latest order, nearly hal.' of ibe 49,843 ) men will come from se.vcn states. 11- i linois will supply by far tbe largest number, its quota being 8,0-17. Pena- j sylvan in i- 1 n=xt wnh 3,775, Now York) tbird with 3,542. Liberty T.oun Drive There at Mcotint; OrPMLAS VA.\TS TIIK COnilKB AT CAST.) bonds. is Launched' J n a ]inLPr roce!V od from Andrew Sunday. ^ Oppinsin. who recently went into tV great throng was gathered about, training at Camp, Va., :ic says ( e public ;quaro :.t Pcrryopoiis } - es-' that the a r m y Itfe is the only kind. Form of Pro-GiMimtuiinj at This i terday afternoon for tbe Liberty Loan) "After tbe first day m drill." be Time; a Fen Recruits A'eoded, | rally. Congressman Bruce R Ster-, writes. "I fell like a man 60 years The Loyalty League has an oppor- ' ling and Lawrence Fife were the 1 old. but am feeding fine now. Talk it will last !ocg. SIXTY HOUSES WRECKED Stanl5ia.w Snd7.iak, Albert Scbomer, i ot pro-Germanism ^ vhl]e thls org;1 " n i tentied for feder ;, is not in- j i i b exist-i t enco is essential to the maintenance Texiis To mi HoarUy OatrniKcd by Storni Snnduy .Iftornoon. By As5.ocri.tvri Pr^ss. ! PORT WORTH, T-,x , April 15.-( About 60 houbCii, tixcluding a two-' 000 invested in Liberty Bonds. GIRL DISAPPEARS Police Jiook for "tt'est Tirglnia 3Uss of JS Tears. Police authorities here have beea notified of the disappearance of Margaret EHIri, 18 years old, from her tome in. Newburg, "W". V lag youcg womaa left horn' afternoon, April 5, at 1.30 o'clock, and in supposed to have arrived in Cumberland on, Wednesday. The girl is five feet, four inches in height, has light brown hair, lair George Comstock. Albert Balducc:,, of peace and goorf D r r f e r jn , h c ( . orn . ^ _ _ James Dougherty, P. Tormay Brovra, monwea jm O f p e nrusivania and mem-(story brick school V» r iUiani Soisson and Thomas Sikora. j ^ the progra-m as will be found by ref-i w n o ;tre Arising young nen agiiinst i l a t e Sunday AT S I X VNTOXIO Bernard M: 1 Par i land, formerh- of Conollsvil'c. left last night for San Amouio, Tex , aUrr \ siting his father. .\ficbae} McParlland and other rcta- tivc.s -n Uuioniown. McPartl.'ind i.-- cno nF the class of tit* w / i o wir, J e a ^ e the I u i v n r s j t y of P'nzsburs for Sail foi in insuj-llmentft rather tban. have ' a large amount p\ircbu?ed with the savings nccoun:. One reason is that ;bt ^o'verniiieiit \\n\ild prefer the pco- p!c '.o make J^omi 1 j-aorifice and an- oihor i.~7 that it liikets t h e money out of thij iank^' hands, and wll make it impn^=iflo for 'Jic bank to carry bonds ou insialiiH'fit. Kev. Burqis? pave .1 phori talk. Ha and in it is as much ,1 tnst of loy- I churches, were demolished by a storm t F R A N C I S MeCl'SKhll IS other forms of service. Tho^e (at Boyd, !iO miles north of Kovt Worth ' lj erence to Oie program on page nine j e n j l s tjncr in it arc very l i k e l y to 10 of Tbe Courier today. , ccivc attention from the Loyalty Lea- During the show tomorrow nigiit| g u e j i r t h e i r activities are i o u u a u c d . Rev. John T. Burns will deliver a! Tnesda and Friday nigbt have beea rowr-mlnutc address. On Wednesday fixcd for (lri]l h _ v Captain. Cos. Draf- evening John Duggan, Jr., will be tbe ' t eRS aro urged to repor 1 a.t Uicse four-minute speaker. drills. The minstrel show i* being put on by a committee headed by J. -M, Doyle, ' Mr Doyle especially worked untir- The miss- \ i n g l y , or :he succe5s of the affair. He no Friday j ?oH cited the advertising for the County JVesldent Niveii AuthorHj booster edition of The Courier, which Decide Amount, afternoon, according to reports to For; Worth by niepsengei this moruin^. No one was injured. Telegraph and telephone wires Vrerc down this morning. said tha: .u v romine intn ih to t h e poJjjiio 'ifo IT.J^T heart anC .-o^ for 11-5 io hav iiad ln-cn a ]ong time * 1 ^ar but he had come n wjiere 3je could ace eo into :t w-jib all our l, "There is no Iiopo e a cefinne or pcrn:a- HIBERNIANS BUY BONDS IV ill Be Taken to Senator's Home i»r Burial. By Associated,- Press "WASHING-TON, April 15.--Official j complexion, brown eyes with dark Washington turned Jrom its -war duty ! riags underneath, high cheek bones, today to attend the funeral ITALIANSTO HELP , STas* Meeting in Liberty Loon I n t e r - i cst (.'filloil fur ~\Vo(Jneij{la.y. A mass meeting of Italians will be ' 'held Wednesday evening at S o'clock ; !;\(.'LAXP. Word has been received from Francis McCusker, formerly of ihe V.est S de. and now i r i t h the Aviation Service, that he has a r r i v e d in I^L He Hays he was %ruh Herbert D u g - I back 'wiuisc of tho tramiss of gen- cai), son of .Maor Diigrgan. for a u m o crauout o!" pcaci- Io\cis, L u t develop- but they have b^en separated and he nio-m^ lj;uc j .-.huv^n ihat we must go (Comiir:c?3 un Page Twu.) 'Uto ; L to r e t a i n thai peace. Tin 1 re u o: c 1 1~ tables arranged in ig h a l f , o:;r- for each u\im. The aa.'iio Lali.e.- \\il[ bt- ust-d UiroxisUout the wi-c-k by the «-amo ua;ns. 1.', T. Norton lodaj suit! thai tha WANT ENGINEERS p t a r c in tho world unless we do put n;ir s'.rcngrtli io it and win this war,' 1 l-Ic Fa 'I ;h:u America had held. the of Senator William J. SHone of Missouri, chairman o£ the Senate Foreign. Relations committee, who died at his nome here yes 1 erday as the result of a paralytic stroke Buffered last "Wednesday, ft was announced that the service would be conducted at 4 P. M. ·today, w:t*i the Rev. J. Forrest Pretty- inan, chaplain ot the Senate, in charge. The family and a congregational committee will accompany the body to Jefferson '-ity, Mo., where it will lie in state V.'ednesday at the Missouri capital. Burial will tafce piace at Nevada. Mo., Senator Stone's old home. skirt, white silk waist and a gray straw bat trimmed w;th white water lilies. appears today, and a glance through j Foregoing tho na-.Ional convention f i n tho Columbus K a l i a n Fraternal soils pages will show how successfully, r j n order thai the order's purchase of Iciety's hall in First street. VTost. Side, The reserved seat sale is on at the i Liberty Bonds \iould be greater, Is ' to organize for a canvass in' the in- store of tbe Conneilsville Drug com- t t n novr-l plan of the national lodge of tcrost of tbe Third Liberty l^oan. panv. | the* Ancient Order of Hibernians. The j Not only are Italians gcmif? to sub- convention of the counLy branch wasj^cribe to the loan but they are going held Sunday at Dtmbar when it was , to work hard for the success of it, it anounced rbat tho national convcn- ( ' s indicated. All Jtal.ans are urged tlon to be held at San Fra.uci.sco bad{ ! ° attend the meeting. :llcd. Thu expcnss of ihe convention, about $150,000, w i l l be .n- K.MTTD'G TXIT FOIUIKD. vsnen last seen she wore a long dark' j^ ^^ Speaks. b;ue coat, with Mack patent leather] Ur j j H f n % super in ten dent of the btlt, and briv--n band on collar, brown McKcesport district of the First Mela- shoes, bine serge skirt, white silk, r^ Eplscopal church, preached at bcen the Sunday evening community serv- C( ices o£ the churches of Dawton held vested in Liberty Ilonds. last evening in. the First Fre^byTerian j j 0 i jn j r w -in f of ConPlliviMe church. The community prayer serv-' ICPS -will bo beld Wednesday evening in the Cochran Memorial Methodist church. l , Local Draff lUuirtls Also AsKcil lu Induct lletco'nilo^ist^ and i'hsivists. Ivocal draft boards l:ave beer. ro~ iiuesled io .secure if possible nietenr- 'Olojsisis, ph} sic'Ms. mechauieal or « c j v i S i.n^infers, for nninediak- indiu- ' lion into the tH*rvc-p. The men arc ! w a n t e d lor entrainmcni between ApriJ 1 15 and 20. TM.-V w i j l enter service at the Aviation Mobilization camp, n t i Camp MeArthii], Waco, Texa«. There is an urpem need for HIPPO men. but no tie w i t h o u t a lechnicu. r;, ( uuUi js ;, v,i\h t'u- ubi Li \i^ot THREEOLDIERS KILLED i n ' Forty-Five Others Arc Injured Wreck in Xevr York. By Associated Tress. NEW YOKK, April 15.--Three soldiers \vere killed, 10 seriously injured a.nd 35 slightly hurt today in a wrock on ihe T^ong Island railroad near Central Isiip, N. Y. treasurer of t*ie Payetto county order, was given blanket authority to purchase as many Liberty Bonds as tiio treasury of tbe organization could si? in At Board Electing. Mrs. J. French Kerr and Mrs. W. P. Clark are in Uaiontown today attending a meeting of the Mothers' Assistance Board of Fayette county. A. J. King, president of UIP ora made a patriotic address to Che drio- gates in which he urged every division in Payette caunty to invest to the limit in Liberty Bonds. " -SEARCH FOR COLLIER 'atj DepnrtnxMit SUM Hopes .UJssing Vessel IVill Keport. Bi Aasoclated press. j WASHlXiJTON, April J5.--Orders · for greater efforts to find the missing ' naval coUtt-r Cyclops, overdue from.! South American waters for more than AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN PEACE LETTER RESULTS IN THE RESIGNATION OF CZERNIN By Associated Presa. AMSTERDAM. April 15.- j French what is said to have been a Count} forged letter, substituted for the let : LIve Body of IVbmen V Hoyer Section. A knitting unit to tbe Red Cross was organized Friday afternoon in tbe Johnston school, with Mrs. John J. Mrs. Sailor giving in- knitting. The class has er, j Driacoll and "* -- "'"" : " Ktruction. in a large membership and iiuch tbusiasm is being displayed by knitters. A meeting is being this afternoon. pn_ 1 are tlie " held loo d'-vjiK v,hb t'u- iiwobftuy oi care w h e n taking a sMh..t-:i',iio'.' 5u: u hond. The name ami aildi OKS t bji uilly, IIP i;iid, should be \ \ r i r p n AD t'^L 1 . n couid be clearly 11 a-1 by an »IH- Iloih Iht 1 nauie and adrlivf.- ahouirf be vv:-];ic:i in 1'ull, as \oo rnucn caie cannot 'u- (^(.icisea iu handling lh- bond.. C-anvasser^ may talie ibe firbt five percent pay n e n t if the subscriber wwhi'K !o p:.\ Jt. If ibe subscribi. 1 !', however, doe- nut w a n t to pay tho 1 canvasser, ihe bank ihroiijrh which Ford Kimtlstor Stolen. ' the bond w.ll Ije handled w i l l be in- Tbo police h e i e have been asked | dictated. The LOinmitic 1 ^ w i l l be sun- to look out for a Ford roadstoi which 'n.ied wuh re- f.pitt 111 c-atc there are. was stolen from U n J o n r o w n yesterday ' sojne who m.ikf t h e first pajiucnts afternoon by three boyt. Tho youths { during tbe h u i i b e to houe Laiivas. ~ : " '"- " '" nicinoc'i | t r a i n i n g will be inducted. believed to from this city and ' the officers here were i m c m d j a t e l y ' Tiotified of tho theft. The license ' number of the car is 37-5575. i Ten Arrests Made- Five prisoners were given hearings before Mayor John Diiggan this morning, three being; discharged and two others paying their fines. Forfeits left by other prisoners amounted to $25. Mis At Telephone 5 Elizabeth Hanley, supervisor of tlie canvassing committeos it- urged lo be press cut, as it is Iioped to linihh the d r i v e during this week There i.^ much, territory 10 be £on« o v e r , and only by feeepiug up ontiiu.siafcitx m the work and keeping constantly on the job ciitv the- si'ouno IK; ' thoroughly covered. Iteiurns. from tlie tomiYiiueos which TM T TDrTDHTV T n A K ^ D A O A r\T? i w e n t hlto lh ° omlms ldilblriclsl - vcs - 1JN LlrJLKl Y LUAIN rAKAULl«rday to \*K on iho liberty Ix^an, MAYOR DUGGAN ASKS ALL CITIZENS TO TAKE PART today, however, that be still clung io , duct ot foreign affairs until hie auc- the hope tuat the vessel would report cossor is appointed. as maa otber navy afaips ha\-e done _ An offlcia! Btatemmt received hare atxer they hj.d been given up for lost. J to d a? from Vienna assorts that the --,- -- - ; j^fggr statement oC the Franca Pra-- TV'ajits Kank Saised. j mier, M. Cletneneeau, coneeraing the Resolutions drawn by Dr. George {conversation between. W. Neff, of Masontown, at the instance fram-e regarding the eludes: "The affair is herewith declared at an end." TUa recent publication by tho French government of the futllo i«acc Austria and j appeui sent out by Emperor Charles possibility of i of Auetro-Hungary In March, 1D17, anci Temperntnro Record. Genoraliy fair tonight and Tuesday; ixen 10 join in this parade, call your attention to the fact that in pubt parades, employes oC our different, banks ami places of industry have failed to turn out as they should on those occasions, 2:30 P. M., forming at Veeck street, i time that the spirit 01 patriotism that "West Side. A -National band oC 75 ! should exist in the minds and hearts pieces will arrive to head the parade, j of the people will be fuHy deinon- They will be met by George S. Connell strated by the pan that you take in and his committee, and will be con- this parade on nex~. Thursday, ducted through tbe principal streets "The parade is Jn charge of J. L. Mayor Duggan issued Ihc f o l l o w i n g proclamation this morning relating to t h e great Liberty Loan parade which will be held on Thursday afternoon: ''A monster Liberty Loan parade wil take place Thursday, April 18, at of our city to' the Library steps, where an address will be made by James Francis Burke, a, speaker ol iia- Of the Fayecte County Medical society, ^openiag peace negotiatiens do not alter t tae effertB of the emperor and foreign,[ wanner is tha noon weather forecast I tional reputaMon, upon the issues of asking that the rank of physicians the service e raised, has been for- ed to CoTgrssmaa Bruce F. Ster- the situation as regards the majority of Count Ozersin's declarations. Tns Austrian foreign minister, the state- ling and other representatives oC j oaent says, is unable to ascertain who PensylvaaJa Ja iae House and Senate. I was responsible ior delivering to the office to explain this letter to the sat-{for "Western Pennsylvania, isfaetion of Germany and the German emperor were the most potent influences in bringing about the resignation of Count Czernin. Maximum Minimum. Mean . 152 1918 .G6 37 1917 45 33 the Liberty Loan that is being waged by our government. "We ask that all the business and industrial p-laces ot our city close promptly at 2:30 P. M. and every cit- assisted by J. K. Angle, will impart to you any information regarding to the formation of this parade. They ^'ish to impress upon the public that no automobiles or other vehicles will be allowed to participate as this will be a parade of marchers through our city. "JOHN DUGGAN, ilayor," \vbtu ii »vai and its pvaposc. report I would \evy onth.isiasv.t sessions. The rural residents were oiganUed tor a f a n - va-ss ol their (lisiiicts and the quotas for each section gnen out. Meetings were held at over a dozen school hope at this houses and Hum-lies. In the m o u n t a i n d i s t r i c t , K. T. Norton. Robert Norris. F. AV. Wright, K. 13. Younkin, A. C. Btifkel, J. E. Anglo and J. 1... Kvans. ]ield several meetings, c u l m i n a t i n g in one big gp.Lher- ios at the church at Mill Run in the evening which about 200 persons attended. F. K. Younkin made the principal address. Great enthusiasm was displayed by everyone and when U was announced that the quota for that station had, been iii:ed at $50,000 cheers were given. A chairman and secretary {Continued UH I'IUTB Two.;

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