The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 8

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 8
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"the latest "newt" and prob ably alwayt haw been. So might My that there ha al ways been some way found by man lor spreading the news. But of court "published newspapers'- couldn't' appear until printing from movable types wai Invented. In Rom 2.500 years ago there wcr writers of newsletters woo furnished newt to people who lived . far from the capita). Julius Caesar, in M BC, estab lish th "Acta Diuma. daily bulletin posted In the Forum with new of government .affairs: And there were. m later times, all kinds of pott ed proclamations, news pamphlets and so on that were Intended to distribute news in one way or another But these weren't really published newspapers. The first regularly published newspaper appeared in Germany as early at ISM and was called "A visa Relation oder Zeitung.' In Prance, newspapers also started at about that time. The first regular French newspaper. -called th GaMtte," appeared in 131 under the patronage of Cardinal Richelieu. It contain ed both foreign; and home newt. Th first English newspaper was called the "Weekly Newet and was Issued m London in id. though there Jud been some single sheet publications (two-pages) with news in 1(31 , And It h possible that the first newspaper to appear in the western world was really in Belgium. It was called "Nieuwe Tydingen" and may have ap peared in Antwerp m IMS. . Ill the United States, the first newspaper to appear had an Interesting history, ft was issued FRED N. f GARRETT FUNERAL SERVICE A Reasonable, 1 Courteous.. ' v Efficient Service' at, twos wwom " V wa bats tssvca . 2334773 SSI Somerset St West im uMBimmwummmmmm ADAMS FUMIITURE ltt BAN ST. and was called "Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick." But because there was no free speech and free printing allowed in the colonies at that, (ime. it was suppressed four days after H appeared. So there was only on issue of ttt ' The first continuously published paper in the United State , was th "Boston Newt- Letter." which appeared m 1704 and was issued tor U years. The first daily newspaper lit the U.S. was th "Pennsylvania Evening Post" which became a daily in 1783. FUN TIME Th Chuckle Bra Letter from Camper: Dear Dad. Gue what I need molt. That' aright. 'Send it toon. Belt wi?shes. Your 7on, Ru??. Reply from Father: Nothing ever happens here. NO newt. Writ aNOther letter soon. Goodbye. NOw. Love, Dad. CROSS WORD PUZZLE Ellen Charron, 11, Worcester. Mass., wins s3ritannica World! Atlas for .this cross word puzzle. Make on up and send It to: "Cross Word Punle," Tell M Why, with your nam, agt. and address. ' J- - THE CTTAWA JOURNAL THURSDAY, AUOUST 37, 1964 Xcll Me v mi Q What Was the First Newspaper Published? Win tA lS-votum Britannlca Junior Incyclopedia for school and home. Send your question!, nam, age, addreu to Tcf Arc Wn7" care o TA OKauxi Journal. In can of duplies! Questions, th author will decide the winner, Todag't winner it: Oat W under, it, Newport Newt, Va. By A. LEOKUM i ; ; ; - Everybody is interested In dj omjmmm nimi in jkw. ACROSS. 1. Wins. 5. Chair (. Use to pave road. T, Second not of teal. I. Before noon. I. Part of foot. IS. A light. 11. Vagrant. DOWN. 1. Ray of light t. Hearing organ. 1. By. 4. Having sharp tocllM. S. Begin. T. To frolic (.Round flat cap. It. Sixth not of seal. Win the Britannlca World 'Atlat or Yearbook of Event. Send gout, riddles, jokee to: Kiddle. Joke. "Tell V Whwr Today't (Dinner is; Connie Day, 11, New Castle, Indiana, . . . - LOCAL MONSTER ' -v OVIEDO, Spain (AP) VII lagers in th mountain village or Felechot have reported seeing a snake seven yards long with head as big as a dog's, police say. A polic Investigator said th village bat offered reward for anytvM killing the snake. So far there have been no takers. ' ,, GUARD DUTIES WASHINGTON The Coast Guard protects alt VS. ports against, fir sabotage, negli gence and other perils. ' CPPOBTUXITIES F03 PRCFESSICLS Biological Sciences - WIUILin BIOLOGIST, experienced biologist to direct th wM-i. -.- i n.nutin lnA Canahlutv Inventory. A RJ5A including th development of Techniques for classifying habitat or wildlife, canaaian wuauis gsm, taw. vw-w. ' ' OosnpeUtloO M-1W1SB. r .; ; svn.m.m entnrstaff anaciallst. to slan and review retearoh and opereUonal procramnMS Inraivint wUdUft in the Northwest Territories and National Parka and all ml(ratory birds in Canada. Canadian Wtlduf Barrlot, Otttwa. Sltwuo-to.. CompeUUon -1401SB..,,v ..l,...'. , , RECRKATIONAt tAtfD VSK CO-OKDIBfATO. to direct la cooperation wttli other interested agencies a national programme of recreational land use classifies lk as part of the Canadian Land Inventory, AJUUL requires university fradnata with experience to reereaUonal land us planning. Northern Affitrs and National Rasouree. Ottows. fo.400-lljoa. Competition M-1401RC. BENIOS POOD TECHNOLOGIST, to direct th technical opera tlnna nt tha klumtm apuluas: tmlvSTSlt araduates In bae trloloy or chemistry with saptrlenet In supervising laboratory programmes, Marram area. Department m rsnns. umx. tsi4e-tlo.7go. CompeUUon ft-JtUBF. . . GRAIN CHEMIST, to nrioeTtak ttaearcn M problems relating to th chemistry of barley, malt and other barley products; applicants ahould nana doctoral ee master's deare plus related experience. Board of Onto Commissioners, Winnipeg. 17130- MOOO. Competition t4-1401OO. . FISHERY BIOLOGIST, to undertake btokiftcal studies relating to the management and refutation of th commercial salmon rMhery, Pish Culture Branch, nabsries, Vancouver. 1S0- yiSHERT BIOLOGISTS, to carry out phrsteaL mologteal and chemical studies relating to anadromout and non-tidal fish I atock nr fresh water areae and to recommend appropriate management practieea. Pith 'Culture Branch, Fisheries, Bt. John's. Newfouodlsnd. Halifax and Vanoouver. IS3S0-I7130. Competition S4-1401FB. - . ... i. BACTERIOLOGIST, university gradustot In fcaeterlotofv, National nnim anu yveuare, iTtromo, Ottawa ana stonweai ana ue-Mrtment of Fisheries, Charlottetown and Halifax. S9380-ru& Competition st-ltOlBJi, : , (. ,. . t CHEMIST, to ennduct chemical txamrnations' of foods and drags and to develop suitable analytical methods: university gradu-laa in chemistry. Itegtonel Laboratoriaa, Pood and Drug Diree-torat. Halifax, Toronto and Montreal. SMS0-I7U0. OompeU-' tlon t-1401CR. . . - , . RURAL btnLOTMOtT CO-ORDINATOR. A.ILD-A, to mafiate aatlonal aapscts of rural development stud tea: university graduation in course relevant to th duties plus raaponsible axpertenot In asrieoltural extension, social sarvtces or their equivalent. Department of Forestry, Ottawa. CompeUUon so-aii. swiainn. appueauons ny aepiamDar 11, lva. ,. AsBraMasw r taajsdrlas . ahaald he :'te4 IMaftDf- '- ATELT to th CITH) SERVICE COMMISSION OF uitsi), OTTAWA t, AHsatlMU , Tscsustsal aad t Btstnttfie RasjVtre I DHissssL fleaa wto essatt- ' ikw kadsmtoS aswva, -r--, .- i'TTi -rta: 1061 M TaTT" at - mrWiX V -w nlAS8ifi -,, '. ''Outstanding results from Journal Classified" 237 QUEEN ST. I " ' ' I-' ' . , I . t works ..." .:. a A s - (, as U U O rata. ;fflVJ .ft r , Pnt)tllt . ' k. for Stnvl JOV1 . M !ir. ve tloue WPP"--7 ;?Ss ,-t i.'iiiS;"2l our iirt-SrS pr rt .STATIlU B. turner. q ytfi jut .'.::c;.' mi 236-7511 X 1

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