The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 13, 1918 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1918
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAGE TWELVE. THE DAILX" COURIER. CONNELLSVILLK, PA. S5ATUKDAY, APRIL 13. 1918. ^ 9 . 4 5 o'clock. Junio ll iate Y. P. C. tJ. at 8 ''[P. C. 0. at 6.45 P. M. FTBST*UNITED BRETHREN. Sun- tlaj- school at 9:45-a. m. Divine service al 11; morning subject, "Th Sills Juniors and Intenned- at 7.30 the pastor's theme will be 8 P. M. Senior T., "Christ, the Only Hope." Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock. All the men of the P. O. M. class are urged to be present at Sabbath school, as important work concerning the Honor Roll will be looked alter. o( Righteousness." Jr. Y. P. S. C. _., ,t 2:30 p. tn. Sr. Y. P. S. C. E. a: 6:20.' | £* ^ lessons Brenlng service at 7 ;30, subject. "The -. Wijl- J. S. Showers, minister. . . . . . F-rayer meeting Wednesday evening) at 7.45 o'clock. TRINITY REFORMED CHURCH, corner South Pittsburg aid East Green streets. Sunday school at 9.45 with short opening service so as to allow ample time for the study of the in the quarter. and THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH-- Confluence. South Pittsljurg street. Wilbur Nel- | burg son, pastor. Sunday school at 9.45 A.' CONFLUENCE, April 13.--H. L. Hostetler is recovering from a recent severe case of cold and grip. E. S. Bowlin, who has been suffering with a severe of grip and tonsilitis, is able to be out again, t Mrs. Alfred Younkin and little son have returned to their home in Pitts- a vislt friends here . Public worship at 11 A. M. and come. _,,,,,, FIRST I L. Proudfit, pastor. CHl-RCH. CHI-RCiL Sabbath *chM Greensburg. The catechetical claas 7.30 P. II. Morning will meet in the chapel in the after-' sistence of God." noon at 2.30 o'clock. The Young Ia- I "Christian Heroism." dies' Guild will meet at the home ot iMr* Ross Miller South Arch street, it 9:«. Morning service at 11: s u b - j ^ ^ ednes ^ y evening preparatory services on Friday evening at 7.30 o'clock by Rev. A. J. Heller of Greensburg. Confirmation and commnnion services Sunday. Apnl 21. Rev. topic. "The Per- topic, Sect of sermon. "Minding fhe Things of God." Evening service at 7:.30. subject, 'Selping · Jehovah .Against the Mighty." Christian Endeavor at 6:30. meeting, at evening prayor- 7:45. THE METHODIST EPISCOPAL Church--O. L. C. Richardson, jmstor. Divine worship at 11 A. -M. The pastor will preach. Junior League at 3 P. if. Epwortii League at G.30 P. if. Evangelistic service at 7.30 P. M. Ear! Burnworth of Johnson Chapel was here yesterday on his way to Connellsville on business. - Russell Goller has returned from a business visit to Somerset. Rev. "W. M. Bracfee i was a recent friend: visitor with Chapel. at Johnson Meyersdale. TRINITY I.UTHEKAN CHURCH. Rev. Ellis B. Burgess, pastor. The I _. Bible school will meet promptly at j CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN. 10 A M Luther League at ...45 P.!"West Side. Crawford avenue. Sunday 10 A " ' ^ bo conduct^ «1«"" " »·«· Preaching at 11 by -O p ! the pastor. Subject. "Choose To This ' i Day Whom Ye "Will Serve." Young James M. Mullen, superintendent of ! Evangelist Westfall svill preach. Revival meetings all next week, closing April 21. Dr. "VVestfall will be with us during the week. Home Missions, department of the JBast, Baltimore, win be in charge. 15. Mrs. Shannon Srnitu, who visited | friends here for two weeks, left Tuesday for her home in Eoswell. Mrs. "William Kallmyer and daughter, Miss Mllllcent, of Frosthurg, are visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. by the pastor at 11 A...M. and M. Special music by the quartd.. j Onr pews-ar«free to all- CHRTSTIAN CHURCH- MORNING sen-ice at 10.45. Subject, -"The Curse of Meroz." Evening service Et 7.30. Subject, "Heioic Faith." Sunday school at 9.30. Christian Endeavor at 6.30. In the.absence ot the pastor who is holding a- meeting at Norfolk People's meeting at 6.30; preaching, .30. Subject, "The Prodigal." GERMAN LUTHERAN ST. JOHN'S church. Carnegie avenue and East South street. George Dietz, pastor. Service 1 , at 10.30 A. 1L Sunday school at 9 o'clock. Services and holy com- will be conducted Va., the services by Mrs, Mary.P- THE UNITED PRESBYTERIAN ehuich, Sonth pittsbarE street and Morton avenue, ·William J. Eierhart. minister. Morning worship at 11 o'clock. Sermon topic, "The Sure ·Wky to Victory:" Evening worship at 7.45 o'clock. Sermon topic, "A Mission to Many:-" Sabbath school at COVENA«\TKR CHURCH--S. Houston, pastor. Sabbath school at [ M. P. Baer of the South Side. 10 o'clock. Morning preaching service at 11. Top'.c of sermon for Sab"bath school, ""Knowledge of the'Bible IProm Childhood." livening service at ?:3ft, topic, ''Hallo^vin/g the Name of God." C. Y. P. TJ. at 6.4S. Can! of Thanhs. "Vfe irish to thank our many friends I ter of ConnellsT«illo. and neighbors for their sympathy and Sftlc *m On. Elks' Minstrel advance sale now on; secured your reserved seats early. Watch for Booster Edition and complete program in Monday's paper. Best ever. Many novelties. Net receipts to bo given to Red Cross Chap- Adv. 13-16. munion at Morgan station tomorrow kindness during tie sickness and afternoon at 2.30. THE METHODIST PROTESTANT Church---"West Apple street. J. H. Lambertson. minister. Class meetras at 9 A. M.. SabaMh school at 9.5 A. AT. Jmnfns worship at 11 o'clock. Subjec", "All Things To All Men." C. E. meeting at 6.45 P. M. Topic, "How to Enjoy Sunday." Leader, ICrs. ·William Brooks. In the evening | death of'our loving son and brother, Frank M. Hag^erty, and for the beautiful floral offerings. Mr. and Mrs. John Haggerty and family.--Adv. Dunbar. D. C. Eason for wall paiper. -- Adv. -- BeeflTering. Lewis S| Robbins of Eighth street. Greenwood, is recovering from a serious illness of pneumonia. He is able to sit up for short time each day. TYTio to Patronize. Those who'advertise in The Courier. iRead our advertisements. Daily Bring results. Cose only Ic a word. ( *£* I l r . The "Preferred Investment 3 · The *9fee mai sdects his motor car investment in roach the same way that be selects a fast mortgage bond crany cither high graHp- ycrrnty. £}; lodes for pennan«rit, endoring quattt? -- oat mere surface -»eneer. He looks to the integrity of the rnancfactnrer, thercritkal eqxesKons of the awcr^e owner and the history of'tfaeprodoctower.a'perkxlof jears. !t;fe c on tins basis that -we - Buen the "Btanc%)oint d( initial "cost,' oars is not a cheap motor car. There are many cars on the market that sefl for less money than the Paigesnd'wecould readilyballdthem ourselves if we considered that the ( best poficjE-SBntcwe. don't. W« firmly heKeve" r that " sett-respect, comfcat, and enduring satisfaction have an actual market value. So we build those things into our product. We take jnst a little more time -- just a little more-care in the selection'of materials -- just, a little more pride -in our -work^And the resnk is a real motor car-^-not-A makeshift or compromise. ' In. brief, ·while "we agree that .first cost is an important consideration, -we are convinced that Ultimate cost is -wasdy more important. We befieve that the onry true test of economy is twelve months of hard, gruelling service on. the road. TSfe before that freedom from repair btBs and excessive depreciation is inritety more desirable than a mere catch-penny Bst price. These are our convictions. We have hdd to them staunchly during many fkful periods in the motor car industry. So long as the Paige Company is a factor in the making and distributing of motor cars, we shall continue to adhere to them. 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PETTICOATS! Striped gingham and percale petticoats are here in fine assortmeius at S5c aud $1.00 each. Excellent values. Cover-All GingKam Aprons at $1.50 They are larj;o and roomy and will cover your dress, from the neck to the hem. Made of good quality gingham with the round neck, the sleeves and the belt in back piped with white. In light and dark checks. Crisp Little White Aprons 25c There are about three hundred of these dainty little aprons of d i m i t y and lawn. Some" have neat embroidery trimming them, others hare ruffles and hemstitcli- ing and little pockets with tiny bows. or Thousands of peonlt^seores of them music .ritio--buve l.ft'-ncil !.pc»- j hound to the New iidison's re-cre;ition of both vooa'. and itinirancnUil music j --the reproduction being bo laithfu; one could not distinguish between ibc ; artist and the re-ct cadon. ^ [ Thousands of homes h:u-e been made cheerier, merrier, better n!acc^ to | l i v e in by Uie introduction of this w o n d e r f u l instrument : The NEW EDISON V ' i l l 50 d r m n :n ;i;sior.v as n'nc of tlir mos-l significant inniip/i.« nf .1 iirnin ' u h i i - h lias K i i f i i movi to t h e w o r l d in t h e shape of M"uit lie ]irot^'-t, ihan , has any nih"r of i's lime, or of a l l time. Tlir. N!.:\\ KDISON comes in a ?i7e, model and finish to satipfj .iJlj p"r- | .onai prpforrncc and in fit in with any decorative scheme. 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