The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 6

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 6
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I The OttWa Journal PublulMd by The Journal Puhluhln Co. at CHUn IA4. 137 taw. t lit Spark It Ottawa. Ontario. THURSDAY, AUGUST 27. 1964 Should Cut Deep In Securities Inquiries i This newspaper had sucb faith in the Ontario Securities Commission that on Aug. 7 it questioned the need for the RoyaJ Commission which Is investigating the gyrations of Windfall Oils .and Mines stock. Our case was that the securities commission has comprehensive powers of inquiry, an investigator appointed by it having the same rights as a Supreme Court judge to demand the presence of witnesses and the production of documents.; ' ; ' Because of the great trust and power which the people of Ontario have given, the securities commission, it is a shock to the province that one of the senior commission officials, Mr. John H. Campbell, director of administration, has been' suspended from duty indef- ,1 ' I . u , ,., . . . . witery. Aiioraey-vienerai wisnan suites -that Mr. Campbell was "quite thoroughly involved" in dealings which caused Windfall shares to rise and fait Mr. Campbell declares that he has done nothing of which to be ashamed and he expects his suspension to be lifted when the Investigation ends. For his sake it will be hoped his expectations are justified, but in any case the public ease of mind has taken an awful jolt The mere allegation by a minister that an official of a commission appointed to protect the public interest in the field of securities hat been involved in dealings which saw Windfall rise from 58 cents Jo $5.70 and then crash back to 80 cents is enough to bring instant alarm and lasting doubt Time was when Canadians had a built-in pride in the public service of all levels of government The best In the world" was ' phrase that came easily to our lips. In recent year however' too many investigations have proved necessary. The result of growing cynicism will be impairment of public faith In government aid government service, and a consequent falling off of a desire to enter : government by people capable of wise and devoted service. ., The inquiry into tnis latest case must therefore embrace painstaking investigation. If Mr. Campbell is found at fault the public should be told clearly of his fault, of his consequent punishment and of steps taken to clean house for there is at stake here the general reinforcement of public. confidence in, government. If he If found to have done nothing wrong then an Attorney-General should weigh his words more carefully when be suspends a man tor investigation. . M . Th Grab Bog of th Fair 1 Sex and sausages make strange bedfellows. Yet there they are, side by side, at the Ex. On the midway, through a swallowed microphone, a sideshow attendant barks the measurements and skills of the undulating beauty beside him who can limbo seven inches low. A few yards away the good ladies of St, Giles are valiantly grilling wieners. Lsusdowne Park this week is a city of violent contrast, the place where people can expect to find the unexpected. Under the shadow of a clanging rouer-co&sier a urea woman is caimiy cutting through a shoe to demonstrate ev knife that never dulls. Boisterous youths with bulging muscles hurl rubber balls at stuffed dolls. On the other aide of the canvas perspiring matrons methodically arrange com kernels on a, bingo card. Tall and splendid in boots and spurs a Royal Canadian , Mounted Police constable strides down the midway swinging a white calfskin handbag. A candy - coated child slumbers on a bench beside a luxurious double bed. "' ' High above- the midway a score of girls scream in happy terror'. A bull bellows from the cow palace. In front of the grandstand the NORAD band blares brassily. Popcorn mutters over fir under the stands. The smells ot frying onions, cotton candy and bar- , becued beef smother (almost) the pas oral odors from the livestock buildings. Dust and gasoline fumes choke the hot pavement, but inside - the cool tent where arthritics have " their dainty needlework on display the perfume is of lace and lavender. Here is the Joyous cacophony, the grab bag of the fair. Our Leaden Should Take to the Hills ; U.S. Defence Secretary McNamara, with a plateful of crises to choose from every morning, has been away from Washington climbing in the Alps. Snow defeated his attempt to climb the' Mat-terhorn but with his son and five friends ha was having a fine mountain holiday while South Viet Nam; Cyprus and the rest of the low lands boiled with trouble. Mr. Pearson and Mr. Diefcnbaker, too. used to go on holiday. The present Prime Minister strolled around a district golf course with a handful of clubs and the former Prime Minister had a particular delight In fishing in Saskatchewan. At the risk of sounding impolite we' contend there Is nothing to prevent the Canadian leaders taking a day or two off and leaving the tasks of Parliament to their lieutenants. The memory of how well Parliament progressed when Mr. Pearson was at the Commonwealth Conference in London raises the wonder whether it would do twice as well with both away. Suppose they both went to the mountains, and on coming down discovered agreement on a, flag a far, more useful ascent than the usual one of lugging flags to the top! ' Johnson and Humphrey Tkisaat eniAM whava k nanrA if 4 - ffsk Notes and Comment : The trouble with capturing the "most wanted" criminal Is that as soon as he is captured, he Isn't. , Introduction of canned beer In Ontario la 1969 will not maka garbage collectors any happier. ,,.;- , ' ' ' 'Mr. Andy WUIiams diplomatically said he liked "aomk of the things" the Beatles do. The problem is , to find out just what they do. ' ATLANTIC CITY. QN THE iurf.ce or from TV it mifht have looked as if the Democrats' genius lor compromise failed them in the eolation they found tor settling the rival claims of two Mississippi delegation at Atlantic City. All but three of the Lily-white regulars walked out and went hitffl, malt IKmidK iKa immli. to a problem which has been hounding President Johnson and the Democratic command for week. The solution didn't come easily. It took all the eHorU of that Did Democratic pro, David Lawrence, the bead of th cre-d n 1 1 a I s committee and a former governor of Pennsylvania, and Sen. Hubert Hum spontaneously but in full awareness of the Dolitical conseauences. What he re- THE real tokenism was in celves In return is applause also calculated and also political. Sen. Humphrey is probably the best choice from every point of view that Mr. Johnson could have made. He is an extraordinarily able man who seems to have checked youthful impulsiveness without losing his idealism. There are now no real differences in .qualifications for either the presidency 'or the vice-presidency. Mr. Johnson, hove all, is aware of that .The kind of balance which' Sen. Humphrey brings to the ticket Is of tha best kind a , balance of aptitudes and instincts. The , Democratic Party did not feel com pelled - to balance ' for example, a poiicq to .pt -wtMupm. - th protest of th Freedom .J The Brave Compromise I ;4oo Miles by canoe ay JOHN W. GRACE f The Jtaraal Mississippi racists and a major that Barry Goldwater has advanc for civil right In th oaough spptal to tht private Democratic Party. prtjudlct at nough peopl to Th achtevtmtnt was to too- maka this a vary close Hectic late the segregationists and to indeed. , f V remove the last vestiges ot r-' Every demonstration, every " "T:r,.r.." :. speciaoimy tat racists ot mis- "mw out ' - ,-r . B...hed notatoes dessert sissippl - and Alabama might ripple of reaction that no on from Brassy Hill having had an , (Jf served on plates have claimed inheritor at this convention can be sum eventful day and progressed no mwjt rom , raU 0f himlnim of the Democratic tradition m about. If there to .! mora than sis mile. W have foil w found at the bottom of - .mm MuMarniutioiieM lost two packa. one of them wiui "L-00 the ae. pot and pane. cook. takable legality of their claim Freedom Democrats' causa was brooding, fearful and passive. sZtt tW..i was upheld. a Washington lawyer. Joseph L. ' The Freedom Democrats, the Ruh- if1" Wend of Presi- THE little sideshow at tha largely Negro group, professed oent Johnson- Mr. iftauh is a convention on Tuesday night In to, i ,u. ...... ,k. n i- tonlvitwoof their members ac- rreMom Democrats with """7,'. i credited as official convention Persistence, toughness and skill. Party duV hailed and nominated Presi- i'STS No. dentt Lyndon B. Johnson and his choice delegates from Mississippi, but mirw' 01 Dr.JKarttn .' fortne vice-presidency, Sen. Hubert H. -at large" delegates Kin mor pionata ad-Humphrey. But. make 'no mistake, this .."' .M.r' long; the spontaneous demonstrations properly rehearsed. t But -as a Journal associate editor at the' convention, Mr. John Grace, observed, there is no real love affair between the Democratic masses and their leader. Mr. Johnson has not the enemies in or out of the party that Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman or John Kennedy had. 'But he does not arouse other political emotions either. The chemistry, the magic, the affection are not there. The Democrats know they must have Mr. Johnson. They know, too, that he is a consummate politician and If any manfean keep their party in the White House" for another four years it is Lyndon Johnson. Why the lack of real warmth,, the cheers coming from the head rather than the heart? The answer may be that Mr. Johnson is too calculated, that he is a political IBM machine saying or doing nothing at icss i, a successful solution sortie moderate southern Demo crats because he Is so outspoken, , . But this man accepted the seating of even two of eh Freedom Democrat a aa historic phrey, whom Mr. Johnson was about today had either the already using as a working vice- Freedom Democrats or the president. "regular" Mississippi deiega-The Freedom Democrats and Don been pleased with th solu-their eupporter talked mainly tion. ' . , for th record. It was mor i.Th dissatisfaction on both "tokenism." they said, a ad sides is testimony to th in-torn of their supporters took genuity and subtlety of the corn-to singing Freedom songs at promise. n cwivenoon nan But e Democrat are still vn m Him iiameu miBMsaippt. But what escltement there was, either at the doorway or In the Mississippi delegation on th floor, was md mostly by the television men pushing etch other around. ThkU tht last o our articles on 400-mtlt fnot rrfp from Ukt Wtnnlpta to Hudton Mot, vrftttn lor Tht Journal bt D. M. CooHcaa, With Mr. Coolican vera tUiott Xodgir, A. M. J. UnHnk. Dr. O. M.Boiandt, Sigurd Olson and Stair frottr. utensils, cutlery plat cup. Tha othr had food In it B,V "".. '""r"VB .k n.. , uu snsst country. , - , Mhr fin.u out el ; country. nt. aj delegations from Mississippi ba Z": "T" Inr wSiitu Mlv. Th. mrvMUn lOW-CIUMn 10 SUr bow tna Short Bits From Hansard 25 X" 0 WpouKtag): ' 1 am sura that th Union ack art the. - - debate which ha taken place.; if- j . i i .? ' . aal i " i , v V v -V , i ftwa 1M MM si See. , tss mobilizing. t W aU wp.ct'th Union Jack, to Catted volunteer wer rcnwani wun m Y"T7 ' v ,TTh 7n. 7C. TI- but h t. tha national flag of btlng caUtd te bolster up Can- one of tht lost packs caught of American liUcUinsittsrttyfc. Great Britain. Th modern ada't Permancat rorc. - reck tn the rapid. But even in his handling ot his selec- mld to w" CommorrweyJth b much more p. MacaUum, OS, former Tony tried to book tt with a tion of Mr. Humphrey, masterful as It - futurt when 'T,? CominMontr WoAsfor ' rtJ?1 X was. the President allowed bis man- i any of a. art no longer mem- JJJ ".wf.U Otuwt, died to Toronto, ! ts. - t :'r ' : -J AUGUST 7 brought up the high bank of We are camped tonttnt on a rivr- V" "is reflector .,-' mix n . ...u ..a. l.. oven no prooucea am muiiuis, . paca. , This morning w wok ap to gnj a cold misty overcast that was ing by a cold Mad wind front All day wa have been In last oi. north so that after 1J mile be dissatisfied with having BI WB0 rgud w voMni the Negroes, who ill- Mit portaging at least thra our speed wa cut In hsl?, Tb itrmMMin iMiwftwata' rata a .aui, " ..... . . x a.... ..ti. s.. case gaily seated themtelvts with llmw- ",unl ever ledges one " , J. " T. "J" th Milippl delegation. "" f b meant nothing in term of th-Ws. About neon wo cama to . . -." , . . .... gatnering.. . droo. the first of which had a . m..i. n w a Rut th attention th shoving u..Mkv .i.k . vi.k .h. . .n . IUWM( ' HSW WHMM a VMII'W - r-..--.'.. rrr." no euanW .m. reached ooss xivar wfter ins was precisely oi tning - U , of th Hatet ' the Democratic leadership was rock and large boulders rJ'.JT. "y,Lvn3 trying to avoid. ' .. on th otntr. no around th corner and The word finally came from W wer examlnlag it from felt the full fore of th wind on hlah to cess th strut! th flat rocks when Blair and decided u call tt a dav. Wa breakthrough, n bonorabl and and allow th usurper to keep Elliott decided to shoot Some-., nave done It mil and hav a peaceful tettlement their seats lor th rest of the how they got too cloee to- the about N to go befor Wednts- r.M 1 . -.1 Instruction cam too cno wa jammed against it Aitr.tisr n i the Democratic leaders h I p f..,. M .k. .r... staadina knaa daea holdina on Last night camp among the would have much more to worry t!ttwiat tt tmn at thi ImmtdlaUly UMy tried to get 0-yr-old sprue trees wss a country and of th Democratic toe out um canoe was acung '" " Party: Where shall the Negro " ! th fall ,3,mlB ?u"r PV : .... fv-. t i ...i .u. alsf-ven at that hour the right demonstration. 0 a running a calculated political young spectator said rather " . breathlessly, "that's th f I r t . They have written off Misel-' 'sit-down' I'v vr Men. It's tippi and Alabama. They cannot beautiful. writ off Texas, They would lik not to writ off Florida Louisiana. inaiiM suw isHflBM av a n a ja ww sieaaa mjsuii wuivu wasai - MCkl nottftd wfir W Uttfl "w wiwiwivneV 4m TAlTSinF nWIImsM Umll . . . . . ' mm,lmA kA .tr.. V V w " wvw.nn. UViat ffgMak. fMlntlfipJl HI Alcsl tila H WW Ma WW Viw t Negroes and many whites, the situation whU they stood cast so 5ig decreed tour noun- have been eitting. mostly aihnt- haa fifty feet away with Poo"g mncn, nwa sup-ly. .Inc. Sunday a civil ,.?. of th Haye. Rlvr JfJ ...I . peddling as we fak we could ... .. . .... .A:. .." .!;.,1:.1!!! Another Una was passed is th projress then wa xpected or because tht or merely participant , wer unkempt and looking tik But delcgat. despite their '" 'rom a beatnik dn. flow bttweea us. A stick was tied to a Ion lin and after lhoul Mon rk. lour or fiv attempt Tony was In plt of th angry battl able M get tt to them. They we current and wind that tied It to th canoe which w produced a roll ot whit capped then pulled over and smotied. wvs we mad much better urvu Buim same way and tied to th stem could .estimate, tt being very of th canoe which they then difficult to. fix a poelt ie n la pulled over while ft ooniroiled ' this stretch of th river because public heartiness and optimism, " " bvitiful because tb bow with th first lln keep- there ar no outstanding "curves do not seem at all sur bow "Mr Is yt Mill no way of ml (l .,clnl tmv or landmark that can b aHy , . -. - ; mi n tacuig up stream, sney w biu m n ri..r i .,. .i iMu.. . ,,. ttT?!rs??.21L .k wuch 01 oha- "i!!' tmbarkad and pulled back with IdwUfled on lb tight rnHos to Vsader. For th fact e. they -an hold. m e action tk. tM .rk. tK y.ArZr tech mad. , u---T .7'A.- tThev timotv do not have Tr.Tr: "",v" r--One of the ethers sank while IS Ik. uin .nnmmrmA for mt-u . .t .- " " around a send la u river. ie with what was almost a cheer. bt.rrt: 7.izzr:z zr!1 th.i.7wu.-p;m-dry S".id t L tUctDemo! " SmToT Wn ! "t around fir. at lunch, por- , to th west that was unmis-, ?ratk Jrsn1hooiSt Pvacy of th voting booth. -fJ2L-T? blrS! eo14. ' 1 h,M"m6d " cratic Prtw tn cnoosmg oet- - . united Matt, a K 1 m Can- ever noorlv mrkd wet mossy indicuad Hut would have Ovr poorly markad wet mossy indicated that w would have gate to future, conrentiotts. It ? thtlr more pessimistic ada. was a major defeat for um momenta, some uetnocratt tear track In tht aider and finally about II mile tt go to Yolk cooking dinner la two empty Factory by th end of tht day. lard pails, an empty canned nam y thto umt th wind bad rm and with a pair of plitrs. down and our spirit aa. Tnt poles wer cot with Tonys f w, knew that a matter hatchet which b had kept In what weather we cos Id Vial ma ft Mill atlsilr ateal hak-iAH w . aa...u . A .Itk Cerge Wtwlaa (C-Pigby-An- of th Commonwealth la place p"ALY was reported to b tlmiing his drying out befor rh docent wethr It would b oeuverings to show through; He kept ; ben bera. win find It very dim- ft, Enslgnd in this I AH Germans te Gnat IriUIn VnwnteTH 14 bicom ? "orthtrn lighte. and the convention sensed It The whole ma P columnist support from tht official opposi- country. business was too contrived. ,ati " that this is a very tion s th letters received by The RCMP seised tht Gtr Sa whan tha rfwi.irm wa flnnllw Pr Pvtiamtnt. A poor Par- many hon. membtrs Including man freighter Kotnigtbtrg at Uktn ta Convention HU lWt . S. I iUmmt cou!d Mlc chl Quebec for non-drtivwy of taken in convention Hall last night, aucb a wt have measure of rcogniuon and goods In Montreal. fh annlanuk mlsht wall kavs haan ...... .lJ . - . fir when casting a tjsnc on tat nver in tn dark w saw ocn. numpnrcy at uie out mo song t w unawnum um wmmen may get some mild oetrtt or w ww dislodied and DrobaMy sua, s (NoUbw an otd-ftMoiMd editor: Whattotr bcam of tht old rata that pack are mads fttt to tin thmvUtf AUGUST without troubl. At t t'elock wt climbed the rlvtr bank,- bedding . down round a fire between ground sheets without tent. Tht sky wa dear, starlit and bright- by aa almost continuous AUGUST 12 Wt wer on a glass calm by seven t'elock, pad dling vigorously and helped by tht current About It o'clock Just a the York Factory point television program. Indeed, the whole j .ids of thi nous. Stmt great wt propos-th. .dap. "wondtrW IWorM." wWeh w l,nww " Tttt iw lndtd aatraT Ed show might have been pre-recorded, speeches hsve been made. Of tion by this Houm of singl silica At -- ' " " iTwhwt htld Stda; the President'. ,rprMIvi.t and all. i eours. . jh. .Pche. m.d. LL 'iiSS: 2 '"TJ. X? U TJttZZ Z oeitnctnran ot euiierv and wa hav Views on Views For the sake of argument, he says, a correspondent asserts that the finest view in the world is from the Gatinean Hills In the Fall looking West ' along the gold and scarlet of the 0 1 1 a w a Valley, f ' . ' ' Two ' immediate responsea to Uti were a claim for the Bras d'Or Lake country in Cape Breton and another tor the Ghost River Valley between Calgary and . Banff in Alberta where the foothills meet tha mountains - and the mountains meet the sky-.r yi',.. The tact is that Canadians have be-'' come more interested in views. In the beginning they didn't have time, what ., with Indians, breaking land and getting enough , sleep. Now the land Is conquered enough that it can be admired, with the help of color-film cameras, and the appreciation pf views Is no , longer the prerogative of old ' ladies, ; vapid Englishmen and daft artists. " Nowadays arguments on views cannot be limited to Canada with Princes Street in Edinburgh and apple-blossom time In Southern France only a few hundred dollars' worth away. And who are we to say the Grand Canyon Is any the less for being American or1 the beaches of Barbados reduced In beauty for being beyond our borders? We hope no argument on views will ever be concluded by victory on one side or the other. If they are interminable and polite so much the better. ' !T , tion of th. Canadian Red E:y. drtwntd in Lake ..ttlnt on auit wIl . with at day we . ... run nr uia i -mnanimn arawi ajta. vw.i sm - awavaj tytminsf mi , auiiai tvaiii , btiib - wnoi rarnameni as an insutu- ;- .7 . 7 . Hum m.. ik. m. 'Vrr, ' J 1J; M h ..k. .- .u- tkrn can b. vwry proud of tb YiT CaI " ".t rT00".' m " , t'w.T" .T" munmiui huujs m ar juug- " " - piavuc Brmaina giassee. . , . . r.7 r1 ment achwv a greater degree f Montreal Canadians. AUGUST! ,h ttm M 0xf0Td of acceDtanca than an other i ftomto Guenett won tht tm. i.k .sm. iu k.. House wer tb only h m a a Andrew Brtwm (NOP Tt- oluUoo and it could be sup. caddie' golf championship at paddling wt mad the wtlcomt u M wbo,s ,riBv rontt Greenwood): Tht reason ported, a wt hav found out, th Ottawa Hunt and Golf discovery that tar last aortas lN Jn lnl Hvtr w I give for accepting the Cana- by members of all panic la Club, defeating Phil goivia yesterday waa around the final "? wha tnit mni dian Red Ensign a tht symbol this Hmam - - " .7 and ft. - nils In th rtvr and that wt " awtta lake WaMuptg. , i m . t . a i . a 1 - 4sVr AT Mteatsft 4t oc-'xa- I Wow Aiotry fA Does t Toki to Sink o Boat? (Diwtt fr Um Mittml Qtkm tm th) Jnmin wer I mile farther along than w"w ' ' w hut thought. W hav dona Not a oul Is tt York Fo. M mllM a day la good wtathtr wry bow. tm Muosoo- Bay : with a strong current that has nouM It starting to fail down, been auamtntad fav th flew though it btauuful old beam from th Fox Xivsr. Tb river r strong and true. The "bit- Is now a fast broad stream with high etey banks and a grsvtt . bottom... Th Mm weather ha brought a sharp north wind with It that bat entdt es cold enough to toric lt" ptetut H wsart hang uncerteinly oa two MilK It w ll.N a.m. wbta wa reached tht abandoned sf or and put oar canoe in tha thi building where they will be wtar'glovtt and put ta all aur P"k P A good dxtra clothing latladlag trip, not graatiy tortunat ia ryferoes. wthr but bltssed with good . ,, i ' i , bealth all around. I don't think ; ' ; . AUGUST IB tnyofu wiO forgtt tht ouml . Last night Sig worked hit par- of that aircraft coming down tt ticular magic with a campflrt, aa empty town hut s we a pair f plitrs, Ua can lor plld la to kep the rendes. sots tnd four bottltt tf water vou. . . , . jj . 1 f....-;.v:.'. t ,: -:- . ,; ,-..hi;.;.P..t AIM?., . j r. ITlnnipty tse atr mU d o(k rnm Norway Hofut. Tht tf (static Mr mafar from 'rnm srna i . Tor racfory ti Mt-dM mU.

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