The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 13, 1918 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1918
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

SATTJRDxiY, APRH.,13, 1918.' -THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIIJJE, PAGE ELEVEN. WITH 1 Sale of Unseated Seated Land A CLEAN GARDEN (CONTINUED FROM P*GE '!.'· ) Make Fight on insects .Which Are Menace to Success of Gardener's Efforts. REMOVE BRUSH AMD RUBBISH -Cutworms and Wirevforms Winter Few Inches Under Ground--Much May Be Gained by Keeping Weeds Down In Neglected Corners. OPreparea by the T'nltea States Deportment of .Agriculture.) II the rnbblsh iett over from Inst V. L., MeCormlok Ave.--A. A. . Tasgert Sft. 191C H. L, Qmnt St.--Goo. Rutter Heirm . .1910 V. Xi, Cooltprlng St.--Sadie Warman _1918 V. L, t7n!on St.--Goo. B. Ruttor .,, 1916 V. L.--Mlie B«nko _1«1« 7. L.iWondell SI--Owen Boyer 331* V. It, [Felty St--Fred Broskey 1918 V. L., Frank Are.--Mrs Martha Clayton 1916 V. t... 'Duntap ST.--C. Vincenzo 1*1S 9. * L.. Markle St.--Jacob Jose 1»16 Ctioiapitni St--r-Thoa. W. Smith --1916 V. J,. Ootfee St.--W. T. Krtderi 1918 V. £,.. Smothers Ave.--Alex Rush 19H 3 V. L John St--JosephUie DrumEQond 1?16 V L, Bryrr Ave.--Geo. B. Shaffer liiS V. J-, ITrzEj S£--C. A Hiller 1918 V. I,., Ccoicj-riss SL-^Jeasie M. Snsad . JtSie V J_. 7U! Bt--JcAr. R. Wllllaais 191« V. U. 4th Ward--E. S Jadrson 1916 Ad.--James Jones 1910 1916 been removed, a general garden clean- · H L s ._, wbe ,_y Alley-Nicholas".'.';." 1D1S sect enemies of the vegetable garden Hare protected through the winter by ( II up should be the first work ol this settSon: Clean culture plays an. Important j y. L , Kov'oll Plan--Joseph Kmmerson .. 1918 -Bart in tne Sght against Insects--a E. a U,-Park Ave.--George Gapen 1916 menace Ui the success of the .home : V. JL,., Aston St.--Tohn Hardeskoy 1316 gardener's efforts. Many forms ot In- | V. I-.. Ec-'.ley St.--Dlizaieth Heriing .J..1916 TM "· '--.. Swing Ad,--SaraH bacey 1916 L K. JUiin St.--Geo. W. Bloc* .... brush and other rubbish, which U ; r , ^ , st^^,^ W 'itateUU removed, wonlc materially reduce thetr H ft .. lojjfpatrvje,, St.--Eknma Barnes 191* numbers. , 2 V L. CoanoKsrnie St--Henry Cutuorms, which hide in the soil in McKiught 1MB the dn.vtime and cone oot at night to i H. L McCnrrnick Ave --Florence Allen 1016 feed o'n the tender growth and rat H L.. Miller St.--'.lames T., Terse 1916 small plants entirely off, wirenvorms ·' L. 2*i!er St--Thos. Santos 1?16 that damage the ttbers of potatoes £ * \' ·· lirnin Avt-Antbcuy-Palo --"16 = ri L U-eson Ave.--Tony Russo 1816 1 n. 1,. Strawberry Alloy--Steve ras!""! 1916 and other root crops,- and a host of er insects, winter under brush and-rub- , .blsh«on the earth or a lew Inches un- · IH. v r. 7, _ jjbertr Ave--Henry Jordan ..1916 der gronnd. "Where They can find pro H r,. rj^njap g*_--,\fary c;yck 1916 tectton daring the cool weather of *i. £ L , Cooispnaj St.--iirs. Mergjiret .. winter, conditions are ideal for their t survival. Active Durinp, Winter. "Aphldt." or plant lice, are active .1916 6.01 2.00 11.75 3.SS 3.95 1.89 i.K LSI S.S3 .61 7.81 1.21 1.21 3-21 .62 .02 .52 .3 .34 L77 9.95 S.« ' 18.57 13.28 4.98 6.63 46.34 6.63 13.27 6,63 19.88 13.27 9.95 26.49 13-27 7.95 1055 13.26 18.31 LUZERNE TOWNSHIP. 79 Ac: 9)5--Ncrtb by .T. VV Hibbs. Years Taxet 5.87 5.S7 B.87 5.S7 5.87 6.87 5.87 5.S7 B.87 0,87 5.87 6.S7 5.S7 ojl 5.87 5.87 587 5.37 6.87 5S7 6.S7 5.S7 5.87 5.87 5.87 5.87 6.87 5.87 E.87 5.ST 6.87 5.S7 5.87 5.S7 S.S7 Cots Ry.~Co~ " "HelEs JSe" sfitfe" uremfses conroyod to said J. V, Tliompaon and F. M. Scmans, Jr., hy deed dated January 8, 1003, recorded to Recorder's Office oE IUy»,tte County, PSL, to Deed Book 220 page 106. Josiiah. V. Thompson F. M. Semans, AU tho anillvltTed one-halt Interest' 11.73 ( of the coal of the nlno toot vein or 11.92 7.37 9.82 7-80 9.82 7.0S 13.T1 7.08 5-S7 23,77 Plti-aburgh scorn In and underlying all that certain tract of land situate la Tjutorne Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, ad.oinintf lands ot Chas. B Stewart, W. J. sml Mary C. Stewart, Columbus Porter, Janres jU- len, N. E. Porter and land fonnerfr ot B. P. IUbba. Beginning at cornor of lands ot N. E. Porter «n« W. J. and Mary C. Ste-wart; thencs aione lands of eatd W. J. and Mury C. Stew. art the sit following courses and dlstances: North 7, West 6.2 perches, . : r , es . p e r c e , 7.08 I North so minutes, West 9,4 psrchca, Nortli 2 minutes. West 20 perches. North 2 degrees 30 mlnutas, B!a»t 19 6.49 6.40 6.21 6.21 15.82 12.60 10.85 12.50 SZ31 13.50 perclosl North S degrees 30 minute;!, Wast 89 perches, North 10 degrees 3 minuses, "West 32.S perches to land of Columbus Porter; thence along Bald Porter's land Narth 38 mUtutes, West 6.8 jrarcbes; North 63 degrees 30 minutes, West n.9 peroheir; Worth 43 degrees 15 minutes, West 13-1 perches; North 55 degrees S8 minutes, West 32.21 perches to land ot James Allen; thence along said Allen South 68 degrees 45 minutes. West 1U.7 perches-; North 76 degrees, West 9.S perches; North 50 desrees( West 19.14 perobest to a stone in. road aforesaid IdlBonco boing in and along putllc 13.50 j road, thence along land formerlT of 25.76'B. T. Hlbbs. South 3 degrees IB min- 19.14 15.S2 32.38 19.14 13.82 16.45 utos. West S8.4 perches to land of N. B. Porter; thence 1 said Porter's land. South 33 degrees 30 minutes, East 59.45 perches to post; South 70 dogrees 30 minutes. East 64. 17 perches to point in road, Che place o( beginning. containing ahout 65 acres, to- 19.131 gather vrttti mining rights as recited in deed to said Ada B. Vanktric et al. 24 .OS dated September 18, 1899, recorded in. Recorder's OCflce of Payotte County, Pennsylvania in deed Book No. 173, Page 107, roferenco to which is here- jy made. Ada B. Vankirk 1915-1* giwlngr weeds wliich afford them food , )-,, rfglts "heretofore and shelter when other plants are not available. ' Much maj be gained oy keeping down the we«ls In neglected corners. Leaves, stems, and other Utter should never be allowed to accumulate up to the time if planting..or there will be thousands of insects the coming year ames \v. Allen 1915-16 Lot .Vo. SO in Hitter Add.--Near - t h Bro.vnsTillo, Lozerae Town' J 56.64 t 5.87 » 72.51 iiinnah Horncr alias Hannah Locy Hsirs 1315 ·3u-fare 153 Acres, 77 Acres, ISO Ici-es--Three cartain tracts or sur.-where there were hundreds last season. ] face lond mtsssied a (11 If. R. Jacobs ' tract ot !55 acres, (2 Davidson tract , 0! 77 acres and (3) McMnllen tract o£ I ' ,1SO acres, all situate in said township cl Lucerne,-Fayette County, Pennsylvania, the said Davidson and Jacobs [ i tracts adjoining each other and 'to| getter beta? bounded by the fonow- - I Ins owners, viz; On tho N'orth by ^1 ] land of A-cam Jacobs Heirs, on the . East By the said McMullen tract of 1 Josiah V, Thompson, on the Sonth by A. M. R. Jacobs land, aad on tho · South-west and West by the Monongahela River, and being parts of the large.- tracts of land conveyed to said Thompson by "deeds of record; and Se said MeMallen farm is bounded by lands of Isabella-Connellsville Coke Corapsny (formerly ot James VT. Hifcbs) laid of Josiah \'. Thompson ; and oth^sts, tbo Adam Jacobfl j tract (DOTT of loofah V. Thompson { above referred ( ~ and was conveyed 1 ID said Thodi^'ca by deed Albert G. i i'lcKuilea, et a! io3:£2} V. Thompson , ,..., 1915-16 · ZS Acres Boyle Snrfaco--All ' that part eTce. ', coal and' infning rights *ieroto£or3 scld, now pwnfrd by Josiah. V, Tbocipson, Isaac W. Semana and JiinKs M. Hustead of that tract Und coavoyed to them by the heirs of Chit E Boyle, deceased yy deed .^atod September 6, 1902 and recordV rx 1 , in the Recorder's Office of Fay- i^-.i Count", Pa., in Deed Boo5: No. iv"5, ar:e 87, situate on the Monong?- Jal-i R'rur in Lii^me Tcrwnshlp ad- th9 Sarauel H. Hieton land. 0 mil Or. George H Crawford .. tio Richard Cover land, the $ ·p^'-rir-keoTm Koad and the Cather^ o CoTe r r land, tbe said entire oyl« ) ^ ' %ct contafatys 201 ac'xs and 6 i rr-he? stzil the part now owned by f M Thompson., Semans an-1 Hustead Weeds shonld be cleared np and i I "·'' now rotumed, containing about bmrned, togsthfir with all gfrfen nib- j' 1 ,,?" 6 " ^^ messed as 30 acres i - ^sja'i V Thompson, Isaac W. Se' ' mans ar.d Ja--cs M. Hustcad 1915-16 OS Acres--AU that certain tract of in Ly^erae Township, bounded L77 6.S7 Bacfc-V«rd Garden Weil Taken Care Of. "Work Soil to Destroy Insect* Tbe 9oU shonld be thorotigb-lyrcorlced Via (taring the -winter to destroy such Insects as may b^spending the winter cm, or a few Inches below, the surtWa. 32.IT 5.S7 3S-1-J i it the North by Dunlap's Creek and liHd formerly of A- W. Davhlson, on , . This is beSt'done at least a month be- «ho East by said' Dunlap^s CreeV^on the South by Ijnd 'ormorlv of R. Ver- aon and on the VTeat by land fonoBrly «f said R .Vernon. containing about (2 acres, Excepting coal and mining Tights heretofore sold and convoyed ·by deed of record Being all that ijiart situate In Lusenie Township of the tract of land described in d^ii ot (Maria Bowman, et al to said Josiah ;V. Thompson. leaac W. Semans and .Tli6S B. Scraans. d."ted January 11, 2900. recorded in Recorder's Office of Fayette County, Pa. in Deed Book WILL ' HELP OUR " EFFICIENCY , No. U*. page «S. reference to which - ! deed is iereby nade fore the seeds arc planted. It chletens are available for the pur 'pose, they ought to" be allowed fri access to the- newly turned -over ·- IV a time, as the fresh, meat in 1 form of insects which they will h there wCl prove a very welcome c; tlon to their diet, and Its removal v* . go far toward insuring a fair start t the garden crop. hose Who Grow Abutvdanc« of-Vegetables This Year Will Be Making War on High Pricea. A spring garden, will be In. order this year. Those uho raise an abundance of garden, vegetables will be making uar against tbe high cost of living.' If j 7, ,-,,,* ,, ,, . , . . ,, , , TO: a« to increase'our effldeacr ,, | £»«J ^"l^lbu'rg" Sd laborers we should- -rat vesetflbies. ( A , A( . ; .j la tne nce by laad of sab i ^ho fail to raise them may not ! able to eat them.- POTATOES STORED FOR SEED ta^^s Tl i os. n. Semans share having been p^ 1 -) Josiah "". ThC3ipM3. Isaac W, Se- :aan.i and Thomas B Sesrana 1915-16 All tht tnct or !anl tituate in Luz-' me Tov.'rvsMp, l^jettP 'Consty, at post oTi line oC Geo, id Acklin. S Si degrees' 40 minifes. East 52 6 perches to a walnut" st'imp; the^M 'South' 30 "degrees "*5 minutes. East 13.SS ranches to a sugar tree; theriCP Smitli 45 degrees 10 minutes, East D5 92 p"rchrs to s. fence post; SJS7 23.63 Keep Best When Placed In Slatted i thence 40 (iesrecs 45 mlnntes. Bast Crates and Set In Platform In Well-Aired Cellar. Potatoes for seed «111 keep best when ttored In slatted halt-bushel jj'erches to a fen/.c post; thence South 31 degrees 35 minutes. East 2296 parches to a fenw post in "the .line of land of William Swan's Heirs; ·theiree bv said Swan's, laud Soaih 65 degrees 10 minutes, "West 20.80 perch- crstts and- set on a raised platform es " (0 a - pin on the shore of the'.Mon- ID the middle of a well-aired cellar, ongabola River; thence down" the G jard against frosi and heat. It will /lonongaho'a River North 51 dfgrees in'.e tea bushels of uiedtum-slzed po- 35 minutes. West 10.S perches to iaioes to jjlant one acre ot ground. land of L r AronEburg; thenco by said Arensbnrg land N'orth 33 degrees JJT minutes East 40.9 perches to place Would Be Worth Seeing. ot heglnnms. Containing 27,499 ^,,^ .,,,,.,, ,r 03i th « e Lt x*. . acres ' E f= e P"«6 ew, 1 an rt »' nln S v_i iu- voai. n u . ^_ t .. 30 i A by £ egi o{ reco -J .«J ,,,,_ A conversing with a Kentuckian, Ebou tobacco and tobacco raising- She wai very pretty aad a good conversational! t, and th -young maa- from Kentucky-was vastly-·itereateoMft' her un-- tfil she gave him a sudden shock by ·nrouncing: - " should lovs to see a tobacco field; especially when U is just plugging out"--National Food Magazine. · plfag 3.403 acres sold .to P. V. £ C. .- ».S7 675.90 RE03TONE TOWNSHIP 90 Lots, valuation $1,360.00 and 2 lxts, valuation S100.0I) belngr part o£ Jie Mary Kacur plan oC lota situate on tho Fairbanks and National Eflm id in Redstone Township aforesaid; and being a prt of the promises convoyed to Mary Kacur by J. Newton Sibbs and wife by deed dated April 3, 1911, and recorded la the Recorder's Office of Fayelto County, Penaa_ m Deed Book Vol. 316, -paga 61. Joseph Kacur Mary Kacur . ..«_,, . 1915-1$ All that certain tract or parcel of land situate In said Redstone Township, containing; 107 acres more or esa, adjoining lands Jerry PearsolL Clark Hugerty. Daniel Phillips and Hichard Randolph and on which ar« erected a two story log- hous«, fram» stable and other out buildings; which was conveyed to the aaid Jacob Sawyer by deed of CslvJn Springer, Sher"ff of Fayette County, dated Juae 7, 1877, recorded in the Recorder's Office of Fayette County In Deed Book Tot. 33, page 334, Jacob Sawyer 1915 7 Five acres of Pittsburgh vein ot coal, at or near stone church on road leading from "Morrittstown to National Pike, adjoining coal ot Republic Iron and Steel Company, together ·with mining rights. J. II. ·tfantdr's ,, ..,, WlS-ls Lots NVs--124, 125, 126, 127, 13!, 143, 144, 146. 147, US, 6T, 67, 71, 72, 8!, S2, SS. 9T, 08. 100, 103, 1M, 131. 122, 123. In Cardale plan ot JoU o{ tbe said Roy J. WycotJ. Hoy J. Wycoft _ J91S- 1^7 acres of surface land situate in Redstone Township, Payctte Countjr, Ponna., being made up of two Mpar- ato tracts, designated ?.3 follows- (1) A portion of tho Maria Bowmaa tract whlcli contained 82 ttcros and 163 perches and to situetp. in Lujome and Redstone Towtenshipfj, said tract har- tng been convoed to said Thmpson, I W. Semans and T. B. Sajnans by deed of Maria Bowman et al, dated January 11, 1900, Deed Book 175, page 4SS. Said tract being bounded on. the North by land of John Simpson and Thos. Simpson and A. W. Davidson; on the East by- land pf Bowman Heirs; on the Scath by land of R. Vernon and on tie West by land of R. Vemon. (2) A portion, of the James West tract which contained 134.9S4 acres, and situate in Redstone Township said tract having been conveyed to said Thompson. ;. W. Qemins and T B. Semans by deeds as follows; Deed of James Wst. et al, dated March 5, 1900 Dfod Book 180, page 167 and deed of Mary F. Vemon and husband, dated January J7, 1901, Deed Book 133. page 62, laid tracts being bounded by lands of Moses Hiltejid, Nancy Crawford, Calvin England, J. H. Davidson, A. "W. Davidson, Thomas Simpson, heirs of Abi«m Garwood, et al. The nine foot vein of coal, with appurtenant mining rights, has been sold and conveyed from out and from under said lands, by doed of record. Tho said Thompson, I. W. Semaaa and Thomas B Scmans. by deeds recorded in Deed Book 267, page 3« Deed Book 277, page 393. Peed Book 308 page 491, Deed Book 331, pago 241 and Deed Book 342, pago 153, hava conveyed away portions of said tract* of land and are seized of 127 acres thereof which Is subject to 1916 t»ios as aforesaid. (The anove is advertised for J«lh V. Thompson's and Isaac W. Seman* share of taxes, Mr. Tlioa. B. Semuu taxes having been paid.) Josiah V. Thompson, Isaac W. Samaras and Thoa. B. Semans, --...IMS-Id B.S7 04.88 6.8T 78.1S 13.61 B.S7 19.48 SPRINGHIUL TOWNSHIP 327 Acros---Bounded on Bast by Lowis Burchmal. West by Point Marion Road. North by Oeo. W- Bterer. South by Point Marion Road. E. D. Blerer. 1915 71.40 demmer-Downey Coal 8 Acres-East by James Ramsey. We«t by Ira Burchlnal. North by Geneva Road. South by'David L,ynn Helri. L W, Semana IS1S-K 7S.OJ R. W. Hlglnbotham Coal, S2 Aoret --South by Cheat Bivor. We«t by Richard Dre if. North by Richhlll Coke Co. Bast by Republic Iron and Steel Co. (ThU Is advertised for J. V. Thomji- sott'« Wm. Thompson's and Qeo. O. HoweU's share of taxes, A. L. Moser 1 * and C. J. McCorasick's navtnj been paid). 5.87 5.87 IW7 16065 80.96 _ H i rry Hellmafl; Detroit baseball star, ts t- =,ting longing glances at the Ma* Kne torps and may enlist. , , , V. Thompson, A. 1. Hotter. "WmV '" Thompson, C. J. McCormlck Geo. D. Howcn ". ~ 1916--M J. A. I/yons Coal, 110 Acres--iSorth by A. A. Brooks. South, by Fancy Hill Coke Co East by Hepubllc Iron Steel Co. West by Ktorgautown Road. (This is being advertised fcir J. V. Thompson's, Wm. Thompso I's anil Oeoi D. Howell's share of Uses, A. 1. 'Moser's and ^C. J. McC armicli's having been paid/J. V. Thompson, A. U Moser, Wm. Thompson, C. J- McCormlck Geo, D, Howell m5 Woodward Surf, HI A, Barricfclow Surf.. 100 A, Woodward Col, 80 A^ Barricklow Coal, 90 A, 311 M, Blos- aer Coal, 61 A.--West by Richard Draw. North by Richhlll Coke Co, Bast by Republic Troa Steel Co. South oy Cheat Klver. (The 'above is advertised tor J. V. Thompson's and W. if. Thompson's share of Taxes, A. L iSoser's taies having been paid) . V. Thompson, W. M. Thompson A. L Moser 1915 16 L. B. Cans Coal. 32 Acres. .T. 1^ M. Guns Coal, 23 Acres, 0. J. Emery CoaX 7 Acros, Geo. J A Hertzog, 30 Acres.--South bv Cheat Klver. West by Rlclrard Drew North by Kichhill Coke Co. East by Republic, Iron Stael Co. (This is advertised for J. V. Thompson's W. M. Thompson's share ol tai- en, A, L. Moser's taiea having bean 1915-16 433.51 5.S7 516.06 ES7 1SOS.43 5.S7 1634JO- J. V. Thompson, W M. Thompson and A. L. Mosor STary P Lyons Coal 225 Acres-South by Cheat River West by Richard Drew. Wc=t bv Richhill Coke Co. East by Republic Iron Steel Co. (This Is being advertised for J. v. Thompson's and Wm. Thompson's ·oharo of toes, MT. Moser's share having been paid). J T. Thompson, Wm. Thompson A. L Moser. 1915-16 David Morgan Coal. 108 Acres- South ly John Morgan. N'orth by Rlchhill Coke Co. Weit by A. J Stewart Heirs East by John Morgan. (This is advertised for J. V. Thompson's, "Wm. Thompson's and D, S. Kiehey's taxes. A L. Moser's taxes having been paid) J. V. Thompson, D S. Richey, W. M. Thompson A. I Moser. 1916-16 D. P. Morgan Coal, ICO Acres-South, by United Connensrille Co. North by John "Morgan. West by Geo. ITrabkenbery- Bast by John Morgan. (Thls is advertised lor J V. Thompson's taxes onlv, C H. Seaton's taxes Laving been paidj. J. V. Thompson C. H. Seaton, 1935-16 M. H. Everly Coal 34 Acres; Joe Sturgis Coal, 30 Acres--West by 'William Parsba.ll. North by Ed Morgan. East hy John Jlorgan South by Geo. Hertzog. J. V. Thompson, U B D. S Richer. 1915-15 Friendship Hill Surf, and Buildings 800 Acres; James C. Ramage. Surf, S Acres; B. D Bierer Surf., 127 Acres --West by Monongahela. River. Soath by Monongahela River. Bast by Point Marion Road North by Friendship Height Land To. J.V.Thompson -- 191o-16 Rebecca Blosser Coal 17 Acres, .. Houses 2 1-2 Acres--South hy Cheat River Nort'i by Plezzie Hare. Bast by Bills Stephenson. West by Point Slanon Road (This Is advertised for J. V. Thompson's bharo of taxefa, A. I. Closer's taxes having been paid). J. V. Thompson A. "L. Moser. 1915-W Gans Surf. Cool. 70 Acres; C. S. Bmory Coal, 138 Acres; Geo. J. A. Hertiog, 30 Acres--North by A. A. Brooks. South by Fancy Hill Coke Co. East by Republic Iron Steel Co. "West by Xlorgantown Road. (This is advertised for J. V. Thompson's, "SV. M. Thompson's and Geo. D. HoveU'e share ot taxes, A. U Moser's and C. J. McCormick's tales having been paid). J.| V. Thompson, A. L Moser, W. M. Thompson, C. J. McCormick Geo. D. Howell J. 1+ Bafcor Coal, 73 Acres; D. M. Baker Coal S Acres: D. 51. Baker, Sr» Coal, 57 Acres--North by A, A. Brooks. Sonth by Fancy Hill Coke Co. Bust by Republic Iron Steel Co. Wost by Morgantown Road. (This is advortiseci for J. V. Thompson's W. M. Thompson's and Geo D. Howell's share of taxes A. I- Moser's and C. J. StcCornuck's tases having been. paid). J. V. Thompson. A. L Moser, w. M- ThompBon, Geo. D. Howell C. J. McCormlck. IMS-IS Surf- 26 Acres--.North by Wympo Gap Road. East by John. Hunter. West by John Dodson. South hy James T. Brady ArabBlla Hunter Heirs ,, 1S1« 655.87 E.S7 S8U* 1315.SS 719.00 5.S7 B.S7 724.S7 710 78. 419.4S 1413.28 6.S7 1419-1? E9.41 6.S7 95.28 191S-1B 1057.92 10S3.7? 3930 5.S7 17.691 NEW RECORDS for your Henry Ban- hne sung- two new angs for Coiumbij- a»d both records are per- fectlx' sailed to his peculiarly Bympa- tbctie voice A Baby^Praj er at Twi- ·. Jjg^it" 13 a "heart" sans full of feebng aad A!*i.icc-Lorrame," oa other sidf, . , lovc-of-^ountry ballad , be geacially boug^^ i-whirhng Al JoJsoja has recorded another one of his eonK-:f^co v cr ! es for Columbia. This one is called, "There's a Lump of Susr Dovrn m Dii.o/' and it ~mi\ be plaj'ed long after die puga' qucstioa is solved, icr it is a foot-mo-*inR pioce of ragtime. v i a (he reverse ido Campbell and Burr -nder "Yoj. Can Find a Little Bit of D.raland No Matter UTiere You Go" steppers are likely to call for this reoca first because it includes so many of the favorites On each sjde is a medley ot four of those which have in deep est. The pieces chosen, eiRht in range from "Over There" to "It's a Loctf Way to Berhn.' 1 A one-step medley and fozrtrot Hsrtf been contributed to Columbia's list oi April records by Jockers 1 Brothers. T hunted far and wide among operas material This medley comprises fjrom se\'cn different cperns, raBRJiiK rom "Madame Butterfly" to "Orpheus" Thai fox-trot oa the other side is called "Fas- cinatioiL JI It is aptly named. Evcr body's tbe Blues B'it I'm Happy," srafis George ) "Connor on a Cohtrabj". record and h^ ooA humor bubblpp tip through every ·ne On tne oilier side the same singer ivcs the complaint of a lonesome man itli the rcmiin, "I Ain't Got Nobody." j 'Samuel AsH Vi5 ju«t etrnp a ne-w record ' /or Coljrobia thai is bound to bo popu- | Kr. It is rained. I'm Wntmcr to You, Sammy," and on 'be orjier side is Buy a Liberty Bond Today A dance record the most of the popular war sonpe has been placed oy Prince's Baud Jor'Colmabia, aad dne- Cohca at the Telephone furnishes two more very lunny monologues for tho April list, of Cohimb.'a records. In the-' first of these. Cohen has grievance He- has been sold a bulling lot that looks t( him more like lie Suca Canal On tho 1 other side. Cohen p'j!!s an almost eqnIly amusinp line o/ talk about a suit of clotes his tailor is btiildirjg for him. The New York Philharmonic Orchestra makes fio notable contrftrertions to Columbia record 1 : fcr \p-il The first ia from MoEzko-**k;'s Ballet Suite, "Boab- other good one, "Tin Gome to Follow 3i)," and the ndj orchestration is bri!- tbe Boys," sung by Campbell and Burr, lisrrtly recorded. On the other side, the Philharmonic gives vet another piece at cojorfiil Hussian Baliet mumc in Ruasky- Koresknv's much liked "Capriccio Ee- pagaoi,"

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