The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 5
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Y tHURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 196 r 1 from Pate 0m I 1 S'--'aWaaaaiiaaaaiaaaamaa5amma Shop Daily Its! rnuay w im n y ,'V downtown Vt ' CAPLAN'S 9 UDBA.11 STRXXT lidits' - pi J) r Bulky Knit I ; 'I'; fjj :' V7'' CARDIGAI1S Cy M-betk Orion, eollar-laaa. tkay are all In smart oveiur krut jam w pr-faet Mleht for this saaaon. r. stna. Mi. youow. . if, b. 4.99 oowottaim rron v av; SLIAAS Johnson . Hit words recalled hi owni ijevatlon to president lau ember after John Kennedy's! ( isassl nation, and tha lact htl ! differed a heart attack several I feara aao. Hnoni. 4. . . ixhauatini jaunit around the tuta Hotue. through a physt-, t 'examination and through Sr eolonged houri of work at hli . President Johnson hat dis-. Jleyed enormous etjergy. " The president said Senator hunphrey had been tested po nicauy. martini each step tUi "excellence and tnent" The senator was knowl- edgeable about world problems. about the need for American miliury strength and had en- nwswc party support ui. .1 Tat oresident uM -.. I lor combined convictions "with , en understanding of the convic- ; lions of others . . . this is not wmw cnotce, not a que .in a Balanced ticket, but 1 Ibis Is simply the best man in America for this Job. I He, said be would feel I strengthened to have Humphrey at his aide. Drawing tha actual .tune out to the last moment. I be paused ind shouted the idea- Most or the evening in fact .5 was given over to a procession 1 of speakers nbmlnatlm and see- ending the president and later Senator Humnhnm Tha lim I Humphrey nominator was hit I fellow Minnesoun, Senator Eugene McCarthy who was I known to have figured In John- eon's considerations and who : bad been given considerable public attention. ' TOPPERS Maw amular fine knit lopsan la -new aatlaka-ful arlnla on Soap tuitad imnda. lone alaaaa. eoh larad or elala swekUnaa. Slaaa , M, L. Toppers 4 4498 i Slims : io.9r rulty Uiwd In aelM ahadaa. lass I as te. - '" einEtrf suoou aplah's T.r?ideau St.' Convention officials imposed tougher security measure around the bug toll to prevent a recurrence of the pushing and shoving that 'developed Tuesday night partly caused by efforts of Mississippi freedom delegation Negroes to get inside. SOME GOT IN " Aa baopeaed Tuesday night. som got in Wednesday nifbt But they contented themselves with standing betide the Missis sippi chairs, convention a geantt at arms bad occupied (.chairs vacated by Mississippi and Alabama delegate either bad ton home or been refused entry lor refusing to loyalty pledge. . There wai no eilort to. au th freedom delegates tear. Again, tney said they gained entry using credentials bor rowed from sympathizers Inside the hall.' Put Leader Aaron Henry aaid they were prepared to move if requested to do so. The whole Mississippi tast hinged on (he freedom group's plan to unseat the official and pro-segregationist white delega tion, most of whom decided to go bom Tuesday. The Alabama delegation took their seats Tuesday, night i stayed without being, chal lenged. Wednesday night, they were foiled by finding the seats occupied and among those who marched out angrily Eugene (Bull) Connor, former Birmingham' police .chief in charge when police dogs were turned on Negroes demonstra ting favor of dvil tights and integration, From Pate Oni FTJ Gomb L Figaro Barber Shon. own- ad by Benito Schiffo; Studio Defy, photographic tore. 141 Main Street, owned by B. J, Dery. of Hull; Fernaad Mousseau Ltd. men's store, owned by Fernaad Mousseau. .: . " Heavily damaged by s m o k and water was the "Au Petit Cygn"- Restaurant, owned by P.eter Lambros, of Otlawa. " The fire broke out shortly before noon at tha rear of th hardware store. - Ferdinand Menard t o I d The Journal! ''I was trying to douse the flames, with the help of Mr. B I o u I a, when they suddenly Jumped 'aver our beads in a big red ball, and quickly spread to the rest of the store. We barely had time to scape.' . Fireman JoaarClannTa Cbatv betuwau was flgatkag the lira treat ate aa aerial ksddsr. whea pert ef tbe.raaf cet-bpssd, taadhsg a" leaf tewer ef Maatee which Ignrtad bis elsiha.-;-. - He was quickly brought down to th ground and received first aid from a spectator, R m e e Lalonda. -a. member of th St John's Ambulance, v , . - A west wind pushing tha thick black smoke towards the fire fighters made their work more difficult. Many were treated on the seen for smoke poisoning. Oxygen tanks and masks had to be used. ' 'f " " The fire bad burned tor aa hour when it penetrated a wall separating the hardware store from the sport shop, St ad Rag'd., , . .... A hate ball at Hi abet at the ekkaa and again tha eewad ef exatediiit aajatualltea r. seuadad. The stsra was 4a stroyed hi less thaa live atia At the height of th lira. Chief Poitras was altered help ttota th Ottawa Fir Department. REFUSED HELP He refused.1 As he explained later. "be etready had all th men and equipment necessary to contain the blare. ' Most of th establishments burned were newly stocked. Th hardware and arts centre (the first In Hull) bad only be ooened since Jan II. Rolland Labeile, manager ef Femand Mousseau Ltd.. tald Th Journal be had Just ut nacked tha Fall and Winter stock Wednesday morning. During the fire, traffic atont Mala Street had to be re-routed. A crowd of ot to Lata utors lammed the - streets around the intersect loa. Hull police under Lt. Robert Laramea kept back tha throng, with the help ef QPP and RCMr officers. f AU butinessa wen partially coverea ay tnauranca. .. t , Tits one storey buUdmg in been the scene ef major Bras before,!.,) m-j The original building - was three storeys high. It was the site of the original Can Henri Butter, until'1 a fir raxed the third floor.' '. ?.'" '- It was rebuilt a a two-storey building.' which stood until an other lira gutted the entire block. - : When R was cleared, owners decided to mak R a enesturay building. But toning bylaws now m of-net fa) Hull will not now permit reconstruction of a building of lets than two storey pa th sit. " Building Inspector Addat Lambert said Wednesday the building was constructed before the bylaw was passed aw tolerated at a one-storey con struction. "But when they build now. H will hare to be higher." Carleton Names Two Lecturers in German .. Miss- Maria Anna Fursten-wald and Robert D. Gould have been appointed to tha German department at Carleton Uni versity, it wu announced to day. -" Mitt Furstenwald holds Muter of Arts decree from Mc- Gill Unrversltyi-: - Mr. Could received bis of Arts degree from Prince ton University tn 1962 and to currently doing doctoral work at Princeton, y - V, WEATHER Dasaerralt are far tt. , Democrats The Republicans rejected a proposed plank approving continued presidential control of nuclear weapons and GoMwater has said ha" would like' certain field commanders to have more leeway over their use. EMPHASIZE RESTRAINT ,. The Democratic platform contained such a plank and em- phasired tha use of power with restraint as shown by tha last two Democratic presidents. Oa trade, lb Republicans pWdgtd safeguard . agahttf surges ef haapstts kKhtdlag eU. taiwbir, tstd ether Caaa-diaa praducts. It also prom, lead at fight trade reatrictiaas The as fight ieniga The domestic ptatforms differ mostly over the issue of grcw-faur federal controL Broadly, th Democrats ap- praia control front Washington while the Republicans attack it say more power should U. given back to the states.' ' The Republicans attacked the Supreme Court decision calling ror constituencies it) etat leg islatures to be reapportioned according to population. PRAYER BAN Their platform alas attacks tha court's decision bean tar Both were ignored in the Dem ocratic platform. y s. Tha Kepublicans condemned plans lor regional electricity rids such aa that proposed for the wast to carry Columbia Rlv- r power at far sa Arizona. The , Democrats praise such The ReswMcaae are against The Democrats support union xaim. for. higher minimum wages and repeal of Mate right to work laws. - Th Republicans ignore these Oa education 'the Democrats promise more federal aid at all levels, Th Kepublicans suggest returning some Uses to the stales lor them to manata their owe educational affairs. Both platforms I wcre fairly mild on civil rights. RIGHTS. LAW V ' r Tha Republicans said there would be full impietnentatlofl THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Public Weather Offfc Forecast: Sunny today, Friday sunny with cloudy, periods. Continuing warm. Winds light, becoming southerly IS Friday afternoon. Low. tonight and high Friday at Ottawa 55 and 80. TEMPERATURES Low last night and high Wednesday at Dawson, 38,' 61; Vancouver. 53. 68; Vic. toria, 51, 62; Edmonton, 41, 63; Prince Albert. 52. 72; Regina, 44, 78; Winnipeg. 54. 73; Churchill. 48, 58; North Bay, 48, 66; Sudbury, 48, 70; Windsor, 5ZT72; London. 46, 70; Toronto.- 55. 75; Ottawa, M, 72; Montreal. 53. 73; Que bee, 48, 73; Fredericton, 52. 68; Halifax. 58, 72: Char.' lotterowri. '56. 76; Chicago, 55. 74; Boston, 58. 81; New York, 63. 88; Washington, 87. 82: Jacksonville 75. 90; Miami, 75, 86; Denver,. 60, 91; Tucson, 66, 87; Los Angeles, 65. 75. ' From Pae Olr I. and firm execution of the hew civil rights law and camuoaw Goldwater who roted against the act, later promised to throw the lull moral weight ot toe presidency behind It. The Demecrats pfauk said aaiy that th act was fair. sbeuM be enforced aad sbeuld premete tha deeper respect lor tathaa dignity. . Both parties denounced ex tremism of both the right and left but the Democrats went one step further than the Re publicans by naming the John Birch Society as well as the Ku Klux Klan and the Com munists.'' The Republicans named the last ..two but have consistently refused to name the Birchers. This difference between fed eral power and state rights will probably become th major jdo-j mesne issue or in election, it covert every field, from enforce ment of the Civil Rights Act to th control of food and drugs. The Democrats want more control out. of Washington; the Republicans lets and U will b up to the voter to make the choice November J. t; . '.'. ' ' i i- ' at Construction Shacks Burn Fir caused $2,000 damage to construction shacks owned by Eiffel Construction Limited at a building project on Dynes Road at Bellamy Street Wednesday night Firefighters from two Ottawa stations were at th scene for more than two hour as tha shacks, aids by side, burned. The first alarm was turned in at 7 JO p.m. Cause of the fir la still under investigation. V At Our Furniture Store E Values lot .95 fc a, m. SA' a VJa.Va.VWV V W W V V " CHROME KITCHEN CHAIRS air. 3,58 AuthoriaaS tacan laa mall. Poal Ofiica ui for amafU of ywuw l "from Pi it One 'ErGrowds Those that' got lost numbered 143'. Ottawa Boy Scouts success fully re matched all with their parents. Sine Friday, f.lll children have been r. established through he Scouts.' service. . While the Scouts looked for the lost, St, John Ambulance attendants wished ' someone would look lor the bee's nest that harbors the insects which have been bugging fair patrons. The medical tent was busier ban a hive gain today as "the St. John ' mea "administered first aid to people stung, by bees. .SC John Ambulance Divi sional Superintendent Peter Griffin said be noted 14 mora cases of bee stings among treat ment administered Wednesday. "Wherever those bees aie. Ihey'rd agitated." he commented wryly. uty police chimed in wita a quiet "business, as usual" to round out a Wednesday roundup of the 1964 .Ex. We Are Sorry . . . that thousands had to be turned away j from our Exhibition Grandstand Fashion ; Show, Ladies' Day last Tuesday. More than 12,000 attended this great annual event. We wish to express our appreciation to the Directors of the Central Canada Exhibition Association and all other's who helped make this Fashion Show: such a resounding success. To those who were unable togain admittance to the Grandstand, we suggest you visit our store and see the .Fashion Show garments on display on our fashion floor. Caplan's . ;. . Rideau Street paiunnt Oiut 'Hospital Strike Hits Quebec MONTREAL (CP) r the .offer withiflr4riours of the union representing about 15,-' of th initial walkout,, 000 non-professions! employeei1 "' w'n extended to at 35 Quebec hospital, Lunch! ho,pfU' ed a SUA. early today against . 'T" . , . ,. .. at 5 a.m.. the hospitals affec-tbree hospitals in the souths m SL de Dieu western corner of the province.! Hospital in east end Montreal. A spokesman for the jila-1 St. Joseph Hospital in the west tional Syndicate of Hospital end Montreal suburb of La-Employees (CNTU) said if the, chine and the hospital at Val-Quebec government does not leyfietd, 40 miles southwest of intervene with a settlement here. f We shall at usual provide cleaning and grinding service, but at in other years there wili be some inconvenl- ence to our Jewish customers. Only I our regular staff can do this special- I ized work, so we cannot improve I (he service by i employing inexperi- I ri enced, extra staff. 1 . , We recommend that you order early. 1 all fairness, we must process them J ', ' in order received. We thai!, as in other years, prepare orders at night , - for early morning pick-up or wiisin m iitrora mm itum. mmnfim ; - r : . , fgwK ladies'. TRILAN TRICOT ' Men's All Wool AC?? . ' mgh 14 -SLIPS SWEATERS ' ;$m j .?v'o8c B... iiiM "Ev, -' unw . - crdtOT " ' J3! J$int& K"t M j. . Woneettul ' tae waarlec evert - a ; aaanrhmnt ' J-Tttfiff Jfii f SfVxr FA', pink. Mue nonl oattcrm. : : " ff ,!K.7!MVy ffi"" . J k ansa a. at. U , -;..,, tons Sim .-n. U . bmm ,v. ..!. .. jtSf- Sj 1 1y I'..' ' U."j f DOWWSTAinS MOM ft. -j ITIHT ruoon " , jNj?UlJl i "1-1 Viffi y.H7.1hJl I SKCIAl PURCHASE and REDUCTION FROM I I'St, ' ' " iml REGULAR STOCK f - ' S7k I Men's Wear, TEEN FLATS 7A ' Savings!- Rtg.$spr. brrSo i v?i "i slaave anuria sturta AA . - - ' A &'A V "A : is.-, 'Ar Q 99 . ' ffx ?v Summer atraw hate eaat cap a. 1 ' I V1'""- " ? s" ILU ' l--"'?' rancr aokleta . . . . -js: ' -j ;ir" -V,t-'Jf it ' ttji Baihlna' tnuikt: f V I 1 ,, AJWff Cam ahoru - - - aBaaaaaaawaj -;' ' LI ' . dC. t limit MU sst aaamtol - lAj,! . ;, VX Sued eaaualt , V . ) Y r- V .- ' 'C tn black ami arcy. .1,. .. . f" aaaaweaa- .... .- Slua 4 to S Not I I t . , .w f miaiT'1 enactlv aa llluatratrd. . rwTTT?! I . oowwsTAiits aTona .. -m.-.--- , . bkcond i-loob tyjjif Hv)n4 'u -tj-ihoio-- 'am mimm i sgi Giris- conon .,1 Girls and Kiddies'l . Unbleached i ;. PYJAMAS Grab Tables ,. s I -r,-r-rrMir IlLsSl i PA mm JUna rtOml pusaera a Borka awtm Butte... . Joetipura Uanaala ' - . OOWNBTAm STORX , 4 I I CUNUIMO . j'gyf- Values I J I I ,tt y -, yd. - " ' ' ' I 1 - ' ffi?"?.fi5 '' a.n ...h ton. -n, yteSM I I Pieces Of I to 6 , yds. I I bPUNbtb I I pviamaa. Pnnt or stats I THIRD FLOOR i ti i iii i i (. . tn Vitus sn i r-i in t ti in a . rvi vv i ik v r . ' ;vyI ' - ;if s in Hiram 1 u mil j&fcw tit'" . - ' - ' - .t " I ' - I Umltwl auantlty. u, I I SSCOKD MOO I I ' I DOWNSTAIRS STORK I 1 Caplan's, Rideau St. f . . Daily 9 to 6 . . . Friday 9 to 9 . . . Air-conditioned . . . Dial 2354381 WALKERS GOLD CREST W .. I . It 1 . . H ISTD INS ' A secret distilling proctst gives Gold Crest i flavour you'll realty enjoy, lt combines the qualities you like best, ' ' in perfect balance. Gentle, light, golden-mellow to be surebut with?,. the subtle difference of a great : -flavour secret. And always of the tame superb quality. Try Gold ,? , Crest next. time. Youl( see why -.' ' it's attracting so muen attention. L 'x : ;, f: h. ',. .'4i Y P

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