The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 27, 1964 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 4

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 27, 1964
Page 4
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PEMBROKE STREET INVADED t - Cats on Hot Tinned Meals Drive Pensioner Up Wall PEMBROKE (Staff) - A pen-tlontr who hat paid Pembroke taxea most of hit adult life, Jo Jones feels that he wat "let down' by toe town when appealed for protection againt what ha calls an army of cats, Ha aaid there are cats "all over the place" In the vicinity of kit borne at 4M Water Stmt and ."tha town won't do anything about it" A next . door cousin. Jim Jones, 490 Water Street, phlloso-phically takes can it they come. He even provide! rationt, and the cats show their apprec-iatioa by cominf back with recruit for the ever - (rowing contingent. ISSUES RATIONS Immediately eatt of Joe Jones' home, at 471 Water Street, his cousin, Annie Jones,, raises Manx cats. Chiefly devoted to the pure bred line,' Mist Jones Is sufficiently Inter ested in cats as such to make a daily trip to Jim's home to Issue rations to rank and file. "About two years ago, someone left a black and white cat across the road at the Canada Splint gate," Jim Jones recalled. "As far as I know, she didn't have name but after we suit-ed feeding her she had lots of kitten. 'That's hew it all started." be said. - - Joe J ones It chiefly interested m how It is all going to end. SINGLE SITTING i There are black" cats, white eats and multi colored cats by the dozens. , He believes there are more than 1M and hat counted te at a single sitting. '. "Wherever you look there's a cat looking back at you, he declared. "Sometimes they jump elf the roof right on your head. ' Their trenching operations have ruined his wife's garden. Jim Jones stocks the commissariat with powdered milk and canned meat at a cost of about i a week. "It costs a fortune." be ad-mited.rbut we like cats and we never, get rough with them." ' Jo Jones hopes his complaints will get results when the Renfrew County Health Unit, becomes fully operational. CAT SIGNAL ; In the meantime cat commute) converge on the Water Street holdings of the Jones family "every time anyone hits a dinner plate with a fork," The note so produced, ha come te be NavdnHbions Honor . Minor Ball Teams '. NAVAN (Special) Kenneth McFadden, president of the Navan Lions Club, presented trophies to the champion -we and bantam softbal! teams hy' the Navan Community Centre. . . - Approximately 1M boys from Vers, Leonard and Navan have, played Softball all Summer in tnese leagues which are spon sored by the Navan Lions Club. A girls' team has also been organised and atl were guests Of the Lions Club. A film on the ISO Olympic Came was shown with refreshments served by the Women's Institute. , Players on the winning Pee ve team under coach Leo Cleroua- were: Gerald Cleroux (captain), Brian Wood, George Bpomgaardt. Andre Jolicoeur, Jami Smith. Constant Cleroux, WUlard Hayes. Neil Wood, Alex Stewart, Peter Lanthler. The bantam team under coach Johnny Bourgeois consisted of: Barry Irvine (captain), William Shaw, Larry Quesnel, Gerry Hamelln, Denis Cleroux, Carl Shaw, Allen Lowe, Doug Good-fellow, Rudy Tabak, John Char- . bonneau. rr .1 i - H av I .:' i.-' V i wit r Call 'Tenders t For Perth Highway Link PERTH (Special) - Mr. George Comma, MLA, Lanark County, announced today that the Department of Highways have called for tenders for the' widening and reconstruction of 1.17 miles of Highway 41 be tween Perth and Port Elmsley. The project will include a drain-age program and a granular It is assumed the work will commence) this Fall and relieve the unemployment situation in the Perth area. . " The. stretch from Port to Smith Fall war com pleted early this year , with a resurfacing application. A number of curve were erased aiPJ other straightened out which has added safety for tn travel. ling public. : . Lanark County Grits Adopt U.S. Vote Method : ; SMITHS FALLS (CP) The Lanark County Liberal Asso ciation!; has decided to adopt procedure used during the United State presidential nonv (nation convention and com mit it II delegate to vot for on person at the Ontario Liberal leadership convention in Toronto in September. Ballots have been sent to 126 poll captains asking them to choose their preference mong the seven declared candidates for the leadership contest The 11 delegate will then be committed to catt their vote to support the candidate favored by the majority of poll captains. , ' . i : . Liberal association president J. N. O'Reilly said he feels the change In voting procedure I more democratic and expect it win be adopted by other Hold that line... : s.. 1U .li- COCHATEAU LAURIER Km i nr. k a I II i I .i A ... , , i i r ' ! L- I , I - ! fi j 1 T! ) W ' ,: , M 4 .'a i - i ' I i- II THE VANGUARD ARRIVES ' Vanguard of the Water Street cat army invade Jim Jones' kitchen as soon a Miss Annie Jones opens the refrigerator. recognized by cats as" a signal that "soup's on" at Jim Jones back door.;,:;,.-,, ... f "The town's not Interested," said Joe Jones. - m He complained to a councillor about the cats and was told "to get rid of them." f At the Pembroke P a b li c -. ( nmi Health Department office, Mr. Jones said, he was advised to get a gun. "I couldn't bring myself to do that," said Mr. Jones. "I've knocked off about I of them with my golf club." he admitted, "but I'm not a killer at heart." - 'j V ; V-':.i.V Laborer For Assault CAMPBELL'S BAY (Staff) - Convicted on a charge .of as sault causing grievous bodily barm, Robert Borland, Jl -year- old Fort Coulong laborer, was sentenced Wednesday to IS days in Jail and fined SIN, Failing to pay the Tine, be will spend aa additional IS days in Jail. - . . . s The offence climaxed a clash between two group of patron ma Fort Coutonge beverage room June I. ' V Judge Labelle blamed "Rene Laporto, a It-year-old punk who had no right to be in a beverage room." Evidence wa that Murray Kohlsmith. U. of Cobden, rose from bis chair when he objected ta obscene remarks made by La port. . Bertrend, sitting with La-porta, threw a beer flats which hit Kohlsmith between the eyes. Eighteen ititcbe were required to close the resulting cuts. ' V Bertram!' defence wa that be acted instinctively In self-defence. He had a police record dating back to 191. Pembroke Man Gets Month ; For Assault Bid CAMPBELL'S BAY (Staff) -William Murphy, 11, o Pembroke was sentenced to a month ta Jail Wednesday after plead ing guilty to a charge of at- temped Indecent assault. The offence, comnittted outside a Cbapeaa Hotel. Involved a tl-year-old pregnant mother. Murphy recently completed a six-month prison term;, having been convicted of common assault.' . That ntno, trim line you've maintained by aummer mrelea. Exports say that twhnming I th on ircls that ton up afl ' your moacaea, so swim year round and stay ilml . Th Chateau Laurler Pool I o tnvHino aparkllnj clear Water kept at refreshing temperature. Shimmering undo " water Hghts nhanc It blue-blue colour. - . .. 1 . ., '. ; v Drop In (or dhre m) any day evry day (Except Sunday), Now open frem-10.00 a-m. to 10,00 p.m, Monday Friday B.00 a.nv to S j00 .m. Saturday. -- Rat: Adult S1.00 per hour , . Children (under 14) 7Sd per hour. Froa swimming for registered guests. ; fh 14. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL THOHSDAT, AUGUST 27,H64 V EGANVILLE MAN FINED Made Sign of Cross :.'r ... . ' , , ,.;,'. . Over Crashed Car CAMPBELL'S BAY (Staff) -, A man who made the sign of the cross over his overturned, 21- year-old car and wept when the remains were! handled too roughly by a tow-truck operator, was convicted Wednesday on a charge of impaired driv ing. Judge Labelle told William Lenier, 4t-year-old Eganville millwright, he was wasting the court's time when he pleaded not guilty. Evidence concerned a mid night ride on the Sheenboro Road which ended when Lenier allowed the car to slide into a ditch where it rolled over. PEOPLE STONED HIM No one was injured, although Center swore unidentified peo ple stoned him as he lay be- tide the car waiting for police. His evidence that he had had only four pints of beer wat cor roborated by Mrs. Violet Boldt, 31, of Eganville, her sister, Mrs Doris Lauion, 17, of Pembroke, and Harold Boldt, 49. of Pern. broke, who were passengers in the ill-fated vehicle. Mrs. Boldt said she and Len ser left a Cbapeau hotel to make fa midnight drive to Sheenboro "to hav a look at the country. They took Mrs. Lauion and Mr. Boldt as back-seat passengers. HIT GRAVEL On the return trip, said Len ier, he "hit loose gravel, tried to bold her but she. flopped over." . Questioned by the Judge, he said he often made the sign of the cross over his car. DUPLLCOLOUR ENAMEL rtatst eaaUty rttMl tit-Urr-ButflSM ear calMirs. , CMvealeat, eatjr ta aestv, last ssvtj fta. Oittt ealckly. Car Window Anti-Rottlers Nickel tstt ksswi eMtlra- ttoa. Bakker . tUts. 4a Muk take ae" wttk -kle .ttrttea eerlaea. . . AUTOMATIC TRUNK LAMP UsSiW a MeaaUrallr wswa i Iraak Is . e It-nu. riu all can. 'WEDGE v CUSHION Clin ks attrartlT ekitttt wvera, cattM nito. ImnU ulisn, OverUI sew le" a l. ;. . .1, -'h i 4-WAY RM WRENCH (faaa r kick euutr earkra tccl. Ckraaw flat. 14-ks. tu fat track. TIMING LIGHT rar a. It aad tiWatt er. tot. BalH Kllh . ttarar SUkcllta cm an'tkTV ka rr kar rr l.- Sas-uc wttk me take. , . QPP Constable Andre Mentha taid Lenier cried when he thought a tow truck operator might dent the IBM sedan. Remarking that it would "be good to get that Jalopy off the road." Judge t-abelle prohibited Lenier from driving for six months. He was fined $10 and costs. Drug Store Raided In Smiths Falls SMITHS FALLS (Staff) - Smiths Falls police department are investigating a break-in at the Medical Pharmacy on Chambers Street Wednesday morning. Thieves made off . with SIS and IS or J pack of cigarettes. Constable Fred Finlay dis covered the theft at 149 a m Wednesday morning when he spotted the broken plate glass window in the door of the phar macy. l J for the finest recorded music 203 Sparks Stratt Billing. Bridge MiM Carlingwood ffou VEHICULAR HOMES -HALIFAX CP)-iialifax City prison may get a camping trailer but not for the convenience of the inmates. The "Ml - v trailer hat been suggested as an alternative to expensive ftn-ovatlons of guards quarter 'at the Jail, which may be aorn down to make way for a new cell block, p. Install this modern .' $pae saving OIL FURNACE 59 S AUTOWOTlSl fIsPfCIAllSTS : DASHBOARD AUTO COMPASS : tT In tllutlaatt. ' )araa. kt steant. Cur lrct ' rlas KJ. AwarM eal- ? CAR SEAT 4 ! THROW-OVER Tmt fas taaUwnisa. wttk ' art kae wnm fw mmt tit. rr (Mat Maa aa stack ass. -' COMPRESSION TESTER Mat fVt. 'tH M cliaiUf. tt Mca wHk ckcck lr. taktaUMi , M Ik. ''" ' 1 BANDY ANDY" , "'v ; OTTAWA. Waataata ghapteg Oatvkre " .tS-a T. ANDItl AVEIXm . . I SLIXANDRIVll kJat Bt, ,' KMBKUN, It Netre Daaae e OATINCAr. lit Male Mrd. e AWKKSBUBT, Mala St. e MANIWAK1, re dee O Ma tea ", Melrtae I-IMl ' .(...'.' '-',: Tl .-.v.v.:Jt. v..' ..i 1-. jp. V i SWIVEL HEAD MAGNETIC CLOCK ; enm at rna WM atctal kaa. tat eUtUe eat, ausaat la kw. 8-C5 tmiAim REAR SEAT SPEAKER KIT . 1" Maaaard itHka wltk taMre win ks, , tnt arm. Caasattla wltk i til iHtauj tu hi ta-tuiutlea. . UTILITY TYPE v GREASE GUN ' Scm ;rtratta. tartar prima lsaarlM slaaf cr. waikla inmn a ta I.- tkc. taw tuUas it as. J LVr.U '.'"' -jV:'i'-;. ' .'".-y'V RADIATOR BUG SCREEN Pratcclt taSlatar rrast kae. ataaas. Ma.' Maa f llfa-tiaM ribrafbua, II" a re". , ? FRONT FSNDER FLAPS Ilk Mrttaa f wMM rak kar wttk, r aa klack akackara tit tfaalsa. riU an aara, - DE-SLUDGE CRANK CASE .. CLEANER' m f r j I - - -3 Availabh at th Following Stor&s "Wis v..J$f : 1.25 SiM eaiia flask, heraaaas pawar, laaaaaa eatta waar. . ASM laaar casta Ufa. . ENERGY SOURCE CLEVELAND ' - .Carhnhy-drates furnish more thaa 5 per cent of the energy content of diet for human beings. ... got rid of that octopus a month - depending on size of home Plus a nominal charge for duct work yet? . . . We're talking about th4Octopm of pipes that call itself a furnace! .Now DOLAN'S hu the best, idea yet for updating your home healing. , ,., ..1V..,.. i ' ' " i ' Call DOLAN'S'.today for a FREE heating gurvey . . Let a Dolan representative show you how you'll save on fuel bills -, with this compact heating unit . . JOSEPH, ' mm w faW itMLMrrn 2. 344 O'CONNOR STREET phbnt 2337741 H, FUEL OIL - OIL FURNACES - ELECTRONIC AIR CLEANERS - HUMIDIFIERS SPOTLIGHT; and MIRROR ; fog LAMP it. t i 14xa IHwerfal . aale taw. ; er scale Iwua aast wltk i ksaai far aajastta ra vstw atlmr, I - I EXTENSION ' DIMMER SWITCH Year ftrttM l tKa tsrMS' at ta tnck s te. Maa e tttaw canx ! k e stetL rtu ail tat. Trial, afcraaw klas. I" eisssatar Mala katat. Cats-' plate wltk aMeattaf ktaakatw ll-v. - - ,.-r : .f KLEENEX V DISPENSER. aS, - . , t ' Ckisait ektar tar ar Saak aaaaatta.. tiaiim wltk Masaa. Station-Wagon ; SPLASH GUARD Wklt. i . lasukl If aa mi pact aa aawaayaf. aart, Kaaas wtav aw claaa Iraai ssa. nla UNIVERSAL r JOINT KITS i Caatsla all tkc atttaaar aaolaaiaal ta retail lataia. AaaUakw aU paaaia;. DIKP imi Chaasplaha aad Pttat Bta. '.y SHELL HANDY ANDY- OTTAWA. ONT, fsaak aad Bvaaa Bta. " Ttl-tsll - HANDY ANDYiULA. KABDWAKE - t THtmRO, UB, IT Vtrtarta . , ts-mi BUCK INGHAM, QUE, 1T7 Baa JaWk " '.. tltt UWKtNCI, OTTAWA, Its Baa St. 1U-11H ALMONTB. OUT, Mam Btraat ; ...4 . rhatw tt rr.

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