Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 13, 1976 · Page 149
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 149

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 13, 1976
Page 149
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N N.Y DUB sours Pepsamilit y Piipade You Your full name Q. I've heard it said that Richard Nixon was no more guilty of abusing power than were Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and John F. Kennedy Is this true?--F. L, San Clemente, Cal. A. Roosevelt, Johnson and Kennedy were all guilty of extending surveillance, often illegal, on law-abiding citizens by various agencies of the government But none engaged as Nixon did in the conspiracy to obstruct justice, the wholesale lying about crimes the blatant withholding of evidence, and the organization within the White House of a secret, separate tape-recording operation. Q- If Italy goes Communist, what will happen to Giovanni Agnelli, head of Fiat, Italy's largest private employer?--Norma Pitman, Jersey City, N.J. A. Says Agnelli: "If the Communists come to power I will not remain in Italy." Q. Why would actress Doris Day at 52 marry Barry Comden, a restaurant manager at 41, when she is already a three-time loser in marriage?--Judy Anne Fleming, Statesville, N.C. A. Hope springs eternal in the Day breast. K P; omi " ent 'P ereo ^lities? Want informed opinion? Write Walter Scott, Parade, 733 3rd Ave New be used unless otherwise requested. Volume of mail received makes personal replies irnpoiibie DORIS DAY AND BARRY COMDEN ~ Q. Is it a fact that hardly anyone in the United States over the age of 60 goes to the movies anymore? --Mrs. Henry Kahn, Mineola, N.Y. A. A survey ordered by the Motion Picture Association of America reveals that 80 percent of the over- 60 population in this country never attends motion pictures. The remaining 20 percent attends infrequently. There are 32 million Americans aged 60 and over. Thus, most films are made, primarily for filmgoers in the 16-30 age-bracket. Q. Is the Queen of England really going to step down and let her son Charles ascend the throne? How old is she?--Holly Katz, Los Angeles, Cal. A. Britain's Elizabeth, born April 21,1926, is 50, has reigned for 24 years, shows no disposition to step down in favor of her son Charles, 27. QUEEN ELIZABETH AND SON CHARLES Q. What ;s the inside story concerning Broadway producer David Merrick and how he made a fabulous fortune on his 20th Century-Fox studio stock? --H. Wade, Orlando, Fla. A. In May, 1974, David Merrick was the largest single holder of 20th Century-Fox common stock He owned approximately 9% of the outstanding shares which were then selling at $5.87 a share. Executives of 20th purchased his shares at $9.09 each, thus paying Merrick a bonus or premium of $2.4 million As a result, 20th Century-Fox now faces a shareholders' der.vat,ve lawsuit alleging fraud and waste of the corporation's assets. Merrick produced "Hello Dolly!" a musical comedy which subsequently became one of the studio's most costly flops If and when the lawsuit goes to trial, the public will learn now the company's directors maintained control of the corporation in the face of an alleged Merrick erfort to take it over. Q. It has been more than a year now since U S troops left South Vietnam. We were warned that Communist bloodbaths would follow. Have they'--H///P/ Kahn, Philadelphia, Pa. . Y ' A. To date none have been reported, but former South Vietnamese army officers have been used to clear the mine fields. Q. How many times has Barbara Walters been married?--Tee Benedict, Montdair, N. ]. A. Twice to date. Q. Is it a fact that before he left office, Harold Wilson, Prime Minister of Great Britain, promised to make TV personality David Frost a knight so that he would henceforth be known as Sir David frost?-Louis Shaw, Boston, Mass. A. It is not a fact. Frost in effect has become Harold Wilson's agent, and it would not be fitting for Wilson to place Frost's name on his final honors list. Q. Do the people in the Soviet Union know the true story of Lenin? Do they know about his mistress?-Carl Winters, Boca Raton, Fla. A. Inessa Armand, the widow of a factory owner with five children, was Lenin's mistress. She lived with Lenin and his wife, Nadya, in a curious menage a trois or arrangement accepted by Lenin's wife. The Soviet people have never been told the truth about their hero, Lenin. Q. "All the President's Men," starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman--who will make most of the money from that film?--Kate Haskell, Si Paul, Minn. A. Probably Redford, since he also bought the property, packaged the deal and produced the motion picture. His "take" is estimated at about $10 million. chairman of the board, ARTHUR H. MOTLEY president, JAMES MCALLISTER editor «J,tor a. large, LLOYD SHEARER waging editor, JAMES D. HEAD senior eSo« ,. 1 "*"*"' WARWN '" TM NOU S art director, ANTIMONY LA ROTONDA editors, HERBERT KUPFERBERG, DAVID PALEY associate editors, JONATHAN BRAUN, LINDA GUTSTEIN, NOEL HUMPHREYS JOHN G. ROGERS, ARTHUR ROTHSTE.N, ROBKT^S ass-stan, ar, director. ROBERT L PETERSON art associates, CANDICE CULBERT assent to the editor, MARION LONG editorial assistants, DORIS SCHORTMAN home economics, DEMETRIA TAYLOR fashion, V,RG,N,A P^PE cartooned^' washmgton bureau chief. JACK ANDERSON; FRED BLUMENTHAL, OPAL GINN west coast bureau, CHARLES PETERSON europe, CONNECTICUT WALKER WALTER KISSINGER Q. Is it true that Henry Kissinger's brother, Walter, operates 75 gas stations in Russia?--M. lordon Buffalo, N.Y. A. Walter Kissinger is head of Allen Group, Inc., an automotive equipment company in Melville, Long Island, N.Y. It runs no gas stations in the Soviet Union. © WALTER SCOTT 1976 THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER MAGAZINE JUNE 13,1976 - ""- ·"· ·" K*II vi any a flu Please address editorial contributions to: Articles, Parade, 733 Third Ave.. New York, N.Y. 10017. Although ~ u ^.o,,a, rviiKILlA AINfjLf 1976, Parade Publications, Inc., 733 Third Ave. New York N V IIVHT AH - L C^C^on,,^^^ . PARADE*; Marca Reg. 6 taken ' Parade is not responsible for unsolicited material.

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