The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 27, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, January 27, 1930
Page 7
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MONDAY, JANUAKY :.·?, IHBU. DA1L.Y COURIER, CONNELLSN iL,LE, P PAGE SEVEN. FRICK OFFICIALS ASKED TO MAKE 1930 BEST SAFETY YEAR C o n t i n u e d f r o m PUKO One. work," Mr. Murphy declared. Ho urged tho greatest precaution in tlio h a n d l i n g of explosives HT.d the con- d u c t of ventilation to prevent a major catastrophe, "We must be poor losera In this safety campaign. -The good loser does not roako a good winner," declared J. J, McDonald, Ureensbnrg, state mine Inspector. JIo referred- to tho Calumet mine, saying that it ranked third in his district in Mio rate of mine accidents. He added t h a t |t worked 2-1 hours !iaily whereas tfio plants that ranked first atul second on!y had eight hour shifts. Mr. McDonald said that more attention should ho paid to minor accidents. He state-d that he w a s in favor of taking drastic action on men who, knowing that they are violating tho safety code, continue tho Illegal practice of carrying out their duties. / GKt for Supt BroiMi. "Everything is speeding up and we must speed our s.ifoty work to catch up with progress." John ti. Struhlo, Conndllsvlllcs company mine inspector, said. He declared that in cases where tho miner will not obey the instructions and take the advice of the supervisors, ho should be sent to the boss. "Proper supervision is one oE our major needs," he declared. S. S. Hal! of ConnoUsvUle and I. F. Roby, 1/atrobe, state mine inspectors, were introduced. ' A surprise of the evening came when Superintendent Brown of the Davidson plant v as presented with a birthday cake, bearing 16 candles. The cake was presented by tho toastmaster. Tho Yongh Male Quartet, composed of C. Herbert Kills, William F. Brooks, U. 0. Clabaugh and Charles l. Bailey, .a'cc-ompanied by Dr. J. Harold Dull at the plauo, sang several numbers. Mr. llabaugh also led 1n tho group singing. Music was- provided by KlEerlo's Orchestra. The J. O. C, Olass ot the First 'Methultst Episcopal Church served tho sumptuous repast. The menu consisted ot f r u i t cocktail supremo, hearts of celery, pickles, large queen olives, roast young turkey, dressing, cranberry jelly, clear sauce, parker- house rolls, candled sweets, midget siring beans, li»niou sherbert, pineapple salad, ambrosia dressing, cherry pic ala mode, mints, coffee, cigars and clgarcts. Tho committee in charge ot arrangements was made up of Harry O. Brown, Davidson, chairman; Paul 0. Hood, acting superintendent of Trot- tei and Leiseiirlng No. 1; Burgess JBoyd, Hostetter .and Robert Rumsay, Ca,umot. ContJnonlal Loners Jtatc. Tito Continental No. 1 plant made tho greatest reduction In the disabling accident rate d u r i n g 1920 from the preceding year in the H. C. Prick Coko Company, w i t h a percentage oE 45.49. There were 161 men employed during laet year and there were hnt four p.cuidenta, thuu giving a rate ot 2.48. Purtng 1!)2S, there wore but 88 men employed arid four accidents were reported, making a rato of 4.55. Footodale made a decrease of 27.99 per cent from tho year of 192S. In 1928, there wcro 410 men employed Rtul 23 accidents occurred for a per- Dfititago of 5. til. In 1U29, there were 59-i men employed with 24 accidents ye ported. This* gave a rate of 4.04. Tho accident record of tho 12 Frlck plants In tho Yough and North End divisions shows that there wero four fatalities during 1929 among the 2.0GS pjeu employed. The division embraces Calumet, Davidson, Dorothy, Hejla No. 1, Leleenrlng No. 1, Mam- pnoth, Lelsenruig No. 3, Marguerite, Bouthwctit No. 1, Standard, Trotter and United. There- Averc 28 sorlous accidents and J27 minor accidents at the 12 plant*), $t toUil of 157 that resulted in lost timo. lit 132$, J.7-0 men woro employed in this area. However no fatal mishaps and 11 serious and 29 minor acci- flouis occurred during tho year which was one oC the greatest safety periods In tho .hl.Uory o£ the company. !)1 Fatalities 'in Year. During 192SJ there were 31 fatal accidents at all of the plants in tho 11. C. Frlck Coks Company. lu addition there were 241 serious and 091 minor accldente, a total of 906 lost timo accidents among a total employment of 11,365 full time workers. Tho average nurnbtr of tons of coal mined per fatal accident In this district wae 633,145 tone while the average number of tons per serious acci- d e n t was 97/07. The report adds thac 10,131 tons o£ coal v,ero mined for jach loot time accident. At all of th» plaute of the company, 5S6.74G tons were mined to each fatal accident; 70.004 tons to each serloua iccUout. and 24,518 tons to each minor accident, t or 17,615 tons to every lost tiiuo accfcient. The "Whitney plant md tho electric repair shops did not report a siugto accident, having a decrease of 100 por eont in all departments. In 1938 Whitney hail one minor accident as Sid the- EleciHc plant hut 1929 showed a perfect Improvement in the safety The accident frequency and severity ratio classified an to the causes and ratio of dla. ibling injuries from all wutses in the- H. C. Frlck Coko Company durlnf 1929 follows: Fall's ot l o o f , fnce or sides -- One of e v e i y throo disabling InjurUss wai the ot f u l l s ; one out of ovi-ry 13 's from fulls wa.-, faml. and one out of ever,- t h r o e hi|urii'- I ' I D I I I fall fi as tivvioii- i o c i d n.' ui- iirre»l in t n t m s p o r t a l H u i d f t . t i i . i . , i n , one oul a' every -- ' · j i n a p n i i . i t . i 'i I'ljurk-s wan fatal, and one tHit 1.1 t-\««ry t h r o e tiansporlatkm I n j t u i i 1 , xsiir, soriou-', l^ye injuries -- One nut ol every I'J jK~,;iblin? l'ijurie« n a s f o r e i g n Ivotiy in s\o. jjn 1 cac out of o v f r j 13 ilits- »bliug eye nijuru't- war- s o i i u u n Hand' tool Injuries--one out, of every I I disabling I n j u r i c - S was h a n d (ool injury and ono out of every r t u i i t disabling hinil tool iiijiii-lcti was serious. H a n d l i n g m a t e r i a l -- O n e ant ot every 13 disabling injuries \vasj received handling material, and ono out of every five injuries received handling material was serious. Slipping and t r l p p l n r -- One out of c'cry 11V£ disabling injuries was caused by slipping and t r i p p i n g , and one out of every ftix and a half in- jurlos from this cause \\ a* serious. Strain*), lifting, pushing or pulling- Ono out of every 22 disabling injuries was strain, and one out ol! every 4B strain Injuries was sei Sous. Moving machinery, principally mining machines^ and d r i l l s -- O n e out oC every .'JO disabling injuries was by moving machinery; ono out of overy three I n j u r i e s from moving machinery wa« uerious, and one out ot every "2 injuries ot till;; nature was f a t a l . AH other causes--Ono out of every nino disabling injuries was f r o m miscellaneous ^causes; ot)( out ot' every fivo Injuries from mlscollaneous causeii wars serious, an4 one out of every, 103 Injuries from miscellaneous causes was fatal. FLAMES DESTROY CARMEN DAVIS HOME NEAR MI PLEASANT Ignites From Kitchen Stove IVJiile Members of Family Are on Visit. TARR GARAGE IS DAMAGED Special to The Courier. MOUNT I'JjlOASANT, Jon. 27.--Satu r d a y night, about '1:30 o'clock lire destroyed tho homo of Carmen IJavie, at the forks o£ tho mad just south of Mount 1'leasan't. Mr. Basinger from noar Pleasant Vally Country Cltil- stopped at the Walker filling station and «aid ho bc- liewd the Davis hou (o wiws on fire us ho drovo by. By that tltne Roy C. I f a b e r l e n , returning from Connellfi- vllle, eaw the antim kitchen in a blazo, ind he atoppei at tho filling station and an alarm vas sent in. The fire had start»d in tho kitchen from a coal stove. Tho .firemen mseii every available means to eavo tho Houeo, but it and contents were- burnt d. Davis with hiw w ifo and two children had gone to M itnmoth to v r i«it a daughter. fc'Jro at Tarr. Last evening tho flre department was callel to tho Jasne-s Cole residence at Tarr, where a j;ai ago 'had caught on tiro from tin oil stove placed in it to keep tho car warm. The front part of tho car was badly damaged. Cole rallod thu lire department after other outbuildings began catching on Jlro. Mrs. Harry Shihl Dies. Mrs. Karry Stah', 51 years old, of United died at tho .Memorial Hospital at 2:20 yesterday aitornoon. (Jlilhl fl,urn'd Severely. Klizabeth Myere, eight years old, daughter of Mrs. Veronica Myers of United, was admitted to the Memorial Hospital suffering t'rom hums to her face and more t h a n one-third of her body, liar condition wiw considered very serious. Arrestc-d 1'or Thefts. Benjamin Vinosky, about 10 ypan old, was arrested by Chief of Polieo Whit-e after ho had tried to sell eouu automobllo tools ind a battery to Fornov BurkhoUli."-. The tools a n d buttery and boy a i e being held at tho borough hnildiug. Vrisoncr Taken 111. Chief o£ Police White yceierday arrested Joseph Kberhart, who is charged with lion support and deeer- tion. After }!berhi,rt wa.s tdk-en to tho borough building Uo h«'caniG (jiiito ill. Later E'borhart was taken to the hospital and then home. Jhicf Whito had placed Eberhart under arrest Friday morning and taki-n him to his home for ball. Eberhart aske.l permission to got blankete, climbed out a window and escaped. Ho said yesterday t h a t 'no had picked up a ride with a faleema.n and that a wrftck had caused him to have throe stitches In his hip He will ho given a hearing before Justice "VVIl.lIam Kon- ncll at Scottdale. At the Hospital. Miss Charlotte Sheppard, daughter o£ Mr. and Mre. Arthur Slie-ppard, underwent an operation for tvciitc appendicitis at th Memorial Hospital Friday evening. Mrs. "VV. Sherhondy ot Kuffedale u n d e r w e n t an operation for appendictlH ai the- Hospital Friday. Mre. Emma Slancna of Morewood was admitted Saturday evening for treatment. Aid Kociciy lo Jlcot. Tuesday afternoon the l/arties' Aid Socle-ty of tho M^moriul Hospital will hold Its regular monthly meeting. YOUGH RIVER ASS'N TO PREPARE BRIEF ON IMPROVEMENT WASHINGTON, Jan. 27.-- Watson M. MeKee, seen tary o£ tho McKeesport Chamber oi Commerce, on Saturday 1 conferred v ith I'ungrcssmeu from Wcaloru Tcniiss I v u n i a on preparutiou oC :i bi-!cf toi e tc'iisiou of n a v i g a t i o n on iho Y o u s l i i c IKMIV I l i v o t . "The Y o i m l i K K l i c i p , I l l v o r t m p i o v i 1 - u i e i i l Ashui-iiitlim h a ; «U t-idinl Lu iJi-f. 1 -- ])a1 e ;i In ii r. « 'lunniiu'. u|i l l i c CU«L» pi'i'bt'lltud. ill u hi'.uin;; hcl'iiru Lil-Ut e n u n t (-'oloiu-1 , l i i r \ ! H ,1, l i u l n , PltLs- Inn't; ( l i s l i t i t un'nuH'i-," Mr. Mc.Ko« h.mi. Kepro-st'iitatn 'o W y a u L of (ii'oeas- b u i K , KentiaU o Me^orsd'alc a n d Kelly oC Biddclocl; o prpf-^°cl o p i n i o n ? t h a t roloiU'l Hal i vriul'l C a \ o r t h e pro- NEWS OF DAY AT SCOTTDALE ' BRIEFLY TOLD to The Courier. SCOTTOAL,B, J.-iti. 27.-- T-ho Scott- dalo Volunteer Vlre Department was called to South Hickory street Saturday evening, to the hom-e of J. H. La C l u l r , where a ehinmoy was on fire. i\o damn!)*! wns done. Hoys 'I' nip Kilobits. The trapping- of wild ra'bbits In the borough, "wli-oro c o m p l a i n t s hirve been mad-o conc-crninj? Micir destroying flowers anrl shrubs hi yards., in proving most interesting to the Boy Scouts. Pwlght Stoncr tra.pped two tho -first night. His trap was set in tin; Varkcr avenue district. Those wrro tak'Mi to tho homo oC C. C. Brown, tlo-puty gamo warden, who, with Scout ICarl Tlostottler, wont to Alauk's Hollow -where tho rabbit* wore H'lwated and feed. On the return 1'nnl Ston-or and Merle. Nuz wore at tho Brown homo with another rabbit. Young People's Service, Young people's day was observed at Trinity Reformed Church Sunday evening-. Tho program waa prepared by the pastor, Rev. A. S. Isonhart, to Interest young people in church work. S. Rtc-rio Waugaman pressed. There were organ aiKl piano n u m b e r f j by Mrs. Florence Clayhaugh and Miss KHoise llaCer; Scripture reading 1 by Mark Le-n.ii art. and Charles Pimlott; prayer, S. M. Wau-ga-man; solo, -Robert Ritschard; reading 1 , Miiss Ruth Loucka; iolo. Miss Tholraa Stoner. Mr. Watigaman addessod tno young .people. Tho theme oC tho m-eoting was "Sharing." showing how tho younger persona should eharc their timo and thoniHolvos with the churdi. Willard' Memorial Ony. The members of the Woman's Chrlts- tian Tcnvporanco Nnlon arc making plans for the obervance ot Francos K. "WHlnrd Memorial day on February 18 The union will also sponsor a scien- t i f i c temperance invostlga.tion essay contest, to bo held In- tho -seventh and eighth grades ot the Scottdalo schools. The women are offering a flrst prize of $5, and a second prize ot ?3. Ulrl Ev«H|?«]ist Coming. Next Thursday, January 30, there will bo special service at tho United Brethren Church. Betty Wcakland, 13-year-old evangelist, will epeak. With Botty will be her parents, Dr. and "MiM. .r. Roy Wcakiand, w.tio will assist in tho services. Other Ncivs. Mrs. Richard. King ot Manor spent tho -week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Norman Miller ot High street, Scottdalo. Mrs. Kdward A. Flora ami son, -who have been patients in. tho Memorial Hospital at Mount Pleasant, yesterday wont to too home ot Mrs. Flora's parent*, Mr. and. Mrs. J. R. Byrne in Evorson. Mrs. Mary Williams ot Market street has gone to visit w i t h her daughter, Mrs. 1'hillp SwartKweldor, at Jean- Kev, W. R. Baylc or Pitlsburg spoko Sunday morning- at tho MfthodlRt Kplscopa! Church niwl conducted the c o m m u n i o n service. Mr«. F. O, Kelstcr flpont the weekend w i t h Mrs. A. K. Kcisler in Pitts- 'burg. WESTMORELAND BOY SCOUT COUNCIL WILL MEETONMF1BRUARY4 (UllOKNSBURG, Jan. 27.--R.F.Sey- mour of Philadelphia, regional executive of the Boy Scouts o£ America in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and tho District of Columbia will be ono of the speakers at the annual meeting of tho Westmoreland C o u n t y Council hero on February '(. There are at present 7(5 troops with a nie-mhership of 1,071 In tho county. The objective for the coming ye-ar is IGQ li oops with a. membership of 2,500. Summit SUMMIT, Jan, 37 -- Mrs. Karry Worlhington, Mrs. "Wade llensel and son, L,eon, Mrs. Ewing Hess and Mns. Jacob Harford and daughter, Molda, were among those- who attended a birthday party at the homo o£ Mr. and Mr«, C. B. Culwr at Lieisonrlng in honor of Mrs. Culver's hirthday. Mr. and Mrs. C. P, Upton and children were among those who attended tlio hlrthday p a r f y gven at the home ot Oma Rhoades at Masontown iu honor ot the latter'fi 45th birthday an- nlvei'sary. Mi-, and iftrs. Earl Plnknoy and children ot Gonnellsvilld were here calling i)n Mrs. Pinkney'n parents, Mr. and litre. Commorlore .Flke-. William McDowell wna among those who attended the, funeral of Mrs. Mar- gnrt-t Byers Cain at Uriiontawn on Thursday afternoon. Mi 1 , and Mrs. Harry Seese- and children and John Cramer of Kuffsdale wore calling on Mrs. Kehaetlnn Secse. They -were accompanied home by the former's stater, Mary Elizabeth Seesc, who expects to visits for a few days. Everson EVEKSON, Jan. 27 -- Mica Helen Moorhead is ill at tho home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Moor- he-ad, suffering with measles. Mrs. Charles P. StJilwagon of Con- nellsvilie spent Friday at the homo of her parents, Mr, and Miw. John Flan- naf-an of South ISvorflpn. Riitis .iuniala O'UonnclI of Pittsburg Is rhe guest of her f a t h e r , Patrick O'Monnell. 'Dip fomlitlon of Hlmon Worrirk, who has hcpii acrion.sly ill al hh-i lininc ln'ft- f o r wovcni! « ( £ ' K s , K .ilioul tin- same. Killed Trying Loop hi ;iltl*-r. AUAMKDA, C'al., .Ian. 27,--Norman A. Goodivrd, noted flier, was k i l t e d ye?torday when he tried to loop-the- loop in a g'id? 1 ' here, and f e l l 150 f e e t . (Jcodarci tHcci to j u m p and had his parachute unfastened just as he Bt-uck iho w a t e r . JIVWJAWIIIWWVWIIMWWWWWWMWW^^ n^«Aniiyvwitfu^^uvtAnf^A^tnivwiAAfvWM^ ! I Now Is the Time For Every Occasional Table $6.50 As II|ns1ratcl Extra special! An ui usual price reduction. Neat, well made style of fine woods in w.ilnut color. Note the decorated toj. 2-Pc. Mohair Suite--An Extraordinary Value Consisting of beautifully designe'd davenport and matching easy chair of fine mohair, with, solid walnut carved frame. An unusual value--reduced to $158 Marvelous New Style A brand now style! At tliis special price you have your choice of dresser, bed and cheBt, or vanity--3 pieces at only ,, $85 FoL ling Bridge Sets Think how conveniently you can store away this set vlten not in use. Tho tables have blac i leatherette tops to match the scats oi the chairs. Red or green lacquered. 6 pieces as illustrated, only - $7-95 Open Evenings By Appointment Call 876 Complete Home furnishers ! MIJLE-A-MENUT ! MAKTY -Bl- Wortheimer Moior Co., MY. Crawford Avenue. YEP, WE'RE OUT roTHE. ( D R \ V P.HTOA R OF 1 ' YOUR.S TH«S W O A O S r^%r=E V ©-C^,^: WERTHEIMER MGTOR CO; IT, .HAS'Rrt?8ER'5TfVftT wouut MAKE A OUT^OF, A -- ' '". 1928 Essex Coa :h 1927 iruason 182S ])odije Toi ring They say, "A car is as good as its brakes." If that's so, the cars we sell could hardly be improved upon! 1027 Hudson 7-Ptis8. Sedan. 15)28 Hudson 5-Pass. Sedan. 1027 Mtiidubnker Com. Coupe./ P,, W. VA. FILES PERMIT TO BUIiD GRADE CROSSING IIARUISBURG, Jam 27.--' ho Pltte- burg Wc«t Virginia Ralli-ay Company )m flled two appllcat ons with the Public; Service Commli sion for permission to construct a crossing above gralea ami to abandc i paescn- gor train sorvico between Plttehurg and Avella. Tho alwvo grade crossing would ho at a point where tho r a i l w a y tracks cross Stato Highway Rou e No. 51 (formerly No. 2SS) which cxtonila from Union town to PiltBhui j, in Ttos- traver townehip, WfStmoro mil county, on 1(6 lino from Cochra is Mill to CoiinellBville. Smithton SA1ITHTON, ,lnn. 27--A. f. tless oC Coraopolis was a caller h ro Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wolf left Thursday for Wasbingto , D. C., whore they will spend a ,'ew weeks Yteltlng at tho home of t b j i r son-in- law and daughter, Mr. ami Ire. Daniel B. Helm. Mrs. Louis Barthles was hoetesa lo members o£ her hrklgo c ub »t her home horo Thnrnday even ug. Those present wore Mre. Drue; 1 i taye'i, Mre. John Wagner, Mrs. Kdwa d Yfagner, Mr«. Louie Malonno, M -s. George Grouse, l\lr=. James [lough. Miss. Leora ilall, MtsH V a n n i c IToug! an/[ Miss Gail M o r r o w SOMERSET COUNTY ROAD, BRIDGE WILL BE IMPROVED SOON HARRISBrjRG, Jan. 27.--In preparation for the most active construction year the State Highway Department has over known, the State will receive bids at the Capitol on February 3 and ·1 lor 94 miles of new roadway. The department plans to construct 650 miles or more mllos ot highway during 1930. Tho projects o£ February 3 include: Somerset county--Shade 'township, .52 oi a mile, concrete, .026 of a mile, grading. Somerset county--Route LSG, Somerset township, bridge at Coxes crock. Victor Rudios Monthly Pa y m e n J s GEO. W. CARROLL Confluence CONFLUENCE, .Tan. 27-- Mrs. William Romeahurg o£ Fort Hill was jn town Baturdny vieiting 'friemls and Shopping. Miss 1-laael lleinbaugh, one o£ tho local -public .school toaehor.5, epent Sunday at her homo at Casselman. Mrs. Thomsa Edwards oC Markloton was in Confluonse Saturday vifiitlng friends and shopping. Taylor Glover, the well k n o w n lumberman o£ Ursiiitt, Wcas a business visitor here yesterday. Daniel Smith who has been very ill for several weeks is slowly improving, Mien Nettle Trimpoy, a high school student here, visited her home at Can- sehruui over Sunday. Miss Kern Snyiler who is socreti\ry to Prof. C. K. Shaffer, high school ririn- eipjil, viditcti lior homo at Sloyestown over Sundny. . . K l i u v i o r U i Kliow of .liihiison x i l l e r Imre S GOOD TEETH AUK NECESSARY FOR GOOD HEALTH PLATES -- BRIDGEWORK A I 1 ROCK BOTTOM FKICES Daily, Hours y to s Appointments JVecessnry TEETH EXTRACTED WITHOUT TAIN Xo Charge When Other Work Is Bono. EASY PAYMENTS DR. JWALLAS Kcw aicCrory L'houo Connollsville, Pa. News of the Courts i ' u t i ' u l Fleet Heuch l''nrRO. \. 1). KAHOO, N. D., Jan. 27. -- Seventeen! planes of the army's A r c t i c p a t r o l "Snowbirds" reached Fargo lute last n i g h t after flights Crom v a r i o u s parts nt Xorth Dakota and Montana. An- othor ship flecirtcc! lo s t a y at Hismrjrck u n t i l this rnoniln,?. Spoclat to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, .i«n. 27.--A j u r y Saturday afternoon bcfoi c Judge Thomas H. Hudson decided t i n t Airs. Margaret ,1. Philllp'3 of r;utt avenue wai! not of sound mind aiul disurotion w h e n sliu made a w !1 leaving her ttjUitt 1 to IMKIC Jack;-on, i o i r i e r Vi\- lnno\v)i bunker, iind t h a t u r d u o i n - icncc linl been ox'Tli'l in havij)!% h e r in;il(c the l u s t r f U ' K - n l . 'I'ln- dcrii-,- i of tin 1 I n r y Hos"d .1 l i m l n h i c h h l l ' d O1U' ^ ( l l i ' l t t t M ' l i . As .1 r r n i i l l (i! tin 1 M-ulii t t h e lai ;;cr Ijari of i ^33,000 Ctilfltt will revort lo charities, ineludhiK t n- Pleasunt View liaptiKi Church, tlic- Third Presbyterian C h u r c h of Union own and various Uaptlrit Homo and K n i e l s n missionary socisties. Pieces and n e p h e v e oC Hie aaed woman Including members ot the Olson and Ilighburger families ol Ruffsdalcs Weetmoreland county, an* N. 0. Phillips of. the National PitoJ West of Uniontown will receive between $5,000 ant! $6,000 under tuo tonne of a prior will. The jjury verdict, however, may result In «n apDoal uiH an application by Mr. Jackson tor a new trial, lhi« t o bo determined this week following a conference with the »oneflclary ami his (OUJiHt'l. The- jury wont out ;u d i n n e r lime S a t u r d a y and wnorltM at .'!:,'·;! o'clock * t * C h a l - R l i i K Hint tilt inoth.-r 1,5 u n t i l lo ii.ivii fh.u'KC ut' l l u - i r ouc-yi-ar-uld Htm. K u i p h , Jr., Jtuljth CilbeXiii. S filed u huljoas corpm nut Ion ))in w1l'«, Kuiily Glb»ou, of Smock, shall have custody of iho baby. H -alicgcs that Mrs. Ciib«on tiosertcd him on JDecombfr 24, 1023. A hearing h; lf been sei for February ~ at 8:31 o'cloci:.

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