The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 13, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY, APRIL 13: 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA. PAGE SEVEN. UncleSam's Food Lessons ICANT BEAT "TIZ" i WHEN FEET HURT i "Ti/* Kir Sore, Tired, PiiKcd : iip, 1 Aching. Cnllonsed FcPt or Corni "Sure! 1 u.o TIZ" every time for eny foot trouble." Special Information Service U. 3. I partment of Acriculttire.) DO YOU KNOW CORNMEAL7 *********M"S*****«-**«-.«-!* USING. CORNMEAL means service to your country and nourishing food for you. Try corn bread and see tow good It can bo. Tflerc are many kinds. You will wonder why you j» didn't use it every day before the T It Is very nourishing, too. A *g, cnpfol of cornmeal frives even J* more fuel to your body than a ·!' Vou can be hrpp-foou i a m ,1 mom- 5 cupfnl of -wheat flour. ^ I ent. ULI "Tiz" and no\ cv suffer \v ith ^ . - ^ ' . 4 l t e n d c i , r a w . burning, blisteied s\\ol- * t »'f fr^*s^di^Hj^ H 5K^.|irf«»«^ t 3,«Hj 4 jw5^ j c _ t t l l p ( j aching feet. "Ti::" and only j Here Is a quick kind of corn oread. p " T u ' tskpj the pain and soieness l Our grandmothers used to bake it on I of corns, ca!iou.-cs a-.d bunions. u board before the ojeo fire, ^oa ctinj As soou ub ou put our feet in a I'ake it In your oven. j "Tiz" btn you j u = t feol me happiness Corn Dodger. ' in Plow good your poor, ojd Two cnpftils cornmeal, one teaspoon-| feet tc(l1 Thc n a n t to dancc ' lor fnl salt, two tea^poonfnls fat. ona and' 3 °- v " Tu ' K S rana '"?'*·" mstan-iy tnree-foortns cupful boiling -n-nt.-r. , draws out all the poisonous cxut.a- Pour tne boiling water over the' l l o n s w h i c h puff up your feet and other materials. Beat well. When cause sore, inflamed, aching, sweaty cool, form in'o thiu cakes and ba!:e feet - ' CO minutes iu a hot oven. Make HI Get a liS-cciu box of "Tiz" at any biscuits. Toese crisp little bis-culta' drug store or department store Get fire good with butter or snivy. Eat! instant foot relief.. Laugu at foot sut- them wi'.u your meat anil vegetables j ferers \\ho complain Because your Corn Bread. f o c t are ""f- rcver fcomg to homer Corn bread is a good article-is espo-1 or make " ou l i m P an wore.--Adv. cinfly gtiod made with pour milK and; ^^ -- --· soda, but sweet milt and br.king pow- d°r are satisfactory. Iralinn polenta. Tnmnle 1 :. The recipes are ID Farmers' Bulletin Cornmeal has become Our Ally! TIMME ONLY PAID $750 FOR A. R A N K I N JOHNSON Hearty Dishes. Cornmeal croquettes, coremeal fish- the flavor and add to the food valne , halls, bir: ma? bp omJttcd if too i-spensire.. jj^t and coramcal dumplings. No. 1. Two cupfnls cornrai;a). two' cupfnis sweet mllfc (whole or, four teaspoonfuls baking pov!er v __ _ one tabV^spooDfol snsar. two table- i 533. "Corii'JIrai as a" Food and "ways spoonfuls fnt, one teaspoonfui anlt| of Usins It," free from the depnrr- one egg (ma7 be omlttcA). ', D ient of nsrlcnlture. No. 2. Two cnpCuK cornmeal, t.^c cuptuls soar milk, one teaspoooful soda, one table'ipoonful snpar. two to-! blespoonfals fat, om tea-spoonful salt, ''me egg (may be omitted). Mir Insrodients. Add milk, veil- beaten eyff. and melted fat. Epat ^ell B:ike ia shallow pna for about 30 ra'nutea. Spcan Sread. An Old Souihern Recipe.--Herj is an old-fashioned soft ^poon brpad tne. Soatberaers like. With milk or Simp! U makes a satlsf.t iug meal. Two cu{fu!s water, one cupful inHli, "(whole or sktro). one cupful orn-i meal, one table-spoonfii 5 fat. t w o j eg^. two teaspoonfuls salt. nil water and cornmeal and bilns to the boiling point and cook five run. ntcs. Beat pgns well and add v ith other materials to the mnsh. BP-U weH acd bake ia a well-greased pna for 25 minutes In n hot oven. Sen-E froTi the same dish wita a spcon Enough for six. CornmeaE and Mitk. Po you u«se cornmeal mnsh for 3 breakfast food? It is both cheap cnt. Kood. Cooked in pklaimert milk ln«t' nc of watPr it Is extra fine, and the fr tic value of the disti Is nearly doubled Here Is a delicious cornmeal ant? "The Phillips today would gladly pay 83,0^0 for Rankin Johoj-on," guld i President Timnie of the Brewers. "We milk dessert. indiln Pudding. Four cnpftils milk (who-e or sklnO, one-fourth cnpful cornuieal. thr,-e- jfourths teaspoonful salt, one t.-»-| ^,"TM;~ v ~^ ^ n ^ n "T,V"pito'ii for M i N spwmfil Ringer, ov.c-tbttd cnpful no- B n u k c e and not |.j,|| B d,!,,hlii. The lass?^. storv coming fro:n Philaclelphui thnt Cook mitt and mei! in a double boil- Jian \. SQ %vouW pltch thore , )rll! i nn tcd in a n , c( , Mt ot ^ b tlie sale _ er 20 minutes: add molasses, salt and Scott Doyle of that ciul). I nod writ- ginger. Pour into buttered pnarllna t( , n Do ,. le p rov i ons i y thnt M Johnion dish and bake two hours In a slow refused to p i a3 - yrtth tlie Brewer? OVPC, or use your flr-'-ss cootor. Serve ?lll i aae!plli!1 ,. ou | a .imv u him. But with milk. This mfkfs a pood a n d ' s , nc(} _..,,,,,. ,,,,,,_ JolmBnn , ms wrU te n nounshlDir dessert. Serve six. me an ,j sta , e i that he must positivp- Cornmral and Meat. ! :j rppol . t to Jh( , n re wers, so tiie Phllo- · Corritneal is cood comhicefl w!^ ae)[ . |hlll afs \ la O g_ Runkin wrote me meats. Such a diih Is a meal in itself that wh!lf . he wotlll j p - p(cr to play Try this one. w!tn t ], e Phillies, he would ewe to Tamale Pie. tne Brewer* if I ln«ilsttd nnd I am go- Two cupfuls commeni, six cnpfu's t j nj , ECJ insist." water, one tabiespoosfnl fat, one onion two cnpfnls tomatoes, one pound ham-. biirjPT steat Chick Gnndll of the White Sol h«s Make a must by stirring the corn- been placed In Cla*^ V. of the draft, meal and one and one-Dnlf tea^nooi-j He i? married nntl nli,n has ; *jum knee, fuls ^alt into boilin? water. Cook 4i minntes. Brown onion In fat. add ham- burRer and stir until red color disappears. Afii salt pepper, and toras in. A sweet pppp»r Edward Muilgan, who had ft trial with the Cubs, will soon be dol-Ag duty for Uncle Sam at Camp Funston, Kus bakin? disli, put in layer o; cornr-cal ran^h. add seasoned meat George Dumont, Washington Nationals' pitclier. has he°n placed in THIS COMDTBIA GRAFOXOLA Delivered to lour Home on Our Uasy Pitymeut Plan for $1.00 CASH, $1.00 A VKEK. Interest Charges At (he 'Ruppoii-Feathernmii Co. L To Drive Away the Blues There's -foHiing Like a Columbia G ral'onola. To inspire patriotism, there's nothing like music and Columbia Grafonolas reproduce, right in your home, all the old and new patriotic music m march, dancfe and song. To Learn to Dance in Your Own Home or to teach the children to dance . where their environment is beyond » question the best--there's nothing J like a Columbia Grafonola. } xnn_ v A 1 I THIS COLUMBIA GRAV'OXOJA When You Are Lonesome ; j lo \inir llojiic on Our hnsj rurclni --there's nothing like a Columbia ! } or Cirafouola. It's the greatest com- J jj^-o f,v.SH, $1.0(1 panion on earth -- A companian { 0 i n | ( . ros t to Pay ill the ·uhose influences are elevating. t-»^ M .j^,^,»,,s^^»^»*r»^~*****»-^. At All Times --Everywhere Good Music Is Invaluable The life-tone of Columbia Records when played on a Columbia Grafonola is the best of music. "A Columbia In Every Home" Is Our Spring Slogan And to !irin? this altoiif, so rliat e\cryiiody may enjoy tlir pleasures of ' ownership, u e are mal-ing a special d r i t e on the lonesl priced models as pictured here. Kac!i one is a nomlrrfwl--a uialeliless nl:it--liecnusc each one, even (lie $1S.O(! inhti-iimoni, lias the matchless I'olumliia ]ii\-fone--each one is w o r t h y of the name if hears--"Columbia." These Models Without Cabit nets Have One Great Ad- * \ vantage, They Can Be f Taken Anywhere I You can even carry one ·with you 5 to your friend's house although it's » a certainty that you'll not be called | upon to repeat the performance » marty times because i'ou'll have cre- J ated the desire tor ownership in your friend's household. j They Are Being Taken I "Over" in Great Numbers To cheer our boys in England and iu France. Tonight many manly voices in huts and cantonments are \ j o i n i n g in patriotic choruses led by a Columbia Grafonola. Get Jhe Sijiiring: Spirit Yourself, If l Help Win (he V ar. ·*· #v*^¥^-r-r-^-r*s^**-r*^»*- h *^' Prove It This is a real TOLUMBTA SERVICE STATION'. Y o u ' l l n-vcr -near out your welcome at t h e Rapport-Pea C o , store -- n o , nol if you come in every day. To tel! you the t r u t h , wr r n i o y h e a r i n g the minic as well as you do and are glad to have someone enjoy it w i t h us. Just Think! For as Little as $1.OO a Week You can put a COLUMBIA GRAFONOLA in your home NO\V-- U1011T AWAY! And in the hhort space oC Eighteen Weeks you')! have it paid lor and you'll not have felt the cost. Come Now! Delays are Dangerous! Shipping difficulties ;ire keeping ihe supply way below the demand in m a n y cities--H Weiy boor be the same iu Counellsville. You'll Do Better at-- COU'JIBU GRATONOr.A T)e- I liu'mi to Tmur H u m e on Our Easy I I'lan (or I S?«.(!(t rAIsH, SJ.23 A \Vr.KK. j .Xo Interest to Vaj At (lie Kanport-Feadiorman Co. -Patronize Home Merchants Who Advertise. nio-e fnod Darlo Rcstn will he in the rncing ai'rt cover with mnsti. Bake one-half ciaso 1 nnd will soon be at Cnmp hnTir. Serre ^T. Dodge, Iowa. Corn Helps Us Feed the Wcrld. The more wo use th»' can _·· sent nbrontl. You ncc3 not tire game again this .renr. It ivns an- ol it, u.-; there are at least Sfl ways oo-nced rrconfly. He will drive a car to csf cornraeal to mnlce sooil dishes of his own design. for ci nner, suopor. lunch, or break-, fast. lEere are some sntrSPstions · ( "^^ Hot Breads. t ^ ^ Boston brown brend. hoecalce, muf- : flns. bi-.Tuts. griddle cakes. Waffles. ' - Deserts. ; Corcnieal tnolasses cake, apple com bread, -nrnplings. Gingerbread, fnilt gems. Earner's CiotMag MOVING AND HEAVY HAULING To All Parts Coal Loading Coke and Coal for Sale Fast Service Day and Night, Get Rates Work Carefully Don e r t P. B. Kessler, 613 McCormick Ave. Call Bell Phone 234 ftwr Wvi HAVE YOU TEIED OUR CLASSIFIED ADLETS? ( W e s t Si(k-) Carroll Battery Co. A Fuci«ry Trrtlnoil I.alt.-rj Mfin. READ THE OOUEIEE. jon t ' v n i t mil* o n foi j o L i r ^ r l f Ml ihv cu IKU ,t tlor^ 1 1- o h i ^ . lo something o£ puK 1 ! ^oi 1 \\ uu from Scottdalc Our Bald Head Hair Grower mat speal,* toi u^'li » W. H. FORST, Scottdale's Druggist PJTCY iJ'N'K-- ^ S'r'r- l? 0. V. V0.6HT

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