The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 27, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1930
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 1930. TTTE DAILY COURIER, CONNELL.SVJLL.E, PA, " " ] · 1 - V Miss Louise Metzger Is Bride of W. L. Dawson at Quiet Ceremony Charming s i m p l i c i t y marked tho® wedding of Miss Loukse Metiiger, daughter of Mr. and Airs. Henry Metzger of 318 West Fayotte street, and William L. Dawson ol thiij city, son ot Smith Uawfion of Pittsbuig. The c e r e m o n y u a s golem nized Sunday afternoon at ; o'clock at the parsonage of Trinity Lutheran Church, Eatt Patterson avenue, w i t h the pastor, Ro/v, Dr. W. II. Hetrick, officiating. The i l n g service was used. ' Tho bride wore a becoming gown of roar 1 flat t.-epe faehioned iu the new silhouette, with a bolera effect, and m a t c h i n g accessories. Miss Sally Met Kg or was her sister's maid of honor. Herbert Oourmey of Union- tow ii served as Mr Daweon's best man. Tho ceremony was followed by a wedding d i n n e r of attractive appointments In the MeUgjr home. Covers were laid .for the immediate membeie of i he two familio,. A l t h o u g h very quiet, 'ho wedding is of m u c h interest. Both Mr. and Mrs. have a w l d o circle of friends. Tho b.-ido baa been a clerk in the Kofitono store, N o r t h Pitts»hurg btreet, w h i l e Mr. Da\%fon 1, employed at the G a l l e y paint .-.hop. The couple w i l l iceldo w i t h the bride's, pmcnts. First U. I'. Church. The Bvcrhart Blblo Class w i l l meet Tuesday rtlght at tho homo of the pas- K r u p p In Morton tor. Key. George It fiwnue. A preparatory seivlco w i l l be- held Kr'day n i g h t a t 7: 15 o'clock at tho c h i m h . Uev. J. I t Lumbcrtson, poster of t h e First Methodist Protestant C h u r c h , will dellvei the- sermon. The i h u r c h version will meet at the close of the meeting, The winter c o m m u n i o n .set vice will bo held Sunday, J a n u a r y 2(5. The regular meeting of the Junioi Missionary Society ,vilt bu hied Saturday afternoon at church. o'clock at the Woman's Henetit Election. The regular meeting of the Woman's Hmefit Association will be held Tuesday evening at 7 : o O o'clock at K n l g h t K of Pythias Hall. A good attendance of members m re-qiueted on account of b a l l o t i n g on caijdid.iteti 31. J'. Hi cuts. Missionary Circle No. 3 w i l l meet Tuesday evening cU 7:30 o'clock at the church. Endeavorers Hear Of County Activity .. At Board Meeting The W. W. Pickctt CUis will meet Thin«dny nisht at t ; ie homo of Mr. and Mrs. Stiuiuel Staley, Ninth street, AVest Sldo. Mr. and Mr-. W. H Hans-el of t^i,rmlnglon u n t i o u i u o tho marriage of their daughter, Blanche, to J. Wlnt-ermantel, Jr., of EP:o, Nov., which took plane January 6, hi Salt I^ako Oily, Utah. Tho bride Is a graduate o! tho Union town High School and of I n d i a n a State T e a c h e r s College. She b,ts t)ce» a teacboi in tho Greensburg schools. After February 1, the couple w i l l b-o at home in Klko where the bridegroom ib associated with his rather In the Jeweliy business. Shilo Lodge. Sbilo Lodge, Ladies' Auxiliary to the B. Qt R. T., will meot Tuesday nigbt tit 7 SO o'clock in Odd Fellows Hall, East C -awt'ord avenue. Licensed lU Uiiloiitown. Alvin C. Lehman of Indian Head and Ftnma Rebecca "Wrick of Scalp Level, were licensed to wed at Uniontown. It. W. B. Chih. Tho n. W. It. Club of he- Daughters of America will meet Wednesday night In tho home oE Mrs. P. C. Crls- I'.p, Davidson avenue. Licensed o Wed. Miss Catherine Curry and Carl C. I-.yster, both of thin city took out a 1 cense to wed In U n i o n t o w n , College ('tab Moots. The- College Club met Saturday af- f t t r n o o i i in, the Asbury Methodist WplH- i opal Ohurch or Uniontown with sixty-five young 1 women in attendance. Mrs. Perley Isaac Reed, professor of troahman KngliMi, West Virginia Unl- \ersily, Morgivntovvn, was the guest speaker. 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Umbel; vice-president, Hollo Varn- d e l l ; Tenth Legion, Miss Ella Heffley; missionary superintendent, Miss Dorothy Kern; quiet hour superintendent, Miss Mary Bishop; j u n i o r superintendent, Miss Elsie WlKiama; citizenship superintendent, Gf-orge Scott; alumni superintendent, Walter Mln- erd; publicity superintendent, John G. Bortner. The president appointed George Scott county booster for registrations 'to the Pennsylvania Christian Endeavor convention to be held June 30 to July 4, Inclusive, at Hershey. The board -set 100 aa Fayctte county's goal. Mr. Varndell will lie "costumer" lo tho courty delegation ho being appointed to select a distinctive costume for the Faj'Otte county Endeavorers. Tho datee for the county convention will be J u n e 12 and 13. The place ie the First F'reebyterian Church of Foir- chance. The following v.ere appointed to meet w i t h the president in the form of a convention committee: John M. Kelly, Mrs. S. L. Fletcher, Mlae Klla Heffley, George S oil and John G. Bortner Air. Varndell was appointed chairman of the goals committee, w i t h power lo select hia committee and report at the May meeting of the advisory board ouch revisions, deletion*) or additions to the goals «« may seem necessary. , The committee on nominations to report at the J u n e convention is composed ot Uev. E. A. Schultz ot tho Firfjt United Presbyterian 6hurch of Connelleville, Rev. D. t . Ward of tho New Salenf Christian ( hurch, Albert Fulraer of the First Methodist Pro- te«tant Church of Connellsville, F. M. Seaman and George Scott. Tho entire board taliped happily of the fine mid-year exocu'ive committee meeting and banquet t h 1 county union had nnti tho Interest it had created. Three new societies h a t e been organized this month--one at Mount Brad- doclt, I/eland Russell, president; one at Palmer Community Church, Robert Mlchaeleou. preeident, and one at Grace Chapel at High Houee, Ray Franks, president. The next meeting of tho board will be the last Sunday of February. 3E. P. UHIUST1AX EXJMEAYOK SOCIETY CLOSES COHTEST The memberdhlp end efficiency con- teel conducted during he past month by the Senior Christian Endeavor Society of the First Metlu dlst Protestant Church came to a clo^e last night. Fifty-five members w e r e in attendance. The "whites," of which Walter T. Smith wa« captain, wan the winner, having 237 credits. The "reds," M(.S6 Ella Heffley, captain, had 239 credits. The eervce also niai ked the beginning of tho observance of National Christian Endeavor wa^k. A violin solo was contributed by Mlsa Clare Lucas. The Senior aud Intermediate Christian Endeavor socletlee will have charge of the prayer-meeting on "Wed*- nesday night. The subject will be "Stewardship and Devotlone." Both foocielies. will present special programs next Sunday. The date for the Senior Christian Endeavor Society banquet will be announced later. .TUMOR CULTURE CLUB WILL CUVK CAKU I'ARTY Au outstanding sod tl event of the week Is a. benefit can! party to be given Tuesday night by Hie J u n i o r Culture Club, the e n t i r e proceeds to be used for the correction of the eyes of needy children. Tlie affair will be held in the club rooms at the Carnegie Free Library. Bridge and five hundred wi'I :x played and devotee's of the "amo are looking iorward to a dellshttul evening. White Elephant I'urtj". The Rainbow Club w i l l meet Tuesday night at the homo ot Mrs. M. A. Largent, Eaat Crawfo d avenue. The meeting will be in the form ot a. -white elephant party. I. II. '. Class. The I. II. N. Clast, of I he First Methodist Kplscopal ( h u r c h will meet TiHVKlay night In tln» homo of Mru. J. 1J. Henderson, Kaht Cedar avenue. Members are asked to bring- their f a i i e y w o r k . Tho committee consists of Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Margery Me- Ch'llaiul aud Mrs. George E. Baker. Mrs. .Mfnerd llostobs. Mrs. H. D. Mlnerd v ill entertain Lh K H. I'lul) Thursday n i g h t at her homo m "West Green -treet. i j M. K. C. t lul). Ah ;iiiii M i h . C h a r os M a r i e t t a m i l ! f i i ' c u a u i the M. E. C C l u b Wednesday ' i u f ; h t at their home l i Eaat C r a w f o r d That COL Colds come suddenly. You can often end them just as quickly!- Take Bayer Aspirin the moment you've caught one. A single sneeze should be the signal, or the first sign of congestion or headache, or soreness. Exposure to cold and wel isn't half so serious \vhen you've learned to protect yourself with Bayer Aspirin. For the speedy relief of colds, headaches, neuralgic or, neirdtic pain, and even the acute sufi'ering caused by rheumatism, there is nothing so sure and so safe as genuine "Aspirin tablets stamped Bayer. They inuke a marvelous gargle, too. See proven directions in every package. 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Hucv w i l l h a v e charge of the program, vith various g i o u p a t a k i n g part iu the theme, "Sharlui; Oui Privilege^,." Rev. E A, S c h u l t z , the 'church p.istot, will have {'hiU-ne of tho devotional!-. This In I he C"n .-.tlan Endeavor week verfalou ol t l u n i l c l - w e e k service and evangelism l . a i u i n t , clas'i and a good a t t e n d a n c e is d t i n e d Thursday n i g h t is "St.ij at Homo Night." Radio statloiib .11 e ooperat- ing by providing t'oi b i o a d t a s t i n g special Ch'-iallan Knde.ivoi p i o g r a m b . T h o a n n u a l C h r i s t i a n E n d f a v o r banquet w i l l be held Knday u r s h t in tlie social room ol the c h i m b . R e v . K. A. S c h u l t x v i l l bo UMstnicU,trr. Mi«s L a u r a Belle- Kooer .tad Mis. 1 , Lllliuii Os erwise w i l l givo le.idings. Rev. Wan en H. llaye» irf Bruddock will speak on " S h a i l n g " Ri-v. Hayes is director of ClnistUui e d u c a t i o n and prcfaldent of the, Y. P. S, C. E ol Allegheny county. A special h e i v f c o w a s h e l d latt night. w. A. Erin: UIBLE CLASS SUI'l'Klt T H I S I'lVIIA'IXU Tho W. A. Edie Uiblo Cl.ibS of the First Presbyterian C h u r c h w i l l hold a supper tonight at (5 ISO o'clock in tho church BO( lal room. A bufeirte'-i, meeting will bi- held a f t e r the BUD per The committee if composed of ./aimv, A!, Drlacoll, I ' h a i i m a u ; .1. H Davidson, William J, Davidhon, Paul 13. Dick, A, C. D u n n , J. M. Dilworth, Fred Friebee, A. P. Freed, T. iX C,miner and Albert G r i f f i t h s EEPUBLU'A.V W O M E N W I L L MEET WITH C H A I I O I A N Mrs. \V K. Allen, chairman or the ConnellB-nlle Council of R e p u b l i c a n Women, lias called a meeting for Friday night, J a n u a r y 111, at 7:M o'clock in her homo in Vine .street. A large attendance is desired. LIIGION AUXILIARY M E E T H T O N U U I T The American Legion A u x i l i a r y w i l l meet tonight in tlie Legion rooms, North PHtaburg street. Considerable business is lo be taken up and tho president, Mrs. L. S. Rob-bins, desires a large attendance. Khifr's Diiuirlilers Aleel. The J a n u a r y m u o t l n g of (he Kine'l Daughter i ot the First Pi ebytei Church w a s he-Id Saturday a f t e r n o o n in the church. Mis Nolle Campbell, president, was in charge A lood exchange among nienvbeiy was held. D U X B A H W O M E N O H U A M / H J I I S S I O X A K V A I ' X I L I A Vf In tho ;ibscnce ot the p;stor, H ;v. W. S. I l a n i i l t o n , who for lln» paht 1 vo NS ceks h.n boon Ji^hiitlng 'Iu cvanj 3l- Ktie services at, tho Srcoiid 1'rffa y- I p r l a n C h u r c h of IJiiiouwnvn, the A o- mon's M i s s i o n a r y Society of Ibe Me b- odist P i o t r s U m l C h u r c h of IMinbar ' ad ( b a r g e oi 111" Siinda evening «crv co .Mrs. l.loyd t i a n g a w a r e pleaded . nd Sam Speight led the devotioualc- Si jc- j iil iniiiu w a d i-ontribulod by t h e - c h ilr. ! Mn-. H "W W a i i n a n of tho F rst K n s t C h u u h of U n l o i i l o w n , and r h H- nuui ot t h e wonuMi's missilonary "W irs i n t h e C o n n e l l b v i l l c 1 distm t WBh ' h f Kiic-bt speaKor K o l l o w i n g tin* Bet' 1 ica A l i a A\ annaii w i t h -Ml · Jopph -U- Coy, a s a l h t s d 111 the- oi-Kanixalioii ( t a m i f e s i o n a i y a u ' i i l U n y f o r t h e Duii )ar ( ' ) i u r c h . of the now a u x i l i a r y ; is M r s . W i l l i . i m H i i m l l t )ii Mis,. J o h n McDow ll (,'hailos Moyor, ind ,1 [) Hum Tho .ew hi l i n o with tho re' ent l u o v e m c n i t h r o u g h - o u t tlip- f h u r e h o of Ibe d e n o m i n a t i o n to u n i t e . i l l inls-v- on- ary eftort^ Prellninary p l a i i i tor the org.ini/.aton of a Y n u n t ; I'eoj le'B ('licit 1 w e r e also P r e s i d e n t , b o c r e l a r y , t r e a s u r e r , M i s . Mr.s HI ih Hn(cti",oii-Hlack, Mk.-A Sara l l u t c l K b o i i , d u n g h i e Mr .nd M I B U a \ i d H i i l c h e i o n ol ^ d o i l n l t , K F. 1 ) , and \\Mllord Hl.u I ' i t t s b u r g were u n i t i d in imirriag Friday at t h e First 1'resbyte C h u r c h ot C i r e n b u i f i , w i l l i Kov. £ K t r c x k , i i j s t o t , o t h c u U i n g Theli f e i u h m t s \vore Miss Ppdrl H u t c h i I and R a l p h S pence, b o l h of 1'itU.l j On Sunday the brxl^'s p a i e n t « ci taiiied at a w e d d i n g d i n n e r T who were in attendance- were M i . Mrs David Ilutcheson, Jr., and c' rpn, O l t p h a n t ; M r . a n d M i a . Lowe und c h l l d i e n , I ' n i o n t o w n ; and Mrs. Arthur Hiiiohesou and drtiii, U n l o n t o w n , Mr. and Mrs. J Haggerty anl c b i N l r w i , Vantler Miss 1'earl Hutchcajn, Mitrs Char Hntchpfeon, Herburl Huttheson lUilph Spence, Pitts burg, and Mr. Mrs David f l u t c h e w i n , V a n d m Mr. and Mrs. Black a j e employed Plltsburg They w i l l so to housek i n g In thai city. Oiit'kon and Biscuit ,Sii])ipr. By Frk'iidbhip Temple No. 25, Pythian Sibtere, Odd Fellows Temple, South Ptteburg street, Tuesday evening, January 2S, 1930 Hours, 5 UO to S. Tickets, 50 cents.--Advertise- ment.--2r»jdii-2t. of an, of on tan . D. at- son irg. ter- ose and lld- 'aul Mr. hll- . J. ·lit; otto and and b i l t , in iCp- HAVE COLOR IN CHEEKS If y o u r s k i n It vellow--comph palltcl--(otiK-iio oatetl-- appetite -- you have a bad lustr In y o u r IT --a la/.y, IIO-ROOC! l e e l l n g -- y o u si U y O l l v p Tablets Ijr l U d w u i d s Olh o T a b l e t s -- a B t l t u t c £01 c a l o m e l -- w e r e p t c p a t f Dr JSdvmrds n f t « i 20 years o£ E O l i v e Tablctn are 11 p u t c l y table c u j i i p u u n d K n o w them by L O l O l . b a v c a ( R ' a i , p i n k s k i n , b no i)im)ilo«, a f e e l i n g ot ) l i k e c b l l d h o o t l ilaj.s, y o u gel « L t h o C O . U H O . Dr. K1 \ v a i d s O l i v e T a b l e t s ;n Uic U v e i a n d b o w e l s l i k e c a l o m e l h a v e n o d a n g e r o u s a l l o r t i l l o c t a , 'J'hcy n l a i t t i n b i l e a-iii h e l p r o n i o f o i i . ' i t i p u t l u i i . Take n l s l i t l !ioti ( l i e p l e a s i n g i c s n l L s M l l l l o bo'-i", sold j e a t l y . J^ic, oOc, UOo. VIM t i f c c n i e n l o l t v o To a n c y poor JUtll ould sub- 1 by uily euo- h e l r I Slit uoy- must t on -yet ver- und is of -Ad- C«rd forty. First of a orlca ol three caul parties w i l l bo given by Altar Sc jiety, Sacred Church oC Dawson, Tuesday n i g h t , January 28, in social !· ill ol c h u r c h . Lunch u u d prizes, uteo oriet prl/e, b e a u t i f u l rayon bcl sprea Ad- niisdion 50 cents.--Advertibomen ,---25 Jan-2t. COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA Coughs from colds may lend to serious trouble. You can stop them now with Creomulsion, an emulsified cieosote tliat is pleasant to take. Creomulsion is a medical discovery with two-fold action; it sootht.-s and licals the inflamed mem- hranes and inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs, cteosote is recognized I) high medical authorities as one of the greatest healing agencies for cougli3 from colds and bronchial irritations. Crcomulsion contains, in addition to creo- lotc, other healing elements which soothe und heal the inflamed membranes and stop the irritation, while the ere sote goes on to the stomach, is absorbed into the blood, attacks the ieat of the In uble and checks tho giowth of the germ '. Creomulsion is guaranleed sati fao toiy in the treatment of coughs from colds, bronchitis and minor form. of bronchial irritations, and i excellent for building up tlw system aftci -olds or flu. Money refunded if not iel eved after taking- according to direc iona, Ask you:; druggist, (adv.) Princess of Syria Will Present Holy I i IOT Programs Here · is lo hnve- (lie u n u s u a l n p p o r t u u l l j of e n t e r t a i n i n g a ap,p of r o y a l t y , CHIP of (he til-lists of I'alesluip- and h a i l i n g from ( h o u l d e M itr in HIP world--Damascus, \Mtli its Street Called Straight, ti-odclfMi by raon and women in tho was l o n g before t h e Christian era She is tho Princess Rah ma Haldui, eminent. Oriental lecturer, a u t h o r and dramatist,* who has been secured by Dr. W. II. Hetrick, pastor of T r i m l y Lutheran Ohnrch, to present a faeries of tfirno eve-n1ngs in his church, tis'ing her native land--tho Holy Land--tife a setthiK for all. Princess Rahine is an exponent of (he Near Wast and is iu America bent u p o n a mission ot good will and ondea-voring to make bettor k n o w n her own country and its people She lias t o r o i i t i y corioiud'ed a, m o n t h ' s visit in TMtlaburg, where she bus appeared before some of (ho exclusive woman's clubs and outstanding c h u t u h c a . N'ClIhS KAHMU Pi-lure's 1 . K.ihnie comes from a Ions; l i n e ot .Semitic ancc.slors, tracing her direct l i n e a l descent back into remote a n t i q u i t y , to the t r i b e of Boni- G-hassam, who governed IJainascus from 85 IS. C. to bO-0 A. 1). She was born in t h e town ot Baalbek, nestled at t h e foot of tho famous M o u n t Lebanon, long noted for its imposing ruins of the Temple of Baal. Through t h e f r i e n d s h i p !hat cxiMed betwen her f a t h e r and some of the American wissjiomu'y edu-atois, Princess Rahme was permitted to enter their colleges at B e i r u t and Sidon. A t t e i completing her courses theie, she came- to the U n i t e d Stales aud has since taken her dcqrees from two of our leading institutions, one in Chicago and the other in Los Angeles, Since completing her t r a i n i n g here, she r e m a i n e d in this country, that she m i g h t be instru- inn-ntal in ntakliii' In-ttcr k n o w n her own c o u n t i x and Its u n i q u e and I n t e r - esting people. She is the- first woman o!' the u p p e r l a n k s of Syria to adopt, w r i t i n g and l e r t u r l n g and to a c t i v e l y ombaik u p o n llie lecture platform Anviyed in the picturesque costumes ot h e r n a t i v e house and to the accompaniment of tb/c weird music of the -liabt, the Princess brings the Holy band veiy close- to the h e a r t s ot her auditors. She possesses a charming peibonallty and has u n u s u a l gilts for presenting her mess-ages. Her flrM appearance in this city w i l l be on Wednesday evening, J a n u a r y 29, at 8 o'clock at T r i n i t y Lutheran C h u r c h , when she will present her most noted costume recital, "Under Syrian Stars," in w h i c h she w i l l graphically tell of. the manners, customs, ideals and asp i r a t i o n s of. her native land. On Tliurdtiy evening at 8 o'clock she w i l l render her own dramatic verfaion of the Biljlu s t o i y of "Naaman, the Leper," which she w i l l present in f o u r acts. On Friday e t u n i u g at the same h o u r sho will thow her own moving pictures ot Palestine, "Gems oC the Wast," which she filmed on her recent visit to her native country. Tho pictures will bo followed by one act of her drama, "llulh ami Naomi." Tho three evenings arc open to the public and all ^vho are Interested In knowing move abou! that, interesting land of Palestine and to hear it from the lipb of a native are c o r d i a l l y invited lo attend. Princess Rahme will he assisted by her secretary; Miss L u c i l l e Burgess, who w i l l present the music of Palestine. These e n t e r t a i n m e n t s are without admisson charge. Thomas Lowery and Dorothy Luella Vanglil both of M-eyersdalc were- licensed to wed at Cumberland. Home from school with a bad cough ·--Back in school the next day I ever forget the fnght I had when Jane came Lome from school coughing, coughing -- one cough right after the other. 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Ile«-ii tho i hanec ol u. lifetime ts win a lortime In prizes. HUSH YOUR ANSWER IK. Thrrc v.lll be twcniy-flvc prizes In all In tics, duplluua prices will be 25 CASH PRIZES Jit-it QUICK! Count tho beans number on a poatcarcl or letter, iiikn sour namr .jul adarraa nmi umii tt In That's tin. If your .jiH»ur 13 corn-it ou \uil bo oslulity closo to the lilt; tint B. M. SLATER E. 4lb St., D«pU2 ST. PAUL, MINN.

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