The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 13, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1918
Page 5
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SATURDAY, AFKTL 1-3, JfAOrJE H1VEL. NEWS OF THE BAY AT MI PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED sts to be Allowed Leeway in Sunday Selling for the Present. I CANDY MAN IS UNDER FIRE Burgess 1iD Attempt to Compel Jolui Guides to 'Abide by the Bine I»w PwTisions Beiore Enforcing lair Too Stnctlv Against Drag Special to The Courier MOUNT PHEASANT, April 13 -The local druggists held a meeting yesterday to Ulk over the Bine Laws i ecently put in operation by the local council and eioforced In the burgess Mi Keefo\r "was appointed as a committee of one to visit the burge*ts and he told the executive that the druggists did not wish to -violate tbe law but that they do not think that one man like John Candes who operates a candy kitchen, should be allowed to sell and clear on an verage of $150 on a Sunday anJ thej not allowed to do anyti ng The barges* old them that he would not ask them to keep the lid on tight until the bor ongh had severely punished Carides as a law breaker and then -when that was done they would be asked to put the lid on Carides keeps open eaci. Sunday and pays his fne He then defies the borough, to m ike him closes. Borne on 1 nrlonchs. Samuel Jacobson, William Schanti and 'Walter McClain Company E 110th home on furloughs Kicked In Month. John Cooper, employed all members of Kegiment are You can t think cleariy when your head 15 stopped up from cold m the head, or nasal catarrh. TryKondorfe to clear your head (at no cost to you) 50 000 000 barve nsed this 29-rear-old remedy For chronic catarrh, sore nose, coughs, colds sneezmf? nose-bleed.etc. Wnte usfor complimentary can or bey tube at druggist s. It will benefit you four tunes more than it coets.orwepay money back Fortnalcanfreewnteto KMBM Nffi. Ct n Mraxmui. HIM. i THE Mount Pleasant Steam laundry while cranking the Ford delivery track yesterday morning was tacked in tie mouth and it was necessary for Dr J ~W Shelar to put three stitches in the lip to dress It. Boys ConneUsrille Stock. J B, Goldsmith has purchased the wall paper and paint stock of G A. Maride, the West Side, ComneDsvnie dealer, and irm -acre it to Mount Pleasant where he Tin add it to his present stock. After Thompson's Fiaee. F. E. Painter of this place is to be a candidate tor tlie office of poor director of ."W«etaorelani county to t*k« tbe ptaee of J. G Thompson, wboee death made «.vacancy on tbe Stteto tm i-so deep at Don that a trade j "THE SECRET OF THE STORM COUNTRY"--An eight-reel feature m which Nonna Tabnadse the screen, favorite ouches the highest note ve reached in her career, is being shown todaj. Miss Talmadge one oC the greatest emotional actresses o[ the screen portrays a role in waich mother love is the supreme issue With he- depth of feeling, her extraordinary mobility and the easo vnth which she can step from pathos to fun, she makes of Teseibel, the squatter's daughter one of the merit com at the pelang figures in fiction. The action m "The Secret of the Storm Country" hinges on the ancient fejd between the squatter and the land owner It is human and absorbing in tire in tensity of its appeal against class I prejudice and throws the searchlight of cold jushco lull on the -narrow im principaled tactics of the self-religious capitalist. The sanctity of marriage ind the home is one of the vital mat ter« dascoeeed in Miss Talmadge s HOT photoplay R is a plav in which is pitted agsmst motherhood m a tenffic struggle lor supremacy JDss Talmactge is support od "by NUes ^felch and otlrer screen stars of prominence. A selected ·comedy 13 included. street jetumUj- at nooc that a track in tbe snoot, tin Old Meadow car at 12.45 TRW TMt*» to get vp the street and Bben tb» IK car went down they hocked to 1be truck and poHed It oat fnilli EDvood City -where RUNNING SORE; VANISH SorCna Otatecnt BeSeres Torribte Skim Befc Uke Magw-- C.r« llw Ewu, Satt Bkent wd Heab Uleen. A Xort TT««dertal Oi»t«ient Thousndg have bJees.ed the day they flnt heard ot Sac-Cora, for in thousands ot homes in America, its Tfith many new songs, eiceOent ·comedy and pretty wardrobe, Mer- BOUS ScJjmarme Girte this afternoon and evening will present a 4face comedy at the Arcade en- tttJod, "A Day of Delight. Sunmie" Myears win be in toe principal role, 4, o£ a colored 1TM**^ and he Is mighty tmmy It is a character tiat )B aehfcim attempted and one of his bits of comedy te taken from a big tune vaudeville act The song num- "bers tocrudo "A Baby's Prayer at Twins**," Pray for the Light to Go i Ont," ^nd a new "jlonenca " The picture is T3«nV Mann m a Fox comedy, -His Wedding Da " quick healing power has freetf from terrie affliction, one or more, persons. sores or feror sorea, ne how iMg rtaitfltng, wffil soon dltufftmr irlA San C»ra OJntmcut it Bs«l «r we wffl refnad jouz money. It cores so olieu that the Laughrer Drag Co, Connellsvnie, EH Broadway DTOE Co.. Scottdale, gnarantee it for any of the troobJeB jaectioned abore and lor burns, scalds, braises, frosted feet. ebUblnns, bollfl, carbuncles, sore niwl«6, ItcMng pfl«s ifcney tact if not wtiafied. Sin Cura Ointment is SOc. 60c and ( 1^0_ a Jar Acquire a soft, velvety, clear stan by using Saa Cnra Soap at all tbnes the aiibseptic Boap, 35 cents, "^hompson ilcdical Co, Titusville, Pa. ;_· __ -- AJv Sale 5«w On. Elks' IdmtreL advance sale now on secured your reserred seats early Watch for Booster Edition and complete program, in Monday's paper Best ever jVIany novelties Net receipts to be giren to E«d Cross Chapter of Coaneltewlle Ady 13-1S Hinting Bargains ? ^t oa will find tbem in our ad. cohuniu TKE OKPHKUK TH3JATET5. "ST30LLA MAB.IS "--An Artcraft picture with Mary Pickiord will be shown here again today Billy West the comedian will be featured m tbe comedy, The Orderly Monday, drarnnng Vivian Martin, will appear in the Paramount photoplay Tbe .Fair Barbarian. A breezy American, girl marooned by circumstances m a sieejiy English town she brings the HttUi township nearly to the point of spontaneous combustion b scandali- zation. How Ehe wins over the social leaders to her side and makes friends of even her prim and snobbish aant, makes a ray fascinating story The Third Liberty Loan Campaign is now open The allotment for Fayette County is approximately $3 700 000 On April 12tt Lieutenant Perigord of France will speak at the West End Theatre Ho is loaned by the French Government to the Liberty Loan Committee, he has been decorated sii. tunes for bravery in actiori, and has been wounded four times He has seen much active service On the ISUi there ^vill be a public meeting, likely on the Court House lawn, Sousa s wonderful band of Ne^ York will be in attendance, James Francis Burke of Pittsburgh will be among the speakeis Every man, ·woman and child in Fayptte County should buy a Liberty Bond We beheve tbe Fayette County subscriptions will run. over five million dollars The Union Supply Company are offering during this entire week some very dainty styles in women's and misses' shirt waists and skirts The vanetj is large, the styles are verj unique and the pnces reasonable It is the second spring shipment and they are the choicest styles we will have during this season In other departments, such as hosierv underwear gloves and neckwear, we are receiving ne^v styles daily The stocks are at their best--nov. is the right time for spring shopping (3 Laree Deportment Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Gloves onion s pure Phoenix lull losb i loned thioad silk hose m khaki new grp hi cm n tan black and ! white a ?3 39 tho pan ^ S ,1K ? r N O s dOU s^ mrf ]iR !m r oi tips i / c nlick or x IL ihc. pair !N Follow the Crowds to the Millinery Department. Prettiest Styles and Varieties Here to Select From--Specially Featuring The Big Store "Leader" Hats at ' | Our Clever "Wonder" Hats at il 1 Terr OIK a V w Sarampr Modo] l l i i f i\onM st 1 ! rt ul irh i n -.} to ^f Of) won 1 . TLcrc are Pictur 0 J its wlt'i f i e nps of r epn i d i3o % J ^j n d M nn t -, I isi black ind while fffcct nciv suits H-its in p okr and Sa Irr ^ lapc Pi I resq ic F oppv br m geous silk facings Manj new stvlt «* to thoose fiom ind r j i^o h c rjvfAMffwww^^ in black and lc^ w i t h geor No More Guesswos^ when you bake No ruined pastry ,^c| poorly done bread, now ibted maiecf£*J| -- no worry, because of wrong oven regulation. (FLAG COUPON) HOfV tOU CA GET I SPI.KSDID FLAG 1 OR LITTLE XOM-T All tha^ is necessarj for ^ou to do is to clip ihe coupons and brmg or send them to The Daily Courier office with 51 49 and thf beautiful Flag is voura Description--The flag is S feet long br T feet wide rainproof and sunproof American bnntmg--absolutely fast colors btnpcs sow ed double matched Has strong canvas heading and metal sronnnents This 8x6 Foot Hag for 6 Coupons 01 Conoecutnc Date* und $1.49 Cash. Note --If ordered by Mail add lOc for packing ind postage ClIP THIS FLAG COUPON TODAT ! and, with required cash for Flag send to Flag Department THE DAILY COURIER 1-2 TF. Cra-n-iord Vve-, COM ILLS TILIF, PI. Name Street or R F D No- Town r State. Get A Direct Action I Oven Thermostat and measure tbe he-it as easily aa you measure milk in J. pint cup You Bimply act the * Temperature \VheeI ' and obtain anj degree of oven j heat that the receipt calls lor. Indian Creek. INDIAN GREEK, April 12--Mrs S, C Karp of Davistown. is spending today among Connensnllo friends and shopping J P Dowler of Clearfleld Pa., spent a few days in our valley on business Mr and Mrs. W S Lyon of the Killarney Park Inn are calling on Con- nellBvflle fnends an dshopping Mrs. 'William Turner of Connell'v- rille spent a day at the Killarney Inn John Lyons of Rogers Mill is in ConneTlsville on business today E B Brown. ha returned to his regalar Sntj at the MC tower Beginning April 15th, 1918, At Room 404 First Jfatioiial Bank JSiulding. WARREN MURRIE Pupil of the world famous Oscar Saeugei will ttach Vo ce C il- tore from the rudiments of tone control to artistic binginj, aad inter prelatjon For terms and appointments call at stud o \!onda "\\ednesday and Fnday evenmffa or phono--Bell 357 Purposeful Formo!a Senrcco s of that Is not just a hUle of this and a little It \\as devised with a definite object in 1. T. ETtSS BSTAIK, \geub, Both 1'honcs. CJ«»ifie«J Brtnt remits Cost only lo a word. Classified Advertisements Ic a Word, Help wanted by many women I F a woman suffers from such ailments as Backache Headache Lassituda and Nervous* nnsa tba lyroptoma indicate th« need for P-so'a Tablets, a vsloable healing 1 remedy with ·nUwpUc astn-igem and tonit. properties. A local application aimpio byt effective--response conies quickly cans ng refresh ing relief with invigorating effects. Bar-feed by the name Piso established over 50 years satisfaction ui guaranteed- ipfo Mailed Frvc--addra /loifas THE PISO COMPANY 2flO P to Bid* Wirr*n The object was to produce atootli paate possessing medicinal as -well a s cleansing properties--a real cleanser tLat could bo depended :pon lo reTiove ta-tar and keep moutn and gums n^althy. "1.6 ideal defined ou" laboraio- r c* e* abou r lo determine tho prjpi r combination to produce it. Sen^eco IB the result It baa been, tried teslcd and prorounced gootl bj hundreds ol the prote«sion Try a tube A s'nglL tube *ull provo everv c a l m V» ill sho^ w h y thou sands today use and demand Sen reco--and are satisfied with noth ns le-s 4H aruggista and toilet counters J arse 2 oz tube--25c SENRECO- Cincinnati Jf You Arc Hnnliii£ Bargains 11 Road the advertiseing columns, o p The I Dail Couno- You wil £nd them SHAKE INTO YOUR SHOES Allen d I DOt-Ea-^ tho ant eej c no i Jf-r to bo Bhat-en into tbu atiooj a.i d s^^ Lkleu n ihc, o I all "flm I ]aU*bLrc ^-tmj Mai a! iil\ i-(»iuci In ira D n^ Lo uat, F(x.:-we in 1 fir hhccri eadi relieve* amf 1 pwollc «m»n ngfei-tE llskea tu« Wins out o! corns and bin ns A. c r a m rdiof /or ewcaUi r. cit wan i red nch n- fe I A v yfl UBC Al f n 5 Too -La^o lo break in m.v7 0 joes Sold e7crywli' i rt j ( ) in I r t ^l tt 1 1 \ ^ J ll C ] ^-l r ^ 1$ ril t Oil K * n v m ul(J i t W t HA 4 1 rst c n n c ls\ iT \ l l h trp u n u s md 11 S de H "5AL ·-irci-t i Pi iiainp Eink Tri- SLFY W*-»t "CAP* 8TUBBS TH15T SPOTLED THE WHOLE THING. By EDWDfA --I-SEE YOUT3«0U6«r CWO1HEN ISHE NEVeR'D I KNOWN WK tF WH YER HEft-Q3 IN TH WINDER' VO lOJIDNT-VES I3JED TO -TH 1 MtJTS'

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