The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 26, 1964 · Page 58
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 58

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1964
Page 58
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Page 58 article text (OCR)

I- St e- - WLUrtKdDAY. AUGUST 2fl, 1984 58 Ht; OiTAVVA JOURNAL 801 AUTOS FOI Uli (Cont from' P. deeding column) SOI AUTOS fOI SALE (Cont. from preceding Column) 101 AUTOS FM SALE i Cont from Preceding Calumal 101 ICont ABT0J.F0IJ ra jpreoedlng sale 101 AUTOS rot SALE (Coat, tram Praualltd Column) 101 AUTOS FOI SALE Calumal (Cent, from Prsoedutg csluasnl MUST SELL MY 1004 CALAXIE DOO Fordor demonetrotor. power equipped. 4.000 milea. Mark Thompson. 333-0443. evenings. 730-7183. i MUST SILL 1000 1 CHEVROLET elation wagon 4-door. I u 1 1 quipped. Bosl offer. 171-3SQ3, OTTAWA'S LARGEST SCLXC lion of Enllleh csrs and aporu convertibles to choOM from Ail, reconditioned and in top cond. lion throughout, from and . up. Percy Carrlara. 43 Montreal Road. 14S-314. - OUTSTANDING VALUES IN CAAAPBELLIZED CARS (tOttQC 1863 FORD pt.J7J Galaxie 300 4- door hardtop. Au -.' ' t o m 1 1 c trans mission, power steering, brakes, window. 390 CID motor, radio, wh itewall tires. like new. (f)3QC 1963 FORD ' Galaxic 500 se- dan. Automatic. V8 motor, power steering, radio. Clearance special. $1895 1963 FORD Galaxie coach. 6 cylinder motor. automatic trans mission. CIQQC 196 4 I y y Galaxie 800 4 door hardtop. Au tomatic, V8 mo tor, power steer ing and brakes, i Custom radio. whitewsll tires. M CQC 1962 FORD! P 1 J J Galaxie sedan. 6 , cylinder motor,! automatic tram mission, radio. &144 W2 COMET P J deluxe sedan. 6 cylinder motor. . heater. $1695 i 962 FORD Ranch Wagon. 6 cylinder motor, heater: ClflOC 1963 VAUXHALL " w ' Victor Sedan. 4 cylinder motor. Heater $1395 1961 FORD FAIR-LANE Coach. 6 cylinder motor. Automatic trans mission. ft Q A K 1981 CONSUL Sedaa 4 cylinder motor. Heater. $945 1961 VOLKSWAGEN Coach. Heater. ' ttlfiQtT I960 FORD FAIR-J. t" LANE Sedan. V-B motor, automatic 't, transmission. fl"74,q 1964 CONSUL i "P 1 Sedan. 4 cylinder1 motor, heater. CnaC 1960 FRONTEN- S ' AC 4door Station Wagon, automatic ftraasaiss km. radio. , MlglC I960 FALCON De-pl HJ luxe Coach. Auto-. matic transmis- t1 1 QtT I960 CHEVRO- LET Biacayna Sedan. cylinder motor. Radio. $1045 $645 $945 1959 OLDS MO-MOBILE M Se dan. Au torn atic t r a srs mission, power steering. radio. , ,- . 1 1 19S9 ZEPHYR Sedan.. 6 cylinder motor, radios 1959 FORD Custom Sedan. '6, c y I i n der motor. Automatic trans- V A: mission. - ? . $695 1959 AUSTIN Cambridge Sedan. Heater. CCQC 1959 VOLKS-WAGEN Coach. Heater. . $695 195S METEOR Sedan. cylinder motor, automatic transmission." Campbell's Tow Ford. Falcon, FslrUna, Oalaido Dealer for 44 Yean. ';265 ;:': UURIER WEST ; . 231-94454 232-94474 rCeuUeoed on Best Ceanni PONTIAC 1013 SEDAN. t C V L-Inder. automatic, healer, a n o w tlrea. naw valvea brakes, shocks, no rual WO). S1S-3321. PRIVATE SALE. ISM DODGE 4-door aartan, rebuilt motor, naw clutch, reliable1 traneportat Ion. Herbert a BA Service Station. Spadina at Wellington. Phone 733-0133 RENAULT. 1030 SACRIFICE BEST oiler over 3J0, alao 1857 Chevrolet 6 atandard. Make an oiler. 130-1341. SACRiriCE TO BUY A HOME 10O3 Ford Galaxle 300, low mile age. 31.030 771-4P47. nlci TED RlCKER MOTOR SALES. Beet veluea. 17 Richmond Reed 133-3473. TERRIFIC BARGAIN! 100 Galame. one owner, power steer inf. power braJtr. dual luto-metic. deluxe radio. WSJ. Mr. Ireland. 171 Percy Street, eve- nmga to a USED ONLY J MONTHS. I Chevrolet convertible. a.uvu mile, full? equipped SS.300. S34-&34S. VOLKSWAGEN lftSO. TOP CON ditioit. muat ecu to oaw run offer. T4S-431S. VOLVO SPORTS lfWl B-1B. owner, excellent condition. 4237. , DILAWRI MOTOR SALES LTD. 707 Main St N., Stittsyille, OnL 10 Mtnutca Past Bcll'a Comera on Hlshway 13. Telephone 828-9121 or 828-9122 MILT HURD ' MOTORS A POWER TO SPARE . RAMBLER 1U AMBASSADOR. ' if 0 hp. VS. atandard tranamie-aion. Individual eat and "". $2995 218 MONTREAL ROAD .745-91 IS Your Oldest RAMBLER DEALER OTTAWA'S LARGEST SELECTION Of IMPORTED NEW AND USED CARS NEW MG and Sunbeam sports cars, Morris, Hillman, Sun- 5 ' beam cars; Kaiser, Jeep 4-wheel drive station wagons, trucks and the reliable Jeep. t 'j USED ' -s- MG. Sunbeam, A u s ft n Sprites: Austin, Hillman sedans; Anglia, Morris, ..Riley, Volkswagen, Jeeps. i We Have a Largo Selection of Canadian Can tei the Regular Line and u Compacts. PERCY CARRIERE AUTOMOBILE 44 MONTREAL ROAD 749-5927 749-9166 NOW AT " ' CABEbDU'S , THESE CARS MUST MOVE WEll REACH FOR ANY DEAL SELECTION QUALITY VALUE INI COMET elation wagon, equipped with heater and ! v standard tranamlaaloo. 1SSI COMTT aedan. ecjulpped ' teaawaaMuoa."4 Uadr tSS STUDIBAKER lark ee-- dan, oaulpped with heat 1M1 VAUXHALL Creeta fed., awuipped with radio, heat-or and atandard tranamie- tSt VAWXH ALL Creeta ttdan. equipped with radio, heater and . atandard ISS1 VAUXHALL Vtclor Be. luxe aedan, eoulpped with 1. radio, heater and standard 101 aTVOEBAKKR Lark ee-, dan, ecjulpped with heater and standard tranamla. 1SS VAUXHALL Super sedan, equipped with heater and atandard iransmsjejon. AT CABELDU'S , Your Auhorbed Bulck; PorrtJac, Acadian, Vauxhafl and GMC track Dealer. ALBERT at BANK 235-4371 , (Owueued on Wet Cotumsi) WRECKINO 1 VOLKSWAGENS. .paru for sale. T11-47SS. altar S p.m. 14 CHEV. IMP ALA I . DOOR hard lop. fully equipped. S.OOO niuea. rxnrate. aae-eiv. 1S4 RAMBLER AMERICAN, automatic. Itt h p. enalne. other extraa. IS montiia' warranty re- aaaina. M.wi. sia-aow. IMt rUBY CONVIFrTlBLS, S.OOO miles. Trade. 30 Cote dea Names load 1M4 PONTIAC PARISIENNE. automalic. power ateerina. poVr brakea. fully equipped Excellent condition Muat sell. tSS-7433. 10U IMPALA, V-S. HARDTOP, fully equipped 723-0104. 1003 PONTIAC LAURENT1AN eedan. 10.000 miles- 30 Cote dea Netfoa Road. IMS PONTIAC LAU RENT! AN. S. equipped, perfect condition. Eva-ninga. 733-Stua. IfMS CHEVROLET IMPALA I-door hardtop, 0 cylinder, automatic with power steering, radio, whltewaila. wheal dlacs. etc. Only S3. 130 at United Car Mar- . kel, SSI Bank Street. 343-3604 lSa CHEVY II. CONVERTIBLE, while - black top, red Interior, good condition. 740-4301. 1M3 AUSTIN S30. IN NEW CAR condition, fitted with aeat belts rull price S37S. Private. 234- 0303. Wt PLYMOUTH SEDAN, SPOT- leaa condition, now tires, pri vate. S1S-I231. 1M2 VOLKSWAGEN DELUXE, grey. 30.000 m lies, radio, aa new condition, oi.ouo. oo piacei noaa ECONOMY CAR I Ml AUSTIN S30 20 000 MILES Muat be aeen. Private. T30-242S WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC FULL 30-DAY WRITTEN GUARANTEE r WE GIVE GOLD BOND ST AMI'S RICHARD AUTO SALES 452 Rideau St 232-5793 MYERS AUGUST A AIL UNITS REDUCED IN PRICE dsn. hf'ttw. automatic triainlu ton custom r-Uo $2195 1W1 COHVAIH Monaa 4-4oor tatitM wacott, automatic UaumMlaes QfJ 1M3 OLDSMOBILE Dynantte aa 4-door aedan, healer. . . automatia transmission, - e u s t o m radio, power tearing. OIO power brake VJ7J tSl CADILLAC Coupe da ViUe S - door hardtop, heater, automalic trana-m lesion, custom radio. power equipped including power windows and now- at ..... $2995 1PS3 ENVOY 4-door aedan. ...... $n95 1M4 METEOR Montcalm con-vrt.hl, automatic Irana-.miMiofi.' radio, psvtr ,uipph $1795 TRUCrt SPECIAL lSa CHEVROLET ",-ton panel - with healer and delroa-erra, red In color. Reconditioned and ready to p'-$1195 ' tHOICE SELECTION BEST OF TERMS "V MYERS ELGIN at CATHERINE ,( the Queens wa 1 ' 233-5653 233-8411 THE HOMF OF "GOODWILL" USED CARS ISM CHEVROLCT Impale I -- door hardtop, AT. R. PS. PB. rinlshed In red. Re- iS?"-. $2995 ISM OLDSMOBlLl Super SS 1 S-door hardtop. AT. R. . PS. PB. rinlahetf in grey . meiaiuc, NOW $2595 loss ACADIAN Canao aedan. radio, rinlshed tn blue JIM TUBMAN MOTORS LIMITED Pont lee. Bulek. Acadian. , otuhall and CMC Tracks 1770 BANK STREET at Alta Vista 733-4050 "AS IS" SPECIALS IS4T rORO Palrtane Snloar hardtos, VS. automstlc, $295 ! MimcOR. VS. automatic. radio, $245 i CARLING - Motors ; ; 843 Carilnf Ave. , 238-7193 AWTHORIZlrTJ VOLVO. PKVOEOT. MERCEDU-RrNS AMD TRIUMPH DEALER , ,i .. i. a a I ss HE'S TO American designer Rudy Gernreich. the creator of the topless bathing suit relaxes in Stockholm, Sweden. He is keeping the reason for his trip a secret. Says Mr. Gernreich of his topless creation, "it is unmodern to wear premeditated clothes," iPcdnan-i Juuinal Photol 801 AUTOS FOI Uli . ICont. from Preceding Column! IMS PONTIAC. S CYLINDER, Automatic and radio. ll.OO. 333- 7041, 7I3-P0U. ffMl PONTIAC PARISiENNE 4- door hardtop, powar etecring and brakes, automatic, excellent condition, soe second Avenue. CE4. 0437. ISdl AUSTIN HEALEY 3000, muat cell. 334-W-a Cumberland 1001 FALCON DELUXE. AUTO- mattc. radio, oxecuent eondltton. 732-0T41. 91 VOLKSWAGEN ) DELUXE. beet offer, enow tires, radio. 740-3333. 1MI PORSCHE. MUST SELL, leaving country to sludr. Beat oiler, aee-enav. IM1 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN BE- dan. automatic o, very wall cared for. Black with red iiphou Blerjr. 33.000 mlrca. 731-33H1. 1901 ANGLIA. GOOD CONDITION. pnone 72S-S204 arur a. . IM1 VOLKSWAGEN. S4.000 milea. sooo. 720-4174. evenings. IsM PONTIAC STATION WAGON, s.cyiinoer, automatic, raoio. f 1.- S3W. 7MHJ1UJ. 1000 SIMCA SEDAN GOOD CON, diuoa, sis KMdeu Avenue aner 0. A SENSATIONAL : STATION WAGON, FROM THE BIG DEALER BELISLE ISS3 CHEVY II station wagon, automatic transmission. whitewsll tires, smart sliver blue finish Looks and runs tike a new ana. The Ideal wagon lor the aver-ago family. v BELISLE AUTOMOBILES LIMITED Your Chevrolet. Corvalr. Oldamooile. Envoy and V Chevrolet Truck Dealer 444 MONTREAL ft IAD. OTTAWA Evenings T4S-SS4S. 74S-3S41 BUY WITH COMPLETE CONFIDENCE 3DDay 100 Warranty ' 1S9S CHEVROLCT sedan. AT. B $995 IMt KKiniYR aedan. acoimW eal cylinder ngtne. r- '. $895 loss 'RAMBLER deluxe srdsn'. 2.rlf$1695 IMS METEOR sedsn. VI. ra. dM. look at ttlAOt: this ana Oat J 1PM METEOR sedan. eylk der engine with custom $1145 1MJ PLYMOtmi aedan. t-Umm spa.T.t with custom , radio and icondU.otd , - $1445 1MJ FALCON ' deluxe S-door. AT, R. mtlsaga AT, R. low 1 AQC ISM FALCON asdan. AT, 1 10,. 000 miles, rinhheef In Psgoda tOlO"? ISSS LARK Daytona a-door hardtop, bucket easts. VS, See these and our other thor. ouibly reconditioned models today. o, .... , ,: , "' Check These andv Ouf ' 40 Other Choice Car at MacKenzie MERCURY SALES LTD. Mtmtrf iHettor - Comtt 1377 RICHMOND R0AT - f Comer Croydonl ! v. 828-5156' ,: 'Wrier Our dufomirri Stud BLAME SOt AUTOS FOI SALE tC'o.-t. I rum Preceding Column! 1SC0 PONTIAC SPORTS, HARD-top, excellent condition, 33,000 miles: never .winter' driven 133-4X33. I 4. IfMO SPORTS PRINZ. 31,000 miles. A-I condition, stick shut, bucks! seats, radio, windshield washer, ale. S7M. 730-3007 180 CHEV. IMPALA. HARDTOP. v-s, radio, power brakes, steer ing, reaaoneoie, leaving country 731-3340. I00 VAUXHALL DELUXE. NO rust, radio, heater, mow tiros. S430. CE3-1404. 100 rORD S-DOOR, S CYLINDER. 07oo. ooug s Eeso Slatlon, Elis and Ncpean. ISsO PONTIAC LAURENTIAN sedsn. radio, neater, naw paint SU-1S4S. evenings. IPSO FORD, V-S. AUTOMATIC. reasonable. T4vS303. 1000 VOLKSWAGEN. RADIO, good conditioa. 73S-73S3. I0 CHEVROLET B1SCAYNE secran. standard 0. raoio, good condition. Must' sell this week Approximately 307S or beat offer. 131-4030. 1X0 OLDSMOBILE. POWER steering, power brakes. Mr. Bos- pin, 720-3171. 1030 RENAULT. GOOD CONDI- uon. sacrum, fl7 or oast otter. T40-te. IS3S AUSTIN CAMBRIDGI DE- luxa, windshield washers, padded dash. 4 new tires. S snow urea. S-tons turquoise and white) Im maculate learner upnoiaiexy, 4-000 miles. S33-I?1S. . f. 1962 BUICK Invicta 4-Door Hardtop Sedan With autosnstio ' trsnamtsslon, powar Bteerina. power brakes, .radio and many other extraa. Finished M moos green with tan op and snotlsso tnACn browa Interior Jat'tJV . , . TURP!N PONTIAC BUICK LTD. 424 Richmond Road 728-1717 OF THE BEST AT THE. LOWEST COST lose METEOR. 3-ton green and white, radio and autcanatl. $)95 I SOS STUDIBAKER Lark, top mechanical eon- tCQC ditlnn. blue U'J 1B37 BUICK Special s-door hardtop, original metallic . grey paint, radio, aulome- - $895 IPSO ANGLIA. top mechanical condition, maroon A little gam at the low 295 Large Selection of Volkswagens from 1037 la 1004.; MORTON MOTORS ' Used Car Annex -684 Bank Street 237-2442 THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS . HI VALUE ' v USED TRUCKS 1SS4 INTERNATIONAL RI3 - cab snd , , t.Aff ....... -f" W PANELS AND PICKUPS ISSS MERCURY panel tcono-, : Una. 31.373. Now reduced . $1200 't TRACTORS ' ;: Two (SOS I1C."F.RNA. ' tft(f TIONALS RS J'WU ,' f BOTTLER BODIES ' erna. ' , e nrn TIONAL Atft ; OUU 1037 CHEVROLET .. $400 INTERNATIONAL :' HARVESTER , ,7 X 'Company al Canada ' . -' 815 INDUSTRIAL AVE. ' OPtN EVOS AND SAT. '"" TOWMr;"" ' 130 FORD, V-a. AUTOMATIC, radio, very good conditio a, leaving country. Beat oiler, 130-147. IS30 CHEVROLET. STANDARD a. ood condition. Mr. Davis, sos- CHEVROLET BISCAYNC S-door S cylinder, atandard Irana- mission. Excellent throushaut. FuU price 0393 134-3303 1030 CHEVROLET. GOOD CONDI-, lion. 330-31 IS. nSS METEOR 0. STANDARD, rsdlo. snow tires. S330. 13S .0303. 1030 PONTIAC DELUXE. 4-DOOR. excellent, body and motor, radio, very clean. Private. Must sell Immediately Aaklng SSM. Ask for Allen. 111-3000. 1030 VAUXHALL. 300 Oft BEST ofiar. fAS-vsH. 1033 BUICK. GOOD RUNNING condition, nsw urea, radio. 740-4SO0 IS3S PONTIAC DELUXE, P R I- vate, low mileage, showroom condition Inside snd out excellent motor. S cylinder, must sell Immodlsteiy. Bargain. 0003. 720-7333 IStg CHEVROLET , SEDAN. S. atandard transmission, excellent condition, radio. SOOS. TSO-asss. 1S3S 1 METEOR RIDEAU 300 3-door hardtop. V-S. aulomalle, too condition, owner transferred, S700. 033-1333. IS3S BUICK SPECIAL, EXCEL lent condition. S700. 73S-03S0. IS3S METEOR 3-DOOR HARDTOP. V-S, automatic, real nice condition. $003. General Utility. Seles. 307 Richmond Road. 710-0041. 1033 WHITE OLDS SS. PERFECT condition, low mileage, power equipped, not leaa than 4730 730-0107. CENTURY MOTORS , 440 Oladeieae at Rent 311-4144 ' 313-1771 NO DOWN PAYMENT. 1001 CADILLAC FLEETWOOD Every possible extra, t owner 03.703. lOOl.tOLDSMOBILE HARDTOP. I fully cowered. 01. SOS. IMt PONTIAC HARDTOP. AUTO- matlc and radio, like now SI .103. ISS1 CHEVROLET. RADIO, SPOT- aras. 01.3011 ISSI COMET DELUXE AUTOMA- tic oerlect eondltlon SI. 403 MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM SIO DOWN. SS A WEEK 1031 DODGB SEDAN. AUTO MA- tic. vary clean and Heence. balance owing. 0303 PA 3-00 11 1041 FORD CONVERTIBLE PERFECT CONDITION. LOW mileage, ruity lppsd. Best offer. 723-330 till 7i au-3303, evenings. SACRIFICE AT OSOS LEA VINO CITY. MUST SELL ISSS vsuxnsii in top condition, seat offer lakes car. 333-eois. 1962 CHEVROLET Impaia 4-Door Hardtop cylinder, eewar olseaing, low mlhvsw $2295 PARKVVAY "The Bright Spot" 1047 RICHMOND ROAD 729-3121 POPULAR CARS tss PONTIAC LauienUas so-dsn. Finished 1st sggshell . . white with dsluxs nlon Interior. fMO6 custom rag la fiJ'J ISSI COMET Custom each, onlomotlo and radio, eharn black oad white 1- r - - $1595 4S3S FORD asdan. aulotnafle snd ewdle. Medium Woe meUllie with Mua hv terlor. This one ta Olke new throughout $1195 loss RENAULT RS osdsn f4 oo the floo plus rsdlo on the lloarl, 1 1 OO-t f r a. - - ISSS DODGB f Coronet I -door hardtop, loaded with ex . '.$695 ISSS CHEVROLET ' roach. Tahltlaa hronse metallic with whitewsll tlrss. . ' trsavmiesloa , $1095 A Fins Selertloa of Other Uses Cora St Various Low Prices OPEN TILL m ; SATURDAY 1 TM. LEWIS MOTORS; (Ottswsl Limited British Fords BANK at CATHERINE . 235-5577 . LOADED WITH;'";- CONVERTIBLES ' Sea These Choice Samples 1964 CHEVROLET convertible, fully equipped. Y-1963 THUNDERB1RD con- vertlble, fully equipped. 1963 CHEVROLET Super Sport convertible. 1963 FUTURA. Convertible, 1 i VI, power, radio. 1963 CORVAIR Monza convertible, automatic . 1961 FORD VS. convertible, ' : with power. 1960 CADILLAC convertible, . fully equipped. ' . -,1958" CADILLAC crmvertibla, , fully equipped. Financint Arranged.. ' Low or No Down PiymonL Archie McDonald . -A 280 LAURIER AVENUE W. 235-6723 3354724 I'l : ,1. if 1 tlH lMlf B.iav.AeVV'4A4B .-. I. ..: ,.b ISM VOLKSWAGEN DELUXE traaabuttsn radio. roeenUy ever-auled front and, rebuilt trana-mieston snd rear and, naw mul-Ser. naw tsraa. Aaklng 0433 323- 3033. ISSS FORD FAIRLANE STAN-dard 0. food condition, cbaas- 7e-71SO. I03S OLDSMOBILE SUPER SS, sowar staertng and brakes, ex cellent condition. nea sons price. 130-3033. 1037 VOLKSWAOEN. EXCELLENT for student, S330 or beat celcr 133-0310 IS31 METEOR. AUTOMATIC, RE-condltioned motor, needs licence pistes and battery. Good for arcona car. west carer wui laae. 334-3S4S. IS31 DODGE CUSTOM ROYAL I -door hardtop, automsue, good condition. S3 DO, er bast oflor. CE0-M3S. IS30 VOLKSWAOEN, GOOD CON- aiiion, soon urea, rnona tss 1S07T i 1053 PLYMOUTH. GOOD CONDI- uon. enecnanicaiiy soung, ivos plates. 4 new Ursa. PA3-0703. averunes. 1033 RAMBLER, RADIO, NEW tlrsst bsttsry. One owner. 333- GUARANTEED USED CARS f . Take Over Pay menu 6 " FINANCE PLAN AVAILABLE '62 Chevrolet sedan . .11.495 61 Envoy soxian .... $695 '60 Pontiac, aut ... S1.095 '59 Pontiac sedan .... $995 '59 Chevrolet wagon . $995 '59 Olds 2-door ht .. $1195 '58 Bulek convertible . $895 '58 Zephyr sedsn ..... $695 '57 Cadillac 4-door ht $895 57 Chevrolet 4-door ht $595 Many More la Choose From oo Low aa lie Down. LABELLE AUTOMOBILES ' Home of Guaranteed Cars 394 RIDEAU ST. (at Frit!) 235-1848 , MID- SUAAMER CLEARANCE - ISSS RAMBLER Ambassador. AT. PS, PB. radio Only 10.000 miles. tOOOH ' 1 Reduced to : - f77J ISSS CHEV It OUT Bsi Air. AT. PS. PB, radio, seat belts, wlndikield washers. Taka your pick eg 4 of these , Ividoeod In $2395 ISSS RENAULT Dauphtno 4. door sedan, low mUaags, rtrstlsas condition. Re. $1095 ISM RENAULT Oordlnl 4-door sedsn. 4-specd floor shift, fully reeondiuooed. ISSS CHEVROLET Bel Air S-. ' passenger station wagon. AT. PS. PB. VS anginc. . absolutely original condl. Reduced to $2995 ISSS RAMBLER Classic osdsn. sutumetle . transmiaaioa snd radio. A real clean, sound fsmUy cart Ra - r $1395 ISSS BUICK 4- automattc . and radio, exceptional condition throughout Ra. duced to r,.; 100C .t f S IvW UTS TALK A DEAL WAVERIEY MOTORS LIMITED . -Rambler, Jsguar, Renault 180 DRIVEWAY" 232-3501 YOU , TRADE FOR LESS AT JIM BROWN'S Ottawa Motor Sales IMS OALAXIE SOS asdsa. S , cyUndar standsrd trsno. Chinees red latarior. mlr- ,.:,2399 ISSI PONTIAC osdsn, S clhv , der, autonutla trsnsmls-aian. - radio. erhJtavMtla. 1 . , and beige Interior. I " ' Smart 3-tona beige In. ISSI COMET cylinder esdsa. ' t radio, Mack snd rod so, "! taripr, ChsaUlly belgs sx- $1598 ISM FORD extoek. ey Under, rsdia, wkltewalls. grey .1 $949 YOUR FORD DEALER 7" 1350 BANK ST.' 1st Woihlop aWsd) 733-6931 ISM VOLKSWAOEN. BOOT fslr, runs soon sm eiw aae S03S. j ISM FORD CUSTOMUNr IN goad repair, oa. as runsoous. 1300 or beat offer 113-S01S. oitar I. - 10S3 CHEVROLET HARDTOP 3- door. radio, soon eonaiuon. re ISSI CHEVROLET. GOOD CONDI- Uon. beet offer. ms-iss. IBSI MERCURY CONVERTIBLE, beet offer, vary good motor. PR7-S41S. ItSO CHEVROLET, RUNNING OR- der. Uccaos: su. ITUDKNT. BACK TO SCHOOL! ISSS CHEVROLET. S CYtJNDER. BUMtnsiw, rooio, rami Uon Must be seen Baorlflco. SS13 S33-040S. MID-SUAAMER DISCOUNT SALE On new and used cars Continues to End of August Buy Now at - t Fall Prices - Alt used cars -thoroughly rscooditiOQed 100 WARRANTY , ON ALL LATE MODEL USED CARS : Top Trade-in Allowance Open until 11 p.m. evenings during, this salt y Gordon Johnson Motor Sales Your Chrysler. Plymouth, Valiant Dealer 1159 BANK 237-2450 R-OS 1984 CHRYSLER WINDSOR Power si sarins, power orakea, and radio. 31.000 milea left witk fuU powar tf!70 trees wsrrsnly ,.M 7J CAPITAL DODGE CHRYSLER LTD. 1554 CARLtNO AVE. 729-SUS SPECIAL NOTICE TO All , CAR BUYERS' Ws art row la a position ofTsr en th spot Scotia Plan f inane in with IS minute service at interest rates of 15.60 per S100. So save hundreds of dollars la Interest on the purchase of your new or used car at ' CENTURY. MOTORS 449 Gladstone Ave. (at Kent St) 233-4344 233-1773 INVEST WITH GUEST FOR THE BEST " ISSS CHEVROLCT tntpaU I- eoor hardtop, AC heater. ....$2595 ISSt CHEVROLET Biacayna . eoan. AC heater, ..... $1995 ISSS OLDSMOBILE Super St 4-door hardtop with AC 1 neater, custom radio. Hr-drama Ua, power staertng brakes ...... $2695 !.. r.'a' v y Qntario Residents f Oo Not Pay Quebec Sales Tax GUEST MOTORS LTD. AUMrlae4 Chevrelet. Osrvskr, 7J UDUC STREET HUIX aai 777.2739 ' ' ' THIN AIR ,. ' LOS ANGELES An sUbo. phen to this to transmit stmb4 ts totmd at a distancaof : l.M miles above the eaith's stirfaca. ' t . .

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