The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 13, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1918
Page 4
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i"AGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. .ATURDAY, APRIL 13, 191s. ffiailg ffomnrsr. HENKT P. SNTDEB. ' .rounder and Editor. X879-191*. THE COCKIER X. XI. SNIDER. Pregidi'.nt. JAS. J..DKtSCOIi. and Treasurer. Business Manaser. JOHN L. SANS, Managing Editor. WALTER S. 3TIMMEU City Editor. MISS I/TNNE B. KINCEUU Society Editor. MEMBEK OP: Associated Press, Audit Bureau or circulation, Pennsylvania Associated Dailies. Two cents per copy, 50c per month; 15 per year by mail It paid in advance., Entered as second class matter at the postofllce. ConiLellsvUle, Pa. SATHEDAI .ITPG, APMt 13, 191S. Fl»*. 5 Tk« Conta 1 * Service Fl WILLIAM P. SHERMAN. Hospital Unit L, American Expeditionary Forces. France. RAUH F. SIJGER, Company H, 313th Infantry, U. S. ... A.. Camp Lee. Petorsburr, "Va. Xcatter *f T*« A*»ocl«te* Presw. The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use Cor rcpublioation o( all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in this pa^«r and also the local news publi?ni'l herein. THE SEJUOTG AM) 3OSSION OF The formation of a Loyalty League in Connellsviile is indicative ol two things having a very imjjortant relation to the altitude of our community toward the prosecution of the -war. The fact that the call for a meeting lor this, purpose was answered by a fairly lar^e nomber of citizens representing all wal£s of life, evidences the growth of a more vigorous public sentiment on all that pertains to America's part in the war. The fact that an organization of this character has been affected serves is notice that the practice of disloyahy ia any of its many forms will henceforth be unpopular, if not also dangerous to be indulged. The conviction is being more and more forced upon tht public mind that wirmmg the war must be made the chief business of the United Slates. Every Aher activity, interest or concern must be subordinated to this end, Every hindrance to «a speedy and efficient prosecution of it must be removed. The prime purpose and object of the insidious pro-Oerman, anti-American propaganda has beeji to retard every activity connected with our war preparation aid to divei t the thoughts of the people from the real issues involved in the great struggle. Disloyal utterances, "sly innuendo, untruthful rumors, bold^lies, scurrilous or malicious statements about the government, Army or Navy; refusal to promote the sale 'of Liberty Bonds, War Savings Stamp;, or to support the Red Cross, Navy League, Y. JL C. A., Knights of Columbus, or other war auxiliaries, aro but forma of that pro-Germanism which seeks to bring about in this ttuntry tho same demoralization as was accomplished in Russia and in the ranks of the Italian army preceding its disastrous retreat. Every person who gives voice to such seatnaenta, or who does any of these things, oi 1 approves such sentiments or acts in others, is consciously or un consciously, placing obstacles in the way oi this country in performing its sacred task of helping to shake loose, the grip Pmssaanism has fastened upon the throat of Christian civilization. It therefore becomes the very urgent, as well as the solemn, duty of every country-loving citizen, not only to make his or her loyalty an active, militant force in the nation's behalf, but to prevent or reader-harmless every effort that is intended, di- rec4y or indirectly, to make uncertain the issue, or to delay the day, when, by the grace of a Just God, the united power and ri^teous wrath of the United States ajwl the Allied nations at war against the brutal Huns and their blasphemous ruler, shall and will prevail. That Connellsvflle may do well her part in this great undertaking, and make it impossible for the disloyal In our midst to do tiieirs, is the reason for the existence of such an organization as the Loyalty League, Those persons who have proven, or are proving, their patriotism to ring true and their loyalty to the nation to be sincere, will find nothing in tiie activities of -the league to molest them or make them afraid. Those who have not stood, or will not stand, four square on the proposition tliat everything humanly possible must and will be done to help America win, are warned, by the formation of this patriotic organization, that their pernicious activities will not be tolerated. That is the meaning and mission the Loyalty League. The anti-American, pro-German sympathizers who Interpret it differently will do so at their own peril- »0"T PIA^T TOO EAKLT. The last three days of March weather ·which has been belated in its coming should be a warning to those zealous, and often inexperienced, gardeners who would rush into the "business oE planting in advance of the proper season. Such haste cannot but result disappointingly. Until the earth has been permanently warmed early planted seeds will not germinate and the labor expended^ in planting them is another waste. Seed is scarce this year and there is use for every ounce of it. The supply should be utilized to the very best advantage, otherwise there will bo a shortage in garden crops. If gardeners will bear in mind that garden crops are divided into four groups, with respect to planting the seeds or setting out the plants, they ·will be much less likely to suffer loss. In this climate the last killing frost usually comes late in April or early in May. Two weeks preceding is early enough to plant cabbage plants from hotbed or seed boi, onion sets, radishes, early smooth peas, early potatoes and turnips. About the date of the last killing frost beets, parsnips, carrots, lettuce, salsify, spinach, wrinkled peas, cauliflower plants, celery seed, onion seed, parIey and sweet corn may be planted. SnaR beans, okra and tomato plants should not be planted until two "weeks after tae last frost. Lima beans, pepper plants, egg plant, cucumbers and melons will not thrive properly until the ground is well warmed up, or about a month after the last hard Ercsts. "We cannot induce nature to change her order, hence efforts to grow plants out of their proper season are almost certain to result in failure. If plantings are made when conditions are favorable to early germination, the growth will be quicker and maturity come quite as early as if the coming of a few warm days tempt gardeners to advance the season beyond its" normal time. Make haste slowly is a good maxim in gardening as well as other activities. HDTV TO HEACH OUR The completeness with which the details of the local Liberty Loan Committee has been organized, tie choice of the most efficient workers of the city on its mer.ibersb.ip and the spirit oi enthusiasm .vhich has marked the preparatory work of the undertaking, give promise that the rather large quota of $818,000 to be sold here will be reached. It will not be reached through tho efforts of the committee alone, however well directed trey may be. To make it such a success as will reflect credit upon the city, as an exemplar of patriotism, will require the fullest cooperation upon, the part of the citi- eens of the contmuni .y. This can be best given through Lberal subscrip- tions, willingly ana cheerfully given, coupled with, a consistent and persistent boosting of the whole proposition. Every encouragement given the members of the soliciting teams will have a-stimulating effect'upon every worker in, 1 the campaign. Given ttte impetus of a good start, and we will be sure to have the inspiring record of a fine finish. WANTED -- TOUR BAJR.BERING businebs. REND INK'S, tf "WANTED--FIVE. SIX OR SEVEN room modern house. Address MRS. LEO C., care Courier. 6apr7t* m .. ROOM. Great joy must reigrn in Berlin The '6-milc Gcrmaji gun has the range of a foundling 1 asylum in Parts. The fine imposed upon the Uniontown school chPJren for removing the Kaiser's pictures from their geography books was not a punishment. It. -was reproof for destroying school property and a recognition of the same spirit of patriotism that Is sending al] Fayette county boys Over Theifc to keep the real Kaiser from appearing In-any more school books. · Th announcement, "Mora men to be added to the draft," is one that is very likely to be made witti Increasing fre- cruency. What "have you done today to prov your loyalty? By Wftlt ftfa*on. RUSSIA. I fear that Russia won't behave until her people learn to shave. We cannot Jook for grood horse sense in men whose shrubbery Is dense, whose lambrequins obstruct the view, and aften block the traffic, too. I hope to see sad Russia rise from that deep pit in which she IJes; I hope to see her Hue in time, and hew a destiny sublime, but first her men will have to hew th« ·whiskers that impede ttfb view. No nation can be truly great whose voters pack a hundredweiprht of spinach up and dfawn the street, so long it g-ct. beneath their feet. When poor old Russia spilled the beans, anl swapped her birthright for some greens, when ·windy demagogues arose and turned her over to her foes, when desolution o'er her crept, the allied nations looked and wept There was no harshness in their gaze: they sympathized 'with those poor jays, by fool ac'vlsvrs Jert afar from where the wreaths of jrl are. The allied nations wept and sighed, "She's hit the lonp tobojrsrin slide; such spectacles disgust. dect, bat what can any one expect from men ·whose ·whiskers seem .to grow c f f f h t inches every hour or so?" And thus 'twill ever, always he: no f u t u r e for the Russ we see. until, with motions strong 1 and blithe, he reaps his whiskers with a scythe. RBSOLTTTIONS OF IIE.SPJECT. Monarch Castle Xo. 34, Ancient Order Knights of the Mystic Chain, Mover, Pa. In loving remcm.beq0.nce of E S, Prinkey, died March 29. 1918. Wftiereas in view of the loss we have sustained by the death of our friend and brother, E S. Prinkey and of a heavier loss sustained by thos-c who were nearest and dearest to him and ·whereas, it is but just that a fitting recognition of his many virtues phf be had jtherefor be it. Resolved By Monarch Castle No. 8-i, A. O. K. of M. C. that while we bow with humble submission to the will of the Most High, we do not tho less mourn for our brother who was taken from us. Resolved. That in the death of E. S Prinkey this lodge lements tho loss at a brother TV ho was ever ready to proffer the hand of aid and voice of sympathy to the needy and distressed of the fraternity; an active member of the society, whose utmost endeavors were exerted for its welfare and prosperity, friend and companion who was dear to u all; a citizen whose upright and noble life was a standard of emulation to his fellows. Resolved. That we tenderly condole with the family of our deceased brother-in thetr hour of trial and affliction and devoutly commend them to tho keeping of Him who looks with pitying ryes upon the widowed and fatherless. Resolved. That these resolutions be spread upon the records of the lodge and a copy thereof be transmitted to the family of our deceiLSed brother and to The ConneUsville Courier. E. C. RATGOR, ALBERT WAGNER, E. 3. MARTIN, Committee Try our classified advertisements. WANTED--TWO OR THREE "UN- furnished rooms on South Stde. Address 217, West Cedar avenue. 13apr2t WANTED--DISH WASHER, SMITH HOUSE. I2apr2t WANTED--GIRLS FOR FACTOR* work, ^pply TR1-STATE CANDY CO. 4aprtfd WANTED.--Four or five room floor · .small houaa a.t once. Telephone 454-J Bell. Ill apr it WANTED--CARPEXTER WORK BY first class carpenter. Call Bell phono 13-i. 12apr2t WANTED--GIRL FOR. housework. U01 Homestead avenue, Scuuclale, Pa. lUniuSi WANTDD -- AN ISXPIZRIBNCKD tchen girl. Apply WEST t'^NX T13A 10apr2Ul WANTED--THREE UNFURNISHED rooms after April 15. Addrcsb 316 South Second street. SOmcur tf-eod WANTED--SECOND HAND TYPE- writer. Call Bell 13-R, or Tri-btatc W, Mount Pleasant. 23febtf WANTED--SECOND TRICK COOK. Wipes'$7.00 per week. CUPPS' RKS- TALKANT, Water street. Ilapr6t WANTED--DISHWASRBR. WAGES $5.00 per week. CL'PPS RESTAURANT, Water -itreeL llaprSt WANTED -- CHAMBERMAID AT oncp. Wages $5.00 per week. CUPPS' RJ3STAUBANT, Water street. llaprSt WANTED--BO5TS AND GIRLS OVKR 16 3 ears of age. Paid while learning. CONNELLSVILLE SILK MILL. 12aprtfd WANTED--EXPERIENCED MAJD. J1ft ronce required; good wages to right party. CaJl 515 Louc-ks nvonuc, ScoUdale, Pa. ll-iprtf WANTED.--Millwrights and machine repair men. Plant located in n. good city with flrst-clasa living conditions. Address "B C," The Courier. 13 apr 6t WANTED--YOU"NG LADY WITH some experience for store work Apply 153 East Crawford avenue. llaprSt TV ANTED--VEST AND TRODbTJR maker and seamstress. Apply H. J. BOSLETT, 122 South PfctLsburg street. llaprSt" WANTED--YARD CLERK, tS YEARS or over. Apply GENERAL YARDMASTER'S OFFICE, B. O. R. R. lOapr-lt WANTED--GIUL FOR GENERAli housework, pood wages. Apply H. L- CARPEXTER,' 310 South Plttsburg trout. laprtfd WANTED--GOOD STRONG BOY over 1C years to learn-hardware business. Address in own h a n d writing, stating Jgc. "HARDWARE," care The Courier. 13aprlt WNTED--OLD FALSE TEETH. Don't matter if broken. I pay 52.00 to $15 00 per set. Send by parcel post and receive check by return malJ. L. MAZER, 2007 South Filth street, Philadelphia, Pa. Ilapr23t- WANTED.--Women wanted full time salary'J24 soiling: guaranteed hosiery to -u earer EOc an h o u r spare time. Big spring business. Experience unnecessary lTUernaUona.1 Mills. Norristown, Pa. 53 upr Itx WANTED--LARGE MAMUFACTUR- er wants representatives to Bell shirts, underwear, hosiery, dresses, waists, skirts direct to'homeB Write for fret* ira-mples. MADISON MILLS. EOS Broadway. New York City. ISaugSt- ·WANTED--ANY KIND OF PUl.*; 0- Inc-, whether It is a calling card. S.UB bill or the finest engraved weddir.- invitation or announcement. We prln' anything 1 --everything--do it promct 1 :* and An it riirht. CaJl the man at TII-E COURIER offlce. Both phooftB. 27-tf FOR SALE--FURNITURE. MRS. A, . PROBST, 127 Sa-st Fairvte-w. lOapHt ftotlcc to Contractors. SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BU RE- ceivod by the County Controller of Fayettu county, Pennsylvania at hia offlce In the Court House. Uniontown, Pennsylvania, u n t i l 2 o'clock I*. M., Monday. April 29, 1913, for the construction of a do-Jble 20 foot span re- laforced concrete bridge over Gcorgeri Creek in \Urcl:ance borough. Plans, propot.alf and speclflcarions for the above bridge cri.n u e secured at the office of the County lioad and Brjdse Englneur, Court House, Uniontown, P«nnayl\ ania, for the a vim of live dollars (15.00) per set. Kach proposal must be accompanied by a, certified chock drawn on a bank in Pennsylvania equal to 10 per cent (10%) of the amount of the proposal. The right to reject any or all iro- postils i= expressly resei ve?, HARRY KIS1NGER County Controller. 30marH-Ba,t Notice to SEALED PKOPOSA1£ WILL BE TIE- ceived by the County Controller of Fayette county, Pennsylvania, a.I his office in the C o u r t House, Cniontawn, Pennsylvania, u n t i l 2 o'clock P. M., Monday^ April*"-29, 1913, for the con- atn«uon of a 30 foot span reinforced concrete bridge over Meadow Run ne-'ir Prirmingtoi on the road leading: from FarmiiiKton to Ohiop io. Plans, proposal?) and specifications for the above bridge can be secured »L the olTlce of tho County Road -ind Bridge Engineer, Court House, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, for the sum oC five dollars ($5.00) per set. Each proposiJ must be accompanied by a certified check drawn on a bank in Pennsylvania, equal to 10 per cent. (30%) of the amount of thu propownl The right to reject ,iny or all proposals IH expressly reserved. HARRY KIS1XGKR County Controller. to Contractor*. PROPOSALS WILL BE P.E- colved by the County Controller of Poo ette couut, Pennsylvania, at hit. oflice In the Court House, Union town, Pennsylvania, and by the County Controller of Westmoreland county," at his ofl.ce In The Court House. Greensburg, Pr-int vHunia, until 3 o'clock P M,. Mcsnd'i' \ p r i l "P, 1918, and to be opened in ofiire of the County Com- ml^ion.' to of Fayette counly. Uniontown, Pennsylvania., at 2 o'clock P. M.. Tuesday, April SO. 191 S, for t h e construction of a double 26 foot span reinforced concrete floor system with pier for the bndpe over JacoM Creek k n o w n as While Bridg-c. :-nd the construction of the necessary approaches. between FayetLe and WeaLmor eland counties about one and one-half miles northeast of Bridgeport on the Mountain Road leading from ConnelJsvillt* to Mount Pleasant. Plans proposals and specifications for the above bridge car be sixvircd .it the office of the County and Bridge Bneinecr, Court Housr, Uniontown, Ponnnylvanla, or at the office of the County F^xitl Engineer. Court House. Creensburg. Pennsylvania ,for · the sum of five dollars (J5.00) per set- ! The propcsa/5 to bo eubmitted in duplicate (one copy to each offlce J with a. certified check drawn on a National Bank or Trust Company in good credit in Pennsylvania equal to 10 per- crr.t (lOcJ.) of the amount of the proposal, to bo d i 1 posited w i t h either of the propowa.s. the namo made payabje to t h e Treasure r of the county. The right to reject any or all pro- , posals is expressly reserved. HAJLRX ! KISIXCER County Cont-oller SGmaMt-aat AT ONCE TWO U3JOTYPE OPERATORS AT THE DATIA" COURIER OFFICE WASTED.--Two gentleman between ( the ago of 25 and 40 with a k n o w l e d g e , v of s.-vlfejwork tr operate old establish, d routes, guaranteed salary ami com- imsrlon This H a good posttmn. and not a. proposition for the riifht men Call I3i J. lor appointmenL 15 apr 3t WANTED -- SALESMAN". EXCBP- tora.Llly profitable connection, for man with character and energy Securities wvlei experience valuable but not necessary. A man w i t h common s^nse who can t h i n k w i l l make big nay quickly -with oar Btronj?, att -active proposition. Kven if fmpioyd it will pay you tn romrrn)nica.le with us. Address COR POP. AT ION". boT: iST. Xorth Dianvmd St-Uion. PHtFbu.-g, Fa. Llaprlt' For Rent* FOP. RENT--TWO T^URN'ISHED BSD 107 1'Jjist Fair view avenue. N^vi-r wa-i Ihtre such n demand for silver at) thuro is today. \\* e n a vo a silver mine-- ItH proven-- wo have til*; ore-\ loty of it. We want hi^h gr.ide men to Sfll stock for our com- pan\ fgr tlic SOI^R purpose of rair-niR- money Lo bu.ld a MtLL to m i l l this- w n n d f f f u l lot of ore that car, be seen on 1 he d u m p The Government .vants silver ·'_nd «o dm F everybody else. If you have the pep--genuine ffin- KOT--ynn can 6n.rn S100 and morp a week. "i ou must act quirk Wir« phono^ write. Mr. K. O. YOrXG, 4 4 3 Union Arcade. Pitts- fa UTK. Piu FOR RENT--STORE ROOM. 605 I ft West Crawford avenue CEORGE A. '' MAKKLK. 12aprtfd ! FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICBS ON , second floor of Dunn F.iang building. Inquire of HAHRY DUNN. F HI RKT--TWO KURXISttKD roomer, all conveniences. 34fi North Arch btreet. ISaprEt* j FOR RENT-^FCRNISrlET LIGHT housekeeping- rooms. 307 Kast Crawford. Ilaprtfd FOR SALE--GOOD HALL PUMP OR comprebsor cheap.* A. TAYLOR CO, No. lill South. Broadway, ScoUdale. Pa 10apr5l* FO R SALE--T W O SN L" G SCAT display top tables at very low flffuro. Call Tri-State 23, Ring- 2. Dugbar, Pa. 6apr-tf-sats FOR SALTS--GROCERY AND market at invoice.'or will bell fixtures separate. KDWARD BAER, 306 East Crawford avenue. "" ^12apr3t" FOR SALE--TWO TON ACME truck In good condition. See Mc- CREARY LIOTOH CAP. CO, East Crawford avenge. llaprSt ,FOP. SALE--ONE 1914 OVELAND touring car, all tfood tires; will seil cheap. Address or call ALLCN SHAL- LtNBERGER, Owensdale, Pa. * ISaprtCd FOR SALE--JUST HBCEIVED CAR load rubber roofing-, 1, 2 and 3 ply. Also slate surfaced roofing from $1.25 to J3.50 per roll. W. L. WHIPKET, 201 Ninth street, West Side. " 9apr3t-eod O R SALE--G o ACRE FARM, 6 room house with bath, g~ood spring water, large barn; one-hair mile from boroutrh limits, for 57.500. on terms to suit purchaser. E.- P. DeWITT, Bell phone 299-J. Scottdale, Pa. FOR. SALE.---Three head of" horses; one nine year bay, weight 1,150, a good all' purpose horse; one big: bay horse, 11 yea.rh old, single line leader, a good cheap one; one three year driving- colt, well broke, rot afraid of anything and a dandy driver; one platform top baker's "wagon In g~ood condition; one open top /spring; -wagon in good shape to In ten to; one good top buggy; one runabout; **ome double and sing-He harness; one electric piano, txlcklc play in fine condition, cjbt new $1.100.00, price on piano $300.00. C. S. Worthmeton. wjmn. 13 apr 2t*. 1--1917 Ford roads,!e r, ru n !e:?b than 3 000 ndles, $360 1--1914 7 p.uwcngcr ackard, $775 1--1916 5 passenger Ford, 5375 I--1911 Maxwell truck, JlS 1 ). · K K Y S T O A i a ALTO REA1R. In rear of Gil West Crawford avenue. West Side, Conn el IH- viiie Pa. We believe that every man, ·woman and child in Connellsville should own a Liberty Bond--not merely one bond but as many bonds as they are able to buy. It is better to invest your* money with Uncle Sam NOW, than let Germany take it away from you later. THE LIBERTY BOND CLUB makes the buying of a bond a simple matter for everybody. We buy the bonds for you and you pay for them in easy weekly installments. $1 down and $1 for 49-weeks pays for a $50 Bond. $2 down and $2 for 49 weeks pays for a ' $100 Bond. $5 down and $5 for 49 weeks pays for a $250 Bond. $ I 0 down and $ 1 0 for 49 weeks pays for a $500 Bond. Under this plan, even if you haven't saved a cent you can buy a bond. All you need to do is to take a dollar out of your next pay for the first installment and a dollar a week thereafter until the bond is paid for. PATRIOTISM AND SELF PROTECTION Buying bonds just now is a patriotic duty. It is also a matter of self-protection. Uncle Sam needs our help. It is our battle he is fighting. If we do not furnish the money he cannot win the war. Isn't it better to lend to Uncle Sam, at good interest rates, than pay Germany a huge indemnity? fTouIdii't you rather icnct Uncle f^im your last dollar than pny the Kniser one cent? Of course you nould, so-Come in today and enter your subscription for Liberty Bonds. The Bank That Does Things For You. . CONNELLSVILLE, PA. COAI.. FRONTAGE OUTLET FOR 1,500 ACRES OK MORI;; A VERY LOW YEARLY MINIMUM AT 10 CENTS PER TON, FREE SURFACE FOR HOUSES. CLEAN COAL AND ON R. R. READY FOR IMMEDIATE DEVELOPMENT. ADDRESS COAL PROSPECTOR, 266 MAIN ST., WESTON, W. VA. j WO newspaper can succeed with. j out advertising, therefore we 1 solicit the patronage of our readers i for those who by their advertising help to make this paper possible. It's footwear that ·women believe in, as we have for .30 years, if you buy them. Everything new that's good is here for your choosing- Black, White, Grey and* Brown. Shoes--Pumps--Oxfords YOUGH TRUST COMPANY To wear Safety First Guaranteed Cloihes, always fl» -t f\ Save the middleman's profit of $S Jp JLU and make it your first payment on a Liberty Bond. · Philadelphia, Pa. See our Special Representative at. Sample Room Hotel Royal, week of April 15-20 from 7 P. at to 11 P M*

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