The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 27, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 27, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOtTB. UAIJUX C U U I U I U U , CONNMLLrSVILr EJ, PA, MONDAY, JANUARY 27, J930. Satig (so., VUONRV P- SNTDiSR, PrbsWbnt *« MRS. K. M. J. I'rcslcleia apd Oeni-ral MISS R. A.' IWWBSCJA'M, Secretary' aua-'Preaaut er JOHN IA OAN3, Editor. WAI/TIOR S. 3T1MMBU City JSd.ior. MISS LYNKE B, Sooloty Ddltor. MEMBER OF American Newspsper Publishers Association, Audit Bureau of Circulation. Pennsylvania New*PO-P° 1 ' PubllaUore Association. Two conts per copy; StX; per month: $? 00 por year by mail if P» lli ln od " vanes. 12c per week by carrier. ICntcreft as second class matter at tho ,rnstoJtlce, Tvithstanding the op,position of the DeiuSvare Hudson Oonpaky ^o th-a control of the Buffalo, Rfdicwtcr Pltt8b.urs by, the ,Br;Ulmojii i^ 1 Ohio. Thjls 1 action :,till is pond his; but tho decision upon if Avlil ibo T gardwl as rotlecting the attltxido of t! e commission toward. 1 ? carrvln-g t! rimph n« o\vn onsolulatioti pltiiib, w h i c h i n Hiiis fiiao, includes t h o a w d l d ul t a c Buffalo, Roche.stcr Pittf,burg to the Bnlti- moro Ohio. The 1'iUsb irp: f.~ We-st Virginia has .formally viMidrawa its opposition to the- Bal'tinnn'e Ohio's absorption of the Buffalo, Rochester fe PJttburg. Such dovolopineuUi ua luivo taken place show that the oribolkfation plan-t, aro 1x*ginniug to t a k e sliapo and en tho linos laid down b v - l h o Int-er- etatc Commerce Commisf ion, at least so far as concerns the- Baitimoro Ohio, the Chesapeake; Ohio and tbo Plttsburg West Virginia THIRi'Y DAYS NOTIO1 3IOJS!AY 37, 1080. II'S SHH'WNG T-'ACILITUKS. n roi»t on the Pennsylvania tti aligning the new Pennsylvania Myslein tho Interstate Commerce Commission pursued much the same · ·otirsb as in outlining the New York Central Systom, There Is Iho difference, however, that Ifoo latter was al- lowPil Hcvcral comparatively largo lines, supplemented by numerous ones and undivided interests in Ot)lT3. "' In shaping the Pennsylvania System into n. more compact groiiplug tho policy evidently was to fdve to the parent company lull control of a largo number of smaller connecting and associated t lines, while also awarding undivided interest in many others, control of which % Is jointly veated in one or two o£ the larger systems, like Urn Baltimore Ohio, Now York Central or others. The result Is that the territory Irom Now York City in the Kast to Saint Louis and I'ooria In the West, Chicago and t h e Great L,akee, including Buffalo on tho North, is very completely gridlroned by tho Pennsylvania System. Thiough tho Islaiui Railroad exclusive Pennsylvania service is provided throughout the length and breadth ot Long Island. Now JoriJoy and Delaware (oast resorts and both shores of Chesapeake Bay, and the whole ot the State of. Pennsylvania, except the northeast corner, and tho western part ol New York, are provided with Pennsylvania facilities. Tho Sfato of Michigan, from Muck- inav/ through Grand. Rapids to tho southern boundary is within Pennsylvania territory. Cumberland, Md. and Piedmont, W. Va., are made accessible to tho Pennsylvania by one-third inferest in tho Cumberland Pennsylvania Hall road. Strasbiirg Junction, Va., is another point marking the southern limits ot tho bystem in tho Valley oC Virginia, The L'ppcr Monongahela Valley, from TirowuavlUo to FalrmoM,- "W, Va,, will continue to be served by throe- roads., tho Pennsylvania, tho New York Central and th-e Baltimore i- Ohio, through joint ownership of the Mouo-nuahela Railway. It is over the Southwest Branch, from Otrcoiisburg to Faii-chaisco that Conurllsvllljo w i l l bo brought Into direct touch w i t h tho hundreds ot markets and shipping centers on tho I'Mni^ylv.tiua System, making avail- ablo a wide expanse o£ territory Cor t h e assembly oC raw malerldls and Ii roaclilnt; jonssimiitg markets for ,il of our Industries. Tho Pennsylvania completes t h e t o u r t r u n k lino hystema which wil bring to Connellsvlllo's-door railroad facilities greater in extent and va- I'iety t h a n poases3el by any town or city in the State oxc-eplinj; only Pltts- burc; aiul Philadelphia. The wbota of thr» eastern United States, from Omaha to Boston, the Great Lake.-i to th" Houboard and the South, with tho h i t TM vening territory covered by a u e t w o i k of linos, will be tributary (o thu .shippers of Connelisvillo. Wltl tlieso facilities as part of its equip *nent as a iranufaeturitif; center Cou- uellsvillj Is iu truth "A City gpo( lor any industry." The- handicaps imposed by being ; one-rail,'oad town will never be s«£ If-rod b\ an industry locating ill Cou- CO.NSOLUU'I'IOX 1'TiANS 1'KOUR.BHSim DeclMvo steps aio being taken to effect to the Interstate Comm-ere-e- Coiiimiibhm's arrangemont o£ the riUlroaith into trunk systems, 1'wmii.slon has Iwan gircii in Checm- jHsilfo fc Ohio Katlrotul to .i-equtro tUo prorci'ty and rights of the Valley Railroad, whlcti vtun liicludot in t h e aHoeatlous- ot t h a t aystoni, Thi.- ixrnu' moil followed the filing of a petition, bv tlu» Chohapojik*' Ohio to iniroh'it.o (he losmoetini? llm- \shlch it U a c now been o n h i n l l } (o k. Tlu Haltmioiv i*c Ohio iia.s taken a Mop tnvan! i , u r \ i n g out lit, cunsollda Uon )y ron neb! lor .ivithoilty to U;t.O(M),000 i n HO-year bonds., the coeds of w h i c h are to bo used t'or improvements ,uni bettenucntt- and in ui i|u ring pvopviUe-, or feooir itic-» o! itlit'i coiuiwnU's-. ni UK U of tho WCSUM-II CHUCKINff UP OS CUOSSIKOS. The promptness w i t h -which the 3 ublic Service Comnuss'an lias acted o secure information \\ th respect lo nadequately protected grade cros- ngs in tho State, show that th le- cettt accident near Boson, Ohio, has ·ausod attention to be cjivcrt to con- lltioua that might pr.sily lead to as iam«ntablo results lion . Tf at tho same time the Htato Highway Department were lo make siill mo i- o exacting requin meuls of the Arlvors of all motor .'ehiclos, when they approach crossings, travellers on tho highways would bo still more certainly safeguarded. No precaution s too costly in timo or effort to save turnan life, especially of school children, who have so much ot it yet to live. The movement, sppii^orod by tho Vetorans of Foreign \S'ais to have "The Star'SpangJod Ba'nuor'" made th-o ofllcial national .uiUiemTM if -sti-f- c-essful, will bo havius; Cougross give its sanction to what, in effect, has boe-n th-e practice c-t' tho Army, Nary, Marine Corps and other organiatxions upon all formal or ofllcial occanions for years.' This will oe most desirable Ixcauso w-e ar-e with ut'Tecognltlon ot any nvusical nunibe) as our anthem, notwithstanding m a n y people, are un- d-e-r a contrary Impi Making bank bamiits i-hed tears is better than giving ihe-m a chanco to shed the blood of banker'' Connetlsi'illo Vcrj sinceiely vcsrels tho permanent removal of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Thompson, to Philadelphia. Citizens of their type aru so useful that we can iil afford to lose them, Howe* er, Mr. and Mr Thompson have the assu^,. nee- that tho best wishes foi their success and happiness £o with them in their now home. T-ho worrios of tho ICngliah over bathing ufts will "bo a. small inaUcr, if thetvO garm-enth arc patleruwl u t t e r the- stylo in vor uo iu the States, Seek Reasons for Transfer Dry Unit To Justice Deprt. Placing Complete IRosponsi- bility on Attorney 3t Has Advantages Specialists Ate Raising the Cost . /JJf leiiieal Care The- cost of medical care in rapidly I n c i easing, ujinecessnry (roattnentn u i o oft-en given, and at t h e same time incipient difieac« are- frequently overlooked, hecause of tho tendency o£ modem Americans to rush to fipeclal- i«ta with their ailments lusterd of making periodic isK« to a 'poi'aonul physician w*ho can become thoroughly familiar with their physical background and problems. This ia tho opinion ofiDr.'Harold C. Stuart of'tho Harvard Medical .School, expressed in an article, written Car the current NorUi American Modern mcHiclne finds the special^ esBOntia), Drj Stuart, afflrmtj, but i! J oven,more iu portant for the i n d i v H u a to have the /idvice of a doctor of seo c-ral m*di«al knowledpe w h o c a a d i a a nOee his condition readily, treat 1 when it comes within hia province, art direct hl*s patient to the right spt cialiat when (be problem is a special Ixcd one. "There arc, at present in moet com munJ-tles physicians w-e-11 fitted am willing to givo this typo of servicoj ho says, "but thoir numbers wH diminwh rathor than increase 1f peopH treivi them as incompatent and int«rio because th-ey do · not pall themoelvg epecialieto. Tho specialist in medlcin must asBist, and advie-e, but never euy plant tho personal physician." The High School Boy's Question By BKiNTON BOYD It Mas in a emoklng apartment ot U,oeti tho m o u n t a i n s in a bad OB f greon. a Pullman, whore talk is as cheap and and blue mid copper colors, a d while free as In the United States Senate and \\ hero about BH many questions aro settled. However, I h«vo never heard theee travelers call each other such pot names as "wild jackasses," and I do not bstleve they waste as much time -oe la done in tho Senate. Tho travelers seem to be more in feccmingly near were mllc« distant from the train, Th3 soil as that loose dobo-dtrt, worthiest! dry but only needing water to make It bio like Occasionally a do) hoiiso would be Ropn w i t h Its , d i apldatcd appearance "\\hu-b made you t h i n k of llm architecture r,f tho iltm t Chrlbt. with tho (act that thousands are 1 FHit roof bccaimn t h c i o V.A-, uo witir out of work, than docs the Senate, to l u n off. Sometimes a pi ico lor a w i n d o w ; sometimes none jould ba M,n.' lain! I n t t - C'otnnu*rt dlroi U1 bj the C V m u n H h t o u , ap- ( ' 1 Aitiloi! (n t!ic [ t O | x M ' l lioiid r-Mio w i l l i w i K t a l M M l ! si',tMX!.i)iti) . . i . i i l . i b l o ' i ( H ( U l V d l . t t I ' t ' I I K ' i l t ]l] I I ! 1.1 111 Cl D i l i H.iH n i i » i « it ohiu. lor w h l ( h i t v.iil be iinilv t l i i n i u t v l to jnit thi-uvi'-h \ . i i - r U ' the ( H i i t f - m p l . i t o i ! ,!(··' the iuvpi»ituv oi U)c- n.nhn.*t*r K- PJtttburfr inn! t h e r « i f A.- 8l! i f i i t h I D H . I -o.ji' l i o l h A t r «!! n'O't 'o *!u B i l l n i J ' M ' A ' ! ) , ! , i t i i By DAV7D (Copyright 11 00 by Tho Courier.) WAS11INGTO XJ , Jan. 27.--The controversy going on just now over I he transfer at tho prohibition unit from t b n Treasury i)epa! tm-e-nt to tho Ue- partment of Ju-tieo is something of pu^zlo. 'Plus d r y a want the transfer made, because I hey say it will combine in one department t-be duties.' of detection, and prosecution. Secretary Mellon has no objection to the change Yot the whole thing is a (.ubject ot Inquiry be ause- of tho be-lleE that something move fundamental is 1»- ^ived than a '-m-e-r-o administrative chR'nge. The suspicion is growing that the drys believe they can rid the Department of Justice ol political 3n- lluonco more effectively than, they could any other d j epartmcnt. As a matter of f a - 1 !ho Attorney CJono-ral has conceded t h n t ho Is having trouble in tcKUng thu r i g h t kind ol men tor tho office oE U n i t e d States attorney. Senator Bor.-ih ot Idaho has criticized the personnel of the prosecuting ma- chineiy oi tbo Government Inasmuch as moat Uii'ted States attorneys aro recommended i'or ofiico by members of Congress Hi x Department of Justice Hilda It diffi ult-to keep out political influence. It sometimes happens that a United States attorney bavins broad dlsu-e-tionar r powers is approached by local'politic U bosses who in. turn aro important f ictors iu keeping a member ot Cong f CBS or a Senator in office. In the series oi articles written, by Mrs, Mabel "Walker Willobrandt re- coiUir, she- ?poko o*t tho cWHcuUy oi etiforceroeni of prohibition on account or polities. Bho baa boon invited to testify be£o-t} the Uuitso Ganwnltte« on Kxpmlitu) "S In Hi 1 e x e c u t i v e doparl- nients, and it j» ?*ptUcd t h a t Mie w i l l br qnestia icd closely us to w h y tlv transfer 1-om the Treasury Department to tl o Department of Justice !· being proi osed. Had Mr WiUebiMmU stayed in tbo government set vice Kho would h a \ e had Chan e of the entire prohibition machuier}. Now that btie i» out C office hhc is t r e e to critlciat the methods p u r s u e d . It is d o u b t i u l , hywt'Vf r, whether she will N o l u u t o o r tiny comment!) bwauMi it. isj l\uov ti that ih,L'i ' was uuubUliTiiblo f r i c t i o n from tun. to lime I H M S O U I t h e Trcns- m y a n d tin Deput'tincm u t J u . s t u e s\ lion · .In \\.il lit c l u t t t u ' Tlio ' ; w i ( ' , i l I ' t i t u p l iti \\usi i l u i t UK' i i i i h i l » t on ii;i!H' a il suit i',c( a d ^ i i i i a U i v u l t i i i i 1 , ur ilul i ut s,t't H u l l - case^ in M ch cihapc v, iotii I'liiuii t l » i ) foiiKl IHS 'ih- tilllici' I u ' n a n j nl (ho iii^l Ui t"- Will I i ,1 SI'S Wf 0 ( l l o p l i i ' l t !'V !in- JiJiija In eui ni J u M l K f c i r u i s x i i -sdii t I'n 1 ted t a ' o j aHoViiej.i v ho, ' V , i n i l ' , U 1'i l l l l bt I I I I who, while they deny it, it is plainly evident that tho Senate Tariff twaddle la causing suffering and want throughout iho manufacturing contore. That Senator who -went to Now York and made (ho Bpoech tiKlug th« illustration of Balaam's ASH, mu«t hav« good eocrotary or adviser to put him wise an-d no uoubt the Illustration was now lo a greater part oE his colleagues. The Sonata was patterned after the Houso of Lords of iinsland but t h e ] c u ,bion. The Hebrew ox English people soorn /to havo been wl^ enough to muzzle tbo tbrouble- makere. Tho p-eoplo of the United Bin tee will some 1 ! day awalta to a realization oC the needs. Tho party in tbo srnokor wcs a brimU one. This is partly due to (ho club car where some go to amoke and lounge and read. A Hebrew salesman w.ia going to Angolew in stir up seen. , The- subjpctn discuse»d, w ilch caaio froixi the high school boy's i dm], wwe varied and because of thi desolate appearance ol the county, turned to tho need ot Mich a count y In tbo economy ot nature. Froi i these U d r i f t e d iiuilo naturally int the ub- jcc t of lihc Providence of Ood, The h l p h school boy way mtbe hhepticul and did not, t u k n miicb part m tho ill6- ll!« belief In tbo rn.ittC'- but v is retlcont t o talk. The traveler auiinlaincd there wn« such x Provl lonce and amonR other illustratioiM- U'ted tlio btory t h a t camo cut of . n event aC the- WoiW "W'ar. f t Wiw; d u r i n g tho hem ?flt flghtinjj iin-d when seemed l o IK- moro than holding the ir own. The along t h e 1-1 ind-enliorg liii really t h e Central Power trade for tho now year. ITe was o n l ^ r y a m e to Anioiicji for i powder companion. A high achool boy, of some 20 years of age, a bright cliap oC aa inquisitive mind, was in- trrested and interesting. lie had traveled quite a bit. To prove his in- qulsiUvenc63 will say he had gpne into the question of George- Washington UH tae- first president of the United States. Jfc had written to Philadelphia to Hie 1 coper of records there and gotten t h e namo of the iirst Presldont and lied ail tho facts In tho taec Just uuoh a inind ne a high school instructor should delight to find and direct into tho real questions ot ilfe. · The other member of Iho party was just a traveler. They woro on the Golden State Limited of the Hock Island Railroad and were passing through a section of desert laud where naught grew but cactus of many kinds, clumps of saifo bush and tho mighty oak reduced to tho scrubby rucsquilc bush for want oC wati. In the distance could bo The argument now is that by placing tho p r o h i b i t i o n unit in the Department ot Justice bolter men will be Hound. Theoretically the advantages of the combination have been stressed but there arc opponents Avho believe t h a t Ihc- 'very, existence- ut soparat-o bin cans in riifl'-prent tlepjut- 'metits operates a 1 ! a check again at abuse of power. C w t a i n l j ' with prohibition enfort'e- nient concentrated in a single depart- mcnl the Attorney Ooneral and his j stalf "will bear complete respou-sibillty, l a n d t h o Attorney Ueueral in turn will l e q u i r e tho political cuoyeration of tlie President hlmsclt hi ardcr to resi (t the pressure- that comes from locn! political c h i e f t a i n whenever " t h e h i g h e r upt" b e h i n d the rum traHIc get mto tiouble. I\i the gottiiiK ot evidence, however, t h e I J e p a r t m c n t ot Justice- w i l l bo handu-iniped in t l i p l i i l u r e as t h e j T i c ' . i S H r y IH'paitiiR-nl h a s bfon i n t h e | pa* t bj I h c la k ul aid ri oin l o i . i l iIU'c w h o i n t i n D , i i i ' MibjiTl lo i M l l i . U i l l M i l i - l i i ' t ' cilht'l t l l l n i l K l i i M i r i m i m l s t i i al bnbOM CoilKress M ' i y H U e l v to truiiS't'or ( U o \Uioli 1 H ' - I . O I l S ] l ) l l H t!) H l P D C l i a i l l H C U t OL' j Jnstu-t', l i n t I I O L \ i n t i l a L t p r t i n re hah I t ' i i i n d o b d t p -- a n d a v n r y i n i o i - o s t i u E " l l ( "n « l i r i t t i n t h f ^ r . t K i n ' - . - , ! ' - ot j j "i I'M i · m v.uU i c u m o u t uuc.tiiiJt'ij. ' j loast o-qual to that t n i se by ( b e enemy, tiom-e T. N. T. h, d been produced In laboratorirtH of the United States but it was found to be quits treacherous, as prov( a by the Ions of life o£ moro than one chemitt. Tho difficulty semed to bo lo got tho water pure- onough for che aiaterial. llo\vcver, nolhlnj; daunt 3d American chemists w o n t at it and edistllled tlis water and got u nhiptr ant ready (a send over. It was loade i aboard ship and while awaiting suiti ble escort lot loose. I believe the lo is or cost lo replace broken glnwa in lio vicinity of Now York run into the nillioiie. The new powder we.!) n falli re. However, the chomistH n p a i n we it at it. Tho problem had to bo sol- ed. By using still greater caie and i nprovrd m-eth- oda the ««cond ehlpmc nt was loaded and started over. You remember the disaster at Halifax, A here half tho i ily ^\as destroyed wltli great loss of l l l o and properly, (he bhlpe carrying tho powder h a v i n g been routed that way for convoy. Now, the chemists were truly in despair. Thuro happened, however, to bo one of thorn who enjoyed reading hie Bible. Uppe-rmost of. course at all timen iu hia m l u d was th problem to bts aolvel. He happened to be reading in tho book of Job of how God talked la Job, after his trials, and wa*' asking feoino very pertiont questions which j wore meant for all m a n k i n d : "Whore ! wast tliou when tho foundations oC thf e a r t h were laid'.'" "Who hung tba stars i» tho .slty?" and among other things he read in t h a t book, "JIaat tlinu eiilorod Into the tre,isiires o£ tho siww, or hast rhou scon the troaaiires of tho hail, which I have rcHervecl ' against the ttrae oi trouble, against the 1 day of. battle and of war?" 1 It shot i n t o tho inlnd of that chemist 1 there la tlio solution--hall, snow, .aid acting upon the thought, T. K. T. was euccesflfully made and no further trouble occurred. Tho solution had been given to the problem some "5 maybe I!5 huiMlred yeaTa before. Wan H chance or in there a directing Pi evidence? The story ca"U«wl thonghtluluces tiud ootiversa!Ion died lown A f t e r a little [ (line tho Hebrow arorio and went back | to hh flection. The traveler said 1o I (ho high school boy, "did you notice I t h e look of approval upon the IIo- S brow's face wlipn t h e book oE Job v/aa I m e n t i o n e d ? " Tho hiqrh school boy I answered, "Kay, what !·? this book of Job? 1 lun'er of II." ll!?li fcthool dirootora of America, in thla possible? Could thia hove hprn one of your ftUidents? There is no gietttcr problem. Abe Mc'rtin in :i i ' i i i l i ) i n .iv i u i i r i s ' y i u i c i l u l r:,ict.-! iloii'l t e i s tlinl aniuim utlifi- 1114, i lit m i i t f lii Hie ilovll lias IK mi I I I' t i l li d K I M I I W I L l l l l i l - I ) i , i l ) H l l I 111' I ' l l D I I l f III I' I " '" j i i | i i . M i ! In III f I n i l "!' '" ' n o fi Ul'.'ii. UL.tlil I I ' l u l l I H . l j l l ! - Y, M. C. A. in China Has Started on Upgrade PEIPING, Jan. 27--The Young Men's Christian Association 1 in. China a f t e r several of steady losses doi-e to political distitrbaucea, is on Iho upgrade, the annual report declares. In definitely roligl-oua work, how- over, the report admits, thero have been no gdiiis. The peak reached in 192 i is etill far above the record of subsequent years. ' For example, enrollments in Bible study clasa-es are about one-fourth what they wore In 1924. Attendance In Biblo eluwsos fell off. Officials in Peiplng. where the Y. M. C. A. doefi more work than ia any other city, declare that before 1330 ends they expect the effects o£ disruption oC their work 3n 1937 and 192S will have been overcome. England's A n n u a l Egg Bill LONDON, .Tftii. 27--Sis billion eggf; yearly u the consumption of Great L t r i t u l n . 'i'ho m i n i s t r y of a g r i c u l t u r e hiij'f, Uutt 1ti,000,000 pounds worth of eggs arc Imported every year. South Afrca le tho loacliriK emplro egg producing se-ction While South Atrica sends freab eggs lo Groat Britain without the use ol cold stoi-. ag-o thfry nevertheless aro subject lo .1 rigid dominion Inspection. Egga coming from the Continent of Europe do not undergo this infipeetion. Chinese Uiii Is Orator PeJpIng, Jan. 27--A girl student 1ms conquered all maio rivals in the au- uiuil oratorical contest at Peking Kat- uniul Univt'j-faity. Minis Obi Chlng-yi, ujK'atcniK «H "' 1 '' u ' Ciislts iu fllun- tiuriu," »:IH iii)jnij)iou»lv hi'ic-ctud iiy Hit' iiK-lses UH winner over nine m i l e s selected in ;i borit's uf lussillcd . J i r i n g ici-ult'j Trv wbo A*** 1 * to* * --7*T ^^SS^TSf ^*»«- *t* .Sta** - ABatlofcfor p DwcTifnmating V O T E T O D A Y ! ! ! Thwttra p»t*on« ore hero »f- forded on. opportunity t» ex|r«»» their preference for Living Munic. · » » · If you b«teiMra thai lh» Mthotic merit, glamour onJ «rtno°.ionol ap- poal of reul orcKwetral end organ muoic nro i/ortk pr»»ei vntion in the theatre program,' SJGN THE COUPON. « » » » HoTkilrr.da of th»u»»n Ju dopknre tho aubfltitution oi Mecbacucal M«»5c lor Rool M««ic BECAUSE it fniLo to giva thorn plin»uro. . . . BECAUSE ft tKrerttwiw corruption of ow«ieal taete. , . . BECAUSE U di*«ou»««es de-rclopmeat of mum- on! talon t. * * * « One admission f sa u«ed to t«y rnol xnuaio and a mo^ie Now it huyo n movie, vritK talk, and mechanical m u · i e , which i" cheaper on economy for tKo th«i»tro, not fo* tk« patroo, · » · * ARE YOU STILL GETTING YOUR MONEYS WORTH? If not, SIGN THE COUPON. TKon moil Itl THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF MUStCIANS fComprl*laf''UO,000 pnlm*imal maatelaat in Out V*it*4 tttvt** and Camaia) JOSEPH N. WBBI R, PnuiJtnt, 14-4O Drawhray, Nev Yot*. N. Y. To liVb:in.eii. "Wlao JfWy Their Is your husband or brother or son one of the long -suffering males whose tie- racks display the hideous selections of hurried women shoppers? By riding the electric cars your shopping tour affords you time and convenience to ( pick ou* ties for the males of your family, that they -will be proud to wear. Company AL no time would the car ownei' more appreciate good, dependable tires than in winter with its severe cold, snow, ami .slush. Freedom from "tire trouble" is then moi-t comforting. You cannot buy better tires ihan ilioti of tho largest and bost, known manufacturers. AL our .stores you will find only t h e best known brands of tires--no unknown brand?, at ridiculous prices, w hich are high-priced no matter what price you pay. Our prices on these standard brands will be found lower tl an the same identical tire is sold elsewhere. Maximum volume purchases means lowest possible priops, which advantage we extend to the consumer. Ma'ic your winter driving safe with chains. We carry them, together with a full line of other motor ace^sso-ies, batteries, gasoline, oil, grease, etc. Stores In Kine Counties of Veuusylvania.

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