The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 13, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1918
Page 3
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SATtmDAY, .APRIL 13,191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CQNNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE THREE. EYERSON PEOPLE SUBSCRIBE $8,000 AT LIBERTY RALLY ia Spontaneous, Following Patriotic Addresses. HAVE MICHEEKS . Be Better Looking--Take : Olive Tablets----r.-:r ;. ::Smithf ieldv SMITHFIEL.D, April 12.--The Third] Liberty Loan is starting off favorably Here with' $10,400 worth o£ bonds 'taken to date, -"--·iirs. B. F. Morgan of Outcrop was GATHERING ENTHUSIASTIC ONE Seottdale Committees on Liberty Loan - Drire X*ke fieport »t Meeting To- Afternoon at the IV 1H. (,'. Ifyoorikin is yellow--complexion pallid j a borough visitor Thursday. --tongue coated--appetite poor--you have I Alfred O'Neil or Uniontotvn -was a bad taste in vour mouth--a lazy, no-good feeling--you should take CHive Tablets. Dr. Ed ward^Oi ire Tablet*--a snbstitnte forcalomel--werepreparedbyDr.Edwaida after 17 years of study with .bis patients. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable compound mixed with oliye oil. You will know them by their olive color. Toliave a clear, pink skin, bright eyes, no'pimples, A feeling of buoyancy like childhood days you must get at the cause. Dr. Edwards'. Olive Tablets act on tlw liver and bowels like calomel--yet have Special to The Courier. aged the front of the car no one was- hurt. At Missionary Meeting. A. Han; Poles MM an jfoTeillng. notogerorarftereffects. ' They start the bfle and overcome const* patioa That's why millions of boxes are Bold annually at lOc and 25c per box. All SCOTTDALE, April :13--A public j druggist*. - Take one or two nightly and meeting was held last evening in. Ev- note the pleasing Jesuits, erson to discuss the Ijberty Loan. The meeting was held under the Auspices of the Everson school board ,»n_C was called at the request o£ the Shaffer called the meeting to order and introduced James J. Keegan as chairman of the meeting. He stated the purpose of the meeting in a very patriotic address. Addresses were given by J. R. Byrne, Rev. lipski and Charles S. Hall. A very enthusiastic meeting was held and $8,900 was subscribed lor Liberty Loam. This came as a surprise to the men in charge of the meeting as they had not expected to sell any ' bonds until Sundayaiternoon at 4.30 o'clock when they hope to go over the top arid subscribe more ^than their allotment ;The Sunday meeting will be addressed by Robert Skemp, J. R. Byrne, Rev. Ltpski and several other prominent speakers who will be present. Everson, with a population of 1,800. borough business visitor Thursdrfy. · Mrs. James Scott of Alias, Ta.., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Mrs. ."tcott lost her trunk at tte Baitirnore Ohio station at Uniontown whore sbe stopped to visit friends .before coming here. The. baggage man there, when she present^ check, had given the trunk omcTdne else. . B. Bystone ot Baxters Ridge was a-borougli'visitor Thursday. [ Miss Katharine Jones returned on 'Thursday Erbm ChiUicpthe, 0., whore j in company with Edward Jones of Alprsantown-. they visited their brother, Donald -Jones, in Camp Sherman. "W.--S.--Leech, cashier of the bank here,--is ; confined to his home with ·Mrs. Lucy A. Poole, Mrs. C. A. Colbom, Mrs'. Josian Reynolds, lire. 0. I. Hess, -Mrs. T. J. Hill, Mrs. W.,H. CHngerman, Mrs. George Lockard, Mrs. George Walker, Mrs. S. C. Bosworth, Mrs. David Inglis and Miss Anderson · represented the Scotflalc Methodist Episcopal church at the Missionary convention in Connellsville on Thursday. · - . .'.. : - IT. C. T. 0.. Entertainment Mrs. Emma Sweet and ,h_er seven daughters are hero to take part in the . entertainment that the ladies o£ the W. C. T. U. will give in the I. 0. O. P. hall on Monday evening. The Sweet family are welt known to many people hero. '· . Personal. Miss Marguerite Kennedy has re- stomach :trouble.; ·Mrs: Arthur Malone of "New Salem- is visitingr; her parents, Mr. and Mrs.. H. _. Rankin. n»s 75 boys in various branches of the j turne(1 (rom a vislt paid patsburg friends. . Peter.OTtara.'.aTnember of.'tie'at- tlllery.'is visiting friends'here. ' ~ Mrs. Virginia Keenan, aged 50, of this place, was taken to the-Memorial hospital at -Mount Pleasant to be treated for rheumatism. EVERY MEAL A POISONOUS INJECTION service. PoJes The Polish people'of IJverson--will on Sunday afternoon .at S o'clock unveil a service flag'^at the Polish church.' There will'be -7 stars in their Hag and one gold star for-one of their number who died at Camp Dtx-ln New Jersey. · . · Stork Well in lead. Or. N. B. Silsler. registrar ol vital 'statistics., gave the fol!oTdng,.reporl for March: Deaths Scottdale, 3; East Huntingdon township 8; births, Scottdale 11, and East Huntingdon 17. · Heport o« Sintlar. . The Liberty Loan committees of Scottdale trill, have a meeting at the !T. M. C. A. on Sunday 2.30 o'clock. At thia time the various committees will report and the amount gathered in the canipaign will 5e made known. Italian Inrests Savings. , One of the remarkable features. p£ this campaign was the coming to Liberty Loan headquarters of -a day laborer from-the plpe.'miirwIthVa subscription for $400 worth" bl" iiberty ,, , Bonds. Until this time not a person | funeral arrangements, . Get a~Box..~of : knew that he had a cent j QOLD MEDAL· Hiuiriem on Capsules I- __ 11 iitaC - . . I today. Look for the genuine. -Y-our lars toilide. dmirelat MIU them. They · Last evening when the 5 O'clock j teed or money refunded. car sonthbound was going nut Broad- { OrtLr .·way Dr. P. J. Marshall, who '· was - :-: · - - · drtrtns in his automobile ran into ! Try OBI" Classified 'Ads. ·' " .the-car and although he badly -darn- : One cent a word is all they cost. ·John-Clal'k were Unr'i iontown visitors Friday. John, Malory oE Fairchance has moved '.into his. property out the Geneva road, recently purchased from Josiah Heathi Patronize those who advertise. Dawson. DAWSON, April .13.--John Landyi' roore of Dickerson Run was a business caller at West Newton Thursday. Mrs. J. L. Tboraas is visiting her daughter, Mrs. "\Viliiara Shannon at Youngstown, 0. Adam Zorn of Lower Tyrone was in town Friday. He states that he has. .several;incubators -set and will have: some.flne chickens'lbis (all to exhibit: at'the Dawsoh Fair. William Strawn of Uniontown was here witli his parents." Mr. and Mrs! M. E. Strawn, Thursday. Ho toft. Ibis morning for Gloversvllle. N. Y., to- visit his brother, Joseph, at that place.- . The snow .measured 9^ inches on the level here on Friday .morning, " j · Word has'been received here from* .Henry Brown, stating that he hag arr i -rh-ed -safe over 1 tire "seas. ' His bJAny. J friends were glad to \earn that he.] had landed safely. Before going to, are the last two days ©f the-money-saving It's your last opportunity to enjoy that additional 10% to 35% saving on every purchase. Better come in now--don't put it off until the last minute. Store Open Tonight Till 9.30 Connellsville's Reliable Housefurnishers Since 1891 Store Till 9.30 On Face. Very Sore and Red, Spread Over Body. Could Not Work, Troubled !# Years. HEALEDBYCUTiCURA SOAP AND OINTMENT Few folks stufferine' Crom kidney a.nd bladder troubles ever t h i n k tba.t the meals which they are taking are hastening t h e i r - death.. Kveir . morsel, of (Camp he was employed at Dickerson fond taken gives up its quantity oj uric- Run as a flagman. In his youngec afternoon at j acid. This poison is taken into -the sys- 1 years he was Baltimore. Ohio call «·» throu E h. a. diseased condition »tL CohnellsvillB the kidneys ami bladder. In the Do - v at UJnneiiSVilie. healthy man nature provides an' outlet] Monday Will bo pay day for the for this; poison. .Those in ill-health Pjttsburg Lake Erie men on the must taHe a medicinal help to drive Y h fii.,!-.;,... this death-deallnt- poison from the ays- Sousn t " visnon - _ tern. For over 200 years GOkD ^LE:DAL! ' ; * Haarlem Oil Capsules have been.doinpr this' worliV They effect'promjit relief in- all diseases ariyine from kidney and bladder troubles. .Don't - n u u t off this .vital master of attendinB to j-our are Insist Adv. j · - - §^^ \w On. ! " _.. , ' . . ", ' ! · Elks ^Bnstrol advance sale now on;. j. secured your "rcsocvcd seam sariy. | watch for -Booster Edition and ccm^ Best-ever. -'Many novelties. Net re. ceipls-to bi? given to Rod Cross Chap- of]lsville, Adv. 13-16. : M'bat.Havc Ton for SaleZ ·Tell the-'publievtfa.rovigh'our-classified column. The cost is 1 cent a word. "My face was all pimples, and very acre and'red. Tbc pimple's spread over my body.and used to ilch till I nearly scratched ra ^ ^ aceo ^' an d there used to be an awful lot of corruption come out. My face was an nwful sight, ' and I coutd not work. .. "I bad the pimplee over a year and .a half. Then I used Cuticura Soap and. Ointment. I had great relief, arid I used three cakes of Cuticura Soap and 'two boxes of Cuticura Ointment when I was"healed." (Sfgned) Miss Frieda Sttobel t 3t32Q, St., Pbila., Aug. 4, '17; '. -While Cuticura works wonders in .inos^ cases of skin troubles, its prop- ·.ecties ore so mild and so delicately combined that it Is also ideal for everyday use in the toiler, bath and nursery. S o m p I r E a c h T V c e b r M n i l . Address postcard: "Cn*I-urj.Dcpr. R,Bo«on." Sold everywhere, So3p 2Sc. Ointment 25 and SOc. - J PATRIOTISM Everybody knows that patriotism is, the highest, virtue. Without [patriotism life 'is 'aa. empty meaningless waste. '- * The highest form of patriotism in these days is, of course, doing everything possible fb cp^ojperafe "^yith the Government in its . one great task of winning the war and mak- ing the world safe, for .democracy. This means buying LIBERTY BONDS ·hd baying them NOW. Remember that when you buy LIBERTY BONDS you are. not only' being patriotic, , but you ate'also being wise because you are buying the very finest kind of an invest- ment--United States Government Bonds that pay liberal interest and are goarsmteed by the richest nation in the world. ThereforeBuy Liberty Bonds, And buy them now from any bank, LIBERTY LOAN ADVERTISEMENT has been contributed by KOBACKEIK ' · "THE BIG STORE ^ UNHAPPINESS FOLLOWS THE WRONG START A newly married couple falls prey to the cleverly devised schemes of the mail order house. The husband, once injured in playing a game of blindman's buff acquiesces to the wishes of his wife, who in turn becomes the local pilferer of the out-of-town house. She Is steadily losing her friends through her persistent efforts to enreil them'in the net of the octopus in order that she may litter her home with the shoddy offerings her employing mail order house give her as regard for enticing her friends into their fold of victims. The husband knows the danger but falls at his wife's appeal. MORAL:--It often takes two falls to inflict a cut that will reach the memory. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Wili Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. THE AAROS CO. "Home BniWer" · 143 3E. rirtsbnrg St CBOWI/ET-MESTREZAT CO. Shoes for the Whole Family 113 w. Crawford ATO. ART3IAJS WORK China and Wall Taper 147-151 TV. Crawford Ate. THE CESTBA1 STOEE Dry goods 211 Vf. Crawford Ave. fXPERN'S ladies' Suits and Coats 130 X. ritlsbiirg- St FIVE AND TEN CE5T TfAI/L PAPEE CO. Wall Paper 103 W. Apple St, WELLS-MILLS MOTOR CAR CO. Agents for Willys-Knight, Oreriand Cars, Accessories WEBTHBQTEB BliOS. Men's Store i«4 $. rittsburt; St CONJOELLSVILLE LAUXDRY "Snow White Work" 139 Baton-in Are. COLUMBIA HOTEL John Daggan West siae ' FKISBEE HARDWARE CO. jHardnare -(,-. Crawford Ate. WRIGHT-aTETZLER CO. Department Store W.'Crawford Ate. LAUGHRET DRUG COMPANY Brnss.. 112 S. 1'ittsbnrg St. RAPPORf-FEATHERMAS CO. Ton Can Do Better Here. COMPANY Furniture, BUBS, Stoves 154-15S W. Cra-moid ATC. W. S, LECHE Drj Gouiisi J2S W. Crmrford Aye, THE HOESEH COMPANY .Mon's Wear 10(1 IV. Crawford Arc. COLONIAL NATIOKAX BANK ( Corncr rittsburg Street and Cratrford ATenue. MCDONALD MUSIC ANB E'LECTSIC co. Bojal Hotel Block 3. rittsbarg St, , H. KOBACKEE SONS "The Bl(t Store" 2T. Jfittsbnrg St C. TV. DOWNS Footneai for Eteryboily 127 S. Pittsbnrs St. C05TSE1LSTILLE MA333ET AND NORTH END JffAKKET Leading Grocery Stores 136 aiiB 313 X. Kttsbnrg St AS19ER90N-LOOCKS HAEPTTAKE CO. Hordwaxe 11C w. Crawford AveT CHAKLES T. GILES Jeweler 1*1 West Crawford ATC. BKOWNILL SHOE COMPANY Shoen · West Crawford ATC. COWNEI/LSYttLE DBUG COMPANY Draffs 180 West Crawford ATB. PETEE B. WEODSE Fianos and rhonogrraphs 127-129Ea«t Crawford Arc. A. W. BISHOP Jew«lrr 1W Vfest Crawford Are.

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