The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 9, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, January 9, 1939
Page 7
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MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 303D THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVTLLE. PA. PAGE SEVEN. FIVE GAMES IN CITY WPA CAGE GROUP Paramount Five Moving Toward Young Men's Division Title 4. OGLEVEE CLUB DROPS FIRST -Juno- 1938 SPORTS PARADE The junior and young men's divisions of he City WPA. Recreation Center Basketball League completed their first round of play at State Armory Saturday with five exciting contests. The Comets put on another exhibition of sharp-shootug to take a 37-6 win from the if. M. C. A. Streamliners in the first Junior group fray. Brady attc. Harman o£ the winners did the bull: of the scoring with 31 points between them. The second tilt of the forenoon saw the North End Tigers capture a thrilling 17-16'win from St. Rita Juniors, the contest being decided in the final minutes of -play. Goodwin was outstanding for the Bengals while Scaechi collected six points for the losing quintet. The final fray of the morning, and the most exciting one, found Oglcvees dropping then first league encounter to the Willow Inn Juniors. Willow Inn managed to keep a step ahead of the leaders fcr two quarters but the floiisk knotted the count at 14 all In the third frame. With the score 17 al 1 and only seconds left to play, Wo So, outstanding guard for the wmrers, dropp"d a double-decker and liter a free throw to give Willow Inn a thrilling 20-17 victory. By virtvc of the win a three way tie exists in the junior league. The Young Men's .late opened witn Paramount Theat c taking an easy win over Greenwood, 39-19. Brown and Wagner led the scorers ·with nine points each. The final afternoon setto saw the Pleasant Level Dairy, wtih "Pat" Hasson again paving the way with 15 points, jolt Dawson, 39-17. Bob Laughrey, rangy Dawson center, rang up 12 markers to lead his mates in the scoring. St. Rita forfeited to Leisenruig when it failed to put in an appear- once. Both divisions of the league will resume play again Saturday. The summaries: Streamliners ' G. Daberko, 1 1 ;H. Frazier, f --0 ' Trump, c 1 Ash, g 0 Conway, g 0 H Frazier, c 0 ·HUMR CUP AFTER 16 V£»RS OF ·tKfflf ffOATi-JG the AUEEKAd 1EA« 7 KA Blue, Yellow Clubs Rainbow Winners Bo\vlmg on the West Pcnn alleys, the Blues won three straights from the Reds and the Yellows swept through the Greens in the Girls Rainbow Duckpm League. The scores ' RED Wngncr . 105 74 Mttiiay . _ - . 72 68 Dixon 71 124 King Higbec A. Pigmnn HONOR FOUL CALLING URGED BY DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS 90 58 117 113 81 83 *ING HATUICS STNOlCATt IK. Dommac, I Totals 17 Non-scoring substitutes- Irvin. Score by quarters Streamliners . - 2 4 0 Comets 9 6 15 Referee--Robbie Robinson. 3 37 ·Ryan, B. 0-- 6 7--37 St. Rita Jrs. Vcrnava, f _ Luczak, f -Swallop, c -- Scacchi, g Cornish, g Totals . G. --I --1 F. Pis. F. Pts. 1 0' 0 0 0 1 - Totals _ . 2 2 6 Non-scoring substitute--Bailor. -Comets G. F. Pts. Connell, f 1 0 2 Brady, i 7 2 16 Hartman, c 7 1 15 Alt, g 1 0 2 0 0 0 Galiardi, g Non-scoring substitute--Dclligatti North End G. F. Pta. Kraynock, f 0 0 0 Goodwin, f, i Z 1 7 Snyder, c 0 0 0 Mosely, g 2 0 4 J. Barmen, g 0 0 0 F. Rowe, c . 3 0 6 Totals . _ 8 1 H Non-scoring substitutes -- Goldstone, Mazza. Score by quarters. St. Rita . 3 4 2 7--16 North E n d . -- 0 9 6 2--17 Referee--Paul Echard Willow Inn Jr». Shlves, 1 Marr, f G. ILaugnerty, c -) Wolfe, g -- -- F. Pts. . 1 0 2 3 0 6 . 0 0 0 3 2 8 Ruck, g Ciceretti, f _ ,1 ..1 Totals - _ - - 9 2 20 oJIn-scoring substitute--Mongol). Oslevcc-i G. F. Pts. 4 0 8 0 0 0 _0 1 1 ._ 2 0 4 269 198 312 347 194 306 Totals . Bcrkcy Seaton Bishop Miller M. Pigman Mummart . Totals Rude Lenhart Biebcr Chambers Potthoft Francis Totals 549 N. Phillips Friend E. Phillips ShofT . _ Smyth Fitzgerald _ 542 1626 321 252 257 273 272 350 1734 385 224 243 205 306 313 1676 349 375 417 174 303 236 By CAPEL McNASH United Press Staff Correspondent. CLEVELAND, Jan 9--Floyd A. Rowc, spruce at'.iletic supervisor for the Cleveland Board of Education, was convinced today that basketball playi rs fight a "cleaner, faster" game when they arc allowed to call their own fouls, virtually \vithout referees. He hoped to extend such a system Natiomv ide. Row e revealed that two high school games had been plajed already here under a "playci control" system, of which he modestly admits invention. "The results have been so completely satisfactory that many ofll- cials hope the plan may be applied to sports other than basketball," he said. REPORTS ON 1938 GAME KILL URGED v BY SETH GORDON By United Press nARRISBURG, Jan 0 -- Seth Goidon, State Gnme Commission executive ducctor, today urged Pennsjlvania's hunters to Totals 577 646 831 1834 Shcrnck, f Schrum, f TacconI, c S Rowe, g C. Roue, g Here's Good News! Income Blanks Out PITTSBURGH, Jan 9 Income tax return blanks for 271,000 residents of 24 western Pennsylvania counties were n the mails today, William Dnscoll, district collector of internal revenue, said. Included in the ^roup of blanks were 246,000 individual returns, 11,000 corporation returns; 8,000 flduci- iry returns, and 6,000 partnership returns Totals _ _ 8 1 17 Non-scoring substitutes--B Rowe, McCarthy. Score by quarters' Willow Inn Oglevces _- Paramount* Wagner, f ,Conway, 1 Murphy, c -Kline, f Robmscn, g Brown, f 6 2 G. . 4 . 3 , 1 .2 _ 2 . 4 6--20 3--17 F. rts. send in "immedi- Boswcll Upsets Wlndbcr. Boswcll thumped Windbcr, defending Class A titlist of Somerset county, by a score of 36 to 23, completely dominating play in every quarter. Totals Greenwood Riser, f Becman, f Corrado, c Ellenbcrger, B Hooper, g . _ 16 G. 0 4 1 0 2 6 38 F. Pts. 0 0 0 8 0 2 2 2 Pleasant Level Hasson, f, Sansone, f Tikcy, c DeBolt, g Bcnko, g Oswald, f Mongell, g Morrison, g . Totals D;m son Noschese, f . Landymorc, f . Laughrcy, c -Bittner, g Logan, g G. _7 F. Pis. Totals Score by quarters: Paramount . 11 8 14 Greenwood - _ 2 5 4 Referee--Fran Miskims _ 7 5 19 5--38 1 1 .1 18 G. __0 __0 -- 5 It was believed to be the first tttne in the world that such a system had Iwn used in team games. In practice, Howe said, the captains of both groups have complete charge of the game and settle any controversy that may arise. Any player committing a foul rises his hand The official, whose only real purpose is to interpret the rules, then blows his whistle and exacts the required penalty. "To test the system, we had two teams play two games The first time they met they played under the conventional ..ystem, with the referee calling the fouls," Rowc said "The result was 43 fouls called "Shortly afterward, the two teams played again, under the 'honor system.' Because they were thinking in teims of how clean a game the could play, rather than of how much they could get away with, only 17 fouls were called, 12 of them by the players thcmcslves, although in this particular test game the referee's also werf permlltd to call fouls " Rowe said that the spectators and players both were enthusiastic about the system. "No foul was called for the first four minutes, of play," he said, "and the first player to call one was the captain of the Lincoln High School team, which played the team from East Technical High School. He raised his arm, the referee blew his whistle and named the penalty-and the crowd applauded. I believe it is the first tirre I ever heard a crowd applaud a penalty against qne of its own players, had the referee alone called the foul, booing most likely would have resulted." Rowe said he believed the system would have a carry-over value to 1038 game-kill reports ately." He warned that sportsmen who fail t mail reports to the commission by January 15 uill be subject to a $2 penalty under the law Half of the State's 600,000 hunters have alieady sent in their kill tabulations, UMOR self-addressed mailing cards attichcd to every license. "In case the regular game kill report form has become lost H is satisfactory to submit one on a sneet of plain paper or post card so long as the 1038 hunter's license number also is given," Gordon explained. Until the reports arc to it will be impossible to determine how the bear, deer and other gam* kills compared with that of 1037, he said. Lasl year the commission mafic its firsi concerted effort to secuie a full game kill rcpoit The Morning After-Taking Carters Little Liver Pills Named Fire Chief. Thomas Palfrey was elected chie of the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department at the annua reorganization meeting Other officers include President, Daniel Roll- land; vice-pri-sident, Edward Hogan; secretary, George Wmn; assistant chief, Stanley Brazzon, and captain, John Helmken. Defer Race Wire Licenses. HARRISBURG, Jan. 9.--Enforcement of the State race wire licensing act was halted by Dauphin county court until a challenge of the law's constitutionality has been decided. Genuine Pittsburgh CHAMPION Shaker Screen Gas Full Truck Loads, pec bus. . the class-room Rowe has been sports major in Cleveland schools for 16 years. In the past he has been an advocate of c?ncellation of football games in rainy wcathci and a militant opponent of the subsidizing of athletes. "But this method of putting honor again into athletics," he said, "and of making teachers, rather than policemen, of rcfereei, may change the whole nature of sport We intend to test it thoroughly locally, and, if it proves successful, carry it to all parts of the Nation." Try a Load of Our Specialty Prepared OILUD STOKEK COAL 75-P/ione-7700 WORK Phono 1700 JfcCormick Aienue. Phone 15 South Arch Street. 3 39 F. Pts. 0 0 Totals _.. Non-scoring substitute--Craig. Score by quarters: 0 12 3 0 17 8--19 Pleasant Level 8 Dawson _ . 5 6 12 12--39 4 6 2--17 WITH VHB VAAAOUS *RBSM«AIK OVEM Your Big Opportunity to Bring Your Kitchen Up-to-Dato It's a big range -- built ot heavy materials to assure good service for a long term of years. Check the features, compare them point by point with other ranges: Automatic T o p-B n r n e r Lighting. Ko-Slammlng Cooking-Top Cover. Full Porcelain-Enamel Finish. Giant, Double-Duty Burners. Salt and Pepper Shakers. Fresh-Air 0en. Removable (hen Bottom. Heavy Bockwood Insulation. "Mechanical Hand." Drop-Front Draper Broiler. .When You Compare Prices Compare Quality-Too! V«rt f**.*.^ ?,***fr » J...*I,A? v** \*s Here are just a. few of the many unusual and practical features which give the Copper-Clad its superior quality: Copper lining--Thermos C o n- struction -- Removable Enamel -- Air- Tight Oven. We'll be glad to show you the new models and explain why you should buy a Copper- Clad. THE COPPER-CLAD 'America's Quality Coal Range" Why wait another day to start enjoying the comfort, convenient, economy" of a genuine... January 9, 1939. Why wait? Why not make Up your mind right now to get rid of that old heat-stingy, coal-eating stove, to replace It with a thrifty, house-warming Heatrola? It's the home heater you've been wanting--it's the home heater your family deserves, Come In, find out how easily you can own a genuine Estate Heatrola. You live only once--why wait? SEE THE NEW Cook With the Gas Turned Off! See "Window Display! · RETAINED-HEAT OYEX cooks with the ga» turned off. · THEBMOTYEl cooks three vegetables at once with only 10 minutes gas -- on retained heat. K INSOLATION top, bottom, front, back and sides of CHAMBERS Oven and Therm- owell. · In-A-TOP BHOILEB and GItlDDI/E combines smokeless, standing-height broiler -with built-in griddle. « SIZZLING PLATTER designed for use on your table-- the CHAMBERS broiling pan. oSEAIiTIGHT OVEX DOOR HANDLE holds oven door shut, holds heat inside. · DAISY BURNERS grvc any flame from simmer- menng to quick, full blue cone. Highly efficient. · INDIVIDUAL DRIP RINGS easy to clean. · DISTRIBUTOR GRATES prevent "hot spots" in cooking. · THUaiB-LATCH SAFETY GAS HANDLES pie- \ent small children from turning on gas. SAVE THE MOST ON THE BEST LOWEST Extra Special Tall Can TUNA FSSH--LIGHT ALASKA Pink SALMON Norwegian SARDINES California SARDINES ARGO RED SALMON GORTON'S MACKEREL FILLETS Sled, can Korcnn CRAB 6 oz. can EVERYDAY Evaporated, 10 QUALITY Evaporated 10f cans 59C 54c Heinz Assorted Soups 3 -- lo-oi. cans Wisconsin Brick Cheese 2FJC ****** Dinty Moore Beef Stew 1 RA , ~" V/--l}. can · **** Salted Soda Crackers 1 Cn 2 1 b . nkr. i v l » GOLDEN KRUST BREAD 2 2 lb. pkff. Sliced loaves Sweet- Juicy, Fine Quality Easy to Peel Easy to Eat Best Qualllj Sweet .l Flortdu Lnrgc 175 SI/p for for 29c 10c Large White Potatoes Heavy Juicy Grapefruit 3 Fresh Red BEETS or CARROTS Large Clean Yellow ONIONS 10 ^ 29c Fresh White CELERY HEARTS larce r-_ bunch OC Solid Ripe Slicing TOMATOES r ks 10c Ib t Oc Wilson's Certified Freshly Ground Beef Heavy Bacon Fresh Quality and Smoked Meats! Rib or Loin lb. 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