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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, April 13, 1918
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:=jr.rv~-"* c ConneDsville'j Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,603 VOtul6,NO 131. CONNELLSVnXE. PA., SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL 13, 1918 TWELVE PAGES LOYALTY'A SACRED DUTY OF ALL, SAYS LIEUT. PERIGORD i Only By That Can TFc Win in I the Struggle Againbl I'rus- j ntocracj. A MASTERLY MESSAGE DOWN WITH THE DISLOYAL IN CONNELSVILLE IS SENTIMENT UPPERMOSTATLOYALTY RALLY Gathering of Patriotic Men and Women in High School Auditorium at Which league is Formed Babbles Over With Enthusiasm; Persons Living in · ? America and Sympathizing With the Kaiser are Ronndly Denounced; Joe Angle Heads the Organization. WAY OF THE UNPATR1011C WILL BE MADE HARD i "1 used to s*f 'Destruction to the kaiser.' oir I say 'Destruction to »11 wbo sympatfcize witfc him.' A man cun't help where lit «as born, bnt I «ay To Hell with the man who curses the hand that feeds Urn.'" Fairly bubbling o\er with patriotic fervor. Pasquale Bufano made Uus empnatic assertion at a meeting of se-veral hundred men and women of Con- nellsnlle gathered in the lush school auditorium last night at which ue ond Qf th( . Rt strugg ] e m w alcll Loyalty League of Coanellsvjile the object at which is quelling Genrnn t h c l have l)Mn j o m t l cn ^ setl fo , propagandists and puttm? an end to seditious utterances was organised The I Qver hree yislrs Thos* w h o listened words ot Mr Bufano typified the sentiment ot the people assembled though to [he F r e m h llero s m a n f u l art- KTiich tries I" x Better Lnderstand- I ing of What I nincc ami t ngland j Have Done nnd "What *e Must Do I to Kestorc Liberty to the ^ations. | Those perfaons tt ho beard Lieut \ Pau Perlgord of the Trench Arm at U.e niga school ; esle^dai afternoon ha^ a more appreciative understanding of the tonbtancv aud cheerful hopefulness at the French nation and the fldeiiti and grim dctermin mon ot the Hnglish nation to endu e to t h i PERTY LOAN 1 DRIVE HERE TO START MONDAY Committees Will Keport Each IVoon at Lunch nt the Jttasonic Temple. BULLSKIN IS ORGANIZED Enlhnsia,stlp Rallr Held Last \ i f l i t a t reunsrllle at Vllucb Plans f o r Can- vasi, Ar« OiiiJinfd: Committee" (·« to Pibtnrfs on Sunday. Haig's Men Outnumbered Have Held Fast, in the Main. Giving Slightly JHere and There; Heavy Attacks Renewed Today in Order to Reach One of Three Objectives: Council at Cork Protests AgainstConeeription in Ireland and Appeals to President Wilson. i if i r r u i , pi IUC.OKU its expression bj others was in language less harsh Several addresses popping wiUi*- patriotlsm were gnen and each *peak- | obsBnatlon but , Te agree ( 0 tes . er declared that the league was some- u{v pnblrely or m anv other manner thing which had been needd for a ^ may be necessarv p r o p e r jj to longtime Everr person m attendance | ^^^ m tho convlctloa or pums i,.signed the membership roll and all pledged themselves to make reports or any rumors which finger of suspicion at pointed the some perso: ment of the offender Under the obligation when a mem- J c ] her of the league reports a seditious - ia I utterance, he or she must stand back whose loyalti »as doubted The ex- j of Jt t h r o u g h o u t thc ltnestlgatl(m ecetive committee will then take u p , V a Q r Dagg!ai ^ ld he regreUed -the work of investigation and the ( U ) a t he CMld only irapose a maMmura member »ho reported the matter *ill , s e n f e n c e of ,,, dajs to jail on an per- be expected to stand back ot his or SQn appearmg hcfore hvra Hc sald her statements ne w o u id be ashamed to let anyone Joseph E Angle was elected nresi-1 arrl ^ ted on ^ charge Qf ma u O g dis- dent, A A Clarke vice president, , oyil[ iulerances aud J J Thompson, secretarj The executive committee is composed of W D. McGinnia. Her 3 L Proudfit, Gaotga S Connoll, Elmer L. JlcNirtt, J^L Brans, Thomas R Cunningham and SalTatore Desmone A. O. Bixler suggested tliat two women be pot on the committee as both sexes -would be dealt with if anr women were found wlio sympathizer Trtth German? The suggest on was dropped. V. D McGinms, nv outlining the purpose of the league, said he wanted a red hot organization 'This city Is not big enough for'disloyal people and Americans," lie declared. Rev. 3 IA Proudfit, appointed as a sentence more circulated came from people who are pro-German themselves, and that the source of them should be thoroughly inrestigated "It ss a fine idea to hJLTe some sort of a systematic way of looking after these people re- rx)rted to be pro-German," he said. Ite stated that he believed nothing discovered by the league should be withheld but should be given to the public. 1 At tee end of this war," continued the minister, "I'll venture 10 say there are people in Connellsville who Proceeds of Mlnslrol 3Ionday and CONFIRMS SALE OF 6,000 ACRES OF COAL TO FRICK j Thompson Opal Sow dors t( the U»IfWl StAtes District Court For Final ApproTal. JX G Carroll, referee in bankruptcy of the J V Thompson estate, yesterday confirmed the $6,000,000 purchase of J "\ Thompson coal lands by the H; C Frick. Interests. He dismissed dress J.ISD have a Ueare" conception of the di \~\ whS-ch Uea before our own countii a more comprehensive grasp j oC the magnilutle of tht 1 problem wo \ must meet aid a more accurate appraisal of ^hai. the cost will be m blood and treasure Thanks to the courage intimate knowledge and strong convictions *of the speaker whose chast** language and polished diction were among thc chief charms LIEUTENANT JEFFREY, FAYETTE PHYSICIAN, MISSING IN FRANCE Beginning at noon Mondav the torn miUees svliich vnll ii-ake a hoobe to bouse canvass of the citv uexl week in thc interest of the Libeitv Loan w i l l go to the Masonic banquet bail each day at U ocJock for dinne UP- porji ^ ill be raade and pi ins dis | cussed fo the Curiiieraace o^ Uie campaign I t had been proposed to hold the dinners in be basemen' oC the CUnsl- lar church but this wat, changed ves- terda% E\er% menbei of the caa- ULSTER VOTES TO STAND BY THE GOVERNMENT By Associated Press P\JUS. \pnl H,-- l\unt-io[ir persons wiv k i l l t d .ind - others « ( r ( nounded as tilt result 01 tin ( j t r m u n air r.nd lust nitrLt on .Paris, it iras oliw.itt!l\ announced LONDOV April I t . -- F n e person" w * r e L i l U U and 15 otbtrs in- t u f e d in the German air r.ud last night on I ng'und, acuirdi»s to an ofi (rial aniJOii^(.(Dien( madt loda\. "W'TH lilb B R I f l b H 4RM\ IN FRANCE A p r i l 13--\tiih ihc exception vassing committees js urgrd to be ' ° c Mf-ville the German^ thub fai b a \ t noi coached their objective 111 pai t in present at these dinners ebpecia.lh the preseni drive north and »outh of A i m e n t e r e s but toda^ s de\elopmen l i the one on Mondai when the rea.1 I indie? ted that the euerm had DO intention of abandoning tne assauUs un- start -mill be made jmedistelj A captured German document rc%ca s ibat tfaeic uere 10 bi? 'hiec BuIlskiQ townsbjp was organised j ^mos'if 11 - in the iroat nonh and south of Annentieios One hdd BiiUcul as »us Connected M i t h Insh Kegiinent. r or ^ e d r i v e bx E T Nortou ^ nd Roh i lta rtlin objective ano hei Menille and A n e and he third Bethumc nnd Hah aNot B^en »^ rti *TM m I c - t Norris at a meet ng at Penusulle f H 01 le^s than 28 division h a \ e been empm-vcd bv t h e enenn jn Jm p"c- Sm(* Jlitrrli -L last nigit. The meeting 1 was held m | icntnus progtam whic 1 has rieant tnat at some places the British ha c been Harrison Jc" the Kvangelicil church with i g o o d j \ e r j ncavily ou numbered \ German division iggregaics 3 3 t O O to J4 Of0 of bis address, we now ha\e L clearer knowledge of some pbasps of the war whe-eas we were before hut jilt informed if at'aH finrfh and Tpotes'ljr okctrtimg th( part he himveir had taken from his enlistment as a private w h e n thorp were no vacancies Coi chaplains, until^ his mo rial Jy w o u n d e d r%piam liTDderi him his c woirt and conferred upon htm · '^. Laeutenant Robert rej member of tbe second Rojal attendance The township was divid- Irist Regiment, Bndsh Coiccs in cd into five districts ind w i l l be (0\Prance and a Awelte county pbyst jered RvstemathralH \^ ill am 1 Aiil- Ician has been missmg since .March {let bupervi ing puncip-il of tbe Bulls I 21 according to a mc^agn received km township schools, was madf chan- ^esterday LiQtitonant JofTrcj was ! man wif M-^ Afabcl Rhodes as- rU*»d for heroic conduct during the British irha,nrp m thc Camhrai sc i lor Before ftnltitJng hp wvi at th* of the welfare ricpirltnont or the command ot the icmnants of his company durine- the bloody struggle to retain Verdun, Ueutenant I Ramp\ interests He- was the 0 r U second pUvsirian In the county to respond to the rail Coi volunteers Jeffrey in a ^on of Mr ·flstant I M Keofei sen clary Ixicil contcuttoftp which w i l l go in to the o n i h i o g distiict'; (omor-ow men including " 500 rifles ihe enen-} se^ms desirous of reaching \irefa a r a i l u a \ r ntei and is I throwing Ia-ge numbers of tronn^ into he couflict n in attemnt io d i n e j the Bntisli back T h e German thrust iu th -s direction i ndoubtcdh js ot considerable mportance "S pstcrdiv and last nigh tlip onemj corn nuod his, prc^suie fro n ^ \tscli- ario otitf ward and ^ r a f ' u a l l . forrpd t h o linu^h iu f i l l hack f i o n t P'^ep- s'eprt and Ploogt-teort wood until (ho b n l l r was hr ng starlet torla^ H I T NOJVO Ecliso to tho wpql » , « reet - James Jeffrey of Newromor Ti.e bc e n - have all been aot-fied oil torj and arrangements havi been rorapleted foi carrving: out thc sprik- j Ing program Earh group of men lia-= j .----. --u^.^n.u . , , _ , . t__ 4 -,, mv,-.«^w __ j, iJleii. in uu "Cii *-xus" om-ca- ^^ 15 says turtier «To« to- that all mortgage creditors imoh" * * f *}*TM'-* ^ °- complaint baccQ recplv J and , t ^ appreclated ed ic the 12,000 acre deal be paid to full with interest. He directed thai none of the costs should be borne b y _ the mortgagees Mr Carroll directed, that $3,200,000 of the purchase price be pai$ to the Thompson estate The decision will be forwarded to the DUtnct Court of "Wes-tern Pennsylvania for final confirmation ELKS BOOST RED CROSS »ill open their mouths and say they ) bad been disloyal all through vthe struggle If we find them out let us doal wita them as gently as we can-without killing them" The bouse rang with applause that greeted the stirring words of each of the speakers Instances of perions who openly declared themselves out of sympzthy with the Red Cross, the United States or President "Wilson were recited. Reports raade by Red Cross membership canvassers of being abruptly turned down as though the were beggars were recalled The league will look after just such instances. Membership m the Loyalty League is open to every man and woman in Connellsville, but the executive committee will pass on the applications and if there a w e any against whom there is some suspicion, a thorough nvesugation will be made P Bnfano was called on to express nlmself in regard to the leagni. He 1ld not talk long but what he did say carried much force with it. J Fred Kurtz said he believed that reports should be made as soon as - l?ey are heard and the person who ·nafces the report should stand back nt it- Later a resolution drawn up hv him was adopted by a. standing ote R e M Tomaschka, pastor of the "lavish Lutheran church, said the Slovaks were doing their best to help ihe Umted States and that everyone of them -was loyal * Mayor Dufgan presided at the . leeting until Mr Angle was elected ] i esident. Both P Bufano and W D 11, said unity and organization are , hat are needed "If there is any me thing a community ought to be at this ume" said Mr McGinnu, ' it i united It can only be united te b"ing loval Bufano suggested the s. me thing He ssad Gennanv had s i«cefded so tv throngb. her ei- c lient organization He reminded rhe members of the newly organised lague not to forget about the work aaead of them after they left the b nld'ng and returned to their homes The following obhgaXion offered by j Fred Kurtz »as accepted by the league; "That we, the persons here 4 tiag in favor of becoming members o r the Loyaltv League of Connells- Mllo do hereby agree to further the JLTIEI and principles oC the organization in every way possible and do ti i eby agree that we will not*only re- j* rt promptlv to tbe proper officials V the Loyalty League any seditious f c- or utterance tilt comes under our 'luisdar Go to Local Clnipter. Everything '3 rcadj for tile annual Elks' minstrel show to be given Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the Soisson theater Pull details of the show will be contained in the Elks Booster edition ot The Courier wiiicn will appear Monday The proceeds of the minstrel will go to the Red Cross Uthough the members of the Red Cross are not aiding in the sale of tickets the chapter leaders wish to bring prominently before the public the fact that the^entire proceeds will be given to that organization James M Dojle has been active m financing the booster edition BLESS SERVICE FLAG Interesting Exercises Tomorrow in Lmontown Church. In memory of the young men vvno have gone out from the parish of St. John's Roman Catholic church Union-town to carry the ideals they have "been taught Into cantonment and camp people 'I am bringing you more than the greetings ot the French Vrmj he said, ' t am bringing yoa the warm embrace of the- whole French nation For tfirec long vearc the French Armv has been bleeding, bathing n,s soil and crimsoning the waters of its rivers with the life-blood of more than 1,000,- to of Uniontown. fearful onU that all their sacrifices might be in vain WTaea a new flag-- tbe Stars and Stripe*--appeared in thc crisis, the French nation took new courage and hope, and In glad acclaim Brooke, daughter of Mrs, Macy Brooke [assigned to ConnelUMIle in the loan campaign and thev w 11 explain tbor- oughh the bond proposition and answer a l l questions which arc put to them by the residents of those sec tious Some instances- where a full knowledge offluel what the loan means is ·laddflg^'have oeen discover ed aid *nrough ba\mg the committees ad dress the meetings it is iiopod to make the bond Issue plainer ~Vt R. Kennej tea'm captain haa added, the names of "W G Kauffman W Beuschei and D K Dttaoi h to his team for the Libertj Loan car- ETTW(. if-AJiFB ACTIO.\ BAIXV, r W- are getting nearer artion evei? i day ' writes Eugene Kem from Some- 1 where in France to George S Conin letter- dateii- real Amencan ipprec smokes are premium over here If o u know Bob Mulford there have him write to | Bob Ingersoll same address as mine "What France has endu p ed since she Trench Company No 1 Pi-st Battal- member of On Mondav from 32 to 1 o'clock the i ion Twenty-third Engineers first made a waij ot her children to hold back th Prussian hordes that would conquer the world and toe lib- j fl ,, erties of mankind, will _never ' be I » luTiT^ tno»n, cannot be known "What France has had to endure as Its wo- FLELOCGH "Woman's Culture c'ub will serve dinner at the Masonic temple to the captains and the r teams There w ill be 13 tables with covers foi 10 Uid at each John Cuneo a member ot the 110th lows The committees are Kitchen, Mrs W R as Jol- Kennev men have been ravished its children Regiment Hospital corps, left this chairman Mrs G T?, Campbell Mrs mutilated and all that a people aoid morning for Camp Hanoock \uginta, j William Rogers Afrs "Waltei Erbeck sacred or dear torn ruthlessly from them, it is not m the power or gift of men to tell " A most beautiful and touching tribute was paid to the motherhood of France and to the mothers oC the soldiers oJ all nations fighting in thc Ga, aftei spending a 10-da.v furlough at his home here Mrs A Bishop and Mrs R C Lvon Serving Mrs "W N Leche chairman \trs J M Young, Dr (Catherine Wakefield Mrs J "fl But- 0V DOM A VI WASHIM..TOV WASHINGTON Apnl 13 -The bioiize statue ot I rwienck the beio was removed in ^rc tious todj.i and packed a w a j for safe Keeping Jt is jndcr- stood tlie statue wa,s removed -at tbe-m^tance; jf President "U il- son who has taktm notice of bitter criticism expressed m Con gre^^ an(* eNew bcre ov ci permitting the statue to remain Th" falatue w h i c h is of heroic size wab a personal gif of the German Lmperor Willian II BRITF.SH (.ACS Apnl 53 llie British advanced their hnt^ Mightlv m Ihe neighborhood of Fc^ibert ind loo^ a prisoners There \\as hca\^ tighnng lasi night near N e u v e Eglise Tnd V\ ul- verglien and the battle hero in= still in progres- at a late hoii Ian night THRISI Ar JJLEB1 11 LE ]X^^DON April 13-- Tiio Germans made an a'tack last night west ot M e m l J e on tiir northern oajtle front and f, erf repulsed, the wa^ oflicc announces GREAT LAKES BAND Part el SoHsa Orgnin/ation Coming ext Preparations are being IRISH DniBED OX CO^SCKnTIO BILL. LONDON Apnl 33--The Coik LOF- poration council has unammouslv adopted a resolution agamst con- scraption and appeahng UD President Wilson for ' protection At tbe same time the ulster council issued a slate- I uient upb-olding tie go^ ernment s raade by Proposal pointing out that Ireland at "I\ TKIJifHES iniB IOC Gt;r THIS," SON 1\ RITES. 'When you get this 111 be m the!^ o r i - Irs Edna Johnston BrendeJ, ____________ _______ ,, ___ « , - . _ . trenches says a letter f-om S Knot Mrs D X Dihvorth, Miss Hsrr et cause of human freedom Lieutenant i Houston of this city to his parents , Clark Mrs John B Darts, \ISss Mar- execut\e committee of the Liberty present tbe most piobperous ponion Loan campaign for a big parade to j of the Lnited Kingdom s in duu and be held here ne;t Thursdaj aftei-jhocoi bound to comrimue ner poi- noon between 3 and 3 4 3 o clock One turn be the -war longer sho-L To do of the fnest bands in the country, the Great Lakes Naval Training Sta- Perigord urged the mothers of Amer- | Rev and Mrs S B Houston of ica to g ve more ot their affection to ~ their boys who ha\e gone 'CHer There ' "You cannot, 1 he said witi Greenwood Knot is with tbe medical department of the Fifteenth Field ArtiHarx and Uas been in, France for feeling emphasis give them enough i several months. Tee French Aimy will never be con quered because Jie women of Prance are too strong and brave Mother love is at irs best when it is ready to offer JLS sacrifices on the altar of patriotism There be those who are sohcitwms Lhat then sons secure bnl- let-proof. positions but are willing that the sons of other mothers go to fight These are not the mothers whose sons will help restore civilization and righteousness in. the earth After thc war there will be two classes t was noi. announced of people in the world--those who are j 3£iss Kobacker was graduated Tram ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED Miss Rosaline JKobacker to 'Hed Pittsburg 'Attorney nt taw. Air and Mrs H Kobacker of Mount Pleasant announce Uio engagement of their daughto Miss Rosaline H Ko- back^r to Hii-rr M Aronaon son n£ i Mr and Mr Samuel S Aronson of - , termore, Mrs S P Ashe Mrs Charles tjon band wlU be hero on that afuir ' noon and will lead the parade The band consists of 75 pieces and is part of the lamous Sousa organization I will not be accompanied here bj Sousa, how eve~ Tbe musicians! Whiteman Mrs J J Thompson Mrs C J 'Whitcler Miss Edna Bengal Mrs C ^V Downs Miss, Pearl Keck Mis-s E nabetb Mae Brown Mrs W L "n'nght ^[^s John Cur- Jr Mrs W K illen Mrs I B Marietta. Mrs Wade H Maiietta Mrs C E TVihon GIRLS NOT WANTED "bate Ruling Bars Tho^ Cnd^r 25 Irom Scnicc iu Tnincc. Tue romance of the pretty young ed Cross nurse and the ·nouaded less would be to surrende" ' RECORD IN FINES Total 01 S100.50 Collected b» 1'olice Over iflit; Eaid Gambling House. Police court receipts this morning will come he~e f r om Lruontown by reached a record mark wbca 5 1 00 r 3 automobile leaving there at 2 o clock was collected m fines and forfeits V and arriving heie at 230 At the con- raid made bv Lieutenant Thomas Mc- clusion of the parade James IVancis , Donald ind Patrolmen Turner Ren- Burke of Pittsburg will speak for a half horn After his address is completed Jie baud will give street concerts until 5 o clock that the of liberty may not he driven from the world their friends and relatives, both Catholic and non- Cathohc, will meet an St John's chnrch Sunday afternoon at 3 o clock to witness the blessing of the service flag with its 88 stars Featuring the service will be an address b Rev D A Lawless, director of Confraternity ol Chrlstiaa Doctrine, Pittsfbitrg proud and those who are ashamed of ! thc part they bad m the great conflict There has never been such a thing as a great German victory She is going to be defeated What has been (Continued on Page Two J GENERAL WORTH INVESTS (KM hellons Lodire ow Hai fniclias- td 59,000 IVorth of Bonds. General Worth lodge of Odd Fellows last evening authorized tlie purchase of 52,000 worth of Liberty Bonds The nrvesimont in thc third loan makes a total of $9 000 General Worth lodge has put into Libertv Bonds Auto Accident Fatal. Adam D Wallace 32 ^ears old a colored resident of Adelaide, died on Thursday night in the Greensburg hospital of injuries suffered in an automobile accident The body will be taken to .the family residence at \de- laide b Funeral Director J JL Stader Funeral s«rnccs will be held Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock from the Mount Zion Baptist church in the Uest Side with Rev R D Epps officiating Interment In the Dickerson Run Tjruon RALLY ATfERRYOPOLIS Congressman Sterling Chiet Speaker There rom#rrow. Cougressraan "Bruce F Sterling and Prof Lawrence Fife of the Perry opolis schools w i l ' speak at a big patriotic meeting to be held tomonow afternoon, at 230 o clock on Ihe diamond at Perropohs Miss Lena Gal ley 13 chairman of the n-eoting The reception committee is composed of C P Davidson "William Armstrong, Hudson Slocum and B F Luce Miss Mary McCcnneli of Connells- \ille v,iU be the soloist and will direct the children in patriotic songs Mrs W H Martin will have charge of a patriotic pageant, and Miss Ada Buttennore will he Goddess of Liberty A quartet composed of Mrs Lawrence Fife Mrs B F Luc6 Miss Freda Hixenbaugh and Mrs William "Weimei will sing the Marseilles Pittsburg The date for the wedding ( Soklier isn t likely to bud ia Jie Amencan field and base hospitals AJ- t hough, information received here earlier in the week WE to the effect that there was no age linnt for worron wishing to enlifat jn the work a lettci thzs morning staged thai no women undei 25 years of age could he taken Foi social ·work the ages are fron 28 to 50 years and Toi clerical work the age range s irora 25 to iO yeazs and foi canteen work from 2o to o5 years the Mount Pleasant high school and later from Jie Mount Pleasant institute She IB a sister of Alfred J Kobacker of this city and IB \ery popular among her wide circle of friends Her fiance is a brother of Mrs Alfred 1 Kobackei ind is one of the most prominent attorneys of Pittsburg He is a member ot the firm oE Aronson ArocioiL and the United States Reatty coKtpan BELLE GROVE HELPS Commnmlv "\car Ohiopjle Sends Check lot !»l(iO tx) Ilcd Cioss. Belle Grove auxilia,rv of the Con-[morning $3050 more d ne and Gciger on a Vatci street gambling house netted 17 prisoners The proprietor of the bou«e v\a^ released on a $23 foifeit and J3 other prisoners, among bem t w o g r!s. eacli paid ?5 "his rnornug be remaiiing thrco prisoner's caught in ihe aid iveie giv en street bv Mavoi Duggan The foifeils left bv Uiose causlit j in lie raid amounds ID ^o and lb s collected nellsville ch^ptei of the Red Cross ' f r o m othei prisoners, mak ng a total the activities 01 which are well known of f 100 50 in the region of Oh opvlc esterda sent a check r oi P60 to ibe chapter headquarters Of tbib amount ^100 vvi-s received from the -affle of a bam John. H Ir- w m who ha,s a '·ottige at Belle Giove chanced tte meat off among emploves GOOD CONCERT ASSURED Ticlet* Going- for tlie vnnaal Lvent liv Ifilitarv Ilund. Ticket, h a v e ^ocn placed on salo of Uie bnion T USL company. Pitta-i foi the annual conceit 01 tbe Con- HOSPITAL AT DAWSON j WANTS MORE RECRUITS bing The remainder v as made by lie women at i suppei M i s £ L i Mar =: 1 1 is churman at Belle Gnne Is Report That Has Been HeiirtI There During the Week. Reports are current at Da\vson that tbe government will locate a bospital there Agents were loolciDg over tbe ground this week it is sa d Rumo" connect* the Ne ernment plans residejicc wi\.h thc go% Captain Cox Rc(|iu j ±ts Draftees in Class i - V to lUporl at \rmorv. Captain rran*L Cox of Conipan^ 0 Penusyhan a reser\p mihtfa an Bounces that be l needs a few Senator Stone W \SKlNGTOh. April l i -- Senator Stone of Missouri "who suffered a stroke of paralysis last \V«tJnesdaj became worse today aftei spending a Generally fair tonight and Sunday is the roon. weather Western Pennsylvania foiecost tor Temperature Record. 1918 1917 ^Tanmum 46 67 Minimum --___------37 31 Mean .. ·in men to recruit t-ae company to fuU strength Captain Goi suggests that more diaftees w h o .ire in Clab^ 3 A repoit for drill it the armor} AS it raa be oE benefit to them when thev get to their training camps MORE WORKERS NEEDED Irgenl ( a l l te S e n t Ont Bj Lonnilla- Vn uige^l appeal ib ^cnt out fioui the local Red GIOS.S headtiuaiterb Iti" company uiore workcii In adduion sarmcn s lst " ch d r t bciu ' neHsville Million band o be grven in tbe high school luditonum the msht of April 22 ind Dnector John E Gaster appeals to the public to be llbc al in their patron igc of tin. c ent Tickets nai be exchanged on and after April JO ,it C Ro- Hel-el s diu{ stoi L. 'Ihc e iM'l be 50 pieces m Uie band Direcui Gastti announces Mifc=- Pearl Keck has bi en engaged as ac- The oloitls aic Mis DUNBAR CONVENTION 1 the TV or I pajama sui ] is j.92 aid B i pjete he v,o k b; the clo^-e o S montb some oE tae garments ba\e to be 11 ade bj wonen in i homes Momen v,Lo » i l l l o l u n t e c i i lo othc j Helen Markell Kuo\, Miss Helen Beil ^de b R u h Charle-, ^chrnid. Altoona ,^. the chapter allotiacnt o b foi the monJi c-f Api I j c l a r i i e t \ D suiiS 120 To com I t ophone am' John Koerne, FORTY BURNED TO DEATH rinitlitn in Elemental-} Snndu\ bchool Workers services -isked o a ' l llio hpn . Red ' Ol.Ialioma Ild\|iilol 1 all rc-T (o I lamis ccmetorj Deceased ivas a son ot I restless night and is in A berious con The \ough river fell Nathan and Eliza Byrd 'Wallace. Idition, bis pbrsit-ian said. I night from 11J feet to ^ 20 leej! tmtlicr Wicie Tomorrow. 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