The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 26, 1964 · Page 53
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 53

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1964
Page 53
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Page 53 article text (OCR)

r mcat. neetea, equippeo.w a a a-Ing lacUiuea. nartli-g. Winter Bft-v Ins. PIMM Its-alts, sfter SUBLET. I BEDROOM. tea later enroot. Apt. a fnorntngs. SUBLET. NOV. I. 1 BEDROOM. electrically equipped, ass. Taa- SUBLET ONE-BEDROOM APART- anant. aeatad. eoulppia. weaning t acuities, parking w later lug-ma. Phona 7ia-41tS. after M PJB. SUB ILET I BEDROOM. EQUrP-d. laundry, haatad 1100. saa- TWO . BEDROOM APARTMENT. oqatppaa. ApPV oa raoa. Apt- 1. UPPER DUPLEX Ss4 LISOAR, Aug. St. aaa. SZl-raee, ertaaai, FRANKDALE APTS. W0 FRANK ST. off Bank 1 and 2 tnvlrooaria, broad-loomed, drapes, elevator, parking. 1 BEDROOM .. S10S 2 BEDROOM .. 1125 Daily 2 to 2336667 TURNER REAL ESTATE REALTOR 72-117 UPPER DUPLEX, t FLOORS. rooms. October 1. unequipped aaa-aias. aaa-easa, s to s past. UPPER DUPLEX. 1 BEDROOM. clean, heated, ptivsla antraare, SSS. 7SS-074S. tTPPER DUPLEX, BEDROOMS. SI 10. 48S Mutual. 14S-S7M. VERY LAROB. ONE BEDROOM apartrnant. Hanover kttcnen. asao tncellv equipped, persuig. a Mana Avenue. VERY CLEAN. . BEDROOM apartment, eloaa to tranaporte. seearataa- TSS turn, shopping, tedeeorai WAVERLEY apt, aqutg ST- 1 -BID ROOM ars. Avsiisbie unmed lately. ce, WEST END. MODERN S-BED- room tower apartment, ctoaa to acnoat, siao. WEST END. VACANT I - BED- roota apartment, ass. aun coupie. very clean. Central. Taa-lMa, evenlnga vsp-anea. WEST END. AND 8 BID ROOMS. upper aupiaw BEDROOM APARTMENT OOl atodera building. Centre Town, parking. Boat, fit tnctneed la low rent, gva King so warn. 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT. Utatewa, parxiag. Street: altar S. tU-OSlS. r WENTWORTH PLAZA luxury Apartments , rThpte Balconies Roof Garden Swimming Pool Air-CoiidJtfonIng Individual Heat Control ' BACHELOR . I and 2 BEDROOMS , $92.50 up ' 258 USGARST. ' 2344065 (Continued aa Has! QltivMii ' : - -- - f 1 1 1 Tid OTTAWA JOURNAL WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 19M S3 201 ins, mm to in (Cent, front fmMim Column 201 OTL FUTJ TO in oi Am. mis n tn Ml im. run is in 2oi -WLiunnin . 201 iriLiuanin 201 lilpalUBTOUT tCont front vima Carom al (Cat fCa6Bjt bVwTwbI nr'FwTefnaWaajs CesalftewM I Coat, frees imalag Oataatal rCeat. frees inla Celiima) DUPLEX. MODtlN, BPACIOUS. equipped. S btaroaws. fang, residential. Oct. 1. PAs-asM efler 4. EASTVIEW. I- AND S-BEDROOM ' flata. newly daccratad. Apply M Berretle Etreet. 749-S041. eastviiw, i.bedroom apart. ment. ITS. Washer, dryer. 744 EASTVIEW. 1-BEDROOM APART want. 74a-aSt. IM Qanoet. EASTVIEW. LARGE l-BEDBOOM apartment, refrigerator, elave. (round floor. SSe-lgM. EASTVIEW. LOWER DUPLEX. 1 badrooma, aunroom. dinette. rlayroom. garage, all. Oct. 1 tMlfl, alter AST VIEW. BASEMENTS, 1 rooma. kaaud. parking. S-aVLa Joto street, TaP-IQaa. EASTVIEW. I OCT. I-BED-reom spertrnent. SSOi. bested, Ulhtad. 740-10S7. EASTVIEW. S-BEDROOM APART-manu, freshly dacoratad. I03 aaa, 74S-oao. EASTVIEW, 1 BEDROOM. $65. parking. SHS-Mse; HUM. THE DEALJVILLE 383 BESSERER STREET tFriel Within walking dliUnca of ParUamanl Hill this luxury t-. staray -building offers larpa ant 1-Bedroocn, l-Bedroom and S-Bedreom Apartmente with ampla ckiaat apaea. mahogany deeorlptlee wall In living room, large utilitarian kltehaa. eerpeted corridors. Indoor and outdoor parking. RENTS PROM $89.50 $ 145 Swimming Pool MASTERCRAFT MRS. HOLT. 233-5091 ECHO DRIVE. GROUND FLOOR triple. S-wodroom. dining rTJbm, i. dacoratad a cholc. September October. SlaO. Boa: E-SM. Jour- EFFICIENCY ONE . BeBBOOM wImmiH. alf Richmond Road . Your own entrance, yard and ga - raga: Decorated in your cnoecc of colors. MO up. Uk.1571. ELECTRIC STREET. 1 BED- rooms. IS5. equipped, edults SHS-OQ07. evenings . . iatriAitl .nrn. room apartmenl. balcony. Sept- I. (no. aje-eois ELOfN AND LISOAR. NEW SEC Uon, t-badroom apartment, taa- ELGIN. VICINTTT ARMY HEAD- quarters, oao-wom. aw. azjs. EMBASSY AREA. SPACIOUS Iami l bedrooms, modern Kit chen, lighted, recreation room. powder loom. SIM. aaS-oaoa GENEST STREET. IIS. S-BED- numiu-i. ats. la-medt ate. Royal Trust Company, sas- ooa , GLEBE, 1 BEDROOMS, HEATED. Ilghtad. equipped. MS. HHIll GLEBE, t BEDROOMS. ELEC trtrally equipped, ass. zsa-vaae, evenings; t-ts-isjs. oar GLEBE. FIRST FLOOR. S BED imm. - electrically eoulpped. unsworn, service room. EM 'S' die. GLEBE I -BEDROOM. GROUND near, enodera apertrAonl, m-. Mucins waahar. dryer. 1100 October. Second Avenue at SiaM. SS4-S4J7. OLEBE. 4-ROOM APARTMENT, Uled bathroom, equipped, perk- lng. aaa-wia. GLEBS. 1 01 I BEDROOMS, mooarn apartment equipped MS and Pas. 7SS-SI4S. Open House THREE PROJECTS W OTTAWA'S MANOR PARK Featuring 1, 2, 3. Bedroom Apts. and TerrKed Homes and Motel Type - Bachelors SOME AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY l I Other for Scotttnbr ad October Occupancy. ' A typical tzampls is 2-. bwdroora homt which . has . bedrooms snd tiled 4-piece bathroom fM the top floor, . living room, dining room and kitchen on the mam floor, and heated garage, laundry and storage room In your private basement Also Included Is heat, hot water, ' stove, refrigerator and the moat complete iriaiuigenvent ' services anywhere ; We have k fully furnished model available for your m- " spection dally including Sunday till dark. - J ' ' Manor Park ' ! Management : ,- Company . 231 Brittany Drive 745881 r OLEBE. S BEDROOMS. tnm( parkins. Ms; a aodrooma. aroema oaor. dining room, sejui perking. SltiJe. October. sail. OLEBE. 1 BEDROOMS. BLEC-tricalry oqulpped. M. S-ll OLEBE, S BEDROOMS, LTVINO room, auntng iiinm. oejee-v, heeled . awiuoom. reaeonatela opt. I- 'tat-esss or aaa-aoeT MULL, 1-. S-BEDROOM APART, ments, tlectrK stove. SS SSS 777-410. a IRENE CRESCENT. I . BEDROOM . . apartment, SM: l-bedr tin .- spartment. 1103. equipped. Sept 1. rarning. mmwwnm. UIOI BRIOHT. LTVINO BOOM. a MoraMm. oecorale ta ami tenant, central. 4100. SJS-te75. MACLAREN NEAR BANK. 1 Bl rown. living, dining, bale a ay. narking, couple. October. sis. MANOT1CK. I BEDROOM. AT- tr active, heated, lighted, door. eOS-gaia. MODERN 1-BEDROOM APART ment, colorful bathroom, wash er, dryer, parking Included, tea Lacaaea Street. 74-seol- MODERN HEATED S . BEDROOM apartment, perking, b a I e an y, washer snd I acuities 1105 As-ply 1 Ricnellen or 7ia-iig STROLL ON THE BANKS OP THE R IDEAL) RIVER J . FROM "THE LEXINGTON" Indoor Swimming Fool Broodloom Hall Spacious 1 and 2 Bsdrooms .110 up. " 733-7884 Subsidiary of Trendsetter Day. MODERN, GROUND FLOOR. eeif-eontalnad i -bedroom, lid St. Andrew. Ottawa. saa-aMg. NEAR UPLANDS AIRPORT AND MversMe. oovernment Buildings. J bedrooms, alec trie ally equtp- e-ior iree parsing, aao-iaea. NEAR ORLEANS. , MODERN a- v in imiu' vw-i n trance, (arage. Iiailat sped 01 ai grounds. 74-aMa. NEW. I. S-. S-BEDROOM APART. mcnts, mooarn outioing, neataa, Ilghtad. sa up. Louis Ttlley Ltd.. "Realtor,7 745-401; na nuigs, TSle7se. NEWLY DECORATED. ELECTR1' caiiy oquippoa. a Deoroome. a ensneeota, Kaatview. Tts-4091 ONE - BEDROOM APARTMENT. electrically eeutpped, oaotral 13-lf ll. Wal U4. IN to a pm. ONE - BEDROOM APARTMENT. electrically equipped. Mi. SSI Gladatone. . . OTTAWA SOUTH. SBEDROOM heated asartment la trw-tx. M, parking Maturo ladlas or couple oniy. m-ioeo. OTTAWA SOUTH, I BEDR OOM. eiectrteajiy equippeo. naptembor. au. saa-sxaa. lii-issi eraniruts THE Acadian 153 NEPEAN ST. Just tmst ot Bank St Modern as ran slot ay. twln-cie-veter building lecturing bsl-eonlea. disk washers. fu.!y draped apta.. and ananjr other features, serai one beoroom. $87, .50 Open for inspection dally. Mrs. Hogarth, Xll-lsM. J37- THE Du Barry 680 ST. PATRICK ST. st CHARLOTTE room apartment building -rv-ed 580, FuraUked .. W All oartrleas Ineraded as renL KASSEU RE All Y ITO. Al Kaaouf, F. EUla OVERBROOK. AVAILABLE. targe S . 771-SJ5. S10S. pfiONs saa-aas for details la Centre Town Heat light and parking Included ra low rant. 0UEEM MART APARTMENT. elS Sinn. Maaowm ana, large s- bedroom anartmeat, Uvtnei dining room. . washer, , dryer. a loo. REASONABLE RENT. QUIET, comfortable bachelor apartment. aunnysme balcony. ADC aas SM Larger. Sea Manager Want- worth Plssa. RICHMOND ROAD. I BEDR OOM. modern, equipped, aao; bachelor. SsS. Parking. tyg-Sgll. eM-IieS. avaninga 7n-3eon. SANDT HILL. -' I- S-BEDROOM epertrnenta, equipped, park big. SANDY RTLL APARTMENTS. MO up, parking, elevator, laundro- mau aao t-aur-ar seat, s-o-ioaa. SANDY HILL BACHELOR. 1 BED rocens, as nwaouano. 7a-eTOS. SANDY HILU SPACIOUS S-BKD room. alactricaiiy equipped, giaa see-eaaa. SANDY HILL. I BEDROOM epertment, electrtcelly equipped, available knmedletely, ttt. SU aeua. SANDY HILL, S apartmanta, S7S. . BEDROOM snd aao. ass SANDY HILL. SUBLET. 4. ROOMS. 10 minutes' wslktng dislsnoa Centra Town-. Stove, refrlger ator, heated, clean. 41 Temple ton, Apt. a. sn-iave. venmgs. UCLF CONTAINED I - BEDROOM apartment. g7o. n rourtn Ave nue, SEPT. I. 1 -BEDROOM APART- ment. are. Una pel near ruaow. SEPT. IS. UPPER DUPLEX, S Urge rooms. So Uagar. SSS- Tsea evenings. SOMERSET AND BOOTH. 1 B ID- room, and Boor, ate-aioe. SPACIOUS S-BEDROOM APART- menl, acreeneq veranasn. on- rse, rooKfeniiei. iwp,w. MILLCRAFT ;. Sets High StaxidaVds Without the HlRh Renta Swimming Pool V Recreation Are ', Individual Balconies Off Street Parking Modern-Spacious' 1 BEUKUUM - - FURNISH ElDv 1 $87 $102 MUlcrait Crest. Apts. f fhlaiilea from Centra Tows Of tie - a Mrt.LCRAFT cnr-tcgNt Netrl b, MeArthuT Plssa Shnppina Centra, Eaelvtew t v- 749-3741 I I SUBLET ONE-BEDROOM APART- BEDROOM. ELECTRICALLY aqulppad. heated, la , Caroa Street Apt 1. m-TSSa. 1 . BEDROOM APARTMENT. PSd alaly, r. Aps . rons sree ath Baplamkay. Apply Super-I , ApC.I. IUMJ I niiinag- OR t BEDROOMS. LAROE Ma. tau rtiwe. ina B-aaaon. equipped, newly ttt aralii. a7S. as-7aea- 1 BEDROOM. IsJBJtOdE NEAR OH Ulnae, arn. gia-aiio. BEDROOM. BALCONY. NEAT-ad. Ilghtad. Sad), 17 at- Andrew BEDROOM APARTMENT, living mum, equipped, aft, Oct. 070. Oct. . S . BEDROOM APARTMENT. Me- Arthur PUia, otertrleay aqsip- aeactricl S-g7M. aazraooM apaitminT. heat- ed, pemtns, see, gap-atop. LE VOYAGEUR. Tour Weat End addreaa only trojleTwaaw Vaas Hvts at i assured ai La Voysgear, t neated aa both rat Uneas Cart- las Ave. and Rlcamana ava. FEATURING. : ' . J hhrpddd tltvatort . Frttnriwd eorrUon . Drapes in every suite . Broadtoomtd halls . 0TMneMtof . Wondworktng Mbbf ihop . ChU&rtn'i wadtnf pool ' . Stem room . JUcrcatioit rooinj . Multi-channtl TV atrial . Buat-m etMtu . CouHttr ( stoves . it e. fU rttriotrator . FM mutle ptptd into sack atmrtment . Wr-tAera eni dryer oit pdry floor . Inttrior-txttTior parking . Decorator appotntdd lobby . BttttMl music tn main -. lobby . Cotutant axehangt ot trot atr . Beanti talon . rck shop . Clot to schools, c arenas, sfsopplng t'fTOHch provincial iscor WE OFFER: 1 Bfalrtotn com- $02.50 DHtsKlaat at 7 aMtdroosi cotn-menclng st $125 3 Badnxvits, 2 Bath $135 at OPEN HOURS: asa. to pm- Man. thru frl. I Bat. to e pat. Sat. saw Sun MRS. J. RAMSAY 82134117 Unrler New Msnagefib-nl. Owned and eperaiH by SERIAL REALTIES LTD. m Articles for Sile ArtMaa far Bale . ArtlcVte Wanted Bsata end Marlaa sat sot aaa SoaA Sat SOS aod set Oerdenliwj - Lando Parat taaltatuM Pad far Sa le Pwartry Lri mlaU tVsbrals CITlpfoYriaft Ja H elp Want tit Ltt soia aaa Famaa) Bees Wa aaa tmplipaiaiif Waa Sit,',' ' t it,3. 1 rMlatmeai Caersa agld-l ta par ware. WopJ I S-BEDaOOM APARTMEJfTS. SSS. wessg loaini aitcnen, a-uewja. park We. alia) In t BEDROOMS, DEN. STOVE RE- frlg ere tec, anna, parsing, caas- artdge. 1 BEDROOMS. DININO BOOM, kitchen. iao wuww. S-BEDROOM APARTMENT, OCT- aer 1, veu iee-e,se- S-BEDROOM APARTMENT. SM A . BEDROOM. NEWLY DECOR- ated, equipped, large dining man. pas.' near Elgw. log Wsver- ey, ePO-OPlo. LABOE ROOMS. KITCHEN, bath and eundeek. aS yatrmorrt. S BEDROOMS. KITCMIN. BATH' roam, aaoaaa tieor. pi Street. ROOMS WITH BATH. NICE. - ongnt, aioctr-cauy equippeo .Would oaM aouple. IU-UU 'saa-aiSI. S-BEDROOM APARTMENT. SEPT , a, iwraariwv. pwvw. BOWS - fly also. SM Bt. Laurent Boule- ' vara, sas-iioa. e-ROOM FLAT, BACK BAL- en. , parting. NOW RENTING . THE - '.!; PARKWAY ; : ;towers C0MMAND1N0 A MAGNIFICENT VIEW OF THE OTTAWA RIVER, GATINEAU HILLS, NCC PARKWAY. SITUATED IDEALY AT THE CORNER OF RICHMOND RD. AND NEW ORCHARD AVE), in i ju ra. jv sunaw wivo av reo-e-. ment Hill by NCC Parkway' Drive. FEATURING . INSIDB awTMMTNO POOL . ADJOINIMO OUTDOOR PATIO . RECREATION ROOM WITH CONTINUOUS MUSIC . LAUNDRY PACILITIES . S HIOH SPIED ELEVATORS . INDIVIDUAL CONTROLLED HEATING) . DRAPES THROUGHOUT i . MODERN KITCHENS . HEATED INDOOR PARKINO . ROOFTOP SOLARIUM AND SUNDECK . PARTY BOOM ADDITIONAL FEATURES . HEALTH AND SUMMINO CLUB " . SAUNA BATH . . STEAM ROOM J . MASSAOES . BEAUTY PARLOR TUCK SHOP Close to all schools, churches sad bus ityutes. ' llodtrat stents $100 $110 IOC BACHELOR PBOM I BEDROOM PROM t BEDROOM PBOM P Insurious ftnthousa Sultts Model tultu How Open 725-1393 4-ROOM trtcally APARTMENT. ELEC- equlpped. Aagasta Bt. : aouns, aaa. tu- S1B4. BOOM APARTMENT, HEATED. , S7S. US-SIM. -ROOM APARTMENT. HEATED. aaa. e4-sa4. S7S. 4 BOOMS. BATHROOM, electrically aqulppad. large hal oony. free parking. aaa-lia. -. aaa. sandy kill, a bedroom. eiectrtceuy equippeo, saa-aaat. Baby Sarrteaa VI Rooms Real Estate 7S1 Neaeae Shr Sal raiA Ants, far Bala ' 70S Baatta tar Bat a Bap at Bsat 70aA BewaM tafA Pis party ta Beat A BY MAIL pawed i aa tha i DEADLINES'" v; Clean rug Ada i taaMaiS before a ORDER YOUR JOURNAL WANTT AD 4 OR 7 TIMES AND RECEIVE ONE DAY'S ADVERTISING FREE! ArRXXJtXGnvents 101 Births 104 Deetbs ioa la inwifiimi IMA Aaatvoreary Maaa ims Carat of TTumka led A Berletlot and Ledgea let Fee aril TMrecssrs 105 Ciwetery M anuria a taaa Cams aa cameo iota laa IMA lie in, us 11X4 Apart rfvcTitS Aparaaawa, Flats to BY RHONE 236-751 Ad tikwi are oa dety daay a eav ts f pav fTWaaay aU IS Pau Saasraay a eat. l pas. awadey S ta. as d pat. AT THE COUNTER '" c The Journal Building. Mass Fleer, aaakdaya from a am. S PJB, aelesdajn from a aas. ta la aeea. ANNOUNCEMENTS . Sa htareruua, ta pat were. Daart Itottooa. Lsdaa Wiilits. oilKTSaV awraayi may pat. (10 am Thursday. I am. ,y be hwirtig the fellowing publieeuoa lay. tt ItsS asa. tar aama dap. , , CORREaiONS AND CANCELLATIONS aaA-koa--saakBstw-sea esfmasaafasl anas eL--k---fl ffauBwassasam wweab heea-aBasi aaaawaaBsVsWassl V-P1TwBBTa7a7BB ajBaajaajwaj a-p-p aBawtBajBWfaaj aBSBWBma a-TTSaT a-Ba-pa-awa rsBawa--sswa4a Allowance aaa ha ateOe for aao (II Retail aal Inaeitfaa only. Mvertlaaaaeaia map be aaooelled for nest day tf tastraathma are raaetred before a pm Meada and S la. to a pm. Sunday, fcefoada win be atvaa vno Ivaa Wl or aanratiaa intarrinns wnaa aanootnng ton Niambera Whaa tafdjd coant as three (3) wtyrtls. ntwes in Iroupa, each initial, abfwariatfons, alcnt ootint U 1 a-ortL ToiaraVMM Btimbar, 1 wertla. CtMt of fftaillnl Box Rarniaa, 10e---et ratHiPxlabm. It arhrlaab-e to late Namav A-ktreea ana TaaaptrMM hrumbar tor battar iwiults. Rstae apply to private advertisers only. Jr;"" ""-."7 ordTrorm" " V$ taty is writs too ewa At Just witie ejt weta ta eecb space. Ftoeae assaxt tajr ' AdfDTa. ...elfr HSM NAME ..........a........ ADDRESS ...a............... 1. Mo. .....0 -- tat CXrVB-sr I Oao'l No. ai Warwa l Ttawja IIS COOPER. 1 -BED ROOM APT rafrtgoralar. available aaaaall' ately. age. Royal Tract Co saa-isoo. SEPT. 1. CENTRAL. LAROE. sag-iaaa ISO WOODROPTE. BEPT.' I. large, aqulppad. 7sa-gate. OOVERNMENT EMPLOYSgg AT SM SO. YOU CANT' BEAT true aaartmant wtia kidroam. large Uvtng. aeparated KMonea wtta atova ana rrtnge tree persjng Tea-dlM NEAR MINES BVILOINOS SSO BELL-ARLINOTON. OetOUND Boor, modern I bedroom, equipped. Oct. . Adults, garage available. MUe Paris. aaa-Seag. COOPBB STREET BETWEEN O'CONNOR AND MET-eslle. for Oat. I eocuponcy. I with porcn. sag. in After 7 pm. eaU Ul-aaes LE Versailles 27 HENDERSON AVE. OTTAWA'S NEWEST LUXURY APARTMENT RESIDENCE, within walking diatance of downtown, offering all the advantages of Sandy Hill. The VERSAILLES combines modern living with authentic features from the renowned palace. OIL HEATED FREE ELECTRICITY MODEL APARTMENT NOW OPEN 10 a.m. to 10 p in. 27 Hfmderson Ave. r Telephone 234-709 THE EXECUTrVB I Badteem sua LOCATED AT THE CORNER OF Metcalfa and Lewla Straots. last a low atapa away from. Elgin Street shopping and trsneporte-Uon. Unaaalched tor convenience and alepenne, anaqatllea In eervlco. equipped for your eomfort with ae tome tic eleve- lers, rooftop lauodry and ponv EnJOF of aa i of Ottawa a SW-S30. SIS CRAPKL STREET BACHELOR AND 1 BEDROOMS, alattihaUv equlsoed ysnl earvtca. u unary tsciiiuoo. em auiiqmg. aaa-eaia. MANOR PARst, SIRS 9 BEDROOM APARTMENT. SEP-srate dining room, equipped and own nryar. EASTV1EW l-and2-Bedrcxjm Apartments Furnished or unfurnished, newly gtcntstod, . laundry. $78 $100 7497896 Tie Cottasea far Salt VtOA Citledil far Beat 71SS Cettese Lata far Beta 711 Oettapea Wa 71 1 A 7IS TI8' I4 Used Cars Aatas Wasted Traahs and Trailers Miscellaneous tat Aa ta Frteev. l sw pas. aewrnar aa aauael aa Ad demand a -KMll" I av 4th Tstae I He I Tth . Tawag Tawa I . j- y 1 ( ia t M I tl M I riee H7a free I I t 1 -s t ll j M I IM If JT ) tyiwT I ' ' .' ' I ' "ki J2 IM ) Ffae I IM I nT - - I 1 1 I 1 j ' ; j , ia ' Ja ) im rtt uittm ' I t I j 14 M US I Fwe T7a - I I I I ' . I ) ' ta ' Je) aUa I free ' 4JS j ttrn ' , j . ' ')' T3( kM I rraa 4JI j j Fw-" t j I I li U -U4 j fpae 'laa)fw I I - - f TS" . a.7a free M j Ftae I I I I I I ' ! U U I free Majra7 I I I I I I 1-ta a-te) I free U free V - atllWa '.I y.- ' MINTO Ottatwi't Gardtn Community PARKWOOD HILLS OFFERS MORE COMFORT AT LESS COST APARTMENTS I 1 BEDROOM PROM SSS I I , , 1 I I BEDROOM FROM llp I S BEDROOM FROM Slag I FURNISHED ON REQUEST Utated Swimming fool COM KUchsni Ceramic bathrooms Big bright rooms FuB-Ungth balconies ' Carptttd hails Condltiontd-atr corridors Multi-channtl TV aerial Sparkling laundries Automatic elevators Indoor and plug-in larking Modest rentals TOWN HOUSES . from $1 18 Enjoy tha rontenainoea of Canada's timet private outdoor heated ewtmmlng pool, excellent OTC baa sarvtee. es-panatvs parkland emiound-tags. a Shopping plan open aU week, public and asperate aehoou. end ckorchea make the) gardoa conun unity Ideel far you. PARKWOOD HILLS OFF FISHER AVE. JUST BELOW BASELINE BO 7la-7st3 VlaM aas farajaaad ntaasla aa dlsplsy every evening (lad. Saturday) til a. Sunday tU S. MINTO Builder In Ottawa's Popular west $nd PARKWAY APARTMENTS ENQUIRE MONEY SUMMER AB01M SAVING SPECIALS Cumiortable parkland surround in ta Conveoient to Shopptn City. Cajiinwood Shopping; Cent!, and new Trades School Public and Separate Schools, and Cbiirches Free plut-to rrkins Famiirtad on Mequest BABEUNB ROAD JtrBT WEST OF WOOOROFFB AVE. I near Shoppers Crtyi OTC BUS AT DOOR RESIDENT MANAGER a. BorascHiLa . awt-iSSS t-tS-297t vwlt our rurnlehed models aa dlaplay ovary evenlrar (IneL Baturdayal HI S. Sunday ttt a. MINTO Canada 1 Moat ftonored Builder Just off Ridaau St. and Currtmlngs Bridge 14 Blocks from Parliament Buildings THE SELKIRK APARTMENTS $75 $82 ba ratio, ft 1 BEDROOM. SJSEDROOM $1)2 "kmitAdd en lvtiggi FJiJoy wonderful comforr and eonvanifsoca, with modest, ffolar-aarin . rentala m the Celkirk Apta. DAILT la-S WEEKEJIPe 104 74A.T735 Corner Moalginiii) sad Balklrk Sts. one bleak cental RMoea at Jaat past Cammlaaa Bridge near , Esetrtew akoppma Centra , MINTO ; Canada t Mast Boasted Bnllder CBNTRB TOWN 1-BEDROOM DUPLEXED APART-meat, Bsaaara. equipped tee BHSiai. SUUTtANY TI-UtACB LTD B ACME! ORE. LTVTNO kHrkia. aaransle tiled eetareeen. etova, refrtgeratsr. beet, hot water and electricity eupplled Free ear phgla at your door Modora laundry ranasa. SSI Brittany Drive. T4S-SSS1 BBON80N APT BRONSON. MODERN SPA ae eachelor. I and S bed- apartments, alectrtcail) equipped diatance wttntn easy walking of sar1lsmaat HUT from aas. By appoavt-aaa-aiaa or a paly to bulldttig euperlntendent an pram lace. SM-9744 aoCRLEDtlB TERRACE S BEDROOMS. LTVINO. DININO room, kitahaa elaetiiaauy oquia. pad. earan PrlvaU baa eeramlc ttla bathroom it with laandry tubs, heeled gars re. Hast, hot water eupplled Vhools. ahnpa. choraaea ilote-oy. SSl Brittany Drive 7ti aaei CAMPEAU RIVERSIDE COURT 4 FURNISHED MODEL APARTMENTS j Awsit your Inspection j Bachelor. 1-. and 2 and! -bedroom. Rents start st $88 Rental Office 7J3-2S15 Open Daily 1-8 p.m. Saturday 10 to S p.iru Sunday 1 to S p.m. J COLONEL BY TOWERS Ovariookinf beastif 11 1 Dow'i Lake, cfMYier of Branson and Holmwood Avenues. -. 2335071 Bachelor, I- snd room , apertraents able immediately, aurt at 2-bed-avail Rents $95 CHAMPLAIN TOWERS Luxury 4-Bdroom Suttee and Beautiful Bachelor, I Bedroom Apt, and 2-Bedroom Apta. are evsil able at Ottawa's moat noteworthy address, the j Chsmplain Towers. Rental Office 745-6897 200 RMeaa Terrsce KING EDWARD In the heart of the city 110 Stewart SL, 233-3S0I Bachelor and 1 -Bedroom Apts. Avsiisbie for tan mad lata occupancy. Rents tun st . $92 50 CAMPEAU TBS BNFTELB Ceaveateatly Imal Hear Beak tfs Ot QUIET SORROOPJDIROS. Brand bow oauotng with aertong aaa baatoasan, att awvalar. TV 1 aaa. 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