The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 12, 1918 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1918
Page 12
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PAGE -TWELVE. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLB, PA FK.IDAT, APRIL 12, I31S. fflJGE TAX PAYMENTS AND HUGE EARNINGS MADEBYILS.STEE Annual Report Shows Former *333,4«MS5; Latter $295,292,180. SALES OVER A BILLION Work Cert »OT8,80«; F»t»l Ac- ddeate Decreased 14*7 Per Cent; nan^M Paid in Accident Beuegte; f347,74MX Paid in Emplojcs Wages Tfce -annual report of the United. States Steel Corporation tor 1917 . shows what has' perhaps- been the fnoat phenomenal earnings of any in- dnatr^al organization in the world, at least of those'to which the public has accew to statements of its transactions. It is also phenomenal in. the aggregate of taxes paid, the total for federal income and eicess profits tax** being. J233.465.43S. The federal war taxes alone are about .44'per. cent of the net income. ' The 191T tax outlay by the corporation is practically double the grand' aggregate total of all the taxes lor all purposes paid by the company since its organization prior to 1917. - Alter deducting taxes and interest - on bonds and mortages of sobsidiar- '· iea the balance of earnings for the ie«r was $295,292480 - as compared with »3S3,574,177 in 1916. After de' dnettas charges for depreciation, replacements! sinking tunds, bonds redeemed, preferred dividends of $25,- ; 219,877' and .common stock dividends ' of $91.494,450, -and other items the ! net. income of the year was ?107,505,487 as compared with $201,835,; 5S4 in 1916. The appropriation of " JXMC.OQQ tor new ptants. construction, etc., a balance of JS2,505,4S7 remained to be applied to the undivided : sorpJns as against 1201,835,581 simi- ImrlT applied in 1916. Grose sales of the corporation in 1917 totaled *1,683,962,552 as compared with $1,231,473,775 In 1916, an in; crease of ,$452,488,773. How the operating expenses grew during the year Is shown in the total of $1,089.- S72.W6 Including -manufacturing and producing costs, ordinary' maintenance and. repairs and prorisional charges by subsidiary companies for depreciation, as against $843,263,542 in 19i6. The balance sheet shows current assets of $799.997,397 as compared with $501,150,873 in 1916. . 'During, the year the company shipped both to .domestic and foreign trade 15,370,105 tons of rolled steel and other, finished products as com: pared with 15,542,088 in 1916. Total ordinary repairs and maintenance and ··extraordinary replacements and general rehabilitation, for 1917 was $92,824,329 an increase of $23,231,702 orer .tie year before. ' Two general advances ta wage rates of employes of 10 per cent were made* on May 1 and October 1, respectively. These followed three increases in 1916, each of substantially the same percentages, and res-nlted in ' 'making- the wage- rates in effect at clows of the year 65 per cent above the rates prevailing "at the close '.of MIS in the-case of unskilled labor and -an average of 58 per cent higher in ,r«pect to all employes. Dnring'the year 11,486 employes of the corporation and its "subsidiary companies entered thej. regular war service of the United States. The smallest number- of employes in the service of the corporation and its. subsidiary companies during the year in any month was 250,836, and the highest number 277J526. .The average, number of employe was 26S|058, of which 26,189 were employes of. the coal and coke properties. The average wage or salary of all em- ployes, exclusive at the general administration and selling forces, was $4.10 as, compared with $3.29 in 1916. Th« total wages and salary payments were $347,370,400 in 1917 and $263,385,502 in 1916. The total amount expended by the corporation and the subsidiary companies during the year for safety work was $998,806. in comparison with. $8tS,080 in the previous year. Compared with results in 1916, the fatal and serious accidents per 100 employes showed a decrease of 14.67 per cent, and, compared with 1906, a decrease of 41.63 per cent, The reduction in the'relative number of accidents in 1917, compared with previous year, is notable in view of the increased force employed during 2917, which included many new em- ployes not familiar with safety rules and regulations: The tolal amount disbursed liy all the companies during 1917 in connection with-work accidents was $3,171,994. ^Of this sum 87 per cent'was paid \Hrectly to Injured employes or their families or in taking care of them.. These payments were made either. in -accordance with the provisions of the workmen's compensation laws enacted by the several states in which the subsidiary companies are operating, or under the corporation's voluntary accident reltef plan where there Is not statutory law applicable. DECORATION GIVEN TO CAPTAIN MILLER Johnny (DotJ) Miner, former captain ot the St. Louis Cardinals, who la now attached to the 83d company ot marines ai Paris Island,/ Si X has received his first military decoration-the silver crossed gnus of an expert rlflemiiB. When he established the monthly shooting record at the Paris Island rifle range on February 23d, Johnny proved that he was as capable of putting steel covered rifle bans right In the center' of a bull's eye as he was In throwing the "pill? to bases. Miller registered a score of 28S points oat o£ a possible 300; shooting on 200, 400, 500 and 1,000 yard ranges. "A fellow cant help but sbool straight, if he pays strict attention to ills coach's instruction," says Miller. He Is rapidly developing into one at those "double fisted, scrapping Soldiers of the sea," and says it's a great life. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TOD1I A5K TOXOKEOTT JOSEPH M. SCHENCK PRESENTS'NOKMA TALMADGB IN "The Secret of the Storm Country" ~ ;5- TFONDEHST1L PBODDCnON JN 8 ACTS. , ALSO A GOOD COMEDT. SOISSON THEATRE Last Two Days, of the CHESTER BISHOP PLAYERS TONIGHT, SATURDAY, MATDtEE AND WIGHT Bertha 31. Clay's Greatest Loye Story . Dora Throne Tie Sweetest Story Erer Told. THE BEST PBODUCTKMf THIS C03CPAJTJL HAS Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on What You Spend--Get TKem With Every Purchase of lOc or More. What He Gives ,The American, 'soldier is giving up his business position; he is severing his home ties; giving up home comforts;' leaving behind those who are dear to him. He knows that he may never come back and that if he does .he will have to start business life all over again, perhaps handicapped by rounds and sickness, YET HE GOES Knowing what he is giving up, doesn't it seem h. TV ery easy thing to you to LEND your money to the government so that he will not need for anything that ntoaey can secure? Buy Liberty Bonds and Buy Them Now White Cotton Dress Fabrics and Some for Underclothes Organdies, chiffon voiles, skirtings, and all the delightful white cotton goods one can think of.' t ORGANDIES, which make up so well and launder so dmin- tily, 45 inch,M vide at 6.x; Mid Sic the jxrA- CO7TOS CHIFFON VOILES of fine doable twist cotton yam, 45 incbee wide, at 3Rc to Sic the yard. SKIRTINGS, plain, satin striped or plaid effect g»b(vr- dines, ZS Inches wide, at Sac to *1.23 tke yard. ENGLISH FINISH-LONGCLOTHS and NAINSOOKS in 10 and 12 yard pieces. 36 inch Longcloths in bolts of 12 yards at 12.50 to W.OO a. bolt In bolts of 10 yards at I2J5 to $2JS the oolt- Nainsooks in bolts of 12 yards at ISM ta-UM tie bolt More Children's Stockings Have Arrived to Keep Our Stocks · Complete Timely arrivals keep our stocks in the complete condition it has always been our pride to have them. Mothers have long known the attention we pay'to this department and will appreciate the excellent values it offers. --Misses' Fine Ribbed Cotton Stockings, with double knees, heels and toes. Black. Sizes 6 to 10. SSc the pnlr; 3 pairs $1JX)! --Boys' Heavy "Wide Ribbed Stockings. .Made strong for sturdy boys. Sizes 1 to IQ'/i. 2«c and 60c the pair. Also Me the pair- 3 pnirs $1,00. --ChildrWs Fine'Cotton Stockings. Fashloae.i feet--made of best quality yarn--suitable for boys or frfrls. Sizes 6 to 8. 40c and 45c the pair. Black or white, sizes S\f, to 9%, /Sc the pair. 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