The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 25, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1930
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLS JLLL12, PA. S A T U R D A Y , J A N U A R Y l!5, J U Territory Served by Pennsylvania System and As Arranged by Interstate Commerce onnections In arranging (ho Pennsylvania System tho Intcnttako Cammei'cc Conit mis'.ion did not nwoonto many "large l i n o s to that interest. Instead, it di- i p o t o d its attention to p r o v i d i n g connections with c o m p a r a t i v e l y smaller vo.-uN "by -.vhirti tin- P e n n s y l v a n i a woild moro completely servo t h e territory already covered by its -'.wri These ommiss on from N'ew York, Phil- tintl other points to Chlo.iia;o, and Columbus, Cincin- n a t i . Indianapolis to Saint i.ouis and Poorla, ill. Ports on Lake TSrie are reached by north and south lines instead of teast ami west, as · by the Xow York Central. Ruffalo, Erie, Ashtahuta, ClcvoHnd, Sandusky, To- ledo anl Detroit are I h n s brought w i t h i n t h e sphere of the Pennsylvania's influence. Similar!}' a lino north a n d south across i Michigan touches Grand Rapids ant!' lias UK northern t e r m i n u s at M a c k i n a w . The lesion round a b o u t ' PUtsbuvs is ittorr completely covered !iy the- Pennsylvania t h a n any coirutc'ilo', Towns of the Allej Buffalo and in tho n of New York and W! to Lake Ontario, an sylvanta continue /! vnnla connections. | part. oC the State, h s?y, coast resort s jii DrOawarp and Mar; ,-heny Vail, y, to orthweslen i-art lliamsporl, north d Contra! Penr.- i h a v e PC iiK.yl- fhe south? (stern | rthern Ne / J e r that Slat \ nnrl land are made tributary to this system. The allocation o£ tho Lorij? Railroad gives the Pennsylvania exclusive vail privileges as far oast ai Montauk Point. New E n g l a n d territory is loft e n t i r e l y to the roads now serving that section. The Pennsylvania is Riven access I n northern "Virginia t h r o u g h U s lines e x t e n d i n g to Strasburp J u n c t i o n . The alvvard of one-third Interest t h i r d i n t e r e s t , ('omiell.-sviilf a p o i n t of the 1'enn- tho Cuiuiberlnnd P e n n s y l v a n i a K\V-:* j sylvan!;'. t h r o n R h i!s location on t h · the T'pnmsylvanlH aeeosK to Cumber- l a n d ami a?, far south iif Piedmont, Wo if V i r g i n i a . I'Viirmoir, a n o t h e r West Virpiniii d e s t i n a t i o n , is r e a r h p i l over the MonoiiRaliela H a l l w a y , in which (h? P e n n s y l v a n i a has a OIIP- H o u t h w ' e s t branch c:tlei)iltnft frni, 1 Oror-jisburg; to K.iii'ehaiu-e, The I'olIowiiiR mni), nsod t h r o u g h t h p courtly o f t h e I ' n i l r d H t u i r r l ; i l l y , ^ V j i s h i n u n n , 1. C.. shows i t d c M a i l f h " r a m i f i c a t i o n s of ' h p on lui'Kcd Pen n ay] \ a n l a System. Uines In System No. t. The Pi misylvunia Railroad Company. The. Lous Island Krulroad Company. - VVost Jersey Seashore llallroad Company. nwHlmore. Chesapeake A ''.antic Hail way Company. \Vilkcs-Buvrc Connecting Railroad Company (undivided one-half i n t e r e s t ) . The- New York Connecting R a i l r o a d Company { u n d i v i d e d one-half iniuvoaU. The Nfw York Long Branch Railroad Company (undivided one-half interest). Arcade fc Attica Railroad Corporation. Belief onto Central Railroad Company. Coudersport Port Allegheny Railroad Company. Tho Bast Broadtop Railroad Coal Company. Hickory Valley Railroad Company. / The H u n t l n g t o n Broad Top Mountain Rail- / road and Coal Company. Knne * Klk Railroad Company.. Kishliaconhnillas Valley Railroad Company. Ligonler Valley Railroad Company. Marion Railway Corporation. Maryland Delaware Coast Railway Company. The Pittsburg-, Lisbon Western Railroad Company. Tho Pittsburg Susciuehanna Railroad Company. Sheffield Tionesta Railway Company. YouriRStcnvn Ohio Rivor Railroad Company. Tho Stewardstown Railroad Company. Straaburg Railroad Company. Suaquehanua River Weitcrn Railroad Com- ^ H I t A k ( , pany. Tuscurora Valley Railroad Company. The Washington, Brandywlne Point l.uok- out Railroad Company. The Winiiold Railroad Company. Dents Run Railroad Company. S Y S T E M NO. 4 PENNSYLVANIA C o p y r i g h t 103U !y T h e T ' u l l e U Plates U n i t y _ l o n o r a Southern Railroad Company. 5 Mlifiulpiia £ Southern Railroad Com- paay. (,'hosapeako Beach Railway Company. Pennsylvania Atlantic Railroad Company. Scootac Railway Company. Tho Monongaheii Rnllway Company f u u d i v i d o d one-third interest). Cambria I n d i a n a Railroad Company (undivided one-third interest). (undivided ons-halE interest). Central Indiana RaUmad Company (Jhorry Tree . Dixoiville Railroad Company (undivided one-half interest). Cumberland Pennsylvania Railroad Company (undivided o n e - t h i r d i n - terest). Gen!see *. Wyoming Railroad Company (undivided on fifth interest). Lake Erie Pittsburg Railway Com- pany ( u n d i v i d e d one-half interest). Minicio Western Railroad Company ( u n d l v l d w l one-third interest). K l n a Montrose Railroad Company ( u n d i v i d e d one-hnlf i n t e r e s t ) . Johnstown Stony Creek Kdilroad u n d i v i d e d one-hnlf i n t e r e s t ) . .MclCeesport C o n n e c t i n g Railroad C'ompany ( u n d i v i d e d ) one-third i n - t e r e s t ) , New I faven 1.)unbar Railroad Com- piny ( u n d i v i d e d one-half i n t e r e s t ) . Meaver V a l l o y Railroad Company ( u n d i v i d e d one-half i n t e r e s t ) . C o n r m a u c h S.- P.lack Lick Railroad ' o m p a n y ( u n d i v i d e d one-half i n t e r n e t ) , ·Sloc-Hon S: Hlghspirc Railroad Company ( u n d i v i d a d one-half i n t e r e s t ) . I n d i a n a Northern Hallway Company (undivided one-fourth interest). rako Krlo £ Fort. Wayne Railroad Company ( u n d i v i d e d o n e - t h i r d in- Patapsco £. Back Rivers Railroad Company (.undivided one-third r.\- (ere-st). Hpnwoort Wheeling Connecting R a i l w a y C o m p a n y ( u n d i v i d e d one- l l i i r d i n t e r e s t ) . S o u t h Buffalo R a i l w a y Company UHJ- divldod o n e - s i x t h i n t e r e s t / . Baltimore Kastern Jiailroad Comp a n y . The Ohio River Western R a i l w a y Company Western A l l e g h e n y R a i l r o a d Company. PiUshurc-, C h a r t i e r s t Yonghioghcny R a i l w a y Company ( u n d i v i d e d ouo- h a l C interest i. North Scottdale Family Loses Everything When Fire Destroys Residence Defective Flue Itlamod for Hlazo at Home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Miller. FRICK EMPLOYES ARE TRANSFERRED SCOTTDAUfl, Jan. 25.--Mr. ;uul Mrs. Miirtin M. Miller and fcimily were left hom«lo«.s yesterday atternoon foliow- in« a ilro at their homo in North Seotl- dalo. Tho house, a six room frame building, with all its contents burned. Mr. and Mrs. Miller have four children, the olde-st under six years, and yoiiuifcst about five months. Mr*. Mill-er wns ibaking broad at her hotno a1ot!t -1:30 o'clock, when she sin-oiled smoke. Taking ono'ot' tho younger children she w-ent to tb-e .second door and saw that it was Silled with svnul«». A call wns scat to the tiro (loparhnont and it res pond wl ((iiickly. The road, for all of th-e cold weather, was not frozen solid enough (o permit the trucks to pass over and the-y wore- caught In the mud. After m u c h oft'ort they reached the scene, onlj to llnd that thero was no water, l . l n i s of hose were laid to tho PrUts ,11,ill. a distance- of 1,600 fMt and by t h i s tinio. w i t h all that tho fire-men I'ou tl du they wore unable to save tho lunif-c,' or any wart of tho contents. .Mr. M i l l e r , who is employed at" tho II!IH mill, has been o u t of woi-k for -·on 10 tlin«. Mr. and Mrs. M i l l e r a n d t h e i r c h i l l i r e n , w i t h only t h o c l o t h i n g they h a d on, sriont tho n i g h t nt Mrs. Miller's ho n near Swi'-ili'tow n School. '''hi 1 HriMiH'H work i d u n t i l a f t e r 7 u ' i i k l«'!or» l l l t ' V l e f t t i l l ' v C i M I C . \ di'f.fctiv^ f l t i f i-. l l u i u u t i t ri\.|)uii- sil !c l u r t h e tiro. \t I 1 D'I look !ln v t i r t M i i i M i \%!·!··· iii;,tin i . i i l . M l o u t t o MullxMTv u u d Cl'ostuut ^ t ' i " t - . T h i s a falst 1 a l a r m . Mr. Iiflitcks K t i t e r t n l i i H . Mr.-.. Roy l.oiu-ks was lios'.t s-. to the 11 - C l u b ill ,i h r i d m ' huic'.ipon .it ! 30 n' i n i ' K !i(!;iy a l h o r h o m e i n A r t h u r , 1 ' i ' i i u o S'.% t a h ' . r s nf card-- W P T P i) ·«·!)£In HUD p' (y FKICK OFFICE SfEN ARE THANSFER11K1) TO KENTUCKY A farewi-ll dinner was given last ·evening at tho United Pre-sbyterian Church foi Ml 1 , and Mrs. Watson Storey by the lxretta Mitchell Blhlo Class, Mrs. G. H. Showman's ciai=« and Walter Ca-nlin's Bible Class. Covers were laid for 30. Don Cunilln wa:i toustaastcr and presented tho Storeys with a gin. A social h o u r followed tho dinner. Mrs, Charles Ruth had charge of the dinner. Mr. Storey has been transferred from tho I'YIck o/Ilces to lynch, Ky. He will h-avo tho first of next week lo 'take up hls'rtntlos, and Mrs. S'torc-j- will follow. , A, K. Duckwall of North Hickory street ha; iilso been transferred from (ho IYicl; ofllces here to Lynch. Ho will be chief engineer and assistant to the general superintendent of tho I/tilted Suites Coal CoKe Company, K«ntuck dhision. Mr. IJnclcwall succeeds VV. V. White-man, former Scottdale wan who I/a a been made gen aval stiperinU ndent. At a m e e t i n g of the badis' Aid Society « t the home of Mrs. K. C. Anld Thursday evening, Mrs. Duckwall was presented w i t h a silver water pitcher a token from tho society. * Misses R u t h and TSdlUi Auld entertained n n u m b e r of friends at their home la:.t evening in honor ol Misses Christina and Charlotte Duckwall, who w i l l leave with their parent? (o make t h i r home in Kentucky. To Tnvp Knbblts. Kay llcouts have been given ))er- mission to t v a j j rabbits in the bor- o u R h . V!l wild rabbits caught w i l l bo H h e r a U 1 in the s u r r o u n d i n g c o u n t r y . .Mrs. Hraliler HoHtoss. I. U. HrtUULM- e n t e r l u i i i c d nt ciu in I ' l t t s b u r m street T h u r i - h a t o'clock brldgu l u n u h n o n . for liigh scores w e n t t u Mrs. \Vll!ifim lieuscher of t:ounel!svllli and Mis. .! tseph Gray of Ureenaluirf.. Kilter liilile Contest, J l l - V and U!-Tri clubs- have e n t e r e d i n t o t h e Stale Bible ( . o n t o s t . This w i l l last f o r r - o n ^ T i i t l v e ivcok'-. b e p i n n i n R . i v 1 Miss Idi l l i c k o r n o l w i l l K i l l - ' t o a c b - M h u t t ; i o bnv;,' li;i'- on ticcidod. ^fl.·^. her ho.- da vvl 1'rlzos Brli!g:o Luncheon. Mrs. W. H. McKce entertained a bridge luncheon at her homo 011 Thursday, l^our tables were brcnig'ht into play. Prizes wciv.- AVOII by Mrs, Eugene Sturgis, Mrs. Vcrna SwartK- yndrn'ber au.d Mrs." Ralph Jar-ett. Person!)). ~ Auction sale of Wonnev's warehouse furniture stock, starting Friday, January 24th, 2:30 ajul 7:30 J'. M., nt Wenner's Store, next to Waiting Room, Scottdfile.--A-dvert!«ernent.--25jan-lt. FAIR ASSOCIATIONS WILL MEET NEXT WEEK IN PITTSBURG HOTEL MOUNT PLEAIiANT WOMAN IS FiURNED BY GAS EX PLOSION A meeting of f a i r nsaociationu of Western 1'e-nnaylvftiiia will be held at, a Pittsburg hotel on Tuesday, "Wednesday and Thursday, January 28, 2!), and 30, at which time plans will be discussed for the- IBilO apecl program in the Keystone Short Ship Circuit. It. has bc-en indicated that the secretaries of speed and track owners will be met by a delegation of persona interested in conducting n pro-fair season harneflfi program. The- possibllty of each a series oC meet« was ll«cuBKed nt a recent mooting of horsemen in Creenuburg. It was said t h a t t h e plan might result in several early meetings for trotters and pacers that w i l l compete in slake events. Tho body did «ot decide on any particular track hut felt that the races could ho held within a 75 mlto radius oC Pitlfilmrg. \t was aaid tlmt enough two-year-old Ivatters and three- year-olds as well as Ihree-year-old pacers are available, for an early meeting. Fair association circuits h a v e not been enthusfielic to stage oavly closing j event* tor the colts a« several at- , tempts have- resulted in rude financial! ·setbacks and it is d o u b t f u l it' the Fay-! ette * County Fair AKHockilion at the Dawson Driving Park will give m u c h consideration to the movement. The Tri-Town V o l u n t e e r Fire Jle-parUnew Severn! yi'UM :K« tried Ihcv p l a n hut met w i l l i ;i big r u v u i v a l . stu [\ UKltblX, .Ian. as.-- Uellc-t was expressed in g o v e r n m e n t circles here last tilg'ht President Thomas f!. ; Masaryk o£ Czechoslovakia Intends (o I retire on his eightieth b i r t h d a y , .March | 7. and ni'ec a c r v p t a n r e of F A c c u m u l a t i o n in O v e n of Store Is Ignited by Jl iss tlliirn liurkhoh or. OTHER !TE1\ IS OF INTEREST Special to The Courier. MOUNT PUSA.SAN' , Jan. 35.--Miss Clara Burkholder was severely h n r n e d about the face and 1 ancis on Thursday whan ati acciunu ation of gas exploded aw Blip was 1 Billing tho oven of t h e range'. Juntos McGee i i Hospital. James McGee, Sr,, has boon admitted to tike Memorial I capital for treatment. He ifi KUffei ng with un infected hand. f To Talk on -IxpanHlon. W. K, Mofl'et, mai .tgcr of tho agric u l t u r a l l)iiroan of ho Pennsylvania State- Chamber of C- minerr.e, will deliver an address hi ho Bank Hall on Thursday e v e n i n g , fanuary I'O, at 8 o'clock, lie will sp .ik along the lines of Chamber !' Con merce .Expansion throughout Ponnsy) -ania and will tell what various cha.m ers of commevce are. doing to lucre iso industrial de- relopmeut. He wi 1 lay special emphasis on the quest on of what a comm u n i t y has to o f f e r and ways and means by which : community may place its advantages before the Industrial world. Tho board of d i i actors urges every person, w h e t h e r i member of the Chamber of Comir.jrce or not, to attend and hear Mr. Mol'fet. Mr. MoftYt w i l l I ) : here to attend tlie .Fanners' I n s t i l i i H to be hold In the C r a n d The.itre. The m o r n i n g set j l o u of the i n s t i t u t e w i l l open at lu o'clock. At 12:?,j o'cloi'\ a d i n n e r v ill he served in the J S a n k H u l l . Tin 1 ot Ibis ilin- lU'r Is to IJL honu by tlm ttn'i.-u baiiK.-i of ( o w n , the Pir.- N a t i o n t i l , Hit' Pi/o- Cilixc-iiH Trust Cuin- rs and t h e i r frlves in and be miusts at patient, has been admitted to the Memorial Hospital. This is at least six eases thai have been reported in and around Standard. Poverty Social. Tho Woman's Missionary Society of the First Brethren Oh u roll held a poverty social in the c h u r c h basement f o l l o w i n g the regular meeting. Songs were sung, a social hour held and a very nice hincli served. Prizes were awarded Mrs. Thornley Stout, Jnnc L,ong and Mrs. A n n i e Kttling. Those present, were Mr. and Mrs. Grant Ixmg, li'orne, Virgla and June- bong, Mr, and Mrs. T h o r n l e y Stout, Mr. and Mrs. K e n n e t h Stout, Gilbert Stout, Vfrgie- Miller, Nettie Miller, Bessie McCormick, Mrs. J. I. Walker, Kffle Walker, Mrs. Ray U'ber, Irma Uber, Mrs. Hyatt, Mary Hyatt, Gettrudo Hyatt, Mrs. Annie Uttiing and Mrs. M. B!. Bennett, AppoiHliciiis Operation. Mrs. Paulino Whitefoglo DulHngr, wife of Clinton Dullinger, underwent an openition at. tho Memorial Hospital last evening for acute appendicitis. J'ersonal. Mrs. N, M. Crusan and HFrs. Whetsel visited wIt'll Counellsvllle f r i e n d s yesterday. Auction sale of W-e-nner'g warehous-e furniture stock, e t a r t i n g Frldsiy, January 24th, 2:30 and 7:30 P. M,, at "Weimar's Store, nett to Waiting Room, Scottdflle.--Advertisement.--25jan-lt. Smithton Defeats Perry at "Ducks" Smithton gave Perryopolis bowlers a trinwning oil Thursday evening at tho former's alleys, w i n n i n g hy 245 pins. The total scoro was 2,o2.j to a.ffso. The line-up: S.NT'iTHTOiX. M. Vidai .....Ui 20;! Mi) .|CS F. Vidal 143 1ST Iflu 192 Tlanwiiers 170 170 16j nor H r a n t h o v e r - i20 127 2-Ci C h i n k 151 li)ii 11C -1«2 Al 151 151 SPOUTS GLEANINGS game was Bradley's the season. first "start" of V i b n i . 1'p S h r uot b j M i n i s t e r Hours of hi. Uioso w h u nivrtt»«. pies N a t i o n a l a n d puny. The f a r m are asked to ccmn t h i s d i n n e r . The uL'li-.ntoou l l i i n t i n g i l o n l l i s l i nt .Hiirc T j S S t r f i i l c v V n n i t c U o u d a r d S h a f t , T o t a l s 7«a SS2 7-il 2,'!25 PWItuS'. 1 i^hinaaiui 101 i:iti I7i» (tJ7 ' Snydtr l-'7 IS" 1-'!!) '151 uuihuo. i:iu isi i ir. -lao W t n l e r h a l t o r 10!) 7 o!) L c i t y 128 1G7 i'JD An a m a t e u r fis ir program, one of the best -ever prc-sentdd here, w i l l be given Tuesday n i g h t at the Slavish Hall. Doii't mis« it It you w.ant 1o «ee a gre-at show. * # * The Caney Club travels to Pen'y- opolls tonight lo meet tho Firemen of that place. It is likely that the Scottdale Buicks will book t h e Caseys for next week. * * * IMiubar and P»i'ry w i l l have a real fight for laurcKi m th-a All-Sectiou Xll lineup. Galley, forward, and Thrasher, gna)-tl, ot Perry arc real contenders as is Swette, center. Tnlley, forward, and Hftiley, gua -d, of Dunbar are regarded as certain of much recognition, the former being considered nq All- W. P. I. A. U material. M. Smith of Hurst, Martin oi' Belle Vernon, Campfield and Long] uer of Sewickloy and Shaeffer of i'last Huntingdon are :tlsi putting their (li-ger I n t o the pie. However there's no t o l l i n g bow these IKIVS will shape up } tho tinio the season will draw to a cloie. * * * The baseball bvigs are planning a l i v e l y campaig i tlite year with tho proposed City I\isehall League occupying ( h e l i m e l i g i l , Tlien thero'a ho thu Middle Atlantic * * * George P e n n i n g t o n , former Groens- burg and Connellsvllle newspaper man has gone to Hollywood having he-en j given a "position" by Eddie Q u l l l n t i , ! dcreen artist, George "covered" sporti; in tireensbitrg. 1 Chavloy iio^s-or asEistant football! | coach at University of Pittsburg, has i been named lioari coach al Uowdoin ' j Coll-eg-e- at B , u n s w i c k . Me. j 'Walter Mein-e, brother of l U = n r y , lias been signed by the Pirates for n e x t | season. The youngster, 1!) y-ears old. is a rleliMiiind-er. H e n r y Meini' pitched 22 g.nnc-s for the Buc-h laut yoar. i LEISENRING FIVE HAS TWO CIRCUIT GAMES NEXT WEEK Two grimes in tho W. P. [. A. League will he played at the Leiscnring No. 1 gymnasium, UIUH providing tho fol^v- ers of the Dunhar Township High School d r i b b l e r s with a real treat of th-o indoor sport as two worthy foes w i l l he on the firing l i n o against the Red and Black. Tuesday evening finds the fit-ong Seivtckley Township basketeero at t h e D. T. court ami on Friday night,'East Huntingdon Township will make a great, effort (o h a u l down the colors at Bruce Shearer'^ proteges. lioliviii (o More on J'jirnguiu. WASIILN'C.TON, Jan. 25.--The P a r a g u a y a n g o v e r n m e n t late law! night ordered its t'harge de afiairtR here to report to the state d e p a r t m e n t , that a Bolivian order had been liter- copied, ordering preparations "or a general offensive against Paragiuy. (.lasslliod Adrerilsemcnls Uring r«HiiMs when placed in the columns ot Tin' Daily Courier. ami tjr' U l r V . I K nipscy de^crii.i-s I.ii' (Jci'iiiaii l i g l t t u r , hi-avywi'ltiht In ihu h- \ v l l i d*ffut .lucl S l i a r - ' neotii'j; w i l l see tho 'K oL' J i n r s t and Kast Se-hools bnth pros- ., ~i years old, of rwlhoi t y p h o i d I c v r r 1 j)i(.^ BnuiU'v iiiul "HorMi" JoliiiM;n. | Totals COS 7Ufl 7ii-'l 2USD j two of tho L n s k i u s t imMiibers i-if C o n - j 1 n o l l s v i l l r 11 gh School's foothill! toum ( I;! 1 -! hciif-on n l l e d t h o e u n r d bortln- j in UIP p j i n i ' w i t h S c o t i f l a U ' l;is' n i g h t . The\ a r c ii i i i i R O p a i r a n d a l t h o u g h )io( I K i l i o h o i l flo-H p r r f o r m c v - , each show Uso o u r clii"3ififcd a d v e r l i f e t n c n l f l . M pi'onii.-c · f lo\*Uriin£. I^ayl uitht'. j Looking' for j if s«, vend I lie a d \ e - r ( i s i n s of Th? J J a i l y Courier. VALUABLE FURS Your furs arevaJnable in tl^em- selvec--but more so to y o u ! I f t h e y a r e lost or stolen! 0-o-h! Daily the papers carry news stories showing the risks run by owners of valuable furs. Why take such risks? . . A Furs Insurance poticy'covers your furs against loss from practically any cause (either separately or iu connection with Jewelry floater insurance). J. DONALD PORTER Insurance--33 Years lUdtr. First Mat'tomi I I'lHMIP H a n K 708.

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