The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 25, 1930 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1930
Page 11
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 25, 1930. TECPl DATLT CmiKIEK, ; jL'SVTIJLTS, PAGE ELEVEN. V ACTER of MGNI BY ROY VICKERS WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE ftf Brenriaway could be pSd A LAW BRENNAWAY, 35. has made a fortune He asks Shirley l DnnA. Ki«antjfit1 v*inntr anrintv crirl. tn marrv Htrn She refuneR. B, beautiful, young society girl, to marry him She refuses, being socretly engaged to Roger Kelton, young la'vyer, in whose care shu has placed her inheritance Unknown tf Shirley, Alan lendfc Roger half a million dollars to save him fs om harttruptcy after lui learnfl that Roger is the man Shirley loveo Alan takes an collateral worthless shares in a Macedonia dev-lopmcnt which Rogers agrees to investigate. After Roger and Shirley are roar- aub- stantial amount on account of his it would at leant put an end haps borrow from Shirley? 'JThat would bivolve cocplanations; jpoa- sribly one could airrange for a loan independently. Ke went upstairs, tapped on th« door of Shirkiy's room and re- rled, Roger tells her Alan is a client of his, and, therefore, he , cc j vec | a summons to enter. She was dressing for dinner. Her shoulders, he thought, were the moat wonderful tn the world. "Did you tell Alan what yon had decided sibout Macedonia?" ehe asked. "Not in so many words," he hedged The shoulders, he thought, ruoved contemptuously i was wincing i speea. "It wasn't the time or the place," rude?" "I didn't want to rush her all at'he defended himself "We barely "Of coarse. But 1 shall scratch! once, and ohvioufily it's rather dif touched upon the subject, I say, cannot refuse to go to Macedonia. Alan, longing to see Shirley, returns to New York frota a rest IB Vermont NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XIV. * LAN'S lips tightened. ·fand if 1 am to g» away and leave her for aa mary months--well, A "Even he tSiea added: "Have 1 the there It is. You do see heir point of view, don't you?" Alan said nothing audible. Keli rxiuji ~uju uv u*«* **g «»tA^*i big brother's privilege of being| ton was talking t speed. you tf you're too rude." ficult to bring home to her the ne- than you can really ever Set back*" "1 don't think so. Idea what nice little sums come one's way, just through hanging about and looking--and feeling-absolutely correctly turned out, Why, when Daddy was a!»vo " "It isn't a bad idea to have a bit in reserve, though." "Really and truly, Alan, thnt isn't the way to get on nowadays { assure you it Isn't. ielf will tell you- Roger him She bioke off a.« the door opened "I'll riak it. Even ao, won't tills j cessity for my going. Of course, I house coat you more to keep u p l don't doubt that I con make her to) realize that it is important But | just at present it us difficult to get her to concentrate--she's having to attend to this, that and the other, and she's ,\ gootl deal more run down than you would think "1 shall have to take her up to the mountains and it seems to me that that would he a good time to tackle her in earnest When we gdt there--1 hope F may count on you to back me up if necessary to ·nake her realue that it Is a good thing She bank i a temfic lot on your advice " Inevitably Roger's assurance that Shirley ban! o'd on Alan's advice brought a thrill of satisfaction to Alan, but at the same moment came the suspicion that they were so intended "1 don't think she values my advice as such, all the same,'' he said "Just before you camo In we were discussing your career, Taking the privilege of an aid fnend I ventured to suggest that her personal expenditure must be very considei 1 - abl6 She did not take my few r- marks very seriously She ia a great believer in --well, I can only call it social display " "Therp I'm in a bit of a difficulty," said Ke|ton "Because, you see, she has fifteen thousand a year ind Kelton appeared "Hello, Brennaway This la surprise. For the moment 1 could hardly believe it wa? you " Alan shook hand? and was con suiout- oi a certain strain Roger was not particularly pleased to ae« him, of that there was little doubt --and as little doubt of the reason. For a time the talk was general Then Shirley got up » "1 must lie down for half an hour before I dress for dinner I'm not so fit as I was, Alan, but that comes from lazing about in hotels You'll it-ay to dinner, won't vou"" "No, thanks. I'm soing buck on the steepur tonight and I have to go round to the club first. I'm afraid 1 shan't see you again until wo meet in Vermont " Shirley gave Roger a meaning glance as she left tho room She had made htm the opportunity to tell Alan that he would not go to Macedonia. "You've time for a cigar, Bren- oaway?" "No, thanks. But I'll try a pipe If 1 may. Well, how are things 'h, not too badly. I was sorry to hear that you were under the weather." He enlarged on the subject while Alan filled hi.« pipe in silence. But in time Roger could soy no more and the silence held Surely, thought Alan, ii the fellow had any decency he would open the subject that each knew must be discussed. Evidently ho did not intend to open it. Alan had to do it. "Thought any more about Macedonia" 1 "Tt hat been at the back of my thoughts all the time we've been away on our honeymoon," came, the prompt answer "But ^lomehow i or other I've put off wilting to you --it's a little difficult to focus i one's attention on such a subject when one's on a honeymoon " He laughed iheepishly Alan waited "As a matter of fact," continued Kelton, "1 was talking to Shirley about it'only this morning." "Did you come to any conclu- "She didn't exactly jump at the Idea of my going away for so long In fact, -me rather mjgge«ted that it would put her in an awkward position Of course 1 quite see her point We've boon married for- what is it?--BIS or seven weeks, of her own"That's seven and a half per cent on $200.000," Alan out tn. "Can you get sevctn and a half per cent for her in anything like a decent security?" "My dear Brennaway, you know perfectlywell thct I cannot That's another little thing we shall have to tackle I could hardly worry her with money affaiw on her honeymoon Espt dally as It would mean telling her that her income is substantially r'duccd "In Vermont we shall have a ·fortnight quite to ourselves--we should be able to make many readjustments, if you wouldn't mind leaving the whole matter over until then, I feel sure we should be able to make substantial progress" Alan got up "Very well." h- said "We'll go into everything up there and settle the matter definitely " Kelton saw hint out, elaborated a wish for his si'oedy restoration to Health and sail good-bye For some time after Alan had gone, Kelton remained in the hall "When it com^s to demanding an explanation of my private expenditure--" he muttered furiously "Brennaway he told himself, simply hadn't the very remotest sense of delicacy " He thought of himself as being caught in a trap Was the-* DO means of gnawing hiH way o u t ; Macedonia .of course, was mad- nesa One simply eould*not go off to the ends of the earth like that on a wild-goose chase when by pottering about with Gorston and his crowd one could make nearly fifteen hundred dollars hi nine days!| you look perfectly lovely." He came closer. "Not now, Roger," she said with unwonted sharpness "My dear girl, I only came up to ask you something There's really no reason to jump down my throat " "What Is it?" "Cyn.ii is back in town for a week or two I heard that this afternoon Wouldn't it be rather a good thing if--I mean, couldnt you write him one of those nice informal little notes and ask him to dine 7 I have got an idea he might be useful He seemed pretty pleased with UB at Southampton. Ask if you like.' him for Jus week- -that will help the informality atmos pnere -- short notice, you know. And 1 say, what about wearing that violet frock when he cornea?" "Roger, do leave my dress to me, please Kelton hardly noticed the snub. He was thinking of Cynaz -- thinking ver;/ hard indeed. Of course there would be no question of getting a loan direct from Cynaz. But He shrank from defining to himself exrujtly what it was that ho hoped to get from Cynaz. The little dinner to Cynaz was a though Kolton did not know it at the time. Shirley did not wear the violet dlreas but something that gleamed blue and green and gold and made: a wonderful background for the diamonds that had been her aunt's wedding gift. Out of this irrldeseence of (ferns and gown her head reared itaelf serenely. If her thoughts wore troubled they cast no flicker of a shadow upon her face. Her eyea shone, her laughter w»8 infectious, her bright, glancing wit was everywhere. Roce- watched and applauded and nis last lingering doubts of her "policy" left hun then and there. Life was going to be a success. . Cynn ', was particularly attracted to Shirley; he ignored his host and the other three gueato -- unimportant individuals who had been asked solely because a too informal atmosphere might h a v e arouned Cynaz's suspicions They were perfectly aware of this; and many years lattr, it came to Shirley to wonder if Cynaz had not perhaps known it too. After dinner Kelton tried to draw th.3 financier aside and failed. Before trying a second time he passed a signal to Shirley, who ignored it. No third opport unity oceurre«. and Cynaz eventually le/t the home, after having said little more to hia host t-han "goodnight" After Meeing the last guest off, Roger returned to the drawing- room tn H state of baffled rtaent. ment fJhlrley was apparently playmg with the lights in a corner of the room. (To B« Continued Tomorrow) OKlrllmtcd j Kloi Pralnru Srndleatt bw. trlbutud by King JToaturoa Symlicato,lB^ Diet and Health. BY UIUI HUNT PETERS,HO,AUTHOR Of DIET AHP HEAtTH*AHD OttT FOR CHIlPRtH__ Untinsivvrcd Letters Uotor:t I feel hurt You I--' answui eveiybody's question but mlno And I am one of your most devoted admirers 1 tmvo watched oarefullv and eagerly, each word you wrttft. but you have nevei nn swefed m} rs quest It that kind, Dr L.ulu' "1 am 52 year' old ! rodured 45 pounrta In about flve month i. go Inn strictly t5 your diet I feel wonderfully well it ml looU a thou snnd times bet ter exi opt thai my nci k look" bad t It K drawn a n d w r i n k l e d Can't you and won't you ndvlso me, plofise' 7 "MRS H ' * Lailu H u n t Peters, M D t have tin ID-defined feollnj; of dopi etalon most of the tlma, and It In duo to the fuct t h n t i know Budi Ik lnrKO number of my vallunt frlendt »re KOlng to be disappointed N a t u r ally because of many thousand* ot Jstters I reielve. only a few oao be conxtdered in the column tf 1 recently have written tiomvthtng that · nywhern nsar answers t h o question, 1 have to let the lotter go, and. of course. It IB absolutely Irnpofisiblo to answer ]ut stlous personally I'm sorry Now. about your neck, Mrs U In th? first jiliUo. perhaps you ic- diued a titclo too lupldly, and vou dldn t ej-ereis* «t the «aiii« time *yo« Tsero redU( Ins Is t h i n true' Aft»r SO, It Is t\Hd to tutse H|eolal exerelRen for tho oet-k. redm Ing or not reducing And t'io*s spot lal «ter ises are tounliu: the no k rnusc lei, nnd niov Injr tha hwul bnckwarda and forwardw and to tho aides. and another thtiiK thftt srlves grood n»ek oxerfiss* are th» I'ummv Ten When you do these you II notice how your nerk muscles con tract when you pull your lesrs up and vour body down Thfii you can irusxoKB with tome otrit! croain Although thin will not cause fat to be depofllted. It will hdp keep lh» akin «n pplr Maisajte nn and down. !· olli w with on Ice or leo-oold vatar rub You have to rcmt niber that «.Mei 46, It Is normnJ o tmv» a fp« wrinkles, nnd If the' haven't BhoweU befoie on account or excesH fat, they may show a l i t t l e u f t o r the fat boa been removed Wh it'of it? Isn't !t better to bo healthier and happier, with a few wi Inkles than It In to ba unhealthy and have a smooth moon fttee. with no exprcision? I have a friend who hoa a pci fectly monHtious figure, shea so fat, find her chief excuse la that her frletida all t h i n k whs looks older when shi reduces! Maybe she does but nhi t HO f.vt now that her friends hate to he upen with nf-r. And that la ccrtain| not an enviable position Furtheimoro, sho IB beginning to show tho effects on hej health It Is not ununual at all. even T«k younger peopU to look drawn v/hlla reducing, but this di awn look ahvnva disappears after Thr lodueer IH back on tho ma/ntenance diet, and H'n always easy to p l u m p up a little bit. if nocessaiy (It liUsi be lemembt'ifft that nllrbt over weight la desirable in the young ) Now I hope I am relnstatoo tn your KooJ Braces, tf H R ? Those who are In need of Instructions on how to i prime or train weltrht, may h a v e our pamphlet on th« subject bc« (olurnn rules tor obtalnliiB this U.K w i l l as t h » article on the Tummy 'Icn « * · Mrs B Youi q u t s t oils on super* [lupus hitir are ftnsi*«i(.i IVi our ur- tlcle on thu Bubje - l ^ o n f othiT qjcs- tionn aie Uikun i uri; f in our luiriiiih- let on the H \ f H ' i i f of W u i r u n *i.o column rult4 for obmjnin); ih(.«o ti^itor 1 * (Noftr l i dlajjnoae nor »,'!·« Youi quustioi's. if ot will b» u n s n u i f l li their t u r n lU'iint' pamphlets JH h u n i hv a f u l l ' envelope p miiutl c h n i K » to he pr.ntink and h a t i article wanted, t « o i each pamphlet) ten c pamphlttt- ara lleitu Hysiiena r U own Blatldfr Disorders Pater*. Jn cars of t l and not ovei English Are Worried Over Bathing Suits 2 i j U n i t e d I'UB-. YUKK, ,hin. 25--Ladh ami lassies, of (Jiedt Bilttdn arwVl t h i n k i n g much of fcummer time and t h e beach, season at present, but English s h i m m i n g auth- oiltict, aio They me Interested in the costumes 01 suits which \ v l l l ho woi n next milliner A meeting w a s held here- l o dlecusri t h i s problem The same que«tion, scant ewnnming suits, w h i c h iinnuiilly confionls Palm Beaeli, Miami, Catalina ami Jxmg Beach authoi itiefa ie now p e r t u r b i n g sedate Englishmen H \viw decided to io«nnneml the AmaU'Ui Sv*miming Association to appoint a bub-LommiltoQ to I D V J H O tlio lulet, of costumob One mernjjor ot tlio ixu lej sakt "Piesont rulefi permit costumes so flkhrip and shocking that they are much rnoie ImNwiit t h a n Uiobp w h i c h tiro not permitted ' Bi itish aulh-orititrt teel that tlie . in culminate any iitceisilv of he.ioh police it CHAD u Cat tu reiij a i o r p q u h o d to ma ve r e g u l a t i o n 6\viinmiiig auitb BLACK SHEEP'S! GOLD - by Beatrice Qrtmsha w IruifnMy rt' Copyrljrhi by Hujjhet Masale Co WNU 8«rT lo* CHAPTER VII! TVa were abated upon the of Jinny's tent-fir, which h roine (I slept with thtj cnrrie She sat with her legs crossed an Improvised "banjo," and m th« sound with closed Hpa, n erly -- if one had Mi disiposed cleveiness I was not BO i feeling, indeed, a good deal n going down to the Rornllly an ing: myself in it, than llntf revue trlclca -- but I rpspected t that set tha finpravluod bun ilnHorm id been s now). plnylng mleklng: rjr clev- for such laposeil, ote like drown- nlng to IB pluck jo to s. Sbmehow she Influenced m th« dark mood away. Some low, by Noruialville I'etem c a n n o t pi *onul aK h u K* H (.4 111 l l l t t ' l l I. ( h o ( o l u u u i in - f(n in n Ic- or must bu H t o i n M ! l f - a i | d l isi (i. u^ tha f o l l o w i n g l oowor com of HUB foi cm h e n t s In ( oln , lor i t i in ^oli) The titO ai (I O u t r u n j ·i hiitney nnd Adilrfl'W Or N ptip«r Will* 200 wortH \OKMALVILbE, Jan 25 -- John K l i C M S t o n e a n d i l i n u n r i t o b t o n e w e t o transacting bu^lne-is In C o n n e l l s v l l l p I Satiinlav "\K and MH-, \ V a l t o i Slxiwlej w f i o Mount Pleasant v i s i l o i s Monday Mi and iUis \ \ i l h a n i J f a j ol Mill H u n uioUi»d t o Goiiiiellsviile T u c h d a y Mi mil M i s S n i l l h K i i i R w e i e O o n n e l l o v ilio v i s i l o i s Sntiiuliiy U - r e PI i i ml \ r i l l i a m P u l won- hiKtituh callai-, u Couiu-llsMlle Mon d a v M anl W i s J o h n l l a i d i e was i l l - HIK 01 i t ' l t t l \ ' s and t i . e i u U at I nion- t o w n M u n d \\ IMmei \ Millc'i o' ( o n i u ' l l s v ilk \\o.s' ·i v i a i l o i h e i c S a t u i d a j ; M i o Roj P u U i l i Id ot K i i f c f i , M i l l I is abl · to he o u t at, t i n t i t i ' i b e i n g i l l \ i t hi honit t i v t'| t l w t t k s t t till Somehow She Influ8iic«d M i , Drove th« Dark Mood \.i i i n l Mu \ \ I l c n m ] ot M i l l R u n w a s u Loniu I N v t i l e \ i b H o i Sat- nul.u t'sc ( CX81 is small 4ds. Results j/ro hie and by, she had we lughtr gf. And th« jreat dark about «n prei acd Ions JieaTily; tha wotid narrow« d, suddenly, to R rosy smalJ tent with a lantern and n pretty girl Hght ng It up almost oqnaltv. . . . We iad had llttla talk on the waj down rom the hills But now, with n d n j or two of waiting before «», while rr ;u wer« made, It seemed to TOP that I owed her soraethlns. ho thought no hard, unkind. I didn't i\nnt to be a rhurl. "What'n it about, .ftcny?" I ankftl her, HS she ended hot- piny "What's the «rnoog!ng for? W tnt nip o go out and buy yon a pair of silk Ht klnj,"»V" She langlud, stntched nt her shnnely d n n t c r s leg, Ulsgulm 1 In uiy khaki troubdi "I don't -want anything ( ff JOB," she said, suddenly g'a^e ' vt least, not anjthinj; you d w a n t to give me this side of the snnc . . . I've made np my mind to tell you UI about cverj thing--all about mv cornln' along after you, I mean--\ 'ell, the beginning of It wns that dny i -hen you talked to me oo Thnisday Wind, and said no woman couldn't, go t -ploring; that put m* In a bit ot a p ddy, because of course I didn't belle e It and I don't either---" "We'll let thnt KO." I cwt l i , a trifle wenrlly. I kww I uhould n ver succeed In jnnWng Jinny sea the truth. "Well, T was feeling: pr. tty bad about It after you wont. j\r-i tt Inst rnme Into my bend, I dono ) ow, that I'd Ret a boat end run ow · to thr» Other fiiiie, and WPP, like, lir v thlnjis \rere going on with you and our trip. Ot course, Sir Richard Fao haw, he was mennln" to RO and jtfet fhntever It was, before you. and Spicei, he wn5 bnrltlng him up; I'd got tb it much out of the old boy, while wo was friends, because of course hi wanted to make love to me, and I rouldn't, and that's when they i 111 tell you. . . . API] then I fo ind that yon weren't thoie at all, it I)a-What was tha place?" "Duru " "Tea, SeeniH yon'd goun to Port Moieaby after all . . Ph i, wasn't that fair awful about Sir Richard gettln' drowned? DM no one *ver ilnd out anything? . . Well, yo i know," nnd she ran on, without wa ting for an answer, "when I heard yo ]'d gone there, I wni--J was--Phil, I vas thnt snalce-heficled I c o u l d ' \ e hit j ou I'm tellln' you all tlio t r u t h , Phil- I cluing want you to j;o, bee u use 1 k lew ^jhe ivould be there, and I thought let her «et safe umined to Sir Rich ird, and It'll hp. all right IxH'inise E ie's the milk and water k i n d t h n t we u't ever think of a n o t h e r m n n aguii ; that's what I thought So Viiipn 1 henid jou'd gone theie-- and IIH w n dead-Are j on goiriflr '° n i n n y li?' 'f It buist f o i l h l i k e a i i v f 1 had been a n g i v « i t t i IIPI tor hei lighting v»oids about 1'ia, I v a 1 - not angered now ".Tinny mv doni t l - l d -- v hi i!r jou tiilnk w o u l d I I U V P mi 1 fin l l i e i d t u u h ter? I'm us likch t o inai v Miss I . n m i P i as j o n HU tn mm n me of I IIP king's sons,' I n i i w i ' i c l ' er She u e i i l s l i . i U h t t o l l h j I I M I I o f t h a t sophism '" es, but I f \ i i i i \\ is to tr fl "wnip- Llilnp; up at 1 , ' i t u u M i l ' i i ^ ·» w o i t l i fortunes ii/nl u n l l x i n t "I am q u i t e sin e i f I li i n mil lion t o m o i i m v Mrs 1 an \ci u mid not lite»!uf dii\ tlif« h e t t f i (V -, but 1 thoujrht t o n i v s c i f --hp woiih I f f m e m a n s I PI | M _ I I I C I s l i p h H 1 * HIP t j p e I i P p i i N i n i n i l \ \ K p w n ii n h H t c I t , I t s u n t ) six m l -- s t i l l tf I \ \ P I P u Bolslu\ik from I enin,. n u t i\l H a mil lion In tin potUel she'd s\\» l"w tipr h n t i c i l liind o \ p r t h e g ' l l -- C n s o l i t r , «nd_a_ll Uke_.hPrl) TO RE CONTINUED ABE MARTIN O n N ewt iiq^^ ;paper Portraits A SNAPSHOT O' AN AGRICULTURIST FTANDIN' BY A PRIZE IIBEPBR. T w u z greatly distressed when I pipkptj up my newspqpei iet,ei}tly an' Ha^ ,i p l r l u i e o' Aaron Shot, recently cippomteil J a n i t t u o' t h ' courthouse Aaron Shot 19 p i o b l y as fine a ioolcin', d i s t i n g u i s h e d appeal in' mflji as you'd meet on a w o i l d cruiue, but lh' ole out-o'-dite, fiat front view, w o d d f n ' d n j , scared lookln' picture o' him in th' newspapers uiftdo him look like he'd murcipied a whoje family with a acythe an" wuz cornered In a haymow JTo'll prob'ly never live down til" pKHino, an it'll very likely rrab his gian'chlldven , In this diij an' ago when moal anj'- buddy is l i a b l e t' j u m p Int' prominence, oilhei h j hein' murdoredi or run o\er an' k i l l e d , sued fer ?500,000, held fei rum iimnin', or elected, or appointed I ' oijlno, it behooves us all, men 01 w o m e n , t 1 kepp an up-t'-th'- h i i n u l e p h o i o o' ftur'iclvps in -asv roach Not a f u l l front, or full side, Bwlillon picture, but a n i f t y throe- f|tiiirtors s t j l p , mpbhe w i t h th 1 chin i r r l i n i n 1 In OHP hand, a pl^a-imt, buL no I n p l h Miowin', picture ·with nil wai IB an mojps letouched out This is a photorgraplih agr, an* n i p r h e a p a n ' pVntituI. Thei's movift cameras w i t h i n roach o' ,U1, that, !B they don't r j g t nearly a^ m u c h as rais It's q u i t s th' fad t' take movies o' t h ' whole f a m i l y on Ut' p o r c h , 01 oil th' la\vn, whGrcver It's possible t' asapmble a f a m i l y Th* thing I' do ie L make s movie o' tb' tamlJy once a year an' p it it away for th' f u t u r p like currant jelly or canned tamatcT? An Umei goi s by they're Inleiostin' in sho-win' how mother has w,Jipei, how t h ' fiesta o' time have i ounclcd father's shouloers, an' how th' chlldieji have lengthened an' widened Th' picture's th' thing Bver'bwddy likes t' look at a p i c t u i c , whethor it's a demolished cnr, a ilcivly ftppolnted i?amc w a i den a prominently men- t i o n e d possibility, a nice loakin* young fellei h o l d for slayin', or w h a t not. Now-paper Tesdeia almost demand pletoi fal art \ \ l t h thw i ratlin' matlPi They kin tell by B feller's p i r t u r o whether h?'i guilty jnon*hs bofoie hia t r i a l , they kin tell how u VOIIIIK groom 01 bride i l tin n out fi om thor pic- tUTffi Camci a men are eve \ \ h r i c t iay, .sL f u n e r a l s , wecldnn h c o i n o i B t o n e layin '5, an' ovei'whcnc t h e i ' ^ any lurklJj'. P"olks who don't like- t* So f Hi' tiouble o' groin' t' a, phoic-vgrapb K a l l e i y ahould at least keep dolled «3» an' prepared fei a snapshot- Oroat public men nro on ther guard at all times, hair combod, prints pressod, tie on -atraight, clilna wiped off, an" vest 1 ! dry cleaneck While Mr. Coolidge Is a mien o" few word? he wua quick t' know th' value o' th' printed picture, an' no matter how prealn' th' Nation's problems wuz he alhw tossed 'era asMo for tb." camera man Whothrr sUindln' by an Indian squaw, an Airedale dogr, or hoklin' a lovin' cup, one could not teH by his expression whether we wu^ oil th' verge o' war with Mexico, whether he'd jest 0 K d a poBtmaetorahtp, or \vuz considorin' a uhird term. WhiU be wuz a silent man he wanted ver'- bucldy t' seo, th' moment tbev picked up t h f i nowspaper, that ho wus still on th' job an' tluit th' Bovor'ineiit «1 Waflhin'ton still lived. Whilo th' oanipra nTver lloa, lh' photeTRrnphcr kin hlur out an Adun' 1 - iipple, lino up a nose an' iciiuco t h ' nutnbei o' chins t' any (if?ura you desire THE OLD HOME TOWN Stadlgy YOU HAS 50TTA BACK OF? THEM HUH- DO You )b BACK UP FOE THAT WOMAN- I SHOUi-D NOT 1 .! AW TIME BACK UP Fora THAT OUD CATS'- OTBY SO , VOURB IN DEEP WATEfcC MARSHAU 3TEY WALXEre. STEPPEO INTO THAN »,r4 ORCrtNARlV TRAFFIC JAM,, VA^HiHN H® "TO UMTAN«3UE THIS M I X UP V. F. W. Backs Bill to Make "The Star Spangled Banner 99 Official National Anthem C I'l " M n .I.UK J4 i p p i i s o n t t t i g appioxunute- lj' 10 UUO 000 i i t i / e r H \s 111 ha pi-esented to the o i e s u i i t henhmii oC Congress u i s r i n i ? acUjptioii oi 1 'Tho Star SpaiiKlcfl naiinpi ' a c A m o i l c a b oflicial national a n t h e m , lle^ckuih N D u f f , nulioual tommaiuloi '1 the V e t e i a i i i o t Koielgn W u i s ol lihe 1 U S d n n o u n c e c i t a t i a v "lltti-o i-, n e i \ l l k l t h o o d t h a t t h e m e T s i u c now p e n d i n g in i o m m l t t o « j \ s l l l he i ai)0! U i l to t h e House in the n c a i f i i t u i o - n n d « P p l a n i o s t i p i o i t Hh ippeantiice on the flooi w i t h a clfMiion s l i i l l o n of a p ] ) i o \ a l l i n t w i l l h p tin 1) t eilcnt-ecl I n t h e h a l l s of (oiiiocs 1 I) 11 ft d e c l J i u d ' 1 lit iv a i o u u l \ n i ( i K i n / i t i o n I o i ' i m i l l P t ' ol I'H N o l P i a n s ! I''u P M i l tt)iv ol 111' 1 I iiitd h i . i t f ^ h.i 1 - comliu tetl in i n ten-.m ( a i n i i i i j i i H I I e-lult ol t i n s n x a us c loi UK i M 1 « o v j i i h t M ( i an i IIH i \ p l a i n e d [ i n k ] | tn h uh i s h l i i t)i t a p . mi A\ iilU'i I J o i M In f loi (it t i n \ I \\ \ i i ( i ( i p i / n l on ( o n m i i t U t 1 . « h iv t ^ a t l i i n c d p d i n us i i in o M sr l i t In il" u n i o n be n in-' l l u na in s ol , o \ f i i u ) i s i n a \ o i ^ s t a t p a n d c i t j i i f h c i a l 0 n u l u - t i il l i M t t i s a n d p i l j i o i n t i l i / us i n i l l « ill-s o l l i V A l l lune 41, tn t b t i i eiitiunjia-tK eiuloiip n i c u L of tho Htm Spaimlwl Baiinoi ,11, our ofijcua \ \ ' k n i \ \ thai wn «H n Ls w i l l incot w i t h o p i i o i l t t o n w h e n tin h u l l o hogui.s in I h o H o u s e " Duf£ a limited 'Wo h a v e reali/ed tot some dine past that i h « t e aic sontu w h o l ) ( l l c ^ ' Ki .11 is Scott Ke 'h ininioi t a l c D n i p i j s i t i o n is win -like and militarist! merely bo- anuflo- a glor'ous A m f i U . t i i / \ K t o i y (ivoi Hvltish force 0 in C'l c s a p r a k c 15 1 n t i ) ' i e d t h e UK-mo '-onfjS ol \ u t o n l i a ' uc\ 1 1 t a n s d \\difi in Iho |i ist '1 h-ei i is no i e.ison lo h e l u n c t h a t .idoptioi ul t h e Stai i-])KHKloil l i a n i H ' a s o i l oflu idl aii- t l cm w i l l SOUIP d a \ |)iiini; us 111(0 l l l i l l l l ( O l l l l l l I I j K . I I I S C I I I H V K K M I O 1 U M Ol \ n i l on I i l l n o u s { l ) i - i p i i '·I'M i ! i n MM , a id ^ t o M m i l K m t i d - J m i i l j l nut b 1 i l u 1 c t i n in i n o i \ i l l l u - i l l t i l i ! i i 1 i I I L i f I o i l M i I I f in v i n 1M I t _ t IT- I n c M v in I in I ' m I n n i s s i i n p h In urn | a i l l i m n u K h s i i l u ( s i o i ! a^i'Dii*. i l a l l i i u i a n d 111 I I If IOI1OS i v i v v \ a i n ( h e h i t u i \ o| t i n « o i l i l w is i n s i i i c d In n \ \ ^ u l a n i l U i c (k s n f j i loi i n o t i i l i _ i r i i m l i / ( in f ul I IIP f ha 1 1,0 l h i t i i - i n . h \\ i 1 I n l l i u n c e j x u p l i t o h i l t l I - IKH o n h H l U O t l l l l l l l l l l p O l l I I I ' n i l I H l K l l ' c m s 111 t l u i ) i \ a n i l i n . i l u lon'j i n i n t e n t \iis, Vi-ia-ajjjlw ^r MOVER 1.0.0. F. BIRTHDAY DINNER THIS EVENING '] he 2(ui Jinmvmaij of Mtoyw boilKc 1 ntk pendent Order of Odd BVjl- lows \ \ i l i be ohsoive-il with a banniol t l u ^ c v e i i i i i s ,it th*» tiiinngroom oi thvc. hast Kiid Tnitod H i e l h r c n Church at. RIM W i l l i a m A\ Hamilton, ot thc» LfMsfrniiiig- Noh J and 1 2 Pres- Intoiia,n churches, a reteran nrembot? ot i h p lodge, will be Hie principal ·-peakcM I r o n ( d a w n u p h j t h e committee Confluence r u \ K I I i:\t I- Ian J l -- J.tmes lh! who \~ e m | j l m « l i, a woodsman hv K -i (, i h i i i ] i- oji f i n t v on ,ic c o u n t i)l i l l n r , M i s ' \ l o l l l i 111 K k is M p o i K d \^ i \ i l l I t j b t ' t 1 u n i t / \ i v a M(tiu v i i l o t i ' in 1 ' i U - i n i i , H i hi i I l i l . u U id ( 1, i,,o . u i l \ « ! ' H I i v i s i j i d . n i m i l l home h v l l u - i i n n i l l i i f o s ni h 1'iollK i M i r , M o l ' n l l l u U \ I M C w h l i D bi j k " i,m ni'df tin i ) i n i i u \ ot l l u n n l i n i ol \ u h i i 1 / i n l i n e i m a n \ t - , L n \ l i \ u o i n i u } , w.,s Mjun u n i l o i c o n l i u l b\ H,o \ o l u n t t , i i (IK l n t , M r l e tis|iir tlu licinit i l U i u k In Need of Something? Then ise our ClasslQod CXlltimftB.

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