The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 12, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1918
Page 10
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THE DAILY COURIER, ^ONNELLSVTLiLE, PA. FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1918. ln*t*d out. "Don't let's r tb« ·p«« until we get It," i ftiaM a*. ^That's tbe way with all ynaanc-aanlm. They invariably full fwt aad go to Seating. To atoid blcod- '·VTI1 agree to sen my Interest *pt ft* eaah. My share of tbe fa- nerTarona fortnae going for"ardol- r. -. | "Mure! He doesn't beuere'a -word ' It.'Katekan aald. Note* gare an Impatient abrng. a*e ptopie wouldn't beHeve they alhro unless they caw tbeir~breath laoUng-gkua, Goodaeaa I How I :e a aspiring skeptic, a wet blanket" ij? OTUUly rose with on* arm shielding lac*. "In the interest of frlend- t , I withdraw. A cane on these a, anyhow. We shall ea»e to Wows." ;A» k« walked away be beard Norlne "Doat pay any attention to him go and dig it up ourselves, and ,w* wnat wait antfl the war is over " ,Aa hew later Esteban and his nurse it-had their heads together. They ·till talking ol golden Ingots and tbe Caribbean the size of they looked op to aee 'mating toward them. He traait fair excited; he waTed and shouted thsm. Be was panting when he nr- ed. "Mewi! From Matanzas r he cried. has arrived." 7Batabaa struggled to rise, but Koine restrained him. "Rosa? What heaayt Quick!" "Goed newa' She left the Fan de with the two negroes. She tit late tbe dty before Cobo's raid." /Bateban collapsed limply. He closed eyes, his face was Tery white. He himself weakly. 'The letter la definite. .It seems they starring. They obeyed Weyler's They're la Matanzai now." /m hear, Katebanr* Norine look her patient by tbe shoulder. alive. Oh, cant yon see {bat it pays to beliere the bentr ·AUrel Safer Esteban wblapered. s eyes, when he opened them, -were Inoaiag; he datcbed Morlne's hand ; his other hand he extended to iQrReOy. "A reconeentradof- In Ma- Laanaaal 'Well, that's good. We have ;!trle*6a there--tbeyH not let her : This makes a new roan of me. 9ee! TJa strong again, m go to her.' f !i "Tonll tor qnlcWy cried Mtas Brans. "Toa'n go! Ton're not strong ngh.- It would be suicide. You, with a price upon your head! Erery- ody knows yon there Matanzas Is virtually a walled city. There's slck- SSB, too--yellow fever, typlraa--" "Exactly. And hunger, also I suppose no one has taken Boca In? Those concentration camps aren't nice places 1 r a girl"' "Bat wait! I have friends In Wash- ngton They're Influential. They will cable the American consul to look after ler. Anyhow, yon mustn't think of re. urnlng to Matanias," Norlne faltered; ier voice caoght unexpectedly and she turned her face away. CXBellly nodded shortly. "Ton're a sick man," he igreed. "There's no need for both of us to go." Esteban looked up "Then you--· "I leave at once. The Old Man has given me a commission to General Be- tanconrt, and ni be on my way In an hour. The moon Is young; I must cross tbe trocha before--" "That trocha'" Esteban was up on his elbow again. "Be careful there, O'Be!Hy. They keep a sharp lookout, and It's guarded with barbed wire. Be sure yon cut every strand. Yes, sad muffle yonr horse's hoofs, too, In cross- Ing the railroad track. That's how we were detected. Pablo's horse struck a rail, and they fired at the sound. He fell at the first volley, riddled. Oh, I know that trocha!" ·D the trocha!" O'Hellly claimed. "At last I've got a chance to do something. God' How long Fre waited." Esteban drew O'Reilly's.tense form down and embraced his friend, after the fashion of his people. "She has been waiting, too," he said, hnskily "We Varonas are good waiters, OTleO- ly. Rosa wni never cease welting until yon conie. Tell her, for me--" Norine withdrew softly out of earshot There were a lump In her throat and a pain In ber breast She hnd acquired a peculiar and affectionate In tereat In" this unhappy girl whom she bad never seen, and she had learned to respect O^Reflly's love. The yearning that had pulsed In bis voice a moment before had stirred her deeply; It awoke a throb la her own bosom, for OTlellly was dear to ber. The paetflcos, accord Ing to all reporta, were dying like flies In the prison camps. Nortne wondered If there might not be a terrible heart che at the end of 0186111/8 quest? Her face was grave and worried when, hearing him speak to her, she turned o take his outstretched hand. r "Ton will be careful, won't yon?' she implored. "And youll be stout of heart, no matter what occurs?" He nodded. "If B a long way back icre to Cnbitas. You may not »ee or tear from me again " "I understand." She choked misery. "You mean you may not come back. Oh, Johnnie!" "Tut, tut 1 We O'BefllTs have more hres than a litter of cats. I mean I may not see you until the war, Ja over and we meet In ICew York. Weil, we're »eeu good pals, and--I'm glad you cam* to Cuba " His grasp upon her two bands was painful. | ·Too most go, I know, and I wouldn't try to keep yon. but--" Norlne faltered, then impulsively she drew him down and kissed him full upon tbe lips. "For Host'" she whispered. Her eyes were shining as she watched him pass swiftly out of sight. CHAPTER XVI. Th» Trocha. Of all the military measures employed by the Spaniards In their wars against Cuban independence, perhaps the most unique was the trocha-- trench or traverse. Martinez Campos during the Ten tears' war built the first trocba Just west of the Cnbltas mountains where* the waist of the Island Is narrowest Not until Weyler's time were the two methods of pacification, the trocha and the concentration camp, developed to their fnllest extent Although his trocbas hindered the free movement of Cuban 'troops and his prison camps decimated the peaceful population of several provinces, the Spanish cause gained little. Both trenches and prison camps became Spanish graveyards. At tbe time Johnnie O'Bellly set out for TIMiip*" the war--a war without battle, without victory, without defeat --bad settled Into a grim contest of endurance. In the cast, where the tnsur- rectos were practically supreme, there was food of a sort, but beyond the Ju- caro-Uoron trocha--the old one of Campos' building--tbe country was sick. Immediately west of It, In that district which the Cubans caned Lai Villas, the land lay dying, while the entire provinces of llatanzos, Eabana and Plnar del Rio were practically dead. These three were skeletons, picked bare of flesh by Weyler's beak. The Jucnro-Moron trocha bad been greatly strengthened since Campos' day It followed the line of tbe trans- Insular railway. Dotted at every quarter of a mile along the grade were little forts connected by telephone and telegraph lines Between these fcrtl- nas were sentry stations of logs or railroad ties. Eyes were keen, rifles were ready, challenges were sharp, and countersigns were quickly given on the Ju- caro-If onm trocha TO BE CONTINUED. II Tom Are Kuntlat; Bargain* Bead the advertising columns of The Dally Courier. You will find them. HISTORIC FLAG INCIDENTS BATTLE FLAG DAY tt». golckiiMBeti masfckT Stele- Capitol itt COOL. iDmt.»tad- above, wUeb staaiw-impo..^ upon that city, w A dajrwaueUradc for-framf«mng dw tattand waMcaaed -battle By tmrfn -A*- .jatMHgml ta the new Capitol, ·wheat they now repote in aTaii. ii idii\ and berated by hundreds of Tuiton-vtiWnew them daily. Tbe^weatof fliik luiufi i n n i rrrnt fur mini urilli ui»H iiiBliay ;iiinni mil honae. BATTLE FLAG DAY Each tattered burner WM earned far die pnxcmiai-it dkftjwad «f the JnHnf * of dk* crigBul ccginaL that late it to ifia boot drMcMgk |}c ktterir fought battle* of «n« GW W«. And die cnlite aty WM out rn.lHtU.ii Hull, rat mut-of ihcie htltinnnrd aMLtDveheeram) threw hmt» -into dip KMnmesi and «-n*eo«L:cWk» ntv-wet will te«».ii-lbe ec»U.y of th*r And win dial iWl«yjW Americaa.pstnotaaaJi kad? OCCASION otaV · nqoiced to make * bunt forth a Dung, heakhjr ««r*"-^rfl of spDapadiy waii 4ba honored piaxmla n whick din Repnbtc stands founded. loere are mmj accasnai that should be Fkg Ehiya with,every Jnie Americaa uliina Every Na«koaX Slate and Gnc HoEdajr H a day upon which to show you* patnonam and SHCW~THE FLAG. It will keep alive the nraence foe the Stanw BaoBer aad teach the young to honor it as weU, · Friday ' and Saturday 5yd Dress Gingham Newest plaids and checks. Regular pncej per yard You save 36c. ! 27c. $19yd Newest Percales Very attractive patterns Regulai price, per yard 15c. You save 35c. $1 C O N N E LLSVI t l E S BAPCAIM CENTBP ClgPI 1 1 5 W M A I N What Woman can afford to Overlook this Opportunity? 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In this way the bond* can be made an. asset, which is available in the way of security The Thir* Liberty Loan Bonds are now on sal* at The Citiiens National Bank This issue w^ill be the last until late in the Autumn Now Is tbe t me to buy Call at the bank and arrange for your bendb The bank is at 138 North Pittsburg street--Adv READ THE COURIER TItlea ndTrust Company 'of. April showers wash and clean old mother Earth of "Winter's germs and impurities Hollifiter's Rocky Mountain Tea. does the same thing for your stomach, bowels, blood--purifies, cleans you through and through, a thoroughly Spring remedy, 35c Tea or Tablets. Ceoaellsvin* Drug Co.-- AdT. High and Pry. Poor Fudge, U« cannot t*k* * bath, He ia so awlul stoat. JT*or when h« gets into the tub Thft water vplaahes out. Read the advert!eement*. FEE IS LIMITED AND FIXED BY LAW It costs no more to have a Corporate Ex- ecxitor than, an Individual one--the fee is limited and flxed by law- Appoint the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania as yeur Executor and yoii have the "utmost confidence that every duty in the settlement of your Estate will be faithfully performed Doctor said, "Bio-feren had done wonders for her."-- Case 1721--School teacher, Rssldenci , tuckj severe operation lett her weak, anae- mic, nervous low vitality Phv.iclun recem- meiKlcd Bto-feren Two w««ka treatment ·bowel remarkable Improvement Doctor reported. "Blo-fertn had done wonders for hen." Aiwthw e«j)i--Pennsrlvanian. reports. I havo taken about one-half of tbe Blo-feren pellets and mu«t confeM that I fool like new " A Kentuoklan woman says "I ha-v s takei Blo-feren miularly and f«V much benefited. I c«n u«e my arm« much better Honover can not got my handi to my head snffldentl to comb my hair, but I feel that I will aoon tw able to do that." You want the vigorous health and ruddy beauty that Is dependent on «tren«rth, nerros and red blood Everybody does Read those reports above asaln Tou, too 11 you are draared down In health and strength because ol overwork, worry, n»rv«i and similar causes can rebuild your health and »tre»rth with Blo-feren. It In not a stimulant. It Is a builder--a builder ol better health There Is no secret nor mystery about Blo-feren. Hvery packare show. the «lements it contains Ask your phy»lclan about It, or have him wrltl and we will send him complete formula. ^m» And don t forgot that Bio-feren Is sold only on condition that vou will return Ol. empty package and allow u« to refund your purchase nrlcVif foi UT rea»on, you are not fully satisfied. Fleaw boar that In miSd for It ta Vary Important- Blo-feren sell, at *1 08 for a larse package Your drus-iist can supply m or we will send It direct upon receipt at SI 00. six pacRajreifnr Isnn ·?v w .ff?.i"« m ":.*"sS;';.K«K!» «· A, senta^f^St,^ £,,?; pary Mavonic Temple, ClncJpnaU, Ohio, J. N. Trump ^ B w, ITE TRANSFER ItOTOK TRUCK urf WAUONa. MO VlHb AJH M0»« INli A BKKCIAXTV, Want Ads--1 Cent a Word. TUB EVANS C«8S8BS.e3.. CINCINNATI, O. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. *»»TM^a

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