The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 26, 1964 · Page 50
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 50

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1964
Page 50
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Page 50 article text (OCR)

By SANDY GARDINER Last night was time tor my medical dose ol "Ben .asev" mhuh I eldom watt ft jerause Vince t.dwaids can't set his way out ol a paper bag or o 1 thought. Dunns the tall "The In-tourhables" Kw strong an ippoMimn lor me 10 switch channels and watch sourly Ben at wnik either in the operating theatre or in Ike administrative line. However my freting's about towards as an actor could b wrong Perhaps he fits, (he rale too well and w e e kl y leaves viewers with a frustrated ..wish that he'd smila lor one from .ear to ear. "Justice to a Microbe" told he story ol an emergency which arose when a worker it injured in an explosion at in atomic energy plant and a piece of radioactive material lodged in .his spin. - Ben has a private war going with egotist Dt. Mike Rosarie. well executed by Robert Leggia, who, because he lost a research grant, intends to hang up his surgical gloves and try bis hand in a research laboratory. However all plans are forgotten temporarily at least in the emergency. The problem snowballs when the tion of the, highly-dangerous operation consequences hits the stall. Casey plans to operate using chain of surgeons in order to safeguard them from an overdose of radiation. He has seven originally in mind but this dwindles to three when for a' variety of reasons, the other three are unable to assist and Casey refuses to allow Dr. Rosario to Join the team. After Casey and Dr. Zorba have done their stint in the operating theatre Dr. Gregory, played by Peter Cain, takes over; and wilts' under strain. Television CBOT S-M Tee Fereat Rangers. "Chub's Story.". Chub Stanley, one of the Junior Rangers', it an orphan who lives with Mr. and Mr.' Greaves at Indian Riven When Mrs. Greaves -dies the Orphanage decides to return Chub to 4he city. Chub runs off into the bush to hide. lef, The Desma Reed Shew. "Fine Feathers." Jeff finds beautiful bird in a dazed condi tion and after asking around be lieves the bird to be worth four or five hundred dollars.. His mother's request to place an ad for its rightful owner does not appeal to Jeff until he finds out the truth. : Camera West. "The Fountain of Youth." A look at a commercial "spa" in Vancouver, where the sedentary set enjoy their exercise in luxurious surroundings, using an assortment of machines designed for slimming up, toning upT building up, relaxing and massaging. Program visits one of the "keep fit" emporiums, watches the activity of i- few weight-and-time-consumlng afternoons. Nar rator . researcher is William McCarthy. - M -. Perry Mass. "The Case of the Perjured Parrot." Perry faces an unusual wit. ness a parrot, the only living creature that tan clear Perry's client and convict a murderer. Featuring Maurice Manson and Jodv Lawrence. tJt hstertel. "Room Down Under." A penetrating look at the life and problems of modern Australia, mostly through the eyes of blonde and pretty Heidi immigrant. The program Illus trates the adjustments that native Australians and Europeans have had to make to each other and capture the' mood i nation stirring with new Ideas and responsibilities. The Aus- traliaa immigration policy, un der which Asian are admitted only at the discretion of the minister'ot Immigration, is dis cussed by educators, govern- ment Official, labor leaders, writers and farmers. Among those who speak against the policy is the eminent Australian novelist Morris L. West. II.M CBC Newsmagazine. CAR - -- Herbert, there' aro?,hn-j saWaVssWsaMssW .dhjsjgUssVeafaHea Ben has little choice but tn give Dr. Rosario the chance and the surgical wiiard who wants to dispense with his talent vaves the patient. Dr. Rotario's search lor status is still a problem but a lew inspiring lines from Ben 'saves the doctor fiom the world of rich but lonely people. "Justice to a Microbe" was a good show. Perhaps I haven't been doing justice to Vince. Only time outside "Ben Casey" will tell.. BETWEEN THE LINES: On Saturday. September 12. tJOH will launch a new series titled "Bomba and Hercules" which will feature on alternate weeks the adventures of Jung e boy and the legendary Greek hero. Steve Reeves stars i Hercules and Bomba is p ayed by Johnny. Sheffield . . . CBC's Explorations" time-slot will feature on Auk II and Sept. T another in the National Film Board's "Cnm-' pansons" series with glimpses of life in Greece, Thailand and Canada as seen through the eyes of country boys and ""fishermen . . . CBC radio and TV will give extensive cover-age to the festivities in con-' nectvon with - the historic rhar'ot eiown Co n f e r ence. Prime Minister Pearson and the premiers of Canada's 10 provinces will be' seen in- a special program September I discussing the significance of the - famous C'harlottetown Conference . . CJOH will turn over its facilities tn, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa on Saturday. September 12. for a giant all-day TV auction. Viewers will be invited to phnhe in their bids on a wide variety of goods ... On Tuesday September ,- Vera Miles wit! be the guest star in "Route Si." The following night she start in the "Wednesday Night Movie" with Joel McCrea. The film is Western titled "Wichita." Highlights Filmed and taped reports from Atlantic .Citykon the progress of the Democratic National Con. vention. CBC Washington- cor respondent Knowlton Nash re ports front the .scene .while Norman Depoe Is host in the Toronto studios. II JT - The Fugitive. "Gard en House." Richard Kimble's dreaded secret is discovered by his employers and because of this he becomes th pawn in a play for love and fortune Featured are Robert Webber. Peggy McKay and Pippa Scott, CJOH S-M Junior Auction. Chil dren from Ottawa and the Sea way Valley visit th CJOH studios to bid for special prizes Ltosd McQuiggin is host and Peter Parker the auctioneer. TJt Wednesday M v I e. 'tetter From An Unknown Woman." Infatuated with a charming pianist, a woman continues to love him through the years, though he only uses her for his advantage. Stars Joan Fontaine, Louis J our dan and Matty Christians.- I.N Esptanage. The Libera tor. A daring bid to rescue the one man who can inspire his people to revolt against the dic tator of Caribbean- island. Stars Robert Webber. ..Don Id Pleasance. Michael Tolan and David Salre. 1 CaOFT . I.N Plus en est de "J'epouse ma femme." Ann and George Rose mislay their marriage certificate which make It accessary for them In present themselves belor a Judge. I.N e- ban ten le cantons. Songs and dance from Alma (lie Maligne). II.N Filet tTacler. "Traces Brulees." After a barn boras down in a small German Vil lage, the remains of a woman's body are discovered In the ruins. - FOREST PROFITS WASHINGTON Prof Ha from U.S. national forests ' are million year, SM million In cash and the rest in Improved facilities; " " TOONS v:d like lo dUcusa with you! V. F77 Television CBOT Channel 4 WEtVfff IDAT. AUGUST t 5 VLFnrrit Ranftprs 00 Dnnrui Rc-rd Show CM Prairl SpAthcht 7 OO Nw. Weather 7 13 Ottawa Edition 7 J 8 porta Report 7 .10 - Whrrlapin iW--C.mer Wt JU-Prrrv M n 9 SO -Inlert'l 10 JO- NcwBini'iiie It (MV- Nr V point 11.30 Night rmal 11 21 Sporlitime 1 136 TKa rugitiva THlRghAY. Al'Gl'iT 17 3 30 At th Ex J 37 Afternoon Edit ton 4 00 RCMP 4.30 -Vacatinn Time 5.30 Mr Piptr aoo HnUywood and tna Slr 30 The Obafrver 7 00 New. and Weathar 7 13 Ottawa Edition 723 Sports Report 7 JO -Candid Camera I 00 Vacation Plv houM 30 rrif Ske 4 oo Dfmncrtif Convention 10 00 Allrtd Hitchcock ll.OtjWNaws. Viewpoint 1130 Night rtnal 11. 3S Sporutlma ' 1 1 30 Gunamoka CJOH Channels 13 and 8 SVmNKSDAT. AUGUST IS V 1 0 Picture Paee 4 SA News. Preview 4 30 Ask John A 30 Junirw Auction ' -.oo TV Bmo 5 30 Nn Hiding Ptara -11fl News. Wiitktr - 7 SO Wednesday Nutht Movie too Eeolonaie -i 10 00 Greatest Show on Earth II 00 CTV Newt It IS Nlsht Heat 3 00 Picture Pate 1110 Bible Readings THURSDAY. AUGUST 21 Tan Good Alteration 1-40 Treasure Trackdnwn "The Misting Million" 3 10 Colic Club ' 4.10 picture Pate 410 News. Preview 4. SO Ask John $ 30 Vojl Bear 00 TV Blnsn 30 Tha rilntannea 7 so The Jack Benny Show TJO Newt. Weather Ckaaael I ealy 7 40 roothall Comment 1 45 roothall Forecast S 00 Canadian Pro Football' t Hamilton at Montreal) Ckaaael I aaljt 1 40 to 10 30 Feature films 1. "Female J untie 9. "Ghost Diver7 I JO--To Tell the Truth. 1 1 on ctv News II 15 !rnrht Beat - II 00 pcture Pas 13.10 Bible Steadings , CBOFT Cnnnnd '. ' wr.nNKsn.AT. ait.i'st ts 00 Plus on eel .da- fmis: "J'cpouae ma lemma" S 30 Tele journal 43 Nouvellee local re S3 Nouvellci aportives Too Auiourd'hiil - 30 A I Impo S oo Dana toua lea cantons 130 Clta aani voiles S .10 Lea deleetlvea looo Atlalrea publkauta . 10 3O Teletournal f 10 43 Dernlera edition . SO.SO Nouvellea portlvea tt.oe rilet d'acler: . - ! "Tracws bruleaa" , Tnt'nAT. At'OUST f t-f 1 27 Premier bulletin . . 3 30 Long metraaa: ' ,, "La rouio du Catra" - i Vlr Oecec 30 Le rol da la jungle: "La Jalousw da Tamha 4 00 L chevalier da maiaon- S 30 Telajournal 3 Nouvellee locales .' 4 33 Nouvcllea aportlvaa 7 00 Aiilourd hut S OS Cinema de Parts: "Ma peine ion" 30 Holly wood pceoenl "Le cmira du laat IS 30 Tele Journal 1 43 Dernier dlttm 10.30 Nouvellee aporuvas ll.oo neiais t suri urope da brleu "Hauolra CHOV PEMBROKE Channel S wtsnvtsnAV, AUGUST 14 00 TV Blnao , 30 Soorttview - ' 40 Weatherma 43 Believe It ac Not . . 30 Newadeak . T OO HurkleherrV Mound . T 30 -London Line T 43 News M UAllorm SOO Camera West 30 Perry Maaaa 30 Inlertel , 1A.30 News Maaaatne 11 oo CBC, TV Newt Parliament At a Glance ' By The Catnjdlan Press TUESDAY. Aug; 8. 1W4 . , Postmaster-General Nlcbol- en said promises made by a cabinet 'minister, before his election can't be regarded as binding.- ' ' Opposition . Leader Dlefen- bnker called that an outrage' ous proposition as other op position MP hooted and laughed. ' : ,Gene Rheaume (PC North-, west Territories) said Eski mos who have; never seen i tree can't understand th ma' pie leaf flag Idea. v' A. M. A. McLean (L Char lotie) sgld the maple leaf flag Is the symbol; of Canada great future. I V . - J U Elston Cardiff (PC- Huron), backing the Red En sign, advised fellow MPs to talk less and they would stay la of lice longer. - . Jean-Loui Frenett (SC Portneuf) said! the government should take emergency measure to wind up th fl debate. '. WEDNESDAY, Aug. X The Commons jneets. tt 1 p.m. to continue the flag debate. Th Senate stands ad journed to Sept. IS. . . ; TOUGHENING -AGENT CINCINNATiT-Small amounts of manganese are used to toughen steel. Small amount In th animal body terva to toughen the bones. -. , , -r r . e are'WW'V-WV' -, 'e f vV"r e THE OTTAWA - 1 It i4Ntwa n4 SporM ' I J3 Turtle wc?ptlkri tirrat jfwH Hnnntry Starring DavHt Brian and Marjorta UnolU. TMI aSOAT, AUGUST It see pvt Pans t 13- Turlle Sweapatakea ' Great jewel Bobbery 4oo-ncMp 4 30- Vacation Tlma 3n-Mr P'par S oti- TV Blneo 4 3tt - SKtrt.vlew 4 411- Wtatherlnan 4 43 Believe It or Nut 30 .Neweririk 7 00 tomlMI 00 Vacation Playhouse S 30 Kric SOcrt OO Democratic Convention 1 00 CBC TV newt 1 13 Newt and Sports 1S2 Turtle Bwaepttakra "Hie Majetly UKeete-Slarrlna hurt Lancaster and Joan Rice. WCNYCARTHAG WEDNESDAY. AUGUST II 7 no New Chrtttj Minttrelt ' 7 30 Democratic Convention I 00 Local News I .is late Sporta. News. Weather 1J0 Late Movie "cardinal jucnaittu THt'KSnAY. AUGUST 17 T oft Tha Deputy 7 30 Democratic convention I OO Local News 10 Lata Smu-tt 1 13 Newt. Weather 1 30 Check maw SPECIAL! THRIFTY - i s i rn i I n SPECIAL! PINCAPfLl-CHAPCFRUIT DOLE DRINK SPECIAL! WHITE OR RAINBOW White Swan Serviettes SPECIAL! NABISCO HUSKIES JOURNAL eiU- . J. . ott BROTHER "That's a real friendly wave goodby." WHITE OR BROWN SHORT SHANK, ilTT-t a m vju; 1 .s. w:. ( J ' yyPai JS . . t . - 6) - ' SPECIAL! LIQUID BLEACH - 10c OFF DEAL n .rv nn n vt. SPECIAL! IMPORTED JVL SPECIAL! imported ; nifo) JVUL2) IPIOAl! TOWM ClUI HAND RIIIDLESS ; SIDE BACON SPECIAL! PRESERVE 59c SPECIAU FROM WASHINGTON! FANCY GRADE! SPECIAL! CALIFORNIA'S FANCY PLUMS ' . : poets tificrrvi aim. u, it. m, .r;: v ' . ' - " SPEOAU OLD SOUTH FROZEN ORANGE JUICE SPECIAL! ILUE I0NNET Coloured Margarine WHOLE Oil HALF SPlCIAlt S.X. VIENERS NOW! JUBILEE and RED HAVEN! No. I CRAOE! FINEST! No. 1 GRADE! mum JUNIPER service station, They always - SLICED mm ovaBT ... o ' SPECIAL! WEDNESDAY, AUOUST 28, 1984 New Approach To Public Housing Urged TORONTO (CP) - A report recommending new approaches lo public housing by the federal and provincial govern ments will be presented in Ot tawa Thursday. The report is the result of a two-year study commissioned by ihe Ontario Association ol Housing Authorities. It will be presented to Pottmaster General J. R. Nicholson, the federal minister responsible for housing, and to Stanley Randall, Ontario economics and development minister. James Murray of Toronto, an architect and prolessnr at the University of Toronto, d.d the study lor the association. He travelled extensively in North America and "Europe gathering information. Cenlral Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the Ontario government shared th cost of the report. Journal " Want quick results. Ads bring 24-OZ. LOAVES SPECIAL! 12c OFF OUL LIQUID GAY DETERGENT 121 FLOZ. PLASTIC I0TTLE a" . LB. i - ROAST CHOPS STEW LB. ".1 rJJ 5-QUART BASKET. 1 ONTARIO CROWN! No. 1 GRADE! 38 CELERY STALKS SAVE YOUR CAR Let nuHd a QARAQE you'll be proud la own. BEAVER LUMBER CONTBAtT naPABTMBNT - KM Bank St. Ottawa. 7U-MJ! WANTED USED PIAIIOS We will pay cash for your piano or tak It In trade on any mr chandlxe In our tore. c 51 Sparks SL (rllWM Saii Um, Ttl. 232 1511 Ml 721 2323 Submarine cable weighs about II ton to the mile. FOR 2.25 Ot.TIM II TJI '-"IT' m m M M wi tutm thi gicHT to umit quantitiu no mauu iumuio s -..X;.,. ,.;;:r-;:.;;'';;:.;..;. c- U

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