The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 26, 1964 · Page 49
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 49

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1964
Page 49
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Page 49 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 26, 1964 Larger UN Budget UNITED NATIONS (AP)-SecrUry.Geerj U Thant announced Tuesday lie wilt ictk budget of $104.(90.000 for next yer--W,3M,0 mar than authorized for '194. . Thant said In a report thai the need to expand the'serviret of the United Nations to fulfil the demands of its members made it necessary to abandon a policy of containment on pending despite the organization'! difficult financial position, , The advisory committee of budgetary questions, a 12-coun-try watchdog group,' has mended that Thant flash his timates by $1,724,000. The committee said in an accompanying report that die UN deficit was 1134.900.000 as of last June 30 This compared with $127,400:000 at the end of IMS. Unpaid assessments for The Congo and Middle Cast peace keeping operations brought tht 1961 deficit to tl47.0tw.00tt. Tht Soviet Union alone owes nor than $54,000,000 on the peace keeping assessments and refuses to pay despite a threat to its General Assembly voting rights..", i- j i ., THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 49 MARTIN ASKED POSITION (By The CP) - External Affairs Minister Martin fielded a spale of questions in the Com mons Tuesday on Canada's at titude toward joining the Organ ization of American S l a t e s. They arose from a spnerh he made in Band. Alia.. Monday outlining the government's po sition. . Taiil Matttneau (PC Pon- tlac - Temisraminoiel aikert whether Mr Martin's speech -r . Spate of Questions Greet OAS Speech ing, the - honorable gentleman (Mr. Martin)." Mr Martin said that If Mr. Douglas had to read it twice to understand it, Mr. Diefenbaker should read it three times. meant that the government wss The -following program will going to change its position and be presented by Robert Don-seek admission to the OAS. inell. Dominion Canllonneur. on Mr. Martin said he simply the Peace Tower Carillon on wen inio detail, on Canada's po-j Thursday from, 9 to 10 p m.: sition. NDP Leader Douglas said that since two Souih American countries have been "reluc-tant1yt compelled" to Impose econivmic sane t ions against Cuba, was Canada to be reduced to the same status? Mr, Martin said he was not ware of any countries being so compelled. ' -, " , Opposition ' L a d e r . Diefen baker said , the - speech wv couched 5 In such uncertainty that "it e not meant to be! Carillon Program Processional March C. German. Adagio B. Godard. Tm-cata for Carillon G NBa. folklore of Newfoundland , i She's Uike .the Swallow. i hi Banks of Newfoundland. Reflueal. 1 trw--rt for Oboa A. Corellt. Prrludio Allamanria, SATahHtid-t. Gavotla. GiBa Chanenn -P. Lehar.' - . " Allegro for Carillon ' W Srhepars Dtp nedermatawWaltMa J. straues. 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